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Carter Caper Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #09, Episode #08

Billy Hargis encounters Joe Stark while traveling, and they share a stolen chicken for dinner. However, when Billy catches Joe attempting to steal his horse at night, he uses his fists to discipline him. Later, when Joe encounters Billy in Dodge, he starts spreading rumors that Billy is a renowned gunfighter, hoping to provoke someone in town into challenging Billy to a duel. This Gunsmoke episode, Carter Caper, originally aired on November 16, 1963.

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Carter Caper Cast

The following cast members brought characters to life in the episode named Carter Caper:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Dennis Weaver as Chester
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Jeremy Slate as Billy
  • William Phipps as Stark
  • Anjanette Comer as Cara
  • Rayford Barnes as Flack
  • I. Stanford Jolley as Mims
  • Barney Phillips as Smith
  • George Selk as Moss Grimmick
  • Glenn Strange as Sam
  • Michael Fox as Waiter
  • William Fawcett as Turner
  • Jacque Shelton as Carter
  • Dennis Cross as Bud
  • Fred Aldrich as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Walter Bacon as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Dave Dunlop as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Frank Ellis as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jess Kirkpatrick as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Mike Lally as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Fred McDougall as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Dick Miller as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Rex Moore as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jimmy Noel as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chick Sheridan as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Cap Somers as Townsman (uncredited)
  • George Sowards as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Lucian Tiger as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Carter Caper

A man nursing a grudge devises a cunning plan for revenge by spreading rumors in Dodge about hot-tempered Billy’s legendary prowess with a gun, claiming Billy bested the famous gunslinger Beau Carter (played by Jacque Shelton).

In Dodge, Billy Hargis (portrayed by Jeremy Slate) enters Long Branch, and when a cowboy mistreats a saloon girl named Cara Miles (played by Anjanette Comer), where he intervenes. Their encounter sparks a romantic connection, leading to their engagement.

On the trail, Billy encounters Joe Stark (played by William Phipps), a destitute drifter, and shares a stolen chicken with him. However, when Billy catches Joe attempting to steal his horse, he teaches him a lesson with his fists. Upon meeting Billy again in Dodge, Joe spreads false rumors about Billy’s gunfighting prowess, knowing it will incite someone to challenge Billy.

Dan Flack (played by Rayford Barnes) is the first to take up the challenge, resorting to violence against Cara to provoke Billy. Despite Billy’s reluctance to engage in a gunfight, Flack fatally shoots him under the pretense of a fair duel. However, when Mims, a friend of Billy’s, confronts Flack, he is forced to draw his gun, resulting in Mims shooting and killing him.

The situation escalates with Flack’s friends accusing Mims of murder, but the arrival of a stranger named Beau Carter, who witnessed the events, confirms that Flack drew first. As tensions mount, Carter reveals his identity, leaving the townsfolk stunned.

Full Script and Dialogue



Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sally, baby.

Get you out there and
get you something to eat.

Come on. That a girl.

That's a good girl.

That's a nice baby.

How you feeling
after the trip, huh?

Ah. Hello.

What in the world are you
doing with that chicken, old man?

Oh, that's Sally.

That's the finest hen
that ever laid an egg.

That thing d...

That thing looks like

she couldn't lay
nothing but rocks.

Well, tell you the truth,

she don't lay so good
when we're traveling,

but she's a fine companion.

You're the first
man I ever run into

with a chicken for a partner.

You live around here?

No, I don't live nowhere.

I just keep moving.

Well, I'm fixing
some dinner soon.

You're welcome to stay.

It don't look like

you got a whole
lot of food, old man.

Oh, I got some potatoes.

I'll make some poor-do
gravy to go with them.

Some what?

Poor-do gravy.

Some coffee and a
spot of flour is all I need.

Maybe that's all you
need, but I'm still growing.

What do you say we
boil up that chicken?

Sally? Oh, I'd sooner starve.

Well, maybe you would,
but Sally's just meat to me.

Hey! What-what-what
are you doing?

Hey, you put...
you put her down!

- You'll hurt her!
- Shut up.

Let go of her.
Now quit that, I say!

- Quit your hollering.
- Put her down.

Please. Please, mister.

Don't take her. She's all I got.

