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Logan’s Treasure Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #06, Episode #05

After Sam Logan (portrayed by Dan Duryea) is incarcerated, he claims ignorance about the whereabouts of $100,000 in stolen gold hidden by his partner Jack Crawford. Upon his release after 20 years, Sam finds himself pursued by various dubious and money-hungry individuals, including the relentless bounty hunter Reed (played by John Kellogg) and Crawford’s son Mike (portrayed by Tim McIntire). Ben Cartwright, whose testimony led to Sam’s imprisonment, also becomes entangled in the hunt for the missing gold. Virginia Gregg takes on the role of Angie. On October 18, 1964, Premiering Logan’s Treasure was penned by Ken Pettus and Robert Sabaroff.

Explore its intricate plot and intriguing trivia, or enjoy the complete episode below.

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Watch the Full Episode of Logan’s Treasure

Watch the Full Episode of Logan’s Treasure:

Main Cast

In the fifth episode of Bonanza’s sixth season, “Logan’s Treasure,” several recurring and supporting cast members appear. The ensemble for this episode comprises:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright (credit only)
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright (credit only)
  • Dan Duryea as Sam Logan
  • John Kellogg as Frank Reed
  • Virginia Gregg as Angie Malone
  • Tim McIntire as Mike Crawford
  • Ray Teal as Sheriff Roy Coffee
  • Russ Bender as George
  • Jack Carol as Hotel Clerk
  • Martha Manor as Martha – Stage Passenger (uncredited)
  • Billy McCoy as Shotgun Rider (uncredited)
  • Sammy Shack as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Sailor Vincent as Barfly (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Logan’s Treasure

Following a two-decade incarceration, Sam Logan is welcomed to stay at the Ponderosa by Ben, who trusts his assertion of ignorance regarding the bank’s missing gold.

As three individuals pursue the money, Sam decides whether to follow them or his steadfast friend Ben Cartwright loyally.

Full Script and Dialogue of Logan’s Treasure

You know, Pa, it
ain't, ah, too late yet.

I could still go over and
get him a hotel room.

We've already discussed
that. We're taking him home.

You got any idea what kind
of man he's gonna be, Pa?

Hmm, twenty
years is a long time.

Man changes.

Howdy, Ben, Hoss.

Morning, Roy.

You meeting the Carson stage?

- Yup.
- Sam Logan's gonna be on it.

Yeah, I know.

I thought you did. I had a telegram
from the warden over at Carson

saying that he was not only heading
this way but he'd be staying with you.

That's right. He wrote
me, asking me if he could.

But why you, Ben?

I've kept in touch with
him over the years.

- But you shouldn't...
- Now, look.

After 20 years, Logan is gonna
have a whole new life to get used to.

I may be able to help him.
He's gonna need some help.

Roy, he's all paid
up. All paid up.

I know that, Ben, and I'm not
planning on bothering him any.

Well, then what's your concern?

You know why I'm concerned.

Hundred thousand
dollars in gold dust, eh?

No, the fact that the hundred thousand
dollars in gold dust is still missing.

- Well, Logan says that he does...
- I don't care what Logan says!

I don't care what Logan says.

You don't believe him?

Well, let's just say
that after all these years

I never have really
decided one way or another.

But I know this for sure.

There's lots of people
that don't believe Logan

and some of them are
coming by and asking him

where that gold dust is at.

And that's the load of trouble
you're taking home with you.

And I mean a
load of big trouble.

- Martha, have a nice trip?
- Fine, Mr. Cartwright

Hello, Sam.

Hello, Ben.

I guess we got old, huh?

Well, older anyway, heh.

Uh, ahem.

- Sam, this is my son, Hoss.
- Howdy.

Glad to know you.

Other two boys, Adam and
Little Joe, they're in San Francisco.

They'll be back next weekend.

I'll put your bag
over in the wagon.

Well, shall we go?

I'll wait around here for the
mail and move on later, Pa.

Very good, Hoss.

- All right?
- Yeah.


You know what's
mighty hard to believe?

- What's that, Roy?
- That that old man was Sam Logan.

Uh, you, uh... You still
think he means trouble?

Hoss, so as long as
there's folks that believe

that Logan's got that Wells
Fargo gold buried somewhere

and that he's gonna dig it
up now that he's out of prison,

there's gonna be
trouble for sure.

