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Any Friend of Walter’s Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #04, Episode #26

One of the most cherished episodes of Bonanza, Any Friend of Walter’s, premiered on March 24, 1963. Hoss Cartwright finds himself seeking refuge in the shack of a scruffy prospector named Obie (played by Arthur Hunnicutt) and his loyal yet less-than-clever dog, Walter, while en route to visit his sweetheart, Bessie Sue (also known as Katie Sue). Trouble brews when the shack is besieged by three inept bandits—Macie (Steve Brodie), Teague (Vic Werber), and Willard (James Luisi)—who mistakenly believe Obie to be hoarding a fortune in gold.

Penned by Lois Hire, “Any Friend of Walter’s” was so well-received that it inspired a sequel episode in 1964 titled “Walter and the Outlaws.”

Delve into its captivating plot and discover intriguing trivia, or indulge in the entire episode by watching below.”

Watch the Full Episode of Any Friend of Walter’s

Watch the Full Episode of Any Friend of Walter’s:

Main Cast

In the twenty-sixth episode of Bonanza’s fourth season, titled “Any Friend of Walter’s,” several recurring cast members appeared. Notable members of the cast include:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Arthur Hunnicutt as Obie
  • Steve Brodie as Macie
  • Vic Werber as Teague
  • James Luisi as Willard
  • Katherine Barrett as Bessie Sue Hightower (as Katie Barrett)
  • Robert Foulk as Sheriff

Full Story Line for Any Friend of Walter’s

In the rugged wilderness, three outlaws converge on an elderly prospector’s humble shack, hoping to plunder his rumored gold stash. Hoss, encountering hostility from the outlaws, seeks refuge within the shack. Inside, he meets the weathered prospector and his faithful companion, Walter. To Hoss’s surprise, Walter is not just any dog but a clever companion, seemingly as aged and animated as the prospector himself, albeit with a mysterious penchant for silence that puzzles Hoss.

Meanwhile, the two bickering outlaws engage in constant skirmishes, much to the chagrin of their leader, who urges them to focus on the gold. Despite his efforts, the duo’s quarrels persist, diverting attention away from the coveted treasure.

Tasked with overcoming the inept outlaws alongside the elderly prospector and the enigmatic Walter, Hoss must navigate the chaos and find a way to thwart the trio’s clumsy attempts at seizing the shack’s hidden wealth.

Full Script and Dialogue of Any Friend of Walter’s

We ought to be home by sundown.

- I'm glad that chore is over.
- I don't know.

There's worse things
than a 15-day cattle drive.


A 16-day cattle drive.

You got to admit,
you do get to thinking

and feeling sort of
like a steer, don't you?

I'm glad you
finally admitted it.

Well, here's where
I leave you fellas.

What? Oh, now don't tell
me you're going to go over

and see that Bessie Sue
before you even get home.

I promised Mr. Hightower I
was going to come by there

and take a look at
that new bull of his.

I just hope you don't get
the two of them mixed up.

No, he couldn't do that.

Bessie Sue is the
one with the blue eyes.

Just because a
gal's a nice armload.

A nice armful?
There aren't six men

in the territory with
that long a reach.

Well, you tell Pa I'll be
home later anyhow, you hear?


Good luck!

Oh, you know, it's gonna be good
to get home and get some rest.

Yeah, I almost
forgot what a soft bed

and good food
are like. Let's go.

Maybe he ain't home, Teague.

He's home.

I spotted some smoke
coming out of the chimney

when we first got here.

And where there's smoke,

there's an old man
and his gold, huh?

Huh, Teague?

Except, maybe all them
stories about the gold ain't true.

Macie says it's
there, all right.

Then what are we
waiting for? Let's take him.

Macie's not sure he's alone.

Macie's too bossy.

Besides, we ain't gonna
find out sitting up here.

And I ain't gonna find out
by letting him shoot at me.

Go ahead if you want to.

Macie wants to talk to somebody.

Go ahead.

Why me?

'Cause you got feet like
a mountain goat. Go on!

I ain't going unless you do.

All right, you
knucklehead, come on.

What's up, Macie?

Look down yonder.

♪ Oh, where have you
been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? ♪

♪ Oh, where have you
been, charming Billy? ♪

You reckon he's coming here?

Well, the trail goes
right by the cabin.


♪ Where have you
been, charming Billy? ♪

We better decide
what to do real quick.

