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The Busters Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #20, Episode #22

Following a head injury from a horse kick, a cowboy remains oblivious to Doc’s grim prognosis, which has given him less than a week to live. In a gesture of kindness, his partner endeavors to fulfill his every wish. Gunsmoke The Busters aired on March 10, 1975.

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Gunsmoke The Busters Cast

The actors who performed in the Gunsmoke episode titled The Busters are as follows:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Ken Curtis as Festus
  • Buck Taylor as Newly
  • Gary Busey as Harve Daley
  • John Beck as Mitch Hansen
  • Lynn Benisch as Zoe (as Lynn Benesch)
  • Gregg Palmer as Simeon Reed
  • Randy Boone as Hub Miller
  • Fran Ryan as Hannah
  • Nick Borgani as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Michelle Breeze as Saloon Girl (uncredited)
  • Ted Christy as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Vic Christy as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Rudy Doucette as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Louie Elias as Saloon Brawler (uncredited)
  • Rod McGaughy as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Jimmy Noel as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Quijada as Cowhand (uncredited)
  • Danny Sands as Townsman (uncredited)
  • George Tracy as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Al Wyatt Sr. as Saloon Brawler (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Busters

Harve endeavors to tame a wild horse, but his efforts end in disaster when he’s thrown and struck in the head. Initially appearing unscathed, he and his partner head to Dodge, seeking compensation for their ordeal. However, Harve’s condition deteriorates with dizzy spells, prompting his partner to seek Doc Adams’ assessment. Doc delivers the grim diagnosis of a “subdural hematoma,” spelling imminent death. Keeping this dire news concealed, the partner suggests celebrating their impending payment and planned journey to Montana. Complications ensue as both men vie for the affections of a saloon girl, and Harve faces an unexpected reunion with the horse that injured him.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Busters

(horse whinnying)

All right, all right, you ready?

Easy does it, now.

Okay, that's good.

You're all set.

- Hang on the gate.
- (horse whinnying)

(cowboys cheering)

(horse grunting)


(horse neighing)

(horse grunting)

(cowboys cheering)

Atta boy, good ride, good ride!

(horse groaning)

Good ride, cowboy.

Well, I'd say nothin' big.

He don't look broke to me.

(horse whinnying)

Break his spirit, he
won't be worth a nickel.

All you gotta do is gentle him

so the next fellow can ride him.

We got one more.

(horse grunting)

I tell you what,
he is beautiful.

No one's been able
to break this one.

And the bettin' is no one will.

He's an old outlaw, ain't
even a saddle mark on him.

How old is he?


- Been around.
- (horse neighing)

Well, long as he's been
around, he ain't about to be rode.



I guess it's my turn, innit?

You had enough
day's work, Harve.

Breakin' him ain't gonna
make no difference.

Well, you're forgettin'
'bout our spread in Montana.

Your spread?

Hey, c'mon.

High card gets him.

It's my turn.

'Sides, you wouldn't last no
longer than a shot of whiskey

with that old horse.

(horse whinnying)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa now.

Me and you's gonna
have a little set to.

Give him a ride there, Harvey.

All right, turn loose.

- (cowboys shouting)
- (horse grunting)

- (Harvey panting)
- (cowboys cheering)

- (Harvey grunting in pain)
- He's hung up!

- (horse neighing)
- (dramatic music)

(tense music)

(cowboy) Somebody
go and get that horse!

Harvey, you all right?

C'mon, get up.

Drug you pretty good, didn't he?

Oh, shoot.

That's a rank horse
you got there, mister.

Well, you're
busters, aren't you?

Your friend claimed you
two could ride anything

that wore hair.

Yeah, you cracked your
head open pretty good, there.

- Yeah.
- (Mitch chuckling)

See if I can mop
it up a little bit.

- (Harvey wincing in pain)
- Your eye.

Oh, boy.

He drug you 'round there good.

Take him inside, you like.

No, no, no, just let
me sit here a minute.

