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The Roper Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #27

The focal point of the Peter Packer-scripted Bonanza episode The Roper is on new series regular Will Cartwright, portrayed by Guy Williams. With Ben and his sons absent, outlaws infiltrate the Ponderosa, aiming to plunder Ben’s safe and abduct Will. As the criminals await Ben’s return to coerce him into revealing the safe’s combination and then eliminate him, Will devises a daring plan to secure his and Emma’s safety. Emma, portrayed by Julie Sommars, is the beleaguered wife of outlaw leader Lee Hewitt, played by Scott Marlowe. “The Roper” premiered on April 5, 1964.

Delve into its plot intricacies and intriguing trivia, or watch the entire episode below.

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Watch the Full Episode of The Roper

Watch the Full Episode of The Roper:

Main Cast

In the twenty-seventh episode of Bonanza’s fifth season, titled “The Roper,” several recurring and supporting cast members appeared. Notable members of the cast include:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Guy Williams as Will Cartwright
  • Scott Marlowe as Lee Hewitt
  • Julie Sommars as Emma Hewitt
  • James Beck as Dolph
  • John Hubbard as Doctor
  • Ray Teal as Sheriff Roy Coffee
  • Corey Allen as Lt. Bower
  • Donald Elson as Ed Wharton
  • Barbara Morrison as Kate Wharton
  • Armand Alzamora as Fletch
  • Stephen Holmes as Charlie
  • Bill Clark as Posseman Fred (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Roper

An Army Lieutenant arrives at the ranch with a wounded prisoner in tow. While Will rushes to fetch the town doctor, the prisoner’s gang arrives unexpectedly, seizing them all as captives. Faced with imminent danger, Will resorts to stalling tactics, promising substantial gold to delay their departure. He hopes to safeguard the lives of everyone involved, including his relatives, Ben Cartwright and his sons.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Roper

Ah. I'll tell you, nothing like
a good home-cooked meal.

The chuck wagon chow
at a roundup isn't too bad

for the first couple
of days, but...

Now, Pa, the way I figure it,

if we could just buy up
about 5- or 600 more acres,

we might just about
be able to break even.

Hoss's appetite is an
old joke around here, Will.

It sure is. Fact is that my
little brother down there

is just jealous of my
gastronomic appreciation.

Heh, all right, boys. We got a lot of
work yet to do, so let's get back to it.

- Are the horses ready?
- Saddled them all myself, Pa.

Oh, that's why you ate so much.

Will, today we're gonna show
you a section of the Ponderosa

that you haven't seen yet.

Got some pretty
exciting plans for it too.

I want you to tell me
what you think about them.

You mind if I stay home, Ben?

Why? Aren't you feeling well?

I guess I'm just a little
tired after the roundup.

I keep forgetting you're
not used to the ranch work.

Sure, you stay home.

That'll give you, uh,
a little extra time to,

you know, think
about our conversation.

I have thought about it.

I know that you've been wandering
around a lot since your father died.

Wandering has its exciting
aspects. I know that.

But, well, the Ponderosa can
be a pretty exciting place too.

If you let it.

It isn't always easy for a
man to change his ways, Ben.

I know. No, you're right. Sure.

Well, you take your time and
think about that conversation.

I promise you that.

- We'll probably be back after dark.
- Maybe I'll find an answer by then.

- Will isn't coming.
- What's bothering him anyhow, Pa?

It's a difficult adjustment
for him to make.

Don't forget he's been on his
own ever since my brother died.

He's still a Cartwright.
Why doesn't he just relax?

- Anything we can do about it?
- Yeah.

Go about our own business
and leave him to his.

Whoa, Cochise.

- What's the matter?
- He's got a loose shoe, Pa, I think.

He's been favoring
his front left.

Yeah, it's loose all right. I better
go back to the house and fix it.

Why don't you ride
on ahead? I'll catch up.

Come on, boys.

Well, what are you
doing back so soon?

Told my pa I had a
loose shoe on the horse.

I wanted to come
back and talk to you.

What about?

I don't know.

I was wondering if there was
anything about any one of us

that was bothering you.

Will, I can't understand
why it's taking you so long

to make up your mind whether
you wanna stay on here.

Joe, will you stop pushing?

Joe, it's not you. It's
not any of you. It's me.

I don't know that I'm
cut out for the kind of life

you lead here on the Ponderosa.

What do you mean, the
kind of life that we lead here?

Now, what's so
different about it here?

Look, Joe.

