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Jenny Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #08, Episode #05

Gunsmoke is a 20-season Western television series that aired from 1955 to 1975. The series portrays how Marshal Matt Dillon, played by James Arness, worked to keep the peace in Dodge City, Kansas. Two of the episodes in Gunsmoke are entitled “Jenny.”

The first among the two was Episode 5 from Season 8, depicting the story of a bank robber who flees to Dodge City with his girlfriend, Jenny (played by Ruta Lee). While gambling away his fortune, his girl has her sights set on Marshal Matt. Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and written by John Meston, the episode aired on October 13, 1962.

Meanwhile, if you’re searching for the episode from Season 16 where Jenny, an almost ten-year-old girl, arrives in Dodge City to meet her father, you’ll find that here.

Read about Jenny, Season 8, Episode 5’s plotline, including some behind-the-scenes trivia, or watch the episode below.

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Gunsmoke Jenny Cast

The cast members in the Gunsmoke episode, Jenny, are as follows:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Burt Reynolds as Quint
  • Ruta Lee as Jenny
  • Ron Hayes as Zel
  • Barry Russo as Flack (as John Duke)
  • James Nusser as Louie Pheeters
  • Barry Cahill as Chuck
  • Ken Hudgins as Pete
  • Montie Montana Jr. as Joe (as Monte Montana Jr.)
  • Jimmie Booth as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Danny Borzage as Barfly (uncredited)
  • John Breen as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Rudy Doucette as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jaye Durkus as Townsman (uncredited)
  • George Ford as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Herman Hack as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Kermit Maynard as Bartender (uncredited)
  • Fred McDougall as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Rex Moore as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jimmy Noel as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chick Sheridan as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Glenn Strange as Sam (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Gunsmoke Jenny

Zel and Flack robbed a bank, killing two people in the process. They got $3000, splitting the cash before they parted ways. The duo plans to rob another establishment, agreeing to meet in Pueblo in a few weeks. Flack goes to Wichita while Zel hides in Dodge City with his girlfriend, Jenny.

While in Dodge, Jenny works in the saloon. On the other hand, Zel tried his luck to double their money through gambling.

Marshal Matt visits the saloon to do his rounds, catching the attention of Jenny. Meanwhile, Zel wasn’t so lucky in gambling, shedding his cash to Chuck, a casino poker gamer.

Zel tried to get Chuck to return his money. However, Chuck had him figured out, so he had his friend hold his money. Zel strikes him in the head, causing Chuck to faint, eventually succumbing to his death.

Matt visits Zel in his hotel room, arresting him for killing Chuck. Zel tried to come off clean. However, Zel has no choice but to surrender after attempting to shoot Matt.

Jenny visits Zel in jail, where they both agree to use Jenny’s charm to persuade Matt to release Zel. Jenny invites Matt to her room, saying there’s something she wants to tell him.

In the beginning, Jenny tells Matt that she used to think she was in love with Zel, with staying with him eventually became a habit out of fear. However, Matt is too smart to fall for her tricks. Realizing this, Jenny tells Matt that Zel wants her to get him out of jail through the Marshal. Jenny also confesses her feelings to Matt, but he immediately rejects her advances.

Later that evening, Jenny surprises Matt with her uninvited appearance in his house. Matt wraps her in a blanket, then carries the screaming Jenny to Kitty. Upset that things ended badly, Jenny threatens to kill Matt as she leaves the room.

Flack arrives in Dodge the next day to give Matt the thousand-dollar bail money for Zel. However, when they leave, Jenny tells Zel she’s staying with the Marshal. Matt continuously rejects her in front of Zel, but Jenny keeps saying how Matt changed her. Enraged, Zel threatened Matt, saying Matt was going to lay dead once he left town. Jenny leaves after, taunting Matt, knowing Zel meant his words.

Zel and Flack discuss their plans to kill the Marshal at the saloon. Unbeknownst to them, Louie Peeters, the town drunk, heard their conversation. Flack wonders if Louie is listening to them, but Zel shrugs off since Louie’s “some old rummy.”