Gather my insides up.

Why don't you get our money?

(Harvey sighs)

'Kay, that's nine
horses, mister.


He didn't exactly
gentle that stud.

All right, eight.

It was for ten dollars a head.

Mr. Reed said five.

Well, now you're just full
of jokes today, aren't you?

You owe us $40 more.

Listen, mister, I'm
just the foreman here.

You wanna discuss your
wages, you take it up with Reed.

He owns the place.

All right, where do I find him?

Him and some of the
boys went into Dodge.

Likely the Long Branch.

Can you ride?

Yeah, I can manage.

- Whoa.
- Steady, steady, steady.

(dramatic music)

(indistinct conversation)

(Hannah) Well,
good afternoon, boys.


Couple of beers, please, ma'am.


There you go.

Simon Reed been in yet?

No, but if he's in
town, he'll be in.

There you are.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

(Hannah gasping)

You all right?

- Doc!
- Sit down.

You all right?

Here, son, son,
here, I'm a doctor.

Lemme have a look at you, here.

How'd this happen?

Ah, this ol' horse drug me.

(Mitch) Yeah, kicked him
in the head, more like it.

Well, I'll tell you,

my office is right
next door, here.

I want you to come
up there and see me.

Well, thank you, but I've
had a lot worse than this.

We got some business,
and then we'll be up.

You do that.

Afternoon, boys.


(men laughing and chattering)

What's your name again, honey?

Zoe, Mr. Reed.


Bring us a bottle
and an extra glass.

Join us.

Be glad to.

(Hannah clears throat)

(Reed) All right, deal 'em.

This is gonna be my lucky day.

(man) Deal, here's two.

You boys done, huh?

Yes, sir, Mr. Reed.


Something on your mind?

Well, your foreman only
paid us for four horses,

and we broke eight.

The deal was for ten dollars
a head and we only got five.

Well, then you got paid
for what you're worth.

Now, you tell Hannah to
pour you each a drink on me.

(Harvey) Well, now,
we got $40 comin' to us.

Mister, we spent two days
on that rough string of yours.

Broncs, young ones,
a couple spoiled ones,

and an outlaw pret-near
killed my partner, here.

Still in one piece, ain't you?

Mr. Reed, I don't
want no trouble in here.

Well, there ain't gonna
be no trouble, Hannah.

They're leavin' peaceable.

Show 'em the street, boys.

He's hurt, look out!

Stop it!

- (men grunting)
- (wood shattering)

Will you stop it?

(men scuffling)

Harve, what is it?


- (men scuffling)
- Get those guys!

(Matt) All right,
hold on here, hold.

- That's enough.
- Marshal, I need help.

What's the matter with him?

(Harvey groaning)

You all right?


I feel like I got
a... somethin'.

Let's get him up to Doc's.

All right, easy now.

Now, Marshal,
these two started it.

Hope you're not expecting
me to pay for the damages.

We'll get into that later.
Let us through here, now.

(Doc) You have any
blurring of vision?

Just back there in the saloon.



Drowsiness, you get sleepy?

Yeah, some.

(clears throat) Well, Harve,

I want to...

I wanna examine
you a little further.

Take off your shirt, will you?

I'll be right back.

How's he doin'?

Sit down.


that blow to the head,

that's created what's known
as a subdural hematoma.

That means there's a
small blood clot on the brain,

and it's applying pressure,

and it's impairing
his reactions.

What's that mean?

If the bleeding continues,

and I think it will,

it's terminal. He'll die.

(emotional music)

Why won't you do somethin'?


You're a doctor, you
can go and do somethin'.

Mitch, surgical techniques just,

just haven't progressed
that far yet, that's it.

Oh, he's fallen off a horse
'bout a hundred times.

He's always gotten up
and shook it off before.

Now, if you can't do it, there
must be a doctor somewhere...

I wish I could tell you
there is, but, but I can't.

Now, if I offered
you any hope at all,

I'd be lyin' to you.

