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Mirror of a Man Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #04, Episode #27

Ron Hayes portrays both the upstanding family man Jud Lally and his outlaw twin, Rube Barnes, in this gripping tale. Rube coerces his brother into swapping identities, leading to Rube’s theft of a prized stallion and a heinous murder, with Jud unjustly bearing the blame. Despite the Cartwrights’ efforts to exonerate Jud, they struggle to distinguish between the identical twins. Nancy Rennick appears as Amelia, while Ford Rainey takes on the role of Luke. Penned by A.I. Bezzerides, Mirror of a Man originally aired on March 31, 1963.

Delve into its compelling storyline and uncover intriguing trivia, or immerse yourself in the episode by watching below.

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Watch the Full Episode of Mirror of a Man

Watch the Full Episode of Mirror of a Man:

Main Cast

The twenty-seventh episode of Bonanza’s fourth season, “Mirror of a Man,” showcases several familiar faces from the show’s recurring and supporting cast. Here’s the full lineup of actors in this episode:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Ron Hayes as Jud Lolly / Rube-Homer Barnes
  • Nancy Rennick as Amelia Lolly
  • Ford Rainey as Luke Barnes
  • Bing Russell as Deputy Clem Foster
  • Tristram Coffin as Ralph Austin (as Tris Coffin)
  • Kathleen O’Malley as Janey Breckenridge
  • Joseph Breen as Sol Breckenridge
  • Eugene Mazzola as Toby Breckenridge (as Eugene Martin)
  • Herman Hack as Cowhand (uncredited)
  • Cosmo Sardo as Bartender (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Mirror of a Man

Homer Barnes, a member of a notorious family with a history of crime and violence, endeavors to distance himself from his troubled past by assuming a new identity, marrying, and seeking employment at the Ponderosa. However, his twin brother Rube perpetrates murder and horse theft, leading to Homer being wrongly accused of the crime.

Caught amid his family’s dark legacy, Homer confronts the ghosts of his past. In a journey of redemption, he, along with Ben Cartwright, must assist Homer’s father in making a difficult decision that could alter the course of their lives.

Full Script and Dialogue of Mirror of a Man

What is it, Sol?

Something's at the horses.

You'd best stay inside.

Might be a cougar.

Be careful, Sol.


What's the matter, Ma?

Pa's hurt, he's bad hurt.

You'd best hitch up the wagon

and we'll take him
over to the Cartwrights'.

Now, this man,
Mrs. Breckenridge,

were you able to see
what he looked like?

Was he a big man,
or a small man, was...

I-I couldn't tell.

It was awful dark.

All I seen was him stealing
a horse out of the corral.




Hoss will be here with
the doctor right away.

Who'd want to shoot Pa?

Just for a horse.

Who knows what makes
people do what they do, Toby?

That ain't right.

Of course it isn't, Toby.

As soon as it's daylight,

we'll track him down.

- Howdy, Jud.
- Howdy.

- Jud.
- Howdy, Mr. Cartwright.

I seen the bunch of you
from up at the line camp.

It looked like you was
hunting something.

Some horse thief broke into

the Breckenridge
place last night, Jud.

Shot Sol Breckenridge.

He died a little while ago.

His trail was pretty clear
right up to Owl Creek.

That's where we lost him.


you got a pretty good
view of the canyon

from up in the line shack.

Guess you didn't see
anybody riding through, did you?

Mm-mm. Just the bunch of you.

You know what I think?

I think this horse thief's
gonna be running scared.

He ain't gonna be hanging around
for nobody to catch up with him.

I figure he'll keep moving.

Maybe you're right.

Adam should have got
word to the sheriff by now;

we'd better be heading back.

When are you due
in from riding line?

Tomorrow night.

Tell Amelia I'll be
home in time for supper,

unless I get way off
someplace chasing strays.

Yeah, all right.

Keep your eyes peeled
for any sign of a trail,

or sign of a camp.

