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Muley Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #12, Episode #18

Following an encounter with a young gunslinger that leaves him wounded, Matt heads back to Dodge with intentions to settle the score and carry out a bank robbery. However, his plans take an unexpected turn when he becomes entranced by one of Kitty’s girls after a visit to Long Branch. This diversion leads him into a whirlwind romance, complicating his original mission. Gunsmoke Muley originally aired on January 21, 1967.

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Gunsmoke Muley Cast

Below are the actors featured in the Gunsmoke episode titled Muley:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Ken Curtis as Festus
  • Roger Ewing as Thad
  • Lane Bradbury as Lucky
  • Glenn Strange as Sam
  • Ted Jordan as Burke
  • Howard Culver as Howie
  • Zalman King as Muley
  • Anthony D. Call as Pell (as Anthony Call)
  • Marc Cavell as Arky
  • Ross Hagen as Kay Cee
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Rudy Doucette as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chuck Hamilton as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bert Madrid as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Fred McDougall as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jimmy Noel as Jimmy (uncredited)
  • Chick Sheridan as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Rudy Sooter as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Max Wagner as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chalky Williams as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Muley

While biding his time to kill Marshal Matt Dillon and execute a bank robbery, a youthful gunslinger (portrayed by Zalman King) finds himself enamored with one of Kitty’s saloon girls (played by Lane Bradbury).

Full Script and Dialogue of Muley


Started early this morning, Jim.

Yeah, it looks like it's gonna
be a quiet day today, Marshal.

Yeah, it does.

Well, that's all right with
me... That's the way I like 'em.

- Hello, Kitty.
- Where you going?

Well, I'm heading up
to see Doc for a minute.

KITTY: Well, when you
get through, come on back

- and have a drink.
- Sounds good.


(horse neighing)

Get Doc.


(theme music playing)

Anything else you
can think of, Miss Kitty?

He had a dark
beard. Almost black.

Well, he hadn't ought
to be too hard to find.

Especially with them
clothes he's wearing.

All right, let's go.






(birds chirping)

What's all the excitement?

You pass anybody on the
trail headed the other way?

Yeah, I did. A fella
going in that direction,

wearing a big hat,
some kind of funny jacket.

Why you ask?

He shot the marshal
in Dodge City.


Well, I... I sure
hope you find him.

We'll get him.

You bet we will.

Come on, Thad.


looks like everything's
working out just fine.

(plays sustained note)

(playing an upbeat tune)


Any change, Miss Kitty?

No, Sam.

I wish to blazes I'd have ridden
with Festus and the others.

They'll catch him.

Let me have another
beer, barkeep.

All right.

I've been to funerals that show
me more life than this place.

Well, folks here
are pretty upset.

They're real fond
of the marshal.


He's just another
crooked lawman, ain't he?

That'll be five cents.


I ain't gonna buy you a
drink, if that's what you're after.

Well, I don't care.

I just thought maybe
you'd want to talk.

About what?

Anything you want to talk about.

I mean, you being alone and all.

And it's kind of my job.

You mind if I sit down?

Suit yourself.

You just riding through?

You could say that.

Well, I just been
here about two weeks.

Miss Kitty... That
owns this place...

She says I don't belong in here.

- She says I'm too young.
- You are.

Well, I'm not as dumb as I look.

I hope not.

Well, I like that.

What's your name?


I mean, that's what
everybody calls me.

It's kind of a joke,
though, 'cause I never

had no luck in my whole life.

You got to make your
own luck in this world.

That's right. That's
exactly what I'm doing here.

I'm going to stay
here for a year...

if Miss Kitty will let me.

And I'm gonna
make myself $1,000,

and then I'm gonna go
back East and be a lady.

Just like that, huh?

Yeah, you wait
and see if I don't.

You're gonna have a lot to
put up with in a place like this.

I told you I weren't dumb.

No, you ain't dumb.

Just crazy.

Well, I think you can
put up with anything

if you know you're only
gonna be there a year.