Louie reports what he heard to Marshal Matt.

Matt shuts down Zel’s first murder attempt outside his room. Flack plans to shoot Matt before rushing to Pueblo. However, he fails to kill Matt.

Matt asks Quint to accompany him as he rides after Flack, Zel, and Jenny.

Meanwhile, Jenny figured Zel and Flack intended to kill her before leaving Pueblo. Zel doesn’t deny it, telling her he plans to murder Jenny and bury her someplace no one will find.

The following day, Zel found a spot where they could bury Jenny. Flack thinks it’s a waste to murder her, leaving the killing all to Zel. Flack offers Jenny a chance to escape with him, to which she eventually agrees.

Quint arrives shortly after. As Zel, Flack, and Quint talk, Jenny sees Marshal Matt riding on his horse in the opposite direction. Zel realizes it’s a trick, and a fight ensues. In the end, Zel and Flack die while Jenny decides to go to Garden City to head to Saint Louis.

Full Script and Dialogue of Jenny


(woman screams)


(woman screams)


Ain't you never gonna
fix that coffee, Jenny?

Why do you think I
went for the water?

Just make the coffee.

Don't let success
go to your head, Zel.

You've been broke before,

and you'll be broke
again before too long.

Well, then you'll be just
broke right along with me.

Mm, share and share alike.

Why don't you
two quit scrappin'.

JENNY: Oh...

Well, I guess that does it.

$2,500 apiece, huh?

That's not too bad a haul.

We'll do better than this, Zel.

You ain't forgot about
Pueblo already, have you?

Not hardly. When do
we have to be there?

At the end of the month.

That's when the gold
shipments come in.

And it won't be easy, not
like Rush Center was today.

Well, then we'll just have
to work a little harder,

shoot a few more people.

Plenty of money in it.

There sure will be.

What about that coffee, Jenny?

Would you like me to
make it with cold water?

You know, uh, it's a couple of
weeks to the end of the month.

We can't spend it
sitting around here.

I think it'd be a good
idea to separate.

We can meet again in Pueblo.

Where are you going?

Uh, Wichita, I think.

Good. Well, Jenny
and me'll go to Dodge.

I got a hankerin' to
do a little gambling.

Easy come, easy go.

Now, what are you talking
about? I can double this money.

Hey... got a surprise first.

Yeah, what?

You just sit there, now.

What's he up to?

Oh, he's got a bottle of
whiskey buried out there.

You sure do keep your
eyes open, don't you?

A girl has to.

Well, keep 'em open in Dodge.

We don't want anything
to go wrong, do we?

I'll do my best.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Hey, Doc.
- Hello, Matt.

You know your horse
has got a loose shoe

on the left front foot there?

How can you tell that?

You want to bet on it?

Well, no, I don't want to
bet you, but you're wrong.

Well, I'll tell you,
we'll just go on over

to the blacksmith's
shop and find out.

All right.

I want to say hello
to Quint, anyway.

What kind of a
trick is this, anyway?

You're just too lazy to
walk, that's what it is.

(clicks tongue, Dillon chuckles)


DOC: Quint!

- Hello, Doc.
- How are ya?


Hi, Quint.

All right, we'll
find out right now.

Quint, I want you to take a
look at that left front shoe.

Sure, Doc.

You got a loose shoe here, Doc.

- What?!
- Yep.

Well, I'll be darned.

It's a bad fault of yours, Doc.

What is?

A man can't trust his
friends is in trouble.


What are you talking about?

Well... (laughs)

I'm not gonna sit here while
he tries to explain it to ya.

Now, uh, can you fix that shoe

and then take the horse and
buggy over to Moss Grimmick's?

Glad to, Doc.

How's business, Quint?

I can't complain, Matt.

Most folks been real nice
about helping me get started.

Most folks?

Well, some people
don't take too kindly

about my being
half Comanche, Doc.

Who don't?

It don't matter. I'm
used to it now anyway.

You're right, Quint.
You can't fight 'em all.

That's right. There ain't
no money in it either.

