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El Toro Grande Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #01, Episode #16

Bonanza has 14 seasons and over 400 episodeswith El Toro Grande as its sixteenth. John Tucker Battle wrote the episode, which premiered on January 2, 1960, and Veteran actor/director Ricardo Cortez acted as Don Xavier.

In this episode, Little Joe and Hoss go on a trip to Monterey, California. They carry the cash they plan to use to acquire their father, Ben, a prize bull. However, some bandits ambushed them on their way. Their troubles don’t there. They also have to deal with a young thief, a group of starving Indians, and an odd woman named Cayetena Losaro (Barbara Luna).

Read the episode’s plot and some behind-the-scenes trivia, or watch it below.

Watch the full episode of El Toro Grande

Watch the full episode of El Toro Grande:

Main Cast

Aside from the main cast, Bonanza’s 16th episode, El Toro Grande, featured the show’s recurring and supporting cast members.

The list below displays the actors in this episode:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Ricardo Cortez as Don Xavier Losaro
  • BarBara Luna as Cayetena Losaro (as Barbara Luna)
  • Armand Alzamora as Eduardo El Montalban
  • Alan Roberts as Epifanio Lopez
  • Jose Gonzales-Gonzales as Valiente Lopez
  • Penny Santon as Esmerelda Lopez
  • Alma Beltran as Maria Theresa Losaro
  • Tina Menard as Floriana
  • Ralph Moody as Indian Chief
  • Rodd Redwing as Indian Brave (as Rod Red Wing)
  • Don Kelly as Second Bandit
  • Duane Cress as Bandit
  • Augie Gomez as Man Loading Bull (uncredited)

Full Story Line of El Toro Grande

Ben assigns Hoss and Joe to purchase a prize seed bull in Monterey, California. They encountered several people on their way.

While Joe and Hoss were sleeping on their way to California on their first night, two men attempted to steal the $15,000 cash they had brought. They engaged in a gunfight to protect themselves.

Upon their arrival at their destination, Joe butts head with Eduardo El Montalban, an envious neighbor, over the acquisition of the bull. The attention Joe receives from the daughter of the bull owner irks Eduardo as well. Joe is merely delighted to receive the attention of a lovely senorita. However, she was Eduardo’s soon-to-be bride.

Books Worth Reading:

When Hoss and Joe go to assess the bull’s value, El Toro Grande, they find out that it has vanished from its pen. Epifanio Lopez, his young caretaker, fears that the Americans will eat his beloved bull, so he decides to hide it. However, they eventually convinced him to return the bull.

Meanwhile, Cayetena has thrown herself at Joe, putting him in a potentially jeopardizing situation. She aspires to marry Joe, but he is more than happy to leave the next day with the bull, El Toro Grande, in a specially made wagon. Epifanio, his young caretaker, joins to look after him. Little did Joe and Hoss know, Cayetena had carefully loaded herself in the wagon with the bull.

Hoss discovers Cayetena shortly before her father and fiancée show up. The situation upsets Joe, believing he left that trouble behind. To get rid of Cayetena, Joe must engage in a sword duel and lose. That same night, Hoss encounters a bear that wants to devour the bull. He wrestles with the bear, chasing it away.

Epifanio notices that El Toro Grande has gone missing. He sees a trail and follows it, eventually coming across a group of Native Americans led by their chief, guiding the bull away. Epifpersuades them not to eat his friend and ends up being blood brothers with the leader who admires the young caretaker’s bravery. Hoss and Joe arrive in time to witness the departure of the Native Americans.

A mule cart arrives as Joe, Hoss, Epifanio, and the bull return to camp. The carriage houses a woman and man singing and playing guitar. It seems like they have to take Epifanio and his parents with them. Hoss learns that Epifanio’s mom will cook dinner, so he accepts their company.

Books Worth Reading:

Upon arriving at the Ponderosa, Ben is disappointed to discover that Hoss needed to pay extra for the wagon to return with the bull. Their arrival with the Mexican family did not please him either. However, he acknowledges that there’s always plenty of space at the Ponderosa.

Meanwhile, Adam asks if the duo encountered any difficulty along the way. Hoss and Joe quickly recount all their adventures. “That’s a lot of bull,” says Adam, who looks at them skeptically.

Full Script and Dialogue of El Toro Grande


700, 800, 900... 15,000.

It's a lot of money
for one animal, Ben.

Yes, it is.

Wait till you see this animal.


Here's your money belt, son.

You sure this is gonna
fit around him, Pa?