What happened?

How long?

Well, that's,

that's a hard question.

Always is.

But in my opinion,

four or five days, at most.

A miracle would be a week.

Now, Mitch, here's
what we can do.

I can keep him right here.

I'd give him Laudanum,
ease the pain,

- make him more comfort...
- No, no, no, Harve,

he don't look for
no soft place to land.


You give me that Laudanum stuff,

and I'll just take it from here.

Now, don't tell
him nothin' about it.

Well, now, as a doctor, I
have obligations, you see.

I have to notify his
relatives, his personal...

Well, he ain't got no relatives.

The only relatives or
family he's got is me.

The only thing he owns is
what he got on his back in there.

Don't say nothin' to him,
I don't want him to know.

(tender music)

All right, Mitch.

What are your plans?


I'm gonna make these
next few days go so fast,

you won't know what happened.

We are gonna have a time.

I'm gonna buy some
whiskey, I'll get some women.

We'll be talkin' about this
two days after he's dead.

(tender music)

(Reed laughing)

(Reed) Here's to you, honey.

(glasses clinking)


Oh, hello, Marshal.

Something I can do for you?

Yeah, those two bronc riders.

Seems you owe 'em $40.

Oh, now, hold on, Marshal.

I just gave $25 to
Hannah for the damages.

They were the
ones that started it.

Well, it's got nothin' to
do with the damages.

This was money
you owed 'em before.

Oh, come on, now, Marshal.

If you're gonna believe
a couple of drifters...

I'm not believing
the drifters either.

Two of your own men told me.

Why don't you just
give me the $40,

I'll see they get it.

That's... it's not
right, Marshal.


(tense dramatic music)

(Hannah) Thank you, Zoe.

- How's your friend?
- What?

Looked like he was hurt
pretty bad in the fight.

No, he's, he's doin'
pretty good now.

So, you liked Harve, did you?

(chuckles) Well,
I don't know him.

Well, you'd like him.

I mean, he's got a couple
rough bumps to iron out, but...

but he's there.

I mean, he's,

he's respectful, mannerly,

good natured to a fault.

If he'd had a mother,
he woulda wrote to her.

He spends most of his
time now around horses.

He don't smell of 'em, but...

What's the matter?

I don't know.

Usually when a man
talks to me, it's for himself.

Oh, well, I got me
plenty of women.

It's old Harve,
when he talks to one,

he stumbles over
his Adam's apple.

(both laughing lightly)

Are you gonna be here tonight?


Oh, that's good.

I bet he'd wanna
buy you a drink.


How you feelin'?

Well, I don't like layin'
in bed, that's for sure.

Now, Harve, want you to
remember what I told you.

I don't want you
goin' near a horse,

don't even look at a horse.

Hear me?

Well, for how long?


I mean, there's
nothin' wrong is there?

Well, now, well... you
took a pretty good lick,

and I just wanna see
you every day or two.

You bring him up, will you?


Well, are we still
gonna be around here?


Just don't stick me in no bed.

No, no.

No, no, I won't do that.

Okay, thanks for that.

- Hello.
- How you fellas doin'?


Oh, hello, Newly.

Haven't seen you
for a day or so.

I've been a little busy.

Them bronc riders,
quite a breed.

(scoffs) That's a terrible
way to make a livin'.

That's the way
they like it, Doc.

They wouldn't have
it any other way.

How 'bout some
coffee? I'm buyin'.

By golly, I'll drink it.

Boy, it's been some time
since we had a meal like that.


How 'bout a few drinks?

Don't know if I'm all
that thirsty tonight.

All this eatin' and drinkin'.

Money's gonna be
gone in a few days.

Get ourselves another job.

I know, I know you
don't mind driftin',

but I'm gonna settle down.

Too early for that.

Well, that stallion came close
to killin' me yesterday, and...

I tell you, man ends up
breakin' horses all his life,

he's gonna end up
with broken bones,

he's gonna end up with
scars, and weak kidneys.

