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Reprisal Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #07, Episode #23

Oren Conrad, a married man, engages in an affair with Pearl, a bartender. Hank Ives desires Pearl’s attention. When Oren brandishes his weapon, Matt intervenes and shoots him. Cornelia, Oren’s wife, seeks revenge and attempts to hire Pete Wellman to eliminate Matt. Pete declines but suggests Jim Blake, who agrees. Cornelia vows to take matters into her own hands, but Matt prevents her from harming Kitty, his partner. Ben Hardin harbors resentment toward Matt and manipulates Cornelia into seeking vengeance. Cornelia professes her affection for Ben, who promises her liberation. Matt heads to Indian Wells to confront Ben, prompting Cornelia to realize her true feelings and intervene. In the ensuing confrontation, Matt convinces Ben to engage in a fair fight, ultimately killing him. Cornelia cradles Ben in her arms as he dies. The events culminated in the airing of Gunsmoke Reprisal on March 10, 1962.

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Gunsmoke Reprisal Cast

These are the actors who made appearances in the Gunsmoke episode titled Reprisal:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Dennis Weaver as Chester
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Dianne Foster as Cornelia
  • Jason Evers as Ben
  • Tom Reese as Wellman
  • Brad Trumbull as Ives
  • George Lambert as Oren
  • Grace Lee Whitney as Pearl
  • Joe Di Reda as Blake (as Joe deReda)
  • Billy E. Hughes as Tommy (as Billy Hughes)
  • Harold Innocent as Teller
  • Harry Antrim as Mr. Botkin
  • Gene Benton as Green
  • Joe Devlin as Dan Binny
  • Jimmie Booth as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chet Brandenburg as Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Russell Custer as Townsman (uncredited)
  • George Ford as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Billy McCoy as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Mathew McCue as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Frank Mills as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Rex Moore as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jimmy Noel as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chick Sheridan as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Glenn Strange as Sam (uncredited)
  • Lucian Tiger as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bill Walker as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Reprisal

Oren Conrad, portrayed by George Lambert, arrives in Dodge with intentions of gambling and pursuing women despite having a wife waiting for him at home. When he suspects his saloon companion, Hank Ives (played by Brad Trumbull), of showing interest in another woman, a confrontation erupts between them at the Long Branch Saloon. Coincidentally present during the altercation, Marshal Dillon intervenes, urging Oren to cease his actions. However, Oren persists and draws his gun, resulting in Matt having to shoot him to protect Hank fatally.

Upon informing Oren’s wife, Cornelia (portrayed by Dianne Foster), of his demise, she is consumed by rage, demanding retribution in the form of an “eye-for-an-eye,” meaning she seeks Marshal Dillon’s death. Despite her attempts to hire gunmen, none agree to her request. Unable to muster the courage to kill Miss Kitty, Matt’s romantic interest, Cornelia crosses paths with Ben Harden, a kind-hearted young man enamored with her. Initially, Cornelia manipulates Ben into considering the task of eliminating Matt. However, as their relationship deepens, Cornelia’s feelings shift, and she falls for Ben.

Full Script and Dialogue of Reprisal


Evening, Doc.

Well, Oren, how are you?

- Well, Doc.
- Chester.

How about a game?

Well, where was you figurin'
on playing, on the floor?

All the tables is full.

Well, it's not exactly
a permanent situation.

I guess we could wait.

No, I don't think it'd
do you any good, Doc.

I just don't feel like
I got the strength.

Oh, is that so? What's
the matter with you?

Oh... I'm just...
all floundered out.

Well, you look all right to me.

- I do?
- Well, sure.

Well, I could look all right.

What's wrong with me
is not some skin disease

that you can see,
it's-it's something inside.

Oh... that.

Well... I don't think I'd
worry too much about that.

That's, uh, that's
incurable, anyway.

You were born with that.

Oh, Oren, you through?
I'll play you a game.

I'd like to, Doc,
but it's getting late.

I got to go. Night.

So long, Chester.

- Well...
- Now, come on, get your stick.

Oh, that's-that's shameful.

- What's that?
- Well, "it's getting late."

It can't be no more than 8:00.

Oh, what do you mean?

Well, he ain't going
back to his ranch.

He's gonna go down
there and spend time

with that saloon girl.

Wh-What... what about that?

Well, I don't reckon it's
none of my business at all,

but if I had a purty
wife like he's got

a-waitin' for me at
home, I just think

- that I'd spend more time there.
- Oh, for heaven's sakes.

