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gunsmoke the sharecroppers
Gunsmoke Western TV

The Sharecroppers Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #20, Episode #24

Gunsmoke joins many other Western television films and series as the enduring symbol of the Old West. Gunsmoke was highly influential in shaping the Western genre with its complex characters and storylines that tackled mature themes like racism, sexism, and violence. Among its episodes include The Sharecroppers, a Gunsmoke episode directed by Leonard Katzman and written […]

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gunsmoke snow train
Gunsmoke Western TV

Snow Train Part 1 and Part 2 Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #16, Episode #06 and #07

Gunsmoke is a long-running Western series starring James Arness, who played the central character, Marshal Matt Dillon. Apart from the Marshal’s adventures, other characters in the show were often involved in gunfights and brawls—a typical scenario that revolves around most Westerns. Despite the violence, Gunsmoke was a popular show and one of the longest-running television […]

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gunsmoke women for sale
Gunsmoke Western TV

Women for Sale Part 1 and 2 Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #19, Episode #1 and #2

Gunsmoke was a hugely successful Western during its run, and it remains popular today. The show depicted frontier life’s challenges and dangers, and its stories often dealt with complex moral issues. Women for Sale is a two-part episode from the 19th season of Gunsmoke. Vincent McEveety directed the Gunsmoke episode Women for Sale, which Jim Byrnes […]

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