In a little bit,
I'm gonna be 30.

Hell, you're past 30.

As far as busters
goes, we're old men.

You realize how many
horses it's gonna take to tame

between here and that
spread up in Montana?

Yeah, I know, I know.

And I'm gonna do it
while I'm still in one piece.

(scoffs) Well, I was only
talkin' about one drink.



Well... I tell you, I just
feel kinda funny inside.

You know, drowsy, I don't know.

(chuckles) Oh, Harve. Now,
here we are in Dodge City,

and all you wanna do is
go up there and hibernate.

Besides, a couple drinks
will make you sleep better.



I tell you, I keep
runnin' 'round with you,

they're gonna bury
me fork end up.

Go over and sit down,
I'll bring the beers.

(indistinct speech)

Excuse me, I have
to speak to the lady.

She happens to
be drinkin' with me.

Why didn't you tell me
you were workin' in here?

Now, excuse me, mister,

but I don't like strange
men pawin' on my wife.

That was a cash payin' customer.

So am I.

See, my partner over there,

he's feelin' a
little low tonight.

And I thought maybe,

if you spend an
evenin' with him,

it might cheer
him up a little bit.

Could I have a beer, ma'am?


I'll ask.

Not so sure about him.

Don't let that church
door face fool you.

He's... he's a little
raw around the edges,

but he's willin' to learn.

Hey, Harve, here's your
beer. I'll be back in a minute.

I have to get somethin'.



Why don't you buy me a drink?

Well, okay.

What are you drinkin'?



'Scuse me, could
I get a whiskey?

Thank you.

(clears throat) I seen
you in here yesterday,

just 'fore everythin'
busted loose. (chuckles)

You feel all right now?

Oh, I'm still a little green.

I tell you one thing,

I have never felt
like that before.

Did some work for Mr. Reed?

Oh, we just busted
some old horses.

That's what me
and my partner do.

We bust horses.

Breakin' wild horses?

Must be dangerous.

Oh, no, you just put one
foot on one side of the horse,

and one foot on the
other side of the horse,

and just keep your
head right in the middle.

(Harve laughs)

Here's to your health.

Oh, thank you.


You don't have to sit
here if you don't want to.

Most men buy me a drink,
figure they've staked a claim.

Like it gives 'em a right to
more than just conversation.

Well, I don't know
about that, I just...

more in the mood for talkin'.


(Harvey) Well, I know
it's pretty far North,

and I know the winters
there are pretty cold,

but I tell you, Montana's
the comin' place.

Land is rich, lots of trees,

and there's a place a man
can stand on a mountain

and see right in the next state.

You ever been to Montana?


But what I've
heard is first hand,

'cause Mitch has been there.

He goin' too?

I don't know, I don't think
he's ready to settle yet.

You are?

Well, you can't do
what we do forever.

I'm gonna get me some land,
I'm gonna raise me some horses,

there's money in
horses these days.


I couldn't stand to be alone.

Well, you don't
have to be alone.

This is it.

(emotional music)

Well, I was thinkin'
comin' down here, uh...

maybe I could come
by here tomorrow,

and we could go for
a walk or somethin'.

I sleep in the daytime.

Oh, yeah.

Well, I mean, workin'
all night like you do.

Well, maybe I could
come by tomorrow night,

and buy you a drink.



What time tomorrow?

Might as well see what the
world looks like in the day time.



How's two o'clock sound to you?

Too early.

I'll be ready.

Well, I'll be here.


(dramatic music)

(Harvey groans)

(Harvey winces in pain)

Oh, boy.

Hey, Harve.

How'd you do?

I thought I was gonna have to cut
you away from that gal with an ax.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

You know, I've been thinkin'.

All we've been doin'
is bouncin' 'round

like an old
tumbleweed in the wind.

I'm headed for Montana.

We can get some work up
there, some regular work.

Save some money, get a spread.

I guess we're goin' to Montana.

