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The Jackknife Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #03, Episode #22

In their attempt to apprehend a gang of cattle rustlers, the Cartwrights set a clever trap while Adam Cartwright scouts the area for potential thieves. Adam encounters an injured Matthew Grant (portrayed by John Archer) and suspects him to be one of the rustlers. Aware of his father Ben’s shoot-first policy, Adam urges Grant to confess and surrender to the authorities. The episode also features Bethel Leslie and Donald Losby as Grant’s wife, Ann, and son, Jody, respectively. Originally aired on February 18, 1962, The Jackknife was penned by Frank Chase.

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Watch the Full Episode of The Jackknife

Watch the full Episode of The Jackknife

Main Cast

Apart from the main cast, “The Jackknife,” the twenty-second episode of Bonanza Season 3 presents a diverse array of recurring and guest-supporting actors. The cast includes:

  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright (credit only)
  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Bethel Leslie as Ann Grant
  • John Archer as Matthew Grant
  • Donald Losby as Jody Grant
  • Robert Karnes as Rustler
  • Bob Harris as Chad
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Max Wagner as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Jackknife

While hunting for missing Ponderosa cattle, Adam Cartwright encounters an injured rancher named Matt Grant. Adam extends his assistance, bringing Matt home and staying to support his wife and son during his recovery. Unbeknownst to Adam, Matt is involved in a cattle rustling gang responsible for the missing livestock. With Adam now able to identify him, the gang aims to eliminate him before their next criminal endeavor.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Jackknife

(fanfare plays)


What's that for?

It's to keep you honest.

Where are you hurt?


Broken ribs, I guess.

How'd it happen?

Rattlesnake spooked my horse.


Fell on me, ran off.

I've been crawling on
this hard ground for hours.

I'm done in.

Well, I'll get you to a doctor.

No, I don't live far from here.

Get me home; my
missus will take care of me.

Where is it?

Not far.

Oak Meadows.

I think you'd be
better off with a doctor.

Whoa, boy.

Whoa, whoa.


I found this man down the road.


He's badly hurt.

Said he lived here at Oak Meadow

and his wife would
take care of him.

You his wife?

Take him into town.

He's better off with a doctor.

Well, he's almost unconscious.

It'd be too rough
a trip for him.

Well, he's your husband.

You want him dead?

All right, bring him in.

(theme music playing)


There you go.

Now easy does it.

- (groans)
- There you are.


What's wrong with him?

Well, he said his
horse fell on him.

He's got a couple
of busted ribs.

Nothing too serious,
but he's got a lot of pain.

What do you intend
to do with him?

Well, I'm gonna try
to help him if I can.

I'll need some strips of
cloth to bind up that chest,

a little whiskey to
help kill the pain.

Well, you do want to
help him, don't you?

There's some old
sheets I can tear up.

The whiskey's on that shelf.

Try that.

That help a
little, help a little?

(coughing): Yeah,
thanks, thanks.

My wife...
don't-don't blame her.

I brought her out here
from San Francisco

a little less than a year ago.

It was a rough change for her.

Yeah, I bet it was.

You know, it's
easy, easy for a man.

For Ann... a lot different.


She wasn't, wasn't
up to the change.

Made her sort of, sort of hard.

See if you can get that
shirt up a little bit, will you?

Then we can wrap him up.

I never did have a
chance to thank you.

I-I do now.

Glad I came along.

The name's Grant...
Mathew Grant.

This is my-my wife, Ann.

Uh, Adam Cartwright.


The Ponderosa?

Will you stop turning?

It's hard enough to do.

You, uh, familiar
with the Ponderosa?

Who isn't?

It's the richest, largest
spread this side of the Rockies.

It's, um, it's
getting kind of late.

How about staying for dinner?

Well, I wouldn't want
to put you to any trouble.

I'm used to trouble.

You're welcome to stay.

Well, I would
appreciate a warm meal.

You can stable your
horse out in the barn.

Well, that and the
whiskey ought to

get you through
the night, all right.

Guess the rest is
up to you, ma'am.


I'll, uh, take care of my
horse and be right back.

(door closes)

Why did you come back?

That's my wife for you.

I sure know where
to come for sympathy.

Never mind that.

Remember, you're talking to me.

How could I forget it?