No. No sense in
asking for trouble.

We'll just stay out of sight.

But what if he's come
to see the old man?

We're all the company we
intend for that old man to have.

Maybe he'll go on by.

But what if he don't?

I'm against taking chances.

We'll kill him. Take him.

♪ Where have you
been, charming Billy? ♪

♪ Well, did she invite you
in, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? ♪

Thanks a lot, mister.

- I'm much obliged.
- What for?

Now, wait a minute.

You don't think
I'm... I'm one of them?

Ain't got no reason
yet to think otherwise.

But dad-burnit, they
tried to kill me, too.

Could have been a
trick to get you in here.

Now wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

I ain't got nothing to
do with them fellers.

I don't know who they are even.

I... I'm from the Ponderosa.

My name's Hoss Cartwright.


Fella here says
he's a Mr. Cartwright.

Well, did you see that?

See what?

The way Walter took to you.

He did?

Yes, sir, I never seen anything
like the way he took to you.

You'll have to excuse Walter

for not getting up, but
he's had a hard day.

Yeah, that's...
that's all right.

Uh, make yourself at home.
I bet you could use a drink.

Yeah, yeah, I could,

but what are we gonna do
about them fellas out there?

Oh, Walter will warn us if
they try to start anything.

Nothing to worry about.

Not a thing.

You had a clear shot
at him, and you missed.

I didn't see neither
one of you hitting him

when you had the chance.

Wasn't much chance

the way that old man
had us pinned down.

I thought you said
he was a prospector.

He is.

Sure knows how to handle a gun.

Well, it ain't gonna do no
good to sit here and fret about it.

Leastways, we know
what we're up against now.

Yeah. Two of 'em.

And there's supposed
to be three of us.

You making me out a coward?


Now cool off.

Get up.

What are you two trying to do?

He's saying I'm yellow, Macie.

And I'm saying
you're both loony.

This ain't no concern
of yours, Macie.

Now you listen to me.

You two want to kill each
other, I ain't about to stop it.

All I'm asking is you wait

till we lift that gold
from the old man.

Or maybe you two
knuckleheads don't want that gold.

I can wait.

How do I know
he'll keep his word?

Because he's just
as greedy as you are!

It's not often I get
to share my whiskey.

Walter don't drink.

He don't like the
taste of whiskey, huh?

Oh, he don't mind the taste.

It just seems it don't
do much for him.

It makes him sleepy.


Look, mister, uh...
Uh, Obie's the name.

Obie, Obie.

Obie, who are them fellers?

Oh, I got no earthly notion.

Well, what are they
after? What do they want?


I ain't sure... but my guess
is, they figure on robbing me.

Well, if they was gonna do that,
how come they ain't moved in?

There's three of them.
There ain't but one of you.

Well, that's what
they don't know.

The way Walter
figured it, uh... Walter?

Oh, no getting around it.

That Walter is clever.

They no sooner showed
up than Walter figured out

they was up to no good,
and so we'd best lay low.

That's pretty good figuring.

Walter figured they
wouldn't jump us before dark.

Now that they know
there's only two of us, uh,

my guess is, they
ain't gonna wait.


Bessie Sue ain't
gonna never believe this.

Well... Sure glad to
have you fellas back.

Not half as glad as
we are to be back.

How did things go?

Any sign of herd cutters?

Yeah, we had one gang
follow us for a little while.

- We discouraged them.
- Oh, good.

What about the
buyer from St. Louis?

He was there, ready
to pay the price.

- Well.
- Things couldn't have gone better.

Good, good.

Where's Hoss?

Well, he won't be
along for a little time yet.

He decided to stop
over the Hightower place.

Oh. Good. I'm glad he did.

I've been meaning
to drop over myself

and see that new bull.

If he's anything
half as valuable

as Jim Hightower says he is,
he ought to be something to see.

Yeah, well, I don't think
the bull was the reason.

I think Hoss is just trying

to get a little better
look at that Bessie Sue.

Hmm? What about her?

He's sweet on her.

Oh. What? Seriously?

- Yeah.
- Turns red every time we mention her.

Of course, that doesn't
mean much with Hoss.

He turns red every
time we mention any girl.


Well, that's his problem.

All I want is some
food and a nice soft bed.

Yeah, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Look, we got a
lot of things to do.

That's why I'm very
glad to see you back.