Ain't you got no folks?

Sure, I got a stepma
who hates me

and a pa who don't care,

and that's one place
I'm never going back to.

I got a place like that myself.

What's your name?


Well, you know,
this isn't a bad town

if you're looking
for a place to settle.

I ain't looking for
no place to settle.

Well, pardon me.

Oh, why don't you just
get off your high horse

and leave me alone?

All I said was that
this isn't a bad town.

And all I said was
that I ain't looking

for no place to settle down.

Well... well, I don't care if
you settle down here or not.

Well, that's good.

'Cause then we
understand each other.


Yes, ma'am?

Pardon me, please.

Yes, Miss Kitty?

He giving you trouble?

No, I was just putting on.

In fact, he's kind of nice.

Well, I don't mean
it's anything, really.

If I got to know him
better, maybe, but...

I won't, 'cause he's
just riding through.

Why is it when you meet
somebody you might could like

you always lose 'em?



Posse's back.

I reckon you all
better stay here

while I find out
about what's what.

Wonder if they caught him.

And we'll let you out in two
or three weeks, just like I said,

and don't start that
with me again, either.

Two or three weeks? Doc,
make it more like two, three days.

- Not a chance.
- I got things to do.

You haven't got a thing
to do that can't wait.

Now, I'm gonna keep you
in that bed just like you are

if I have to hog-tie you
and keep you in there.

What do you want?



Why, he looks just
fine, don't he, Doc?

Well, certainly, he's
got a very fine doctor.

They's a whole bunch of
fellers waiting downstairs

wants to hear about
you. I'll go and tell...

Just a minute. I'll issue
the bulletins around here,

and you stay here.

And if he tries an...

If you let him out of there,
I'll have you boiled in oil.

Well, Doc was telling me
you were out on the trail

after that bushwhacker.
Did you have any luck?

No, sir, not a bit, Matthew.

We went 20 miles west of here,

covered every cross-trail
north and south for ten miles.

That scamp has just
vanquished from thin air,

is what he's did.

I'd sure like to get
my hands on him.

Well, I suppose you all
want to know what's going on.

Well, I'll tell you.

Due to the uncanny
skill and wisdom

of his personal physician,

the stubborn and ornery
United States Marshal's

gonna recover.


That kind of news
calls for a drink.

Come on, Doc. I'll buy
a drink for everybody.

Well, by thunder, Howie,
we'll drink it, won't we?

(indistinct chatter)

(piano playing lively tune)

LUCKY: Hi again.

I didn't mean to pop off
at you that way yesterday.

I really didn't have no call to.

Why ain't you in there
earning your $1,000?

I don't have to
be to work till later.

Um... I'm going to breakfast.

There's a place down the street

that's got pretty
good doughnuts,

if you've a mind to come along.

I mean, I'll pay
for my own and all.

Well, I got to eat someplace.

I might as well eat with you.

You heard about the marshal,

how he's gonna be all
right and everything?

Yeah, I heard.

Everybody sure
is happy about it.

I'm tickled to death myself.

MULEY: If anything
was to happen to him,

I just don't know what I'd do.

Look, uh...

you just run along, I'll...

I just thought of
something I got to do.

Well, it's down
thataways. It's called the...

Listen, you just...
you just keep going.

I'll... I'll be there in
just a few minutes.

Did you kill that marshal?

I shot him.

But the doc says
he's gonna live.

- Fine, that does it.
- What's the difference?

He's out of the way, ain't he?

That's right.

He's in bed down
at the doc's office.

Then we just count him out

and go ahead like we figured.

You were gonna kill him.

Take care of it before
we got here, you said.

Part of your big plan.

Supposed to go like clockwork.

Well, it looks like a
broke clock to me.

You calling me, Kay Cee?

Wait a minute.

Take it easy, now.

- Muley, it's like Pell said...
- No, no.

Look, if the marshal's
laid up, we can go ahead...

You guys...


Now, when you come in on this,

you agreed to do it my
way, didn't you, Kay Cee?