Ann... Ann, I made a mistake.

I-I should never have brought
you here from San Francisco.

I'm not talking about
San Francisco now.

I'm asking you
why you came back!

Where else would I go?

This is my home; I-I'm hurt.

Thought your home
was a place you could

drop your coat till
you, till you get bored.

We settled this before you left.

Suppose I-I told
you I was wrong?

(chuckles softly)

How often have I heard that?

Ann... Believe, Ann.

Please believe.

What were you up to this time?

Leave it alone, Ann.

Leave it alone.

Did you miss me?

Last time you left, it was
supposed to be for good.

Why should I miss you?

Here's one reason.

Why do you fight me, Ann?

You know we love each other.

What do we do now?

I don't know.

That thing loaded?

Of course it's loaded.

Wouldn't do any
good if it was empty.

Got a point there.

I hope you don't
intend to use it.

I will if I have to.

Uh... could I put my
hands down now?

What's your name?

Jody Grant.

I lied to you.

This isn't loaded.

Pa would blister me good
if it was and he wasn't here.

Well, your pa taught you good.

You know my pa?

Yeah, met him today;
he's up at the house.

- My pa?
- Yeah.

- My pa's home?
- That's right.

(chickens clucking)



Pa, am I glad to see you!


Easy, son.


Gosh, Pa, what happened?

Your dad got banged
up a little bit, that's all.

Horse shied, threw him...
Bruised a couple of ribs.

That dumb horse.

I hope you whacked him good.

I will when he gets home.

Sit down here, tell me...

You been taking care of
your ma while Dad's away?

He had to; he's the
only man in the house.

Well, in that case,
there's a little package

over there in my coat.

Go get it for me, will you?

The other one, son.

That's right.

You open it.

It's for you.

- For me, Pa?
- Mm-hmm.

It's pretty, Pa.

It's the prettiest
thing I've ever seen.

Yeah, son.

It's sharp as a razor, too,

so don't you go
slicing off any fingers.

I'll be careful.

And I'll keep it
with me all the time.

And, Pa, I'm glad you're back.

Pa says this is
sharp as a razor.

Ain't you glad he's back?


Come on in.

Everything all right?

Fine. I, uh, borrowed a little
hay for my horse, all right?

Sure, sure.

Oh, this-this is my son, Jody.

Oh, yeah, we met.

I'll get dinner; it's pot roast.


Sounds pretty good.

As usual, we're out of wood.

Look, just tell me where it
is; I'll be glad to get it for you.

Oh, it's-it's around in back.


Oh, sure, Pa. I'll show him.

Good. Lead the way.

Thank you.

Not much left. Pa's
been gone a while,

and we've used
most of what we had.

Yeah, ax is kind of dull.
Could use a little honing.


Pa said he'd get to it
the first chance he got.

Hey, no. That's, that's
no way to cut wood.

Didn't your pa ever teach
you you how to chop wood?

Of course, he did!

I-I forgot, that's all.

You cut it with the
grain like this, see?

Why don't you take
this new knife of yours

and whittle up some
chips, maybe, huh?

Mrs. Grant, that's one of
the best meals I've ever had.

Thank you.

It's nice to cook
for a good appetite.

This is, uh, quite a way from
the Ponderosa, Mr. Cartwright.

What brings you out here?

I was looking for
some of our cattle.

Way over here?

I know the Ponderosa is big,
but it doesn't spread this far.

No, our land doesn't, but it
looks like some of our cows do.

What are you getting
at, Mr. Cartwright?

I think he means that, uh,

some of the Ponderosa
cattle were rustled.

Yeah, about 30 head.

I was following their trail when
I came across your husband.

Gosh, Pa, 30 head.

Do you think we'll
ever have that many?

Oh, that's not so many, Jody.

Just a drop in the
bucket to the Ponderosa.

Whoever the rustlers were,
they weren't very smart.

They left about 150 head
up there on the mesa.

You better guard
them, Mr. Cartwright.

Prime beef brings top dollar.

Some men figure
it's worth the risk.

Man gets caught, he's hanged.

Somehow, I can't quite
see that it's worth the risk.

(wind whistling)


I've told you about
that window 100 times!

All right, I'll-I'll start
fixing tomorrow.