Pa, I don't know.

$10,000 for one bull.

Sure a lot of money.


That Don Xavier...
now, he's a sharp trader.

Now if you have to go to 12,000,

you go ahead.

And, uh, you two got any ideas

about taking a siesta
in sunny California...

Just forget it.

You get back here
as soon as you can.

Oh, don't you worry,
Adam. I'll take care of Hoss.

I won't let him get involved

with any of those
dark-eyed señoritas.

Don't you worry
none about old Hoss.

I can take care
of them señoritas.

Well, you make sure
you look after that bull.

I don't want anything
to happen to him.


Prometeo el Segundo
llama Encarnado...

That's the best seed bull
west of the Mississippi.

Yeah, that sure is a
lot of bull, all right, Pa!

So long, Pa.

Bye now. Adios!


That's a pretty big boy to
be carrying all that money.

Don't matter to me.

Big or small... they all
fall dead the same way.

Hey, Hoss? Hmm?

Remember that little
Spanish gal in Virginia City

caused all the excitement?

Yep. That was just one gal.

Now we're going
where they grow 'em.

Now, Little Joe,
you listen here.

If I catch you anyt... Shh!

Hey, don't shoot!

We're friends.

Keep your gun on him.

My... my partner's
horse threw him.

I think he's got
his ribs stove in.

Give me a hand
with him, will you?

Thanks. Sit down, right there.

Think you might
have a cracked rib?

Yeah, feels like it.

That, uh, coffee
looks mighty good.

Go ahead, help yourself.

Here, let me...
let me look at it.

Use that gun, I'll
kill your brother.

Ah, now let's have that 15,000.

$15,000? Are you kidding?

Think I'd be eating
beans if I had $15,000?

Get it.

Look, I... HOSS: Little Joe...

when two fellas wants it
as bad as these two do,

I... I reckon

the only thing me and
you can do is give it to 'em.

Yeah, but, Hoss... Little Joe,

give it to 'em.

All right.

This one's dead.

Yeah. So is this one.

I didn't mean to
hit him that hard.

Well, they don't deserve
it, but let's bury them.

The dogs are barking
the "strange people" bark.

Americanos. Two of them.


Uh-huh, one of them.

If I were only 20 years younger.

I am.

And betrothed, no?

Now, there's the vision
of a man, Tia Teresa.

Such insupportable wickedness.

One's marriage bans are posted.

Ay, may the saints defend us.

Floriana, use oil of roses in
my bath, and be generous.

Sí, niña.

I'll wear the white lace

and the mantón de Manila.

Ay, Dios mío.

She should have been
married a year ago.

There will be trouble.

Señor Cartwright?
Señor Joseph Cartwright?

Sí, señor. You must
be Don Xavier Lazarro.

That's right. This
is my brother, Hoss.

How are you, sir? Hoss?

Well, I got another name, Eric.

But nobody never calls me
that except Pa sometimes,

when he's kind of sore at me.

You just call me Hoss. Hoss...

Hoss. Hoss, el caballo.

Caballo? Ah! Ha-ha-ha!

Ah, sí, sí, sí.

Mucho gusto, Señor Caballo.

Adelante, señores.

Hey, my name
ain't Señor Caballo.

Come on.

Ah, Eduardo.

Come in, you are welcome.

This is Señor Joseph Cartwright.

And his brother, Señor
Caballo Cartwright.

This is Señor Eduardo
Vasconceles y Montalban.

My neighbor and, soon
to be, my son-in-law.


Oh, not exactly. My
real name is Hoss.

Tengo gusto servidor de ustedes.

Yeah, likewise.

How do you do?

You do not speak
Spanish, señors?

Well, not nearly as well as
you speak English, I'm sure.

Here's to the
acquisition of the finest

seed bull in the Western world,

Prometeus el Segundo
Llama Encarnado.

Ain't that pretty
much of a mouthful?

Oh, the vaqueros call
him "El Rojo Grande."

Big Red.

Yeah, Big Red.
That's much better.

We'll call him Big Red.

You surprise me, Don Xavier.

You are selling Prometeo?

Oh, I still have two
of his young sons.

And what have the
Yanquis done to deserve

the best Hereford
bull in all California?

Oh, we don't want
to take all the credit.

I think that, uh, our $10,000
had a lot to do with it.


You are much too
easy, Don Xavier.

Eduardo, we agreed
on a price this morning.

The matter is consummated.

That is American thievery.

He is worth at least 20.

Please, Eduardo.