You're lucky you got a
rich customer right here.

Oh, yes, yes, I'm
rich in promises.

Now don't be too long about that

'cause I never know
when I'm gonna have a call.

It won't be more than
a half an hour, Doc.

All right.

- See you later, Quint.
- So long, Matt.

Hey, you.

- You talking to me?
- Mm-hmm.

You know how to shoe a horse?

Yeah, I know how.

Well, come on, Jenny, get down.

You, uh, you want 'em both shod?

No, no, just, uh,
just this one here.

The other one I want to leave.

Now don't you
mistreat that animal.

I heard how you redskins are.

Cowboy down the street,
he told me about you.

Well, maybe you better
take him someplace else.

No, no, I... I ain't got no time
to take him someplace else.

Come on, Jenny. Let's go.

Now why'd you have
to be so mean for?

Why, it's good to let people
know where they stand, Jenny.

Now you take some money

and go and buy
yourself some clothes.

Oh? What kind of clothes?

The kind you'll need
for working in a saloon.

I don't want to
work in a saloon.

Well, it won't be
for long, Jenny.

Why does it have to
be for anytime at all?

I'm gonna be doing
some gambling, Jenny.

And I want you around where
I can keep an eye on you.

Now I'm going down
to the Dodge House

and get us a couple rooms.

You come down there
when you get through.

(men laughing, piano playing)

Business is kind
of slow, ain't it?

It's fine with me. Except
it picks up from now on.

Well, there's one
game going though.

I guess it's big enough for me.

(scoffs) You're sure
confident, aren't you?

I'm gonna double
this money, Jenny,

and I ain't gonna waste
no time doing it either.

Yeah? Good luck.

There room for one more, gents?

Well, if you got
any money, there is.

Well, I happen to have a little.

I'll bet $20.

Too much for me.

Hello, Kitty.

Hmm, hello, Matt.

Well, looks like you're
making a lot of money tonight.

Can't complain.

Who's the new girl?

Name is Jenny Glover.

I got an idea she belongs
to our new gambler.

Who's that?

I hear his name is Zel Meyers.

I don't know anything
else about him

except that he's
losing a lot of money.

You sure keep track of
your customers, don't you?

Strangers especially.

Well, I got to make
the rest of my rounds.

I'll be back before
closing time.

All right.

Three deuces.

Well, that's enough
for tonight, gents.

Come on around tomorrow night

and I'll give you a
chance to win it back.

Mm, maybe I will.

Wait a minute. Wait
a minute. Don't leave.

Uh, I want to buy
drinks for the house.

Well, not for me, thanks.
I'm gonna go on to bed.

It's been a long day.

Thanks for the game, gents.

Anytime, anytime.


Lost it all, didn't you?

I wouldn't worry
about that, Jenny.

Where you going now?

Dodge House. I'm wore out.

Aren't you gonna wait for me?

I'm tired, Jenny.

You can get somebody else
to walk you home, can't you?

Just for tonight?

You don't mind, do you?

It wouldn't matter
much if I did, would it?

That's a good girl.


Excuse me.

(hushed): Hold it!

What's this?

I want my money back.

Well, what kind of
a gambler are you?

You lose your stake

and you hold a man
up to get it back?

I want that money.

Well, I've got a
surprise for you, mister.

I kind of figured
you for what you are,

and I don't have
any money on me.

Now don't you lie to me!

I gave it to a friend
to hold for me.

A man you ain't even seen.

You seem to forget that I'm
holding a gun on you, mister.

Well, search me then.

Turn around and put your
hands against the wall.

Not a red cent.

You won't find a red cent on me.

You won't get away with this.

Well, it looks to me like I
already got away with it.

Hey, there's
somebody laying there.

I didn't hear no shooting.

Look there. Maybe he done it.

PETE: Hey, mister!
Wait up, there!



ZEL: Who is it?

Marshal Dillon.

ZEL: The door ain't locked.

Well, come on in, Marshal.

DILLON: You Zel Meyers?

Mm-mm. I am.

Must be pretty important,

waking a man up in
the middle of the night.

