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Charlie Noon Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #15, Episode #07

Matt Dillon finds himself escorting his prisoner, Charlie Noon, back to Dodge City when they encounter a fleeing Indian bride being pursued by her tribe members. Mistaking Charlie for her kidnapper, the Braves seek vengeance, leading to a tense standoff. Rather than relying on typical Western action, the Gunsmoke episode Charlie Noon focuses on suspense as all parties battle wits and strategy. Airing on November 3, 1969, this episode diverges from the genre’s norms, emphasizing suspense over violence.

Explore the plot and trivia of Gunsmoke “Charlie Noon,” or watch the full episode below.

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Watch the Full Episode of Charlie Noon

Watch the full episode of Charlie Noon:

Charlie Noon Cast

The following performers were featured in the episode titled “Charlie Noon”:

  • Milburn Stone as Doc (credit only)
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty (credit only)
  • Ken Curtis as Festus (credit only)
  • Buck Taylor as Newly (credit only)
  • James Arness as Matt
  • James Best as Charlie Noon
  • Miriam Colon as The Woman
  • Ron Howard as Jamie (as Ronny Howard)
  • Edmund Hashim as Lone Wolf
  • Kipp Whitman as Takawa

Full Story Line for Charlie Noon

Matt, accompanied by his toughened captive Charlie Noon, an Indian woman, and her white stepson, finds themselves pursued by the Comanches while attempting to traverse the desert. Threatened with death by the Comanches, Matt faces a difficult decision: surrender the woman who abandoned the Comanche leader years prior or risk the lives of all in their party.

Full Script and Dialogue

Red-skinned vultures.

They don't leave nothin'
but ashes and wolf meat.

Buzzards ain't
even circlin' yet.

This didn't happen long
ago, by the looks of it.

You ain't plannin' on
ridin' down there, are you?

There's water down
there, we need it.

Yeah. They could be belly down
in that brush too, coiled and waitin'.

I believe in the
simple and easy.

Let's ride on out of here.

Let's go.


I thought the
stink was familiar.

They're a long way from home.

- It's foul. Stinkin'...
- Huh?

Let's get out of here.

It's all right, ma'am.

It's all right.

She's Indian.

A stinkin' squaw Indian.

Hills crawlin' with Comanche
and you take out time for a funeral.

Well, I'll bet that's
real comfortin'...

havin' a tame Indian
put flowers on your grave.

Shut up, Noon.

His name was Manuel.

He was our friend.

He saw them and made us hide.

Didn't the Indians search the
cabin before they burned it?

They didn't burn it.
Manuel did, to save us.

I see.

Fella used his head.

And got an arrow
for his trouble.

Now, you through
doin' good deeds

or you gonna say a
couple hundred words

for this poor dead Mex here?

The sound of a shot carries
a long way in this desert.

Move out, Noon.

Ma'am, I'm afraid you and
the boy'll have to ride double.

You mean you're
gonna take them with us?

Huh? Look at her.

Probably carved herself
a scalp to get that dress.

All right, son,
hold it! Hold it here!

You better keep your
mouth shut, mister.

I warned you once, Noon.
I'm not gonna warn you again.

Kid's kinda touchy. He
acts like they were kin.

She's my ma.

You mean you got a
squaw for a mother?

It's amazing what a
bottle of cheap liquor'll buy.

Get mounted.


It is me they are after.
They know I am here.

And they know you are with me.

Leave me or they
will kill you too.

- Take Jamie and run.
- No!

Don't worry, son, we're
not leaving anybody.

Well, it's her they're huntin'.

Get back.

- Can you still ride?
- You bet.

All right, go.

- Marshal.
- Get on. Right now.

Get away from me, squaw.

Just because you've got a
white name and a white kid,

you're still all Indian.

And there's only one thing worse
than that, and that's being all Comanche.

And you're that too.

Jamie, here. Keep a sharp eye peeled
out here and keep your head down.

Yes, sir.

Go on, pull it out.


I think we'll be all right here
for a while. Can you handle this?

All right, Jamie. Thank you.

You stay clear of me, squaw.

It's because of you I got
this hole in my shoulder.

Rattlesnakes can
shed one of their skins,

but the one underneath
don't change none.

- Mr. Dillon?
- Yeah?

Thanks for not
leaving us, and for...

Sure, Jamie.

- We'll be needin' water, won't we?
- Yeah, we need it bad too.

There's a water hole west
of here about 15 miles.

- There is?
- My pa and me used to ride there.

Fifteen miles west of here, huh?

Well, that'll mean a pretty
good detour, but it'll be worth it.

Think you can go till
morning without water, Jamie?

If you can.

I was for leavin'
you back there.

I'm still for leavin' you.
You understand that?


You got a good face for poker.

Nobody'd know
what was behind it.

We'd better hold tight here
till dawn. Go tell your mother.

Ma, Marshal says we're stayin'.

Ma, why do you help him?

