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Triangle Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #33

Originally, Kathie Browne was slated to make between eight and ten appearances on Bonanza as widow Laura Dayton. This plan aimed to prepare audiences for Laura’s wedding to Adam Cartwright, setting the stage for Pernell Roberts’ eventual departure from the series. Furthermore, Guy Williams was introduced as a potential replacement for Adam, portraying Ben’s nephew, Will Cartwright. However, the series encountered resistance from its female fans, who disapproved of Adam settling down, while other cast members reportedly felt threatened by Williams’ charismatic presence on set. Consequently, both Browne and Williams were skillfully written out of the show in the episode titled Triangle.

As a sequel to the previous week’s “The Pressure Game,” “Triangle” depicted Laura and Will grappling with guilt over their growing romance, leaving a temporary Adam, who used a wheelchair, feeling isolated. Ultimately, the episode concluded positively, though the future seemed uncertain for Browne and Williams, who never made another appearance on the series—penned by Frank Cleaver, “Triangle” aired on May 17, 1964

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Watch the Full Episode of Triangle

Watch the Full Episode of Triangle:

Main Cast

In the thirty-third episode of Bonanza’s fifth season, titled “Triangle,” several recurring members appeared. Notable members of the cast include:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Guy Williams as Will Cartwright
  • Kathie Browne as Laura Dayton
  • Katie Sweet as Peggy Dayton
  • Grandon Rhodes as Doctor
  • Bill Clark as Cowboy in Blue Shirt (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Triangle

Adam had been secretly constructing a house on the Ponderosa for Laura, envisioning a future where they could be married and she would have her own space away from the ranch. Ben, his father, expressed concerns about Adam’s secretive approach, but Adam ignored the advice and continued with his plans. His exhaustion from working on the house led to him falling asleep during conversations with Laura, who remained unaware of his reasons for delaying their wedding until the house was finished.

Meanwhile, Adam’s cousin Will started spending more time with Laura in Adam’s absence. When Adam missed a party, Will stepped in to accompany Laura home, and their connection deepened with a kiss. Laura realized she had feelings for Will, and together, they decided to confront Adam about their emotions.

Finding Adam working on the house, unaware of their presence, they accidentally startle him, causing him to fall and become trapped under a beam. Laura and Will, realizing the gravity of the situation, decide to keep their love a secret and support Adam during his recovery. Will stays on the Ponderosa to assist, as requested by Ben.

As Will leaves for San Francisco, Laura confesses her love for him in the barn. Adam overhears their conversation and privately admits that he understands he didn’t truly love Laura. In a surprising turn of events, Adam rises from his wheelchair, demonstrating that he doesn’t need their sympathy.

Full Script and Dialogue of Triangle

Where's Adam?

He left early this morning. We
thought he was over at your place.

He was supposed to come over.

We were going into
town to see Mr. Weems

about selling my place.

Oh, don't blame Adam. He's
been a little absentminded lately.


He's been more than that.

He came over for
supper last night

and he fell asleep while I
was washing the dishes.

It's happened the last
three times he's been over.

You're working him too hard.

Ha. That'll be the day.

Matter of fact, we've been
doing his chores lately.

Well, whatever it is, I
hope he gets over it soon.

I don't know what I'll do about
the appointment with Mr. Weems.

Will, why don't
you go with Laura?

- We'll get the chores done.
- Fine.

I'm sure there will be a lot of
questions I won't know the answers to.

Well, I don't know how much
help I'll be, but I'll sure try.

Would you take care
of my horse, please?

Certainly. I'll tell
Adam you're in town.

Yeah, and we'll also give
him some very serious advice

about falling asleep in the
presence of a good-looking gal too.

Tsk. Come along.

I don't know what's
gotten into Adam lately.

Getting up early,
staying out late.

Never telling anybody
where he's going.

Well, if he don't wanna tell
us, it ain't none of our business.

Yeah. You know what
I think I'm gonna do?