Having the Cartwright name

doesn't make me the
kind of Cartwright you are.

I've wandered all over the world

and I've done a little bit of
everything a man can do.

And trying to settle down
in one place, nice as it is,

might just not be
possible for me anymore.

Look, I don't care what kind of
troubles you've had in the past.

Whether you'll have
more troubles in the future

doesn't make any
difference either.

No matter what it is, your
troubles are our troubles.

Will, we're family here. That's
what I want you to understand.

Look, I'll level with you.

It means an awful lot to my
pa whether you stay here or not.

That's why I want you
to make up your mind.

The longer you wait, the
more it's gonna hurt him.

All right, I'll stop pushing.
You think about it.

I better get going. I can't fool
him about that horse too long.

Joe, you've just helped
me make up my mind.

See you tonight.

I'm Lieutenant Bancroft from Fort
Wheeler. Where's Ben Cartwright?

He's not here. Can I
help you, lieutenant?

- Who are you?
- Will Cartwright.

Never heard of
any Will Cartwright.

Well, I never heard of
a Lieutenant Bancroft.

You wanna wait inside or out?

This matter we have
on hand won't wait.

Door's open. Make up your
mind. I'm leaving anyway.

Corporal, walk those horses
dry. Wagner, bring him in.

Put him over there.

He needs a doctor. If I didn't
have to get him back to the fort alive,

I'd just as soon settle
for an undertaker.

- Who is he?
- Name is Lee Hewitt.

Wanted in four states.

Caught him and his gang trying
to ambush the Army pay wagon

south of Carson Sink.

Too bad you didn't get
the others, lieutenant.

That means you're a dead man.

Looks kind of young to
be such a prize, lieutenant.

Young, mean and clever,
no matter what he looks like.

Well, he's your
problem, lieutenant.

Stay as long as you need.
I'm sure my uncle won't mind.

You seem pretty anxious
to ride away from here.

Where you going?
I want an answer.

Look, my eager young friend.

Now, you've only got my
word for it that I'm a Cartwright.

And all that tells me that you're
a Cavalry officer is that uniform.

- Go on.
- Ben's my uncle.

And I got three cousins. Their
names are Adam, Hoss and Little Joe.

We'll call it a draw.

On your way, stop by in
town and send back a doctor.

I'll appreciate it.

Well, since you put it that
way, I guess I can find the time.

Now, where can I clean up?

You'll find everything
you need upstairs.

- Here.
- Thanks.

- You got a drink?
- It'll make that wound bleed more.

- I got plenty left.
- Okay.

This is a nice ranch.

Must feel good to be
part of something like this.

I'm not part of it.

I thought I heard you say
your name was Cartwright.

- This is the Cartwright spread, ain't it?
- So what?

So nothing.

Except I just always wanted
something like this all my life.

Hey, maybe I could
take your place, huh?

I mean, maybe I could talk a
deal with that lieutenant, huh?

Good joke.

You tell me another one like
that and I'll let you bleed to death.

You know, you and me,
we ought to have a talk.

Can't do much talking
on the end of a rope, lad.

You know, you're all right.

You got the look of an outsider.
And I know just how that feels.

I've heard Ben talk about
you several times, young fella.

- Mighty glad to meet you at last.
- Thank you, doc.

Ben says you might be
staying with us permanently.

Haven't seen him so happy
about anything in a long while.

Maybe when we meet next time,
we can have a nice friendly chat.

If I were staying.

Oh, sorry to hear
that, young fella.

- Bet Ben was too, huh?
- He doesn't know about it yet.

Didn't mean to pry.
Just interested, that's all.

Wagner, you gonna
do that, do it outside.

Outside, both of
you, and stand watch.


Are you trying to kill me, doc?

You make a lot of
fuss, young fella.

It ain't even that
bad or that deep.

And here. Bite on this.

- I don't need that.
- Bite!

You gonna tell
me how lucky I am?

- No.
- Thanks.

Doc, if you're still here
when my uncle gets back,

tell him I made up my
mind. He'll understand.

What about those two troopers?

They were too busy eating fried
chicken to keep a sharp lookout.

It made it nice and
easy for Charlie and me.

Oh, Lee, why? Why?

Well, it took you long
enough to get here.

Yeah, I know. I lost your
trail a couple of times.

She tried to make
another break for it.

When will we get rid of her?
She's nothing but trouble.

I'll decide what to
do with my own wife.

Oh, yeah, Mr. Cartwright.

This is my wife, Emma.

