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A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #28

In his quest to purchase fireworks from the Chinese Yiphee Trading Company, Hoss Cartwright finds himself in an unexpected twist when his order gets mixed up, leading him to receive a “picture bride” named Tai Li, also known as Pink Cloud (played by Marlo Thomas). Far from being demure, Tai Li turns out to be a spirited and outspoken individual who causes turmoil for Hoss and disrupts Virginia City’s railroad spur plans. The ensemble cast includes Benson Fong and Philip Ahn. Penned by Lewis Clay, A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay first aired on April 12, 1964.

You can delve into the entire episode by watching it below for further details on the plot and some intriguing trivia.

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Watch the Full Episode of A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay

Watch the Full Episode of A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay:

Main Cast

The twenty-eighth episode of Bonanza’s fifth season, “A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay,” showcases several familiar faces from the show’s recurring and supporting cast. Below is the complete roster of actors showcased in this particular episode:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Marlo Thomas as Tai Lee
  • Benson Fong as Na Shan
  • Philip Ahn as Wang Sai
  • Victor Sen Yung as Hop Sing
  • William Fawcett William Fawcett … Rafe
  • Mike Ragan as Rod
  • Phil Chambers as Mr. Tindle
  • John Bose as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Spencer Chan as Workman (uncredited)
  • Gene Coogan as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Fred Dale as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Joe Garcio as Cowhand (uncredited)
  • Paul King as Workman (uncredited)
  • Bob LaWandt as Cowhand (uncredited)
  • Hans Moebus as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Rice as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bill Saito as Hatchetman (uncredited)
  • Danny Sands as Cowhand (uncredited)
  • Owen Song as Workman (uncredited)
  • Bert Stevens as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Robert Strong as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Victor Toyota as Workman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay

Hoss aims to purchase fireworks, but an error by the Chinese Yiphee Trading Company leads to an unexpected outcome. Instead of his order, he receives an outspoken and trouble-stirring “bride” named Tai Li, also known as Pink Cloud. It brings turmoil to Hoss’ life and disrupts Virginia City’s railroad plans.

Full Script and Dialogue of A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay


Well, friends and
fellow citizens,

we're here celebrating the
reaching of a halfway point

in the building of a new
spur for the railroad line.

I don't have to tell you how important
this new transportation link is to us

in terms of the shipping of
our timber and ore and cattle.

Now, Mr. Tindall, head of
our merchants' committee,

- has a few words to say.
- Thank you, Ben.

In commemoration of
this great achievement,

I'm asking Na Shan, the
foreman of our construction crew,

to drive in this silver spike.

Hey! MAN: Hey, hey.

And now I'd like to thank Wan
Sai, head of the Fei Ling Foy Tong,

for his work in completing the
job on schedule up to this point.

It has been good to work for men
of honor who treat my brothers well.

So long as this continues,

you need not fear that laziness
or sloth will overcome us.

The work will be
completed on schedule.

Thank you, heh.

Well, everything's going
real good. I hope it keeps up.

Well, I hope so
too for your sake.

I mean, you put more money

and personal prestige
into this thing than anybody.

Oh, come on now.

We're getting something
out of it too, you know.

Railroad's buying
our wood for the ties.

Uh, just a drop in the bucket

compared to how much
money you got in this thing.

Just hope nothing goes wrong.

What's everybody being
such a Gloomy Gus about?

We're happy. The investors
are happy. Wan Sai is happy.

Everybody is happy. What
could possibly go wrong?

Oh, I don't know. Such things
as storms, floods, landslides

and other natural calamities.

Now, Adam, you know dang well
nothing like that's gonna happen.

As a matter of fact, I got some
very special plans for a celebration

- as soon as this land's finished.
- Yeah? What kind of plans?

You'll find out soon
enough, little brother.

Matter of fact, they ought to be
coming into Virginia City any minute now

Come on. Let's go home, heh.

Hello, Rafe.

It isn't often that the Wells
Fargo is on the Ponderosa route.

Well, it ain't very
often, I reckon,

that one of your boys
gets this kind of a package.

