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Breed of Violence Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #09

Bonanza follows Ben Cartwright and his sons as they run and defend their ranch while also helping the community. The forty-first episode of the show, Breed of Violence, was written by David Lang and first aired on November 5, 1960.

The strong-willed Dolly (Myrna Fahey) associates with disreputable men to rebel and avoid her strict and oppressive father, Sheriff Kincaid (Val Avery). She skips town with the dashing Vince Dagen (John Ericson), blissful yet unaware that Vince is an outlaw. Joe Cartwright pursues the fleeing couple in an attempt to catch up with them and save Dolly from experiencing the negative results of her defiance.

Hal Baylor plays Clegg, and Norm Alden plays Poke. 

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Watch the Full Episode of Breed of Violence

Watch the Full Episode of Breed of Violence:

Main Cast

Breed of Violence, the ninth episode of Bonanza’s second season, featured some of the program’s recurring and supporting actors. See the list below for the cast members for this episode.

  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • John Ericson as Vince Dagen
  • Myrna Fahey as Dolly Kincaid
  • Val Avery as Sheriff Trev Kincaid
  • Hal Baylor as Clegg
  • Norman Alden as Poke (as Norm Alden)
  • Paul Lukather as Robie
  • Stuart Randall as Deputy Sheriff
  • Charles Wagenheim as Trager
  • Bill Clark as Posse Rider (uncredited)
  • Ken Drake as John (uncredited)
  • Bob Miles as John (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Breed of Violence

Dolly Kincaid and Vince Dagen’s time together ends when Dolly hurries to go home before dark. However, Vince insists she stays, kissing her while guaranteeing her safety from her father. Dolly finds kissing out in the open uncomfortable, so she tries to break away from Vince’s embrace. When Joe sees this, he tries to talk things out, but Vince punches him to the ground and then resumes kissing Dolly. Joe gets up, hits Vince back, and the two engage in a scuffle. Their fight only stops when a couple of men arrive.

Meanwhile, Joe warns Dolly to stop associating with the wrong kind of people like Vince. He insists that Vince is a drunk and a thief, but Dolly argues that Vince’s good to her. Sheriff Trev Kincaid, Dolly’s father, asks Joe’s reason for coming to their house. Joe tells him that he saw Dolly at the store, but Trev tells him that Dolly had no business there. Moreover, Joe thinks it’s only proper for Dolly to decide whether he’ll stay or leave. However, Trev furiously insists that Dolly has no right to make decisions, threatening to whip the hide off her back if she does otherwise. Terrified of his father, Dolly tells Joe to comply.

Inside, Dolly tells Trev she did all the work his father ordered. She also insists that he should keep her locked up in the house like a prisoner, saying all she did was walk to the store with Vince. Trev argues that she returned with Joe, making him similar to her mother, with who he claims to have never been satisfied with one man. Dolly thinks her mother didn’t run out, believing Trev’s oppressive behavior drove her off. However, Trev explains that it’s only his way to protect her.

At the Ponderosa, Joe tells his father and brothers about his intended yet unintentional visit to the Kincaids. He tells Ben that he saw Dolly with Vince Dagen, the person they fired last year. Joe also recounts his experience with Dolly’s strict father, especially his aggressive behavior. Ben suggests Joe stay out of the family’s affair, believing it’ll take time for Kincaid’s emotional wounds to heal. Joe agrees but thinks it’s unfitting to keep Dolly locked up regardless of the situation.

Vince pays Dolly a surprise visit to apologize for his behavior. He can’t stand seeing Dolly locked up, so he suggests they leave by tomorrow morning. Dolly agrees, happy to have her dreams coming true.

Dolly flees with Vince the next day, clearly defying her strict sheriff father, who was busy running after some outlaws that robbed a bank.

Later, it appears that Vince and his peers were behind the robbery. The couple almost encountered the posse who were after the robbers, but the group eventually headed on another way. Dolly and Vince meet up with Vince’s friends—Clegg, Robie, and Poke—much to Dolly’s surprise. They move along to keep the sheriff and the posse from catching up.

Dolly, Vince, and the other outlaws arrive at Mr. Trager’s place. Joe, who plans to stay in the cabin with Hoss, asks Vince about their arrival. Vince and his friends later engage in a brief fight with Joe, Hoss, and Mr. Trager, leading to Hoss’ unconsciousness and Trager’s death. Dolly sees and approaches Trager’s dead body, but Vince pushes her, stating Trager would have brought her father if he didn’t kill him.