There's that fence to be
fixed in the north pasture,

still a lot of hay to be hauled,

and I want to get started
on that new well right away.

What was it you said
about getting back for a rest?

Wishful thinking.

Oh, not at all.

Why, supper will be ready
in a couple of minutes,

and you won't have
a thing to do till sunup.


Now that was a bonehead move.

Obie, we got to do something.

Walter used to make
the same mistake.

Walter played checkers?

Well, not very good.

I could beat him a
lot more than I do,

but I don't want
to hurt his feelings.

Look, Obie, we
can't just sit here.

Oh, go ahead. It's your move.

You're sure not
much of a player, boy.

Well, dad-burnit,
what do you expect

with them jaspers
up there in the hills

just waiting to pounce
down here on us?

We might as well be here
playing checkers as stewing over it.

Besides, I told you,
Walter would warn us.

Yeah. I just don't seem to
have as much confidence

in Walter as you do.

Oh, why on the earth not?

Well, he don't seem
very alert to me.

Well, that's because
Walter's deep.

Real deep.

Hey, uh, maybe...
maybe it would be all right

if just one of us stood
there at the window, huh?

What? And hurt
Walter's feelings?

How do you know he'd mind?

Well, you got to
understand Walter

to appreciate how
sensitive he is.

Well, I...

I hope he appreciates
how sensitive I am to bullets.

Your move.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

Let's go get 'em.

Fellers act mighty
bound and determined.

Yeah, well, they ain't no
more bound and determined

than I am, I'll guarantee you.

And they're mighty sly, too.

Staying behind them rocks...

can't get a good shot at 'em.

Sure wish I could figure
out what they're after.

It ain't ammunition,
they got plenty of that.

It couldn't be grub,
them hills is full of game.


you ain't feuding
with nobody, are you?

Me and Walter ain't well enough
acquainted with nobody to feud.

How about horses?
You got any horses?


You run any cattle?


Dad-gumit, it beats all.

Well, it must be
about supper time.

I sure am getting hungry.

I've been trying
not to think about it.

If there's one thing I'm
against, it's being hungry.

Me and Walter feel
mighty strong on that.

You, Walter and me,
but what about them?

Let them get their own grub.

Carrying on, shooting...

What do you figuring on doing,

holding out a white flag
while we eat supper?

It's time to use my surprise.

What are you planning?

I'm gonna make sure I don't
go to glory on an empty stomach.

You stay here and
shoot steady for a minute.

What in tarnation was that?


Lucky I cooked this morning.

I sure am hungry.

Dig in, boy.

Boy, oh, boy.

They sure do look good.

What's the matter, boy?

Mite too much
spice in the beans?

Here, take some bread.

Had me worried
there for a minute.

You all right now?

That choking made
me think maybe I...

put a speck too much
seasoning in the beans.

Just like I always fix 'em.

Sure good, ain't they?

Me and Walter...
likes 'em flavorsome.

Be careful, that
coffee may be hot.

You had a hard day, boy.

Don't you worry, you'll
get your appetite back.

You got to eat, boy.

Need your strength.

Every bite they get
better, don't they?

I went through the
whole Mexican War

and I never got hurt like this.

When I get through
with them two fellas...

they're gonna wished
they'd killed me outright.

My head feels like
one of them rocks

with a bad crack in it.

Hurry up with the grub.

You'll wait or
you'll eat it raw.

Don't you two ever stop
jawing at each other?

What does he expect
me to do, magic?

It don't take magic to
rustle up a little grub.

How would you like a
little poison in yours?

Believe me, in your cooking,
it wouldn't taste no different.

Oh, quit low rating him.

- Oh, let him...
- I said shut up!

Ah, I reckon it's done.

I think that we might
as well forget this job.

We could have
robbed the biggest bank

in the West with a
whole lot less trouble.

Yeah... but I don't
like quitting on it.

I don't neither, but...

I sure ain't eager for
any more surprises

like that rock shower we had.


you don't suppose he's got
any more of that dynamite

buried around here, do you?

Hmm. I don't know.

And right now...

I don't feel too
anxious to find out.

Ain't that the truth.

Old coot... that loony

ain't likely to have
much gold anyways.

We're not only
gonna get that gold,

we're gonna pay him back
for these bruises they gave us.

I'll take the first watch.

See that they don't
slip out in the dark.