- Uh, what boy and, uh, which package?
- Hoss and her.

She's the shipment.


Is this the surprise
you were expecting?

Rafe, there's gotta be
some sort of mistake.

I sent for fireworks.

Nope, no mistake.

Says right here on the tag, "To
Mr. Hoss Cartwright, Esquire,

Ponderosa Ranch
near Virginia City,

Territory of Nevada,
United States of America."

But I ordered fireworks.

From the Yip Hee Trading
Company, Canton, China.

Here is the bill of lading.
"One wife to be delivered

- in good condition."
- Fireworks, Pa.

Wife? Wife? I don't
even know her.

Name is Tai Li.
Here's her passport.

- And you can hand over $37.92.
- But I ordered fire...

That's the excess
baggage charges.

But I ordered fireworks,
right? Pa, Pa, it was like this.

See, I seen this advertisement
in the San Francisco Argonaut

and it said for $10 I could get this
world's greatest display of fireworks

from this Yip Hee Trading
Company in Canton, China,

so I ordered it so we could celebrate
when the spur line was finished,

and they got all mixed up and...

And they sent me this.

You insufferable
stuffed artichoke!

If you think you dislike having me
here more than I dislike being here,

you are grossly mistaken!

It talks.

And it talks English.

And why not? If
you can, anyone can.

I shall use every word at my disposal
to express my contempt for wife-trading.

Wife-trading? No. See,
Pa, that proves it's a mistake.

Look. Rafe...

Look, Rafe, just mark it "wrong
address" and "send back to sender."

- And just put it back on the wagon.
- Oh, no, you don't.

Least not in this wagon.

Uh, Hoss, maybe you'd better
accept the shipment temporarily

until we can talk
to the authorities.

Well, if it's real temporary...

You dare be supercilious to me?

I ain't super nothing. But
I ordered no wife neither.

Sign here. That'll
be 37.92 cash.

I ordered fireworks.

Uh, Rafe...

- Did you say, uh, 37.92?
- Right.

Ten, 20, 30, 40.

Keep the change. RAFE: Thanks.


Hop Sing?

Hop Sing! Where
the blazes are you?

This is very fine place.

Typical of rich landowner who
live by sweat of others less fortunate.

Hop Sing!

Yeah, well, most of the sweating
that's done around here, we do it.

- You call, Mr. Cartwright?
- Yes, I called.

Where were you when we
were lugging in this stuff?

Um, this is, uh, Miss Tai Li. She'll
be our houseguest here for a while.

Uh, this is Hop Sing, our chief
cook and general factotum.

Matter of fact, he's the
man who runs the household.

Most honor to meet lovely lady whose
name mean "heavenly pink cloud."

More like "grand
old thunderstorm."

It is nice to meet a
countryman in such a far place.

But not one in such menial work.

Hop Sing no understand.

Oh, well, uh, Miss Tai Li means
that, uh, maybe being a cook is, uh,

- well, beneath your dignity.
- Beneath dignity?

Have not give
matter much thought.

You will soon. Don't worry.

Hoss, you come here.

You help me hang this picture?

Ahem, you, uh, you wanna
hang that on the wall?

I mean, uh, is it your
grandmother or something?

That happens to be the
honorable Miss Lau Chu,

president of the Revolutionary
and World-Remaking Academy

for Young Ladies in Fuzhou.

I should say it used
to be in Fuzhou.

Uh, excuse me, uh...

You're a graduate of...? What
was the name of that school?

Miss Lau Chu's Revolutionary
and World-Remaking Academy

for Young Ladies.

Well, I almost a graduate.
See? No bound feet.

Oh, yeah, heh.

What do you mean,
um, almost a graduate?

Well, you see, Miss Lau Chu
has very progressive ideas.

One of them was to eliminate the
Dowager Empress of China, Cixi.

The Dowager
Empress struck first.

You mean, uh, Miss Lau Chu,
uh, paid the supreme penalty?

She lost her head completely.
I never got my diploma.

All the students were scattered.