Inside the cabin, Joe implies that Vince wouldn’t want the sheriff and the posse to catch them because they robbed the bank. Confused, Dolly asks Vince if they did steal from the bank. Vince admits it, saying it’s for her sake. However, Dolly wasn’t just upset because of the robbery. She also thinks Vince shouldn’t have killed the bank clerk. Joe later asks him why he brought Dolly with him. Poke tells him that Vince will use her to shun her father or the girl will get hurt. Angry that he revealed too much, Vince tells Poke to stop. Vince visits Dolly in her room, assuring her that things will be alright. He also orders Joe and Hoss to introduce them to the posse as their hired Wolfers and to join them until they escape. Vince also assigns Dolly to help Clegg guard Joe as the rest of them, including Hoss, dig a grave for Trager.

On his timing, Joe beats Clegg to escape. However, Dolly aims a gun at him. Joe tells her that Vince robbed the money for himself and will kick her out as soon as he’s tired of her. Dolly refuses to accept this, believing that leaving with Vince would be her chance to live free from her father. Vince and the rest of the group return to the cabin, and Dolly reports Joe’s escape attempt.

The following day, the posse arrives at the cabin area. Vince wakes everyone up, telling Hoss to deal with the riders outside or he’ll kill Joe. Hoss does as Vince orders, ending with the posse leaving. Joe tells Clegg, Poke, and Robie they can ride out freely, considering Hoss introduced them to the posse as Wolfers working for the Cartwrights. Convinced they can leave, they start going against Vince. Dolly starts to worry, so Joe sarcastically tells her there’s nothing to be scared about, considering they have a lot of money and Vince will take care of her.

Sheriff Trev arrives at Mr. Trager’s place, then hears the heated conversation inside the cabin. Vince orders Poke to kill Joe and Hoss, but the two tell him it’ll only get the sheriff and the posse’s attention. Still ignorant of the fact that Vince is a criminal and is associated with a risky group, Dolly insists on staying with Vince. Trev enters, and shooting ensues. Trev ends up getting shot, while Vince and Joe fight fist-to-fist again.

Vince prepares to leave with his group, but Trev’s condition bothers Dolly. Joe tells Vince that Dolly will eventually join him since she’s just no good, as her father said. Although it seems like Dolly is angry at Joe, she slaps him, then discretely hands him a gun before walking out.

Thinking he won, Vince moves towards the door, but another shooting ensues, leading to his death.

When Trev wakes up, the Cartwrights assure him that they got the money back and that Dagen’s boys are in the jailhouse. Ben tells him that Dolly has stayed by his side since they arrived. Trev reveals that seeing her daughter run with a man like Dagen was disappointing. However, discovering Dolly was gone was more troubling for him than the robbery that occurred. Ben suggests Trev show Dolly a little affection and understanding.

Ben tells Dolly to be patient with his father, then suggests Joe ask for Trev’s permission before visiting Dolly.