I think I'm gonna get up early one
of these mornings and just follow him.

Ha. Any time you get up
earlier than is necessary,

that's gonna be a miracle.

And in the second place,

you ain't gonna spy on
your brother and you know it.

Well, just the same, I
don't think it's fair to Laura.

I really don't. Because
people who are engaged

are supposed to be miserable
when they're not together all the time.

That's you, little
brother. You ain't Adam.

Hoss is right, Joe.

You've no business criticizing
anything you don't know anything about.

Besides, your older brother
knows what he's doing.

Anything you say, Pa.

How's it going?

Great, now that I got the
delivery on those special beams.

You're working shorthanded.
Sure you couldn't use more men?

I'm sure, Pa.

I wanna take as much care with this
place as you did with the Ponderosa.

And I hope this house lasts
as long and is just as happy.

Well, I know how you feel.

Although, I didn't have any
problem keeping my house a secret.

Problem? What do you mean?

It's always a problem keeping
things secret from a woman.

There's no protection
against a woman's curiosity.

Well, I just, uh, wanna
present the house complete,

finished on our wedding
day as a surprise.

Does that bother you?

I don't know. Do you think Laura
would rather have you keep it a secret

or have you spend a little
more time with her now?

- Why, has she been complaining?
- No. No, not really.

Then there's nothing
to worry about.

Soon as I get delivery
on those cedar panels,

I'll, uh, hire some more men for
the job and we'll get it done faster.

Why don't you tell
her about the house?

Well, I've gone this far,
I might as well finish it.

Even at the risk of maybe
neglecting Laura too much?

Ah, stop worrying, Pa. I
love Laura and she loves me.

I just wanna present the house on
the wedding day. It's as simple as that.

You gonna be by the house
before you go to Laura's?

It depends on how
much I get done here.

I may go directly
over there if I'm late.

I certainly appreciate
all your help, Will.

Well, I don't know
how helpful I was,

but, uh, whatever it was,
you're certainly welcome.

You can take the buggy
on to the Ponderosa.

Adam can bring it back tonight
when he comes for supper.

You know, since Adam's been
eating over here so regularly, uh,

Hop Sing's nose is out of joint.

You must be as good a
cook as he says you are.

Well, Will, you know you're welcome
to come over anytime to supper

and judge for yourself.

I'd better wait till
after you're married.

I think that right now
three would be a crowd.


- Hi, Mommy. Hi, Uncle Will.
- Hi, Pegs.

Where's Adam, Mommy?

Well, he's busy.
What did you want?

I wanted to ask him something
about my pony, Traveler.

- Can I help?
- No, thanks. I'll wait for Adam.

She's gonna miss this place.

Oh, she'll love the Ponderosa
once you're settled there.

I'm sure she will.

You have any doubts?

Well, I know the
Ponderosa's lovely,

and I adore Ben
and the boys, but...

As a group, they're a
little overwhelming, huh?

But do you realize counting Hop
Sing there are six men in that house?

What, you call that bad?

Why, you two will be
as spoiled as princesses.

Well, I wouldn't mind
being a princess,

but I would like to be a
housewife in a place of my own.

- Does Adam know how you feel?
- Yes.

At least I have asked him

to think about staying on
here after we're married,

but he won't hear of it.

Adam is very strong
in his opinions.

But I really shouldn't be
talking to you about this.

I understand how you feel.

We'd better keep it a secret.

They'd be very
hurt if they knew.

All right.

Then we'll keep it a secret.

Thank you, Will. For everything.


This is a pretty tough
job for a little girl, Peg.

Oh, Adam, I know I can
do it, I just know I can.

I'm gonna give my pony
a surprise on his birthday.

It'll be a year next month
since you gave him to me.

Oh, my goodness,
has it been that long?

Well, you're a better
rememberer than I am.

I'm a pretty good
rememberer too.

And it's your
bedtime, young lady.

- Aw, Mommy...
- And no arguments.

All right, now, look, Peggy.