Well, you know what my way is.

With me, the main
thing's getting the marshal.

The bank comes second.

Yeah, but it didn't
work out that way.

You had your big
chance and missed it.

Well, I'm going to make
another chance, Kay Cee.

What do we do in the meantime?

You wait.

You and Kay Cee, you
go on down the street

and you get yourself nice
rooms in that boarding house.

Pell, you check in at the hotel.

That's where I'm staying.

But stay away from me.
None of us know each other.

Can you understand
that, huh, Kay Cee?

Yeah, yeah.

You're the one
with the experience.

I guess this town give
you a lot of experience.


You and your brother. (laughs)

Don't you ever

mention my brother's name
in that tone of voice again.

You understand me, Kay Cee?

He didn't mean nothing by it.

I'm talking to Kay Cee. You
understand me, Kay Cee, hmm?

Yeah, sure, boss, no offense.

All right, let's
get out of here.

All right, Muley.

And remember,

none of us know each other.

Till you kill that marshal?

That's right, Kay Cee.

Until I kill the marshal.

Come on, let's get out of here.

What are you doing
waiting outside?

Well, I figured, if we
was gonna eat together,

well, we ought to
walk in together.

Well, suppose I hadn't shown up?

How'd you know I just
wasn't stalling you, huh?

Well, you're here, aren't you?

That's right.

Come on.

Ooh, flannel cakes.

Boy, I hadn't had those
since I was a little girl.

Why don't you have 'em, then?

'Cause they're 15 cents,

and coffee and a
doughnut's only a nickel.

What's the difference...
I'm paying for it, ain't I?

You don't have to do that. I
told you I'll pay for my own.

Now, there you go again.

Right off the bat, you gonna
start off with an argument.

Come here.

Do you see that girl over there?

Well, she wants an
order of flannel cakes.

And I want one, too.

Well, thank you. (giggles)

Ain't you ever had a man
buy you a meal before?

None 'cept my pa, and
that was just at home.

I never been in a
real café like this

till I come to Dodge.

Well, this place ain't
nothing to talk about.

I guess you've been in
lots of fancy places and...

and probably bought lots of
meals for women, hadn't you?

A few.

Well, how'd you do it?

I mean, just drifting
around the country and all

and never having no
regular job or nothing?

Just saved up a couple bucks
from my last job, that's all.

What was it?

Stopping half-grown crazy kids

from asking fool questions.

I'm not half-grown.
I'm full-grown.

Yeah, but that don't
make you any less crazy.

Golly, they look
real good, don't they?

Why didn't you ask your
friends to have breakfast with us?

What friends?

Them three fellas that
rode up when we were

down the street there.

Isn't that why you
set me on ahead...

So's you could talk to 'em?

Never saw them
before in my whole life.


Yeah, really. Wh...
How come you ask?

I don't know. I just thought it.

I'm glad they're
not your friends.


'Cause... I didn't
like their looks.

Now, what can you
tell about a man's looks?


I mean, they might could've
been guilty of anything.

What about my looks?

Oh, your looks are different.

I like your looks, Muley.

But you don't know me any
better than you know them,

so how can you say that?

Yes, I do.

A woman can tell.

She can, huh?


You got folks somewhere?

No, they been... they
been dead for ten years.

Well, who brought you up?

My brother.

Where's he?

He's dead, too.

He got in front of a bullet.

Now, there you go again,

you're starting off
with those questions.

You sure do get upset easy.

Don't you forget it.

Long as we might be
spending some time together,

on and off.

You mean it?

Yeah, I mean it.

I figure I better
keep my eye on you.


Wait a minute.

- What do you got there?
- Where?

You know where. Behind
your back... what you got?

- Well...
- Let me see your hand.

- Oh, stop this.
- Well, it's just what Matthew wants.

That's what it is.
Here you are, Matthew.

Just get away from here.

Now, what in thunder
do you think you're up to?

Doc, I'm gonna get up out
of here and try out my legs.