Full Script and Dialogue of Breed of Violence




you had a good time didn't you doc huh

did i tell you all vince digging

a good time i told you i've got to get

back home

now it is going to be dark for worrying

oh come on

i know you like it


vince i gotta go now i've stayed longer

than i should already such a



i'll take care of you




come on but you're drunk forget it

go on let him go if that's what he wants

forget it dagon please vince i don't

want any trouble we can't leave it alone

didn't we

anytime you want to finish this venture

you just let me know

hey wait don't why are you what's

something better with you you're trying

to start trouble around here and have

the sheriff nosing into our affairs i

don't like this venture you've taken too

big a chance playing around with sheriff

ken kate's daughter

all right so i'm taking a chance i

happen to like it that way

makes sense vince that ken cage meter

and a wolf track and a calf

so i heard well

his kind don't bother me none



all right so it's none of my business

i'm just trying to be a friend that's


you're always running around with the

wrong kind of people and who should i

run around with

the ones the high and mighty cartwrights

picked for me look i didn't mean that

you know it

you are going to get in trouble with a

man like vince dagon if i get in trouble

i'll handle it

and what's wrong with vince dagon oh

what's wrong with vince stegen

he's a drunk and a thief better throw

him off the ponderosa for stealing well

this is not the ponderosa and i don't

plan on holding one little mistake

against him for the rest of his life all

right dolly forget it

look i don't want to fight for you i

don't want to fight with you either joe

maybe vince isn't everything i'd like

him to be

but he's good to me i get lonesome

that never lets me out of this house

i don't forget your father being sheriff

he's seen a lot of the bad side of life

maybe he just wants to protect you from

the wrong kind of people

i guess he wouldn't consider you the

wrong kind of people woody joe

but you don't consider me the right kind

of people do you i didn't say that

you didn't have to say that even when we

were kids in school

all you cartwrights consider yourself

too good for anybody else

dolly that's not true in you what are

you doing here

you get in the house i was just walking

dolly home i happened to see her at the


she had no business at the store i told

her to stay home well wait a minute

there's nothing you're so excited about

don't you tell me how to run my family

now you get out of here stay away from

my daughter

look mr kincaid i've known dolly for a

long time i think it's up to her to tell

me whether or not she'd like to see me

she don't make the decisions around here

i do look i told you to get in the house

i'll give you a just listen now look you

you try to understand this i ordered her

to stay home

if she tries to see you or anybody else

i'll whip the height off her back

now you get out of here and stay away

from my daughter do as he says joe

see you real soon dolly



paw i did all my work i even sewed your

shirts the way you asked me to

well now that's nice must have took you

most all day didn't it

just about sure well i'm glad to see you

got more to you than your mother i've


her now she'd have gone out dancing or

something soon as i turned my back

please bud we have to talk about that

what else do you wanted me to talk about

man does the best he knows how and this

woman goes running off with another man

i'm tired i'm going don't you walk away

from me i told you not to leave the

house didn't i

you can't keep me locked up i'm not one

of your prisoners all i did was walk

down to the store with vin stegen

yes and you come back with your own

cartwright you're just like your ma

one man ain't enough for you

ma didn't run out you drove her off just

like you're gonna drive me

i'm off trying to drive you out honey

i'm trying to protect you dally you more

believed anything any man said to her

you're just like she was you're as

pretty as she is dolly

and i'm not going to have you running

off with the first worthless saddle

[ __ ] that whispers in your ear

i wasn't running off i just went down to

the store to meet a man

yesterday i need a dozen man because i'm

no good because i'm just like my mods

not what you want me to say


hey paul me and adam have to ride up

there and check that drift fence out


you sound as if you don't want it a

horse wants to follow up on a wolf

signing solver in the canyon

you still feel sure it was wolves do you

oh sure paul

ain't no coyotes ever go from that

country that i'm saying them tracks is

way too big

well it's possible old-timers insist

there's still a lot of timberwolves up


boy i sure would like to get a look at

one of them well if lack of game in the

mountains has driven a pack down this


we better do more than just take a look

at one i understand they can pull down a

grown steer when they're hungry that's

right paul

yeah the miserable brutes are trying to


i just don't like putting out poison

bait oh that ain't no good ball

look here how come me and adam will ride

up there and take a look around we can

check the old man traeger he's always

bragging about how you used to hunt them

wolves for a living anyhow

let's check the fence first and then

we'll decide

is breakfast ready well

we were just thinking about supper you

sure you had enough sleep

no not quite but what's gonna have to do

oh well do you think maybe you could

talk yourself into a riding fence with

us huh

older brother how can you be so

practical this early in the morning

maybe because he's been up for a little


you were uh out a little late weren't

you hey well i had to ride all the way