He spits in your eye for it.

Because of me he's hurt.

And because he's a man.

He's no better than an animal.

He acts like an animal.

But he's a man.

Marshal, this horse
has gone lame.

Oh. Well, I'll take a look at him.
We'll rest here anyway. Whoa.

Whoa, boy.

Just picked up a
stone. I'll get it out.

We need them like this
country needs cactus.

We still don't know
why they're after you.

I think that Comanche arrow
earned me a right to know.

He's right.

The man that leads
them is Lone Wolf.

I was to be his wife.

But there was another man.

His name was Jeremiah Parker.

Jamie's father.

I ran away with him.

- How long ago was this?
- Two years.

- And he's been after you ever since?
- Yes. Lone Wolf is proud.

I disgraced him
before his people.

We ran and he would find us.

And we'd run again.

After Jeremiah died,
Manuel took us in.

He gave us a place to stay
away from the Comanches.

I could bring death
on you like Manuel.

Jamie, how much
further is that water?

I don't know. Three
or four miles maybe.

Best getting on it, ma'am.



He smells water.

Just two of 'em
between us and a drink.

With a rifle and a steady hand,
we could nail both of 'em from here.

Yeah, and the rest of them would
be on us before we got 20 yards.

Lone Wolf?

Try for that water,
we'd end up raw meat.

Scorpions couldn't
pinch us in any tighter.

More search parties.

They're gonna stay at that
water hole till they find us.

I think the best idea is wait till
dark and then slip out of here.

We wouldn't get five
miles without water.

I sure don't like the
idea of thirstin' to death.

Or hanging.

The way I figured, just you
and me and a long ride to Dodge.

I might have a chance.

The woman and the kid, they...

kind of turned things around.

Woman, huh?

You been calling her squaw.

What'll they do to my
mother if they catch her?

They're not gonna
catch your ma, Jamie.

I remember when Pa
first brought her home.

I took one look
at her and run off.

Pa had to come and get me.

I hated her.

Remember hearin' how
they was all savages.

Always scalpin' and burnin'.

And I had no right
being sore at him.

Remember saying worse to her.

- How old are you, Jamie?
- Fourteen.

You learned a lot for 14.

Mr. Dillon, there's a weigh
station about 30 miles from here.

Not much, but they got a telegraph.
You could get even the Army, maybe.

Well, I can ride real
good. My pa taught me.

I could outrun
them. Know I could.

They start chasin' after me,

you could get water and
hole up till I brought help.

Well, takin' a pretty
big risk, Jamie.

She's my lookout
now. It's up to me.

Well, you gonna let me
go? I can ride real good.

It's like you said a minute
ago, she's your lookout now.

And what if something happened
to you and you didn't get back?

She'd be all alone.

But... thanks anyway, Jamie.

It's good to know we
got another man along.

Keep an eye out here, will you?

My mouth tastes like I've
had supper with a coyote.

Where's a man to get
a drink around here?

In that water hole.

- You ain't goin' down there?
- I am.

It is too dangerous.

Only a fool argues
with a lawman or a mule.

Look, if I get caught out
there, use it. No other reason.

Unless he gives you any trouble.

Better give you this too.

Good luck.

You know, I was watchin' you
looking at that, uh, Lone Wolf.

It kinda hit me that you
and I are in the same bind.

Comanche with blood in his eye
huntin' you and a noose waitin' for me.

- You're to hang?
- If the marshal can get me to Dodge.

What did you do?

Killed a man.

- Killed a few.
- Killed?

Some of 'em needed
it, some of 'em didn't.

The kid, he... he's sure
anxious to spread his shoulders.

He really lit into me back
there when we found you.

He's got sand.

The kid.

He's gone.

You care about nothing.

Nothing is sacred to you.


Marshal! Behind you!

Get down, Jamie!

- Jamie!
- Fool kid!

Over here, quick!

Go on, quick! Get up the canyon!

All right, Noon. Hold it.

You owe me.

Throw the rifle down.

Now, get off the horse.

I coulda been
smellin' Gulf breezes.


The woman and her man will die!

Her man?

He thinks I'm Parker.

They do not know that
my husband is dead.

At least five rode
in since dark.

- You scared, Jamie?
- No.


Guess I never been so scared.

- How about you?
- You bet.

Marshalin' and all, I wouldn't
think you'd get scared.

Be used to it.

Well, that's what I always
figured when I was younger too.

But something like this,
nothing makes it any easier.

I'll tell you one
thing though, Jamie.

Man that isn't ever
afraid, he's a fool.

How long we been married?

I'm sorry. If there was
a way I could tell them

and make them believe
you're not my husband...

Fine chance.

Even if you could get 'em to
believe it, it wouldn't do you any good.

If it's you that hard head up there
is worried about, you and the kid...

He worries about all of us.

Woman, now he might be a
lot of things, but he ain't stupid.

I'm gonna hang anyway.

