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One Killer on Ice Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #10, Episode #18

Anderson, a dapper bounty hunter, makes his way to Dodge City and approaches Matt with a proposition. He claims that his partner has located a wanted criminal hiding in an ice house and requests Matt’s assistance in apprehending the fugitive. The location of the ice house is a two-day ride from Dodge. However, difficulties arise when the outlaw’s brother sets his sights on Matt and Anderson. Adding to the intrigue, Matt soon discovers that Anderson has deceived him about the actual events surrounding the situation. Upon reaching the ice house, they find Anderson’s partner and the deceased outlaw. Gunsmoke One Killer on Ice, originally aired on January 23, 1965.

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One Killer on Ice Cast

Here is the cast for the episode:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Ken Curtis as Festus
  • John Drew Barrymore as Anderson
  • Richard Carlyle as Carl
  • Glenn Strange as Sam
  • Eddie Hice as Frank
  • Dennis Hopper as Billy Kimbo
  • Anne Helm as Helena Dales
  • Philip Coolidge as Owney Dales
  • Nick Borgani as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Loren Brown as Gang Member (uncredited)
  • Chuck Hamilton as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Tom McDonough as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Rex Moore as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Fred Rapport as Barfly (uncredited)
  • George Sowards as Barfly (uncredited)

Full Story Line for One Killer on Ice

Anderson, portrayed by John Drew Barrymore, arrives in Dodge City, sporting a fashionable demeanor. He informs Marshal Matt Dillon that his partner has cornered a wanted criminal at an ice house two days from Dodge. Seeking Matt’s assistance in capturing the fugitive, Anderson also reveals the threat posed by the outlaw’s vengeful brother. However, matters twist when Matt uncovers discrepancies in Anderson’s story. Upon reaching the ice house, they discover that both Anderson’s partner and the outlaw are dead.

Despite his injuries, Anderson seeks counsel from Marshal Dillon upon arriving in Dodge City. After receiving treatment from Doc Adams, he waits for Matt’s return at the Long Branch Saloon, where his charismatic nature wins him favor with the locals. Though wary of Anderson’s motives, Matt agrees to accompany him to pursue the notorious outlaw Gabe Sturney, who carries a hefty bounty of $5,000. Their dangerous journey culminates in a deadly confrontation with Sturney’s brother and accomplices.

However, when they finally reach the ice house, Matt uncovers the truth: Sturney and Anderson’s partner lie dead, prompting suspicions about Anderson’s account of events. As Matt delves deeper into the matter, he realizes that the situation is far more complex than initially portrayed. Ultimately, Anderson learns that deceiving Marshal Dillon comes with severe consequences.

Full Script and Dialogue

(Festus happily singing a tune)

(spurs jingling)

(continues singing tune)

- Howdy.
- How are you?

Can you take care of my horse?

Can I?

I hope you jump in
your vest pocket, I can.

I want him fed and
rubbed down real good.

Rubbed down and fed.

Hey, you got a... you got
a doctor in this here town?

Oh, yes, sirree,
and a dang good 'un.

Doc Adams, right down the
street yonder and up them steps.

- Thank you.
- You want to watch him though,

'cause he's kind of
an ornery old scudder.

Oh, uh, mister,

I'm gonna have to
charge you two dollars

for taking care of your horse.

Two dollars?!

That's sort of high, isn't it?

Well, everything
took to considerin', no.

A dollar for me and a
dollar for the stableman.

I thought you was the one

that was gonna take such
good care of my horse.

Well, I am. I'm a-fixin'
to turn him over to Moss.

That's the best care
I could take of him.

I'm sure you'll
give him the best.

You can count on that.


Oh, Moss!

Dr. Adams?

- Yes, sir?
- My name is Anderson.

I have a little nick
right here in my arm.

I thought you might
sort of wash it up for me?

Why, sure. Just
get up on the table.

I'll take a look at it.

On the table?

Well, yeah, I mean, here.

Just sit on the end of it here.

All right, fine.

You ridden very far?

Hard and far.

Well, let's see it.

There it is.

Well, that's, uh,

that's not very much, but I
better clean it out for you.

How'd that happen?

I was riding along and
somebody shot me.

Is that so? No
reason at all, huh?

To tell you the truth, Doc,

I really didn't stop to ask him.

Well, I can't
blame you for that.

This might sting a little now.

