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The Full List of Roy Rogers Movies

Here is the complete list of movies starred by Roy Rogers, one of the greatest Western movie actors and a well-renowned singing cowboy. 

Roy Rogers is a movie star known for his charming singing and action-packed acting in many Western movies, earning him the nickname, “King of Cowboys,” who also helped create global images of the Old West.

Who is Roy Rogers?

Western Actor Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers, an American actor and singer, was born (with the name Leonard Franklin Slye) near Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 5, 1911. His father, Andrew Slye, worked for the United States Shoe Company in Cincinnati. On the other hand, his mother, Martha “Mattie” Womack-Slye, was a homemaker. Rogers continues to be one of the most well-renowned twentieth-century Western movie stars, with his brilliant contribution to the industry still remembered up to this day.

Rogers spent his youth primarily in McDermott, Ohio, where he attended school and grew up working on his family’s farm. Although he aspired to become either a physician or dentist, he left high school to work in a local shoe factory to support his family. His family would often sing and play instruments together during their free time, his father playing mandolin and his mother playing guitar. He started singing and playing at local dances during his teenage years, with his father, as his musical influence.

Rogers moved to California in 1930, working at various jobs, including driving trucks with his father and becoming migrant fruit pickers. Realizing his love for guitar and singing, Rogers soon decided to pursue a career in country music, performing music with his cousin Stanley Slye as “the Slye Brothers.” Rogers joined several bands, including Uncle Tom Murray’s Hollywood Hillbillies, the Rocky Mountaineers, and Benny Nawahi’s International Cowboys. In 1934, Rogers found real musical success after forming the group “Pioneer Trio,” which soon became the “Sons of the Pioneers.” Their beautiful harmonies landed them successful jobs that paid, even producing hit songs like “Cool Water” and “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” throughout 1934. Rogers then changed his name from Leonard Franklin Slye to Dick Weston before officially to Roy Rogers.

Rogers continued to rise, making several appearances as a singing cowboy in films like “The Old Homestead.” He soon became a full-blown Hollywood star, starring in more than one hundred movies, composing music, making numerous guest appearances on television programs. He earned the name as the “King of The Cowboys” for his brilliant contribution to the Hollywood industry and honoring the cowboy era. He received several awards for his excellence in the field, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Country Music Hall of Fame also inducted the “Sons of the Pioneers” in 1980, followed by Roy Rogers in 1988. Moreover, he and his wife, Evans, made it into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma, in 1976.

Roy Rogers died of congestive heart failure on July 6, 1998, at his home in Apple Valley, California. To keep his legacy alive, Portsmouth, Ohio, hosts the Roy Rogers Festival every year.

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Roy Rogers Complete Movie List & Summary

Here is Roy Rogers’ list of movies along with a short summary:

Roy Rogers Movies # 1) King of the Cowboys

Roy Rogers Movies:  King of the Cowboys  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: In King Of The Cowboys, Roy Rogers plays a rodeo star enlisted by the governor to stop a group of saboteurs. Roy joins a touring tent show and uncovers the gang leader (Gerald Mohr), who disguises himself as a mindreader. He is then framed for a shooting, and must not only clear his name, but bring the real culprits to justice. This Republic Pictures classic was directed by Joseph Kane, and includes Rogers performing songs such as “I’m An Old Cowhand,” and “A Gay Ranchero,” while the legendary Sons of the Pioneers perform “Red River Valley.”

A 5-Star Review: Another Rogers classic.

This has Roy as the captain of the NV state police, guarding the Boulder Dam, and participating in the annual Las Vegas Heldorado Rodeo, while investigating gangsters (in Las Vegas? Oh my!) involved in Racketeering!

Fun all the way around. This film features Dale Evans and has the usual suspects (Gabby Hayes, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers) as supporting cast.

A family safe flick with some mild violence.

A Critical Review: Silly, to say the least. It’s WW II and Roy Rogers, famous rodeo star, goes undercover as Roy Rogers…telling everyone that he’s famous rodeo star Roy Rogers. He might as well have told them he was working for the governor as well, trying to find the saboteurs blowing up things for the sake of blowing up things. AND! A word of caution, when you’re trying to snoop, wearing spurs that jingle-jangle might not be a bright idea. Nor is teaming with someone named Frog. The number of times Roy gets hit in the head and framed…King of the Cowboys my Aunt Fanny.

Roy Rogers Movies # 2) Under Western Stars

Roy Rogers Movies:  Under Western Stars  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Roy Rogers gets elected to Congress in this uncut and full-length version of his stunning debut.

A 5-Star Review: For anyone who is serious fan of the old western. Never understood why these movies were called ‘B’ movies, when this was released in 1938, this was the movie people went to see, not a second best selection. These western stars was the reason for going to the movies, that is why people today still know who they are all over the world unlike so many of the so-called stars of today who are not known outside of their own little circles.

A Critical Review: This was ordered by mistake and when I tried to cancel it about 30 minutes later was told it had already gone to computer. I would not have ordered this as it did not have CC or subtitles. However, I kept it for a week and then donated it to the local library.

Roy Rogers Movies # 3) Trigger, Jr. [Blu-ray]

Roy Rogers Movies:  Trigger, Jr. [Blu-ray]  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: A rogue horse is deliberately set among prize horses on neighboring ranches, to intimidate the ranchers into paying for a protection racket. While riding to find the extortionists, Roy gets trapped and a young boy heroically rides to save him.

A 5-Star Review: An excellent addition to the DVD library for western fans and especially Roy Rogers fans. Here is hoping that KL Studio classics (Kino Lorber) will not stop remastering Roy Rogers in the new 4K scan mode with Sunset in the West and Trigger Jr. films. The commentary by film historian Toby Roan and J.D. Whitney add to the production value. I am looking forward to other Roy Rogers releases in this format. The bonus feature of trailers, rounds the product off nicely. I was especially glad to get Sunset in the West in this format as previously I was only able to get it on VHS. This appears to be the full unedited version of both prints.

A Critical Review: Dale Evans stated in one of the Happy Trails interviews that this and another film were her favorites. So I purchased Trigger Jr. and it was not as expected. I was more interested in the cute movies that she made with Roy and this film was a human interest story and I didn’t like the characters. Roy was not a lawman, (just a guy), Gabby was mean and nasty (not my Gabby Hayes…please), and Dale was cute but being Gabby’s character’s daughter she sided with Gabby most of the time until the end. Roy got thrown in jail. He was framed. The horses were fabulous of course, and that was what held this picture together for me. It’s not a happy film like some of the others that I love. It ends okay and does have a happy ending.

Roy Rogers Movies # 4) Son of Paleface [Blu-ray]

Roy Rogers Movies:  Son of Paleface [Blu-ray]  with Bob Hope

Movie Summary: The film is about a man who returns home to claim his father’s gold, which is nowhere to be found. 

A 5-Star Review: I bought this dvd for my father for Father’s Day, and decided to watch it myself. I loved it as did my 4 year old daughter. The picture and sound quality are fine. Bob Hope is very funny, but I think Trigger the wonder horse steals the show! Trigger dances, fights with Bob over the covers, and just generally one ups Bob at every turn. If you want to see why Roy Rogers loved this horse, watch this movie. Great for the entire family.