I ended up in the hands
of the infamous Yip Hee.

You bought me from him.

Well, I guess you'd, uh, better do
penance and hang Miss Lau Chu.

If you don't think that's
committing double jeopardy.

Good morning, venerable teacher.

I dedicate this day to you.

And I promise always to remember
your three laws of progress:

Never mind my own business,

never allow people to be
contented with their fate,

and never be reasonable,
for reason leads to compromise

and compromise means defeat.

She's out there working
on Hop Sing now.

- Who?
- She.

How many shes we got
around here? Her! Tai Li.

Oh, heh, Hoss, you're making
mountains out of mole hills.

They're fellow
countrymen just talking.

I don't know, Pa. It
seems kind of fishy to me.

I hope not. I hate
fish for breakfast.

- It's too early for jokes.
- Hee-hee.

- Let's eat.
- That wasn't so bad, hee-hee.

Oh, well.

- Good morning.
- Oh, good morning. Hoss.

Only age knows
value of courtesy.

Hey, there's no fruit.
Where's the fruit?

I told you there's something
fishy going on around here.

Hop Sing, we usually have fresh
fruit for breakfast. Where is it?

No fruit today.

Or no hot biscuits?

Cold toast.

No fruit.

No hot biscuits.

No eggs. No nothing, huh?

And no thick slice of ham,

fried potatoes, blueberry
flapjacks, maple syrup, honey,

crab apple jelly or apricot
preserves either, right?

Miss Lau Chu quote
famous Occidental saying:

"A laborer is
worthy of his hire."

Small pay, small food.

Well, why all of a sudden?
You never complained before.

He was never educated
to his poverty before.

Oh, I got a half a notion...

Why don't you just sit still
until you get the other half?

Uh, now, maybe Hop
Sing deserves a raise.

Of course, if we
gave him a raise,

we'd have to cut out those
free trips to San Francisco,

cut out squaring
those fan-tan losses

and giving him that extra
money at New Year's.

Both American and Chinese.

- But Mr. Adam...
- That is all, Hop Sing.

I'm prepared to
handle all negotiation.

- Well, isn't that a pretty one?
- Chinese wind chime.

- Brought over from old country.
- Yeah.

Never seen one quite like this.

Useful to keep out evil spirit
and induce good spirit to go in.

Very pleasant superstition.

Your house is poorly
designed to repel evil spirits.

Yes, yes, I've often
figured as much.

You have no upturned eaves.

No sharp projections to stick
them and discourage their entry.

Boy, I wish we'd have known
about that a couple a days ago.


I reckon it's all that food I ain't been
getting, Pa, that's making me grouchy.

Fact is those extra hands for the
roundup are gonna be coming in today.

Gotta figure out some way to feed
them since Hop Sing's in the mood he's in.

Oh, don't worry about that. I
got us a chuck wagon cook.

You just make sure that the
bunkhouse is ready for them.

Checked it out. It's
clean as a whistle.


What are these hands
you are talking about?

Well, that's western
lingo for cowboys.


And what is a bunkhouse?

That's where we put them up.

How come you're asking
all these questions anyhow?

All women are curious.
Chinese women no different.

Dang if they ain't.

Howdy, Hoss.

What are you fellas
still doing in here?

You were supposed to
be out there an hour ago.

I have answer for that.

- What are you doing in here?
- It is simple thing.

I've appointed myself
spokesman for the workers

and they have accepted me.

That's right, Hoss.

"That's right, Hoss."

What's the matter
with you fellas anyhow?

Listening to this silly little gal
here barely out of her teens.

You forgot the sense
you was born with?

Heh, well, me and the boys
figure she's got a lot of sense, heh.

Quit smiling like
a moonfaced calf.

Who are you calling
a moonfaced calf?

You! Rod, look, we got a thousand
cattle running loose out there

while you yahoos are in here
playing games with this maverick!

The men will work when
you have met our demands,

which are quite modest.

"Our demands"?


Extra men on all branding,
roping and fence-mending teams.

Better food on the...
What you call it?

Uh, chuck wagon.

Heh, is that all?