These gentlemen are guests.

A thousand pardons, Don Xavier.

Forgive me if I have
offended by being too loyal.

I only wish these gentlemen
had me to deal with.

Yeah, well, if you ever happen
to have anything I might want,

señor, I'd be happy
to deal with you.


Tia Teresa.

Doña Maria Teresa, Cayetana,

with your permission, may I
present Señor Caballo Cartwright.


And his brother,
Joseph Cartwright.


I have great pleasure
to meet you, Señor.

I have greater pleasure, ma'am.

Let me give you some wine.


Señor Cartwright.

It was my impression
that Americans

excelled in all things.

How is it that you must
come to Monterey for a bull?

Oh, they got
Herefords back East.

Henry Clay imported them
in Kentucky way back in '17.

Besides, our pa wanted Big Red.

He's got the best bloodline.

I'm aware of this, señores.

I think Eduardo hoped to
buy Prometeo for himself.

Eduardo, you should
have spoken sooner.

Prometeo does not
belong to me anymore.

Shall we go to dinner?

♪ Anda dile que no cante ♪

♪ Que mi corazon lastima ♪

♪ Que pajarito es aquel ♪

♪ Que cantaba en
aquella higuera? ♪

♪ Y anda dile que no cante ♪

♪ Que espera que yo me muera. ♪

Epiphanio, what is the matter?

They sold El Rojo Grande.

Don Xavier sold El Rojo Grande.

How many times I told you

not to say a big lie
to your papacito?

It is true. I heard them say so.

I was at the window
of the hacienda.

Don Xavier.

Don Xavier, he can never
do such a thing like that.

To whom did he sell it to?

Two men, Americanos
from the high country.

The poor bull...
the poor torito.

He will freeze to death
in such a country like that.

You know how our son
feels about El Rojo Grande.

Valiente, do something
to help him, por favor.

I will do something.

I will pray.

I will pray to Saint
Jude the Obscure.

He's the patron of
the impossible things.

Papa, can't you pray
to a saint better known?

Like Saint Francis, the
one who loves all animals?

Saint Francis... I
will pray for him also.

Yo, tambien.
Meanwhile, let's sing.

Let's be happy. Let's be happy.

♪ Que bonito pajarillo ♪

♪ Que cantaba en aquella lima ♪

♪ Anda dile que no cante,
que mi corazon lastima... ♪

You will not go to the
cold country in the hills

where you will starve.

What a wickedness to
send you to such a place.

And no one to brush you

and scratch the
places where flies bite.

Those Anglos will
want to eat you.

Don't look like that.

They won't eat you.

They won't even take you away.

My father, he is praying.

Do you think the good saints

will let them do
this wickedness?

My father, he is praying to
Saint Jude and Saint Francis.

And my mother is also praying.

Me, too, I am praying.

But maybe the good saints
aren't listening so good today.

I won't let them take you.

Honest, I won't.

And now, gentlemen, you
will see the great prize bull

that you have come
so far to obtain.

El Rojo Grande.

Whereabouts is he?

But I do not understand.

Only this morning, I brought
him from the shore meadows.

Perhaps he has been stolen.


Oh, but that is ridiculous.


I have it.

Find the son of Valiente Lopez

and you will find the bull.

Floriana, have vaqueros
bring horses to the hacienda.

Sí, señor. Come with me.

Valiente? ¿Sí, señor?

Where is your son?

My son, Epiphanio? Sí.

I don't know, señor.

Well, ask your wife.

Ask my wife?

Dicen los señores, los
señores americanos y al patron

que donde esta el chamaco
que lo andan buscando

porque creen que
se llevo el toro.

Preguntan, contestalos,
no te ponga nerviosa.

Yo no se para
donde se habra ido.

Estaba aqui hace un
momento con el toro.

Uh, she don't know.
Well, where is the bull?

You looking for the
bull or Epiphanio, señor?

Well, Big Red's all we
want to find right now.

Do you know where he is?

The bull? I don't know, señor.

No se. Ask your wife.

My wife?

Andale, pronto, contesta mujer.
Dicen que andan buscando.

Pronto, que contesta,
porque no-no...

no hay que hacer con... si
no hay el toro, mujer. ¡Pronto!

El toro, el toro, no se a
donde se fue. Estaba aqui.

Me acabo de ver, pero
ahora no se. ¡No se, Valiente!

She still don't know, señores.

Little Joe, if we
don't get that bull,

Pa is going to be
mighty disappointed.