There you are.

I'm not even
going to bandage it.

Let the air get to it.

All right.

Thank you.


Oh, how much do I owe you?

For that? Nothing at all.

Well, you did
use a little alcohol.

Maybe we can replenish
that with a drink later.

Well, now there's
a very fine idea.

We'll just do that.

Right now, I need a bath.

Got to go see the marshal.

About that arm?

Oh, no, about something much
more important than this arm.

I'll catch you later.

All right.

(indistinct chatter, laughter)

Hello, Festus.

Howdy, Miss Kitty.

Enjoying your drink?

No, ma'am, I ain't.

Why not?

Well, you know, I'm...
standing here studying

about something
I'd ought to drink to.

I always get more
enjoys if I can drink

to something or somebody.

I see.

Hey, would you be upset if I
was to drink to you, Miss Kitty?

Course not.

You-you'd take it
in the proper spirit

as a friendly
gesture and no more?

Festus, I promise that I'll try

not to read any dark
meaning into your drink.

Well, then...

Here's mud in your
eyeball, Miss Kitty.

Golly Bill, that sure is good.

You know something?
You'd ought to be twins.

Then you'd, um, have
to drink another toast.

No, that ain't what I mean.

Well, I think it's a good idea.

Sam, another drink right here.

On me.

Hey, lady.

What about us?

What do you mean?

We've been spending
here for a couple of hours.

Why buy that tramp
a drink, and not us?


Why, you flat-footed,

Now, just a minute,
Festus; just a minute.

First of all, he's not a tramp.

Second of all, he's a friend.

Now, you buy your own drinks,

and if you don't
like it like that,

then you can leave.

Oh, you don't want
to buy us a drink,

but you want us to leave.

If you want to
know what I think,

you better get out

'fore you get me
all out of sorts.

Ah, real feisty, ain't you?

Feisty enough to climb
that frame of yourn

like a ladder and
kick out every rung

on the way down.

What do you think of that?

Hey, tramp!

Maybe you'd like to
let us hear that again.

Why hear it again?

It's clear.


Who are you?

Just a man who likes
a whole lot of quiet

when he wants to drink.

Well, there are
other bars in town.

I suggest you and
your friend use them.

I'm gonna stay
right here and drink.

You trying to bluff me down?

Well, that'd be
awfully easy to find out.


You're all spruced
up, spic-and-span

to be talking tough, mister.

Well, if dirt wins the
fights around here,

you must be the
toughest man in town.

I can recommend the barber shop.

And a nice hot bath.

When you fellas leaving?

Right now.

Thank you very much, mister.


Miss Kitty, this
here's Mr. Andrews.


Fiddle. Anderson.

How do you do?

A pleasure.

Uh, he's my employer.

You might say I
took care of his horse.


Well, then, uh, you're even.

He just took care of your hide.

(laughs) I reckon
he did at that.

Well, then that calls for
another toast, don't it?

And another drink.

(whiskey pouring)

Hello, Doc.

Well, you... about
time you got back.

Why? Anything happen?

Well, no, not that.

It's just that this morning

you said you were gonna ride out
and serve a paper on Lou Dudley.

That's right, I did.

Well... according
to my figuring,

you should've been
in by noon today.

I kept your coffee ready
for you all morning there.

Well, in your figuring,

you probably didn't think
of Lou being up north

and Mrs. Dudley, uh,
needing the wood chopped

and the fence mended and
a few things like that, Doc.

They're not figuring on
moving up north, are they?

Well, looks that way,
if Lou can find work.

They just couldn't make a
go of this place down here.

Well, that's too bad.
They're nice folks.

Yeah. Well, Mrs.
Dudley said they'd be in,

and settle up their bill
with you before they left.

Well, pshaw,
that's not important.

Well, it is to them, Doc.

You know, they're proud people.

Oh, say!

There is a stranger
in town looking for you.

- Oh?
- Yeah, he came up to the office.

And he had me clean
out a little wound for him.

He didn't say where
he picked it up, though.

What's his name?

Name's Anderson.
He wants to see you.

He's been over at the
Long Branch all day.

Oh, well, maybe I'll
just drift over there.

I think I'd rather have a
beer than this coffee anyway.

Can I buy you one?

Just one? No, thanks.

Anderson bought me two.

Oh, he sounds
like a sociable type.

How bad was his wound?

Oh, nothing at all.