A Critical Review: Sort of an insipid story line, but it was nice to see the “old stars”, especially Roy Rogers & Trigger again.

Roy Rogers Movies # 5) Mackintosh And T.J.

Roy Rogers Movies:  Mackintosh And T.J.  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Roy Rogers stars as cowboy Mackintosh, who is exploring the west and working odd jobs. While passing through Dickens, Texas, Mackintosh’s car troubles lead him to spend a little time in town, where he meets TJ. The two soon become fast friends.

A 5-Star Review: I was looking forward to this blu ray and was elated at how good it looks on blu ray! This is a wonderful family film as Roy Rogers thought was needed at that time and is still good ANYtime in my opinion. Roy exudes good nature and his co stars say what you see on screen is what the man was in real life which is nice to hear. Speaking of co stars , the bonus features are a HUGE disappointment. The actors they collected are great and I’m sure they contribute good memories but they are Covid ZOOM conferences with the actors in small squares on the screen and often out of sync and it’s almost impossible to watch…. the film is so good and looks so great and the price under 20 bucks so it’s still a solid 5 star recommendation. There is an older featurette included that is very fun and the commentary is enjoyable as well. The bonus trailer of this film is excellent as well. Any fan of Roy Rogers will LOVE this blu ray. As Bruce Willis said in Die Hard, I was always partial to Roy Rogers myself!

Roy Rogers Movies # 6) Dark Command

Roy Rogers Movies:  Dark Command  with John Wayne

Movie Summary: Elected marshal, a Texas cowhand tracks a Confederate raider in Lawrence, Kan.

A 5-Star Review: I have been searching for a couple of years for this movie. I had the wrong title, and when I recently watched an old interview with Roy Rogers, he mentioned working with John Wayne in this movie. Bingo!! The correct title!! The movie is well made, well acted, and beautifully filmed. Roy Rogers does a great job, and holds his own with bigger stars like Walter Pigeon and John Wayne. The addition of Gabby Hayes and Claire Trevor rounds out a good cast. If you like a good western, this is it!

A Critical Review: Dakota is one of the poorest Wayne films. It is worse than the B-films of 1930’s. Vera Ralston really wasn’t a good actress. She was not even very beautiful. So, Dakota is a one star film, and others are O.K, though not the best of Waynes. They are by Ford and Hawks. I just wanted to warn about Dakota. All others I have watched and liked.

Roy Rogers Movies # 7) Roy Rogers – Cowboy and the Senorita

Roy Rogers Movies:  Roy Rogers - Cowboy and the Senorita  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Roy and sidekick Big Boy are wannabe prospectors, who get fired from their cafe job after getting in trouble with a customer. On the way to a new town, the pair come across a young runaway, but are immediately accused of kidnapping when they arrive in her hometown of Bonanza. The runaway’s sister (Dale Evans) clears them of the charge, and the group work together to solve the riddle of a treasure hidden in an abandoned mine. Dale Evan’s first pairing with Roy Rogers in a movie.

A 5-Star Review: I love Roy Rogers & Dale Evans! Before everything had to be “cutting edge”! Well, I for one and sick of bleeding! No gore, no sex, no swearing! I can watch these with the family – not much of that left on the air these days! THANK-YOU AMAZON for making theses available! There’s a good story, great music and TRIGGER, THE SMARTEST HORSE IN THE MOVIES! YIPPI KI YAY!!!!

A Critical Review: Roy plays an out of work loafer with a sidekick named Teddy Bear (Guinn Williams). First chance they get they are framed for kidnapping and then framed again for robbery. Roy has that kind of face, he just naturally looks like a bad guy, no one ever seems to trust him, he’s constantly having to prove his innocence. That takes up half the plot, for the other half they’re on the run trying to find gold. Dale complicates matters by being in love with the villain. She’s willing to take her sister’s gold mine and give it to the louse. Siblings, can’t live with them…can’t turn your back on them either!

Roy Rogers Movies # 8) My Pal Trigger

Roy Rogers Movies:  My Pal Trigger  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Roy Rogers wants to breed his best mare with the most beautiful Palomino stallion in the West, but the horse’s owner refuses his request. An evil casino owner, Brett Scoville, has the same plan and will stop at nothing to make it happen, even if it means kidnapping the horse. The attempt goes haywire and the stallion escapes, breeds with Roy’s mare and is viciously shot by Scoville’s henchmen. When the smoke clears, poor Roy is framed for the crime. Co-starring George “Gabby” Hayes as the hard gambling Palomino breeder, Dale Evans as his beautiful daughter Susan, and Jack Holt as the crooked Scoville, My Pal Trigger, with its songs and energetic pace, is a western classic.

A 5-Star Review: An excellent offering full of fight scenes, horse mastery, witty plans (some of which do NOT go haywire), intrigue, beautiful girls, and genuine American values. By that I mean that this movie is highly politically incorrect and is sure to trigger most Millennials, so that makes it even better.

Did I mention that Trigger gets his own fight scene? He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

The whole gang is here for this one: Roy, Dale, Gabby, Trigger, and the Sons of the Pioneers. From a time when America still had hope that things could work out well.

A Critical Review: this was OK Roy. i have seen better. looking over the reviews, i dont think the high ratings are for this title “Days of Jesse James”. no Dale, Roy and Gabby are not confederates. this story involved Gabby and the money he made as a gold miner, traveling back to Missouri.
i am giving it 1 star cuz i dislike any fishy review switching or changes to the info that seems to happen sometimes.
i just watched “Arizona Kid” and tried to review it and it brought me back to this review. other reviews for both movies mention “Utah”. some strange cross-connection for these movies.
all i mention are from the Amazon stream

Roy Rogers Movies # 9) Bells of San Angelo [VHS]

Roy Rogers Movies:  Bells of San Angelo [VHS]  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Roy Rogers meets up with a western writer who he despises because he resents her writing style. But, together they team up to break a silver smuggling gang across the Mexican border. Meanwhile, one of Roy’s friends is being hunted by Scotland Yard, but not for the reasons they suspect. One of the best action-packed Rogers films.

A 5-Star Review: this is a very good truecolor movie of roy rogers bells of san angelo there are 19 truecolor movies in all of roy rogers they should put all 19 of them out in color they would be a very big seller.

A Critical Review: Almost in color, the Bells of San Angelo is another faux western starring Trigger and the guy who rides him. In his umpteenth incarnation as Roy Rogers, Roy is now a Border Inspector which means he isn’t a real law enforcer, as evidenced by the scene where he is beaten to a pulp by the bad guys and sneered at. “Get a warrant.” The gang of murderers is in the business of smuggling silver out of Mexico. To keep their secret they kill anyone who gets in their way. Andy Devine is Roy’s 782nd sidekick and heir to a fortune. Dale plays a man. Well, they suppose she’s a man named Lee Madison, a writer of pulp fiction featuring wild west themes. Roy hates him on sight…if he would only show up! There’s a ton of humor that is jarring when paired with the killing sequences and the many musical sequences. It feels as though they slapped three vastly different films together and called it a day.

Roy Rogers Movies # 10) Roy Rogers – The Old Corral

Roy Rogers Movies:  Roy Rogers - The Old Corral  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: After seeing a gangster, Scarlotti murder a man, Eleanor Spenser heads west. Recognizing her by her picture in the paper, the local saloon owner hires her and also informs Scarlotti. Scarlotti arrives to get rid of Eleanor but Sheriff Autry has also seen the picture and he sets out to not only protect her but to also get Scarlotti.