You're gonna braid these three
strands for about six more inches.

And that ought to keep you busy
until I tell you about the next step.

- Now, you do what your mama says.
- Yes, Adam.

Good night, Adam.
Good night, Mommy.

She certainly minds you
better than she does me.

Well, that's as it should be

seeing as how I'm
going to be her father.

And when is that going to be?

Oh, uh...

As soon as we're
married, of course.

Oh, Adam, don't tease me.

You know perfectly
well what I mean.

When are we going to set
the date for the wedding?

Well, we've decided that,
uh, sometime this summer.

I mean, specifically.

We have to pick a definite date.

There are millions
of things to be done.

This ranch has to be sold,

a wedding dress has to be
made, church arrangements.

My goodness, you
are eager, aren't you?

Isn't that being a bit forward?

Oh, Adam, you're
impossible. Heh.

Don't worry, sweetheart.

We'll pick a definite
date real soon. I promise.

Well, there is one
date that is definite

and that's the party that your
father is going to give for us.

That's right. Um...

Let's see, now, when is that?

You know perfectly well it's
two weeks from next Saturday.

And don't forget it.

I won't. I'll be back in time.

Back? From where?

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I have
to go out of town on the 10th.

But, uh, the party's not until the 14th,
so there's plenty of time to get back.

Well, you'd better be back.

I got material for a new dress.

And with the
pattern I picked out,

it's going to take me
about two weeks to finish it.

It's going to be beautiful.

It's lavender organdy. And
I'm going to make a sash.

Doesn't that sound
wonderful, Adam?


Well, I'll go in
and get my ticket.

And I'll go in and get the mail.

Well, I could go and look at
the new dresses at Miss Irene's.

But I won't. I'll be strong and
just sit here and wait for you two.

You're the only
passenger leaving.

The stage is ready to leave now.

Okay, thank you, Robert.

Well, the clerk says I'm
the only passenger leaving

and the stage is ready. So
say goodbye to Will for me

and thank him for
driving you back home.

I will. And don't forget
about the party on Saturday.

Don't worry, I'll be back.

Take care of yourself and Peggy.

- Bye.
- Goodbye.

Hey, you mind if I ride with
you, keep you company?

Hyah! Hyah!


What happened?

Oh, the stage was
ready, so Adam had to go.

He said to say goodbye and
to thank you for driving me.

Oh, sorry I missed
saying goodbye.

I'd have been back sooner
but I stopped to read a letter.

- Good news?
- I don't know.

- Not bad news, I hope.
- No.

But, uh, it might help me make a
decision that I've been putting off.

Well, what do you mean?

This letter is from
a friend of mine.

I met him when I
was traveling around.

He's got an import
business in San Francisco.

He wants me to travel
around the world for him

and make contact with these
firms he does business with.

Well, that sounds perfect
for you. You like to travel.

Yeah. It's real tempting.

At least it, uh, gives
me a clear-cut choice.

You see, before, it was, uh, just a
question of staying on the Ponderosa

or picking up and
aimlessly wandering off.

You sound like you've
already made up your mind.

Well, there are a few
things I have to solve yet.

Like what?

Well, like telling Ben and
the boys in such a way

that they don't, uh,
think I'm ungrateful.

I'm sure they'll understand.


What about you, Laura?

Don't you have the same problem
about staying on the Ponderosa?

No. Whatever apprehension I
have about living on the Ponderosa,

I'll live wherever my
husband wants me to live.

Oh, that Adam. He's a lucky man.

I was looking for you. I
thought I might find you out here.

I suddenly decided I
needed some fresh air.

Yeah, it is kind
of warm in there.

Oh, it sure is lovely
out here, isn't it?

I'm sorry about Adam.

It wasn't Adam's fault
the road washed out.

His wire said how sorry he was.

Well, I still feel he should
have left a little earlier.

It wasn't Adam's fault.
He couldn't help it.

Laura, you are gonna make
a very understanding wife.