What time is it, anyway?

You always sleep with
your door unlocked, do you?

Yeah, I usually do.

I lead a clean life, Marshal.

There ain't nobody after me.

Leaving this door
unlocked proves that, huh?

ZEL: Well, I got
nothing to hide.

Get your clothes on.

Get my clothes on? What fer?

You're going to jail.

Now look here, Marshal,

I got a right to know
what this is all about.

- Chuck Eaton is dead.
- Who?

The man who won all
your money at poker tonight.


Oh, that's too bad.

Who shot him?

Come off it, Meyers.

He was hit on the head.

A friend of mine
saw you in that alley.

He described you to me.

(Zel chuckles)

Now, what's your game, Marshal?

You trying to... trying
to hang it on a stranger

just because you can't
find the one who did it?

Get out of bed and get
your clothes on right now.

(pained grunts)

Don't-don't-don't shoot!

I quit.

Now, you can't blame me.

No man wants to go to jail
for something he didn't do.

All right, get out
of bed and get up.

All right.

You hit me in the
shoulder, Marshal.

Get going.

(sighs) Well, I ain't
even got my boots on.

You should've
thought of that before.

- Hello, Doc.
- Matt.

I didn't know you were in there.

I was checking on my patient.

Well, I've been checking
on your patient, too,

with Judge Brooking.

Is he going to try
him right away?

No, he can't get around
to it for several weeks.

(door opens)

- Marshal Dillon?
- Yes.

- I'm Jenny Glover.
- Yes, I know.

I think I saw you at the
Long Branch last night.


I saw you, too.

This is Dr. Adams, here.

- How do you do?
- Hello, Doc.

What can I do for you?

Well, I, um...

I came to see Zel Meyers.

I'll be at my office, Matt.

All right, Doc.

All right.

You got a visitor, Meyers.

Well, you took your
time getting here.

JENNY: How're you feeling?

Oh, fine...

for a man that
got shot last night.

I got news for you.

ZEL: Oh, you found
the man who done it?

No, we didn't.

You were lucky...
Nobody saw you do it.

You may get off being hung,

but you're a cinch
for 20, 30 years.


I ain't been tried yet, Marshal.

No, but you will
be, in a few weeks.

In the meantime, Judge
Brooking set your bail

at a thousand dollars.

A thousand dollars?

If it had been up to me, you
wouldn't be out on bail at all.

But Judge Brooking
has a mind of his own.

Well, I'm glad for that.

DILLON: You got the money?

Now, you know danged
well I ain't got the money.

I'll be outside.

You can stay as
long as you want.

Thanks, Marshal.

Did you do it?

Course not.

I gotta get out of here.

I can't hang around
here waiting for no trial.

We got a date with Flack
in Pueblo, remember?


But a thousand dollars?

We don't need no
thousand dollars.

What do you mean?

The marshal...

Well, what about him?

Well, you know, Jenny.

The same way we
worked it in St. Louis.

You know what to do.



And I'm the one who had to
take the job at the Long Branch

so's you could
keep an eye on me.

This is different.
This is important.

Now, I got to get out
of here, you know that.

Yeah, I know.

All right, Zel.

All right, I'll do it.

But you just remember one thing:

this was your idea.


there's something
that might interest you,

something I want to tell you.

All right.

Oh, not here.

Can you come to the Dodge House?

Why there?

Well, it has to do with
all this, Marshal, and...

Well, can you make it
about mid-afternoon?

All right, I'll meet
you in the lobby.

Oh, no. No.

Room 28.

You'll understand
when you get there.


(clears throat)

Hello, Marshal.


Won't you come in and sit down?

Thank you.

Uh... How about a drink?

No, thanks.

What did you want
to see me about?

Well, there's, uh...

there's something that I'd
like to explain to you, Marshal.

About, uh...

about Zel and me.

All right.


Well, you see, Marshal,

I used to think that I
was in love with Zel.

When he took me out of
that dance hall in Abilene,

I guess I was grateful to him...

for a while, anyway.

But that was a long time ago.