What'd you do that for?

Covering up them windows
so we can have some light.

- Play a little checkers.
- Obie, we can't play checkers.

We've got to keep
guard every minute.

You're forgetting Walter.

Let me ask you something.

Lot of people use
this trail by here?

Oh, it's pretty well traveled.

Yeah? When was the last
time somebody came by?

Well, it's real recent.

Not more than two
or three months ago.

You want the red or the black?

I got to figure out some
way to get out of here alive.

- Shh.
- What's the matter?

You'll upset Walter.

How am I gonna upset Walter?

Talking about getting killed.

We talked about
it all afternoon.

I know, but Walter
figured you was just joking.

If you keep on talking about
it, he'll think you're serious.

I am serious. What's
all the big secret?

What does Walter think all
that shooting is about anyhow?

Oh, he figures we're
about to get robbed.

Well, they got to kill
us to rob us, ain't they?

- Shh!
- What's the matter now?

I told you talking about
killing upsets Walter.

Well, he can't hear me.

I know, but he reads lips.

I'll take the black.

I don't see no sense in waiting
around here until morning.

You heard what Macie said.

It would be a lot easier to
sneak up on that cabin at night.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna go down there
and take a little closer look.

I don't trust you.

I'll go with you.

You got the makings
of a real player, boy.

You just gotta pay
closer attention.

How am I supposed to pay
attention when I'm worried sick?

I never saw a young boy fret so.

You stay around Walter
more, and you'll have faith.

Walter's got a little plan.


See anything?

"See anything?" What
do I look like, an owl?

Shut up and follow me.

Hey, what was that?

Wild animal trap.

Thought Walter was
clear out of his head

when he wanted to build that.

Now why didn't you watch
where you were going?

You pushed me.

I never did. I didn't touch you.

What was that for?

That was for that
gal in Wichita...

when I bought all the drinks
and you danced with her.

That was five years ago.

I don't care. I
still don't like it.

She was no good anyway.

I still don't like it.

Five years, five years.

How many times I
gotta tell you lunkheads

this robbing is
serious business?



Wonder what they're so
all-fired anxious to get?



Me and Walter is prospectors.

You ain't never struck
no pay dirt, have you?

We struck a nice
little vein a while back.

Do you keep it in this cabin?

Well, that's a fool question.

Now, where else
would we keep it?

Where's it at?

Well, right here's
a little poke here...

steadying the table leg.

Walter likes to rest
his head on some.

Some up there on the shelf,

few over there in the wood box.

Obie... how much
of this stuff you got?

Well, now me and Walter
ain't reckoned it up lately,

but I'd say offhand,
about 25 to 30,000.

Oh, no.

Whatever's the matter?

Obie, don't you understand?

Them fellers are
gonna stay out there

till they get their hands on
this gold, no matter what.

Maybe they will, but sometimes
plans don't always work out.

Well, that's fine, but
what are we gonna do?

I'll tell you.

You take the red for
awhile and I'll take the black.

Hey, boy, wake up.

Wake up.

No, no. Shh.

Obie, what's the matter?

Walter woke me.

There's somebody right outside.


That got him.

What got him?

Oh, bear trap.

Had some old bear traps
I was going to throw away

and Walter wouldn't let me,

so I planted about five of
them under the cabin just in case

some smarty britches
got the idea to burn us out.

Walter thought of that?

Yeah. Ain't he a caution?

Wake up.

Wake up!

Wake up! Macie's gone!

What do you mean "gone"?

He ain't here, stupid!

Bet he figured how
to get that gold himself.

His horse and
things are still here!

Of course.

Macie's smart.

He thinks that's going to
stop us from following him.

Oh, he does, does he?

Well, he ain't gonna
get away with it.

Let's go.

Go ahead, you first.

No, you first.

Now, I ain't gonna
argue with you.

And I ain't gonna have
you following me in the dark

with a rifle
pointing at my back.

Why you...

Stop it!

Stop it! I said to stop it!

What's the matter with
you two knuckle... Ow!

Cut it out!

Can't I leave you two
birdbrains alone for a minute?!

Get this bear trap off of me!

Macie, we thought
you run off on us.

Yeah, we figured you was taking

the old man's gold for yourself.

So you gotta get sore at me
and decide to fight yourselves?

No, it's just that Willard here
didn't have the brains enough

to understand something.

I ain't got no
brains? It's you that...