Would you do me a
favor, Mr. Cartwright?

- Of course.
- Well, I have a headache.

And I really should pick
Peggy up at Mrs. Robbins'.

Would you mind if
I went home now?

Of course not.

I'll have one of
the boys drive you.

As a matter of fact, I'll have
them bring out your wrap

and I'll say good night
to the folks for you.

A headache can be a pretty
miserable thing. You wait right here.

You're very kind,
Mr. Cartwright. Thank you.

For my future
daughter-in-law, anything.

I understand you
have a headache.

The boys and I just drew lots
to see who'd take you home.

And wouldn't you know, I lost.

I should always be so lucky.

Well, I don't know
how lucky it is.

I feel it's an imposition.

You've had to take me
so many places lately.

It's always my pleasure.

And the prince came
home to the farm girl

and they lived
happily ever after.

Oh, Mommy, Mrs. Robbins
tells such beautiful stories.

Indeed she must.

I thought you'd have been
asleep long before now.

No, because I was making up a
story of my own. Do you wanna hear it?

Oh, not tonight, young lady.

You should have been
asleep hours before this.

Now, you run on up to bed.

I don't think I can go to sleep
unless I get to finish my story.

Well, you try.

I'll tell it to my doll.
She loves stories.

Good night, Mommy.
Good night, Uncle Will.

Good night, Peggy.

I better go too, give you
a chance to get some rest.

Well, I feel much
better after the drive.

Why don't you sit down
and have some coffee?

I just have to put it
on the stove to heat it.

- Are you sure you're all right?
- I feel fine.

All right.

Besides, I've been wanting to ask
you about that job in San Francisco.

What did you decide?

Well, that's a problem.

A problem?

Well, I know all about problems.

Now, you take tonight.

Getting a headache and
acting like a fluttery female

just because I was disappointed.

Well, that's understandable.

It was your engagement
party, wasn't it?

That should be
important to any woman.

No, the important thing is to see
things in their proper perspective,

not to behave like
an emotional child.

But here I go chattering on
when you said you had a problem.

Will, what is it?

Nothing, just
forget I mentioned it.

Will, we know each
other better than that.

Besides, I'm always
confessing my worries to you.

I've got to go now.

Wait, you haven't even
had your coffee yet.

- That's all right.
- Will, what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong.

Well, something's bothering you.

Tell me what it is, please.

Maybe I can help you this time.

Laura, you can't
help me this time.

Try me. Please.

That's the problem.

Howdy, stranger.

Howdy, stranger.
Where's your mother?

I'll go call her.

Mommy! Mommy!

What is it, Peggy?

Oh, hello, Adam.

Hi. I threw my hat in ahead
to see if I was welcome,

and, uh, Peggy gave it
back to me. Do you approve?

- Of course. Welcome home.
- Oh, uh... Ahem.

A little peace offering.

What'd you get me, Adam?

Well, now, you just go look in
my saddle bag, Miss Greedy.

Adam, you spoil her.

Oh, I just gave her a bridle.

At the rate she's braiding hers,
her pony will be too old to use it.

Open yours.

I hope it fits.

But, uh, it's better than anything
I could find in Virginia City.

It's very nice.

I'm sorry about the party.

It's all right, I understand.

You didn't have to
buy the ring in apology.

It's not an apology.

It's not just a gift,
it's a wedding ring.

I think it's time
we set the date.

Why now?

You, uh... Well, you've
been saying for weeks that...

Well, I know what I've
been saying for weeks, but...

Well, now we can set the date.

Well, I'll think about it.

Think about it? Why, it's
all you've been talking about.

It wasn't important to you.

Well, now it isn't
important to me.

What's wrong, Laura?

Oh, Adam, I've seen practically
nothing of you for weeks.

You're gone from
morning till night.

You've left all the wedding
arrangements to me.

And when I do see you,
you fall asleep on the couch.

And at our engagement
party, you weren't even there.

Laura, I don't blame
you for being angry, but...