Let's get a drink.

(dramatic music)


Oh, Mitch, sit down.


Buy you a beer?


How's Harve, Mitch?

Well, he's takin' a pretty
girl on a buggy ride.

(Doc chuckles)


we're gonna go to Montana.

I'm gonna take the
train over to Pueblo,

and then I'll get the
stage on up from there.

Yeah, I know it's... not...

You see...


we's thought about that
ever since we joined up.

Probably be there now
if it weren't for me, see.

One way or another
he's gonna die, isn't he?

I thought...

you know, if he could just...

see it,

before it all happens.

If he could just see it.

Well, Mitch.

You'll bring him by
the office, won't you?

- Before you go?
- Oh, sure.

Rodeo, huh?

Yeah, herd of cattle
comin' into town.

Marshal figures it
best to let them drovers

spend their energies competin'
for that there prize money

instead of tearin' up the place.

Open to all-comers?


- Thank you.
- You bet.

Hundred dollars.

(men chattering)

- Five dollars?
- Five dollars.

Hey, hold on.

He breaks broncs
for a livin', Festus.

Ain't fair to the rest of us.

Most of us are just cow hands.

I didn't hear nothin'
'bout who you had be.

And I paid my money, didn't I?

Yeah, he paid his money.

That's the onliest
thing a fella's gotta do.

It don't make no
nevermind who he is.

Well, I wouldn't show
up if I were you, buckaroo.

That prize money means
a lot to some of these boys.

- (men shouting in agreement)
- Means a lot to me, too, mister.

(indistinct speech)

(Harve singing) ♪ She's
the yellow rose of Texas ♪

♪ That I am goin' to see ♪

(Mitch) You know
the words to that yet?

Well, all you gotta know's
"The yellow rose of Texas."


How long you been
wearin' your hat like that?

- (dramatic music)
- What is he doin' here?

I reckon they brought
him in for that rodeo.

(horse whinnying)


Y'know, I could ride him now.

That's about as...

as smart as
brandin' a mule's tail.

Yeah, well, he's
rank, and he's mean.

I'll give that to him.

Tries to throw even the saddle.

And you work at throwin' 'em
high and hard, don't you, son?

You ride him straight
up, you're all right.

I think I can take him.

Well, you're the one that
taught me once you get thrown,

you get back up in it.

That didn't take on man-killers.

(Mitch scoffs)

No, I could take him.

Been seein' a lot of
that gal, haven't you?


I like her.

Hadn't told her about
us goin' to Montana yet.

Even thought about
askin' her to come.

But I figured she'd say no,

and I didn't have
anything better to offer.

You know, I've never
been one with women.

But I tell you somethin',

there's somethin' about
this ol' girl I really like.

I don't know what it is, but...

Reckon it'd be best if you
told her we's going to Montana.

(sad tender music)

There's a train leavin'
on Sunday after the rodeo.

Let's go get some sleep.

(horse whinnying)

Your mind's a long ways off.


That is a long ways off.

Me and Mitch are gonna
be goin' there pretty soon.


Yeah, Sunday...

after that rodeo.

Sorry to see you go.

You mean that?

Yeah, I mean that.

You thought about
comin' with us, maybe?

I mean...

I mean marryin' me?

We could get married
here, or when we get there.

I mean, if you're...

if you're interested.

You sure you haven't
been thrown off a horse

once too many times?

(laughs) Well,
it could be, but...

No, I know what I'm sayin'.

What about Mitch?

I mean, woman along
makes a big difference.

Well, we talked about it.

Look at me, Harve.

You know what I am?

Well, you're a saloon girl.

So what?

Lot more to it than that.

Servin' drinks.

There've been a lot of saloons,

a lot of towns,

a lot of men.

Well, I know you've been around.

But hell, so have I.

We're not talkin'
'bout the same thing.


I know you've
traveled a lot of ground.

What I'm offerin'
is just bein' with me.