She's all I got, too.

You go ahead and have
potatoes and poor-do gravy.

I'm eating chicken tonight.

You can't eat her. You can't.

That'd be murder.

I'll think of you
the first bite I take.

Please, mister.
Take anything I got.

You ain't got nothing worth
having, except this chicken.

No! No!

No. No.


I, uh, seen your horse
staked out back there.


So, I just thought
I'd say hello.

First human face
I've seen in two days.

I was just riding
through. I'm harmless.


Get down.

No, I'll ride on.

I hate to bust in on
a man's mealtime.

No. There's plenty.

You can stake your horse
out right there near mine.

Go ahead.

I'll-I'll tend to the chicken.

All right.

I'm afraid I ain't got
nothing to throw into the pot.

That's all right.

I'm Joe Stark.

Billy Hargis.

Where you headed for, Stark?

Mm, no place in particular. You?

Well, I ain't never
seen Dodge City.

You're better off.

Well, I reckon this
old hen's about done.

Well, this is, uh, mighty
kind of you, Stark.

Uh, I'll have to figure some
way of paying you back.

You will.

Set and eat.

Mmm. Sure tastes good.

I was just thinking, though.

How'd you come by a
chicken all the way out here?

Oh, I got ways.

No business of mine.

No, I'll tell you.

Kind old man give-give it to me.

I was just thinking.

Where'd you come
by that horse of yours?


Well, I'll be doggone.

So, you bought that
horse in Amarillo, huh?

Sure is a fine-looking animal.

Best one I ever owned.

You wouldn't maybe be
interested in selling him?

Make me an offer.

Well, tell you the truth,

I'm nigh onto flat
broke right now.

But I sure do admire that horse.

You got a good eye, Stark.

You're a good cook, too.

I'm sure gonna sleep
a lot sounder tonight

for having met up with you.

Where are you going, Stark?

I'll shoot.

No, don't!


Use your left hand and
throw your gun belt over here.

What's the matter?
I ain't done nothing.

Just do as I say
and quit talking.

You got no right to do
that. I ain't done a thing.

You figured half a
chicken was a fair trade

for a good horse,
is that right, Stark?

What are you doing?

I'm giving you a chance, Stark.

You get to that gun before
I do, feel free to use it.

You're a killer!

That's what you
are. You're a killer!

You got the instincts
of a killer! You're a killer!

You're a killer!

That's what you
are. You're a killer!

You're a killer!

Hey, Sheriff? This...

I mean, Marshal.

This Doc Adams... Is
he around anywhere?

Not in his office?

Not unless he died in his sleep.

He may be down at my office.
I'm heading down that way.

- Matt.
- Oh, hello, Doc.

Got a customer here for you.

Well... looks like

you should have stayed
home last night, stranger.

I didn't come here for advice.

Well, better grab it,
'cause it's the only thing

you're gonna get
around here for free.

I don't need none
of your talk, either.

You did your
fighting last night.

Maybe you better just
settle down a little bit, huh?

If there's anything
wrong with you,

maybe I ought to
have a look at it.

It's the whole side
of my jaw here.

All right, step over here by
the window so I got some light.

Open your mouth.

Well, now, wait a minute!

Teeths loose, ain't they?

They certainly are loose.

Must have had yourself
quite a fight last night.

You want to hear all about it?

No, no, no. It ain't no
business of mine at all.

I'd like to hear about it.

Oh, it was nothing, Marshal.

Fellow and me
got drunk, that's all.


Well, out yonder on the prairie.

Where are you from?

I'm Joe Stark. Amarillo, Texas.

What are you doing around Dodge?

I was just heading
north, Marshall.

Man needs a change now and then.

What are you gonna do
about these teeth, Doc?

There's only one thing I
can do, and that's pull 'em.

Pull 'em?

Well, there's four
of 'em in there

that's gonna drop out anyway.

I might as well pull 'em
and save you a lot of misery.

It'll make me a
lot of misery, too.

It's up to you.

Well, let's get it done.

Well, we'll have to
go up in my office.

Thanks for the coffee, Chester.

Any time I got any left over,

you're welcome to it.

I knew it was left over.

Oh, what'll it be?

