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Scot Free Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #09, Episode #32

Rob Scot prides himself on his ability to handle women easily, whether it involves staying put or moving on. However, when a woman he desires, accompanied by her husband, stakes claim to an abandoned homestead and visits Rob’s workplace to inspect some livestock, he faces a formidable challenge. Gunsmoke Scot Free aired on May 9, 1964.

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Gunsmoke Scot Free Cast

Here is the cast of actors who appeared in the Gunsmoke episode titled Scot Free:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Ken Curtis as Festus
  • Patricia Owens as Nora
  • Jay Lanin as Rob
  • Jack Betts as Cowboy (as Hunt Powers)
  • Julie Sommars as Gert
  • Anne Barton as Millie (as Ann Barton)
  • Harry Bartell as Harper
  • Robert Bice as Jim
  • Rudy Bowman as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Albert Cavens as Al (uncredited)
  • Noble ‘Kid’ Chissell as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bert Madrid as Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
  • Russ McCubbin as Cowboy in Bushes (uncredited)
  • Fred McDougall as Waiter (uncredited)
  • Joe Phillips as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Fred Rapport as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Phil Schumacher as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Chick Sheridan as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Glenn Strange as Sam (uncredited)
  • Bill Walker as Barfly (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Gunsmoke Scot Free

Matt and Festus stumble upon a lifeless body sprawled across the prairie, indicating a probable robbery with no clues to the victim’s identity.

Venturing to a seemingly deserted farm nearby, Matt and Festus encounter Nora Brand (played by Patricia Owens), who reveals her husband’s demise and her reliance on a hired hand to maintain the farm. As they depart, Festus offers candid observations about Nora and her circumstances, unaware of a hidden man within the house engaged in a clandestine rendezvous with Nora.

Back in Dodge City, Millie Scot (portrayed by Ann Barton), Rob’s wife, arrives with her children and discloses Rob’s habitual disappearances. Concerned for Millie and her family’s welfare, Matt pledges to locate Rob.

Rob (played by Jay Lanin), self-styled as a charming ladies’ man, faces a challenge when pursuing Nora Brand, who, alongside her husband, assumes ownership of an abandoned homestead and visits Rob’s workplace to inspect livestock.

Matt visits the Long Branch to probe a saloon girl named Gert (portrayed by Julie Sommars), seeking information about Roy, her former paramour. Reluctant to divulge details in front of her new suitor, Gert later confides in Matt, revealing Roy’s involvement with another woman.

With Harper Pruitt’s (played by Harry Bartell) revelation about Roy’s criminal history, including theft and horse rustling, Matt connects the dots to Nora Brand’s farm, only to find Roy already gone. Roy eventually resurfaces at the Long Branch, unaware of the danger lurking in the form of Gert’s jealous admirer.

Full Script and Dialogue


Looks like he might
have been there

for quite a spell, Matthew.

Festus, you don't travel far

after you've been
shot in the back.

You know who he is?

Never saw him before.

If they took his gun off of him,

I reckon they'd have
took everything else, too.

Yeah, that's just what they did.

You know, if I was fixing

to shoot a man and
leave him, I'd pick this spot.

Ain't a living being around.

And the Whittaker place is
over here a couple of miles,

but there hasn't been
anybody there for months.

Well, do you want to bury him?



Thought you said the
Whittakers cleared out.

Well, they did,

but I haven't been out
this way in quite a while.

I guess somebody
else has moved in.

Good morning.

Good morning.

I, uh... My name's Matt Dillon.

I'm the United States Marshal
over in Dodge City, ma'am.

This is Festus Haggen here.

Well, I'm not much
used to callers, Marshal.

Is your husband home, ma'am?

No, not for three years.

I'm a widow.

Nora Brand, Marshal.

Well, how do you do?

You must not have
been here long then.

Mm, about two months.

John Brand and I had a
dream about coming West,

but the dream
didn't die with him.

Well, you don't work this
ranch all by yourself, do you?

It takes me and a
hired man, Marshal.