I'm gonna get me some
land, I'm gonna build on it,

I'm gonna raise me some horses,

and I'm gonna
raise me some kids.

And you survived
all that saloonin',

I don't see no reason
why you can't survive this.

I think you're a strong woman.

And I'd like to
have you with me.

For a fella who doesn't
know much about women,

you sure got a
way of gettin' to 'em.

Yeah, ol' Charlie
might get a good ride,

if he get his butt
sewn to the saddle.

(men chattering)

- (Harvey) You buyin'?
- (Mitch) I'll buy.

(Harvey) First time in four
months you bought any beer.

Hey, kid.

That stallion stomped
you pretty good last time.

We brought him into
town for the rodeo.

While he's here, why
don't you try him again?

I seen your type before, mister.

Well, you always like to see
the other fella under the hooves.

Come right down to it,

you probably couldn't
even drive a milk cow

with spurs on you.

You show up to ride,

and I call that the
same as stealin'.

The rules say a man's to
sit the horse for 10 seconds,

that's all I'm tryin' to do.

Most agree with me.

You try to ride the rodeo,

and it'll be a while before
you ever sit another horse.

- (men shouting)
- (Hannah yelling)

That's enough!

Listen, this ol' boy here's got
somethin' to settle with you,

and sure got somethin'
to settle with him.

We're leavin'!

Come on, take it easy.

They're callin' us thieves!

They're callin'
me, now, come on.

(Hub) Well, ain't you
gonna do anything about it?



Listen, listen here.

We whip better trash than this

without even breakin' a sweat.

Get outta here.

Come on out here!

(Hub) Looks like that
bronc took your whiskers

- and your spine.
- (men laughing)

What's the matter with you?

He was goin' up your face.

I just didn't wanna
fight him over it.

Well, why didn't
you let me fight him?

There're too many
of 'em in there.

Too many of 'em in there?

That's never
bothered you before.

What I think... You
know what I think?

You just wanted
to get outta there.

When that old stud
was chasin' you,

you wanted to get
outta the corral, right?

I'm gonna go back and ride him.

You just turned tail and ran.

Well, it's not worth it for
me to get all busted up.

Too busted up, you
know, to ride in that rodeo.

Now, Harvey, that money
is gonna help us in Montana.

(laughs) That's good.

I never did think of that.


I told Zoe about Montana.



We're gonna get married.

(both chuckling)

(dramatic music)

(solemn music)

Man gives you ten dollars
to be nice to somebody,

he sure gets his money's
worth, doesn't he?

Somethin' happened
I didn't count on.

Get me a bottle, will you?

A couple glasses, too.

Why are you gonna marry him?

- That's my business.
- No, it's not.

Not when it comes
to Harve, it's not.

I worked in saloons
since I was 16.

Men offer to buy
me anything I want.

But not a one has offered
to share his life with me.

I'm takin' this offer.

You're tired of saloons, huh?

And the people you find in 'em.

Oh, well, the mountains
and the blue skies,

and just the two of you alone,

get away from the
stink of the saloon.

That all sounds real good
now to you, doesn't it?

I'd give you about a month,

and you'd be so restless,
you'd be like a caged cat.

- Wouldn't be able...
- Hell you know?

I know you, I've seen you.
I've seen your type before.

I know your type.

I seen you the other day
when we came in here

how you smiled at
Reed, Mr. Rich Rancher.

That's all you're lookin' for,

is some rich rancher to come
along and take you outta here.

Now, Harve's not rich.

He's just a bronc buster
with hope, that's all.

You tryin' to get rid of me?

For your own good.


Harve's young enough
to start somethin' else.

For you, it's too late.

He doesn't realize it,
but he leans on you.

Pretty soon, the table's
gon' be turned around.

Now, he's got a chance
for a new kind of life.

I'm gonna help him get it.

Zoe, sit down. Please.


Guess there's no other
way to say it. Harve's dyin'.

(dramatic music)

You're lyin'.

