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The Lone Writer is an American frontier and Old West journalist and historian. He loves to read, write and review all things western, whether historical or fiction.
a question of strength
Bonanza Western TV

A Question of Strength Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #6

A group of outlaws launches an assault on the stagecoach transporting Hoss Cartwright and two nuns, the elderly Mother Veronica (played by Ilka Windish) and the young Sister Mary Kathleen (played by Judy Carne). When Sister Mary Kathleen nervously relinquishes the funds collected for a new convent hospital, Mother Veronica chastises her, questioning her suitability […]

The Lone Writer 
the toy soldier
Bonanza Western TV

The Toy Soldier Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #5

Renowned artist James Callahan (Phillip Abbott) bears the weight of two significant burdens: his struggle with alcoholism and societal rejection due to his marriage to Paiute woman Esther (Donna Martell). Despite Adam Cartwright’s attempts to help Callahan overcome his self-destructive tendencies, their efforts are thwarted by McDermott (Morgan Woodward), an outspoken advocate of Indian prejudice. […]

The Lone Writer 
Little Man Ten Feet Tall
Bonanza Western TV

Little Man… Ten Feet Tall Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #04, Episode #34

Written by Eric Norden and Frank Arno, Little Man-Ten Feet Tall explores the relationship between Ponderosa ranch hand Nick Biancci (portrayed by Ross Martin) and his impressionable son Mario (played by Michael Davis). Initially set on following his father’s dream of becoming a concert guitarist, Mario changes his heart when he witnesses Nick being bullied […]

The Lone Writer 
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