And what makes you think
you'll be able to move tomorrow?

So, we'll hire some help.

You know we can't
afford to do that.

Then it'll just wait
until I can get around.

I'm sure Mr. Cartwright
doesn't want to hear our troubles.

Why don't you stay and help us?

That, young man, just
earned you a trip to your room.

But why, Pa?

He can chop wood like anything.

I know he can fix the barn.

That's enough, Jody.

I said, get to your room.

Now, now, wait a minute,
the boy has a point.

Winter's coming on, and it
can get kind of rough up here.

Now, you laid up
the way you are,

it's gonna be pretty

No, really, I'd
like to help out.

Ah, no, you've got
your own work to do.

Well, I think the Ponderosa can

get along without
me for a few days.

It isn't right.

Jody's put you in a position

where it's pretty
hard to refuse.

No, well, I'm offering my
help because I want to.

But it's, uh, it's
your decision, Matt.

It's a chance to
get the barn fixed.

All right, all right.

You can bed down in the barn.

Ann, you better get
him some blankets.


Now, I'm gonna need a
couple of hands to help me.

So, uh, how would you
like to be my helper?

Pay you 25 cents a day.

25 cents a day?

You bet I would.

All right, now we're gonna
get a bright and early start,

right after breakfast.

Best you get to bed now, Jody.

It'll be a full day tomorrow.

Good night, Pa.

Good night, son.

Thanks for the knife.

You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna sleep with
it right under my pillow.

Good boy.

Night, Adam.

Night, Jody.

I hope you'll be comfortable.

Looks fine to me.

Tell me, Mrs. Grant, uh...

does your husband work in town?

Why do you ask?

Well, he seems to be gone
from the place a great deal.

What makes you say that?

General condition
of the property.

My husband hasn't
felt it necessary

to tell me where he goes
when he leaves here.

Sorry, I didn't mean to pry.

No harm done.

Long way from San
Francisco, isn't it?

I'm a long way from San
Francisco, Oroville, Sonora...

A lot of other places.

My husband had a dream
of being a wealthy rancher.

His enthusiasm lasted
about six months.

In a way, I suppose
I should be grateful.

It's longer than most of
his dreams have lasted.

Forgive me, I didn't mean
to talk about my troubles.

Sometimes it's good
to talk things out.

Well, if you need
anything, let us know.

Good night.

Mrs. Grant, uh...

Do you like it here?

Very much.

So does Jody.

It's the first place we've
thought of as home.

That's important
to you, isn't it?

A home for myself,
a home for my child?

It's important to any
woman, Mr. Cartwright.

Well, don't worry.

Things usually work
out if you want it enough.


Sure they do.

Good night, Mr. Cartwright.

Good night.

Now give it a try.

(cattle mooing)

Works slicker than wet mud.

Jody, looks like we got company.

Hello, boy. How you doing?

How's that fine-looking
ma of yours?

You the hired hand?

Helping out for a few days.

Place looks good.

Better than I ever seen it.

Is your pa in?

You better learn
some manners, boy.

You're apt to lose a
few strips of your hide.

Simmer down, Chad.

When you get a brood of your
own, raise them as you see fit.

Is Grant in?

Yeah, he's in the cabin.

You have any particular reason
for behaving the way you did?

I've got a good
reason: I don't like them.

They come to visit your pa,

is that the time he
usually goes away?

Yeah, every time.

Ever tell you and your
ma where he's going?

Why should he?

Think a lot of
your pa, don't you?

The best man in the whole world.

Enough said.

See if we can't
get this fence fixed.

Can I hammer
some of the nails in?

Well, you play your cards right,
you can hammer all the nails in,

and I'll just sit and watch.

You do, and you'll have to
raise my pay to 30 cents a day.

I was afraid you'd say that.

Hey, hold it a minute.

Forget it. You're just
asking for trouble.

Yeah, that's the
kind of trouble I like.

Come on.

Well, if it isn't my
two best friends.

Glad to see you made it, Matt.

Yeah, sure.

I know it, uh, it
troubled you guys a lot

to leave me out there alone

with a couple of,
uh, busted ribs.

Course it did.

If we stopped to help, those
cows would've scattered

and we'd have lost them.

Chad's right, Matt.

The whole night would
have been wasted.