from placerville

i stopped off at mormon flight to get

something to eat ran in the kincaids

oh was that uh on purpose or

accident well it was a little bit of


you know i really feel sorry for dolly

kinky sorry she never had any trouble uh

finding somebody to chase after her oh i

think it's the other way around i think

she never had any trouble finding

somebody to chase

what are you worried about little

brother you ain't never had no trouble

out running here

why you so worried about dolly ah she's

running around with that vince digging

digging wait when that uh i thought we

fired last year

yeah i ran into him coming out of

callahan store

huh yeah david and i had a few words

when i took dolly home her father ran me

off with a shotgun

ah you don't mean literally well he

didn't pull the trigger but he wasn't


what's he got against you you and i have

known each other for years

yeah we can go whistle up a tree all for

me i wasn't gonna take dolly out but i

think i will now

well don't get involved in the family


kinkade's wounds are kind of raw right

now so get a little time to settle down

huh this doesn't seem right to me that

she'd keep his daughter locked up like a

prisoner just because he's mad at the

whole world

don't say it's right but you're not

gonna help dolly anybody waving a red

flag in front of kincaid's nose

i never thought about it that way

tell you what why don't you ride out

tomorrow morning with adam and horse

they're going out to check that wolf

sign that horse thinks he's off in the


what are you trying to do paul get my

mind off dolly kincaid

that's what you wanted me to do

thanks was he expecting little joe


you were drinking last night then you

started fighting

i was afraid my father would see me

there wasn't anything else i could do

of course there was nothing else you

could do it was my fault

i come by to apologize apologize

yeah i'm trying to

i couldn't sleep last night thinking

i don't know how to say this but

when you walked out on me yesterday i

just knew i ain't ever gonna let you do

that to me again

i've been standing out there waiting for

your partner leave

i know how it is between you and him the

way he treats you you don't know how it


it's like being locked up in a cage i

can't stand it anymore

i know and i ain't gonna stand by and

let it happen to you

i'm gonna take you out of here


i i don't think i'm taking too much for

granted because i think you feel about

me the same as i do about you

once you know how i feel about you

it's just that i was never really sure

of you

we are now ancient you could sneak away

in the morning

early meet me up on the trail i'll tell

you where

that's what you're wanting oh you know

it's what i want more than anything else

in the world



people don't just do this they don't

just pack up and leave

they do if they're in love what about my

dad well i heard him talking to some men

he's gonna be pretty busy in the morning

no need to worry about him

you work out fine honey

gonna be taking care of you from now on

do it vince you don't know how i've

dreamed about this

to get away to be with you

hey look at this these same tracks i

found down below

and no coyote may track that pig quite a

pack up when you say

yep what do you make of it well over

there it looks like something big's been

drunk along

yeah it's a plane trail let's follow

hey look at that tendon on that hind leg

has been cut half into

i just don't see how the wolves dragging

that far they didn't drag him

a couple of them probably worried until

one of them got his teeth in his leg

wolf got dragged

yeah i reckon we must scare them all huh

i didn't even touch the meat

yeah we didn't do ourselves any favors

either they'll just drag down the next

stray steer they come across

and what do you think we got to do well

i've gone back to what we run into

launch you two gone up to traeger's

cabin see if you can hire him to help us

out it's a good idea

now horse and i will bunk in with

traeger we'll work out of his place all


save a couple of those wolves for me

we'll see you around the end of the week




oh i've waited so long for you to come


anybody see you get away no i was so


some outlaws robbed the bank last night

pie headed out with a posse after them

you sure were lucky you uh

notice which way they were headed toward

phil's crossing why

well you wouldn't want to run into your

pawn now would you

come on get out of here

the further we get from mormon flats the

better i like it

i wonder what's keeping digging you know

what's keeping them that girl

ellie should have kept the girl out of

this everything came off real smooth

see more money in the vault we figured

on man you know that ain't good enough

for vance digging he wants the money and

the girl

i'm plenty sick of what he wants all the

time that girl gets my whale now calm

down ruby i think it's right funny we

robbed the bank and

he he runs off with a sheriff's daughter

i think that's really funny yeah well i

don't think it's so funny

if he doesn't show up in another 10

minutes i'm moving on

you gonna go without the money clay

vince knows what he's doing

and he's got that money in his



well now you boys have a good sleep for


you ain't been down out of these saddles

for one single minute

you're setting a pretty hard pace

kincaid we're doing the best we can

well your best ain't good enough not for

me it ain't

you spend less time worrying about

keeping up with me and more time looking

for signs you may find something

now go on back then take a good look

this time

i'm heading up into the high country

you're going on alone it's faster

you'd only hold me up if you see

anything fire a signal

that is if you know how to use a gun