Just a little graze.


I don't believe it.

Well, it's true.

And then I bet that fella,

he couldn't shoot the
cork out of a whiskey bottle.

And I doubled that bet.


And he did it and I lost.

And that's the last time I
ever bet with a stranger.

You know what I
think, Mr. Anderson?

I think you tell
some pretty tall tales.


Well, now, Miss Kitty, you
can hardly blame a man

for wanting to keep a
lady like you amused.

Especially when you're
sitting here at his table.

Well, I've enjoyed your stories.

But I do have a business to run.

I have more stories.

I got more customers.

There's the marshal.

Hello, Kitty.

Hello, Matt.

I want you to meet
Mr. Anderson. Matt Dillon.

- Pleasure.
- How do?

Can I bring you something?

Well, I'll sure take a beer.

All right. Excuse me.


that is a handsome woman.


I understand you
wanted to see me.

Yeah, I rode all the way
down from Timberline

just to talk to you.

Now, Doc tells me you
had a wound on your arm?

That's right.

I suppose, in the
business I'm in,

that's sort of a common thing.

What business are you in?

I'm a bounty hunter.

Well, I should
rectify that statement.

A would-be bounty hunter.

I ain't got my first bounty yet.

I suppose that's 'cause I'm
such a discriminate hunter.

What do you mean by that?

Now, I was a sheriff
for a while, in Mesa.

The hours are too long

and the pay was too short.

I used to watch
those reward posters.

It started me thinking.

Most of them are 100, 200, $300.

I'd never risk my skin for that.

But every once in a while,

one would sneak through
over the thousands.

So I quit and decided
to go for that big game.

- Here you are.
- Thanks, Kitty.


Oh, handsome.

Now, you still didn't say
why you wanted to see me.

You have a poster
in your office.

$5,000 dead or alive.

Gabe Starney.

You're after Gabe Starney, huh?

Well, I've been after him.

I got him now.

He's with my partner, up
in a shack in Timberline.

Oh, it's Starney, all right.

Well, that's good news.

You got Gabe Starney, you
got the reward coming to you.

(clicks tongue)
That's just the thing.

My partner and I can't
bring him down here alone.

Starney has an
awful lot of friends

from here to Timberline.

They know I got him.

But they don't know where he is.

Well, I had to fight
my way through,

just to get down here alone.

Listen, I thought if
you went there with me,

I'd turn Starney over to you,

help you bring him back here.

I don't think his friends
would be too anxious

to shoot a U.S. marshal.

That's a two-day ride.

We ought to start real
early in the morning.

I'll have to make
some arrangements.

I'll let you know tonight.

I'm at the Dodge House.

Good enough.

What do you think of Anderson?

I never make snap judgments
about strangers, Kitty.

Did he tell you any
of his funny stories?

Just one.

Anderson caught him.

Why don't you let
Anderson bring him in?

Well, suppose I did, Doc.

Suppose Starney
got away from him.

They'd figure it was my fault.

Yup. That's exactly
what you'd figure.

You'd be wrong, but
that's what you'd figure.

Doc, Gabe Starney's one
of the most wanted men

in Kansas Territory.

I've been trying to get my
hands on him for a long time.

Well, like the man said,

doesn't do any good
to argue with a mule.

- When are you leaving?
- In the morning.

Yeah, you're going out and help
Anderson collect $5,000 reward,

but you're gonna take just
as big a risk as he does.

And what for?

To hang Gabe Starney.

You aren't a very
talkative fellow, are you?

I guess not.

I sort of find it makes
the miles go quicker.

Why don't you go
ahead and talk then?

I don't mind listening.

What a fellow do for money.


Well, you out here, riding,
trudging for... what for,

a monthly paycheck?

And you?



You know, I-I told you
I had your job once,

or one like it.

Sure didn't make much
sense after a while.

I just... I had to
take as much chance

arresting a drunk as I did
going after Gabe Starney.

Funny thing, a man
can only kill you once.

Whether he's a
drunk, an outlaw...

one finger, one trigger.

Yeah, one life... You
live it the way you see it.

Well, we made
pretty good time today.

Well, these horses
are getting tired, though.

There's a relay
station up ahead.

We can get a bunk and a meal.

Yeah, I know the place.

Why, hello, Marshal.

Mr. Anderson.

Owney, Helena.