I see. Well, you must
have bought the place

from Ed Whittaker then.

Is that what you've
come to see me about?

Well, no. As a matter of fact,

I thought maybe
you could help us.

We found a body about
two miles east of here.

Man had been murdered.

I don't even know my
neighbors, Marshal.

I just thought maybe

you might have seen
something, heard something?

No, you're the first
I've seen in weeks.

Living or dead.

I like it that way.

It must get lonely out here.

I know Mary Whittaker used to
come to Dodge once in a while.

Well, I guess we'll
just have to say

that I'm not Mary Whittaker.

- Thank you, ma'am.
- Well, I guess I should

offer you some coffee
or something, Marshal.

Well, it's a long
ride into to Dodge.

We better get
started. Thank you.


Did you, uh, look smart at
that Appaloosy in the corral?

Yeah. Good-looking
saddle horse, isn't it?

Reckon he belongs
to her hired man?

Could belong to her.

Oh, sure, and she could
be the kind of a woman

that, uh, don't want
nobody around, like she said.

Now, that doesn't seem
hardly likely, does it?

No, it don't, but, she
is a looker, ain't she?

Yeah, she sure is.

I'll tell you, Matthew.

Women that's lookers
is got to be looked at.

That means there's
somebody around.

Of course, uh, you ain't
up on your women like I am.

Kiss the hired man, Nora.

Golly Bill, they're an
ornery-looking mess, ain't they?

Oh, I don't know.
I kind of thought

this one here looked
like you, Festus.

Well, I am ornery-looking.
I'll admit that.

And mean as a
polecat if it suits me.

But I got style with it.

What's it say he's did there?


- Just one?
- Yeah.

There ain't no
Haggen in him then.

We get around to
killing, we don't skimp.

Well, I guess our stranger
wasn't a wanted man, Festus.

Except by whoever
it was that killed him.


Well, I've did all the thinking

I'm fixing to do today, Matthew.

If I start to think tomorrow,
though, I'll leave you know.

All right, Festus.

Now, mind you,
stay in the wagon.

I'm not gonna be long.

Hello, Millie.

You haven't seen him,
have you, Marshal?

You mean Rob?

I mean Rob.

Well, no, I'm afraid I haven't.

It's at least been
quite a while.

A month.

Well, I'd say it's
been a month anyway.

He's been gone about
a month this time.

I see.

Well, won't you come
and sit down, Millie?

It goes against me,
coming to you with this.

Well, you know I'll do
anything I can to help you.

Well, there's no need
in me lying, Marshal.

Rob's gone off before,
many's the time, but...

after a week or
so, he'd be back.

And you've always
forgiven him, haven't you?

Well, it's never a
question of forgive.

I've got six boys by him.

I'm... there, that's all.

When he goes and
when he comes back.

How'd it happen
this time, Millie?

No different way.

He just went off to
the fields one morning

and didn't come back.

He couldn't be hurt somewhere?

He just rode off, that's all.

I looked for him.

The boys, too, as
far as I'd let 'em.

Well, Rob doesn't seem to
have any enemies that I know of.

It isn't enemies
worries me, Marshal.

It's friends.

Rob makes friends real easy.

The boys miss him.

Sure, sure they do.

Reckon they miss some food, too.

Millie, won't you let me
help you with that, at least?

Thanks, Marshal. We can
scratch around for a while yet, I...

But if you could find Rob, if...

if you could make
him come home...

I'll try, Millie.

I'll certainly try.

Hello, Kitty.

Well, you look familiar.

So do you.

You remind me of a fella
that, uh, used to come in here

every once in a while
and pay his respects.

Kitty, I've been out
of town for a few days.

Yeah, I know.

Well, I'm back now.

I don't mind if you are.

I thought you came
in here to see me.

Oh, I did, but, uh, you know,

I wouldn't mind seeing
Rob Scott, either.

He used to be a
fixture in here, didn't he?

- Well, yeah.
- Who was the girl?

Oh, well, he made a play

for all of them at
one time or another.

- You know Rob.
- Yeah. I saw his wife today.