come on boys we better get back see what

he tells us

get back be quiet

i thought you said they was headed for

fel's crossing they were when i saw them

it was my father with them they must

have split up

where else is that backpacking

how many was it when you saw him i don't

know it's my father forget about your

father will you

vince please don't let him take me back

then say you'll take care of me

vince what are you gonna do you said you

wanted me to take care of you

that's just what i'm gonna do





we're down below us didn't even see me

let's get out of here


i told you we'd get in trouble every

time degan gets mixed up with a woman

we're in trouble

it ain't the ordinary woman that's the

sheriff's daughter

like it's one thing to hold up the bank

at mormon flats but it ain't part of the

job to wait around and get hung for it

you should have cut the money into

shares each man will be on his way by


i'd think on that if i was you ruby what

chance would one man have a loan out

there one man against all-impossiment

we stick together we got a chance we

split up later when we're out of danger

just like digging figured it

that's digging in the girl i told you

not to worry

are you late dagon vince what are they

doing here

oh the boys why you met craig robin

poker in town the other day remember

well they're all friends and i thought

they might like to ride along with us

for a while that's

all right ain't it sure just surprised

me for a minute that's all

what took you so long why hadn't you

heard big bank robbery and

mormon flats last night in fact we run

into a posse

back the trailer piece they didn't see

it did they nah

we dodged them dolly here's right good

at dodging posses

she ain't a bit anxious to have her paw

catch up to her yeah i'll bet them bank

robbers ain't a bit anxious to have her

paul catch up to him neither

isn't funny a bank cashier was killed no

it ain't funny folk

i'm sorry man that ain't no concern of

ours honey

main thing is we keep your paw from

catching up to us come on boys











there ain't no way out of here every

canyon's cut off

we're gonna stay out of the cage take to

the high country


hey trigger anybody hold

close cut right you don't need build

your logs out

i hear you back

all right trigger hey seeing you two

fellas in the coons age

what brings you up around these parts

well we ran into what we think's a wolf

sign in cedar canyon

wolf sign uh-huh yeah we found where

they drug down one of our stairs

adam sent us up here i thought you might

want to help i remember you telling me

one time mr trigger about

being a professional wolfer yeah i was

for money of course you're ten dollars

and i keep the pelts

all right you got a deal is it all right

if we bunk with you for a couple of days

suit yourself but you gotta pay for your

own grub say yeah

they're speaking of wolves you didn't

run into sheriff kincaid back there

can't cate no why should we you mean you

haven't heard

there was a big bank robbery in mormon

flats last night

a bank robbery sure was sheriff himself

told me


thank robbery and woman's flat


i don't reckon there's anything we can

do about it while we're sitting here

talking about it the world's probably

packing off some more of our steers

yeah i guess you're right come on let's

go uh don't rush me just don't rush me

i ain't walking all the way down there i

got to get my horse and saddle them

hey someone's coming it must be the rest

of that kimcade posse

i want you to trigger satellites

tegan what are you doing



what's the trouble keep her out of this

clank and poke keep him covered

i'll get his gun


it's mattered again can't you take care

of this yourself

all right youtube drop your guns

i said drop them

well looky here oh just one big happy


joe you know anything about this you

still want trouble dagging

don't you put your gun away i'll give it

to you

vince i want to know why hope get her in

the house and keep her there

come on come on i can put your gun away

keep pushing then i'll bust this gun

right over your

i'll head care of you later

you what do you do here i'm just a

trapper that's

all cartwright boys asked me to help to

catch some wolves and pestering that


they got a lot of grub in that cabin

some tagging you ain't figuring on

holding up here are you

got a better idea what's the matter


possibly getting too close anybody else

around here

just the cartwright boys folks don't

come up here often that's just fine

all right come on in the house



you killed him


he got away he'd peter brought your pot

don't you understand that


get those cut rights in the house

and get him out of sight




how long we gonna stay here till i say

we move till you say

i don't think you know what you're doing

that posse we saw

how do we know that's all of them

suppose they split up and come in behind

us well i'll figure that out when it


poker i play what i got in front of me i

never bet on what the next car's gonna


until it falls get out there and put

those horses in the barn and get some

firewood in here

let's warm this place

i'm up to duck a posse hummus supposing

i am

you know old man king k would you want

him catching up with dolly when she's

running off with me

i don't know no i wouldn't want him

catching up with me either

not if i just robbed a bank

what's he mean vince nothing no paying

no heat what you got in the saddle bags

vince you don't seem to want to get very

far away from them


you did rob the bank didn't you vince

all right so we robbed the bank

but why for money that's why what did

you think you was going to live on

oh look donny i did that for you


i was going to buy all the nice things

you never had in your life

but vince do you have to kill for it