You're not gonna do
anything of the kind.

I'm your doctor, and you'll
do exactly as I tell you.

You get up and get
to moving around,

you'll tear that bandage
off and open the wound,

and then you'll be in trouble.

Doc, I'll just
have to be careful

and try not to tear
off the bandage.

All right, now, just a minute.
That fella that shot you...

They've looked all
over west of town.

They haven't found
hide nor hair of him.

Now, he could've
doubled back into Dodge.

Have you thought of that?

Yeah, I've thought of that.

Well, he's not
gonna call you out.

He's proved that.

Now, he can take a potshot
at you from any building,

any window, anytime,
anywhere. What about that?

I've thought of that, too,
and that's one of the reasons

I want to get out of here
and do some looking around.

With this fella out on the loose

and me not knowing
who he is or where he is,

I'm not gonna get
much rest in this bed.

Now, I got to get out of here.

All right, you win.

You know what I ought to do?

I ought to get a gun and
shoot you in the kneecap.

(lively piano music playing)

(quiet, indistinct



Hi, stranger.

What do you mean, "stranger"?

Well, where you been
since this morning?

How come it is
every time I see you

you got to start off with
a bunch of questions?

Well, I thought you
said we was gonna

see a little bit of each other.

I said maybe.

But I didn't say when.

All right, when?

When I get time.

Well, what's taking
up all your time?

Thinking. I-I got
things to figure out.

And you better lay off
them questions, you dimwit.

What do you want to do?

You want to get a
man on the prod, hmm?

You mean I bother you?


You bother me.


So that's why he don't mind
keeping us hanging around here.

Aw, she just works here.

Yeah. Sure.

You want to take a
walk with me tomorrow?

A walk?

Well, the hills are real
pretty this time of year,

and I'll show you
my favorite place.

Well, I-I don't
know if I can. I...

I don't know if I'm gonna
be able to work it out.

(footsteps approaching)

- Glad to see you around, Marshal.
- Hello, Marshal. -Boys.

Hi, Marshal. Sure is
good to see you up again.

Well, thank you, Lucky.

FESTUS: Miss Lucky, you're
looking prettier every day.

LUCKY: Oh, thank you, Festus.

Marshal, I'd like you to
meet my friend Muley.

Marshal Dillon,
and that's Festus.

How do?

- Nice to meet you.
- Oh, Marshal, I'm sure glad

- you're all right again.
- Howdy, Marshal. -Howdy.

(indistinct chatter)

You want to take that walk?

If I can work it out.



SAM: What are you
drinking, Marshal?

DILLON: Oh, I'll
have a beer, Sam.

Yeah, much obliged.
I'll have a whiskey, Sam.


Who's there?

all right. Let us in.

You know, I must have
sent for you gentlemen.

Or else you wouldn't be here.

It's a funny thing, 'cause
I don't remember it.

Well, I tell you, Muley,

we figured it was
time we had a little talk.

Since when do you do
the figuring, Kay Cee?

That's my job.

It's your job, but, uh, we're
not too sure you're doing it.

You feel the same way, Pell?

Well, we've been doing
a lot of sitting and waiting.

Nothing else.

I just want to get
things straightened out.

Yeah, Pell's right.

You give us this big song and
dance before we come out here.

About how you rode with
jobs on your brother's gang

and knew all about
how to plan things.

Well, maybe your
brother was smart.


He pulled off a lot of big ones.

But that don't mean you
learned nothing from him.

And it don't prove
you're very smart.

(cocks gun)

Well, you didn't
ask for no proof

when you came
in on this, Kay Cee.

No, you had a big plan then.

Sounded fine.

But it just didn't work.

Oh, it's going to work out.

We just got to wait
for the right timing.

We was just supposed
to hit and get out.

The marshal was supposed to
be dead before we even got here.

All right, gentlemen.

You're right.

There's got to be some changes.

And I'm working on 'em.

You're working on what?


you're gonna be
the first to know.

At least you could tell
us something, Muley.