She wants me to
try and find him.

He's been gone over
a month this time.

He's got kids, hasn't he?

Six boys.

Did I ever tell you
what I think of men?

I still do.

Last one was Gert.


Hello, Gert.

Hello, Marshal.

Hey, uh, can I talk
to you for a minute?

Well, sure, only...

Just about a minute. And I stay.

How long since
you've seen Rob Scott?


My goodness.

Not in a long time, Marshal.

Who's he talking about?

Oh, just a man. He
didn't mean anything.

You know that. We just...

had a drink once in a while,
the same as Mabel or Rosie.

Even Kitty, Marshal.

Well, just the last
time you'd seen him.

That's all I cared about.

She's seen no one the two
weeks I known her. No one but me.

- Ain't that right, Gert?
- You know it is.

Even before that, Marshal.

I'd say that takes
care of your minute.

Any idea where
he might be, Gert?


I said your time's up.

Sit down, cowboy.

Thanks, Gert.

I ought to flatten him.

Don't make trouble, honey.

Don't you never give
me any cause to, either.

Ah, did you get the answers?

Who's that with Gert?

He staked her out a
couple of weeks ago.

He hardly leaves to eat.

She know anything about Rob?

Well, she didn't want to
talk in front of that cowboy.

Well, he hasn't been around,
Matt. I would have seen him.

Well, I guess I'm just
starting to look then.

I'll buy you a drink.

Well, no, thanks,
not now, Kitty.

Tell you what. I'll come by
after a while and buy you one.

Hey, did I ever tell
you what I think of men?

- Yeah.
- I still do.





Well, you went off early.


I guess you didn't go far.

It's not far. The
Marshal was right.

It's just a couple
of miles on east.

I thought you didn't want
to know where it was.

I changed my mind.

It's a very tidy grave.

Marshal's used to digging them.

You should have buried him, Rob.

You didn't say so that night.

Remember what
you said that night?

I remember what I want to.

You said, "Get him out of here."

You said, "Get him out of here

and hurry back."

Careful, you'll spill my coffee.

Come on, sit down.

It takes a long
time to dig a grave.

Nighttime's no help.

It would have been better
if you'd have buried him.

Then the marshal would
never have found him,

and he would never
have come here.

Marshal didn't
know what he found.

He didn't know your husband.

He found a man who had
been murdered. He knows that.

Would have been better if
he never found him at all.

Well, what do you
want me to say, Nora?

- Next time, we'll do better?
- Next time?

Yeah. Get yourself another
husband you don't want.

I'll bury him just
as deep as you say.

Now I'm funny?

Yes, you are. Very funny.

We were gonna forget
it. We both said so.

It's over and done
with now, Nora.

There's just us.

I see there is.

I don't want you
visiting that grave again.

Mm. I don't want to go there.

If this is gonna work,
it's gonna be my way.

This is your way, isn't it, Rob?

Hello, Jim.

Well, Matt, you gonna
ride along with us today?

No, no, not this time.

Say, you know Rob
Scott, don't you?

The one with the raft of kids?

Well, that's one way
to describe him, yeah.

Yeah, I know him.

Pretty nice-looking
fella, but not worth much.

That's a better way
to describe him, yeah.

Has he ridden with you lately?

Not with me, not
in a year anyway.

Of course, I don't
drive 'em all, Matt.

Well, nobody inside
sold him a ticket.

I just thought maybe, uh,

some soft-hearted stage
driver had given him a free ride.

Well, Rob Scott is not
on my list for passes, Matt.

What do you want him for?

Well, he hasn't been
home for a month or so.

Well, they sure worry you

about a little of
everything, don't they?

Well, I guess that's
part of my job, Jim.

Well, I'm not one to
boost the competitor,

but have you tried the railroad?

I've tried everything
but a cattle drive.

Well, Rob Scott wouldn't
hook onto a cattle drive.

Not unless they
had women drovers.

And if you hear of one of
those, you can let me know.


I'll see you later.

- Kitty.
- Hello, Matt.