A 5-Star Review: A night club singer witnesses a murder and is pursued by the Chicago mob. She flees to the West to hide. Gene Autry is a good singer, and there are some good action scenes. (Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers are the thieves in this film!) Smiley Burnette plays a harmonica, accordion, tambourine, and a xylophone (with his toes) while singing. Quite a feat. Some horse chases and trick horse riding, too. Gene doesn’t even lose his hat during fight scenes. He’s good. If you have an interest in 30s westerns, this is a good example. Mildly interesting.

Roy Rogers Movies # 11) Don’t Fence Me In

Roy Rogers Movies:  Don't Fence Me In  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Wildcat Kelly has been dead and buried for years. Or has he? Dale is a reporter for an Eastern magazine who comes West to find out the true story of Kelly, of whom Gabby seems to have mysterious knowledge.

A 5-Star Review: This is a fun movie. I love the chemistry between Dale and Roy. Dale is so cute and in the beginning of the movie she doe a wonderful performance singing and dancing on top of a dining room table. She’s undercover for a tabloid type magazine to get the goods on a group of upstanding men with sleazy ideas. Her performance is superior. Then on to Roy and Gabby in the midwest. It’s a feel good movie that I probably saw as a child but didn’t realize how cute and entertaining this movie is for adults. I love Trigger and he and Roy do their share of chasing the bad guys. It’s pure entertainment and a fun movie. Roy and Dale couldn’t get any better. I understand that this movie and Trigger, Jr. are Dale’s favorite of all the movies she made with Roy.

A Critical Review: Don’t Fence Me is a 5-star Roy Rogers-Dale Evans movie which runs 71 minutes (B&W). This Happy Trails Theatre version cuts out about 19 minutes from the original movie. (An introduction and closing remarks with Roy and Dale done for TV in the 1980’s adds about 12 minutes, but the film itself runs about 49 minutes in this eviscerated Happy Trails incarnation.)

The original version of Don’t Fence Me In became available in 1998 on Republic VHS AIBN B00000EZWW. The audio on the Happy Trails DVD reviewed here is cleaner, raising hopes for an authentic DVD restoration of the whole film at some point. The 2 stars for this DVD are for better-than-nothing and the audio improvement. However, since songs such as Along the Navajo Trail have been edited out, along with much of the comedy–a 13 minute continuous segement is missing– much of the benefit of better audio is lost. Get the Republic (not the Happy Trails) VHS instead for a delightful 1945 matinee classic.

Roy Rogers Movies # 12) The Golden Stallion [VHS]

Roy Rogers Movies:  The Golden Stallion [VHS]  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Diamonds are being smuggled across the border from Mexico in a specially made shoe of a palomino mare. One of the smugglers is killed when the mare runs off. The sheriff blames Trigger for the death.

A 5-Star Review: You just can’t beat these old westerns. Set in the original Oldwest with Dale Evans and Roy Rogers and of course trigger. If you are expecting a new style western or bunch of bloody violence then this isn’t for you. This is just a good story from the beginning to the end.

A Critical Review: This is about as edgy as Roy Rogers ever got, without any spoilers I can say that the storyline involving Trigger is pretty cool. There is actually quite a bit of action in various forms including a horse\jeep chase. The fist fights are good and the singing is fine. I only bought this film cause it’s on a tv in the background in Kill Bill vol1 and it ain’t streaming anywhere at least not a watchable copy so the vhs was cheap enough that I took a chance and I liked it.

Roy Rogers Movies # 13) Home in Oklahoma

Roy Rogers Movies:  Home in Oklahoma  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: After the wealthy Flying U Ranch owner Sam Talbot is killed by a fall from a horse, reporter Connie Edwards (Dale Evans) enlists the help of newspaper editor Roy Rogers to investigate a rumor that Sam may have actually been murdered. Talbot’s 12 year-old ward, Duke Lowery (Lanny Rees), inherits Sam’s ranch, much to the dismay of Talbot’s greedy niece, Jan Holloway (Carol Hughes). Roy, Dale and ranch hand Gabby (Gabby Hayes) set out to prove Jan is involved in a threat on Duke’s life and possibly Sam’s murder. Under the superb direction of William Witney, Home in Oklahoma is filled with memorable songs, including Roy and Dale’s rendition of the novelty classic “Miguelito.”

A 5-Star Review: How ignominious…the incomparable George Hayes gets third billing, behind that stuck-up fancy horse Trigger!!!! His only consolation is that Dale Evans is credited fourth. I’ll be insulted for Gabby Hayes―who gives a horse second billing!?!?! And since when is Roy Rogers now a historical figure allowing him to play himself as Roy Rogers!?!?! This is taking nepotism one step too far!
As for the story, an old geezer accidently on purpose dies and leaves all his worldly goods to a boy, angering the geezer’s only living relative, a homicidal niece who will not take this outrage sitting down!
Dale Evans actually does a credible job playing a reporter willing to go to jail to protect her source. As for Roy, he’s awfully good at playing Roy, playing Roy.

A Critical Review: This I think is one of the better Roy Rogers B Westerns. But for my money I have viewed the Synergy print and it is not as good as the Marengo print which is offered as a double feature.Your best bet is Marengo Films in this case.

Roy Rogers Movies # 14) Lights of Old Santa Fe

Roy Rogers Movies:  Lights of Old Santa Fe  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: The long-running, but failing Brooks Rodeo is on the verge of being sold by young Marjorie Brooks (Dale Evans) to her unscrupulous competitor, Frank Madden, and his International Rodeo Company. Marjorie’s rodeo isn’t the only thing the slimy Madden has his sights on. Ornery but lovable manager of the Brooks Rodeo, Gabby (Gabby Hayes), is desperate to keep Marjorie and her troupe from falling into the clutches of Madden. Much to his surprise, Gabby thinks he has found the perfect headlining act to put the Brooks Rodeo back on top – Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers. Unfortunately, Gabby allows Roy and the boys to slip through his fingers and they sign with Frank Madden’s show instead. Once Roy and the gang find that Madden is a detestable snake in the grass, they come back to Gabby to join his rodeo. Confident of the rodeo’s new line-up, they prepare for a show at the State Fair. The rodeo’s equipment is sabotaged in a night-time raid by unseen vandals. Roy and the rest of the rodeo crew must now ride against the odds to find those responsible and prove that their show can make a profit before Marjorie sells the rodeo and marries the loathsome Frank Madden.

A 5-Star Review: dang. when i heard that, it bugged me. i knew i had heard that line before. luckily, the internet is a thing and makes it easy to find out stuff. that Charlie Daniels song, that’s where i had heard that line before.
this isnt an old west western. they drive around in cars. Roy and Gabby arent a team at first, but they do work together to take down a shady competitor. some singing, some cowboy stuff, and a chariot race.
it’s a Roy Rogers movie, and pretty much get what you expect from him. solid choice.