Hey, listen.

You know, I figure
I can tell you boys...

Yes, sir, I figure ol' Muley
plans to settle down here.

Buy himself a little house.

And maybe that, uh, marshal...
He'll pin a law badge on him.

(Kay Cee chuckles)

Then he can hitch up
with that dance hall gal

and raise himself a
bunch of young'uns, huh?

(Kay Cee laughs)

Shut up, Kay Cee!

- You hear me, Kay Cee? Shut up!
- Come on, let him go.

- Get off him.
- Let him go.

You ever lay your
hands on me again, boy...

you better mean it.

I meant it that time, Kay Cee.

Well, I didn't mean
no offense to the lady.

But you got to admit
she's sure been

keeping your mind
off your business lately.

Well, I'm running the
business, Kay Cee.

So I'll do the
worrying about it.

Now, get out of here.

And don't you come
back until I call for you.

And we just go on
waiting, is that it?

MULEY: Did I tell you
to do anything else?


No, you sure didn't.

Come on, let's get out of here.

(harmonica playing upbeat tune)

I'll race you to
the top! (laughs)

(laughing, shrieking)

Oh! (laughs)

What are you, a girl
or a mountain goat?

A witch.

When it's a full moon,

I come out, and I lead
men into the swamp,

and I never let 'em out again.

You're crazy as a
loon is what you are.

Sure, that, too.

Oh, look.

A prairie flower.

They always smell so
yellow and musty, sort of.

Is that for me, hmm?

Not unless you earn it.

What do I got to do to earn it?

I don't know, but I'll
think of something.

You be sure and let me
know when you do, all right?

Don't you worry, I will.

Look up yonder,
that's my favorite place

I was telling you about.


Come on.

Hey, this place is
a... is a cemetery.

You sure are a crazy girl.

I don't care, I like it.

Hardly anybody ever comes here.

And it's peaceful and
quiet and away from things.

Sure is quiet.

Bet you could come
up here and think

all by yourself, couldn't you?

That's one of the
reasons I like it.

Sometimes I come up
here and sit just for hours

and talk things
over with myself.

Any of these people
ever join in with you?

(laughs) Golly, no.

That'd scare the living
daylights out of me.


Is that what I was
supposed to do to earn it?

Much more than that.

But I only got one.

Golly, I'll probably
have to pick you

hundreds and
hundreds of flowers.

Ain't it supposed to
be the other way...

Me picking them for you?

I'd like that, too.

But there's no reason
it can't be both ways.

Is that the kind of world
you think it is, Lucky?

Where people just go around
picking flowers for one another?

That's the kind of
world it ought to be.


But that ain't the kind it is.

But you wouldn't know, 'cause...

'cause you ain't been
out in it long enough.

I'm learning, though.

Oh, yeah, you're
learning, all right.

In that saloon.

You got to get out of there.

You don't belong
in that place, Lucky.

Where do I belong, Muley?

I don't know.

Hey, Lucky, I'm-I'm gonna
have to leave this town soon.

Any time now, and when I go,

I ain't gonna be able
to take you with me.


Now, don't ask me no
questions, Lucky, because...

because I ain't gonna
be able to explain.

Guess I had things
figured wrong.

Oh, no.

No, you didn't, Lucky.


Now, you just suppose...

that i-if... if I sent for you

when I got where I
was going later on,

would you come?

You mean it?

You want me to
put it in writing?

Course I'll come.

I don't know what's
the matter with me.

I get things all
figured out in my mind,

I know exactly what I got to do,

and I know exactly
how I'm gonna do it,

then all of a sudden, I-I...

and I look at you,

and things get all mixed up

and they don't look
the same no more.

Maybe that's 'cause
you like me a little bit.

- A little bit?
- (laughs)

Oh, I like you more
than a little bit, Lucky.

I... I like you too much.

That's the reason I-I
stayed away for two days.

You remember when I
stayed away for two days?

Well, I stayed away
because... because I figured,

well, if I could...