- Doc.
- Matt.

- How are you?
- Well, I'm fine.

I'm sitting here with
a pain I can't cure.

- That's a terrible thing to call me.
- Oh.

How about a beer?

No, no, thanks, Kitty.

Kitty was telling me that
Millie came to you about Rob.

Yeah, and I'm afraid I'm not
doing her too much good, either.

- No trace at all of him then?
- Not so far.

Doc's been saying,
"Good riddance."

Well, yeah.

Except that she's
stuck with six kids

and a dirt farm that doesn't
grow enough food to feed 'em.

Well, I know as much
about that as anybody.

I was with Millie when every
one of the six kids was born.

She and Rob never
had enough food

to feed themselves
then, much less six kids.

Mm-hmm. Then he
could always come in here

and buy a lot of whiskey.

A few barrels.

Well, that's exactly
what I mean.

She'd be better off without him.

Well, sure, except
how they gonna live?

Well, there's a lot of awful
good neighbors out there.

And I think when the
word gets around that...

somehow they'll be enough food

in that cellar to
take care of them.

But I'll tell you what I
think's more important.

I think some of our
town's leading citizens

ought to start displaying
a little Christian charity

and start thinking about
who's gonna take care

of 'em over the long haul.

You get the
feeling that the, uh,

word is gonna be
spread around town?

You know, I bet Doc's
already put enough food

in the cellar to
last them a while.

You can bet on it, Kitty.

Matt, do you think
Rob'll come back?

Well, I don't
know what to think.

You know, I can understand
the man having enemies,

maybe even
getting himself killed,

but I can't understand
him just running off like that.

- Evening, Marshal.
- Hello, Gert.

You found Rob yet?

No, I'm afraid not.

Did you think he would?

How should I know? I just asked.

If you know anything,
you better tell Matt.

Hello, honey.

Well, I'm not around, you take
up with the wrong people, huh?

- But you're here now.
- That's right.

Come on, let's sit down.

You know, Kitty,
I get the feeling

maybe Millie isn't
so bad off, after all.

I think it's just about a draw.


Just put it there
in the front seat,

right up on the seat there.

I think that just
about does it, Al.

Thank you.

Doctoring give out, did it?


I said, "Your
doctoring give out?"

Well, my doctoring's been
giving out for quite a while.

I'm just getting
around to admitting it.

- You quit then, huh?
- Yup, quit.

Looks like you're fixing to start
up your own medicine show.

By golly, I sure
could, couldn't I?

What are you fixing to do?

If I told you, you wouldn't
tell anybody, would you?

Wouldn't even clear
my throat if you say not.

I'm going to the gold
fields of Colorado.

I knew it, I knew it.

And I was the onliest
one that knowed it.

Everybody else said
something different.

Said what?

Oh, some fool idea

that you was gonna scrape
together vittles and needs

and take 'em out to
Millie Scott's house.

Oh, for heaven sakes. I'm
glad you saw through that.

Now, hold on, Doc.

Uh, I want to tell
you something.

Now, I've saw men
with gold fever before.

So, uh, last night, while
that elixir was a-flowing,

I passed the hat, so as
to kind of grub-stake you.

I might not find
any gold, you know.

Well, I know that.

Law, you might get back before
supper time tomorrow night.

I don't know.

And I don't care.


I want to talk to you.

Gert, what are you doing here?

If he sees me here,
I think he'll kill me.

Well, my office is
just down the way.

I can say it all here.

You still haven't found Rob?

No. Do you know where he is?

I just know he's with a woman.

And he's not in Dodge.

Do you know what woman?

If-if I knew that, I...

I might go after him myself.

I love Rob, Marshal.

I won't ask you why.

Go ahead. I have.

But I can't tell you why.

I just know that it's so.

There are men like that.

They fill a woman
so full of need...

she has to call it something.

Most women call it love.

But you hadn't seen him?

Not in a long time.

Rob gets tired, Marshal.

He finds you. He
makes you need him.

He wants everything.

All your thoughts,
all your time.