Red-eye. A full
bottle and one glass.

You must have an
awful lot to forget.

I got an awful misery in
my jaw I want to forget.

Well, if this won't do it,

all there is left is a
bullet in the head.

I just might take your advice.

Got to find me a quiet
corner and go to work.

Well, it's early. You got
a full day ahead of you.

Don't go away.

I may need a fresh
bottle soon after dark.

Uh, Mr. Dillon, I-I think I'll
just take some air out here,

if you don't mind,
while you're busy inside.

Be out in a minute, Chester.

All right, I'll, uh...

Hey, fella?

Yeah, Chester Goode's the name.

All right, Chester.
I'm Billy Hargis.

Well, now, how are you?
What can I do for you?

Well, you look like
you live around here.

I was wondering
if you could tell me

where I might find a
good bed for a night or two.

Well, that kind of depends
on how you're fixed for money.

- You rich or something?
- I ain't broke.

But I hate to spend
good drinking money

on surroundings I ain't even
aware of when I'm asleep.

I kind of like the
way you think there.

Uh, well, I'd stay out of the
Dodge House if I was you.

You might find a place
over at the Acme Rooms.

They got beds there
for 25 cents a night

and one clean sheet a week.

Why, you can't beat that.

Thank you, Chester.

Why, you miserable bum.

You ought to be run off onto
the prairie to starve to death.

I didn't do nothing.

I ain't said a word.

Well, you don't
have to do nothing.

All you have to do is look
at a man... that's enough.

I didn't ask you for nothing.

But you want
something. I can tell.

Oh, you're just a dirty beggar
that oughtn't to be allowed

on the streets.

I never asked you for a
penny in my whole life.

But just the way you're looking
at me right now, that's enough.

Yeah, that miserable Bob Smith.

There's only one thing you're
ever gonna get from me, Mims.

That's this.

I'm gonna learn
you once and for all.

- I wouldn't do it, mister!
- You keep out of this.

I'm already in. Turn him loose.

I know what you
are: you're a gunman.

All right, you get out of here.

And don't you ever lay
a finger on him again

or you'll deal with me.

Name's Billy Hargis.

Well, I'm just an
ordinary citizen.

What chance would I have
against a man like you?

You all right, old man?

Thanks to you, Billy Hargis.

My name is Barkly Mims.

If you ever need a
friend, you got one.

Thanks, Mr. Mims.

When the time
comes, I'll call on you.

Thank you, Billy.

Eh, Billy, this, uh... this
here is Marshal Dillon.

- Billy Hargis. -Marshal.
- Billy.

Well, where you from?

Texas, down Amarillo
way most recently.

Well, you plan to stay
around Dodge long?

Oh, I just came
to see the sights.

Don't stay anyplace very long.

Uh, clean sheet every
week you said, Chester?

Yeah, yeah. Just...

Pleasure meeting
up with you, Marshal.

You think that he'd be a
gunman like that Smith said?

I don't know, Chester. Sometimes
hard to tell about a gunman.

Come on.

A beer, barkeep.

Come on, Cara.

I-I don't get to
town every week.

Well, you ought to
stay home for a month

and save up your money.

And if I had $100

you'd want me to spend
it all on you, wouldn't you?

You have had too much to drink.

Aw, come on, honey-baby.

No, please. I-It's 9:00.

I've got a date. I
promised a man.

Aw, now you wouldn't
lie to me, Cara.

- You don't have a date with nobody.
- Yes, I have.

- Please let me go.
- Well, where is he?

Evening, Cara. Right on time.

- Huh?
- Well, we said 9:00, didn't we?

Why don't you go get
yourself a drink, fella.

Uh, care for a table?

Yes. -Now wait a minute.

You got something to
say, mister, say it fast.

I ain't gonna wait long.

You go ahead and take her.

I don't want her.

- Can I get you a drink?
- Mm-mm.

I had more than I need already.

Well, maybe we'll
have one a little later.

I'd like to thank you, Mister...

Billy Hargis.
Billy Hargis, Cara.

What's your last name?


Cara Miles, that's
a right pretty name.

And you were right
kind for what you just did.

It was worth it.

We wouldn't be
setting here otherwise.