You're still with him.

Habit, mostly.

Fear, too, I guess.

Well, you sure don't have
to be afraid of him now.


he wants out of jail.

He wants me to work on you

so you'll let him
go, bail or no bail.

Is that why you asked me here?

Well, ordinarily, I would
have done it for him.

But with you it's different.

How do you mean?

Well, I've finally found a man

that maybe I could even love.


Please, I'm serious.

Can't you tell?

Sorry, Jenny.

Are you... turning me down?

I'm turning you down.

Well, why?

What's wrong with me?

I'm young, and pretty.

It won't work, Jenny.

No, wait.

It won't work.

Use your head.

You leave now, Marshal,
and there'll be trouble.

Worried about Zel?

I don't care about Zel.

He can rot in jail.

It's up to you.

So help me, Marshal, if
you leave now, you'll regret it.

So long, Jenny.



Good evening, Marshal.

What are you doing here?

Why, waiting for you.

You shouldn't leave
your windows unlatched.

How'd you find this room?

Oh, that was easy.

All right, Jenny.

Out of here.

Not unless you go with me.

To, um... someplace
like Wichita?

To get married? Huh?

No, Jenny.

Oh, Marshal...

all I have to do
is start screaming

and somebody's bound to hear me.

The answer is no.

You sure?

Just think of what
it could mean.

I'll show you what it means.

(screaming, shouting)

(muffled): Put me
down, you big bully!

Marshal, now you put me down!

Put me down, you
big... (screams)

Put me down!

(Jenny grunts)

JENNY: What are you
doing? Put me down!


Stop it! Put me down!

Kitty, let me in, will you?!

Oh! You...

Whoa. What...?

- (muffled yelling)
- Sure.

Oh! I'll kill you!

What are you doing? Where am I?



Evening, Jenny.

Now, why did you bring me here?

'Cause here, you can
holler all you want to

and it won't do you any good.

Oh, I think I get it.

I found her waiting for
me in my room like that.

Oh, that's a lie!

He took me there.

That's one of the oldest
games in the world.

- Yeah.
- You call it a game?

Oh, he's some lawman...
He ought to be in jail.

Oh, come on, Jenny,
I've been around too long.

Don't try to sell
anybody that story.

Matt did the smartest thing in
the world in bringing you here.

It wrecked any chance you
had of anybody believing you.

I said I'd kill you and I will.

When I get through with you,

there won't be
enough left for burying.

Even the dogs won't have you.

(Dillon exhales heavily)

I think you deserve a drink.

I'll tell you, I could
sure use one.


Some nights are sure longer
than others, aren't they?

(quiet laugh)

One thing about this job...

You don't make much money,
but you sure don't get fat.

At least you're your own boss.

You mean I'm free to
starve to death if I want to.

Now, you can talk all you want,

but I don't feel
too sorry for you.

What time did you
get to bed last night?

About 9:30.

I was just starting
my rounds at 9:30.

Well, I can't help it if you're
such a high liver, Matt.

All those saloons,
celebrating every night.

You lead about the
wildest life I ever did hear of.

Yeah, and just think,
I get paid for it, too.

I am thinking.

Complaining to the
government about it.

You Marshal Dillon?


I was told I might find
you hanging around here.

You want something?

Yeah, I want to give you this.

What's that?

That's a thousand dollars.

Bail money for Zel Meyers.

Count it.

You his partner or something?

No, I'm a friend.

You must be a pretty good friend

to come up with
a thousand dollars.

What's your name?

Flack, Al Flack.

Will you turn him loose now?

Looks like I got no choice.

I'll see you later, Quint.

All right, Matt.

(hammer bangs)


What are you doing here?

I saw you get off the stage.

I've kind of been expecting you.

Yeah, I guess you
have been, Jenny.

I see, so it was you
that sent for him, huh?

That's right, Marshal.

I'll get your receipt for you.

Did you have a good trip?

Well, I hate stages... it'll be
good to get back on a horse.

- You buying one here?
- Yeah.

Now, we've got to be getting
on to Pueblo, and soon, too.