He wants to own a woman,

and he usually can.

That's about the
time he moves on.

Just when you think you
can't breathe without him...

he's tired of you,
and... he's gone.

That's probably
when he goes home.

He didn't tell me where. He...

He just left.

But if he was in
Dodge, I'd know.

I'd feel it.

There's a woman now.

There's bound to be
a woman with Rob.

Find him, Marshal.

Well, if I find him, Gert,

I'm gonna take him
home to his wife.

But he won't stay.

And when he leaves again,
he might come back to me.

He might.

What about this cowboy?
He acts like he owns you.

He doesn't.

He'd just like to.

But you're afraid of him.

You're right.

Can't you get rid of him?

It isn't that simple, Marshal.

It's like...

someone's got to care.

Even if it's too much.

Gert, I'll take you home.

I'm... I'm safer alone.



Well, Harper.

You're a long way from home.

Well, it looks like I
got to talk to you, Matt.

Oh, that's funny. I was just
about to head out your way.

- To see me?
- No, I was gonna see Millie Scott.

Well, I just come
from her place.

Can we take care of our
business inside, Matt?

Sure, come on in.

Well, Millie's all
right, isn't she?

Well, she's there, Matt.

She's up and about,
but, to tell you the truth,

I-I've been trying to
piece it all together.

What I know and what
Millie doesn't know,

and a lot of things.

You mean about her husband Rob?

Well, it seems like

we've been sort of telling
each other about him in a way.

Matt, up until about a week ago,
Rob Scott was working for me.

- You mean, as a ranch hand?
- The last few months.

Now, Millie claims she
didn't know about that.

He's been at the
ranch, sunup to sunset.

Stayed in the bunkhouse,
many's the night.

Well, I'll tell you, he makes a
habit of staying away from home,

and it isn't always work
that keeps him away.

Well, I don't know about that.

And you saw Rob a week ago?

About that. He came up the house

and told me that
his wife was sick,

he had to go tend her, and could
he ride one of my horses home,

and I give him the right.

And I figured I'd pay him
up till the end of the week.

I thought that was fair enough.

When I took out my cashbox,
darned if he didn't clout me one

and take the whole of it.

You mean he knocked you out?

Cold as a norther.

How much money did he get?

Close to $500.

I generally keep that
much cash on hand.

'Course, that horse is
worth something, too.

And how is it you didn't tell
me about this a long time ago?

Well, I'm no soft touch,
Matt, you know that.

But I got to thinking

of Millie being sick
and those six young'uns,

I'd let him work it out.

I'm afraid you made
a bad bet there.

When I went there this morning,

it was to see how she
was making out, and...

and to tell Rob
what I just told you.

She know about this?

Just that Rob's
been working for me.

And I did ask was
she feeling better.

Well, I tell you, he didn't
go home with that money.

In fact, he hasn't been
home for over a month.

I've been out looking all
over the countryside for him.

Well, you look for him
for both of us now, Matt,

'cause I'm preferring charges.

Harper, that horse
that he stole from you...

What did he look like?

It was an Appaloosa...
Real fine saddle horse, Matt.

Does the name Nora
Brand mean anything to you?

Nora Brand?

No, doesn't mean a thing.

She's the one that bought
the old Whittaker ranch.

Oh, I guess they did say
their name was Brand.

- They?
- Well, she did all the talking.

Course, he was there with her.

They came up to my
place to look at some stock.

That was a couple
weeks back, Matt.

Well, this man with her...
Was that her husband?

Well, I just supposed.

He was older some than she was.

Around, uh, 50, maybe?

Yeah, I guess so, about my age.

What's all this about, Matt?

Might be about your horse.

I'll let you know, Harper.

Yeah, you do that.


I wasn't sure that
I could get away.

You come and go
mighty free, Nora.

That's because I am
mighty free. See to him.

You go to his grave again, Nora?

I wasn't anywhere near there.

You know, once, twice a day now,

I'm asleep or working in
the fields, and you ride off.

I like to ride. He
needs oats and water.