Well, uh, I reckon if it comes
up, we can handle it, Roy.

If it comes up?
Hoss, it's already here.

Look yonder.

I guess I still ain't used to
how big the world really is.

Don't let it scare you.

It don't.

Never did.

Was that the place?

BEN: Whoa.

Yep, that was the place.

Seems different somehow.

Maybe that's because
the tree is gone.

The tree where they
hanged Crawford?

What happened?

I cut it down.

You still blame yourself for
what happened, don't you?

I was the one leading
the posse that night.

Wasn't your fault it
turned into a hanging bee.

If it hadn't been for you,

I'd have been swinging
right up there with Crawford.

I guess you were the
only one who believed me

when I swore I didn't know
where Crawford buried that dust.

Do you still believe me?

If I didn't, you wouldn't
be here right now.

- Ben.
- Yup?

Anybody named, uh,
Frank Reed been around?

Frank Reed?


He will be.


- Anything from Adam or Little Joe?
- Not a thing, Pa.

- Where's Logan?
- He's upstairs, getting settled.

Tsk, Pa,

you know what, you left town
as we were talking to Roy Coffee.

Seems a fellow rode into town.
He knows Logan is out of prison.

He knows he's staying here
with us. He's looking for him.

- His name is...
- Frank Reed.

How did you know that?

Sam told me about
him on the way up.

I'm going into town
to see him right now.

Who is he, Pa?

He's a bounty hunter.

Mr. Frank Reed, bounty hunter.

He used to work for
the Fargo company.

He was in charge of
trying to find that gold

after Sam and Jack
Crawford stole it.

He couldn't find it. And when he
couldn't find it, the company fired him.

And ever since then he's been
hounding Sam for 20 years.

Hounding him right in prison.

How could he do that?

He got the guards
to work on Sam.

Yeah. Tried to get the guards to force
Sam to tell them where the gold was.

There's a $10,000 reward
out for the recovery of the gold.

And he promised to split that
reward money with the guards.

So you can bet the
guards worked on him.

We got here Sam covered.

Sometimes Sam would have
to go for days without food,

without water, without sleep.

Well... Wait a minute, Pa.

What are you gonna do?

I'm going to tell Mr. Frank Reed

that he's through
hounding Sam Logan.

Mr. Logan has paid
his debt to society.

Wait a minute, Pa.


You sure you're
helping the right man?


I mean, it was Jack
Crawford that got lynched, Pa.

You sure you're not
going way out of your way

to help Logan just
to make up for that?


You're Frank Reed.

And you're Ben Cartwright.

I've been looking for you.

I thought you would be.

Maybe not quite so soon,

but I figured Sam would send
you to see me sooner or later.

- No, Sam didn't send me.
- He sent you.

He told you about
me and here you are.

Just like he knew you would be.

Logan doesn't
have that gold, Reed.

How does the story go?

"Me and Crawford got separated
for a while the night we was caught.

Crawford was carrying the
gold. He buried it somewhere.

I don't know where.

The posse strung him up before
he had a chance to tell me."

And what's wrong
with that story?

One thing. It's a lie.

How can you be that sure?

I've staked 20 years of
my life on it, Cartwright.



Why 20 years?

Driving yourself?

Tormenting Sam?

Never letting up?

Couldn't be just for the reward.

Not even for all that gold.

Something personal
between you and Sam?

When I get that dust,

Sam will be just
another old man to me.

Then why?

There's a fat, pig-eyed
little man in San Francisco.

He's the manager of Wells Fargo.

He took my scalp when Logan
and Crawford got away with that gold.

And someday, Cartwright,

someday, I'm gonna walk
into that little man's office

with those bags of dust

and I'm gonna drop them on his
desk and I'm gonna get that reward.

And then...

Then I'm going
to spit in his face.

That's why, Cartwright.

It'll never happen.

It'll happen.

No, it won't.

Now, you get this
through your head.

There's no gold.

It's vanished.

It's lost. It'll never
be found again.

And get this through your head.

Sam Logan is not an old
man alone in a cage anymore.

And if you cause
him any trouble,

I'll be back.

- Stay away from Sam Logan.
- Now it's my turn, Cartwright.


You got no stake in this.

Or maybe you have.

I've been thinking it
was Logan using you.

It just occurred to me

it could be the
other way around.

Now, what is that
supposed to mean?