A Critical Review: It is really too bad that the films of Roy Rogers have been treated in the way that they have. Fans and film historians alike are asked to accept his films such as this one in pretty poor shape. While it is true that it’s better than nothing, in this age of film preservation and restoration it should be much better. It’s also true that early television is to blame for a great deal of the mishandling the negatives of many Roger’s films, especially the color titles. However, that can be said of many feature films from any studio. It hasn’t stopped the beautiful transfers that we see nowadays and the efforts made to insure they are complete as possible. Of course, there is the economic factor that transcends restoration, but I don’t think fans of Rogers, the genre and film historians want 4K digital restoration and sound. They just want clean transfers of clean prints/negatives that are complete as possible…

Roy Rogers Movies # 15) Roll on Texas Moon

Roy Rogers Movies:  Roy Rogers - Roll on Texas Moon  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Roy Rogers tries to prevent a range war between cattlemen and sheepherders.

A 5-Star Review: Roll on Texas Moon and that age old question―sheep or cattle. Dale has a sheep ranch, Gabby has a cattle ranch, Roy has no ranch at all as he is an agent sent to keep the battle between the two factions from erupting into more violence. I don’t know how much worse it could get as it started with a murder, attempted murder times two, a lot of reckless gunplay, and a lamb who doesn’t know how to stay put. At some point in history this might have been a relevant concern, now it just seems silly and not a little petty. But, in this case, anything for a little violence! To be equated with excitement. Plus the title song…

A Critical Review: Old movie but resolution is very bad. Couldn’t watch it.

Roy Rogers Movies # 16) Springtime in the Sierras (Restored in Original Color)

Roy Rogers Movies:  Roy Rogers - Springtime in the Sierras (Restored in Original Color)  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: A gang, headed by Jean Loring (Stephanie Bachelor), is slaughtering game out of season. When Roy suspects this illegal activity is going on, he finds a way to become a guest at the ranch. After investigating and finding the freezer where the meat is kept, he gets caught and locked in the freezer by one of Jean s men, Matt Wilkes (Roy Barcroft). Can Roy fight his way out and save the day? Songs include the title song, Oh, What a Picture, The Quilting Party, A Cowboy Has to Sing, and Pedro from Acapulco. Also includes a 60 minute Easter special of The Chevy Show from 1961, hosted by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!

A 5-Star Review: Unlike most R/R movies this one appears to be near the original release. Most are cut versions cut to run as 1 hour tv shows, and in black & white, Usually the songs are shortened or eliminated completely because of time restraints. Color is good, picture is good, being from a 16mm print. (Tv again?)). All in al though this is the best of version of one of his westerns I have seen. I wish someone would do for the Rogers fans what has been done with the Autry films. There are some very fine restorations of them on a cable movie channell.
The bonus Chevy show is a nice addition.

A Critical Review: It says it was restored, but you watch it and its distorted, the colors are faded and hard to see their faces.

Rogers Movies # 17) Billy the Kid Returns [VHS]

Roy Rogers Movies:  Billy the Kid Returns [VHS]  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: After Pat Garrett kills Billy the Kid, Billy’s look-alike Roy Rogers arrives and is mistaken for him. Although a murderer, Billy was on the side of the homesteaders against the large ranchers. As Billy’s death is unknown, Roy gets Garrett to let him pose as Billy to continue the fight, but without the killing.

A 5-Star Review: Starring Roy as bad Billy and Roy as Roy Rogers super cool good guy who just happens to look like scowling Billy. Poor Billy doesn’t last long and then hapless hero Roy rides in singing and the local yokels believe it’s Billy back from the dead, prove you ain’t Billy the Kid…sing something. Personally, I would have gone with fingerprints or maybe DNA, but, apparently, singing also works as proof positive, it ain’t Billy. Billy would never sing a duet with a guy named Frog (Smiley Burnette). MMMM-yeah. It doesn’t have to make sense if you can sing, and Roy can sing, and he does, often, for any occasion, because he’s Roy. What a fun, albeit wacky, film.

A Critical Review: plot a little bit unreal

Rogers Movies # 18) Under California Stars

Roy Rogers Movies:  Roy Rogers: Under California Stars  with Michael Chapin

Movie Summary: After returning to the ranch, Roy stumbles upon a gang of horse rustlers. He takes care of them but then Trigger is kidnapped! Desperate to find his beloved horse, Roy enlists the aid of pretty trainer Caroline and her young friend Ted. Together they set a trap to catch the kidnappers and rescue Trigger. Digitally Remastered and Sound Enhanced

A 5-Star Review: It’s fascinating to assess the magic of Roy Rogers in a contemporary light. He was a far better actor than Autry, though no great shakes in terms of personality. The richness of the film lies in its style, the zippy direction by William Witney and the work of such grand supporting players as House Peters Jr and Wade Crosby.

As for I Shot Jesse James, pure magic. Quirky and unconventional in the true style of Sam Fuller (his first film – what a career was to follow!). The copy has been immaculately remastered and there is terrific work from John Ireland, Reed Hadley and the always underrated and gorgeous Barbara Britton. This is a real collector’s item.

A Critical Review: Typical Roy Rogers movie. Supposedly the Old West and the men are wearing six guns and yet they are driving cars, flying airplanes and talking on telephones and always we have to have a song before and/or after something happens. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were fair actors, but their movies left a lot to be desired.

Rogers Movies # 19) Far Frontier [VHS]

Roy Rogers Movies:  Far Frontier [VHS]  with Roy Rogers

Movie Summary: Roy saves the day by thwarting a band of outlaws who are smuggling themselves across the border in soybean oil cans. Includes musical numbers and horse tricks.

A 5-Star Review: Amazing movie… like no other Roy Rogers movie I have ever seen. Imagine a 1948 William Witney Roy Rogers movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. It’s incredibly dark, with a pretty horrifying opening featuring (spoiler) ex-pat gangsters who’ve paid to be smuggled from Mexico back to the US after WW2. They’re stopped just over the border by heavy Roy Barcroft, who forces them to pay up more cash, then drives ’em out to Little Rock dam and has his men roll the barrels into the water, where the men all drown. Clayton Moore has a great guest star bit as a border patrol officer who is attacked and concussed by the bad guys, then, suffering amnesia, is forced to go along on their raiding parties. And guest star Francis Ford (John’s brother) in a great role as a cantankerous father. And Roy’s performance is very real… and very funny. What a great surprise this was!

A Critical Review: This movie is not UNCUT as the box would lead you to believe. On the case the running time is listed at 67 minutes. The actual running time is 54 minutes. The picture quality is very poor and the very aggravating and distracting RE watermark is shown in the lower right corner of the the picture for the entire length of the film. If you are looking for an uncut version of this fine western you will have to look elsewhere. I would not recommend this DVD to Roy Rogers fans. Personally, I plan to not ever purchase Reel Enterprises DVDs again.

Rogers Movies # 20) Yellow Rose of Texas

Roy Rogers Movies:  with

Movie Summary: Roy, an insurance agent working undercover as a showboat singer, is awaiting the appearance of a supposed bank robber who has broken out of jail. Roy tries to recover the stolen money from the unassuming crook.

A 5-Star Review: I was born before cable tv so movies of Roy Rogers was our main form of entertainment. This will be a great comfort in my elderly years.