And if you come
across a stranger

who can't account for
himself, you bring him in.

Sure thing, Mr. Cartwright.

That, uh, that horse
that was stolen,

it was a big black,
Breckenridge brand, Bar-B.

Whoa there, hands!

Get off your horse.


How are you, Pa?

I never thought
we'd find you, son.

We sure been lookin' for you.

It's good to see you, son.

Good to see you, too, Pa.

Oh, Rube'll be
glad to see you, too.

Uh, we're camped off a ways.

Come on.


Look who's here!


If it ain't my
ever-loving brother.

I told you we'd find him, Rube!

I kept telling you.

Where'd you get that horse?

Now, Homer... Rube
had to have a horse.

His own plumb foundered out.

He killed a man to get it.

What did you do?

Now, didn't I tell
you, and tell you

not to stir up that
kind of trouble?

Now don't you hit me, Pa.

I'm warning you, Pa!

We need that horse, Pa!

Now, you know that!

You'll get us hanged.

I'm turning him loose.

Now, wait up, Pa.

Somebody finds her,

he's liable to backtrack
straight to this camp.

Well... what are we
gonna do, Homer?

Don't ask me, Pa.

You always could
figure ways, Homer.

We waited and
waited for you, son,

when you was due
to get out of prison.

You never showed up.

You run out on us.

We needed your help, son.

Trailed you all
the way to Kansas.

Heard you'd married
up with some gal.

After that, we lost you.

Heard you changed
your name, too.

Now what'd you go and do
a thing like that for, Homer?

Ain't being a Barnes
good enough for you?

Do you think my wife
would've married me

if she'd knew who I was?

You hear that, Pa?

His wife doesn't
even know who he is!

Well, when you
gonna tell her, Homer?

Hey... hey now!

H-Hold on, there!

That's all the food
we got in the world!

Now, what did you
go and do that for?

There's a posse
out looking for Rube.

All they need to do
is to see the smoke.

What're we gonna do, Homer?

Stay put, right where you are.

Don't move around,
and don't light any fires.

I'll be back as soon
as I figure something.

Thanks, Homer.

Don't get no ideas
about turning me in.

They catch me...

I'll claim you steered
me to that horse,

and they'll string you up, too.



I didn't expect you so soon.

I had to get some supplies.

I've got to go right
out again, after supper.

Oh, Jud, why?

You've been out
on the line two days.

Mr. Cartwright wants me
to keep an eye out for the...

man who killed Sol Breckenridge.

Jud, that man's a murderer.

Suppose you do find him.

I don't like the idea of
you being out there alone.

I can take care of myself.

Of course you can.

It's just that...

well, if anything happened,
I don't know what I'd do.

Don't you worry, Amelia.

I'm gonna be all right.


Here, here... what do
you think you're doing?

Don't think I'm gonna
sit here freezing to death

with an empty belly.

Least we can do is get warm.

Somebody's coming.

Maybe it's Homer.

What if it ain't?

Hey, you sure come
back quick, son.

I brought you some grub, Pa.

All I can spare.

Thanks, son. We're sure hungry.

And after we eat it, what
are we gonna do then?

Well, about all I can
do is take the horse

and turn it loose near
the Breckenridge place.

Oh, well, that's
real brotherly of you.

Well, we don't
know this country.

Where'll we go, son?

Head up into the high
country around Mono.

You'll come to a place
called, uh... Dead Lake.

Nobody ever goes there.

You can hole up
there for a while.

And go on living like this?

With dirt in our grub
and sleeping on rocks,

with you bedded down
with a wife in a featherbed?

We don't want any
more of your lousy grub

and we don't want
any more of you!

And after we hole up there
for a while, what do we do then?

I don't know, Pa.

We need you, Homer.

Look at me.

I'm gettin' old, son.

Rube here, he don't
listen to me no more.

He just bats his head
against everything I say.

He goes off on his own
without paying me no mind.