Why should you
play Good Samaritan

unless you want
something from Logan?

Like that gold?

Richer men than you have
been tempted by a lot less.

I'll tell you what I want.

Peace for Sam Logan.

He's paid his debt in full.

Leave him alone.

Like you left Crawford
swinging from a tree?

Don't do it, mister.

It was a mistake.

Stay away from Sam Logan.

He's got something I want.

Someday, somewhere,
I'm gonna get it.

And when that time comes,

and you get in
my way, I'll kill you.

A boy is bringing my bag
over from the stage depot.

Oh, fine. Here's your
key, Mrs. Malone.

Miss Malone.

Please send my bag
up when it arrives.

All right, miss.

Do you know a ranch around
here called the Ponderosa?

Oh, sure thing.
Cartwright place.

- Everybody knows it.
- Good.

Then the, uh, livery stable should
be able to tell me how to get there.

Oh, it sure can. See you, miss.


You wanna ride up there?


Do you know if your pa ever
got in touch with Crawford's wife?

I think Pa wrote her.

I don't think she
ever wrote back.

I wonder what ever
happened to her?

She had a baby just
a few months before...

She hated me.

Kept telling Jack how I'd get
him into bad trouble someday.

And that night,

I remember looking
up at him and thinking

how she was right.

How Jack should've
listened to her.


we better get going, boy.

SAM: Tsk, tsk.




Oh. Ma'am.

Are you Ben Cartwright?

Yes, ma'am.

Something I can do for you?

I want to talk to Sam Logan.

Well, Mr. Logan
isn't in right now.

I can wait.

Oh, you must do all right.

Places like this
don't grow on trees.

Like Sam always used to say,

the next best thing to having money
was to have friends who have money.

You must be Miss Malone.

How did you know? Oh. Tsk.

Sam must have
talked about me, huh?

Oh, yes, he, uh, mentioned you.

Yeah, well, then you know
that Sam and me was friends.

Very best friends.

No, I don't know.

As a matter of fact, he
put it rather differently.

Oh, he did, did he?

I don't quite recall the exact words
but I think he said something like:

"With Frank Reed in town,
Angie Malone can't be far behind."

I think his exact words were:

"One vulture always
attracts another."

You're lying.

Sam wouldn't say a
thing like that about me.


Why don't you...?

Why don't you ask him?


Sam, heh.

Oh, Sam, heh.

Excuse me.

- The first thing I thought when I...
- I know what you thought, Angie.

I always knew what you thought.

Because the only thing you
ever thought about was money.


Oh, no, Sam, you're wrong. I
know you don't have the gold.

How do you know?

Well, I don't. Not really, I
mean. But if you say you don't...

- That's what I say, Angie.
- I believe you, Sam.

- Didn't I always believe you?
- I don't remember.

Sam, it's the gospel.
Now, you ask Frank Reed.

What about Frank Reed?

He says he's back in town.

What have you
got to do with him?

Oh, you didn't think he was
gonna leave me alone, did you?

He's been coming
around for years.

Questioning me and watching me,
thinking maybe I knew something.

But I told him if you
said you didn't know

where that gold was,
then that was that.

You didn't know. You can
ask him if I didn't say that.

The last time he came around,
I wouldn't even talk to him.

That's because you
had nothing to talk about.

Don't you walk away from me.

I came here to talk to you
and I'm going to talk to you.

All right, Angie.

What's on your mind?

I've got something,
Sam. I've got a letter.

- A letter?
- A letter.

It could send you
back to prison.

Or maybe even get you hung.


I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking that I'm bluffing.

Would you like for
me to go back to town

and get that letter
and show it to you?

- No! Sam! Unh.
- I'll tell you what you're gonna do.

You're gonna go back
and get on that stage

and go back to
wherever you came from.

- No, let me go.
- From whatever slimy, smelly hole

you crawled out of this time,
because I got nothing for you.

- You hear?
- Aah.





Come in.

I got your message.

Close the door.

Once you told me that I could
have all the reward money

if I could get Sam to tell
me where he buried the gold.


Well, I've got something
here that'll make him talk.

He says it won't, but it will.

- I know it will.
- What do you got?

May you remember a long
time ago, about 22 years,

a federal marshal was
bushwhacked in Prescott.

A man named Ferguson.
He was looking for Sam.