Yeah, where do we start looking?

Wait a minute, señores.

Wait a minute.

I think I can help you.

Because where... where
the bull is, the boy is.

And where the
boy is, the bull is.

You know that's how it is.

Yeah, that makes sense, yeah.

Yeah, the bull's with the
boy, and the boy's with the bull.

Eso, eso. That's what he said.

The horses are
ready, Don Xavier.

Good. Valiente,
you will ride with us.

Sí, señor. Vámonos.

You have much cattle
rustling around here, señor?

Very little.

There are few Americans
in this part of California.

Oh, you have a very
funny sense of humor.

I know.

Incidentally, I notice
that you appreciate

more than just cattle, señor.

Meaning what?

Meaning that I am betrothed
to Señorita Cayetana.

Or do you not know the
meaning of this word?

I know the meaning
of many words, señor,

including good manners.

Little Joe. Look,
forget it, Hoss.

He's been riding me
ever since I got here.

As far as your girlfriend is
concerned, you can forget it.

I came here to get a bull.

You will stay close to your
father at all times, Cayetana.

Of course, Tia Teresa.

The Monte is hardly a fitting
place for a young lady at night.

It is the rancho of
my father, Eduardo.

I know every tree and rock.

But there are bears and
mountain lions about at night.

And coyotes, but they
are notorious cowards.

Yeah, I know.

May I? Of course.

He is your son, Valiente.

Where would you say the
boy has taken the bull, huh?

No man can go into the
mind of another, patron.

Not even that of his own child.

Perhaps he has taken it to
the old sheepherder's barraca.

Sheepherder's what?

The old sheepherder's house.

It is so close by.

Well, the boy couldn't
have taken the bull very far.

Anyway, we will separate.

Cayetana, you will ride with me.

But, papa... Muchachos, vámonos.

Gently, gently.

Have no fear.

El oso will not
approach the fire.

Little Joe, you
reckon that young'un

might've took that bull
off down there to that

whatever she called it?

Oh, you mean the shack? Yeah.

No, I don't think so, Hoss.

Maybe we ought to check it out
anyhow. Come on. Hey, wait a minute.

Wait... it's no use wasting
our time both looking.

Why don't we split up? You-You
top out that rim rock up there

and I'll head on down to the
shack, see if there's anything there.

I'll meet you back here. Good.

You see, Rojo Grande,
el oso has gone away.

There is nothing to fear.

Rojo Grande, my
dear Rojo Grande,

I love you.

I won't let the
Americanos take you away.

I will keep the fire bright.

No bears or bad things

from the dark will
come to harm you.

Please, Saint Francis.

Please don't let the rain
come to put our fire out.

You must keep the bear away.

It's not much of a rain,
but it sure came up fast.

The storms are
always sudden here,

and very strong.

Yeah, I know.

How'd you manage to
get away from your father?

Oh, it was simple.

He went one way
and I went the other.

Oh, that's fine.

Are you not
pleased that I did so?

Sure, I am.

You are a gentleman.

Are you not?

I think so.

And I can trust you, can I not?

Well, sure. Sure you can.

Then why don't you kiss me?

Why don't I k-kiss you?

Are you afraid of Eduardo?

Eduardo? No.

Are you afraid of my father?

Your father? No.

Uh, look, I'm, I'm not...
I'm not afraid of anybody.

Now, uh, why don't you
go over and sit over there?

Then-Then you won't
have to be afraid of me.

And, uh, I won't ha-have
to be afraid of me.

I think it is disgusting.

You are just like a Spaniard.

You think all women
are without virtue.

Oh, I didn't say
anything like that. I...

Oh, but you thought it.

Always, we are
kept behind bars or...

or watched by some old
eagle of a duena until we marry.

And then, our wicked,
jealous husbands

watch us and spy on us

until we are old
and fat... and dead.

Hey, well, I still didn't
say anything about...

I have been told

that the Americanos treat
their women with respect

and trust.

Well, we-we do,
but... we just...

Then kiss me one
time and prove it.

Yeah, well, we-we,
uh... And prove it.

Prove it?

How can you stand
there drinking coffee?

At this very moment,
our poor little angel

may be lost or... or
devoured by a bear.


Cayetana knows every meter
of this rancho, Doña Maria.

And if she should
encounter a bear,

I feel sorry for the bear.

Perhaps the
Yanquis are with her.

They have not returned as yet.

No, neither of
them has returned.

She mentioned an
abandoned sheepherder's hut.

Do you suppose that...?