I've got to go my own way, Pa!

Now you'd best break camp

and clear out of here
as soon as you can.

So long, Pa.

- Rube!
- Stay out of this, Pa.

Don't you see what he's doing?

He's saving his own neck.

Sending us up in the hills
with nothing but a pinch of grub.

How long do you think we're
gonna last with no money

and a couple of
broken-down horses?

That's the truth.

We don't want to be
no burden, Homer,

but we're stone broke.

Sending us a lousy sack of grub.

Amelia and me got a
little money saved up

toward buying a
place of our own.

How much?

I don't know.

She keeps it in a bowl.

Maybe $150.

That'd get us a far piece
away from you, Homer.

You think it's worth it?

I'll get the money and be
back in a couple of hours.

We'll pay you back, Homer,
just as soon as we're able.

Hold on.

How do we know for
sure you'll come back?

You'll have to
take my word for it.

You got something figured, Rube?


The only difference
between Homer and me

is he's clean...
and his belly's full,

while I'm dirty and
my belly's empty.

A shave'll fix one,

and the other don't show.

You couldn't get away with it.

You don't think so?

When you stand up like Homer,

I bet even his wife
couldn't tell you apart.

Sure, Pa. We're twins, ain't we?

Me and Homer's gonna
change places, Pa.

He's gonna tell me
where the money is,

and I'm gonna go and get it.

Don't listen to him, Pa.

By gum, I think you
could do it, Rube.

Why, sure, sure.

And you get rid of that
horse while you're at it.

He's a good horse,
Pa! We need it!

It'll get us hung.
You do like I tell you!

All right, Pa.

He can't get away with it, Pa.

He's got to try, Homer.

Turning agin' us the way
you have, he don't trust you.

Ain't nothing else he can do.

You get out of
them clothes, son.

You do like your pa says, Homer.

Howdy, Jud.

What are you doing out
here wandering around in

the middle of the night?

Just bringing in a horse.

It's Breckenridge's horse.

Where'd you find it?

Found him astray
up in the hills.

A man killed Sol Breckenridge
stealing that horse.

Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.

I heard about that.

You find any trace of
the man who stole it?

No, no, just the horse
wandering around.

There ought to be some
tracks up there we could follow.

Mind taking us back up?

Sheriff, it's... it's
been a long, hard day.

I'm tired, I'm hungry.
I'd like to go home.

Jud, a man's been murdered.

Now we gotta do whatever we
can to find out who killed him.

Well, it seems to me
that's your problem, Deputy.

Are you refusing to take me back
up where you found the horse?

Deputy, I'm plumb tuckered out.

I'd like to go home.

I'm asking you one more
time, are you refusing?


Now you better come
on back into town with us.

Now wait a minute, Deputy.

You got no right to just...

This gives me the right!

Now stop your arguing
and come along.

I guess I got no choice.

You made your choice.


Where was you going, Homer?

I'm going home, Pa.

Rube should have
been back hours ago.

If he's harmed Amelia...

Oh, stop fretting, Homer.

You know your brother
Rube would give your wife

the same regard
he'd give his sister.

Likely he got her to
fix him some hot food.

He was mighty hungry, poor boy.

Now, son...

Now you know I
can't let you go, son.

You just go over to that
Mr. Cartwright you work for

and start shooting
off your mouth,

and then where would we be?

We'd all be in trouble.

You just settle down, boy.

Rube'll be back in good time.

I'm sorry, son,

I always seem to be caught
between the two of you.

Mr. Cartwright! Mr. Cartwright!

What is it, Toby? What
are you so excited about?

They caught the
man who killed my pa.

The sheriff's got
him locked up in jail.

Whoa-whoa, Toby.
Whoa. Now wait a minute.

Take a deep breath
and start all over again.

They got the man
who killed my pa!

- They caught him?
- Yeah, Mr. Cartwright,

- they found him with Pa's horse.
- Good.