Everybody was
sure Sam killed him.

Well, the trouble was
that nobody could prove

that he was anywhere
near Prescott at the time.


I've got a letter.

A letter that Sam wrote
to me from Prescott

the night before
Ferguson was killed.

- Has the letter got a date on it?
- Yes.

Did Sam kill Ferguson?

Now, what difference
does it make?

I just wondered.

You know, when
the chips are down,

when it's either tell
where the gold is

or risk going to the
gallows, he'll talk.

- I wonder.
- He'll talk.

Well, suppose I ride out

to the Cartwright place in
the morning and put it to him?

Well, suppose I
ride out with you

just to make sure you remember
who gets the reward money?



Hey, there!


What do you want, buddy?

What's going on, Hoss?

Found this kid here
snooping around.

What are you doing here?

What do you want?

What do you think he wants?

Who are you, boy?
What's your name?

My name's Crawford.

- Crawford?
- Mike Crawford.

- Are you telling us that you're...?
- Jack Crawford's son.

That's what I'm telling you.

You following me?

Sure, I'm following you.

Sure, I'm waiting for
you to go after that gold

because half of that was
supposed to be my pa's.

And now that half is mine.

What if there ain't any
half, boy, for you or for me?

- You think I believe that?
- Well, I hope you do, boy.

For your own sake, I hope
you do. Let's get in the house.

You sleep the night here

and then tomorrow morning
we can talk some more.

What more we got to talk about?

Well, you know, like
your father maybe.

I never knew him.

Well, your mother must have
told you something about him.

MIKE: Mm-hm.

She hated him.

- What, she teach you to hate him too?
- Oh, she didn't have to teach me.

I kind of came by it naturally when
I watched her work herself to death

after he got himself lynched.

Well, you still want to get his
share of the gold, don't you?

Why not?

I'm not a superstitious man,

but offhand I'd say that
that gold was cursed.


Yeah, it killed your father.

And killed your mother in a way.

It robbed Sam Logan
of 20 years of his life.

The thought of finding it made a
slave out of another man named Reed.

It turned a pretty, young
girl into a greedy, old woman.

And now it's got you.

You're following
the same blind trail.

Good night, son.


You sure the kid won't
light out during the night?

As long as he thinks you know
where the gold is, he'll stay,

just to keep an eye on you.

I guess he must hate
me as much as his ma did.

I can't say that I blame him.

Well, unh, I guess
I'll turn in too.

Good night.

Good night, Sam.


- What do you want?
- Shh.

What do you want?

You look a lot like your pa.

Your pa and me was friends, boy.

Good friends.

Real friends.

- Yeah.
- Now, that's the truth, boy.

I don't care what your
ma said about me.

Me and your pa was
friends as God's own truth

and don't you laugh
at it. Don't you laugh.

For 20 years,

I've lied

to Frank Reed,

to the guards and
warden at Carson,

to Angie Malone,

to Ben Cartwright, everybody.

Nobody believed me, I knew that.

Nobody but Ben Cartwright.

I was beaten,


ah, thrashed.

But I kept right on lying.

But I ain't gonna lie to you, son,
because you're Jack Crawford's boy.

Jack and me, we could
always trust each other.

And I wanted the same with us.

You're right, boy.

You are entitled to your
pa's share of the gold.

I knew that. You know
where that is, don't you?

- We'll ride for it in the morning.
- Why not tonight?

Because I don't know who else
might be out there, like you was,

waiting for me, watching for
me. The morning's time enough.

It'll be like old times for me.

It'll be like riding
with your pa again.


The things I could tell you about
him, the kind of man he was.

Stuff your ma never knew and
maybe wouldn't have told you if she did,

coming to hate
him the way she did.

But you're gonna get to know
your pa before I'm through, boy.

The kind of a man he really was.

Tell me now.

- Well, it's getting a little late, boy.
- Now.

All my life I've heard
bad things about him.

Now I wanna hear one
good thing, that's all.

Just one good, decent
thing he ever did.

All right, boy.

All right.

Pa, are you sure one of
us ought not to stay here?

Why? Afraid that
Sam will run off?

I wanna check up on Reed while
you're getting the supplies in town.

Now you can go out and saddle
up a couple of Ben's best horses.

SAM: There it is.

Just around the
other side of the lake.

You sure?