Some people just don't
know when they're well off.

Are you just gonna
sit there and gossip,

or are you gonna play?



I thought we said 8:00.

It's, uh, 8:30 now.

You weren't here
at 8:00. I looked.

Well, I was here at ten past.

Don't let's quarrel.

We've got better
things to do, haven't we?

You bet we have, Pearl.

What are you drinking?

I'll have a whiskey.

Barkeep, another
glass over here.

It's been a long week, Oren.

Well, I-I wanted
to get in before,

but you know how it is
when you're running a ranch...

A man can't call
his life his own.

When are you gonna
show me your ranch?

Oh... almost anytime, Pearl.

You always say that.

Well, it's only a ranch.

Uh, there's nothing
special about it.

Yes, there is.

It's yours.

Well, yeah, sure.

Uh, say, let's have
one or two drinks,

and then, uh, take a little
walk, what do you say, Pearl?

I'm sorry, it's, uh... too late.

Too late? 8:30?

Well, you were coming at 8:00,

and you never stay more
than an hour and a half.

- So what?
- Well, I...

thought you'd be gone by 9:30,

so I promised Hank
Ives I'd be free then.

You promised Hank Ives?

Now, look here, Pearl...

Please, Oren, don't
start any trouble.

Well, it won't be me
that starts the trouble,

but, uh, I'm staying, Pearl,
I'm staying all evening.

Please, Oren, I-I've
got to go; I promised.

You ain't goin' nowhere.

Now, set still.

Well, hello, Ray. How are you?

Well, all right, by
golly! How you been?

- Fine. What you doing in Dodge?
- Just passing through

on the way to Wichita.

Well, good. You, uh,
stay out of trouble, now.

Well, I'll be careful, boy.

- Good evening, Kitty.
- Mm. Evening, Matt.

Town seems pretty quiet tonight.

Yeah, everybody's
behaving themself.

Maybe you can
afford to have a beer.

All right. All
right, I'll do that.

Sam, a couple of beers.

I'll be right with you, Hank.

Wait at the bar, will you?

I been waiting. I been
waiting 15 minutes.

Please, Hank, do what I say.

Listen to the lady, Ives.

She said to wait.

- Over there.
- I don't want no trouble out of you, Oren,

but you're acting as
if you own this gal.

Well, maybe I do.

Wait a minute, you two.

Nobody owns me.

It's a sure thing no
married man does.

Are you married, Oren?

Well, it's nothing a
gentleman would mention

in a place like this.

Do you think I care
if you're married?

You don't mean anything to me.

You're just another customer,
another man to buy me drinks.

And you're no better than
anybody else, you understand?!

That's a mighty sorry
thing you've done, Ives.

You forced me into it,
hogging her the way you was.

Well, there's no excuse
for telling her that!

There isn't another man
in Dodge would've done it.

You're the one that's
doing wrong, not me.

You're no gentlemen, Ives.

You're just scum.

Draw! Go on, draw!

Now-now, this is
plumb foolish, Oren.

I ain't gonna draw on you.

Now, hold on a minute, Oren.

- You stay out of this, Marshal.
- Don't be a fool.

- Better go up to Doc's.
- Yep.

Easy, now.


I don't see her anywheres
around, Mr. Dillon.

Tie the horses, Chester.

- Hello, Marshal.
- Hello, Cornelia.

Uh, Oren isn't home right now.

Yes, I know. I... It's
you I came to see.

Oh? I'd, uh, I'd ask you in,

but the house is such a
mess. I've been cleaning.

I don't exactly know
how to tell you this, but...

It's something to
do with Oren, isn't it?

Yes, I'm afraid it is.

He's been killed, Cornelia.


Got in an argument
with a man last night

in the Long Branch.

I was there, and I...
I tried to stop it, but...

But you didn't stop it.

No. I hate to tell you this,

but it was me
that had to kill him.


He'd been drinking, and...
well, he wouldn't listen to me.

He didn't give me any choice.


I don't believe that.

I just... well, I don't
know what to say.

Oren wasn't...

the best husband in the world.

He neglected me.

He spent too much
time in Dodge gambling.

But he was my husband.

I can't forget that.

It's gonna be awful
lonely without him.

I can't tell you how
sorry I am, Cornelia.

If there's anything I can do...

No, there's nothing you can do.

It's up to me now.

It's up to me to see that you
get paid for what you've done.