Let us go and find out.

I do not trust
these Yanquis. Sí.

¡El oso! ¡El oso!

¡El oso! ¡El oso!

Get out of the way,
boy! Get out of the way!

¿El oso muerto?



Yeah, he's dead.

You can't hardly blame
that old bear, though.

Poor old thing was
just naturally hungry

and was trying to find him
something to eat, that's all.

I think it would make a
small difference to Prometeo

if he is to be eaten
by el oso or you.

Eat him?

Why, you poor
little splinter, you.

You think we was going
to butcher your bull?

You are not?

Why, you want to bet
your boots we ain't.

We paid a bunch of
money for that bull, son.

We're going to take him
back up to the Ponderosa

and put him out
with... Let him...

Let him marry a bunch of cows.

He will like that.

Then he'll have many
strong sons and daughters

with the red coat
and white face.


I reckon he will.

Will they put me in jail
for stealing your bull?

No, sir. Ain't nobody
going to put you in jail.

Then I am your
servant for all time.

I go with you and El Rojo
Grande to the high country,

even if I freeze to death also.

Well, we'll see.

I think I will not marry
with Eduardo, after all.

Even if he is rich.

Well, why not?

You wanted to marry
him a little while ago.

I have always wanted
to marry an Americano.

Oh, well, uh... Well,
look, Cayetana, I...

I-I never intended
to-to break up anybody's

marriage... marriage plans.

Sometimes... sometimes
love is stronger than intentions.

Don't you love me?

Oh, sure. Why, sure, I love you.

I-I love you like a sister.

A sister?!

You would kiss a sister
the way you kiss me?!

Yeah, well, a close
sister. Oh! What a monster!

What a liar!

You! You! Yeah...

Well, I-I-I didn't really
mean like a sister.

Wh-What I meant was...

that I-I have
a... I forgive you.

I forgive you, my darling.

It is Eduardo and my father.

They will make
you marry with me.

Oh, no. You have compromised me.

I did what?!

You have compromised me.

The heck I did!

Father, thank
heavens you are safe.

I was so worried about
you after that dreadful storm.

And why did you slip
away from me in the dark?

Why did I slip away? Why, you...

Where is Señor Cartwright?

How should I know?

Come... we will
return to the hacienda.

You're sure Señor Cartwright
has not been with you?

What right have
you to accuse me?

I am your husband-to-be.

I am not so sure about that.

We will discuss that later.

But one thing I am sure of...

if Señor Cartwright
has been with you,

I will kill him.

How come he can't ride
in just an ordinary wagon?

Because, señor...

he is not an ordinary bull.

This animal has traveled
12,000 miles around the Horn,

and he must continue
to travel in comfort.


$500 worth of
comfort just for a bull.

Ah... soft as a bride's bed.

Sounds like highway
robbery to me.

All just for a bull.

This is just not a bull.

This bull's name

is Prometeo el Segundo...
Yeah, I know, I've heard all that,

but to me, he's still just
plain ol' Rojo Grande. Ah!

Now, point is...
Hoss, Hoss, you know,

th-there's a lot of things
more important than a bull.

Know what I mean?
So why don't you just

give him the money
and let's get out of here.

Well, there you are, señor.

It's a lot of money...
You better count it.

Ah... that isn't
necessary, señor.

Floriana, take this
into the house, please.

Sí, Patron.

Come on, Red, let's go.

Have mercy, señores.

You can see he
does not want to go.

Yeah, I can see that.

It's like some folks, Red,

when you got to
go, you got to go.

Oh, please.

Not like that.

I will show you.

Oh, no!

Forgive me, Rojo
Grande, forgive me.

But when you got
to go, you got to go.

Adios, Señor
Lazarro. Adios, adios.


There, that ought to be enough.

Oh, no, señor.

Need big fire, all night.

Hear a mountain lion scream.


Thanks a lot.

What was that?

It is all right, señor.

It is only my mama and papa.

Your ma and pa?

Sí, señor.

One of the burro had
baby, and they cannot travel

more faster than the
baby burro can walk.

♪ Pajarillo... ♪

♪ Y anda dile que no cante ♪

♪ Que espera que yo me muera. ♪

Sorry to be late, señores.

But it was the baby burrito.

But tomorrow, we
start an hour before you.

Good. But, but where you going?

Where we are going,
señores? I don't know.

Don't you? Now,
hold on just a minute.

We done took on one
young'un, a fancy wagon

and a team of horses
that we wasn't counting on.