- It's Jud Lolly.
- Jud? It can't be.

He just got in from
riding line last night.

They said it was him, all right.

We'd better get in town,
see the sheriff right away.

Yeah, we better do that.

Listen, I want to stop off at
Amelia's place on the way,

see if she knows anything.

All right, I'll meet you there.

Toby, you better
get along home now.

Your mom must be needing you.

What about Jud
Lolly, Mr. Cartwright?

What will happen to him?

He'll be all right. There
must be some mistake.

Now get along
home. Come on. Hey!

Morning, Little Joe.

Morning, Amelia.

Would you like a cup of coffee?

No, thanks. I
ain't got the time.

Hey, look at this place.

You've fixed it up so nice,
I don't even recognize it.

Thanks. Jud and I
have worked real hard.

Pretty fond of that
guy, aren't you?

Yes. He's mighty handy, too.

He bought me the
material for these drapes.

Listen, where is Jud? I
thought he came in last night.

He did, but he went out
again right after supper.

Said something about your pa
asking him to look for that man

who killed Sol Breckenridge.

What is it, Little Joe?
Is something wrong?

No, no, there's nothing wrong.

Just want to talk
to Jud, that's all.



I better be on my way.

I'll tell Jud when he comes in
that you were looking for him.

Okay, you do that. Bye-bye.


She hasn't heard
anything about it.

Clem, just why are
you holding Jud?

I was just about to send
you a message, Ben.

We found him with the
Breckenridge horse last night.

Well, what's wrong with that?

I told him to keep an
eye out for that horse.

The boy acted sort of peculiar.

Well, what's peculiar?

What do you mean, peculiar?

I wanted him to take
me back up there

where he found the
horse, and he refused.

Why did he refuse?

Well, he said he was
tired, wanted to go home.

Doesn't sound like Jud.

Another thing, he won't
answer one question.

Just sits there.

Mind if we talk to him?

No, go ahead. You're his boss.

Maybe you can get something
out of him. I sure can't.


Now look, you work with the
Cartwright ranch or don't you?

Why didn't you send for
us if you needed help?

Well, the deputy was
giving me a hard time.

Why didn't you take him to
where you found the horse?

It was late. I was tired.

Come on, Jud. You
should have done

what he asked anyway.
That's not like you.

Well, what do you
think I should have done,

stayed up in
them hills all night?

Now wait a minute.

There's no need for
anybody to get huffy.

Clem, what'll it take

to get this young
fella out of here?

Just some civil answers to
some questions, that's all.

Like where he came from
before he went to work for you.

There's no harm
in that, is there?

Well, I've been around.

What's gotten into you, Jud?

You know you were
working in Larkspur, Kansas

when you married Amelia.
Now answer his questions.

Sure, I been a lot of places.

Well, Larkspur's fine with me.

You mind if I wire 'em
for some information?

Well, what's the point in that?

A man's dead.

I plan to do everything I
can to find out who killed him.

Jud's one of my top hands!

I've known his wife
since she was a little girl.

They're planning to
buy a ranch of their own.

Now why would
he spoil everything

by stealing a horse,
or killing a man?

I'm not accusing him, Ben.

I just don't like it when a man
refuses to answer questions.

Makes me think that maybe
he's got something to hide.

Clem, Jud's tired,
he's worn out.

He's been riding line for
two days and two nights.

Why don't you let him go
home and get cleaned up

and get a little rest?

All right, Ben, take him
with you, but I want him

where I can put my hands on
him when I hear from Larkspur.

You understand?

I understand.

He'll be where you can put
your hands on him, all right?

Come on, Jud, let's go.

Jails make me nervous.

I sure could use a drink.


We'll get you one.

Thanks, Clem.

Jud, don't you think you
should be getting home?

Amelia will be worried.

Yeah, just 'cause I didn't
tell her about you being in jail

doesn't mean
somebody else might not.

Well, maybe she ought to
get used to a little trouble.