Besides, we knew you'd be
able to take care of yourself.


Now, what about
those stolen cows?

All delivered, nice and neat.

30 head at $50 apiece...
That's $1,500 split three ways.

There's your share... $500.

That ought to make
those ribs feel better, huh?


Who's that you
got working for you?

His name's Adam...
Adam Cartwright.

What? You mean he... Yeah.

The man whose cows we stole.

What's he doing out there?

When that steer hooked
my horse and threw me,

he found me, brought me home.

Why's he still here?

Just helping out until
I get back on my feet.

Listen, Matt,

why do you think a rich
man like-like Adam Cartwright

would play hired hand to you?

'Cause he's that kind of a man.

You helped us rustle
those Cartwright cattle.

Adam Cartwright shows up
at your ranch, he stays here,

you think it's just to
fix your fences for you?

He's, uh, he's got no reason to
link me with those stolen cows.

Maybe not, but it ain't healthy.

Besides, his being here
can foul up our big deal.

What big deal?

There's 150 head
of Cartwright cattle

still waiting for us
on the upper mesa.

I know that.

You guys must be loco.

Twice in a row?

That's the beauty of it.

Everybody will
think the same thing.

Except for one Cartwright...
The one out there.


Listen, Matt, even if he doesn't
suspect you of the first job...

And I think he does... we
can't afford to take any chances.

He knows us. He knows you.

He's liable to put
two and two together

after the job's over with.


No, he'll, uh, he'll
be leaving soon.

That ain't good enough, Matt.

Mr. Cartwright's got
to leave permanent.

What's that you say?

You heard me.

Are you asking me
to murder a man?

Make it look like an accident.

Like he got hurt...

For maybe looking too
close at that wife of yours.


She's mighty tempting.

That's enough!

Now, listen, Matt, I
don't care how you do it,

you got to get rid of Cartwright
before we pull the job...

That's on Tuesday.

Listen, you got two
choices: us or jail.

Don't you try to run out on us.

I promise you, we'll
be quicker than jail.

Don't forget... by Tuesday.

(gun firing)

Four out of six, Pa.

That's keen shootin'.

You handle that gun pretty
good in spite of those ribs.

That's quite a
boy you got there.

You're a lucky man, Matt.


Yeah, I know.

Adam, how about you
try to knock them over?

Well, I don't know.

I'm a little out of practice.

Let's see if you're
as good as Pa.

Pa knocked down four out of six.

Didn't you, Pa?

Go ahead.

Give it a try.

Why not?

Six for six.

You're better than Pa.

Of course, he's
not feeling so good.

Jody's right... you did better.

Did you ever have to
shoot anyone, Adam?

Did you?



But only when there
was no other way out.

I'm going to learn how to
handle a gun like you do, Adam.

Then nobody better
fool around with me.

(Adam chuckling)


a gun's only a tool,
just like your jackknife.

Now, it's no better, no worse
than the man who handles it.

Any man can pull a trigger.

It's not hard.

But it takes a big
man not to pull one.

(door closes)

I'm ready to go into town.

You said you'd drive me.

Oh, good, Ma.

I'll go hitch up the team.

Why, I can't.

I don't feel up to it yet.

Mathew, we have
to have supplies.

The ranch doesn't run itself.

I said I can't...
I'm not up to it.

I'd be glad to drive
you in, Mrs. Grant.

I can manage alone...
I've done it before.

Well, I was planning on
going into town today anyway.

Thank you. I could use the help.

Give Jody a hand.

My... my ribs still ache.

I, uh... I don't think it's
worth taking a chance.

I agree.

You'd be a fool
to take a chance.

Well, son, what are
you doing in town?

You expect to find
the cattle here?

Something came
up... I got sidetracked.

I thought you were supposed
to be on them rustlers' trail.

What happened?

I lost it.

Lost it?

So what have you been
doing for the past few days?

Well, I came across this family.

A man was hurt.

They couldn't afford help,
so I agreed to stay on a while.

Well, that's very
generous of you,

probably very good for them,

but, uh, how about your
own family's problems?

Well, how much longer
will you be with them?

Any time now. The
man's almost well.

You better make it today.

Our plan's almost set.

You mean the 150
head up on the Mesa?

Yeah, the bait.

Trap's ready to be snapped shut.