A Critical Review: Insurance agent Roy is on the trail of a robber and the company payroll he stole and supposedly hid. Roy goes undercover as a cowboy singer on a showboat. Finally, his fancy duds make sense. Roy stopped looking like a real cowboy ages ago. He keeps his eyes on Betty (Dale Evans), the daughter of the accused thief, an escaped convict. In fact, everyone has eyes for Betty, hoping she will lead them to the missing money. In the meantime, people sing and dance. Roy uses a phone booth to check in with his boss and starts a brawl. And naturally, someone is framed, a staple in Roy Rogers’ movies. The movie ends with a BIG production number that includes having Trigger on stage…as well as a fake horse.

Rogers Movies # 21) San Fernando Valley [VHS]

San Fernando Valley

Movie Summary: A ranch owner fires his ranch hands and brings in women to replace them. The owner’s daughter wants the male hands back and comes up with a plan to do it. They will rustle the horses and when the women are unable to find them, they will bring the men in and get their old jobs back. But the two hands that steal the horses sell them and then claim they were robbed.

A 5-Star Review: I’ve never seen a Roy Roger’s movie before, and this one was quite the enjoyable experience. The whole movie was endearing and funny from beginning to end. The action scenes with horses were some of the best that I’ve ever seen. Actresses singing performances were superb. Much effort went into this movie, no doubt. Highly recommend this movie.

A Critical Review: Do not buy this edition. This is the cut edition and it leaves out some of the best parts of the film. I know they did this back in the day when they were playing Roy’s movies on television but don’t waste your money. Look for the uncut version which is amazing.

Rogers Movies # 22) Bells Of Coronado

Movie Summary: Roy is an insurance investigator looking into the theft of uranium ore. He must prevent the thieves from taking off in a plane with the stolen ore. It includes the songs “Bells of Coronado,” “Got No Time for the Blues,”

A 5-Star Review: This is a good and as far as I know an uncut color version of the Roy Rogers movie. The plot is a thinly veiled Roy Rogers vs the commies who are out to steal Uranium ore, lets just forget that you need tons of the raw stuff to refine into anything useful for bombs or power generation but that someone wants it and is willing to steal to get it. Well boys and girls guess who foils the plot? Guess who gets away with it? No doubting here but that’s not the point. You don’t watch a Roy Rogers film to wonder who the hero is. Anyway it’s a great slice of Americana and a fun rainy day movie. And it isn’t one of those hacked up copies that Reel Enterprises releases.

Rogers Movies # 23) Sons of the Pioneers

Sons of the Pioneers

Movie Summary: When a wave of terror threatens their homes and herds, Louise Harper urges her fellow ranchers to find a replacement for genial but ineffectual Sheriff Gabby Whittaker. Gabby agrees to step down in favor of Roy, a descendant of two of the town’s historic fighters, but he’s been living in the East since he was ten, and as a scientist, Roy knows more about microscopes than about guns!

A 5-Star Review: The movie was very enjoyable. The 7-year-old that still inhabits my head loved it. The extras were nice.

In the extras, you could see Trigger in color. In the 50s and 60s, we only had black-and-white sets. The only previous time I remember seeing Trigger in color was in Son of Paleface. Now that is wonderful film and Trigger has the best gag of many good ones.

A Critical Review: Average B western, I grew up watching Roy Rogers so I do like to watch these old movies once in a while. The “Sons of the Pioneers” band had some decent song but, unfortunately, not in this movie.

Rogers Movies # 24) North of the Great Divide

North of the Great Divide

Movie Summary: A singing Indian agent (Roy Rogers) helps a Canadian tribe cheated by a salmon cannery.

A 5-Star Review: RR movies are always a cut above so many of the B movies. Trigger is one of the most beautiful of the horses used by any one and rightly earned the name of the smartest horse in the movies. Roy sings and acts earning him the nick name of King of the Cowboys. Always a pleasure to see them together with Foy Willing and his band.

A Critical Review: this is a great roy rogers movie why do they cut it for dvd you can put hours movies on dvds with out cuting them up and put them in color the way they were made.

Rogers Movies # 25) Carson City Kid [VHS]

Carson City Kid

Movie Summary: Roy is a bandit who is out to get the man who killed his younger brother. He learns as he rides into the town of Sonora that the man is the owner of the local saloon and gambling hall.

A 5-Star Review: One of the best Roy Rogers movies I’ve ever seen. I loved it.

A Critical Review: Roy Rogers plays the worst crook ever in that he never actually steals anything, but he enjoys a reputation for being The Carson City Kid, a notorious stagecoach bandit who only goes through the mail. So this should have been a matter for the postal service. At any rate, he tracks down the killer of his brother and sets about getting even. In this film Gabby is the marshal and he doesn’t know the kid from a hole in the wall, but he loves to pretend he does know him and could pick him out of a lineup…if he had a mind to.
Part way through the film everything goes dark and the frame bounces producing imagery that is a bit on the oblique side of being unviewable. I stuck with it and it returned to ‘normal’ for the rest of the feature.

Rogers Movies # 26) Grand Canyon Trail

 Grand Canyon Trail

Movie Summary: Sintown is a ghost town that was once believed to have had a lode of silver but apparently the mines have been depleted. J. Malcolm Vanderpool’s determined secretary Carol Martin impersonates Vanderpool’s daughter and travels West to help her boss who had invested in the mine. She eventually discovers that Regan, a mining engineer employed by Vanderpool has kidnapped Old Ed Carruthers, an old prospector who has found silver but Regan wishes to keep the information secret for his own benefit. He puts Carol up in the haunted Hangman’s Hotel until Roy Rogers, Old Ed’s mule Genevieve, and Roy’s singing posse the Riders of the Purple Sage attempt to rescue the prospector and bring the villains to justice.

A 5-Star Review: good’s received on time and good quality. the service is very good.

Rogers Movies # 27) Sunset in the West (1950) [Blu-ray]

Sunset in the West

Movie Summary: Newly Mastered in HD from a 4K scan! A gang of vicious crooks has been running guns and ammunition out to foreign revolutionaries. Gordon MacKnight (Pierre Watkin, Meet John Doe) is the mastermind behind these elaborate schemes hijacking freight trains and killing the crews, leaving no witnesses. Sheriff Tad Osborne (Will Wright, Adam s Rib) is discouraged and has not been able to catch the killers. His niece Dixie (Penny Edwards, Trail of Robin Hood) urges him to quit while he can, but when Roy (Roy Rogers, My Pal Trigger) and his Purple Sage riders arrive in the border town, they persuade the sheriff to stay in office and help them capture the criminals. MacKnight tries to escape, but Roy and Trigger follow to ride him down and bring him back to justice. Beautifully shot in TruColor by Jack A. Marta (Cat Ballou) and wonderfully directed by the great William Witney (Daredevils of the Red Circle).

A 5-Star Review: Wonderful copy of the Roy Rogers movie. The colors are beautiful and it looks like a brand new movie!
We are so happy to see the King of the cowboys back in the saddle again!

Rogers Movies # 28) Days of Jesse James [VHS]

Days of Jesse James

Movie Summary: A bank robbery is pulled off by a group of bank officials, but Jesse James’ gang is blamed.

A 5-Star Review: As good as it gets as an oldie ‘B’ western. Classic western stars Roy Rodgers as a lawman, the great sidekick support of Gabby Hays, and another western classic ‘B’ western veteran, Don ‘Red’ Barry as Jesse. Very entertaining.