For 20 years, every
time I closed my eyes,

I could see this lake
just the way it is now.

I could find that
gold with blinders on.


It's here. This is
the spot. I know it.

It's gonna be...

It's gotta be just about...

You do it, boy.

There's 50,000 in these pouches
and more just as full on this side.

How about that, boy?

It's a lot of gold.

- Something wrong, boy?
- No.

Well, then let's get moving.

I got a lot of living
to catch up on.

You coming, boy?


Where are you going, Reed?

Have a talk with Logan.

Not on my property.

Why don't you let
Sam decide that?

And what's that
supposed to mean?

Look, Cartwright,
I'll make you a deal.

You give me and Ms. Malone
five minutes with Logan.

If he hasn't told us
where he buried the gold,

then that's it, the
end of the line.

I'll buy your story and Logan's if
he doesn't know where the gold is.

And what do you think five
minutes is gonna do for you

that 20 years wasn't able to?

Give them to me and see.

Oh. Look, Pa, if it'll put
an end to it, why not?

All right.

Hoss, ride into town and
get Roy Coffee out here.

If Sam's gonna do any
talking, I want the law to hear it.

All right. Hee.


It's funny.

This is the same way your
pa and me rode that night

with the posse right behind us.

And here's where we tried to
lose it by spooking the horses

and hiding in the cave.



Logan, we wanna talk to you!


- No!
- What's the matter with you?

Sam's got the gold.
That's why he wants a fight.

- You all right, boy?
- Yeah.


Come on, boy. Come on. Come on.

Give it up, Logan!

You hear me?

Put your gun away, Reed.

I'm going in after
him, Cartwright.

No, you're not.

He made a fool out of you.

He lied to you. He used you.



I wanna talk to you!

It's all been said, Ben!

Not all of it, Sam.

I'm coming in.


Don't try it!

All I want is two minutes
of your time, Sam.

Just two minutes.


Right back where we
started from, hey, Sam?

You're wasting your breath, Ben.

I went through 20
years of hell for this gold.

Only thing that kept me going

was getting my hands
on it when I was free.


You're not free, Sam.

You may be out of
prison, but you're not free.

You just got different
walls and chains, that's all.

You got hate and greed now.

And you'll never be free
until you get rid of that stuff.

Shut up and get out
of here before I kill you.



Maybe you're right, Sam.

I guess everything
has been said, hasn't it?

What about you, son?

I'm gonna stay with him.

I guess you know you'll never
spend an ounce of that gold, don't you?

I don't care about the gold.

BEN: Well, you
don't care about it?

I guess your pa didn't
care about it either.

That's why he got
himself hung over it.

Good or bad or whatever
he was, he was my pa.

And Sam and my pa were friends
and I'm gonna take his place.

Do you understand
that, Mr. Cartwright?

Well, of course,
I understand that.

You gonna get yourself
killed for nothing too.


My pa died for that gold.

I guess I'm ready
to do the same thing.

Oh. You hear that, Sam?

I think the kid's right.

You helped killed his pa,
you might as well go full circle.

I told you you wouldn't get
anywhere. Now I'm taking over.

- We're waiting for the sheriff.
- I'm not.

Don't be a fool, Reed.

Sam would blow your head up before
you got within 10 feet of that cave.

REED: We'll see about that.

There isn't going
to be any killing.

I told you in the saloon if you
got in my way, what I would do.

Now move.

Put down the gun, Reed.

Drop the gun.


Sam, you can come out now.

It's your chance to get away!


- Why?
- Because I'm tired.

And that stuff's just too heavy
to carry around any longer.

Come on, son.


I tried to help.


What are you thinking, Reed?

Didn't you ever wonder what it
would be like when it was all over?

How does it feel to
have 20 years of your life

in your hands?



give this stuff to the sheriff.

Too heavy for you too?


I hear there's some
land up around the Snake

that the government's
opening for homesteading.

We might head up that way.

Well, you be sure and
keep in touch with us.

Sure, Ben.

On the other hand, the kid here says
that he's got a hankering to go south.

Arizona, maybe, or New
Mexico. We might drift that way.

I guess now there's
nothing holding us back

from going any ways
we got our mind to.

You're absolutely right, Sam.

Not a thing in the world.

Well, then,

let's ride, shall we, son, heh?

Hoss, I think they're gonna
get along all right together

now that they're both free.

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