well that bank clutch should not have

went for his gun not with a little bit

staging around



looks like you pushed a little bit too

far this time vince or did i

i got the money and the girl didn't i

what do you got you're dead any time i

tell poke to pull that trigger that's

what you got that's the honest truth mr


i would have killed you digging i oughta

killed you the time i caught you

stealing from us

should have done it now don't you worry

about it huss

he's gonna get it that possibly back and

sheriff ken kate will be with him

hey don't you think let's figure that

out what else you think you bring that

girl along shut up about the girl

you know that's a real good question

vince why did you bring the girl

well that's plain enough to see that

sheriff papa hurst comes around here

looking for her

man's gonna tell him to go away else

that girl's gonna get bad hurt ain't

that right fancy golden knife

i think you should know you should not

have done that

no you shouldn't done that at all


so i want a nice clothes for you honey

and everything you ever wanted


don't worry about anything

everything will be all right


you believe that don't you


so you two boys up here for a wolf

hunter that's right

that pasta's gonna get them some walls


well it's gonna be the two-legged kind

now you two listen to me if that posse


you're gonna tell me you hired us as

wolfers i understand

well they're not gonna believe that they

know you degan

they're gonna believe it all right when

they leave you're gonna ride along with

us until we clear this part of the


and there ain't gonna be any mishaps or

else there's gonna be two less

cartwrights i understand



what them horses away yeah hey where's

the girl

what do you care you better be careful

taken he's going to steal your girl away

from me


take it easy joe oh don't worry horse

they need us they need us real bad don't

push your luck leave him alone how do we

know the posse's even out there they

might have turned back

why ain't taking that chance

yeah well maybe you better bury trigger

while you're at it

sometimes them posses get pretty nosy

yeah like right we're gonna dig a grave

up on your feet

you're like a wolf ain't you you don't

know what you're doing

you change your mind without rhyme or


dolly we got things to do

we're going to bury triggers

well honey it's the least we can do

ain't it

we'll find shovels in the barn flag

you're watching

and hol's here you're gonna help us hop

on your feet

robin polk


lolly you help

clay keep an eye on

stop looking at me like that

you can't like it don't you fella




now you try anything and you won't see

your little brother

we're gonna get you digging one way or

another we're gonna get you

come on dig let's get started

what's the matter with you somebody

gotta watch him don't they

besides you want to thank me who the

thought of the barn

you better get your mind off of her

jingle i'm no part of you

how far you think you're gonna get after

you leave this territory clan

i don't even know who we are but we do

well that ain't gonna make much of a


all this money i'm gonna get me shape

every day every day of the week i'm


eat and drink until i bust


that sounds real great clay

yeah how many men you think you killed

well i see i don't rightly remember now

i see there's one


all right

they'll kill you for this

what are you doing with them dolly

you're not that kind

come on give me the gun darling you just

want to save your necks

yours and haas yeah that's right i want

to save our next i don't want to save

your neck too

i don't believe you nobody ever did

anything decent for me

nobody except vince oh nobody would


you think vince robbed that bank for you

he robbed it for himself he'll kick you

out the day he's tired of you

don't say that it's true dolly

you turn me in right along with vince

well this is my chance to live

and i'm taking it nobody gives you

anything but what you take for yourself

come on darwi that isn't so and you know


you don't think i'd use this do you

one more step

yeah darling i think you'd use it to

keep from going back to that father of

mine i do anything

joe tried to get away i stopped him

that's for try i know i'm gonna fix you

real good

megan i never did figure you for much


why don't you try taking it without that

pistol in your hand

when i'm good and ready i will sit down


you did fine darling real fine

back and forth through these canyons all

night what good does it do

don't forget sheriff ken cade hasn't had

any more sleep than we have

that ken cade he's like a wolf on the

scent he ain't gonna give up till he

gets what i come after

no neither we john and i are right over

by old man traeger's place

kim kade might not have been there yet

the rest of you take a look through that

box canyon down there


there's riders out there

get on your feet the posse's out there

all right vince you're so smart now what

do we do

i told you i figured when i come to

didn't i well i gotta figure well then

vince why don't you just tell us what

we're gonna do

well i'm gonna stay in here what about

the rest of us sheriff don't know the

rest of you

ain't liking the posse would you're

going out there

i ain't talking to no lawman you don't

got no need to

horse cartwright's gonna do that for you

he hired you boys to hunt wolves

like i said remember i'll try to


you better i'm going to be right in here

with this gun on your little brother's


any shooting that starts he gets a first

now get

don't get nervous with that guy hurry up

boss what are you doing way out here

been some wolves pestering some of our

cattle little joe and me decided to ride

up and talk to mr trigger about it

you couldn't find a better man for the