Oh, you know
everybody in this territory?

Just about, I guess.

Why, he's almost a stranger.

We ain't seen him for
two, three years. (laughs)

What's the matter with you?

Can't you even say hello?

Take their horses.

Rub 'em down good.

I declare.

I don't know about that girl.

I ain't been able to do a thing
with her since her ma died.

Prettiest one's always
the hardest to handle.

Ah, that ain't all.

Kids these days just ain't go
no respect for their parents.

No respect at all.

Something to eat?

How about a little something
to cut the dust with?

Ah, coming right up.

Yes, sir, Marshal...

it's got to be... it's
got to be three years.

What brings you out
this way, Marshal?

Oh, a little official
business, Owney.

With, um... Gabe Starney?

What do you know
about Gabe Starney?

Well, him and the
rest of that riffraff

he's been running around
with... They've been in here

a half a dozen times
in the last six months.

Didn't you know he was
wanted for murder, Owney?

I'm sorry, Marshal, but...

Helene and I... We're
all alone out here.

You'd come looking for Starney,
well, they would have figured

I was the one told
you he was here.

Oh, what are you
worrying about, Dales?

Starney ain't gonna
bother you anymore.

What do you mean?

What I mean... The
marshal, he and I,

we're on our way
to pick him up now.

Is that on the level, Marshal?


Well, you couldn't have told
me nothing please me more.

These drinks is on the house.

Oh, yeah?


(Helena sighs)

I missed you.

Oh, I don't know why.

I didn't miss you.

I ought to just belt
you for saying that.

You know, I missed
you so much yesterday,

I almost come
into town after you.

Oh, if you had,

you would have gotten a
backside full of buckshot.

My pa has been
watching me like a hawk.

How come you bust
loose now then, hmm?

I promised you, didn't I?

What'd you promise me?

You've forgotten.

He just got in.

Anderson's back?


Boy, saddle up some horses.

But you can't go after him now.

Oh, why not?

Because he's got
Matt Dillon with him.

- Matt Dillon?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, if he gets in the
way, that's just too bad.

Oh, now, you're not gonna try

and take Anderson
away from the marshal?

Oh, why not? He's
a man, ain't he?

Bullet's gonna kill him

just as easy as it's
gonna kill Anderson.

Yeah, and a bullet's
gonna kill you, too.

Now, look, we've been
through all this before.

I got to do what I got to do.

Are you crazy?

Billy, Anderson is one thing,

but killing a United States
marshal is something else.

Anderson, the marshal... It
makes no difference to me.

They're gonna be
after me either way.

Yeah, well, it makes
a difference to me.

I want... I'm not gonna let you.

When are you gonna learn

that you don't tell me what
to do and what not to do?

(Helena sighs)

Billy, I'm only thinking of you.

Of us.

Hey, we could ride
out of here tonight.

I'd go anywhere with you, Billy.

No matter what Pa says.

Yeah, we'd just let Anderson go.

Well, for now.

He isn't gonna have the
marshal around him forever.

Oh, no. Just until he
gets that $5,000 reward.

Then he's gonna be long gone,

and I'm not gonna
give him that chance.

No, sir.

Now, you think you got that
through your pretty head?

Or I have to slap some
more sense into you?

I got it.

You come here.

I want you to kiss me right.

What kind of kiss
do you want it to be?

I want it to be a
kiss that'll last me

till in the morning.

Why till in the morning?

'Cause the boys and me,

we're gonna take
care of Anderson

and the marshal tonight.

And tomorrow, you and me,

we're gonna bust
free of here forever.

Oh, Billy...

Oh, Billy.

Oh, that's more like it.

Now... you better
get back into town

before your pa
busts his britches.

Thank you.

Did you have some
trouble with her

- last time you were here?
- Huh?

Well, she hasn't exactly
been going out of her way

to make us welcome.

Well, maybe I was a
little forward with her.

I guess I keep forgetting
I'm not her age anymore.


Well, you're not all
that old, are you?

I'm old enough.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

You know, I think,

I think people get old
out here in the west.

Back home, they sort
of take their time about it.

You know, age nice and slowly.

Where's your home?

South Carolina.

My pappy had a horse farm there.

Raised thoroughbreds.

Finest creatures I ever did see.

Did you...?

Did you ever run a thoroughbred?

A racehorse? No.

Oh, it's a thrill
you never forget.