Jud, did I hear you right?

You heard me right.

Well, what do you mean by that?



What kind of trouble
you talking about?

Well, wait till the sheriff gets
that word back from Larkspur.

You worried about that, Jud?

Ever hear of the Barnes family?

Luke Barnes and his four sons?

Everybody's heard of them.

I'm one of them.

Two of my brothers, Cy and Ed,

they were hanged.

Me, I spent four years
in jail for hitting a drunk.

When I got out, I
changed my name

from Homer Barnes
to... Jud Lolly.

I, uh,

I figure Amelia doesn't
know anything about this?

Well, you spent four years
in jail for something like that,

you paid your debt.

When you're a Barnes,
you're always in debt.

Oh, I-I don't go
along with that, Jud.

I don't think Amelia
would, either.

I know she wouldn't.

She loves you, Jud.

She'd understand just
the way we understand.


no matter what
answer the sheriff gets,

don't you think that Amelia
should know who you really are?


I'm glad to see you.

Saves me a trip out
to the Ponderosa.

Hello, Ralph.

I just got word your
stallion's arrived

at the Carson City Railhead.

Oh, well, that's good news.

I'll have them picked up.

The sooner the better, Ben.

A $5,000 animal

is too valuable to be
cared for by corral hands.

Well, I go along with you there.

Uh, I'll have them
picked up right away.

Oh, Ralph, thank you
very much for your help.

All right.


Well, that's a lot of
money for just a horse.

Just a horse?

You know about
the Arabian stallion

we've been talking about.


I-I just didn't know it
was worth all that much.

That stallion really should
be picked up right away.

Now, Joe, why don't you
ride over to Carson City,

and, Jud, why don't
you go along with him.

It'll give you a little time
to think about what I said.

Mr. Cartwright,
you've got a deal.

I'd like to see a horse

worth that kind of money.

- Good.
- Let's get started.

Jud, tell Amelia not
to worry about food.

Just pack a bedroll.

I'll have Hop Sing prepare
enough food for both of you.

Yeah, and don't take too long
saying good-bye to Amelia.

I'd like to try to make
Carson City by tonight.



Wh-What's wrong?

Oh, nothing. I'm in a hurry.

Little Joe's outside
waiting for me.

We're gonna pick up
a horse in Carson City.

Pick up a horse in Carson City?


Jud, you've been gone
for days, riding line.

Can't they find anybody else?

I don't want you to go.

Well, I can't help it.

Mr. Cartwright
asked me to do it.

Now, go and get me
a shirt and my bedroll.

Thanks. I'll be back
as soon as I can.


You were going to go
without even kissing me.

The sun's about
ready to go down, Pa.

I've waited long enough.

Something's happened to Rube.

Think so, son?

Well, he's been
gone almost 24 hours.

Maybe they caught him

or he's hiding somewhere.

I'm going in.

Pull the trigger if
you want to, Pa.

I've got to find out
if Amelia is all right.

Hold up, son.

I'm coming with you.

All right, Pa.

Maybe it's time I faced
up to who I really am.

Who is it?

It's me, Amelia.


Jud, you scared me.

I didn't know who it was.


What are you doing back so soon?

So soon?

Who's that man?


there is something I
should have told you about

a long time ago.

This is my pa.

Your pa?

Howdy, daughter.


Well, that's a mighty
pretty little woman

you got there, Homer.


Jud, what's he saying?

Homer here... he's
ashamed of his pa.

So, he went and
changed his name.


That's my real name.


Homer Barnes.



- But they're...
- Yeah.

Horse thieves,
ex-convicts, murderers.

Now, now, now!

Daughter, Homer here

just makes things sound a
whole lot worse than they are.

Us Barneses ain't
as bad as all that.

You killed Sol Breckenridge.


No, that was Rube.

He-he's my other boy.

Uh, he always was one
to act before he thinks.

Ain't that right, Homer?