Yes, I know.

He sure got himself
into a mess this time.

He sure did.

- Hello, Flack.
- Zel.

Why didn't you tell
me you sent for him?

And where have you
been lately anyhow?

I've been busy, Zel, real busy.


Thanks, Marshal.

Let's get out of here.

Well, what are you
waiting for, Jenny?

I'm staying here.


With the marshal.

What do you mean you're
staying with the marshal?

Look, Zel,

you and I are through, finished.

And I found something new.

Found something new?

I... I don't believe it.

Well, it's true.

The marshal has shown
me a whole new way of life.

Haven't you, Matt?

Jenny, I'm getting awful
sick and tired of this...

Oh, Matt, I'm just
trying to show Zel

how much you've
taught me to love you.

So that's your
game, huh, Marshal?

You throw a man in jail
then you steal his girl?

Oh, Zel, I couldn't
help it, honest I couldn't.

I've just never met a
man like him before.

Well, there ain't
many of them around.

Not alive anyhow.

They usually get
killed off early.

Zel, let's go.

DILLON: Hold it
a minute, Meyers.

I want to tell you something.

Everything she's
saying here is a lie

and if you're smart,
you won't believe it.

Oh, Matt, don't try
to save his feelings.

And another thing.

You're out on bail...
Don't try and leave town.

Well, I wouldn't worry
about that, Marshal.

By the time I get
through leaving town,

you're gonna be laying dead.

JENNY: Zel, no!

No, please!

He meant it, Marshal.

He's gonna kill you.

All right, you can get
out of here now, Jenny.

Of course.

I'll see you at your burying.


Bottle and two glasses here.

Sure be good to have some
of my own money again.

You're the only one
that's stopping it, Zel.

The only thing that's
stopping me is that marshal.

You ain't stopped him yet.

Here's to that gold
over in Pueblo.

That gold that can't
be kept waiting.

Will you quit
needling me, Flack?

I'll get the job done.

That marshal will die of old age

before you get
around to killing him.

Now, what are you talking about?

It's only been this
afternoon I said I'd do it.

That's plenty of time.

You thinking I'm
scared, ain't you?

- I didn't say that.
- I know you didn't say it.

But you're right,
I am thinking it.

ZEL: I'll show you,
I'll show you tonight.

That marshal's living his
last few hours right now.

FLACK: Well, I'll drink to that.

ZEL: I got it all planned...
It won't be no trouble at all.

FLACK: All right, then
we can ride out tonight

as soon as it's done.

ZEL: Well, sure.

Don't fail me, Zel.

The latest we can leave
town is tomorrow noon.

Otherwise we're gonna
miss that gold shipment

and I ain't about to do that.

Will you quit worrying?

He's as good as dead and
we're as good as out of town.

You could forget about
the marshal, you know?

Let me put it to
you straight, Flack...

He dies...

or I ain't going.

All right.

All right.

Was he listening to us?

No, no, he's just some old
rummy, hangs around here.

He don't count for nothing.

DILLON: Louie, you all right?

Oh, sure, I'm
all right, Marshal.

I was just out looking for...



It's you I've been looking for.

Oh, well, what did
you want to see me for?

Oh, it ain't me
that's after you.

It's them other fellers.

What "other fellers" is that?

I don't recall their
names exactly.

What do you mean
they're after me?

One of them is.

Where did you see them?

There wasn't nothing
to see, Marshal.

It's what there was to
hear that's important.

Well, Louie, how
many were there?



Well, that's the first straight
answer you've given me.

He wants to kill you
so he can go to Pueblo.

He's scared of you,

but he's gonna show he
ain't by killing you tonight.

I see. This man's name wouldn't
be Zel by any chance, would it?

I couldn't get any
names, Marshal.

But he's the same
fella I seen running

in the alley the other night.

All right, Louie.

Thanks a lot... I'll
keep a sharp eye out.

You better go on
home to bed now.

That's right

where I was heading, Marshal.

Louie, when you
gonna stop drinking?

Now, Marshal.