There is one other item.


Uh, a pool table here
in the bunkhouse.

A what?

A pool table here
in the bunkhouse.

How about some dimity
curtains on your windows?

- Maybe some little...
- Now, wait a minute.

You wait a minute! Sit
down and shut up, Rod!

- Leave him alone.
- You too, Clarence! Shut up!

- Intimidation will get you nowhere.
- I ain't tried it yet.

But I'm liable to
if this continues.

- Are you going to beat me?
- Not exactly.

I'm gonna give you a little
something that Madam Lau Chu forgot.

- What is that?
- A good sound spanking.

- You wouldn't dare.
- Oh, I wouldn't, huh?

- Good morning, Hoss.
- Morning.

You interested in
my poor invention?

Not in particular.

What is it anyhow?

You just find me small
screwdriver, please. Very small.

I have a delicate
adjustment to make.

Thank you.

All right. Come on
now, let me take a look.

Are you sure you want to?


Well, in that case...

- What's in it?
- Music.

It was brought to
China by Yankee trader.


I thought you said
you invented it.

I made a few modifications.

Hey, it's "Pop Goes
the Weasel," ain't it?

Yes, you are a very
fine judge of music.

Don't take nothing to figure
"Pop Goes the Weasel."

- Oh.
- It was harmless.

Only smoke bomb to make
you look funny and lose face.

I see.

And I guess that Miss Cha
Lu taught you that too, huh?

- Yes. Ms. Lau Chu teach everything.
- Good, ugh, I hope.

- I hope. I wish.
- No, no, no!

- I'll get you!
- I hope she taught you to swim.

I'll get you for this.

I'll get you for this.

This humble person request
audience of illustrious Hoss Cartwright,

distinguished middle
son of household.

Illustrious Mr. Hoss must
have read visitor mind.

Already hear him approaching
with honorable father.

She's more humiliated
than hurt, but she's sure mad.

- Hello, Na Shan.
- Mr. Cartwright.

- Nice to see you.
- Shan.

- Well, come on and sit down.
- Thank you.

Well, what can I do for you?

You can do nothing, venerable
sir. But Mr. Hoss can do much.

Me? What?

It concerns grave
slipup in operation

of Yip Hee Trading
Company of Canton, China.

Did you say Yip Hee Trading
Company of Canton, China?

Some months ago, I made contract
with esteemed Yip Hee himself.

He is to send me
beautiful bride.

I am to pay San Francisco
agents so many U.S. gold eagles.

Well, I pay money,
but don't get bride.

Hoss, wasn't that the
trading company that...?


And you heard that
Hoss had received

what you had expected
to receive and didn't,

and so you've come to,
uh, claim her. Is that it?

You hit nail on head, sir.

Well, old friend, I was never
so glad to do a man a favor.

- Heh.
- See, I ordered these fireworks

from the Yip Hee Trading Company

and I never reckoned
on the kind I got.

No, she's yours. You take her.

First must make sure
goods not damaged.

Oh, heh, the question's silly.

It most certainly is.

I am not a commodity
for international barter.

I do not recognize the right of
this man to buy me like a cow.

Any more than that of this man.

Do my eyes deceive me?

Moon Goddess herself, whom
you must surely resemble,

would get no more tender
treatment from me than you.

Illustrious maiden.

Why waste time
spouting poetic speech?

You have not yet
mastered simple morality.

You think me a bauble to be
played with and tossed aside?

Uh, I consider you my promised
wife yearned for during lonely nights.

Promised? Not by me.

And may I hasten to point
out, it is broad daylight.

No, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

What are you two
arguing about anyhow?

Why, you're gonna
have years to do that in.

You don't believe
in slavery, do you?

Well, sort of, on
a temporary basis.

What he means, Tai Li, is that,
uh, love makes a slave of us all, heh.

No more foolishness. Man not
made to be shamed by woman.

- We go now.
- I go nowhere with you.

I stay here on Ponderosa.

I make life better for
all, not just one man.

No good China girl act so.

Well, you've never met up with one
that was taught by Miss Lau Chu before.