You think we're going
to take on... But, señor.

A person's mother and father
always go where they go.

You would make me an orphan,

and my mother
and father childless.

Oh, no, señor.

You are too kind heart for that.

Oh, this kid's got
you all figured out.

Besides, we can
always use a little help.

And I am, I am a
very strong arm.

Yeah, well, we don't
need no strong arms.

Oh, señor, mi hombre
es un buen trabajador.

Besides, my wife... she cooks.

Yeah, well I don't
care what she is.

You say she's a good cook?

Ah, for the angels.

Muy sabroso.

Cooks things like what?

Ah, arroz con pollo,

tamalitos, enchiladas, tacos,

burritos, guacamole, chile...

Mucha mas chicuetas,
que barbaridad.

No mas digame.

Hey, Hoss, Hoss... you're putting
on ten pounds listening to him.

You just hush up, Little Joe.

I ain't about to
separate these folks

from that poor, little old boy.

Oh, no, no. Or you
from that cooking.

You can stay.

Que lo dije que es un muchacho
muy bien, hombre. Muy bueno, mujer...

Andale, prepara pronto la
comida para que le de a comer.

You help me prepare the fire.

Tonight, we prepare
something very special.

You hear that, Little
Joe, "something special"?

Won't have to put up with that
rabbit stew of yours no more.

What'd you expect me to
make out of rabbits, roast turkey?


♪ Diga diga diga que es
una noche para soñar ♪

♪ Diga diga diga que
esta bella noche sea. ♪

Hey, Epiphanio, you're
eating two suppers tonight

like Señor Caballo?

Not for me, for El Toro.

Bull? Enchiladas and beans?

El Rojo Grande likes
to eat what people eat.

A little people food
is good for him.

Epiphanio, you're
going to spoil the bull.

Then he will think
he is a people.

He is a people.

Oh, no, not for you.

I brought Your Honor some food.


Oh, you're a good
boy, Epiphanio.

Someday when you are
older and you can appreciate it,

I will kiss you. That's nice.

But I'm worried.

My dad will kill me.

The two Yanquis will kill me.

Everyone will kill me
when they find out.

Nobody will kill you
but me if you betray me.

When will Your Honor reveal
herself to the North Americans?

There is a time for revealing
and a time for concealing.

At the proper
time, I will reveal.

Which of the North Americans
will Your Honor marry?

The big one with the kind face?

No, the younger one
with the kind face.

With the handsome face.

The one they call Little Joe.

He's nice, too, I think.

You think. I know.

Esmerelda, you got
any more of that coffee?

Oh, seguramente,
patron. Plenty more.

Ought to give a
cup of it to that bull.

Think he'd like sugar in it?

I think he will.

He like everything sweet.

Epiphanio, he spoil that bull.

Yeah... this I got to see.

A coffee-drinking bull.

How does Your Honor
tell which is best?

Women are wiser
than men, Epiphanio.


So you're the bull
that likes people food.

What a stupid thing to say.

Please, señor, I
could not helping it.

Her Honor would
kill me if I told.

Well, yeah, but...

Señorita, what are you
doing here, anyhow?



Her Honor going to
marry your brother,


You and Little Joe marry?

You are pleased, no?

Well, yeah.

I reckon I am, but does
Little Joe know about this?

Oh, not yet.

He will be told at
the proper time.

Well, when's that?

When my father
arrives with pistolas

and rifles to protect my honor.

Hey, wait a minute... This
ain't no shotgun wedding.

Shotguns? No.

Everybody knows
shotguns are for the birds.

Yeah, well... maybe
you'd better come on back

to the campfire with me and let
your bridegroom know you're here.

Oh, I will come as soon
as I have fixed my hair.

But don't told him. I
want it to be a surprise.

Lady, I promise
you he will be that.

I won't told him...
I won't tell him.

Come on, Epiphanio.

Epiphanio, it might
be a good idea

if you... you'd take the bull
down to the creek and water him.

Sí, señor. Yeah.

Pretty good, huh,
Hoss? What do you think?

I think me and you better
have a little talk, Joe.

Excuse us a minute, Valiente.

Seguro que sí.

Hey, thanks a lot,
Valiente. Andale.

What's the matter?

Why didn't you tell me
about your plans, Joe?

My plans? What plans?

Well, I mean, about
fixing to get married and all.

Now, I can't hardly
wait to be an uncle.

Teaching the little fella how to
rope and rein his pony and all.

I'm going to buy
him his first one.

A chestnut with a great, big

Ponderosa brand
right on the hip.