Oh, cut it out, will ya?

Geez, Macie, how'd you
get tangled up in this thing?

I figured I'd start a
fire and smoke 'em out.

With a bear trap?


Here, you help him
with that, Willard.

I tell you, one of
them fellas down there,

either that big one or the
old man, got an evil mind.

I swear, I don't care
about that gold anymore.

I'm gonna kill 'em, so
help me, I'm gonna kill 'em.

A mind like that shouldn't
be allowed to live.

Easy, easy, easy.

Hey, Adam, do you know Hoss
didn't come home last night?

Yeah, I looked in his room.

Boy, Pa's gonna have
his hide when he finds out

he didn't spend the
night in the house.

Well, maybe if we don't
tell him, he won't find out.

We'd better get over
to Hightower's place

and get him back here quick.

Must be some bull, huh?

I think we'd better take a
closer look at Bessie Sue.

You take a closer look.

I can tell she's a girl
from way over here

just by the way she
wears her clothes.

Oh, very good.

Well, good morning, gentlemen.

How is everybody this morning?

Fine, Pa.

Good. Say, do you know
Hoss didn't sleep here last night?

Well, h-how do you know that?

Well, I, uh, walked
into his room

and the bed
hadn't been slept in.

- That must be it, then.
- Yeah.

Yeah, we were thinking about
riding over to the Hightower's

and check on him.

Good. Now, I know
he has a good reason

for not coming in
last night, but still,

mightn't do any harm to check.

I'm riding into town.

Why don't you meet
me there after you do?

Oh, and give my
very best regards

to Jim and to, uh, Bessie Sue.

You know, he wasn't
even mad at Hoss.

I think he has more
faith in him than we do.

Yeah? What do you mean?

Well how would you like to have
Bessie Sue as a sister-in-law?

Come on, will you?

Hoss wouldn't do that to us.

Would he?

He would.

What do you think you're doing?

I was just gonna
shoot him in the eye.

Yeah? Which one?

The left one.

I don't know which
is more dangerous,

you or them fellas in the cabin.

Why don't you shut up?

Let's see what these
fellas are gonna do.

I must have dropped off.

You been sleeping real sound.

How long has it been daylight?

Quite a spell.

Obie, you should
have woke me up.

Well, you was
plumb tuckered out.

Yeah, but it ain't fair for you
to have to do all the watching.

Me and Walter
was proud to do it.

In fact, Walter's
got a high opinion

of the way you've been
handling this ruckus,

and I got to say
that I agree with him.

Anything new?

Well, Walter woke up
with a little headache.

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.

Walter woke up with a headache?

Well, he feels fine now.

Walter's got a
wonderful constitution.

Of course, he's always
taken real good care of himself.

Yeah, well, that-that
always helps.

Hey, Obie?

Obie, you reckon them
polecats are still out there?

Oh, more than likely.

Dad-burnit, I wish I
could figure out some way

to get us out of here
without going right by 'em.

Hey, Obie?

What'd happen if we busted
out some of these boards

and went out the back way?

Wouldn't do any good right
up against the mountain.

That's why me and
Walter built it like that,

so nobody could
sneak up behind us.

Hey, what about a tunnel?

What if we dug a tunnel?

Uh, the ground's like rock.

Come to think of it,
it's pretty near all rock.

Dad-burnit, Obie, we
gotta do something!

Well, I don't know
what it might be.

But there's no use to worry now.

You can see
Walter ain't worrying.

He's playing.

He's playing?

What's he playing, dead?

No, he hardly ever plays
dead unless he's real tired.

He's playing he's paralyzed.


How about some breakfast?

Yeah, I'm starving to death.

I think you would be after that
little dab of supper last night.

Sit down.


Yeah, and plenty of 'em.

I generally cook up a
batch to last a week.

But if there's just us,

by golly, we can have us some
good eating three or four days.

Obie, is beans all you ever eat?

Well, we have a little fish
and game now and then,

but me and Walter
figure as long as

we don't have to answer
to nobody for what we eat,

we might as well
have what we like.

Yeah, I can't argue with that.

I declare, boy,

as finicky as you
are about eating,

I don't see how you
ever got to be your size.

Now what'd you do that for?

We don't need a fire.

Well, you know some
other way to get hot coffee?

We ain't gonna
have no hot coffee,

so forget it for a while.