job mr traeger around

nope he rode out early this morning to

set some traps

i haven't seen you boys around before


there there's men we hired to help us

hunt the wolves

oh sheriff ken cade been by here yeah

i ain't seen him but mr trager said he

saw him yesterday

sheriff told him about the about the

bank robbery

we've been out all night you know ken


yeah i know him well enough to know that

whoever those bank robbers are they

ain't going to get away

i promise you that well if you do see

anything around hoss you let us know

will you we'll be around

right good hunting same to you

well how'd it go you'd have been right

proud of court right vince you did real

fine you mean he did real fine last

thing that deputy said was that possibly

staying around

close what i want to know is how do we

get out of here well i don't know about

the rest of you but

clegg poke robey you can ride out

anytime you want to

what do you mean by that oh you went out

to the posse

i was told you were wolfers working for

us they believed it

you can ride out anytime you want to

they won't stop you hey listen kid

you make sense you know that i know bank

robber i'm a wolfer i can ride right out

of here ain't nobody walking i'm running

the shebang

and it looks to me like you're running

right into the ground of course you boys

want to wait around here for a while

sheriff ken kate's bound to show up he's

going to be a little tougher to convince

than that deputy

vince i'm scared i want to get out of

here dolly what do you have to be scared


we get all that money got a man like

vince stegan to take care of you

shut up joe







of here if i can pass for a woofer i'll

leave without a dollar that gold

well i'm not going without my chair

vince i want my cut are you listening to

me ollie

you're gonna get your cut yeah you boys

know when you're gonna get it

when the posse's got you hanging from a


joe you remember that old big oak tree

down the road a piece

that thing ought to be big enough to

hang at least three of them in a row

don't you reckon oh heck yes

three of them and room for dagging stop

it stop talking that way

you didn't think it was gonna end any

other way did you ellie trying to be

decent you cut rights

poke get rid of him

yeah go ahead pog that posse will be

here the minute you pull that trigger

that's right you know joe that sheriff

ken cave's got

got ears like a loaf that's what i hear

what about it dolly you know i'm a lot

better than we do stop it

then make them stop it make them stop it


never mind i'll do it myself

no you're not going to kill anybody

vince you've got a long way to go

you can't make it without us you never

was an ego digging never a day in your


what roby says about us riding out of

here that makes pretty good sense and

i'm going to you just try and stop me

out of nowhere i just realized to meet

your friends on a social level valley

you caught right you know everything

don't you i don't care what you or

anyone else thinks

i'm staying with vince are you listening

to me all of you got that gun dagger


for a long time





all right all right that's enough we

gotta get out here right now all this

shooting might bring the posse back

come on dolly we gotta go what about


what are you worried about your paw foy

well we can't just leave him here would

you want to eat it

better get out of here

plague steve poke and ride

rover you see that them caught right

don't follow us

come on dolly

are you coming or not yeah sure she's

going with you

you're just what she's always wanted

again come on dolly

you know your father was right

you're just no good dolly



that's right joe i'm no good at least

not by your standards

and that's the way i like it

so like you tragedy


[ __ ]

i didn't do nothing





you can be all right trev you had a

close call

the money did you get it back they

didn't have a chance to spend a single

penny of it

you needn't worry about digging boys

either they're all locked up pattern to

jug down your jailhouse

that is what's left of them trev

wouldn't you like to know about dolly

she's been right here by your side since

the boys brought you in

running off with a man like dagon

why'd she have to do that ben well maybe

it's because she thought you

he didn't care you think it was only the

money and the bank robbers i was worried


when i found out dolly was gone

then you don't know what it's like

trying to raise a girl

no i i guess i don't but i do know what

it's like trying to raise three sons

and sometimes you you have to show them

a little affection and

understanding you ever try that with




your father's asking for him dummy

be patient with him he needs you very



ah as for you young man

next time you visit donal kincaid ask

your father's permission first

have an idea he'll give it here but

don't wait too long uh because

at the rate that young lady's growing up

i might just ask remission myself hey

wait a minute older brother don't you

think we got trouble snuffing this

outfit with one lady's man

how did you ever get mixed up in this

family i'll never know







Behind the Scenes of Breed of Violence

The episode revealed that Joe and Dolly attended the same school.

“Die Wolfsjagd” is the episode’s title in German, which means “Wolf Hunting.”

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

If you’re looking for a television program to enjoy alone or with loved ones, consider Bonanza your next pick! From September 1959 to January 1973, the NBC network broadcast all 14 seasons of the Bonanza series. The 41st of 430 episodes is Breed of Violence, which also comes as the ninth for the program’s second season. 

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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