A thrill I aim to have again.

For the $5,000, huh?

Yeah, that'd just about do it.

My pappy was a gambling man...

in a big way.

And things were always good...

as long as his luck was good.

And, one day, it went south.

And he lost that whole big farm.

It didn't mean much to me then.

I left home, sort
of drifted out here.

Took on a lot of different jobs.

Did an awful lot
of awful things.

And lately, I been thinking...

I belong back on that farm.

And I'm gonna get back there...

just as soon as we
bring in that fella.

Sounds like a good plan.

I wish you luck with it.

Wish us both luck.

'Cause without you, I
don't think I can make it.

Hey, how about a drink?

No, no, thanks.

No, one drink.

To my farm.

All right.

- Helena?
- (knocking)


Honey, you think we could have

one of those little
bottles up there?

Thank you.

There something to put it in?

Oh... that's good.


- Let me sweeten that up for you.
- No, no.

That's plenty, thank you.

I never stop at
one or go past ten.

(coyote howling)

That coyote
sounds kind of close.

I think I'll take a
check on the stock.

Where's your pappy?

Like you, he never stops
at one or gets past 20.

You know, it must
be a lonely life

for a girl like that,

way out here in the
middle of nowhere.

You know, for a bounty hunter,

you certainly have
a lot of concern

for other people's feelings.


You know, I gotta do
something about that.

(whispering): Billy...


- Oh.
- What's the matter with you?

You're shaking like a leaf.

I'm scared.

Well, don't be scared, now.

I missed him once; I ain't
gonna miss him again.

They alone in there?


(Billy exhales)

Where's your pa at?

What do you think?

He drunk himself
to sleep as usual.

Well, that's good.

I want you to stay in here
where you're gonna be safe.

You just stay there
till I come for you.


And don't be scared.

(quietly): Go on.

(Billy whistles)

Go on behind that
wagon over there.

Come on with me.

- Stay right here.
- I'll stay here.

Well, that's it for me.

I'm gonna turn in.



Those coyotes have
an awful lot of friends.

There's three of 'em.

There's one behind the wagon,

one by the well

and I think there's one
beside the barn, here.

Well, what do you think
we try 'em one at a time?

Get the man by the wagon first.

- You ready?
- Uh-huh.


All right, that leaves
the left flank open.

Cover me from this
window, will you?


(gunfire continues)

(horse galloping away)

He's just a kid.

I was figuring to have
trouble getting Starney back,

but not getting to him.

- What are you looking for?
- Helena.

She was around just
before the shooting started.

Uh, yeah.

I'll take a look in the corral.

All right.


Get away from me.

Is that somebody you know?

What's his name?

What do you care
what his name is?

You killed him, didn't you?

That's what you wanted.

Was he a friend of
Gabe Starney? Is that it?

A friend?

He was Starney's brother.


I didn't even know
he had a brother.

You better go in
the house, Helena.

What for?

So I can sit by my
father's bedside

and watch him sleep it off?

Or sit in a corner and
stare at four bare walls,

like I did night after
night until I met Billy?

You've taken the
only thing I ever had.

Now get out of here.

Get out of here
and leave me alone!

Get out!


We ought to be
there before sundown.

It's an old,
run-down trading post

about 20 miles north of here.

- Morgan's place?
- Y... Oh, you know it?

Well, I used to.

I remember the place.

Seems to me he had one of

the few icehouses
in the territory.

Used to store meat
for the buffalo hunters.

He pulled out about
two months ago

when the hunters
went west with the herd.

Just your partner
and Starney there?

That's right.

We thought it was a good
place, a good hideout.

You must have quite a partner

to leave him alone
with a man like Starney.

Over here.

There he is.

Oh, that's my partner.

Starney killed him just before
I killed Starney five days ago.

You said he was alive.

No, I didn't.

I said I had him.

All that reward poster says

is an authorized person
has to identify the body.

That's why you
brought me out here.

Well, now, look, I
couldn't take him to Dodge,

not with all his friends
out there, not alone.

So I brought Dodge here.

Hey, you can identify
the body, can't you?

Yeah, I can.

All right. Go on and shoot.

Shoot your $5,000 reward.

(grunts, panting)

You've used me,
Anderson... I don't like that.

Yeah, maybe I did.

But there ain't
no crime in that.

I still got that
reward coming to me.