LUCKY: What's the matter, Muley?

What you looking at?

Golly, there must be hundreds
of 'em like him in there.

He's just some
ol' no-good outlaw

that got what was coming to him.

Shut up, Lucky!

I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to say something

that was gonna upset you.

It was the sorriest
day of your life,

the day you said hi to me.


'Cause I'm gonna
hurt you, Lucky.

Don't you understand?

I don't want to, but I'm gonna.

A little hurting
doesn't hurt nobody.

I got something I got to do.

Don't know how
I'm gonna do it...

but I'm gonna do it.

(lively piano music
playing in distance)


(piano stops playing)

(indistinct chatter)

You know him?

No, I just heard the
shooting, that's all.

All right, you better
get back inside.

Well, he didn't come off
near as lucky this time,

did he, Matthew?

Well, according to
Kitty's description,

this isn't the same man at all.

You mean there might
be more than one of them?

Could well be. Now, be
careful where you look,

but there's a fella standing
next to that horse there...

and there's one
over here behind me,

leaning against the post.

Recognize either of 'em?

Seen 'em around
town this past week.

Yeah, I've saw
both of them fellers

in the Long Branch, Matthew.

I want you two to check up on
'em, see what you can find out.

Find out where they're staying
and what they're doing in town.

Will do, Matthew.


How'd you get in here?

Well, Pell's key
had fit your door.

Talked Arky into it, didn't you?

He wouldn't have
moved on his own,

but you had to talk to...

talk him into it,
didn't you, Kay Cee?

And now you got the
marshal on his guard.

He's gonna turn
this town inside out.

It's gonna be ten times
as hard for us now.

How'd he talk you into it?

We was all getting
restless, Muley.

We made a wrong
move, and we admit it.

What's the difference whether
you admit it or not, Kay Cee?

It's done, ain't it?

From now on,
we'll do it your way.

Maybe we ought to just
forget it and ride out of here.

Oh, yeah, that'd be a good idea.

And make another stupid move.

Any man that rides out of this
town in the next couple days

and don't have a
really good reason for it

is gonna have a posse on his
trail before he gets five miles.

Can you get that
through your head, pal?

(Muley chuckles)

What's the difference?

Don't make no difference.

'Cause it ain't the
end of the world.

It's over, and it's done with.

It really don't
make no difference.

'Cause I got a couple
other plans up my sleeve.

And maybe, in a couple days,

if everything goes right,

we'll be able to get out
of this town for good.

You're the boss.

Good-bye, Kay Cee.


(glass shatters)

Any luck?

THAD: Nothing.

We must have went through
200 of these, Matthew,

and I haven't saw one face

that I've saw around
Dodge here lately.

You know, it could
be that none of them

have any criminal records.

Well... here's one

that could have
shot you in the back,

but you killed him
about six months ago

in that bank holdup, remember?

Say, wait a minute.

Look at this.

You know that kid we
met in the Long Branch...

That friend of Lucky's?

Yeah, that, uh... Muley.

Yeah, I knew he
reminded me of somebody.

FESTUS: Golly Bill, he
does look like him, don't he?

Rex Proddert.

You know, I think
he had a brother

used to ride with him, too.

THAD: Now, that
might explain quite a bit.

Well, of course. Revenge
for killing his brother.

Yeah, that explains
Muley, all right.

But what about the others?

He must have offered them
something to get in on it.

THAD: Well, how about the bank?

If Muley was here before, then
he could tell 'em how to rob it.

Probably it.

Well, let's go get
'em, lock 'em in jail.

It's not that easy,
Festus... I don't have

- any charges against 'em.
- Well, they tried to kill you.

Yeah, but I can't prove it.

Well, what are you fixing to do?

Tell you one thing I can do.

Try to force their hand.

Let me have a beer.

Well, I guess I better get going
if I'm gonna catch that stage.

It should be about
ready to leave.

When do you expect to be back?

DILLON: Probably be back

tomorrow afternoon
sometime, Kitty.