Amelia, I'm sorry.

I-I should have
told you who I was.

I figured when I
got out of prison,

maybe I could start fresh.

I should have known

I could never get rid of
the stink of being a Barnes.

Well, now you know.

You could go back Kansas.

Maybe back there,

they won't know you
married one of us.

No, Jud, no.

I love you.

I don't care what you were.

You're my husband now.

I swear,

I never can figure
how you and Rube,

twins, can be so unlike.



Me and Rube.

He took my clothes.

He was coming
down here last night

to get that money
we've been saving up.

Your twin brother?

Then it was him that went
to Carson City with Little Joe

to pick up that horse.

You mean that Arabian stallion?

That horse is
worth a lot of money.

Rube's liable to
kill Little Joe for it.


Hold it!

Where do you think
you're going, Homer?

I'm gonna tell Mr. Cartwright.

We have to catch him
before something happens.

Now, why do you
think that, Homer?

You know Rube.

You know how he is.


That Rube,

he always was a
fool about horses.

- Jud!
- Homer!

I can't let you go, Homer.

I don't want to shoot,
but I will if I have to.

Don't make me shoot, son.

Jud, don't do it, please.

I don't want anything
to happen to you.

Little Joe can take
care of himself.

Now, that's better.

I was afraid there for a minute

I was gonna have
to hurt you, son.

No, we'll just sit down here

and wait for Rube to get back.

Now, while we're waiting,

maybe you could fix me
something to eat, daughter?

I'm awful hungry.

I been mighty hungry
for a long time now.

All right, go ahead, Amelia.

You sure got lucky, son.

Pretty little wife,
cozy little house,

plenty of eats.


I sure hope nothing
spoils it for you.


The whole family's bad.

The two older brothers
were hanged, Ben.

Oh, Clem, you're not
gonna condemn a man

just because he comes
from a bad family.

Ben, Breckenridge is dead.

Now, I caught this Jud,
Homer Barnes, with his horse.

After that telegraph,
I'm not satisfied

he found the horse astray.
I want to question him.

All right, when he gets back
from Carson City with Little Joe

you can question
him all you want to.

Well, I wish I was as sure
as you are that he's all right.

Oh, you know his wife.

Wouldn't be the first time a
good woman has changed a man.

Does she know who he is?


She's sure gonna find out.

The whole town knows
about this telegraph.

Well, I better get over there

before somebody else does.



Answer it, daughter.


Hello, Amelia.

Amelia, I-I've come here
to say something to you.

Guess somebody's
already been here.

What's the matter?

Nothing's the
matter, Mr. Cartwright.

Homer here is just
entertaining his pa.

Now, you'd oblige me

if you put that
gun on the table.


I'm awfully sorry,
Mr. Cartwright.

It's all right, Jud.

I keep telling you,
his name's Homer.

I know.

Twin to your other son.

The one who's with Little Joe.

He killed Sol
Breckenridge, too, didn't he?

That's right.

Oh, now, don't you worry
none about your boy.

Rube ain't gonna hurt him none.

That is, if he
does like he's told.

How many sons you
got, Mr. Cartwright?


I got four... one up on you.

You're forgetting two of
them were hanged, aren't you?


Ed and Cy.

Poor souls.

Rube killed Breckenridge.

Mm-hmm. He might
hang for that someday.

Poor boy.

Now, and if something was
to happen to Homer here, uh...

Well, I ain't saying
it will, daughter,

I was just supposin'...

Then I'd have no sons at all.

I'd be all alone.

Oh, wouldn't that
be a sad thing?

I'm awful glad you wasn't hit.

I wouldn't want to
grieve your sons.

But you should be more
careful, Mr. Cartwright.

I sure hope your boy don't
try nothing like that with Rube.

He ain't as kindly as me.

I don't know why I go along
with you on this steady riding.

You're sure all-fired anxious
to get home in a hurry.

I sure am... so let's hurry
and... get this food down, hm?