I was raised among people
who believe in an eye for an eye.

An eye for an eye, Marshal.

That's how I was raised,

and that's how I believe.


Well, I-I'm just askin' a...

a little bitty favor
of you, Harold.

It doesn't seem
like that's too much.

No, Chester. No, no, no!

Well, I just don't understand
you people at all here.

You're supposed
to be running a bank.

Chester, you have to
have money in the bank

before you can take any out.

Well, that's what I've been
a-trying to tell you, Harold.

I'm gonna put
some in next payday.

I'm putting it in.

Then you can take
some out, but not before!

Well, what is the...

Don't you understand
that there...

It don't make no sense to me.

I mean, if I've got money,
well, what do I want to put it

in the bank so's that I
can take it back out for?

If-if you'll just, uh...

I never heard of
anything so crazy.

Marshal, will you
please explain to Chester

that the bank can't hand money
out to anybody who wants it.

Well, I'm just asking
for a little loan.

Chester, I'm afraid you
have to have collateral

- to borrow money.
- Well, that's all right.

Just, where do I get it?

You take over, Marshal;
I'm going to lunch.

Oh, Harold, see that this
gets to the safe, will you?

Yes, sir.


Cornelia sold her
ranch, Marshal.

She's gonna live
in town with us.


I, uh, I can't run
the place alone

and I can't afford
to hire anybody,

so I gave it up.

I'm gonna have to
go back to St. Louis.

Well, I thought Mr. Botkin
said you're gonna live here.

Only as long as is
necessary, Marshal.

Good day.

Good day, Mr. Botkin.

Fine woman. Fine woman.

Mr. Dillon, uh, can
you explain that to me?

What's that?

Well, why is it that a bank
won't give you no money

until you give it to them first?

I mean... what good are they?

Come on, Chester.


Well, gentlemen, that's
enough for me tonight.

Good night.

- Mister.
- Yeah, what is it, kid?

- You're Pete Wellman, ain't you?
- That's right.

Well, I got a message for you.

- For me?
- Yes, sir.

Come on outside.

How'd you know my name, son?

I've seen you around.
I keep my ears open.

Yeah, I guess you do.

What's this message
you got for me?

Well, there's somebody
wants to see you,

- wants to talk to you.
- See me? What for?

- Well, I wouldn't know that.
- Well, I'm easy to find.

Why didn't he come here?

Well, it ain't a he, it's a she.

A what?

You're supposed to
wait over at the stable,

where them trees are,
and then I'll go fetch her.

Are you joshing me, son?

Oh, 'course not,
Mr. Wellman, honest!

Who is this woman?
What's her name?

Well, she didn't say.

Look, son, I don't
like to play games.

And I'll whale the daylights
out of you if you're lying to me.

Oh, I ain't lying,
honest. I swear, I ain't.


I'll be there.

Now, you get going.

Yes, sir.


Good evening, ma'am.

Oh. You're, uh...
you're Pete Wellman?

- That's who you sent for, ain't it?
- Yes.

Yes, I've-I've heard my
husband mention your name.

- Who's your husband?
- He was Oren Conrad.

- Oren Conrad.
- Yes, do you remember him?

I didn't know him too well.

It's, uh, too bad what happened.

Yes, well, that's why I
sent for you Mr. Wellman,

to make it a little less bad.

I don't follow you, ma'am.

I have money; I'll pay
whatever you want.

Pay for what?

Mr. Wellman, my...
my husband told me

how you earn your living,
so let's get down to business.


You mean you want me
to take care of the marshal.

Just name your price.

Well, I'll tell you,
Mrs. Conrad, uh...

I'm a pretty fair hand
with a gun, that's true,

but, uh, I've seen
the marshal, and...

and I wouldn't take
the job at any price.

Mr. Wellman, I'll give
you a thousand dollars.

$2,000 wouldn't do me
any good on Boot Hill.

You're afraid of him.

Let's just say, Mrs. Conrad,

that, uh, I can think of
easier ways of making money.

All right.

But you can still
help me, if you will.

Surely there must be
someone in this town

who is willing to earn
a thousand dollars?

Mm... there is a man.

He might be interested.

Who? Where is he?

I have to find him for you.

Well, uh, could you have
him meet me tomorrow

at the Dodge House,
mid-afternoon in the lobby?

It's usually deserted then.

- I'll tell him.
- What's his name?

I'll let him tell you that,
if he decides to come.

All right.