All even, Little Boy Blue.

You know, you two
done me a big favor

and I'd sure like
to pay you back.

Now, I don't mind leaving
pieces of evidence around.

- I don't like to leave witnesses.
- Stop!

- Now, why'd you do that?
- Haven't you done enough?

Won't you ever be satisfied?
- No, I won't!

Now, you just keep
your own mouth shut!

Hey, look, Lee.
There's a safe over here.

Hey, wait a minute.

When that lieutenant came
in, he asked for Ben Cartwright.

Now, if he's top man around
here, he'd have a combination.

Heh, so all we have to just
do is sit here and wait for him.

Yeah, and won't he be surprised

to have an ambush at
his own ranch house?

Fletch, you take Charlie and
get Little Boy Blue over there

and get rid of him and
them troopers outside.

And hide the horses.

There'll be four
Cartwrights coming back.

Four? WILL: That's right.

Ben and his three sons.

And there could be some gunplay. I
don't think you're in any shape for it.

What's that to you?

When Ben and his boys come back,

they're not gonna be
eating fried chicken, amigo.

- Well, I can handle them, amigo.
- You sure of that?

Are you trying to make a deal?

You know, somewhere along
the line, I knew you'd get that idea.

All right. I'll get you the money
out of the safe. That's nothing.

What's really important is
that you don't know this country.

And after what you just did,

there's gonna be a lot of
people chasing you that do.

I'll lead you out of here.

And I know a lot of places to hide
along the way while we're doing it.

That sounds like a fair
deal. Your life for mine.

You could lead us right into
a posse too, couldn't you?

And run the risk of getting
killed in the middle of a gunfight?

I'm not that stupid.

How about it?

- I don't know.
- All right. Stay here.

Fight it out with the Cartwrights for a
few measly hundred I can hand you.

What about him?

Well, you'll need him to watch
that wound for a few days.

Heh, after that, you
won't need him anymore.

You know something?

I think that you and I could
get along real well together.

Why not?

You and me, we're the
same. Both of us outsiders.

- Am I wrong about that?
- No, you're not wrong about that.

I'd rather ride alone
than be tied to a spread,

no matter how good it
looks from the inside.

And this one looks pretty good.

You know something, mister?
You make a lot of sense.

Maybe you can be some help after
all, even though your name is Cartwright.

No, it isn't.

Now it's just
"thieving traitor."

You just be glad you're living.

You might come in pretty handy.

Okay, we'll do it your way.

First let me have your gun belt.

You just remember, there's
gonna be four guns watching you.

Because we don't know yet just
how much of an outsider you are.

Get at the safe.

You really think he can help us?


Unless he's
thinking of tricking us.

Well, we can always kill him if he
tries something like that, can't we?

Well, we're gonna do that anyway.
Yes, sir, we're gonna do that anyway.

- No light, Pa.
- I'll go light a lamp.

Looks like Will
went to bed early.

Heh. Well, he said he was
pretty tired from the roundup.

- Why don't you put the horses away?
- Yeah.

You tired too?
I'm ready for bed.

Pa, Will's saddlebags are gone.
He always leaves them here.

Probably put in his room.

I'll go look.

Will's not in his bed.

- Went for a ride, maybe went to town.
- I don't think so.

Look, Pa, I lied to you
today when I told you

there was something
wrong with my horse.

I just used that as an excuse
to come back and talk to Will.


Look, I know how much it meant
to you to have Will stay here with us,

how happy you'd have been
if Will had come with us today.

I just wanted Will to know how
we felt. That we felt the same way.

That we wanted him
to be part of the family.


He didn't know one way or the
other. I said, "Well, make up your mind.

Make up your mind whether
you're gonna go or gonna stay."

I didn't want him to wait
and then hurt you later on.

Go on.

And when I left
he told me I'd...

I'd helped him to
make up his mind.

I guess I helped
him the wrong way.

But I just can't believe that...

He'd just go off without
saying goodbye or...

It's my fault.

I pushed him too hard.
It's my fault that he's gone.

Oh, no. No, Joe.
It's not your fault.

After all, he's a grown man.

He's old enough to
make his own decisions.

He'll, uh... He'll
be back again.

Sure, he'll be back again.

I hope so, Pa.

Sorry we can't offer you any,
but it wasn't enough to go around.

Some coffee?


- Now?
- Now.

You done a good job, Cartwright.

And we're just as
safe as we can be.

Sorry we can't take you
and the doc along with us.