KITTY: Well, you
have a good trip.

- Take care of things.
- I'll try.

Hi, Muley.

How are you, kid?

- Been missing me?
- Sure, I missed you.

Well, if you had, you would
have been around sooner.

Look, Lucky, lay off me
today. I got things on my mind.

What's her name?

- No, I mean important things.
- Well, I like that.

Miss Kitty.

Say, have you saw
Matthew in here lately?

He just left on the stage.

Stage... Well, why'd he do that?

Well, I don't know.
What'd you want with him?

Well, it ain't me.

It's Mr. Botkin
over at the bank.

They got a big
shipment of gold dust

going out on that
9:00 train tonight,

and, well, he wanted
Matthew to keep a eye on it

while they're loading it.

What's Botkin so
worried about, anyhow?

He's moved gold shipments
before, never had any trouble.

Well, I know he has,

but he says there's always
a first time for everything,

and all he's got's
them two clerks

to load it on the handcart
and push it down the alley.

Course, it won't take
more than five minutes

to get to the depot.

LUCKY: Muley, I don't
know what the trouble is,

but I'm not helping any, so
I guess I'll talk to you later.

Hey... hey, look, kid.

I meant it when I said I
was gonna send for you.

I believe you.

Well, if he ain't
here, he ain't here.

That's all there are to it.

KITTY: Well, I don't see what
difference it makes anyhow.

reckon you're right.


(crickets chirping)

Everything all right, Kay Cee?

You leave them horses down there

at the end of the
alley like I told you?

Just like you said, Muley.

Street's empty.


There's only two deputies.

It'll be a breeze.

(quiet chuckle)

Shouldn't take them
more than five minutes

to load that wagon.

So let's get across the street
so we can be ready for 'em.

LUCKY: Muley?


What the devil you doing here?

I just wanted to talk
to you a minute alone.

No. Now, beat it, Lucky.

Them's the two men
you said you didn't know.

I'm telling you to get
out of here, Lucky.

- Now, get out of here.
- KAY CEE: No.

She's going with us.

The minute she gets out of here,

she'll start shooting
off her mouth.

They're coming with the cart.

Looks like you're gonna
have to go with us, Lucky.

Now, you take it easy,
and you won't get hurt.


Stay in here, Lucky.

You keep quiet, and
you stay out of sight.


(cocks gun)

Drop them guns! Come on,
come on, get your... get over here.

Lay down with your
faces on the ground.

PELL: Next sound you
make will be your last one.

MULEY: Come on, let's
get those horses loaded.

DILLON: Hold it.

Get your hands up.


(grunts) You hold it, Marshal.

Yeah, if you get me, Marshal,

I get her.

Kay Cee!

Don't hurt her.

'Cause if you do...

I'm gonna kill you
three times over.

Well, I'm gonna tell you, boy,

you ain't giving
the orders anymore.

Now, you got us into this,

and maybe she's
gonna get us out.

You can come or stay.

Let her go, Kay Cee.

Come on, Pell,
let's get out of here.

I mean it, Kay Cee.

Out of my way, Muley.

Let her go, Kay Cee.


All right, you two, get up.

Get this wagon and
this gravel out of here.


I didn't mean you
no harm, Muley.

I was just wanting... I
wanted to talk to you.

I would have picked
flowers for you.

Honest, I would have.




Come on, Lucky.


you better go before
the crowd gets here.

- (sniffles)
- Lucky?




Behind the Scenes of Muley

Following Muley’s revelation to the posse about encountering the man they are pursuing earlier, there’s a prolonged shot featuring Muley and the posse. A stand-in is seen on horseback for Muley in this scene, as the subsequent shot depicts King and his horse facing a different direction.

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

If you’re seeking a television series for a binge-watching session, consider Gunsmoke by yourself or with your loved ones. This classic American Western series aired on the CBS network for 20 seasons from 1955 to 1975 is a must-watch. Muley is the 18th episode of Season 12, offering a captivating addition to the series.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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