You're a gentleman,
Billy Hargis.

A girl like me really
gets to appreciate that.

Well, you're a lady, Cara.

Don't you ever forget it.

There aren't any
ladies in this business.

Well, there ain't
too many, that's true,

but you're one, Cara.

I want you to remember that.

I'll see to it these folks
around here remember it, too.

You really mean that.

I do.


You're a killer.

I'm gonna get you.

Who was that?

Some fella I had
a little trouble with

out on the prairie.

What did he mean, "killer"?

Oh, I don't know.

I had to rough him up some.

I guess maybe it made him mad.

I guess it did.

But I'm sure you had
a very good reason.

I thought so.

Billy, you're not one of
those gunmen, are you?

Well, now why would
you think a thing like that?

I don't know.

That cowboy at the
bar, the way he acted.

He was afraid of you.

And this man just
now... He was, too.

Well, let's talk
about you, Cara.

Where are you from?

St. Louis.

It seems like a lifetime ago.

Well, if you don't like it
here, why don't you quit?

And do what?

Become a cowboy?

Drive a stage?

Hunt buffalo?

Most women get married.

But most men don't
look for wives in saloons.

Billy, did-did that
man really mean it

about "getting you yet"?

Cara, you know what?

You and I are gonna
go up to the bar there

and get ourselves a drink.

Down that end where it's empty.

I got to be on my feet.


'Cause I think
better on my feet,

and I think you and I
got a lot to talk about.

Unless, of course, you
got a date with some fella.

Billy, if I had,

it sure wouldn't
make any difference.

Oh, hello, Stark.

How's that jaw coming?

I been in bed two days with it.

It's better now,
no thanks to you.

Well, I told you to
come by the office

and let me look at
it; don't blame me.

I blame Billy Hargis
for all my troubles.

I wish him all the
bad luck in the world.

I imagine Billy Hargis thinks
he's kind of lucky about now.


Well, I guess you hadn't heard.

He's getting married
to Cara Miles.

Getting married?

I understand you threatened him

at the Long Branch
the other night.

He tell you that, Marshal?


Word sure gets around, don't it?

I'll tell you something, Stark.

If he comes after you,

you've got a right
to defend yourself,

but if you start
anything against him,

I'm gonna lock you in jail on
bread and water for a week

and then throw you out of town.

Sure ain't hard to see
whose side you're on, Marshal.

You've had your
warning; this was it.

Let's go, Doc.

There's lots of
ways to skin a cat,

lots of ways.

Get a whiskey, barkeep.

You men, uh, live here in Dodge?

Anything wrong with that?

Oh, not hardly.

This is quite a town, Dodge.

Well, we like it.

Always something going on.

All kinds of people in and out.

Oh, we got all kinds of
people, that's for sure.

Oh, I don't mean just
run-of-the-mill cowboys,

drifters and
hunters and the like.

I mean real
interesting men like, uh,

well, say, this
Billy Hargis fella.

Billy Hargis?

What about him?

You mean you ain't
ever heard of Billy Hargis?

"What about him," I said.

Now, let me ask you a question.

You ever hear of Bo Carter?

Who ain't heard of him?

The most famous
gunman in all of Texas.

Bo Carter ain't only
famous in Texas.

No, but that's where
he made his reputation.

You know Bo Carter?

I did.

Bo Carter's dead.


When did that happen?

About a month ago.

What's all this about Bo Carter

got to do with Billy Hargis?

Billy Hargis is the
man that killed him.

Well, I'll be darned.

They fought in Amarillo.

Billy Hargis shot him dead.

Believe me, it's the
talk of the country.

The man that killed Bo Carter

has got himself
quite a reputation.

I should think so.

He's right here in Dodge.

I thought he was a gunman.

I even told him so.

He's a gunman, all right.

Just about the biggest
anywhere around.

Well, gentlemen, like I say,

you got a mighty
interesting town here.

You never know who's
gonna show up next.

So long.

You believe that, Sam?

Well, it could be true.

Well, that's just fine.

And Cara Miles is
about ready to marry him.

You know, I kind of like Billy.

So do I, but what kind
of a life is that for her?

A man like that
is a living target

for everybody around.

Every young fool
or would-be gunman.