What's over there, Nora?

- Beyond the hill?
- Yeah.

There's a valley, and
there's hills beyond it.

And there's a stream.

It's almost dark
with trees around it.

I like it over there.

I like you here, Nora.

That's enough, Rob.

What's happened to
you all of a sudden?

All of a sudden?


Women don't pull
away from me, Nora.

And like I said, it's
got to be my way.

Or not at all.

Got to be.

You know how attractive to
women you are, don't you, Rob?

I ain't heard no complaints.

You got any, Nora?


Not if you go now.

Go where?

Back where you
came from. Anywhere.

Are you telling me
to clear out, Nora?

Well, it's your
idea really, Rob.

You see, it has to be
your way or not at all.

Well, it's not your way,
and it never has been.

Why, sure it was.

You wanted me.

I needed you, and I got just
what I wanted... a hired man.

I don't believe that.

Of course you don't.

You're making
some kind of a joke.

And I have been, right along.

I ought to kill you.

If you stay, I'll
probably kill you.

You got it wrong, Nora.

Women don't leave
me. I do the leaving.

I get tired, and I walk
out. Oh, I see through you.

You know it's just a matter of
time before I ride out of here,

and you're trying
to save yourself

by making like it's your idea.

How very wise you are.

Well, don't plan on
forgetting me, Nora.

Women never do.

Oh, I couldn't forget you.

And don't figure I'll be back.

And I never stop at
the same place twice.


Oh, why, Marshal.

May I come in, Mrs. Brand?

Well, does anyone keep
you out if you want in?

Not very often.

Looking around
for your hired hand.

Uh, couldn't find him anywhere.

Oh? You have business with him?

I think I have business
with both of you.

I saw Harper
Pruitt this morning.

Oh, then you know
about Rob Scott.

Oh, I'm so relieved.

Well, I know he stole a horse
and some money from Harper.

I didn't know that.

Well, then what do you
mean, you were relieved?

Well, the morning you came
here, Rob was in the house.

If I'd have said anything,
well, he'd have killed me.

Well, you didn't
seem frightened.

Well, I didn't dare.

All the time he's been here,

I've-I've been
his prisoner really.

Out here all alone...

There was... just
no help for me.

Why were you afraid of him?

Well, he killed my husband.

The man I found?

I'd like to know how that
happened, Mrs. Brand.

Well, John and I went
to Mr. Pruitt's ranch

to see about buying some stock.

Rob worked there.

He showed us the
cattle and the horses.

But John didn't want

to make up his mind right
away, so-so we came home.

And that night,
that very night...

Rob came here.

John was much older, Marshal.

He tried to fight Rob, but
he didn't stand a chance.

Rob killed him.

Shot him in the back?

And then he stayed on.

Where's Rob now?

He rode off a
couple of hours ago.

Well, why is it you
haven't gone for help then?

Oh, well, I... I didn't
know where he was.

He... he could be out there,

waiting... waiting
for me to escape.

Who'd you cook the dinner for?

Well, for Rob.

I-I was afraid he
might come back.

Mrs. Brand, I, uh... I think
maybe you better come with me.

You mean to Dodge City?

Till I find Rob. I don't think
you're gonna be safe here.

Oh, I'll be all right, Marshal.

I-I don't think
that's necessary.

We better get started.

It's gonna be dark
before we get there as it is

As you say, Marshal.



you came back.

For whiskey, Gert,
just for whiskey.

You got any idea how many
people are looking for you?

I had a hard ride,
Gert. I'm tired.

Look at me, Rob.

You can't look at
me and see nothing.

Don't I mean anything to you?

You ain't a bad kid, Gert.

I just come in for
whiskey. Honest.

- Rob...
- Leave me be, Gert.

He's the one,
isn't he, Gert, huh?

Don't hurt him. Please.

Now, hold on. Hold on.

You can take her.
I don't want her.

Well, I do.


- Festus, get Matt.
- Well, he ain't in town.

He rode out to get Rob Scott.

Rob's here.
Somebody just shot him!