That stud did him more
harm than he understands,

and Doc says he's got some
kind of a blood clot on his brain.

How long?

Few days, maybe a
week. You can ask the doc.

That's why you backed
outta that fight last night.

Isn't it?


It's been rough on him.

Tough on you, too.

Look, if you're gonna marry him,

you do it right now,
do it today, or back off.

(somber music)

Still here?


Well, you ain't even
started to get ready.

C'mon, honey, let's go.

Harve, Montana's
a long ways off.

Well, it's the same
place it's always been.

Ain't moved that I know of.

You don't wanna marry me.

I do too wanna marry you.

You're right when you said
Montana's long ways off,

it's too far for me.

I've been one thing
too long to all a sudden

be somethin' else.

Well, you told me you
was tired of saloonin'.

Thought I was.

Can't change.


What the hell's goin' on here?

I think I known
you better than that.

Truth is I...

I got to thinkin'...

Livin' all the way out there,

away from towns, and people,

nothin' 'round but horses?

I'd die of loneliness.

You said all you know is horses.

This here's all I know.

Stay right here until
somebody rich comes along.

(tense music)


Take care of him.

(emotional music)


Did you know she was
gonna back outta this?


Don't get down so hard on her.

She's just a woman.

Once they stick...

they stick like a burr.

You lost a girl.

You still got Montana.

To hell with that rodeo.

We got enough money,
we can get up there.

There's a train
tonight at midnight.


And what is that,

six hours?

What'll we do 'til then?

Well, hell...

Montana's a pretty long way.

Ride's a lot easier if you
got a good fire under you.

Remember that old
roan down in Abilene?

That sucker could turn
on butter without markin' it.

How many times is it
you've been thrown?

Sittin' in them saddles is easy.

It's stayin' there that's hard.

(train whistle
blowing in distance)

Hey, what time is it?

It must be goin' on midnight.

We'd best get down
there, we'll miss that train.

Hey, Mitch?

Wanna ask you somethin'.

The other night in the bar, that
fight you backed down from?

Did you have a reason for that?


You think...

think Zoe had a reason too?

Hey, pull up.

(horse whinnying)

(train whistle blowing
in the distance)


I can't leave 'til I ride him.

(horse grunting)

He's just a broom tail.

We got better waitin' for us.


(horse grunting)

Whoa, now.

Whoa, now.

You big, rank, mean son of hell.

I gotta ride this old horse.

I know.

Whoa, now.

Just don't get your foot
hung up in that stirrup.

(horse neighing)

(gate crashing)

Here, here!

What in the Sam hill
are you doin', anyhow?

I let him ride.

(horse neighing)

(horse grunting)

Ride him, Harve!

(horse neighing)

(horse whinnying)

(horse breathing heavily)

(dramatic music)

Hey, hey, c'mere.

Put your head back.

Catch your breath.

(Harvey panting)

We're gonna miss the train.

It'll wait on us.

We got plenty of time.

That's a good ride, wasn't it?

It was your best.

Oh, boy.

Ain't no horse that
couldn't be rode.

(winces in pain)

(solemn music)


You knew 'bout this, didn't you?

I knew.

Would you?

Would you come
with me to Montana?

Sure would.

That woulda been good.

(whispers) Festus.

(softly) Go on back to bed.
Go on 'bout your business.

Hey, Mitch.

We better set some roots.


Can't do what we do forever.

(breathes heavily)

I'll take care of him.

(emotional music)

(upbeat music)

Behind the Scenes of The Busters

On September 1, 1975, a rerun of “The Busters” marked the last airing of “Gunsmoke” on the CBS Television Network. This concluded the series’ nearly 20-year run on CBS, ending eight days before the milestone anniversary.

Please note that spoilers are included in all entries.

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

Get your snack, unwind, and indulge in the captivating Gunsmoke TV series. Produced by the CBS network, this American Western masterpiece is a must-watch from the comfort of your own home. The Busters marks the 22nd episode of Season 20.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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