Well, things are gonna be
different now, I promise you.

Adam, maybe...

- Maybe what?
- Maybe we shouldn't set the date now.

Maybe we should think some
more before we get married.

Well, I don't understand.

You've been upset for weeks
because we couldn't set a date.

And now that we can set a
date, you're even more upset.

Well, maybe that's the
problem, that I am still upset.

Well, I think it's just
a case of nerves.

What about you, Adam?

Are you nervous?

No, but, uh, as soon as
we set the date, I will be.

Give me some time.

All right.

Take all the time you need.

As a matter of fact, I
could use some time myself.


Yeah. You said yourself there's
a million things to take care of.

Things keep
popping up every day.

Then we agree?

Yeah, just let me know when you're
ready and we'll announce the date.

All right, Adam.

Then I'll see you tonight?

Well, I have a headache.
Could we make it tomorrow?

Sure. I'll pick
you up for church.

You'll get over those nerves.

It's gonna be tough enough
living with me every day.


Why aren't you in church?

This morning, I thought it was
more important to talk to you.

Well, uh, how'd you
know I was here?

Hoss told me.


What else did he tell you?

That you'd come into town to sell
your horse to Mr. Coombs in there.

That's right.

I decided to take that
job in San Francisco.

I know. Get in and I'll
drive you back to the ranch.

Hoss is picking me up later.

I told him I'd pick you up.

- Laura...
- Get in, Will, please.


Let's get down for a
minute. I'd like to talk.

All right.

Shall we?

Now, why did you suddenly make
up your mind to go to San Francisco?

It wasn't sudden. I've been thinking
about it a long time. I told you that.

- And last night you kissed me.
- Yes.

Are you sorry you did?

No, I'm not sorry.
But I shouldn't have.

Why shouldn't you?

What do you want from me?

Do you want some
kind of a confession?

All right.

I love you.

Kiss me.

Will, please.

So now we both face the truth.

Well, I knew how I felt, but...

Me too.

If we hadn't both been
so conscious of Adam,

we would have realized what
was happening weeks ago.

That kiss last night
shocked me into facing it.

Oh, I love you.

I love you too, Will.

Now there's Adam.

What happened to us happened
almost without our knowing it.

It was just there.

We didn't deliberately
set out to make it happen.

But now that it has,

the best thing for all our
sakes is to be honest about it.

Make him understand.

And he will.

There's been a hesitancy
about our coming wedding

from both Adam and me.

His reluctance to set a wedding
date, his constant absences.

Maybe these have been
indications of doubt he hasn't faced.

Well, I don't know
anything about that.

All I know is that I'm going
to have to tell him about us.

We have to tell him.

All right.

Let's tell him today. Now.

Only I don't know where he is.

When he came to pick me
up for church this morning,

I said I still had a headache.

But he said he still
had some things to do.

I suppose he's on another
one of his mystery trips.

I think I know where he is.

Come on.


One morning, early, I saw
Adam going up this canyon.

I think it's this one.

Will, listen.

It sounds like
somebody hammering.

Come on. Ha!


- We'd better go on down.
- All right.

Hyah! Ha!

We'd better not try to move him.

Maybe you're right. It
might hurt him even more.

You'd better go for a doctor.


I heard you coming.

You startled me.

I guess I moved too fast.

Lie still.

Will has gone for help.

Adam, we weren't spying on you.

Of course not.

I was building you a house.

Away so much
getting the best, I...

Surprise for you
on the wedding...

What does the doctor say?

He says there's serious damage

to his back muscles

and nerve system.


The doctor didn't know.

But I do know.

He'll recover.

And he'll walk.

He's going to need
constant looking after.

You'll have to make
room for Peggy and me.

We'll have room.


We're gonna need your help too.

I know you were planning
to leave for San Francisco...

but we're gonna be
a bit shorthanded.

San Francisco can wait.

Thank you, Will.

Sweetheart, what are
you doing here all alone?