What the...?

There's still some
life in him, Miss Kitty.

You better get him
up to Doc's right away.

Come on, lift now.

Come on, let's go
in the office, Gert.

I did it just for her.

Just for her.

Come on.

How is he?

Oh, he's dying.

Doc, I got to talk to him.

Can't do any harm.

Rob, it's Matt Dillon.
Can you hear me?

Look, Rob, I got to
ask you a question.

Who was it that
killed Nora's husband?

I never knew a woman like her.

She had such a hold on me.

We did everything her way.

Can you beat that?

Me kowtowing to a woman?

Rob, she says it was you
that killed her husband.

I would have...

I'd have done anything for her.

But she done it.

I just hold him off.

That's the truth.

That Nora.

I think...

maybe she had somebody else...

all along.


Who is it?

Matt Dillon.

Marshal. Well, what is it?

I have to talk with you.

Well, it's very late.

This is important.

Just a moment.

Come in, Marshal.

Well, what is it?
What's the matter?

There was a fight at
the Long Branch tonight.

Rob Scott got shot.


I just left the doctor's office.

Rob's dead.

I see.

Well, in that case, I
can go home tomorrow.

I don't think so.

Well, why not?

With Rob dead, I won't be
frightened out there anymore.

Rob says it was you
that killed your husband.

Said he just helped
you move the body.

He lied, Marshal.

Maybe he did.

Except a dying man
doesn't usually lie.

Not even the worst of them.

Seems like dying kind of
scares the truth out of them.

His word against mine.

And you'd take his?

We'll have to wait and see
whose word the judge takes.

You didn't believe
one word I said

when you came out yesterday.

Not one word.

I didn't believe you
were afraid of Rob, no.

You're too strong for that.
Too strong and too smart.

I doubt a man could
hold you against your will.

But you're willing to try?

In a jail, yeah.

You can't be serious.

You wouldn't put me in jail?

It's exactly what I'm
gonna do. Get your things.

You know, Rob
said something else.

He said he figured
there was another man.

All along.

Oh, he did?

I didn't think he
was that smart.

I really didn't.

I'll be outside.

You found him anyway.

There for a while, I wondered.

Millie, I'm sorry it had
to turn out this way.


there was times, Marshal...

along that first
year or so, it...

it wasn't so bad.

Well, that's what you
want to try and remember.

Memories aren't much to have.

Memories got... only
what life you give 'em.

I got better than that, Marshal.

You sure have,
Millie. Much better.

They grow a little bit
every day, my boys do.

They're good boys, Millie.

They have to be.

They've grown most
this far without a father. I...

guess that makes 'em a
little older than their years.

But they're loved.

And they know it.

Gonna plan to stay on?

The boys and me aren't
used to much choice in things.

We got no place to go.

So I guess we'll stay.

What folks like the doc
don't bring us, we'll...

we'll have to grow.

This is no sudden
thing, being without Rob.

I know that, Millie.

And... this way, knowing
for sure he isn't coming back,

a body can make plans.

Behind the Scenes of Scot Free

Patricia Owens, renowned for her portrayal of Nora Brand, gained prominence for her role in the 1958 horror/sci-fi classic film “The Fly,” where she depicted the wife of a scientist entangled in a disastrous laboratory experiment merging his cells with those of a fly.

Jay Lanin, who left a lasting impression as Rob Scot, returns to Gunsmoke after his notable appearance in the Season 8 episode ‘The Ditch.’

Harry Bartell, a frequent guest star on Gunsmoke and known for his appearance in the Season 9 premiere, “Kate Heller,” assumes the role of rancher Harper in this episode.

Julie Sommars makes her debut on Gunsmoke as the saloon girl Gert. She reprises her role in several subsequent episodes, including the memorable Season 12 installment “The Jailer” (episode #3, #412 in the series).

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

Grab your snack, relax, and be entertained by the Gunsmoke television series. It is an American Western era by CBS network that is too good not to watch in the comfort of your home. Scot Free is the 32nd episode of Season 9.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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