I've had my last
drop as long as I live.

Good night, Louie.

Good night, Marshal.

I'm sure glad I found you.

DILLON: All right,
go on and draw.

Oh, heh, you, uh, you scared me.

I didn't know who it was.

And now that you know?

Well, y-you shouldn't sneak
up on a man that way, Marshal.

You were gonna knock
on the window, were you?

Well, I was just trying to
see if anybody was home.


Mm, well, my-my
partner, he-he said

he took a room around
here somewhere.

I thought maybe this was it.

Well, it so happens
that's my room.

Oh, it's your room.

I ought to kill you for
trying to ambush me.

Next time I will.

Now, you face me like
a man or forget about it.

Well, I... I was
looking for you.

But not to shoot you.

Just to-to make you
edgy, to haunt you some.

And you've made me edgy, mister,

and I've had about
enough out of you.

You, uh, you had
enough of Jenny, too?

You're a fool, Meyers.

I haven't had
anything to do with her.

I'm gonna get
you for it, Marshal.

You couldn't get me in the back,
how you gonna get me face on?

Why don't you just give up?

I won't never give up.

(keys jingling)

(rooster crowing)

(horse neighs)

(whispering): Well,
how you gonna do it?

I'm gonna walk in there
and I'm gonna shoot him.

Unless you've changed your
mind and you want to do it yourself.

Now, it ain't that, Flack.

Just ain't had time to get
him where I want him, that's all.

We ain't got time.

What he needs time for
is to get his courage up.

And that just may take years.

Now, ain't you forgetting
you're a prisoner on this trip?

We can get rid of you
anytime, permanent.

Zel, are you still set

on not leaving Dodge
till the marshal's dead?

Flack, I made my mind up to it.

All right.

I sure ain't got nothing
against killing a marshal.

Well, I'll cover you.

Yeah, you be ready.

Because when that
shooting's done in there,

I want to get out of town fast.

And I mean real fast.


(hammer clanking)



Morning, Matt. I wake you up?

No, I've been up...
I've been getting shot at

already this morning.

- Shot at?
- Yean, by Al Flack.

He rode out west of town
with Zel Meyers and Jenny.

You need some help?

I sure could use a hand.

I'll be right along.

I'll see you at the stable.



(thunder crashes)

ZEL: About to rain.

FLACK: Yeah. We
better find cover.

(thunder crashes,
horse whinnies)

Well, we sure was
lucky to find this place.

Cache of supplies
and everything.

It's a good sign.

- That rain is, too.
- Hmm?

Our luck is running real good.

That rain's already
washed out our tracks.

Well, there ain't
nobody following us.

Nobody knows we
shot the marshal.

Nobody except Jenny here.


Yeah, Jenny knows
lots of things about us,

don't you, Jenny?

A lot more than I want to.

A lot more than you ought to.

That's why we brung
you with us, Jenny.

We wouldn't feel safe if
you was back in Dodge

talking your head off.

Get this straight, Zel.

I'm leaving you when we
get to Pueblo... for good.

You're leaving us a long
time before you get to Pueblo...

and for good.

What do you mean?

(thunder crashes)

I'm looking for a place where
you won't never be found,

and I'm gonna bury you in it.

You plan to just murder me?!

Gonna shoot ya.

And if it works
out to be murder...

why, we'll just have to
go along with it, that's all.

(thunder crashes)

Well, Quint, just think,
you could be home in bed

sound asleep and dry right now.

I'd just be worried about you
out here all lost and miserable.

(Dillon chuckles)

I don't know if I'm lost,
but I'm sure miserable.

You've lost their
trail, that's for sure.

This rain keeps up,

it's gonna be a
chore to find it again,

even in daylight.

Wish we could find some cover.

Well, we go out scouting
around for cover now,

we'll sure never
find their trail again.

I wasn't serious.

I like sitting out in the rain.

Well, there's one thing,

we got plenty of
time to enjoy it.

Five hours till daylight.

(thunder crashes)

What are you
stopping here for, Zel?

Mm, there.

Make a pretty good grave.