And, uh... thank
you, Mr. Wellman.

You're welcome, Mrs. Conrad.


Nice day.

I'm Mrs. Conrad.

Jim Blake, ma'am.

- Sit down, Mr. Blake.
- Thank you.

I was told about your husband.

I'm sorry it happened.


But I hear the marshal
acted in self-defense.

Mr. Blake, my
husband was killed.

I know, I was
only saying that...

Mr. Blake, was it
made clear to you

why I asked you to come here?

Yes, ma'am, it was.

Then why are you
defending the marshal?

I'm not.

He can defend himself;
I've seen him do it.

I want him killed.

I'll give you a
thousand dollars.

A thousand dollars, Mr. Blake.

Well, I'll tell you, ma'am...

I can use the money
as well as the next man,

but there are some
ways of earning it

that are just plumb foolish,
and this is one of them.

Then why did you offer
to come here to meet me?

I thought it polite
to tell you myself.


Is it... because he's a lawman?

I've killed my share of lawmen.

Then because he's Matt Dillon.

I told you, I seen
him in action.

Last year, right here in Dodge.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

It's all right.

I'll do it myself.


I'll do to him
what he did to me.

Good-bye, Mr. Blake.


- Oh, howdy, Doc.
- Chester.

What are you doing?

Well, making myself
a pair of pants.

- Well, those are chaps.
- Yeah, they-they was chaps.

That's what I'm
making the pants out of.

Them's gonna be the strongest
pair of pants you ever seen.

You ain't never
gonna wear them out.

No. I ain't ever
gonna wear 'em at all.

Well, that's 'cause you just
don't have no imagination.

- Matt.
- Hello, Doc.

- Mr. Dillon.
- Did you get the mail, Chester?

Yeah, I, uh, I put it
there in your desk drawer,

right over there.

- Cold coffee.
- Huh?

- Coffee's cold.
- Well, I had it hot once this morning.

You think I'm gonna
build another fire

just to please every
moocher that comes in,

you got another think comin'.

Hey, Matt, do you
know Chester can sew?

Oh, yes, yes. He
sews all the time, Doc.

- Mm.
- Well, let's see,

I got to take this over
at the Land Office.

Think I'll stop and
have a beer afterwards.

- You want to join me?
- Well, here, wait a minute.

- Chester, Chester...
- Huh?

- Show Matt your fancy work there.
- Oh. Yeah. See?

I just had to kind of
sew the legs together

and put a seat in 'em, and
I got myself a pair of pants.

That way, you... you just
don't, uh, have to bother

about taking your chaps
on and off all the time.

You just got 'em right with you.

Mm-hmm. Sure.

Well, I'll see you later.


I'm looking for Kitty Russell.

Through that door and
to your right, ma'am.

Thank you.


- You're Kitty Russell?
- Yes, I am.

What can I do for you?

I'm Cornelia Conrad.

I'm, uh, Oren Conrad's widow.


Won't you sit down, Mrs. Conrad?

No, thank you.

That was a terrible
thing about Oren.

I'm sorry.


Well... that's why I
came here to see you,

Miss Kitty.

I don't understand.

Oren gambled a lot
in Dodge, didn't he?

Well, I, uh...

I only saw him when he
was here in the Long Branch.

Yes, well, he was...

gambling more and
more often lately,

but that was no reason
for the marshal to kill him.

Look, Mrs. Conrad, um...

I saw that shooting.

The marshal had no choice.

He tried to stop Oren, but...
well, he drew his gun anyhow.

No matter how it happened,

you have to admit...

that it was the marshal
who shot my husband down,

it was the marshal that made
a widow woman out of me,

nobody else.

Good or bad, Oren
was my husband...

and good or bad,
you're the marshal's girl.

What do you mean?

An eye for an eye, Miss Kitty.

- Now, look...
- I'm gonna do to the marshal...

just what he did to me.

It isn't Oren's death that's
bothering you so much, is it?

It's you you're
really worried about,

not Oren's death.

You're a very selfish
woman, Mrs. Conrad.

Never you mind what I am.

You may believe in an
eye for an eye, but, uh...

you better get somebody
else to carry it out for you,

because... you're not
capable of doing it yourself.

Oh, yes, I am.


You're not gonna shoot me.

That's right, Cornelia.

You're not gonna do
a thing with that gun.

Suppose you just
put it down, huh?

Go on.

Come on, Kitty.

Sam, you got a couple of beers?