Miss Lau Chu? Complete stranger.

This woman is bewitched.

Honorable Hoss Cartwright
has put her under spell.


Oh, now, Na Shan,
you don't believe that.

Why, you're an educated
man. You're a student.

Heh, you don't believe
any such nonsense, do you?

Not so sure. But men
do crazy things for love.

Yeah, but I ain't
that crazy yet.

You watch language,
you miserable worm.

You see? Already she
treat him like husband.

Well, ahem, why, I think we
should have a cooling-off period.

I stay hot, thank you. Go
now. End of story not yet told.

Tai Li, you're gonna end up
an old maid sure as shooting.

I bet you not.

Oh, Tai Li, Na Shan is
such a wonderful young man.

You treated him so terribly.

He's got a good job
and a bright future.

- Yeah.
- Oh, what kind of work he do?

He's the foreman of a
railroad construction crew.

Oh, how interesting. Where
is this work being done?

On Green Meadows
out by Otter Creek.

Oh, well, it would
be interesting to see

how other countrymen
work in this new land.

It would be a lot more interesting if
you'd go out and apologize to Na Shan.

- Sure would.
- Oh, I will speak to Na Shan.

Rest assured.

Well, a railroad camp is no
place for a young girl to go.

Miss Lau Chu teach us to
handle all men in all situations.

She could.

Pa! Hoss! Hey, Adam.

- Where is everybody?
- What's the matter?

- Is the woods on fire?
- You're not too far from being right.

Hey, Pa! BEN: Yeah? Yeah?

- Well, she's at it again.
- She? Who? What?

You got a pretty
short memory. Tai Li.

I was just hoping
against hope, that's all.

Not the railroad workers.
That's the only thing left.

Nobody else. And if they go
along with her, we're in real trouble.

How could one wrongheaded
woman make fools of so many men?

Well, I guess you've forgotten about
Eve, Cleopatra and Lucrezia Borgia.

Not to mention Madam Lau Chu.
And it took another woman to nail her.

Look, Pa, you're gonna
have to take control.

You're gonna have to
show her who's boss.

- I have a feeling she already knows.
- You ain't giving up?

Son, we've just begun to fight. I
think it's safe to say that. Come on.

You need more money!

You must rise above
your suppressors!

The history of the world proves that
revolution is the only answer to tyranny!

You must rise against
your oppressors.

Listen to me, men.

The history of life proves that truth
seldom comes in fancy wrapping.

Law of Fei Ling Foy says
brothers must follow master of Tong.

I command you, do not
listen to silken words.

Who shall you follow?
Old man or young woman?

When do we begin to fight, Pa?

Or would it be better to
run and fight another day?

You need more money! - Yeah!

Ah, the bosses come
to intimidate you.

Now, wait a minute. How could
we four intimidate all of you?

We've just come
to reason with you

and, uh, to point out that this
baby ought to be back in her crib

so that grown men could
get on with their work.

You are wise not to
heed speech of serpent.

And this baby not
ready for crib yet.

Now, look, I'm
talking to these men.

Have you decided to
follow this, uh, Joan of Arc?

That is first true
thing you say.

I am addressing myself to them.

What is it you want?
What are your demands?

We have not yet
formulated our demands.

In that case, don't you think the men
should continue to work until you do?

No, we shall strike first.

Miss Lau Chu would insist.
- All right, Tai Li.

You've done enough damage
for one day. Let's get on home.

As rebel leader, I
choose to stay with rebels.

Do you think you'll feel as comfortable
here as back at the Ponderosa?

It's an awful long
way to call for help.

Tai Li, it's just as comfortable
to negotiate at the house.

Now, let's go.

Goodbye for now, my brothers.
But I promise, victory shall be ours!

Tai Li,

uh, how come, uh, you
met this Miss Lau Chu?

Well, you see, my honorable
father was rug trader from Persia.

He come to China on business
trip. He married my mother.

She was Chinese princess.

This was against imperial law.

Dowager Empress, after I was
born, take my honorable father's life.