Aren't you getting a
little ahead of yourself?

We're not that far out of
Ponderosa country yet.

We'll do fine from here on out.

What'll you do for money?

You said yourself there
wasn't much in the safe.

That's something we know
how to get without your help.

Like that Army payroll, where
you wound up with a bullet in you?

Supposing I told you that
I knew where and when

a government stage
is coming through?

And it's right on
our way out of here.

- Where?
- Not far.

It'll have twice as much
gold on it as you've ever seen.

Now, wouldn't you like to leave
here with those saddlebags full,

- instead of a few hundred dollars?
- I don't trust him.

You shut up.

How much gold?

You won't know that till
you open the strongbox.

But I'll tell you this. If you
kill me now, you'll never know.

That's right. When's
it coming through?

I'll let you know when.

In the meantime, you'll be
perfectly safe here till it's time to ride.

- But we get rid of him now.
- Okay, kill the doc.

But if that wound busts open,
don't ask me to fix it for you.

- You trying to tell me what to do?
- That's right.

Look, I know you'd get a
kick out of killing us, but, uh...

Well, just think about
it. What buys more?

Two dead men or what's
gonna be on that stage?


But you just better be right.

Because you're only gonna
have one chance to prove it.

That's all I ask.

You sure must like living,
Cartwright, buying time the way you do.

You're lucky I'm so greedy.

You just leave him be for now.

Well, don't feel too
bad about it, Dolph.

Oh, there'll be
something in it for you.

Uh, maybe you can ambush the
driver and the guard from behind.

I bet you'd like that.

That's enough! I said,
that's enough. Enough!

You know, I'm starting to like
you all over again, Cartwright.

You handle yourself pretty good.

- You've got the money with you?
- No.

Not me, Pa.

That's funny. I had a couple
of hundred dollars in the safe.

It's gone now. It's empty.

Well, maybe Hoss
needed it for something.

Yeah, well, I'll
check with him later.

Anyway, pick up
some cash at the bank

before you get
the supplies, huh?

Where's Hoss anyway?
Isn't he going with us?

No, no, he's back
of the barn there

chopping down some dead trees
before they get blown down, heh.

I'll see you later.





I was just starting around
back and I found something.

You ought to come
look for yourself.

It's three dead soldiers
back there in our bush.

Looks like the lieutenant was
shot and the other two stabbed.

Adam, get Sheriff
Coffee out here.

Pa, you don't suppose Will too?

Better start looking around.

Oh, honey, just how long
you gonna stay mad at me?

You should know.

Hey, now, but that ain't
right. I mean, you're my wife.

You know you ain't worn my ring
since we had that little misunderstanding.

Is that what you wanna call it?

Aw, honey, it's just
because I want you so much.

As a wife or a woman?

Keep your eyes
off me and listen.

- I'm not part...
- I'm not interested.

I'm sorry I had to
hit you so hard, doc.

I said I don't wanna talk
to you, you filthy traitor.

Listen, I had to do everything I could
to convince Lee that I was on his side.

It was the only way I could think
of getting him away from the ranch,

saving Ben and the others from an
ambush and keeping you and me alive.

There's still a long shot that
we're gonna get out of this.

But you've gotta
play along with me.

Wait our time.

Sure hope you don't have
to do any more proving.

Now things are just
gonna work out fine.

- But you gotta shut your sweet eyes...
- To the kind of man you've become?

What would you do if I
tried to run away again?

Would you shoot me this time?

Oh, come on, now.
That's just plain silly.

Besides, you're bound to
see it my way sometime.

All I see is dirt.

- Ha, ha.
- Ooh.

Hey, now, I know
what'll convince you.

Soon as we finish here, I'm
gonna take you to San Francisco

and I promise you, we'll have
all the money we ever need.

We don't have to go scratching

or living out of the ground
the way our folks did.

I'm gonna buy
you the best house.

With fancy furniture and servants
and all the best people to entertain.

And I'm gonna open a saloon.

Better than any saloon
they have in St. Louis.

And every time you walk in,

I'm gonna have that band
play something special.

Something special for Mrs. Lee Hewitt,
just so everybody'll know who you are.

Don't that sound wonderful?

Sounds horrible.


Fred, you and Ernie
best get back to town

and get some men
together for a posse.

Ben, are you sure you ain't
got no idea what happened?

Roy, I tell you, I don't know.

Maybe whoever robbed the safe
was surprised by Bower and his men.

- I don't know.
- Wait a minute.

Where was Will when
all this happened?