Coming right up, Marshal.


you know what she's
gonna do next, don't you?

What's that?

She'll probably hire
somebody to do the job.

Yeah, you may be right, Kitty.

I know one thing
that might stop her.

What's that?

Tell her what Oren was
really doing in Dodge.

- Can't do it.
- Why not?

'Cause she might turn
around and go after Pearl.


- Cornelia.
- Afternoon, ma'am.

Well, I sure don't
understand her at all.

- What's the matter?
- Well, she just sits there

every day, and just looks
around and don't ever say nothin'.

It's been almost two
weeks now, ain't it?

Yeah. Well, as long
as she's just sitting there

doing nothing, I
guess it's all right.


There's only one empty
seat left... right over there.

Oh, I don't want to
barge in on the lady.

Oh, she won't mind. Come on.

Excuse me, Mrs. Conrad,

but this is the only empty
seat left in the house.

Do you mind if this
gentleman sits here?

- Oh, no, n-not at all.
- There you go, mister.

The waiter'll be along
as soon as he can.

Thank you.

Uh, my name's Ben Hardin, ma'am.

I hope I ain't
botherin' you none.

Oh, no, not-not at all.

I just rode into town
from down Tascosa way.

I don't know many
folk hereabouts.

Oh, really?

I only been here once
before, about two years ago.

I didn't have much luck then.

Game of faro.

I claimed the dealer was crooked
and was about to back it up

when that marshal
stepped in, uh...

- What's his name?
- Marshal Dillon?

Yeah, that's right.
I remember now.

It seems he chased that
faro dealer out of town,

but in the excitement I
forgot to get my money back.

How about that!

And the marshal deprived
you of the pleasure of killing him.

Yeah, that's right,
ma'am, that sure is right.

It's funny you put it that way.

I mean, being a lady and all.

I've heard man-talk
before, Mr. Hardin.

Yeah. Sure you have.

I've, uh, I've only been
a widow a few weeks.

Oh, I didn't know that, ma'am.

I'm... sorry to hear it.

I used to live on
a ranch, but, uh...

but now I live at
the Dodge House.


Well, it ain't easy
to get used to,

but you will in time.

Yes, of course I will.

If, uh, you'll excuse me now.

I'm pleased to have
met you, ma'am.

Good day.

- Morning, Mrs. Conrad.
- Mr. Hardin.

You mind if I sit
down for a minute?

No, no, of course not.

Thank you, ma'am.

Well, it's my second
day in Dodge,

and my luck seems
to be holding real good.

Did you win some
money last night?

Uh-uh, no, I didn't even gamble.

I meant running into you again.


I hope I didn't say anything
wrong, Mrs. Conrad.

You didn't.

And my name is Cornelia.

I know.

I've found out all
about you and...

your husband and all that.

My husband...

Are you, um... are you
a professional gambler?

No, no. My luck
ain't good enough,

and I never did
learn how to cheat.

Are you a professional
anything, Mr. Hardin?

It's Ben. And I ain't
got no profession at all.

I'll bet you could do
anything you want.

Why do you say that?

Well, you look,
uh... handy, quick.

Are you a... are you
a good horseman?

As good as the next man.

And that gun... how
are you with a gun?

Better than most.
So far, anyway.

Well, there, you see?

Well, I declare.

You sure do know how to make
a man feel real proud, don't you?

I think a man
should feel proud...

when he's a real man.

- Morning, Mrs. Conrad.
- Mr. Blake.

I didn't know you
was in town, Hardin.

Well, I rode into
town yesterday,

went to bed early last night.

How are things in Tascosa?

Oh, kind of quiet since
you was there last.

Makes me almost
like a lawman, don't it?

- Almost.
- I've got to go. I'll see you around.

- Sure.
- Ma'am.

So you, uh, you went
to bed early last night...

Are you gonna
make up for it tonight?

Maybe. But... that's tonight.


Well, there's today.

This afternoon.

What about this afternoon?

I could rent a buggy
down by the stable.

We could drive
along by the river.

It's cool down there.

- Well, I...
- I'll take that for yes.

What time will I pick you up?

I said you were quick.

All right, about 2:00.

I'll be here.

Hello, Wellman.

- Oh, hi, Jim. How are you?
- Fine, thanks.

This is Dan Binny.
He owns the place.

How do you do?

- It's my pleasure, Mr. Blake.
- Thank you.

Say, look, I've got some
cleaning up to do around here.

