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Tonight We Ride
Western Music

Western Song: Tonight We Ride

Tonight We Ride is a song by American singer-songwriter Thomas “Tom” George Russell. Although most well recognized in the Americana music tradition, his music also includes elements of folk, rock, and the cowboy music of the American West. Members of the Western Writers of America voted Tonight We ride together with another Russell song titled Navajo […]

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Western Music

Western Song: Bonanza

“Bonanza” is the musical theme for the NBC western television series also called Bonanza, starring Lorne Greene. Jay Livingston and Raymond Evans wrote the song for the series. It was orchestrated by David Rose and arranged by Billy May for the television series. Members of the Western Writers of America included it in the Top […]

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where was the rifleman filmed?
Featured Western TV

Where Was The Rifleman Filmed? Find Out In This Post  

The Rifleman graced the big screen decades ago, and people of all ages cherished the movie back then. Despite this, The Rifleman‘s entire program didn’t bring the desired success its producers, Four Star Productions, had envisaged. However, there are various things to learn about The Rifleman, like where it was filmed. Aspiring producers, scriptwriters, actors, and actresses […]

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The Hanging Tree
Western Music

Western Song: The Hanging Tree

“The Hanging Tree” became the theme song for the 1959 Western film The Hanging Tree, starring Gary Cooper, Maria Schell, Karl Malden, and George C. Scott. Max Steiner scored the Western ballad, while Mack David and Jerry Livingston wrote the song for the film. They received nominations for the 1960 Academy Awards (Best Music, Original Song) […]

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