He wasn't here.

Well, I saw Will and the doc riding
out toward the Ponderosa yesterday.

Roy, did you see
the doc this morning?

No, I didn't.

I'll bet you they got
caught up in this somehow.

Well, let's start looking.

- Here, have a drink.
- Pair of ladies.

Pair of ladies. Well, let's
see what I've got here.

I'm a loser.

Mm. Lost again.

Listen, I wanna talk to you.

I'm not one of them.

- That why you joined them?
- Only to stay alive.

Save my family
and doc. He knows.

I'm stalling for all the time I can get.
Give the posse a chance to close in.

I don't care. It's all over
for Lee and me anyhow.

Lost again.

I can't figure you with that.


You could when we
were first married.

- What changed him?
- Hatred.

After his father was killed in
a barroom brawl, Lee started...

I thought if we left St. Louis,
he'd gradually forget the hate.

Make a new life
somewhere out here.

It wasn't easy. Then
he met the others.

They showed him the
fast way to make money.

Two months later,
he was showing them.

- Did you try...?
- Try to stop him?

Oh, I even tried to
leave him a month ago.

When he caught up to me...

Well, afterwards he
took me to a doctor

and when the man
finished fixing me up,

he looked at Lee and said if he
ever saw him again, he'd kill him.

Since then I've been
watched day and night.

If I make a move against
Lee, will you help me?


Ben, I believe if we split up here,
we'd cover a lot more territory.

Yeah, I think you're right.

Uh, Joe, you and Adam, you go
with Roy. Hoss, you come with me.

Come on, boys.

I want you to ride out
of here to Virginia City.

- What about you and the doc?
- We'll be all right.

As long as we can keep Lee thinking
about all that money that's around here.

Will you do it?

Right, now listen.

The trail begins
about a mile down.

Now, find someone
who'll get word to my family

that we're holed up on
the Old Quarry Road.

Now, if they miss us here,

tell them that I'm gonna steer Lee
back by the Rimrock Stage Station.

I'll try to keep Dolph busy.

The minute you see
me start talking to him,

make your way
over to the horses.

- Can you ride bareback?
- Yes.

You're quite a gal.

What do you think you're doing?

Dolph, if I'd have known you
packed such a good right hand,

I'd have never tangled with you.

Get back over
there with the others.

Listen, we got a long
way to ride together.

No sense being at each
other's throats, is there?

Let's forget it.

You must be kidding. Get back
over there with the others like I...

Where do you think
you're going? Get Lee!

- I'm sorry, the horse...
- We'll think of something.

- What else can we do?
- I don't know yet.

But struggle, struggle.

She was trying
to run away again.

You're giving me an
awful lot of trouble, Emma.

Maybe you just ain't worth it.

Then let me go.

What, so you can tell
them where we are?

Oh, I used to love
you a lot, Emma.

And I thought you loved me.

Now I just can't trust you.

Not at all.

Step away from her, Cartwright.

You're insane.

Yeah, I used to love you a lot,
Emma, but you just don't listen anymore.

And that can't be,
honey. That just can't be.

Don't be a fool, Lee!

Get out of my way!

You wanna let a posse
know exactly where we are?

- They're miles from here.
- You sure?

You wanna ruin everything?

All right, we'll tie her up.

- We'll talk in the morning.
- No, now.

Three hours from here is
the Rimrock Stage Station.

Well, why didn't you
tell me that before?

I said I'd let you know
when I was ready.

Well, you're forgetting
that I'm giving the orders.

I'm not forgetting anything.

But do you want a clear shot at
the gold that's gonna be there or not?

You saying that I don't
know how to handle myself?

No, but I'm the one that knows
how things are set up around here.

- Remember?
- Yeah.

Well, if we'd have got up
there early and hung around,

the operator would
get suspicious.

We might wind up fighting for our
lives and that stage would get away.

There's no profit in
that, is there, Lee?

Maybe you're right.

Now, if we leave now,
we'll get there by morning.

- And that's when the stage is due.
- Okay.

But I want you up in front,
because I'm gonna be watching you.

All right.

It appears like this is
the last stop, all right.

It ain't been long neither.

- Roy, come here.
- Yeah?

It's the kind of cigar
my cousin smokes.

Then he could be with
them. Tracks lead off that way.

Well, we'd better tell Pa.

All right, but we ain't
gonna wait for you.

- Sure he knows where he's going?
- It's an open grave if he don't.

Well, I don't like it. We could be
spotted from anywhere up there.