You gonna tell Cara?

No, I can't.

I'm afraid she'll have
to find out for herself.

I sure don't need
to tell men like you

the man who killed Bo Carter
has got himself quite a reputation.

And you say this
Billy Hargis fella

is here in Dodge right now?

Been here several days.

I seen him in the Long
Branch any number of times.

Just you ask him if
he ain't from Amarillo,

if you think I'm
making up stories.

Well, there you are, mister.

All finished.

- There you are.
- Thank you.


Yes, sir.

Billy Hargis is just
about the biggest gunman

anywhere around.

He outshot Bo Carter.

Imagine that.

Right in the
streets of Amarillo.

Well, gentlemen, like I say,

you got a mighty
interesting town here.

You never know who's
gonna show up next, do you?

So long.

Uh, waiter?

- Think you might have a table...
- I'm busy.

Can't you see I'm busy?

That's Billy Hargis,

the man that shot Bo Carter.

Uh, look, I'm, uh...

- I'm sorry I was short with you.
- It's all right.

Uh, they've been pushing
me pretty hard around here.

Uh... there's a table
now right over there.

- You, uh, you come with me.
- Thank you.

Here you are, sir. This
is a... it's a fine table.

Uh, you, uh, you take
this seat right here.

All right.

Uh... this, uh...

I-I didn't know who
you were, Mr. Hargis.

Oh? Uh, who am I?

He's a great kidder, isn't he?

Let me get these
out of your way.

I'll be right back, Mr. Hargis.

I'll be right back.


What was that all about?

Beats me.

Maybe they've been
working him too hard.

How come he knew your name?

I don't know.

Cara, it sure makes me
proud going places with you.

Oh, Billy.

Are you sure?

I'll be even prouder as
soon as you're my wife.

I'll never let you down, Billy.


I know you won't, Cara.

Well, let's see...

15, two, 15, four,

15, six, 15, eight

and a pair is ten,

and it looks like
I'm gonna win again.

Hold your horses, Chester.

Time'll tell.

Well, I told Mr. Dillon that
I'd meet him here at 1:00,

so I gotta be finished
by then, so deal.

Time is what you
make it, Chester.

It's either important
or it ain't important.

Well, I ain't...

I'm not talking about time.

I was talking about Mr. Dillon.

Oh, never mind, Chester.

Never mind.


I want my horse, old man.

Oh, you leaving town?

Here's for his board.

Hey, you're 50 cents short.

You won't starve.

Now just a minute, there.

- Oh, never mind, Chester.
- Give him his money.

No, no. Give him his money.

Now give it to him
before I find a pitchfork

- and start punching holes in you.
- Oh, no...

How would you like
a bullet in the belly?

All right. Go on and draw.

Go on and draw, you coward!

Aw, take it easy.

I was only joking.

There you are, old man.

I never cheated nobody
out of anything in my life.

Oh, you're quite a man, you are.

What's going on?

Nothing, Marshal.

I was just having
a little fun, and...

they took me serious.


I'm leaving town, Marshal.

Ain't nobody gonna
shed any tears about it.

Oh, Marshal.

You don't have to worry

about me starting
something with Billy Hargis.

Things is all taken care of.

Well, he's pretty fast, I'd say.


Well, you gentlemen seem
to think this Billy Hargis

is really something, don't you?

Shot down Bo Carter
in Amarillo, I told you.

I don't know anybody around
here who'd want to face him.

Bo Carter, huh?

Some reputation.

That's... quite a reputation.

Yeah. Enough for me.

And anybody else I know.

Well, that's the trouble,

living in a small
town like Dodge,

making your home here.

It's just bad.


Gets a man to thinking small.

Now, me, I'm different.

This whole wide country
out here is my home.

It's a big country.

I think big.

You say that, uh,
Billy Hargis hangs out

over at the Long Branch saloon?

Yeah. Most generally.


buy my friends a drink.

Evening, gentlemen.

A whiskey.

I understand Billy Hargis
comes in here a lot.

That's right.

Ah... Is he in here now?

Right there.


Your name Hargis?

That's right.

My name's Flack.

Dan Flack.


Well, I been looking
all over for you.

What for?

I'm gonna have to
try you out, Hargis.