My mother was desperate.
She worry for my life too.

Then she learn
about Miss Lau Chu.

So with hidden money,
she send me there.

Now, surely your mother
didn't send you to Miss Lau Chu

to study the art of vengeance.

No, Mother too soft.

But Miss Lau Chu,
she's strong like tiger.

She say vengeance important
part of making revolution.

Seems to me that Miss Lau
Chu would have wanted you

to be a very good judge of
when to make revolutions.

Wan Sai here. He pretty mad.

That seems to be the normal
condition of everybody lately.

Maybe you better come
in kitchen with Hop Sing.

You want me to run from enemies?

Sure, Hop Sing do all the time.

Wan Sai, you honor our home.
Won't you sit down, please?

Uh, would you care for some tea?

No, thank you, honorable
master of this dwelling.

I put my pride aside to come and
beg your intervention with this...

This visitor in your house.

Oh, yeah, well, uh,
as a matter of fact,

I was just about to discuss
the situation with her.

Good, because I do not know how
to discuss business with a woman.

That is because you men have
never admitted we have brains.

I know how difficult

uh, your coming here
must have been for you.

But we'll, uh, do everything in
our power to remedy the situation.

Then ask this person
to name her conditions.

- Well, Tai Li?
- I have not yet decided conditions.

Tell this person, sign agreement.
I will fill in condition later.

Well, I wouldn't do any
such ridiculous thing.

Then men strike until you do.

I'm an old man, but
my patience grows thin.


Wan Sai,

I'll do everything I can to
persuade the young lady

to act with more
consideration for all concerned.

I regret my humiliation
in coming here.

I should have listen to
advice of Tong brothers.


All right, Miss Tai Li. I think the
time has come to stop playing games.

I am not playing games.

You have become
involved in something

far beyond your very
immature understanding.

Miss Lau Chu teach me
to understand everything.

I can just understand how that
Dowager Empress must have felt...

Please, do not blaspheme.


Hi, fella, what
can I do for you?

Once more. Easy.

Mr. Hoss, he gone. Hop Sing find
this when go dumping out garbage.

- What's that gotta do with the garbage?
- This Tong chopper.

Hop Sing find wheelbarrow
track leading to wagon track.

Maybe they take him to
Fei Ling Foy Tong house.

I'm gonna find out about this.

Come the revolution, Miss Lau
Chu teach peoples no more Tong.

You just better hope that nothing
has happened to Hoss, young lady,

because of Miss
Lau Chu's teachings.

Prisoner, you've heard
me judge you guilty.

Have you anything to say
before sentence is passed?

- Yeah, this ain't constitutional.
- I agree.

This is highly irregular.

Welcome, Mr. Cartwright.
We've been expecting you.

- Your son is in grave trouble.
- Yes. I know, Wan Sai.

But, uh, I'm surprised
at your methods.

You, surprised?

But at the last meeting, I
told you if your methods failed,

I must use age-old
methods of Tong.

But why against my son?

Because Na Shan has accused
your son of casting a spell over Tai Li.

Now, we found Hoss,
Pa. Let's get out of here.

Only when I say so, gentlemen.
Please, look behind you.

Wan Sai,

I have a suggestion I
would like to discuss.

Can afford brief truce while
you expound suggestion.

Thank you.

Would you like to see Tai Li
under the influence of a husband?

Would I not.

Have already offered prayers
to the gracious Kuan Yin.

What have you to say to this?

If this person who has
bewitched her will fight for her.

Excellent. Agreed.

- Pa, wait a minute!
- Shh, shh.

So be it.

May the spirits of earth, air
and water favor the better man.

- Thank you, Wai San.
- Pa.

- Boy, how did you get to be so lucky?
- Let's go, son.

Pa, wait a minute. What
are you trying to do to me?

Well, Hoss, just think of this
as a sort of a chess game.

- A chess game?
- Yeah.

Right now Wan Sai's
stalemated and you're freed.

Yeah. Yeah, but what's this
about having to fight for Tai Li?

Oh, that. Well, that's
another game entirely.