I got nobody to play with.

I know it's lonesome for you.

Why don't you go out
for a ride on your pony?

I can't. Uncle Hoss says
he has a fever in his leg

and he has to stay in
his stall for a few days.

It's like Uncle Adam, isn't it?

I mean, he can't do anything.

In a way. But
Adam has lots to do.

His exercises and reading
and talking to visitors.

When is he gonna
come downstairs?

When the doctor says he can.

Why don't you go
up and talk to him?

His father's exercising his legs
now, but I know he'd like to see you.

All right, Mommy.

Hi, Uncle Will.

Hello, Peggy.

I was looking for Ben.

He's upstairs talking to Adam.

Run along, Peggy.

It wasn't anything
important. I'll see him later.


There. Adam ought to be able
to manipulate that wheelchair

up and down that
slick as a whistle.

Of course he might have
to have help getting up.

Yeah, but he'll be able
to get around outside

just as well as he does
inside with those wide wheels.

Yeah. Let's go tell
him we're finished.

The boys certainly did
a fine job on that chair.

They sure did.

Well, she moves around as
smooth as a greased buggy.

Adam, we got that ramp
ready. Wanna take a try at it?

I'm ready.

Adam, this chair is good, but
not as good as those exercises.

Don't let it become
a substitute.

No, don't you worry
about that, doctor.

Laura and I won't
let him do that.

No, doctor, he's a
very good patient.

You mean obedient. You're training
me as a husband under that excuse.

Come on, let's try the ramp.
And if it dumps you, it's Hoss' fault.

I must get back to town. I've
got other patients too, you know.

Doctor, how soon do you think
it'll be before he'll be able to walk?

Well, he's making good progress,

and, uh, with the
continuance of the exercises,

I think he's got a
very good chance.

But it's still more than
a matter of muscles.

A lot will depend on his, uh...
Well, his mental determination.

Well, I think he has plenty of
inspiration for that right here.

- He's a lucky man.
- Yes, he is.

- I'll be going.
- I'll go with you, doc.

Ah. Will, you're just in time to join us.
Come on, we're gonna play a little ball.

I'd like to, but I've
gotta see your father.

Come on, Mommy.

Mommy, let's go.

Hello, Will, come on
in. Sit down, sit down.

You got a minute?
I'd like to talk to you.

I sure have.


Well, the roundup's over now
and, uh, things ought to ease off,

so I think I'd better
get ready to go.

Well, I can't say I haven't
been expecting this.


I can't tell you how grateful I
am for you staying on and helping.

I just don't know how we'd
have gotten along without you.

I sure wish you didn't have
your heart set on going, though.

Well, Ben, I appreciate the opportunity
you've offered me here, but, uh,

you know how it goes with me.


So I'll be making plans
to leave in a few days.


Just remember that,
well, this is your home

and we're your family,

whenever you need us.

I won't forget.

Here you go, Laura.
Look out there.


It sure is wonderful the way
Adam improves every day.

- You can catch better than that.
- It sure is.

Here you go.


Ben told me you're
planning to leave.


Why, Will?

It'll be better for
both of us if I go.

It's impossible for me
to stay here like this.

Well, I know, but it
can't be for much longer.

He's getting better every day.


He can't walk.

It may be years
before he can, if ever.

No. No, Will, that's not true.

Wishing won't change anything.

We can't think of being
together as long as he's like that.

That's why,
darling, I have to go.

No. No, he'll get well
and then we can tell him.

We can't live our
lives out in that hope.

What are we supposed
to do in the meantime?

Torture ourselves?

Will, I'll always love you.

Yeah, I heard.

Part at least. Enough
to know the truth.

I'm sorry.

Don't be. I understand.

We were coming to tell you
before you had your accident.

Adam, there was never
anything behind your back.

I know. Neither
one of you could.

I told you I understood.

I'll be packed and
gone by tonight.

You can't do that. You've
gotta take Laura with you.

No. This doesn't
change anything.