You got a lot more coming
to you than a reward.

Now, get on your horse
and get back to Dodge.

What about them?

I'm gonna bury them.

And the reward?

We'll talk about the
reward when I get back.

Now get out of here.



Helena, how long you gonna
keep going on like this, hmm?

I told you a million
times he was no good.

I don't care what he was.

I loved him.

Love. What do you
know about love?

What do you know about love?

What do you know
about what's good for me?

All you care about
is swilling that rotgut

till you can't
even see straight.

Now, you watch your
mouth. I'm still your pa.

You haven't been anything
to me for a long, long time.



Where you going?

I'm leaving.


(horse sputters)


Hello, there.

Hello, Doc.

You look kind of tired.

I am. I've had a
rough four days.


Well, what?

Well, I saw Anderson
ride in alone, earlier,

and I see you come in alone.

I suppose Starney got away, huh?

No, he didn't get away.

Anderson killed him.

A week ago.

Well, I don't
follow that at all.

Well, Starney shot
Anderson's partner,

and then Anderson
killed Starney.

But he figured he couldn't get
the body back to Dodge alone.

So he took you out
there to see the body.

That's about it.

Yep, that's about it.

Fine thing, take
a chance like that

just to identify a body.

And I suppose you're gonna
give him the reward money, too.

I don't see how I
can avoid it, Doc.

He killed Starney,
I saw the body...

I'm obligated to authorize
the reward payment.

Oh, sure, yes, sir.

Where's Anderson now?

He's over at the Long Branch.

He's buying drinks for
everybody over there.

He's a big man, you know.


Well, I hope Kitty doesn't
give him much credit.

Why not?

That was my mistake.

So I said to myself, Mr. Bear,

either you're gonna
move or I'm gonna move.

But he didn't move,

and I just... disappeared.

(Sam laughs)

SAM: You've bought
enough drinks for everybody.

This one's on the house.

ANDERSON: Well, thank you.


When did you get back?

Just a little while ago.

I asked Mr. Anderson
where you were,

and he just shrugged.

He and I parted
company a while back.

Excuse me.

Hi, Marshal.

What was your partner's
name, Anderson?


Johnny Sutton.

Before I can authorize a reward,

I'll have to have
a written report

of what happened down there.

How you killed Starney,
where, all the details.

You bring it by my office.

That's easy enough.

But what about the money?

I'll make you out a bank draft
as soon as I get your report.


listen, I don't want you
to think I'm ungrateful

for everything you did.

As a matter of fact, when
I cash that bank draft,

I'd kinda like to
buy you something...

A new horse, a gun,
anything you want.

Bartender... drinks
for everybody.

Well, there it all is.

Exactly what happened.


Here's your bank draft.


Hey, you think this bank here
in Dodge has that much money?

I think so. You can
cash it in the morning.

Yeah, I like cash.

Thank you, Marshal.

(door shuts)

Say, by golly,
that's good pie, Matt.

DILLON: Mm-hmm.

DOC: Mmm!

What's the matter with you?
Why don't you eat your pie?

Uh, I can't.

I keep thinking
about that feller...

- Who?
- Andrews.


I keep thinking about
him getting that $5,000.

It just worries the
whey out of me.

Why should it worry
you? It's not your money.

That's what worries me.

I'd ought to have more
get up and go about myself.

(chuckles): Well...

that's been worrying
a lot of people.

If you wanted to be like
Anderson, the first thing

you'd have to learn to do
is lie with a straight face.

Well, I could keep a
straight face for $5,000.

- I'll tell you that.
- In the meantime,

why don't you just
open up your face

and put some pie in it?

Matt, did you give him
the reward money yet?

Yeah, gave him a bank draft.

I just wonder if this
has occurred to you:

You know, if Anderson's
partner hadn't got killed,

he'd had to split that
reward money, wouldn't he?

That thought did
cross my mind, Doc,

but I'd never be
able to prove it.

What really happened
out there, anyway?

All I've got to go on
is Anderson's story:

that he and his partner
closed in on Starney.

Starney hit his partner just
as Anderson killed Starney.

I'll tell you this:

He's dang fast with
a gun, that Andrews.


I've saw him draw... pfft!

He's fast, Matthew.


Well, guess I'd better get back.

- I'll...
- Get to work.

See you a little later.

- All right.
- So long, now.

Doc... can I ask you something?