Ugh! Sure doesn't taste
like Amelia's cooking, does it?

You're a pretty lucky fella.

You got some gal there.

The way she fixed up that
cabin with curtains and everything.

Yeah. Women.

They're always
fussing over silly things.

What do you mean, silly things?

You picked the material
for the curtains, didn't you?

You funnin' me?

No, I'm not funnin' you.

There's nothing to
be embarrassed about,

picking curtain material.

I'm a man... I don't bother
with women's things.

That horse sure can run.

I wish it was mine.

I'd race him.

I'd sure earn me
a heap of money.

He's a fast horse, all right.

But Pa doesn't want
to race him, though.

He's gonna use him to
breed a better line of stock.

Yeah. Well, come on.

I told you, I want to get back.

Mm, this is mighty
fine stew, daughter.

Now, you reckon you could
spare me a little dab more?

Well, our sons ought
to be showing up soon.

Wouldn't you say,
Mr. Cartwright?

If they ride steady
all day, they will.

Mm-mm, Rube ain't one to tarry,

when he thinks a posse
might be chasing him.

Now, now...

Don't you worry none, daughter,

Homer ain't gonna get hurt none.

Jud, please be careful.

His name's Homer.

I want you to forget you
ever knew that Jud Lolly.

Who is this... Jud Lolly?

He's an old friend.

Well, he was an all
right fella, I guess.

But he's dead.

Killed in the Indian wars.

There's a young man walking
the face of the this earth

that bears his name.

I'd say Jud Lolly...

is more alive
than you'll ever be.

I'm saying he's my son.

And a Barnes.

And Jud Lolly is best forgotten!


The only worthwhile thing
a man leaves when he dies

are his children.

What he was lives on in them.

When people look at my sons,

I want them to remember me well.

How are they gonna remember you?

Man's got a hungry belly,

he don't care if
he's remembered.

That's good.

'Cause when you die,
nobody's gonna remember you.


he's trying to rile me.

The only son you might
have been proud of

is ashamed to use your name.

Now, don't you rile me.

Now, I'm telling
you to stop riling me.

Whose horse is that?

What's the matter with you, Jud?

You've been taking care
of that horse for six months.

That's my father's horse.

Looks like the sheriff
got his telegraph back

from Larkspur, hmm?

Now, throw down your gun.

I said throw your gun down.

Oh, boy, have I been stupid.

There were just too many
things you couldn't remember.

You're not Jud Lolly, are you?

Now, get off the horse.

All right, get up.

All right, into the house.

Drop that gun, boy,
or your pa's dead.

Do what he says,
Little Joe; he means it.

I should've known, Pa.

Should've known he wasn't Jud.

You couldn't know.

They're identical twins.

Even Amelia didn't know.

Come along, Homer.

We're getting out of here.

Did you get the money, Pa?

That's what I come back for,
to get the money. We need it.

You heard him, Homer.

Now, you tell the
woman to fetch it.

Go and get the money, Amelia.

- But, Jud...
- Go and get the money!

Stay in the house, Amelia, and
don't come out, no matter what!

What do you mean by that?

I ain't going with you, Pa.

You ain't comin' with me?

He's either with us
or he's against us.

He can't have it both ways.


Rube's wrong, Luke.

It's you who can't
have it both ways.

Now, it's one son or the
other; you have to choose.

He either comes
with us, or I kill him.

I don't want you ruttin'
your hands again, Rube.

I'll take care of Homer.

Now, Homer... you come along.

I'm staying, Pa.

Homer... I don't
want you catching me

between you and Rube again.

Why don't you do it, Homer?

But I have to, Pa.

I made my choice
when I got out of prison.

So you just might as
well use that gun, Rube.

I'm warning you.


It's strange...

that I'd shoot Rube
instead of Homer.


Now, why would I go and
do a fool thing like that?

Well, maybe...

maybe it's because you
wanted to be remembered well.


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