Out of the way, Cara.


What's the matter with you?

He doesn't even know you.

I told you my name's Dan Flack.

Hargis, you just move out

from behind that
little woman of yours.

Move, Cara.

Little more, girlie.

That's better.

Now, Hargis... any
time you're ready.

Any time.

He isn't even wearing a gun!

You got one hid out
somewhere, Hargis?


Well, then, you get one.

You put it on right now.

No, he won't.

He promised me he wouldn't.

This some kind
of a trick, Hargis?

You afraid of me?

Well, I don't know what
your game is, Flack,

but I'm not interested.

You gonna strap
on a gun, Hargis?

Or is it you're just
a plain coward?

Come here, girlie.

No, Billy! Don't!

Hold it!

Put the gun away.

Sure, Marshal. Sure.

He started it, Marshal.

Billy isn't even carrying a gun.

It don't matter. I'll
fight him anyway.

He'll fight me. You hear that?

Fistfights are for kids, Hargis.

- What's the matter with you?
- Shut up. What's your name?

My name's Flack.

Dan Flack.

Oh, you'll be hearing a
lot about me soon, Marshal.

I've heard more about
you than I want to already.

Now, you get out of here.

You let this happen again,
you're through in Dodge.

Beat it.

I'll catch up with
you later, Hargis.

All right, break it up, folks.

The fun's over.

I don't understand it.

If Hargis killed Bo Carter,

he oughtn't to be
afraid of a fella like that.

You won't put on a
gun, will you, Billy?

You promised me.

Well, everybody wears one, Cara.

No, you don't have
to wear one, Billy.

Why's this Dan Flack
after you, anyway?

I don't know, Marshal.

I never seen him
before in my life.

But a lot of people have been
acting kind of strange lately.

Huh. Well, maybe
it's just 'cause you got

the prettiest girl
in Dodge, Billy.

- Oh, Marshal.
- Sam?

How about a couple
of drinks here?

What else are you gonna have?


I could eat some meat.

We don't serve "meat."

We got steaks,
pot roast and stew.


How much would
a little stew cost?

How much would it cost?


You mean you ain't got no money?

No. No, I...

You came in here

planning to fill your
belly for free, didn't you?


Why, you're no better than
a holdup man, a plain crook!

- Well, now, look, I...
- But you ain't...

Well, you are not gonna
get away with it here,

not by a long shot.

Out you go, you
bum, you no-good...

Now, you hold on!

Out, you bum, you no-good tramp!


Don't you never let me find
your face around here again!

Oh, Mr. Hargis, uh...

I got your table waiting.

What's the matter here?

Oh, nothing, Billy.

Why'd you throw him out?

Oh, he ain't nobody, Mr. Hargis.

He's just a old bum.

What happened in there?

Nothing, Billy.

Just a little
misunderstanding, is all.


He tried to steal
a dinner, that's all.

Same as if he walked in and
held up the place with a gun.

Well, I only ordered some soup.

I got that much
money right here.

I'll pay for his meal.

Mr. Mims is a friend of mine.

A friend of yours?

I didn't know that, Mr. Hargis.

Any friend of yours
is welcome, any time.

Oh, no, it's on the house.

Take the money.

Give him a good meal.

No, Billy, you don't
need to do that.



You'd better take a
good look at that money.

It's probably counterfeit.

You know, they say
you can always tell a man

by the people he hangs out with.

And I'm telling
you that Billy Hargis

is just as much of a low-down
tramp as that old man there.

I ain't gonna take much
more from you, Flack.

Well, now, why don't you
go get a gun, Billy Hargis?

Or has that little bar girl
made a complete sissy out of...

You touch me, Hargis,

just touch me,
and I'll shoot you.

Be a waste, after all I...

But I'll shoot you,
you believe me.

Get your gun, Billy.

Go put it on!

Don't let the likes of
him talk to you like that.

Look, Flack...

I still don't even
know who you are,

but I'm telling you,
leave me alone.

You gonna put on a gun, Hargis?


I'll figure out a way, Hargis.

I don't care what that little
gal has made you promise her.

But you're gonna
have to fight me.

Have to fight me, I...

I'm gonna make you fight me.

