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How Old Was Amanda Blake When She Started on Gunsmoke? | Find Out Here

Amanda Blake, best known for her iconic portrayal as Miss Kitty Russell on Gunsmoke for over twenty-seven seasons on the TV Western series Gunsmoke has left an indelible mark in the entertainment world. Born Beverly Louise Neill on February 20th, 1929 in Buffalo New York, Blake’s birth name and passion for performing arts had already been imprinted within her from childhood days on. Raise by Jesse and Louise Neill she took up ballet as her primary form of expression from day one and continued this passion throughout life. Before her casting in Gunsmoke, Amanda Blake engaged in various acting endeavors and projects beginning during her high school days. We will delve deeper into Amanda Blake’s early life prior to Gunsmoke as well as how old she was when playing Miss Kitty Russell on screen.

Amanda Blake’s Journey from Stage to Screen: Becoming Miss Kitty Russell on Gunsmoke

Amanda Blake began as a theater and stage actress before transitioning into movies and TV, performing at Barter Theatre in Abingdon – Virginia’s oldest regional theater – before making the leap into a film in 1950 via Stars in My Crown; following this she went on to feature in various other movies and TV shows over time before landing the role of Miss Kitty Russell for Gunsmoke at 26. Amanda managed to impress its creators and secure this part which would go on to shape her career and secure its place as one of America’s iconic Western series; this iconic role would go on to define her career and establish its place among its other stars at 36!

Amanda Blake made history 1955-1974 as Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke for two decades from 1955 – 1974, playing an alluring, independent, and compassionate saloon owner who became indispensable in keeping it popular over that period. James Arness (Marshal Matt Dillon), Dennis Weaver as Chester Goode, and Milburn Stone as Doc Adams helped propel Gunsmoke as one of America’s longest-running scripted prime-time series with 635 episodes that saw Amanda become one of America’s longest scripted prime time scripted primetime series; during that period Amanda Blake become an American household name who helped advance her career prospects further than anticipated in later years.

Amanda Blake: Navigating Her Post-Gunsmoke Life Through New Pursuits and Her Legacy

After her departure from Gunsmoke in 1974, Amanda Blake embarked on various endeavors; from appearing in other TV shows and movies to championing causes she cared deeply about. Being an animal enthusiast herself, Amanda established Amanda Blake Wildlife Refuge in Herald California which became home to various species including lions to llamas. Furthermore, she participated in charity events like Match Game Hollywood Squares & Nighttime Price is Right where her acting talent, wit & humor could be showcased to audiences of all sorts.

Amanda Blake became one of Hollywood’s leading figures through philanthropy work and media appearances after Gunsmoke had ended, becoming an active participant in both areas. Unfortunately, on August 16, 1989, she succumbed to life at age 60 – her legacy is still alive through Miss Kitty Russell (her character of acting ability and undeniable charm are immortal). We can look back upon Amanda Blake’s life with immense appreciation; breaking boundaries as an actor as well as inspiring many women with her bold yet fearless Miss Kitty character which will forever live on in American TV history!

Amanda Blake: An Early Adopter of Women’s Television Activism

Amanda Blake made history when her portrayal of Miss Kitty Russell for Wild West TV show was groundbreaking in its day, in part through its brilliant nuanced portrayal. Miss Kitty Russell represented a strong, independent businesswoman who earned respect both among men and women alike in her Wild Western environment. With such an exceptional portrayal by Amanda Blake onscreen, Blake showed that women can indeed create compelling and complex roles on screen.

Amanda Blake would remain an influential force and champion for women’s rights even after Gunsmoke had ended. Both in her personal and public lives, Amanda advocated tirelessly on their behalf regarding reproductive rights and supporting E.R.A. Her public presence as well as the humanitarian initiatives she participated in made a notable mark both inside and outside the entertainment industry.

As we remember Amanda Blake and her work that celebrated Miss Kitty Russell’s strength and independence, it’s crucial that we acknowledge her impactful portrayal as Miss Kitty Russell on women in television. Her portrayal as an assertive yet strong female-led many future series to cast more female leads that challenged stereotypes associated with male-dominated genres – creating an encouraging ripple effect of change for future generations of feminists eager to push the envelope when it came to gender representation in media.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to How Old Was Amanda Blake When She Started On Gunsmoke

Who Is Amanda Blake And Where Did She Star In Gunsmoke (Television Series)

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Answer: Portrayed as Miss Kitty Russell on Gunsmoke for over twenty-seven seasons on the TV Western series Gunsmoke has left an indelible mark in the entertainment world.

How many Episodes Appeared?

Answer: Amanda Blake was approximately 28 years old when she started on Gunsmoke.

Are any awards presented for Amanda Blake’s role in Gunsmoke?

Answer: Amanda Blake received two Emmy Award nominations for her role as Miss Kitty Russell on Gunsmoke but did not win the award.

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What other roles did Amanda Blake hold outside Gunsmoke?

Answer: Outside of her role on Gunsmoke, Amanda Blake had various film and television appearances, including roles in movies like “Stars in My Crown” and “A Star Is Born,” as well as guest appearances on TV shows such as “Perry Mason” and “The Red Skelton Hour.”

When and why did Amanda leave Gunsmoke?

Answer: Amanda Blake left Gunsmoke in 1974 after 19 seasons due to a combination of personal reasons and a desire to explore other career opportunities.

When did Amanda begin working on Gunsmoke at age?

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Answer: Amanda Blake began working on Gunsmoke at the age of 30 in 1955.

Are There Any Contributions from Amanda Blake Besides Acting?

Answer: Yes, besides acting, Amanda Blake made contributions as an animal rights activist and was involved in various charitable endeavors, particularly in the field of animal welfare.

Did Amanda Blake Provide Any Other Significant Contributions Besides Acting?

Answer: While Amanda Blake was primarily known for her acting career, she also made significant contributions as an animal rights activist and philanthropist, particularly in the field of animal welfare.

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When and how did she die?

Answer: Amanda Blake passed away on August 16, 1989, due to complications from AIDS


Amanda Blake’s career on Gunsmoke stands as one of the greatest moments in television history. Her portrayal as Miss Kitty Russell left an indelible mark on fans and cemented her reputation within Western genre audiences alike. Yet her legacy remains somewhat marred due to an untimely death after such success on screen.

Though many may have speculated about her age when she joined the show, Amanda Blake’s talent and charisma were evident from day one. Her chemistry with co-star James Arness was undeniable as their portrayals of Miss Kitty and Marshal Matt Dillon provided the heartbeat of their show’s plotline. Though Amanda Blake may have begun as one of its supporting actors she quickly emerged as one of its mainstays and key figures on its narrative arc.

Amanda Blake’s work as Amanda on Gunsmoke remains a testament to both her talent and devotion, even after her tragically early demise. With more than 150 episodes under her belt and her contributions to the Western genre will never be forgotten by fans of Gunsmoke and television in general. Although fans might wonder at her age – while there may have been speculation regarding it- Amanda has had far greater lasting impacts in terms of Gunsmoke itself than any number could ever express.

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