I'll check.

Where you leading
us? This ain't a trail.

We're making our own.

It's harder for the posse
and shorter to the station.

Relax, boy. It's my
life too, remember?

We found out where they hid
out, Pa. By Old Quarry Road.

- What else?
- Well, looks like Will's with them.

We figured you
ought to be along.

- Well, what about the sheriff?
- They went on ahead.

The tracks were heading
for the Rimrock area.

- How many people?
- Just the man and his wife.

All right, let's go easy.

Fletch, you take the
horses around back.

Well, welcome to Rimrock, folks.

- Uh, I'm Ed Wharton.
- Hello there, Ed.

Why don't you all just sit down,
huh? Make yourself comfortable.

Uh, what's your pleasure, sir?

We'd like some, uh,
whiskey and food.

Oh, right. Right away.

Kate's out back
stirring up some stew.

Make it feel like a brand-new
day. Almost ready now.

- Just tell her to wash her hands.
- "Brand-new day."

Here you are.

Hey, mister.

I've been on the trail too.
Don't I get any service?

Oh, sure, sure. Uh,
what do you want?

- Give me some cigars.
- Oh, right.

They're right up
here on the shelf.

Here you are, sir.
Give me a light.

Get the sheriff. These
men are wanted for murder.

You heard what I said.
Get the boys some stew!

Right, I'll go help
Kate in the kitchen.

- Cigar, gentlemen?
- Yeah.

- Here, have a cigar.
- Thanks.

I believe him, Kate. That
young fella needs help.

- What are you gonna do?
- Gonna get some.

Now, you keep them
busy eating and drinking.

Right. Ed, be careful.

Ah, this is the best stew
we ever laid eyes on.

You be sure and give the little
lady here a recipe before we leave.

Glad to.


Gonna bust in on
them? Surprise them?

No, can't do that. Not
with two women in there.

I wonder if we
can bluff them out.

You ain't drinking at all.

Well, somebody's
gotta stay sober.

Yeah, you're right.
Somebody's gotta stay sober.

You're a good man, Cartwright.

Come out with your
hands up! All of you!

- Who's that?
- I don't know. I can't see him.

Sounds like my
uncle, Ben Cartwright.

You said you wanted to meet him.

- Now's your chance.
- You've done this!

You got 10 seconds
before we start shooting.

Make up your mind!

Ben usually means what he says.

You better get on out
there with your hands up.

That way, you've got
some kind of a chance.

After what we done
to them troopers?

Oh, one more ain't gonna
make any difference.

Well, what are you
waiting for? Kill him!

You leave this to me.

We got a second
posse on its way.

And I promise you the sheriff
won't give you this much of a chance.

You got four seconds
to come out now!

Two seconds!

Go on, Cartwright.
Shoot your own kin.

He thought he was being real
clever leading us away from that ranch

so I wouldn't kill you all,
but I knew it all the time.

Yes, sir. I did.

What do you want?
- You ride out.

And if you try to follow
us later, he gets it.

How do I know he'll be safe?

Well, I just might send him
back and I just might not.

But you got no choice.

Or one of them
Cartwrights gets it right now.

If he doesn't come
back and I find you,

I promise you the
buzzards won't want you.

When I give the word, start
throwing shots at that roof.

- What for? JOE:
Come on, just do it.


- You all right?
- Yeah. Stay down here.

Keep them pinned down!

All right, drop!

Cooking is not the only
thing I can do, young man.

Emma, help me, please.

Help me, Emma.

Hoss, Joe, put him on a horse.

Well, Emma, I hope you'll come
back to visit us again sometime soon.

Thank you for letting me
rest here these last few weeks.

You have a lovely
ranch, Mr. Cartwright.

Thank you.

And a lovely family.

- Oh, heh.
- Heh.

I'll never forget your kindness.

- I'll never forget anything.
- Goodbye, Emma.

Bye. ADAM: Hyah.

Will, I was just wondering.

Maybe you ought to go
along and catch that stage.

Not gonna be another one through
here for the next couple of days.

Push, push, push.

You know, boy, he's
got the right name.

He's libel to turn into a pretty
good Cartwright after all, I reckon.

Well, I don't know.
You never know.

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Bonanza remains an outstanding, family-friendly series, perfect for both personal enjoyment and group entertainment. The Roper is the 161st episode out of a total of 430. Produced by NBC, Bonanza graced their network from September 1959 to January 1973, boasting an impressive 14-season duration.

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