He's going to be real cute.

What's the joke?

I want to know what
happened between you

and that Don Xavier's
daughter last night.

Hey, who told you about that?

Never mind where
I learned about it,

just tell me what happened.

Well, nothing happened.
Look, don't bother me.

I ain't going to be the only
one that bothers you, Little Joe.

Now, what happened?
I said nothing.

Are you sure?
Well, sure I'm sure.

I got out the window.
Nobody saw me.

That's all very nice.

But what happened before
you got out of the window?

Hey... what's the matter?
Have you been drinking?

I just want to help
you, Little Joe.

You're in a real fix.

What fix?


That one.

Joselito! Oh, no.

Oh, yeah.

What are you doing here?

I am eloping away
with the man I love,

you, my darling.

Now-now, now, look, Cayetana.

I-I never said anything
about getting married.

Then why did you compromise me?

I didn't!

Look, all I was trying to
do was get out of the rain.

I kissed you once. Twice.

Once. Twice.


And now three times.


Anyway, my father
will never believe you.

He is Spanish.

So what?

My father will kill you.

But I will save your life.

He will not kill the father
of his grandchildren.

Hey, what-what are
you talking about?

After we are married,
we will have many fine,

beautiful grandchildren
for my father.

Then he will forgive you.

Hey, l... What am I going to do?

Looks like you already
done it, Little Joe.

Oh, come on. I'm not kidding.

Well, from the looks of
things, neither is her pa.

Papa, what are you doing here?

I am here to protect
the honor of my family.

Don Xavier, there's
been a little mistake.

I am certain there has.

Now, Now, l-listen, sir.

I, uh... I-I didn't even know
your daughter was in camp

until just a few minutes ago.

I... I'm just as surprised
about it as you are.

You are a liar, and a coward.

And I intend to prove
this to Señorita Cayetana.

Hey! Hold on just a minute, pal.


Hey, wait a minute, you two!

Wait a minute.

Remember, Señor?

You said when we first met,

if you ever wanted
anything I had,

you would be glad
to deal with me?

Now is your chance.

Look, this is silly. The
whole thing is a mistake.

A true coward.

He refuses to
accept the challenge.

Look, I didn't refuse anything.

Little Joe, you keep quiet.

You stay out of this, Hoss.

You masquerading as a gentleman.

What weapons do you choose?

Choose your fist,
Little Joe, or your guns.

No, I-I'll take care of
you on your own terms.

You choose the weapons.

Very well.

We will fight a code
duello with rapiers.

Pick the longest, Little Joe.

En garde.


Stick him! Stick
him, Little Joe!

Well, let's not quit now.

I don't get a chance
to do this very often.

Guess I should've used
these in the first place.

Shoot, Little Joe, I knew you
could whup him all the time, anyhow.

You better let him go
before you lose a tree.

You still ain't solved

your shotgun wedding
problem yet, Little Joe.

I was praying for
you all the time.

That's nice.

How can you be so cold to me

when you have
fought for me and won?

I love you.

We will have a
fine, big wedding.

Look, Cayetana, he's
the one that loves you.

He's the one that
wants to marry you.

Then you will not marry with me?

No, I do not wish
to marry with you.

And when I do
decide to get married,

I'd like to do the asking.

You, brute! Bully!

You have nearly killed the
only man I have ever loved.


Forgive me, my darling.

I was only trying
to test your love.

After we are married,

you will not want to do
such a thing, my dear.

Nor will you have
the opportunity.

You will be married as soon
as we return home, huh?

Sí, Papa.


Oyes el chotocabra.

¿Donde esta nuestro hijo?

Ay, San Jose, protejelo.

What's the matter
with your wife?

She hear call of the chotocabra.

You know chotocabra is
those birds... how you call them?

Wh-whippoor... whippoor...

Whip-poor-will, that's right.

You know those birds,
they are very mala suerte.

That means "bad luck."

That's why she is
worried that Epiphanio

didn't return back from creek.

Don't you worry
none about Epiphanio.

That bull ain't going to let
nothing happen to that boy.

Hey, you know, he has
been gone a long time, Hoss.

Maybe I better have a look.

What was that

that Esmerelda called
that whip-poor-will?

Chotocabra, señor.

That means in
Spanish "goat sucker."

Because those bad birds,

they steal all the
milk from the goats.


I don't believe a goat
would stand still for it.

Is true, señor.

I have seen with my own eyes.

A lot of goats come back
from pasture, no milk.