A Critical Review: This movie is a little misleading. The run time is listed as 63 minutes. And 63 minutes is the original version run time.
However the actual run time of the movie is 51 minutes. There is a pre and post movie interview with Dale, Roy, and Dusty which makes up the rest of the run time. Now seeing them is worth the money I paid for the movie, but I was after a full length film.
I have been told that all the Happy Trails have the edited versions of Roy’s movies. I’m not sure this is true…I’ve only bought this one.

Rogers Movies # 29) Bells of Rosarita

Bells of Rosarita

Movie Summary: Dale Evans inherits a circus, but her dead father’s partner (Withers) is trying steal it away from her for himself. Roy Rogers and Bob Nolan happen to be filming their latest movie on location at the circus when they learn of Dale’s plight. Roy and Bob call on some of the most famous western movie stars of the day, and their famous horses, to come to the circus and put on a celebrity circus show. The show is a hit, saving Dale and the circus, and the bad guys lose in the end.

A 5-Star Review: The Bells of Rosarita is a song sung several times in a movie about a circus in jeopardy over a receipt that may or may not exist. Roy plays Roy playing Roy Rogers movie star who just happens to be filming a movie in the area where Sue Farnum’s ranch is situated…goodness knows where Sue’s circus is. Sue is in desperate need of help and with a little coercion, Roy happily obliges. Gabby plays Gabby who doesn’t know Roy, even though they are using the same names they’ve used in most of their movies. The villain tries to sell Roy Sue’s ranch, even though he has no legitimate claim to it. Apparently, this is how business was done in 1945. Naturally, everyone but the dead duck sings, frequently…and often. To save the day they put on a circus in their backyard. How Hollywood of them.

A Critical Review: This DVD excluded 2 major scenes …
[1] When Gabby Hayes, rescued from the closet after the kidnappers locked him up, steals an entire scene by attempting to wash strawberry jam (which he thought was blood) from his hands and face.
[2] When Roy Rogers issues a “call to arms”, and solicits each of several Republic Pictures’ featured cowboy heroes (Lash Laroe, Wild Bill Elliot, Rock Lane, etc.) to come to the circus’ rescue. This omission from the DVD is enough to return it, and get your money back.
For me, one of the poorest transfers I have ever seen. Image quality is extremely poor (not enough contrast), and the lost segments disrupt the flow of the movie.
My recommendation: LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Rogers Movies # 30) Colorado

Movie Summary: There’s trouble out west! It’s the Civil War and the Union needs troops back east to defend itself. Roy Rogers stars as Lieutenant Jerry Burke, who is sent to investigate why the returning troops are being stalled in Colorado. Also starring Gabby Hayes, Pauline Moore, and Milburn Stone, this film is action packed with a turn you won’t see coming!

A 5-Star Review: The Civil War is raging and Colorado is right in the thick of it when Captain Donald Mason (Milburn Stone) shows up in a Union uniform, informing the local branch of secessionists that he is actually one of them, and he has a plan to disrupt the Union forces in Colorado Territory. Unbeknownst to the very bad captain, Grant himself has sent one guy there to fix matters…Roy Rogers as Lieutenant Jerry Burke. He has the authority to do what ever he wants, and he does, with the able assistance of Gabby. There are complications galore in this action packed Western and things are kept humorous thanks to Maude Eburne as Etta Mae, who has set her sights on poor Gabby.

A Critical Review: A good old fashioned western/military with 2well known actors. It was fun to see them in roles expect them to play.

Rogers Movies # 31) Eyes of Texas

Movie Summary: After World War II, ranch owner Thad Cameron (Francis Ford) decides to turn his ranch into a home for the orphaned sons of U.S. soldiers. However, Thad’s female lawyer Hattie Walters (Nana Bryant) wants Thad’s fortune and valuable ranch land for herself. She has already used her vicious gang of henchman to scare off or kill all the owners of the surrounding ranches, blaming any deaths on a pack of wolves who roam the area. When Thad is killed, U.S. Marshall Roy Rogers doesn’t believe the official story about wolves killing Thad after he easily befriends and tames one of the wild dogs. It’s up to Roy to stop Hattie and her gang before she can snatch Thad’s land by having a fake long-lost relative claim the ranch. One of Roy’s more violent movies.

A 5-Star Review: Marshal Roy Rogers is the Eyes of Texas, trying to uncover the real reason behind the suspicious death of Thad Cameron good guy, head of Camp Cameron for boys without fathers. The dope is tricked into signing a blank will that allows shyster Hattie to gain control of his Camp through a fake nephew. It’s all about the insurance money. Hattie has henchmen coming out of the woodwork and dogs pretending to be wolves. It’s quite the racket. And Hattie loves bragging about it. There’s three songs too many but plenty of action and subterfuge.

A Critical Review: These DVDs are replacements for my VHS videos. The DVDs are more convenient and easier to store then the VHS videos. However this DVD was obviously made from a VHS video and the quality is not nearly as good as my copy of the VHS video.

Rogers Movies # 32) Nevada City

Nevada City

Movie Summary: Stagecoach drivers Jeff Connors (Rogers) and Gabby Chapman (Hayes) try to get their fueding stagecoach owner boss Hank Liddell to combine business with competing railroad owner Mark Benton. Lidden refuses and fires Jeff and Gabby for their efforts. However, when a gang of outlaws begin sabotaging the stage coach line and the railroad, Liddell and Benton are forced to grudgingly put aside their differences and work together. Jeff and Gabby investigate the identities of Black Bart’s gang members, and try to stop their next raid. Jeff even finds time to romance pretty lady Jo Morrison.

A 5-Star Review: Dastardly Highwaymen attack stagecoaches prompting some to believe it is the work of the railroad, out to destroy the stage-line. Using the tactic of divide and conquer, the EVIL Black Bart works both sides, causing them to lose sight of the fact that a third party might be involved who would enjoy having them go out of business. Placed squarely in the middle of this friction are Gabby Chapman (the incomparable George Hayes) and his singing sidekick what’s-his-name. There’s also a stray kid mucking things up with his calculating cuteness.
Another fabulous film staring George Hayes. And that other guy…. I will watch any film that features Gabby Hayes. Pity his sidekick kept getting in the way, the glory seeking varmint.

A Critical Review: I’m a Roy Rogers fan , but didn’t like the way it was chopped up. So much was taken out of the picture.

Rogers Movies # 33) The Arizona Kid

The Arizona Kid

Movie Summary: Roy and Gabby deliver horses to Missouri in 1861. When the war breaks out, they become confederate scouts. When the rebel McBride and his gang of murderers attack them, Roy is shot and left for dead. One of McBride’s raiders is Dave who is a friend of Roy and he returns to save him. Later Roy captures McBride’s gang including Dave and has to have them executed. Then he heads after McBride.

A 5-Star Review: Classic action B Western with Roy playing a Confederate Officer at the outset of the Southern War for Independence who is trying to track down a murderous renegade who is fighing the war and innocent civilians for his own gain. The villain is loosely based on William Quantrill.
Great Shootouts, horse chases and fun.