Yeah, and she's the only
one that knows the rules.

Well, don't be too sure.

You know, Pa, maybe he ain't gonna
show up. It's been a full day already.

Well, one day, two days,
today, tomorrow. He'll show up.

I sure hope you know
what you're doing.

I know what I'm doing, son.

Tai Li is no different
from any other woman.

She ain't? Well, up
until now she has been.

Oh, how interesting. You
prepare weapon to fight for me.

No, I prepare a thing to dig a
hole with. A hole that I wish I was in.

I do not understand. You
should prepare for fight.

Miss Lau Chu teach,
always be prepared.

Always be ready to
fight for revolution.

Ahem, Tai Li, as a, uh,
as a student of revolutions,

it might be of interest to you that this
country was born out of a revolution.

- Can this be true?
- Yes. Yes, it can.

Miss Lau Chu
never mentioned this.

Well, Miss Lau Chu
notwithstanding to the contrary,

et cetera, et
cetera, it is true.

The American Revolution was
one of the first great victories

for liberty and freedom.

So you see, we really
don't need anyone

to teach us about
revolutions and things like that.

Although once you're married,

you'll have other things
to occupy your mind.

Then I shall not marry.

I will not give up
work of great teacher.

Well, as I told you before,

the Immigration Office
in San Francisco says

you either get married
or go back to China.

And as I told you before, that
is injustice, tyranny, outrage!

But it is better than
going back to China

and having head chopped
off like Miss Lau Chu.


Besides, I can
easily train husband.

Yeah, ahem, you're gonna
have to find one first though.

Where is Na Shan?

Why has he not
come to fight for me?

Well, that just could be that
he's got a whole lot more sense

than you gave him credit for.

Oh, he's probably preparing
himself. He'll show up.

He better.

I know how to take care
of person who insult me.

Honorable Hoss Cartwright?

The moment of
decision has arrived.

Hoss Cartwright.

Hoss Cartwright.

Hoss Cartwright.

- What's going on, Pa?
- Shh.

You're about to witness
the battle of the century.

Well, what's Hoss gonna
fight with, a can opener?

I challenge Hoss Cartwright,

if you are not coward
descended from long line of same.

Come out and fight for Tai Li.

And nothing lost in translation.

Oh, look, there ain't no use in me
and you batting heads over this little gal.

Why, she's all yours
anyhow. You just take her.

And there ain't nothing
lost in the transfer.

Now, hold on there, son.

Did you hear what he said about
being descended from a long line...?

- You trying to make me out a coward?
- Well, no, Pa, but...

You try and make
me look undesirable?

- No, but couldn't we...?
- Son.

Get in there and fight.

Pa, he's got a sword.

Hoss, you're not trying
to win, are you, huh?

They fight over me, like two
knights fighting over fairy princess.


You never receive
fireworks. I deliver now.


Na Shan, you are my hero.

I like you pretty much, but Na
Shan is greatest revolter of all.

I'll tell you this.
Best fight I ever lost.

It's something too.

Well, I'm very happy to announce the
resumption of work on the railroad spur.

And I'm even happier
to announce that

Tai Li has given up politics
in favor of matrimony.

Although she unquestionably
has left her mark.

That's right. We've got the first pool
table in any bunkhouse in the territory.

Even I concede credit for helping
Tong brothers get slight raise in pay.

Hop Sing getting new
stove and cookbook.


- They any good?
- No.

- And I have the best of all.
- Best yet to come.

Miss Lau Chu. Keep on
wall. She keep away evil spirit.


Well, don't feel too bad.

You can still write the
Yip Hee Trading Company.

We have the Fourth
of July, you know.

Hey, yeah. Might
be sort of interesting

to see what kind of fireworks
they send this time, huh?

Behind the Scenes of A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay

As indicated by the title, “Cathay” was the former term used to refer to the nation of China.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza offers wholesome entertainment suitable for both individual viewing and family gatherings. A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay is the 162nd episode among the 430 series. NBC aired Bonanza from September 1959 to January 1973, covering a span of 14 seasons on their network screens.

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