- Why don't you take over for me?
- Well, thank you.

You and Mr. Wellman
have a game for yourselves.

And if you want a beer
or anything, just call me.

- Bye.
- Thanks, Dan.

I ain't played billiards
in quite a while.

Well, they say it's a...

good game for the eye, Jim.

Yeah, well, maybe they invented
it for men like you and me.

If they knew that, they'd
probably take it back.

Aye. Say, guess who
I seen this morning?

- Who?
- Ben Hardin.

Ben Hardin?

Why, I ain't seen him
in more than a year.

He was sitting in front
of the Dodge House

with Cornelia Conrad.

- Cornelia Conrad?
- Uh-huh.


But, uh, Ben ain't a hired gun.

At least he never was before.

I don't think he's changed.

He could do pretty well though.

He's pretty good with a gun.

I don't think he'd be
interested in that job.

Yeah, well, he could
be interested in her.

That's a lot of woman.

Yeah, I noticed that myself.

Ben's up to his old tricks.

He's probably leading
her on something fierce.

Right down the garden path.

That poor woman...
She ain't got a prayer.

Not with old Ben
Hardin, she ain't.

Oh, Ben, what a wonderful idea
of yours it was coming out here.

I hoped you'd like it.

Can we go for a walk?

Why, sure.


Aw, thank you.

Oh, we should've
brought some fish poles

and gone over down to the river.

Well, tomorrow
we'll do it, by golly.

I haven't been fishing
since I was a little girl.

I wish I'd been around then.

You mean I'm too old
to be of any use now?

Oh, I didn't... say
that at all, Cornelia.

I was just jo... You're a...

beautiful woman, Cornelia.

Do you really think so?

Sure do.

Whoa, whoa.



No, we mustn't.

You have a bad effect on me.

You make me forget.

Forget what?

Why I'm still here in Dodge;

what has to be
done before I'm free.

What are you talking about?

Oh, Ben... It's no
concern of yours.

Let's forget it.

No, I want to know. Tell me.

All right.

Ben... I never loved my husband,

but that doesn't matter now.

He was killed,

and it's my duty to make
sure that his killer is punished.

No matter how it happened.

But why?

That's how I was brought up.

I... I can't change that.

But until it's
done, I'm not free.

Not free for anything, Ben.

I was wondering how you
happened to know Jim Blake.

Well, I tried to hire him.

Oh, Ben.

Oh, let's not let this
kind of talk spoil our day.

Let's go back to the buggy.

Well, how about tomorrow?
Will you come out with me again?

We'll go fishing, if you like.

- You know what I'd like best?
- What?

Well, I haven't been on a
horse in such a long time.

Could we go for a ride?

I'm a very good
rider, you'll see.

All right. We'll go horseback.
Tomorrow morning.


There you go, gentlemen.

Oh, boy.

Pete. Jim.

- Thank you.
- This is on me.

Thank you, Pete.

- Well, here's to old times.
- Aye.

Well... good evening, Doctor.

Oh. How are you, Matt?

I'm fine.

Having your supper, I see, huh?

Oh, yes, yes, and
I had my breakfast

and dinner in here, too.

It wouldn't surprise me.

Well, what time did
you get up this morning?

Oh, 6:00 or 7:00, I guess.

Well, I got up at 4:00 a.m.

Went out to Jack McGee's.

One of his babies was
sick, and I was there till noon.

I came back into town,

had the usual run of
patients at the office,

got rid of the last one
about ten minutes ago,

and it's now 9:00.

What do you think
of that for a day?

That's too bad.

I guess you missed your
nap this afternoon, then, huh?

Yeah, well, I got
my eyes open yet,

and that's more
than I can say for you.

And what's that
supposed to mean?

Well, you haven't paid any
attention over there at the bar.

Yeah, yeah, I've had
my eye on those two

for the past couple of days.

I didn't mean them.

I mean that other one.

I say, that looks
like Ben Hardin.

I didn't know he's back in town.

Yeah, I saw him today
out in the country, too,

but he didn't see me.

That so?

He was kind of busy.

He was all locked up in
Cornelia Conrad's arms

and he looked kind
of serious about it.

Thought maybe you
might be interested.

Well, I am.

That's very interesting.

Care to have a beer?

Little later, Doc.

Hello, Ben.

Well, hello, Marshal.

Haven't seen you around
Dodge in a long time.

My luck wasn't too good last
time I was here, remember?