Anyway, I'll go on back tonight,

pack and get out,
and I'll join you later.

We'd better get going.

Little Joe is waiting
for us at the Mesa.

Ah, see you there.

You finished?

I've got everything but Jody.

He's inside there trying
to make up his mind

between jelly beans
and jawbreakers.

Well, I'll see if I can't
hurry him up a little bit.

He sure is fond of you.

You've been very good for him.

He's a fine boy.

I'll miss him.

Miss him? What do you mean?

Well, I'm leaving tonight.

Your husband can
manage the ranch now.

There's no point in my staying.

We'll miss you, too, Adam.

I'll never forget what
you've done for us.

My pleasure.

Here, let me help you.

Afternoon, Mrs. Grant.

Nice day, huh?

Uh, is, uh... is your
husband with you?


Well, uh, would you, uh,
give him a message for us?

Uh, just remind him
today is Tuesday.

I'll tell him nothing.

You leave us alone.

Stay out of our lives.

Now, you don't really
mean that, ma'am.

I mean, after all, you and
your boy got to eat, haven't you?

What's that got to do with you?

Well, your husband
gave you money

for these supplies, didn't he?

Where do you think he got it?

I don't know what you mean.

All right, Mrs. Innocent,
I'll tell you what we mean.

The money you just
spent came from cattle

stolen by your husband
and us from the Cartwrights.

Oh, no.

Yeah, and tonight,
he's going with us again.

Where do you think you're
going, to tell the sheriff?

What are you going to tell him?

That we're rustlers,
along with your husband?

ANN: Let me go.

Let go of me!

You're hurting me!

Let go of her!

Get back, kid.

Do as the boy says.

Jody, stand aside.

I won't tell you again, mister.

You want to play hero?

You'll be a dead one.

You can't get us both.

Maybe not.

But I can get you.


Never met a woman
yet worth killing over.

Good afternoon, ma'am.

Here's your candy.

Up on the wagon.

There you go!

(clicks tongue) Git.

Pa, you should have been there.

Adam was different than
I've ever seen him before.

He sure made that Chad
back down and eat dirt.

Jody, I don't think I want
to hear any more about it.

And when they left,
Adam just stood there

as calm as if nothing
had happened.

Don't you understand, boy?

I said I didn't want to
hear any more about it.

Mathew, please.

Please what?

I've had a bellyful
of Adam Cartwright.

You understand that?

You don't have to worry
about Adam anymore.

He's leaving.

He's in the barn now
saddling his horse.

Jody, I think you
better go to your room.

Sorry, Pa, if I said
anything wrong.

Don't you understand him?

He's just a small boy.

He's prone to hero worship.

I'm his father.

Way he's acted since
Cartwright's been here,

I... I could just as
well be a total stranger.

You've been a stranger
a lot longer than that.

Where are you going?


I'll be gone for a few days.

You can say my good-byes for me.

Mathew, I don't want you to go.

I have to go... it's important.

And it can mean a lot to us.

It can mean a lot
more if you stay.

What are you talking about?

I never asked you for anything,

but I'm asking you
now... Please don't leave.

This will be the last
time, I promise you.

When I get back,
everything will be different.

Living like this, nothing.

I can start being
a father to Jody,

give him the things he wants.

You can't buy your son's love.

You've got to earn it.

I'll earn it.

After tonight.

I've asked you as a favor to me.

Please don't go.

I'm telling you I have to go.

Now, let's have no
more nonsense about it.

You're a thief.

What did you say?

I said you're a thief.

I know all about
you and your friends.

I ran into them in town today.

They... they told me about you.

I know where you're going.

I know what you're
planning to do.

All right.

So you know.

How could you?

How could you steal from
the man who saved your life?

Ann... Ann, I've got to do this.

I'm hooked with these two men.

Besides, that money will
give us another chance.

We've got a chance
right here on this land.

We don't need
that kind of money.

What good are those
steers to the Cartwrights?


Ann, it'll be a new life for us.

We've started new
lives three times,

and every time the going
got rough, you ran away.

That's what you're doing again.

This will be the last time.

I swear it.

I've forgiven you

time after time
after time after time

because I loved you,

but if you do this
thing, don't come back

because there
will be no love left.

Ann, don't say that.