Will, listen to me.

Weeks ago, my father
tried to point out to me

that I wasn't so much
in love with Laura

as I was with the
idea of being married,

of having a home.

But I wouldn't listen to him.

I was too intrigued
with building that house.

But these past few weeks of
lying in bed, and this wheelchair,

have given me a chance to
realize that my father was right.

- Adam...
- Now, let me finish.

I suppose I haven't told Laura the
truth because I was afraid of hurting her.

So now you're making a
sacrifice so I can have her, hmm?


What I told you just
now was the truth.

Look, I admire what
you're trying to do,

but it just won't work.

Will, I swear I'm
telling you the truth.

I hope that someday
Laura does marry you.

She'd be a lucky girl.

There. Now, your father
will be out in a few minutes

to start your exercises.

Laura, I'd like to
talk to you a minute.

All right. What about?

About you and Will.

What do you mean?

I mean, that I know that
you and Will are in love.

How could you?

Does it matter?

The important
thing is that I know.

It's all right, Laura.

Go to him.

I can't.

Sure you can.

You love him. Marry him.

But what about you?

I'm all right.

I love you, Laura,
and I'll always love you.

But not the way Will loves you
and not the way you love Will.

Marry him, live on your ranch.

There's no need for Will to
run away to San Francisco now.

Oh, Adam, why couldn't we
have talked like this before...

Before my accident?

You know, Laura, I
think I've known all along

that it would never really
work out with us in marriage.

Please believe me.

I believe you, but Will won't.

He'd always feel guilty.

Don't let him. Make him believe.

I can't. I know.

It's too late, Adam.

What's Laura upset about?

What were you talking about?

About getting married.

I thought you'd decided
to postpone the wedding

until you'd
completely recovered.

I wasn't talking about me.

I was talking about
Will and Laura.

They're in love.

I'm sorry, Adam.

You remember you
were trying to tell me

that maybe it wasn't
Laura I was in love with

so much as it was the idea of
building my own Ponderosa?

Well, you were right.

These last few weeks,
I've finally realized it.

Well, you'd better tell them.

I tried.

But Will wouldn't believe me.

He thinks I'm making
some noble sacrifice.

And Laura feels the same way.

That they can't have a marriage
as long as I'm in this chair.

I'm packed. I'll spend the night in town
so I can catch the early morning stage.

I'll tell Laura that
you're leaving.

Laura. LAURA: Yes?

Will is leaving.

You mind if I, uh,
borrow the buckboard?

No, just leave it at the livery
stable, we'll have it picked up.

So soon?

When you finally decide,
you might as well go.

Peggy's going to be very
disappointed she didn't get back

in time to say goodbye.

Say goodbye for me.

I'll send her something
from San Francisco.


Keep up those exercises.


Goodbye, Ben.

Thanks for everything.

You remember what I said.

About this being your home.

I won't forget.

Goodbye, Laura.

Goodbye, Will.


Adam. Adam.

I'm all right.

Now, you go to him.

See, I don't need you.

And he doesn't have an excuse
now for not marrying you, has he?

Oh, Adam, thank you.

Thank you.


Let's go inside and
give them a little privacy.

Behind the Scenes of Triangle

In this episode, Little Joe and Laura Dayton share the screen for the first time. Throughout the series, Joe wasn’t present in other episodes featuring Laura.

Books Worth Reading:

This episode marks Guy Williams’ last appearance as Will Cartwright. He later played Professor John Robinson in “Lost in Space.”

During a scene by the lake, Will and Laura mention their kiss from “last night,” despite Adam being absent and returning the next day. Based on Adam’s remarks upon his return, it’s the Saturday after the engagement party so the accurate term would have been “last week.”

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza is a fantastic, family-friendly series that can be enjoyed alone or with loved ones. Triangle stands as the 167th episode out of a total of 430. Produced by NBC, Bonanza graced their network from September 1959 to January 1973, an impressive run spanning 14 remarkable seasons.

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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