Well, that don't prove nothing.

Sure it proves. Why not?

Well, have you ever see...
have you ever actually seen

one of them birds
milking a goat?

Uh, let me remember.

Well, no, no... I cannot
truly say that I have seen.

But I have not seen
many things in life,

and it's so short.

Get your guns and come
on! What's the matter?

Oh, Madre de Dios!
¿Que tal? ¿Que paso?

The boy's gone,
so is the bull. No!

Hey, that boy wouldn't run off
with that bull again, would he?

Their tracks lead
away from the creek.

They're mixed with
moccasin tracks.

Moccasin tracks?

Calmate, mujer. Calmate.

¡Alto, Rojo, alto!

¡Alto, Rojo!

You can see he
does not want to go.

When he wants to go, he'll go.

Our people are hungry.

Why we not kill him here?

It shall be done.


You would rather
die in place of bull?

Yes, yes, kill me.

But don't kill El Rojo Grande.

Please, kill me.

You sure that is what you want?

Yes. You promise
not to kill El Toro?

So be it.

You are very brave
for one so young.

Why? From my father.

His name means brave, Valiente.

What is your name? Epiphanio.


I was born on the 12th night.

The night that the Wise
Man saw the star in the sky.

Then he knew the
Lord Jesus was born.

The One they nailed to a tree?

On the cross.

I have heard the story.

You have the heart of
a true warrior, little one.

Now we are blood brothers.

All right, hold it!

All right, what's going on here?

He... Epiphanio,
y-you're bleeding.

Me and Chief, blood brothers.

Are these your people?


Take your bull.

Go in peace, and
always be brave.

Buena noche.

What are you standing there for?

We got to take El Rojo back.

♪ Que bonito pajarillo ♪

♪ La, la, la,
la, la, la, la... ♪

♪ Que cantaba en aquella lima ♪

♪ Anda dile que no cante ♪

♪ Que mi corazon lastima... ♪

So you go with the bull, eh?

Sí, patron.

I take care of him good.

Well, you boys got a little more

than you bargained
for, didn't you?

A padded wagon, too.

What did you, uh,
have to pay for that?

Just $500, Pa.

Oh, just $500?

Well, Pa, you can't hardly
expect a bull like Big Red there

to go any way except
first-class, can you?

Oh, no. No, no, he's right, Pa.

I mean, you know,

I-I think it's a cheap
price, considering.

Considering what?

♪ Que cantaba en aquella lima ♪

♪ Anda dile que no cante,
que mi corazon lastima ♪

♪ Que bonito pajarito ♪

♪ Que cantaba en
aquella higuera ♪

♪ Anda dile que no cante,
que espera que yo me muera. ♪

Buenos días, señor.

I am your obedient serviente.

Who are these people?

Well, tell him who
they are, Little Joe.

You tell him.

Well, one of you tell me.

They are mama and papa.

W-We couldn't separate the
boy from his mama and papa.

And Pa, his mama's the
best-danged cook you ever seen.

Well, we...

we certainly have
enough room for them.


Welcome! ¡Ay, chihuahua!

Te lo dije que es un
muy bueno patron...

Andale, llevate la guitarra
pronto. A trabajar, a trabajar.

Pronto. Te lo dije que
es un muy bueno patron...

Well, Adam, you thought
these boys would have

a lot of trouble bringing
that bull up here, huh?

I guess I was wrong, Pa.

You sure you didn't
have any trouble?

Not a bit. Well, a little bit.

Like, uh, wh-when Big Red
almost got cut up into steaks

by those Indians. Indians?

Yeah, but that never
would've happened

except Little Joe was
busy fighting a duel.

Duel? Yeah, well, otherwise,
I'd have had to get married.

Married? Yeah, but th-that was
right after Hoss fought the bear.

Bear? Aw, that wasn't nothing.

You ought to seen the
way Little Joe gunned down

them two bushwhackers
that tried to steal our $15,000.

Now, just a minute.
Who you trying to kid?

That's certainly a lot of bull.

Yes, sir, it sure is.

Behind the Scenes of El Toro Grande

In this episode, Hoss uses his real first name, Eric.

Little Joe plays guitar during a camping scene, strumming it tuned right-handed. Meanwhile, viewers can see Little Joe wearing his gun on the left side of his body.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza is an incredible show to watch by yourself or with your family. NBC produced Bonanza, broadcasting it on their network from September 1959 to January 1973. El Toro Grande was the 16th episode out of 430 in the 14-season series.

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