Well, how do you know?
I ain't asked you yet.

That's what I was
fixin' the ask you...

Do you want my piece of pie?

Ornery old scudder.


(gun clicks)

Come out of there.

(Helena gasps)

Go on... shoot me
like you did Billy.

Couldn't be helped, Helena.

He was trying to kill us.

Aw, he didn't care about you.

All he wanted to do
was kill Anderson.

Kill Anderson... why?

You know why.

Anderson killed Starney.

How could Billy know that?

Billy... was with
Starney the n...

the night Anderson and
his partner caught them.

Keep talking.

Well, Billy and Starney,
they were asleep,

and Anderson and his partner,

they just walked in
and they started firing.

Starney was killed
and Billy got away.

Well, then, Starney didn't
kill Anderson's partner?

How could they?

Starney and Billy,

they didn't even have
a chance to draw a gun.

Well, then Anderson was the
last one to see his partner alive?

Are you sure of this?

Oh, you don't
have to believe me.

It doesn't matter.

Nothing matters now.

I'm afraid it does.

Come on, Helena, come with me.


Helena, I've got a little
unfinished business.

Then I'm gonna come back here

and I'm gonna take
you back to your father.

Will you wait?


Evening, Miss Kitty.


Can I buy you a drink?

I have a policy around
here, Mr. Anderson.

I don't drink with drunks,
killers or four-flushers.

Well now, you
aren't angry 'cause I...

took the marshal
up there without

telling him Gabe Starney
was dead, are you?

Does that surprise you?

What was I to do?

You could've told him the truth.


Well, do you think
if I'd done that,

he would have gone with me?

Maybe he would and
maybe he wouldn't.

But any man with a
decent bone in his body

would've given him the choice.

Excuse me, I got things to do.

Hi, Marshal.

You're just in time
to have a drink.

Anderson, you're under arrest.

What for?

Suspicion of murder.


That Gabe Starney was an outlaw.

What about your partner?


Well, what about him?

You killed him

so you wouldn't have to
split the reward with him.

Hey, you know, that's
just a little bit crazy.

I told you what happened.

You must've wanted
that farm pretty bad.

You're thinking.

But I don't think you can arrest
me for what you're thinking.

No, but I can
lock you up in jail

and wait till the
circuit judge gets here.

Then I can show him the evidence

and let him make
up his own mind.


What evidence?

I've got Owney Dales'
daughter down in my office.

Helena? What about her?

She tells me that Starney and
his brother Billy were together

the night you and your
partner ran into 'em.

She's a liar.

Said that Starney never had
a chance to get his gun out.

Is that your evidence?

You gonna take the word
of some girl who hates me

'cause I shot Starney

and helped kill her loved one?

Doesn't sound like
much, except for one thing.

What's that?

Your written statement.

You said that Starney
killed your partner

just before you killed him.

That's what I said.
Isn't that what I said?

Then how come there were still

six bullets in Starney's gun?

A dead man doesn't
reload his gun, Anderson.

Now, you're going to jail

and we're gonna
let the judge decide.


I'm not going to jail.

We gonna decide it.

Right here, right now.

I'm not going to jail

with this $5,000
bank draft on me.

And that whole big horse farm

just sitting there
waiting for me.

I went through an awful
lot to get that money.

I tracked... I
fought... and I killed.

And you're the only thing

standing between
me and that door.

I wouldn't try it, Anderson.

Wouldn't you?

You would if your pappy
was a gambling man.

$5,000's an awful big gamble.

I seen you use that gun.

You're pretty good with it.

But so am I.

I'll bet you I can beat you.

Drinks on the house!

Winner take all!


Behind the Scenes of One Killer on Ice

Dennis Hopper, a notable guest star in the series, hails from Dodge City, Kansas. He is the sole known “Gunsmoke” cast member with ties to Dodge City through birth or residence.

During a scene where Matt is conversing with a doctor about his upcoming journey to accompany Anderson, the camera accidentally pans upward too far. This unintended movement reveals the top of the jail’s back wall and the studio lights above it.

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

Are you feeling worn out from your usual TV lineup? Shake things up with Gunsmoke as your next binge-worthy series. This classic American Western aired on the CBS network for an impressive 20 seasons, from 1955 to 1975. Dive into the timeless allure of the Wild West with episodes like One Killer on Ice, the 18th installment of Season 10.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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