Pile a few rocks
on top of her body,

and nobody'd ever find it.

I guess not.

Let's get busy.

Can't leave her laying around
out in the open, can we?

I mean, buzzards will
start circling around

and the first
cowboy that spots it,

why, he'll come take a look-see.

Get down, Jenny.

Why should I bother?

Get down or I'll drag
you off the horse.

- Zel?
- Hmm?

You really are all through
with Jenny, ain't you?

Yeah, yeah, sure am.

Now come on. Let's get busy.

Now wait a minute.

Now what's eating you, Flack?

Now let's not be in a big
hurry. We got lots of time.

Oh, we do, huh? Well,
what are we waiting for?

Well, I been thinking.

I mean, it's a, it's a
waste killing Jenny here.

She's a pretty girl.

Flack, you and Jenny?

Well, seeing as how she ain't
nothing to you no more, why not?

No, no, by golly,
she run off from me,

and she's gonna pay for it.

Well, then beat her a little.

Ain't no profit in killing her.

Will you keep
out of this, Flack?

She's my gal, and I'm
gonna do what I want with her.

You just remember, you're
gonna do your own killing this time.

How about it, Jenny?

I don't know.

Say you'll go with
me, and I'll stop him.

Look, he just said no.

Hey, Flack!

Come on over here and
help me roll these rocks.

Zel ain't a real
man. You know it.

Who had to kill the
marshal for him?

He'd never buck me
if the chips was down.

This time he just might.

You think I can't take him?
He knows I can take him.

Now how about it, Jenny?

Jenny, make up your mind.

All right, all right,
Flack, I'll go with you.

(hushed): Hey!
Somebody's coming.

What about her?

She won't say a
word, will you, Jenny?

What good would it do me?

Well, it'd be a lot easier

than what I'm gonna do
to you if you start talking.

Hello there.

Well, it's that
breed from Dodge.

What are you doing out here?

I was just doing
a little hunting.

I remember you. I, uh,
worked on your horses, didn't I?

You been doing some
hunting, where's your game?

Well, I ain't got
none yet today.

Today? How long you been out?

Night before last. Why?

No reason.

I, uh, got some meat back
in camp about five miles back

if you want some.

Well, maybe you
wouldn't mind riding back

and bringing us some.

Yeah, I'd be glad to.

I thought you killed
him! It's a trick!




- You all right, Quint?
- Yeah.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Is he dead?

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

That's what's left of his
half of the bank robbery

at Rush Center, Marshal.

Well, thanks, Jenny.

Look, uh, I want to thank you

for what you did a
minute ago there, too.

You saved my life.

Well, you saved mine, Marshal.

You could have started
shooting back there.

So it kind of makes us
even then, doesn't it?

Yeah. So, uh, now maybe
we can start all over again.

Sorry, Jenny.

All right, all right, I give up.

Look, uh, soon as we get
some burying done around here,

we'll be heading back to Dodge.
We'll take you along with us.

No, thanks. I think
I'll just head on east.

They tell me Garden
City's just a few miles on,

so I think I can
catch a stage there.

Where'll you go?

St. Louis.

Big town's better for a girl.

- Jenny.
- What's this for?

Well, if you're gonna take a
stage, you gotta buy a ticket.

Thanks, Marshal.

- So long, Jenny.
- So long.

That fella was carrying a
lot of money, wasn't he?

About $200 is all he had left.

He must have
spent the rest of it.

You, uh, gave it all
to her, didn't you?

Well, they can make it up at
the bank out of my own pay.

After all the trouble
she gave you?


Well, I don't know, Quint.

I guess maybe I gave
her some trouble, too.

Behind the Scenes of Jenny

This episode reveals Matt’s room for the first time.

Matt rides fairly closely from behind in the final climactic scene. However, he’s much further away after a few seconds.

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

If you’re looking for the next Western to watch alone or with your family, look no further than Gunsmoke! This Western television series aired on CBS, entertaining viewers of all ages. The 5th episode of Season 08 is entitled, Jenny.

You can find more information about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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