I'll find a way.

You're gonna have
to fight me, Hargis.

Mr. Mims.

Take good care of him.

Sure, sure.

I thank you, Billy.

And I ain't worried about you.

You're gonna take care of
that fella when you get ready.

You're gonna take
care of him good.

Just take your time.

Miss Kitty.

Oh, Miss Kitty.


Put her over there.

What happened?

I don't know. She come
in the back door like this,

and all she'll say is she
wants you to hide her.

I don't think she's been shot.

Where's my hat?

It's downstairs, you dropped it.

Sam, please don't tell
anybody I'm up here.

I won't say a word.

Sam, just leave her with me.

I'll call you if I need you.

Yes, ma'am.

You just take it easy, Cara.

You want me to send for Doc?

No, I'm all right.

Who did this?

Kitty, let me hide here.

Please, I've got to.

Of course you can.

Dan F...

Dan Flack, he did it so...

Billy would come
after him with a gun.

Well, somebody's
gotta go after him.

Not Billy. He promised.

He promised me he
wouldn't wear a gun anymore.

Dan Flack got me to go
around the back there.

He-He said it had
to do with Billy.

I thought he was
hurt or something.

And then he...

beat me and shoved
me through the back door.

Now, you listen to me, Cara.

There's gonna be trouble,

and you can't hide
from Billy forever.

The marshal's gonna
have to know about this.

No, please, don't tell him.

If Billy finds out...

Matt just might
be able to stop this.

I don't want you to worry.

I'm not gonna tell
anybody but Matt,

and neither will Sam.

I'll be right back.

Don't let him fight.

Please, God,
don't let him fight.

How is she, Miss Kitty?

All right, I guess.

Sam, did anybody see her here?

No, it's been like
this for the last hour.

Well, that's good.

Don't tell anybody she's here.

I'm going for Matt.

All right, Miss Kitty.

Matt? Matt?

- Sam.
- Oh, hello, Billy.


You, uh, you haven't seen
Cara around, have you?

No. What-what would
she be doing here?

Oh, I don't know. I figured
she might have dropped by

to see Kitty or something.

No, it-it's been
like this all day.

It's bad for business.

I was supposed to meet
her at the general store.

I only left her for a few...

Sam, uh, this...

Cara was just
wearing this hat, Sam.

Well, uh...

Well, wha-what's going on
here? Where is she, huh?

Well, uh... Don't
go... She ain't...

Billy, don't go up there.

♪ Daddy gone West to Kansas ♪

♪ To make his
home in Kansas... ♪

Oh. Oh, hi, Doc.

Hey, Chester.

What, are you treating
somebody in the hotel?

Somebody sick
in there, are they?

Oh, no, no.

I got a little time
for you, though,

if there's anything wrong.

Oh, heavens, no.
I feel wonderful.

Just-just feel real wonderful.

- What?
- You do?


Wait-wait-wait-wait a
minute, a minute, Doc.

What, uh, what-what's
wrong with me?

I just don't know.

Well, you know,
come to think of it,

this morning when I got up, Doc,

there was a kind of a beginning
of a burning down in there...

- Chester? Hello, Doc.
- Miss...

Have you seen Matt? I've
gotta find him right now.

Well, he went out
to the fort, Miss...

He won't be back
until this evening.

What's wrong?

Dan Flack beat up
Cara Miles, that's all.

She's hiding in my room.

If Billy finds out, he's
gonna put a gun on for sure.

Well, is she hurt bad?

You might take a look at her.

You better come along, too,
Chester, in case Billy shows up.

Well, yeah.

Miss Kitty, he was here.


You better go on up, Doc.

I couldn't stop him.
He went up there,

and I heard Cara yelling at
him and she got pretty hysterical.

And then he came down and left.

I guess nobody can stop him now.

Well, I'm gonna sure
look for him anyway.

- I'll be upstairs.
- Yeah.





Billy Hargis.

It was easy. There
was nothing to it.

Nothing to it.

Is there any doubt in any
of you people's mind now

as to who Dan Flack is?

I never seen nothing like it.

I was standing right
across the street there.

Oh, now, now, Hargis, he
tried his darndest, mind you,

but he just wasn't no
match for Dan Flack here.