And if he can get
you two outta here,

he'll throw me to those
scavengers like so much dog meat.

I do not believe that.

When it comes to livin' a little longer,
every man's got a little wolf in him.

What'll happen to you
if they do take you?

When a Comanche woman
runs off, she is marked.

The tip of her nose is cut off.

The soles of her feet are slashed
so she cannot run away again.

What I did was
more than run away.

I left the leader of the Comanche,
Lone Wolf, for a white man.

Well, you...

You lived with him less than
two years, that kid's father.

And most of that time was spent
in running for your life, wasn't it?


Was it worth it?

Have you ever loved anyone?

A woman?

I mean a woman whose
name you did not forget

with putting on your coat?

I travel lonely places. I
don't remember anybody.

Names or faces.


My mother was one of those
women whose names you forget

when you put your coat on.

My old man, he...

He raised me on
prunes and proverbs.

I chewed on the prunes
and I swallowed the proverbs

till I found out his
religion was being a drunk.

My old man was a loser.

He passed it on.

But Charlie Noon, he, uh...

He started out aimin'
high and he reached out...

Came up with a handful of dirt.

It is too bad you have
never known gentleness.

I don't even know your name.

In the Comanche tongue, it
is too difficult to pronounce.

But it means "Not
Enough to Eat."

My husband could not
pronounce it in Comanche

and he would not call
me by such a name.

So he just called me Woman.

He called it right.

Jamie, here.

I want you to stay up here this
time, no matter what happens, Jamie.

- I'm countin' on it.
- Yes, sir. I'll stay.

Good boy.

Ma'am. That young Indian
boy that rode in with Lone Wolf.

- Who is he?
- That is Takawa.

Lone Wolf's brother.
He raised him.

Someday he is to be
leader of the Comanche.

I'd sure like to get my hands on him.
Might give us some bargaining power.


If I surrender myself to Lone Wolf,
maybe he will let the rest of you go.

Got a harder head than he has.

Ma'am, if you went out
there, that boy'd hear you die.

He'd hear you die every
day the rest of his life.


You gonna leave me like this?

They're all around us, Noon.
You're not going anywhere.

Wasn't what I meant.

If you don't make it down there,
I'm gonna need at least two bullets.

If we do get out of this, it'll
be just back to you and me.

Lone Wolf!

It's your brother's
life! Think about it!

You know Lone Wolf.
Do you think he'll bargain?

The hunt has lasted two years.

I do not think he
will turn away now.

Do you think he'll
let his brother die?

If he believes it
is the only way.

Takawa will die willingly.

It is the Comanche way.

What are they waitin'
for? Why don't they come?

Some of them are
still scattered out.

When the rest of them get
here, they'll be coming all right.

I'm gonna stand with him,
no matter what happens.

Shh... sleep.

Remember when Pa
first brought you home

and I said them
things and run off?

Jamie, that was a long time ago.

When Pa caught me,

I figured he'd whale the
stuffings outta me, sure.

But he said you
asked him not to.

Told me, "Son...

I'm gonna tell
you this just once.

She's a fine woman."

Then he said, "Till you
can see that for yourself,

you're never gonna
be much of a man."

He died before I realized
how straight he was telling it.

I never let you know...
in words, I mean.

Your father would be very proud

to see how much of
a man you've become.

Like I told you before, that boy's
anxious to spread his shoulders.

The way he's talking, it
ain't gonna take him long.

Hm. He's trying very
hard to be a man.

But I would like him to
finish being a boy first.

He will.

Even if they overrun
us, they won't hurt him.

They will if he fights.

And I cannot stop
him from doing that.

You know, it's strange how
you know what's important to him.

My mother, she never knew
what went on in the mind of a kid.

- It will be light soon.
- Yeah.

You know, I was
standin' here thinkin'...

you're born in this
old world and you...

you grow up fightin' and
cussin' for every breath.

I really didn't know
what was goin' on and...

then one day somethin' happens,
somethin' I didn't even figure on.

And... it just changed
things somehow.

Funny time for life
to take on meanin'.

Maybe dying is easier if
living has meant something.

Don't you believe it.

It would have been a lot
easier dying yesterday.



But if you had a choice, would
you have chosen yesterday?

Maybe not.

I will give the life of
the woman and the boy

for the life of my brother!

- All of us!
- No!

The man Parker is the
one who took her from us!

We want him!

No deal! All!

The lawman's loco.

All he's got to do is turn me over to
'em and you all can walk away free.

He will not do that.

Your word, Lone Wolf,
and your brother goes free!

My brother will die with honor!

He just don't believe in
plain simple and easy.

What are you doing?

The rope in Dodge or
those Comanche out there.

Sort of boxes me in.


All right, you red butchers!

You wanted Parker, you got him!


She'll be all right, Jamie.

Your man died bravely.

Behind the Scenes of Charlie Noon

The episode earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film Sound Editing.

All descriptions include spoilers.

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