A Critical Review: The film itself is a must for anybody interested in the history of western movies. This version however was a tremendous disappointment, as the voices were not in sync with the actors’ mouths. The synchronization was off by a few seconds at the beginning of the film, but by the end of the film it was many seconds. Often, the person whose voice the viewer hears is not even on the screen, and it is completely disconcerting. A complete fiasco (I really should return it!).

If you want to see a typical Roy Rodgers film, this is probably a good one, but do not buy this version.

Rogers Movies # 34) Roy Rogers: Under Nevada Skies

Movie Summary: Rodeo star Roy Rogers returns home to find that his old friend Tom Craig has been murdered after he was accused of stealing a family crest from Helen Williams (Evans). Helen joins up with Roy and Gabby Whittaker (Hayes) to find the killers and the crest. Arthur Courtney and his gang are behind the murder. Roy and Gabby find the crest hidden at the Craig ranch, but are quickly captured by the outlaws. Helen gathers together the Sons of the Pioneers, and Roy’s local Indian friends to come to Roy and Gabby’s rescue. An exciting film filled with action.

A 5-Star Review: How do you not like Roy Rogers? Love Westerns and this is one of the many cowboys I loved to watch on Saturday Mornings.

A Critical Review: This is just an old fashion western. I just like the old style western brings back memories from child hood

Rogers Movies # 35) Gay Ranchero, The (The Film Detective Restored Version)

Gay Ranchero, The (The Film Detective Restored Version)

Movie Summary: The inimitable Roy Rogers rides again (atop his trusted horse Trigger) in this rootin’-tootin’ cowboy adventure film that follows daring Sheriff Rogers as he liberates an airport from a gang of thieving crooks. Featuring a soundtrack of rousing tunes all written specifically for the film, The Gay Ranchero is packed full of all the action one expects from a Roy Rogers film, and has enough thrills and spills to satisfy the whole family. Featuring a stand-up performance from veteran character actor Andy Devine (Stagecoach, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance), the film is also notable for its casting of actual Latino actors Tito Guizar and Estelita Rodriguez to play Mexicans (a rarity for the time)–a clear result of the Republic Pictures’ “Hands Across the Border” initiative.

A Critical Review: This film is advertised as “restored” and in “color.” It is neither. It is from an unrestored black and white print. Blatantly false advertising.

Rogers Movies # 36) Apache Rose 1947 (Standard)

Apache Rose 1947 (Standard)

Movie Summary: The Wide-screen TV. Director Adeeb Barsoum graduated from College of Cinema, Cairo, Egypt. 1966. He worked in the Egyptian Television. He moved to US in 1967 and lived in California where he produced and directed 21 programs about California s Missions. He also produced two feature films Fatal Possession and Good Bye My Love. In 2004, He moved with his wife Flor, daughter Ann and two grandchildren Dominic and Jasmine to Arizona where he sat up studio to format the movies to 16×9 wide-screen television. AFA Entertainment his company is the only company to format the public domain movies to16x9 wide-screen television.

A 5-Star Review: Big Fan of Roy and this video is one of the best! But then, I think all of his are best. 😉 Loved his acting and really love his singing. He was so sincere and believable. An old fashioned hero.

A Critical Review: Picture quality is poor. Understandable for a movie approaching 70 years old.
Both Roy and Dale look fit and it’s nice to remember Saturday double features that only cost a dime.

Rogers Movies # 37) Utah


Movie Summary: Roy Rogers and the cowboys at the Bar X Ranch go to great lengths to keep their home from being sold by Dorothy Bryant (Dale Evans), an actress from Chicago who has inherited the property. Dorothy and her theater troupe head out to Utah, where Roy does his best to convince them that the ranch is run down and worthless. Realizing that Roy has been stonewalling her, she sells the valuable Bar X for a measly sum and heads back East. With the ranch now in the hands of the unscrupulous Ben Bowman, Roy and the gang head out to the Chicago cattle yards to save their livestock from being auctioned off and expose Bowman for the swindle.

A 5-Star Review: Nothing better than Roy and Dale. How many times can you see horses do a doe Sah doe? Roy and Dale look perfect and it’s a great little story. All young people should get to know Roy and Dale and Trigger.

A Critical Review: The movie would have been great!! If not for the dvd was not burned all the way through, so it cut the movie very short. Only half the movie played.

Rogers Movies # 38) Red River Valley (1941)

Red River Valley (1941)  with Sinister Cinema

Movie Summary: (1941, Republic) Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Sally Payne, Gale Storm, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. One of the better Roy Rogers movies. Roy helps some ranchers raise money to build a reservoir, only to have it gobbled up by a shyster in a phony stock scam. Roy’s old pals, the Sons of the Pioneers, come to his aid. For the next several years, Nolan and his band were in all of Roy’s films, but this was the first. 16mm.

A 5-Star Review: Red River Valley was one of the last Roy Rogers movies that I bought, mainly because I have nearly all of them. It didnt let me down it had all the ingredients of a great western which I loved when I was a kid. Typically it is a good versus evil romp with Gabby Hayes,who is in all the best Roy Rogers movies in my opinion,Gale Storm supplying the love interest and the Sons of the Pioneers supplying the musical backdrop. Summing up it was one of Roy’s earliest and one of his best, which set the standard for the rest to come.

Rogers Movies # 39) Twilight in the Sierras

Twilight in the Sierras

Movie Summary: Roy, a US Marshal, investigates a ring of counterfeiters, and hunts down a predatory mountain lion. Songs and romance punctuate the action.

A 5-Star Review: Twilight in the Sierras is one of Roy’s later movies, which means there is a little less singing and a little more action. The Riders of the Purple Sage fill in for the Sons of the Pioneers, though Pat Brady is still around as the loyal Sparrow Biffle. However, I most enjoyed the scenes between Roy and his lovely wife, Dale Evans. The scene by the creek was quite hilarious!

A Critical Review: Roy, Dale, and Trigger in color with watchable action and some good songs. And, if you’re old enough, a big dose of nostalgia.

Rogers Movies # 40) Down Dakota Way

Down Dakota Way

Movie Summary: When a corrupt rancher’s herd becomes diseased, he murders the local veterinarian to prevent a government report and loss of his cattle; Roy Rogers must track down the rancher’s assasain and keep the meat off the market.

A 5-Star Review: It was a Roy Rogers I saw when I was a kid. I added it to my Western Collection

A Critical Review: Interesting story–but surprisingly preachy in places–has to do with the disgraced old school ma’rm and her ne’er-do-well son. The print quality is surprisingly good–revealing all the limitations of Republic’s two-color Trucolor process. Otherwise, slow moving for a William Witney film, with some badly forced comic relief by the usually amiable Pat Brady. Dale sings the popular song “Candy Kisses” and Foy Willing’s group provides the Western harmonies, but otherwise, this is not one of Roy’s best.

Rogers Movies # 41) Along the Navajo Trail

Along the Navajo Trail

Movie Summary: U.S. Deputy Marshal Roy investigates the disappearance of a government agent who has come to Dale’s father’s Ladder A Ranch. The bad guys want the land the ranch sits on because they know an oil pipeline is planned through this location. Songs include the title song and the famous Cool Water. “Along the Navajo Trail” is a country/pop song, written by Dick Charles (pseudonym for Richard Charles Krieg), Larry Markes, and Edgar De Lange in 1945. It was the title song of the 1945 Roy Rogers film Along the Navajo Trail. Members of the Western Writers of America chose it as one of the Top 100 Western songs of all time.