How's it running now?

It's changed, Marshal,
running the best ever.

And you, Ben, have you changed?

Well, what do you mean?

I saw you drinking in here
with Wellman and Blake.

I ain't no gunman, Marshal.

I know you're not, Ben,

but you could be talked
into it just once maybe.

Well, they don't need
me, not them two.

I wasn't thinking about them.

I got an idea they've
already turned the job down.

What are you talking
about, Marshal?

Cornelia Conrad.

That ain't none
of your business.

Isn't it?

Make it real clear, Marshal.

All right, Ben, I will.

I had to kill Cornelia
Conrad's husband a while back.

She's sworn to get
me for it, and my guess

is that Wellman and Blake
have already turned that job down.

Go on.

You're not a professional, Ben,

so she's not offering you money.

I could take offense
at that, Marshal.

No offense meant.

You and I have never
had any real trouble, Ben,

there's no reason for
us to have any now.

Think about it.

- Who is it?
- It's me... Ben.

Oh, Ben, I said that
I'd meet you downstairs.

I'm not dressed yet.

I've got to talk to
you, Cornelia, now.

All right, come in.

Ben, is something wrong?

You in some kind of
trouble, you being followed?

Is that it?

No, it ain't that.

Well, Ben, what...?

I've been up all night thinking.

Then I tried to get
to sleep and couldn't.

Ben, please tell me.

I-I'd like to know.

Well, it's about you.

Well, then, it can't
be so bad, can it?

I run into the
marshal last night.

- The marshal?
- He knows a lot.

I told him.

About Jim Blake
and Pete Wellman?

Oh, no, not about them.

Well, he's got
it all figured out,

and he's got something
else figured out, too.

Something else?

He says you're working on me,
conning me into doing the job.

Do you believe that?

I don't know, I don't know.

I love you, Ben.

I love you.

I'll do it.

I'll do it right now.

I'll make you free.

Then I'll come back for you.



Oh, no.

Oh, no.

Chester, where's Marshal Dillon?

I must see him at once.

Oh, seem like everybody wants
to see Mr. Dillon this morning.

Everybody... who?

Well, uh, Ben Hardin was
in here just a while ago.

Chester, where is the marshal?

Well, he went out to
Indian Wells, uh, said...

- That's about ten miles...
- Yes, I know, thank you, Chester.

North of here.




Hold it, Marshal.

Get down off that horse.

Well, I guess I was right
about you, Ben, huh?

Oh, you was wrong,
Marshal, you was way wrong.

What do you mean?

You're hiring out to do this?

She gonna pay you for it?

Wrong again.

I got a lot to thank
you for, Marshal,

for telling me
them things you did.

What do you mean?

Well, I saw Cornelia
this morning.

We love each other.

I see, so now you
got to kill me, huh?

I got no choice.

No, I guess a man like
you doesn't have any choice.

What do you mean by that?

Shooting a man this
way is just as cowardly

as shooting him
in the back, Ben.

That's a lie.

I ain't no coward.

You go on and shoot.

Let me tell you something.

I'll put a bullet
in you 'fore I die...

Just one maybe,
but it'll do the trick.

No, you're wrong.

There, now we're starting even.

Now, Ben, don't be a fool.

You take that gun
off and put it down,

you can go on out of
here, we'll forget about this.

Oh, not hardly.


Ben, I, I tried to get here.


I loved him.

I hardly knew him,
but I loved him.

Too bad you didn't
realize that a little sooner.

Just one more minute, and
Ben would have been alive.

God punished me when
I didn't get here in time.


I never loved my husband.

I never even trusted him.

It was self-pride...
Why I wanted you killed.

I don't have any anymore.

I don't have anything.


Behind the Scenes of Reprisal

Cornelia Conrad peruses the pages of “Le Charivari” while seated in the lobby of the Dodge House. “Le Charivari was a renowned illustrated magazine that circulated in Paris, France, from 1832 to 1937. Famous for its caricatures, political cartoons, and critical reviews, it emerged as a prominent publication. Following the government’s prohibition of political caricature in 1835, “Le Charivari” shifted its focus to satirizing everyday life, becoming a significant voice in social commentary.

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

Gunsmoke offers wholesome entertainment suitable for solo viewing or family gatherings. This iconic American Western television series aired all its episodes in the U.S. through CBS. Reprisal serves as the 23rd installment of Season 7, contributing to the rich narrative tapestry of the series.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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