I got an idea.

I'm listening.

All right, we ain't had any luck

getting anyways near
close to that cabin, have we?

Not so far.

And we ain't likely to

as long as we keep
putting up an open fight.

Somebody down there
seems to know where we are

before we get there.

Ain't that the truth!

We're gonna try a new
tack: we're gonna give up.

- Give up?
- Give up!

Leastways, that's what
we're gonna make them think.

I don't know, Macie.

Why don't we just rush
them and get it over with?

Depends on what you
want to get over, Teague.

I don't know anybody yet that's
had any luck rushing a bullet.

Maybe Teague here
figures he's the one to do it.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Half share instead of a third.

There wouldn't be nobody
would have to force it on me.

What's your plan?

Well, I figure we
don't do nothin'.

We stay right here,

as long as we don't light
any fires or make any noise.

- And then what?
- Well, sooner or later,

they're bound to
step out of that cabin,

and when they do...

Yeah. It'll be as easy
as picking off buffalo.


Okay, Macie... on one condition.


You and me do the shooting.

All right.

Boy, you're getting
better every time.


See anything?

Not a thing.

I can't figure it, Obie.

I never figured them to give up,

and I ain't seen a fire or
nothing out there all morning.

Oh, they ain't givin' up.

Well, how come
they ain't shot at us?

Well, like I said,
Walter figured...

Ain't you ever known
Walter to be wrong?

Well, not that I
recollect offhand.

If he's so dang good
at figurin', how come

he ain't figured out some
way to get us out of here?

Well, Walter don't
claim to know everything.

Wouldn't be in this
jam in the first place

if you and Walter had've...

if you would've put that money
in the bank where it belongs.

Well, you could
be right about that.

It's your move.

Obie, how can you just
sit there doing nothing?

Doing nothing?

I'm doing two things.

I'm keeping my mind on this game

and keeping it off
of everything else.

The least we can do is
get ready for the attack

when it does come... let's get
the rest of the ammunition out.

What ammunition?

The rest of your ammunition...

Let's get it all out.

It is all out.

All out?

You mean there ain't no more?

Well, we didn't figure
we needed any more.

Me and Walter
don't hold to violence.

No, sir, there's a lot
to be said against it.

It's your move, son.

Uh, Bessie Sue... Oh!

Oh, howdy, boys. Good to see ya.

Uh, howdy, Bessie.

Well, that looks like
a pretty heavy timber.

Aw, this little bitty thing?

I can toss 'em
around all day long.

They told us up at the
house we'd find you here.

Do you know where Hoss is?

That's what I'd like to know.

You mean he wasn't
at your place last night?

Well, I ain't seen
hide nor hair of him,

and we were
supposed to make plans

for the dance Saturday night.

I've got a good mind to
go with somebody else.

Serve him right.

I-I-I'm taking Jenny.

Mary Ann.

I understand, boys.

That's the trouble
with being so popular.

The timid ones never speak up

for fear you're
already spoke for.

Yes, that's true.

Did you say Hoss was
coming to see me last night?

Well, we-we don't know.

It was either you or the bull.

The what?!

Uh, what he means to say
is that Hoss is the shy one.

You don't suppose that big
moose could be double-dealing me

with that little ol'
Cindy Larson in town.


No, not that little ol' thing.

No, of course not.

But we got to keep looking
for him, so we'll see you later.

You tell Hoss when you see him

that I'm expecting him
to take me to the dance,

and if he don't show up on time,

I'm gonna skin
him with a dull knife.

Yes, ma'am.

We'll tell him.

Well, see you at the dance.

Do you suppose she's
right about Cindy Larson?

Cindy ain't half the
girl Bessie Sue is.

What girl is?

Listen, we got to stop in
town to see Pa anyway...

Why don't we check by Cindy
and ask if she's seen him.

If she has and Bessie
Sue finds out about it,

Hoss ain't gonna be in
shape to dance for a month.

How about a drink?

No, thanks.

Might pass the time a little.

Uh, don't think it'd help much.

Can't hurt.

Opposed to whiskey
in the morning?

No, it ain't that.

Your wife object to drinking?

I ain't got a wife.

You ain't feelin'
up to snuff, are ya?

I feel fine. You go ahead
and have one if you want it.

Oh, I don't take any
pleasure drinking alone.

All right, I'll have
one with you, then.