I'd have give a month's
pay to seen that.

Oh, Hargis, Hargis,
he-he was fast, mind you.

Terrible fast.

Well, he'd have had
to be to kill Bo Carter.

But he just wasn't in the
same class with Dan Flack.

How'd you ever get
so good, anyway?

Well, practice helps.
A lot of practice.

Course, you understand,
takes a lot of natural ability, too.

You understand that?

Oh, yeah, sure.

Got to have that.

He's more than you ever expected

to find in this country.

Come on! Say, I
want another drink

for my friend Dan here.

Dan... he's the one that can
do it. I want you to know that.

Well, they're
still at it, I see.

Their mighty hero Dan Flack.

Blood sure draws
flies, don't it?

Any sign of Matt?

No. He should be riding
in any time, though.

How's Cara?

She's out of it, thank heaven.

Doc's sleeping pills work fine.

I just don't know what's gonna
become of her, Miss Kitty.

Well, she'll go back
to work, I'll expect.

What else is there?

Let's have a drink.

Sam, let's have a couple beers.

Go on, Sam! Bring us a tankard
beer for my friend Dan Flack.

- Barkeep?
- Yes, sir?

What'll it be, mister?

A small glass of rye.

What's the celebration?

Dan Flack there shot and
killed a man this afternoon.

I recall when that was
a cause for mourning.

So can I, but that was
long before I come to Dodge.

Come on, Sam. Hurry it up.

- Yeah, come on.
- That's it.

Put a head on this,
would you, Sam?

Well, this may not
be like Amarillo,

but you got a good town here.

Well, I bet you Amarillo
ain't as tough as this town.

- Oh, that was...
- Down there now?

- Boy, I sure'd like to see it.
- Dan Flack.

Flack, turn around.

Oh, it's just that
crazy old Mims.

Get out of here, Mims.

I ain't buying no
drinks for you.

I come to kill you.

I ain't got no
holster or nothing,

so I'm holding my gun
right here under my coat.

Now you go ahead and draw.

What's the matter with
you? You loco or something?

Go on, old man. Get out of here!

Billy Hargis was my friend.

That's why I'm doing it.

Now go ahead, Flack.

Pull your gun...

if you ain't too big a coward.

You miserable old bum!

He's dead. You'll pay for
this. Mims did it, Marshal!

Did you see it happen?

Well, I couldn't tell for
sure who drawed first.


I missed it, Marshal.

Mr. Dillon, Flack here killed
Billy Hargis this afternoon.

Billy Hargis?

Billy Hargis was
my friend, Marshal.

That's why I killed him.

What about the rest of you?

Don't talk to them, Mr. Dillon.

They was Flack's friends.
They'll tell you anything.

What about you? You
see anything happen?

Dead man drew first.

What's your name?

Carter. Bo Carter.

Bo Carter?

From Amarillo?

I've been there.

Carter, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave Dodge.

You've caused enough
trouble around here already.

All right, the rest of you
can crawl back in your holes.

Behind the Scenes of Carter Caper

At approximately 42:15, a peculiar sight on the boardwalk catches the eye: a sign reading “Tonsorial Parlor and Pool Hall.” The term “tonsorial” may puzzle modern viewers, as it’s seldom used nowadays. It refers to the work of barbers who provide shaves and haircuts, originating from the Latin verb “tondere,” meaning “to shear, clip, or crop.”

During a conversation, Chester enlightens Billy Hargis about a new option in town, the ‘Acme Rooms.’ These rooms, offering beds for 25¢ a night, present a more economical choice than the established Dodge House. This introduction of a new establishment in Dodge City adds depth to the setting and provides insight into the characters’ economic circumstances.

The credits do not explicitly spell out the gunfighter’s first name, Carter, leaving it open to interpretation. The first name of the gunfighter Carter may be spelled as either “Bo” or “Beau.”

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

If you’re in the mood for a television series to binge-watch, Gunsmoke is a top choice, whether you’re watching solo or with loved ones. This classic American Western series aired on the CBS network for 20 seasons, from 1955 to 1975. Carter Caper is the 8th episode of Season 9 and promises to deliver more of the gripping storytelling Gunsmoke is known for.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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