Ann... Ann, I... I love you.

I need you.

It won't work anymore.

Let go of me.


Take your hands off me.

All right.

I should never have come back.


- Ann... Ann, I didn't mean it.
- No, don't you touch me!

Don't you ever touch me again!

ANN (crying): Go on.

Go on, get out.

Go get yourself killed.

Ma... Ma, I'll take
care of you, Ma.

Ma... Pa isn't bad, is he?

Ma, Pa isn't bad.



Adam! Adam!

- (chickens clucking)
- Adam?

In here, Jody.

Adam, my pa.

Whoa, whoa. He just left.

He said he was going into town.

They were fighting, Adam.

It scared me.

They never talked
that way before.

He... he hit her.

Well, you... you just stay here,

and I'll go take
a look, all right?

Adam, my pa, he
isn't bad, is he?

Nah, Jody, he...

he might have done a bad
thing, but he's... he's not bad.

Now, you just stay here.

Come on.

You hurt?


Jody told me about the quarrel.


Did he tell you
what it was about?


What's wrong?

Those cattle that
were stolen from you...

Mathew was part of it.

You... you knew
that, didn't you?

Yeah, I suspected it.

You still gave him the
benefit of the doubt.


I thought he was worth it.

He was once.

Those men who came here,
they're going to do it again.

They're going to
take your cattle.

That... that's where
Mathew's gone.

I know.

We're expecting the second raid.

My family and I have
a trap set for them.

There'll be shooting?


I'm afraid so.

Do you want me to try
and stop your husband?

If I do, it still means
prison for what he's done.


Like Jody, I love him.

I want him alive.

(hoofbeats approaching)


He's going after his father.

Ann, I'll... I'll bring
them both back.

(door opens and closes)




Pa... oh, Pa, please.

Jody, what's the matter?

What are you doing here?

Please don't go.

Please don't.

What are you talking about?

I heard you and Ma fighting.

Please don't go.

Ma doesn't want you to go.

Jody, you... you shouldn't
have come after me.

What I have to do is
beyond your understanding.

Now, I want you to get back
on your horse and go home.

Pa, I want to stay with you.


Jody, what I do,

I... I do for you
and your mother.

Now, go on.

Go on home.

No, Pa, no.

Look, Jody.

(Mathew clears throat)

I told you I'm going to put you

back on your horse
and you're going home.

Now, come on.

ADAM: Grant?

I'm taking you back...
The both of you.

Go home, Jody.

The boy stays.

I said I'm taking you both back.

You're not going to stop me.

You said anyone
can pull a trigger,

but it takes a big
man not to pull one.

If you want to shoot me,
you'll shoot me in the back.

Let's see how big a man you are.

All right, get on your
horse. I'm taking you home.

Give it up, Matt. It's no use.

Get up.

Look, I'm not a... I'm
not a big man, Adam.

I can pull the trigger.

No, Pa, no!

- No!
- Stay back, Jody!

You can't shoot Adam.

He was just trying to help you.

Honest, we was.

You've ridden into a... a
man-size problem, son.

Don't you understand?

It's... it's either Adam or me.

Here, Pa.

I don't want it anymore.



Come on, son.

We're going home.

You don't have to do this, Matt.

It's all over as far
as I'm concerned.

Hear that, Pa?

You don't have
to give yourself up.

Adam won't say anything.

I know that, Jody, but, uh...

now, when you did wrong,
I punished you, didn't I?

Yes, Pa.

Then it was forgotten
and we started fresh.

Well, I've done something wrong.

I know it.

Your mom knows it.

You know it.

I've got to face up
to my punishment.

Then, when I get back,

we'll forget it and start fresh.

Do you understand?



now, you, uh... you take
good care of your mom.

I will, Pa.

I promise.

Hey, Jody, give me a hand
with those horses, will you?

Will, um... will
you mind waiting?

It shouldn't be
more than a year.

It'll... it'll be
right next time.

I know what I have now.


You need any help, you
know where you have a friend.

I know.




Well, Adam, you missed it.

Those two rustlers
walked right into the trap.


Too bad they tried
to fight their way out.

Who was that?

It's a man that's walking
in instead of being carried.

I'll tell you about it
on the way home.

Come on. Little Joe is waiting.

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