Of course, there's
ways to fool a wife.

I knew a fella once...

He was a regular devil.

Drank hard liquor every day.

Was always careful
to chew on a clove.

His wife thought he just
had a fondness for cloves.



Here's luck.

Yeah. Me and Walter
will go along with that.

It's your move.

I'm surprised a nice boy
like you ain't got a wife.

You ain't got a wife.

I know.

Don't need one.

I got Walter.

Yeah, he's a real
lively companion, he is.

Ain't he, though?

Tsk. Dad-gumit, Obie!

I can't stand another
minute of this.

Why? Whatever's the matter, boy?

I can't just sit here
and wait for them fellers

to come down here
and pounce on us

whenever they get ready;
I gotta do something.

Well, you think of
something; we'll both do it.

I'll tell you what
we're gonna do.

We're gonna bust
out of this back wall,

that's what we're gonna do.

Well, I told you you
can't go anywheres,

smack up against
the mountain like that.

Yeah, but if we can make
them think there's a place to go,

and they think we've gone,
then they gotta come in here

to find out which way
we went, ain't they?

Well, sounds likely.

Only we gonna be
waiting right here for 'em.

Get over behind that door. Go.

Well, you know, them
fellas have been so anxious

to get close to this gold,
I mean to oblige them.

All right, we're pulling out!

You're welcome to the place!

Open up.

What do you reckon that meant?

You reckon it'll work?

Already did.

How can you tell?
I don't hear nothing.

Look at Walter.

He ain't been this excited
since he was a puppy.

Well, I'll be dad-burned.

He's opened his eyes.

Ain't that something.


The door's wide open.

They're gone.

Gone? Where could they go?

This is mining country.

That shack could have
been built over an old tunnel.

Yeah, it could also be
some kind of a trap again.

Don't you forget, one
of them fellas in there

has got a real evil mind.

What if he has?

I'm getting tired of
sitting around here.

What are we gonna do?

Yeah, what are we gonna do?

All right, it's against
my better judgment,

but let's go take a chance.



By ginger,

ain't had so much
fun in 30 years.

Looks like Walter
enjoyed it, too.


Look at him.

Nerves of steel, ain't he?

So I want to press charges
against these fellers, Sheriff.

What kind of charges?


Robbery? What'd they steal?

They stole Obie's
gold, that's what.

What gold?

Yeah, what gold?

Hoss, they don't
seem to have any gold.

Yeah, well... maybe
they didn't steal it,

but... but they jumped
us and tried to kill us.

They did?

They sure did.

They, they gave ol' Obie and
Walter and me a real bad time.

They did?

Now, Sheriff, you've got eyes.

Now, I ask ya,

who do you think
had tried to kill who?

Now, Sheriff...
Sher... Sheriff...

You got the makings
of a good player, boy.

You just gotta pay
closer attention, that's all.


Oh, hi, Pa.

Well, Sheriff told us
we'd find you in here.

Says he's holding you
and some strangers

till he gets to
the bottom of this.

Son, the bottom of what?

Yeah, it's... it's
a long story, Pa.

There ain't nothing
to worry about, though.

Now, well, you
better start worrying.

You're gonna be
in a lot of trouble

if you're not out in
time to take Bessie Sue

to that dance Saturday night.

And she said something about

skinning you with a dull knife.

It ain't nothin' to
fret about, Hoss.

Oh, it ain't?

That's right, Obie's right.

Ol' Walter will
think of something.

Behind the Scenes of Any Friend of Walter’s

While engaged in a game of checkers within Obie’s cabin, a curious discrepancy arises when Obie executes a series of jumps, concluding with a move that goes against the standard rules of checkers—a backward jump. Being well-versed in the game, Hoss would typically recognize this as an irregularity, considering that in checkers, pieces that haven’t been “King’d” are only permitted to advance forward.

Books Worth Reading:

The individual holding the position of sheriff is designated as a deputy sheriff, as indicated by the badge worn.

Throughout the episode, the robbers inexplicably retain fresh blood on their cheeks despite the passage of more than a day within the narrative. Logically, this blood would have dried out over time, creating a noticeable inconsistency.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza offers wholesome entertainment suitable for sole viewing or home gatherings. Any Friend of Walter’s is the 126th episode out of 430 in the series. NBC produced Bonanza, which aired on their network from September 1959 to January 1973, encompassing 14 seasons.

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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