A 5-Star Review: My husband and I grew up with Roy Rogers as our hero. We especially like the song “Cool Water”, which the description said was one of the songs on this DVD. It was NOT! Nowhere on this DVD was “Cool Water”!!

All in all, I would have to say we still enjoyed the movie and all of the extras that came with it and we would not return it for anything. We loved every minute of that DVD and will watch it many times in the years to come.

A Critical Review: Contrary to the comment of an earlier viewer, this film in NOT uncut. The movie has been butchered down to about 54 minutes. This is a loss of 12 minutes in the film and it is quite obvious. Some things don’t make sense or a character appears free after having been captured, with no explanation. Those of us who collect Roy Rogers films want them UNCUT. Be warned that Happy Trails Theatre DVDs are going to be cut to about 54 minutes in order to meet the TV format of one-hour shows. Those who want Roy Rogers UNCUT will have to look elsewhere.

Rogers Movies # 42) Susanna Pass (1949)

Susanna Pass (1949)

Movie Summary: Roy Rogers is the Game Warden outside the town of Susanna Pass and when a pair of escaped convicts sneak into town with a plot to get rich on the untapped oil well under the artificial lake and fish hatchery its up to Roy and his fellow wardens them. Plenty of excitement and music follows! 66 minutes in Trucolor!

A 5-Star Review: I purchased the Reel Video edition of this movie and it is great. It was made in 2015 and has real pictures of the stars on the front artwork. It is the complete uncut version in very good color and great picture and sound. You will be happy if you purchase this edition. Susanna Pass never looked so good.

A Critical Review: All the songs have been edited out in this DVD edition. should have mentioned this in their description of the product. Shame on them for not doing so.

Rogers Movies # 43) Romance on the Range [VHS]

Romance on the Range

Movie Summary: Roy Rogers, the owner of a western ranch, suspects his highly secretive foreman Banning (Pawley) of the looting his fur traps. He goes undercover as a ranchhand on his own ranch. He begins a romance with trading post proprietress Joan Stuart (Hayes), who has no idea of Roy’s real identity. Through his investigation, he discovers that Banning is the head of a gang who has been stealing fur from all the local ranchers and fencing it at the Trading Post. Joan convinces Roy she had nothing to do with the gang. Roy and Joan then work together to capture Banning and his gang of outlaws.

A 5-Star Review: As I write this review, there are two releases of this movie available for streaming from Amazon. I streamed the Paramount release with the black and white cover. The release with the color cover is from a company called Reel Enterprises. I have read reviews complaining about the quality of the Reel version.

The picture and sound were fine and the movie even had a little bit of comprehensible plot. Better than my memory of Roy Rogers movies. A surprise to me was that I immediately identified the villains of the piece from my memory of watching Roy Rogers in my increasingly distant childhood.

A Critical Review: You can always count on Alpha Video to be totally inconsistent when it comes to the quality of their DVDs; some are beautiful and crystal clear… others are terrible. Romance on the Range is definitely terrible video quality. The picture is so bad it looks like it was mastered from a second generation VHS tape. I can’t believe Alpha would put out such an inferior product. Don’t waste your money!

Rogers Movies # 44) Jesse James At Bay- Roy Rogers George Gabby Hayes

Jesse James At Bay

Movie Summary: When Jesse learns that crooked banker Krager is cheating settlers, he and his gang rob trains to obtain cash for them to purchase their land. Krager, finding a Jesse look-alike in Clint Burns, hires him to wreak havoc on the ranchers pretending to be the fearsome outlaw. When Jesse confronts and kills Burns, he switches clothes and goes after the crooked gang.

A 5-Star Review: This movie of Roy Rogers is wonderful!! I’m SO thankful to have it as he has always been my hero. Just to watch him ride Trigger is like watching poetry in motion! I NEVER saw ANYBODY ride like Roy does! He is one with Trigger! There NEVER was a better team & you can watch that in this movie!! It amazes me too since Roy was from Ohio that he had this expertise at such an early time of his career! A+

A Critical Review: Again I bought this because it was suppose to be a full length movie. Which IMDB list as 56 minutes. The cover says this runs 60 minutes. It’s only 53 minutes long however, edited for TV back in the 50’s

Rogers Movies # 45) Roy Rogers – Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs

Movie Summary: Roy’s boss inherits a large range but the will prohibits selling it, although the widow can. The boss is killed and Roy framed for it and tossed in jail.

A 5-Star Review: This movie is a very exciting adventure. Roy is the foremen at a ranch. Jerry Johnson, the owner of the ranch, is rowdy and is under the influence of Lucky Miller. Miller wants to have the ranch, but the will left by Jerry’s father states that Jerry himself cant sell it. Miller solves this problem by suggesting that Jerry marry a “mail order bride”. He will then murder Jerry and get the widow to sell him the ranch. This is where all of the romance begins. I will leave you hanging at that point. The movie is full of action and lots of climatic stunts done by Trigger. It also has some humor in it provided by Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette). Enjoy and have fun!

A Critical Review: Trying to break his own record, Roy is framed twice in this movie. Of course, Roy was always easy to frame―wrong place, wrong time, the perfect patsy. It doesn’t help that he’s up against a mastermind criminal (John Carradine as Lucky Miller), who wants anything/everything that isn’t his and he’s not afraid to kill to get it. The plan is to get a rich dope married so Lucky Miller can make a deal with his widow, and then kill her. But Roy keeps getting in his way…the best-laid plans of rats and stinkers often go awry when Rogers is around.
This is another very basic, by-the-numbers Roy Rogers movie, typical, with absolutely no surprises, but plenty of music.

Rogers Movies # 46) Spoilers of the Plains

 Spoilers of the Plains

Movie Summary: This classic Roy Rogers western, written by Sloan Nibley and directed by William Witney, features the singing cowboy playing a character by the same name who owns an oil pipeline located near a missile launching site. The devious Gregory Camwell (Grant Withers) has designs on the missile, and steals some of Roy’s oil in the process of gaining access to the missile site. In an action-packed climax, Camwell has rigged a missile with explosives, and has Roy tries to stop him, the story showcases a notable fight between the men on top of an oil derrick.

A 5-Star Review: Simple, clean and entertaining from the likes of Roy and Penny with Gordon for comic relief, Foy Willing and his band and of course the wonderful locations where you want to be the one riding Trigger. Refer to the song of Roy’s, Hoppy Gene and me for the memories of the Sat matinee movies.

A Critical Review:Welp, if you don’t mind having the occasional scene cut from a movie this is for you. The quality of the film is great but sadly it’s missing an entire scene. I’ve seen so many Roy Rogers movies, all in uncut. Spoilers of the Plains in particular is one of my favorites and I would love to own it in uncut form but sadly this is not one of those copies.


With more than one hundred movies, several songs composed for additional movies, and television appearances, Roy Rogers goes down as one of the finest Western performers of all time, his brilliance and excellence in acting and singing still living up to this day. If you love action-packed western films, then we encourage you to check out our list of similar western actors here. And if you are looking for a book you can read for free, check out this month’s free read.

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    This sight shows 46 movies.
    Over a hundred were made.

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