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A Knight to Remember Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #06, Episode #13

In “A Knight to Remember,” Henry Jones guest stars as a flamboyant eccentric convinced he’s King Arthur. Decked out in full armor, “Arthur” swoops in to save Adam Cartwright from stagecoach bandits. However, when Adam is accused of being behind the robbery, his account of a “knight in shining armor” saving him falls on deaf ears. Soon, the majority of the characters believe Adam has lost touch with reality. The episode also features Robert Sorrells as Cyril, Charles Watts as Sheriff Munsey, Zeme North as Phoebe, and Rodolfo Acosta as Juan. Penned by Robert V. Barron, “A Knight to Remember” aired on December 20, 1964.

The entire episode can be viewed below. It offers further insight into the storyline and some interesting trivia.

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Watch the Full Episode of A Knight to Remember

Watch the Full Episode of A Knight to Remember:

Main Cast

Besides the main cast, “A Knight to Remember,” the thirteenth episode of Bonanza Season 6 highlights various recurring and guest-supporting actors. The following are featured in the episode:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Henry Jones as King Arthur / Uncle Leo
  • Charles Watts as Sheriff Munsey
  • Robert Sorrells as Deputy Sheriff Cyril
  • Ray Teal as Sheriff Roy Coffee
  • Zeme North as Phoebe
  • Rodolfo Acosta as Juan
  • Raymond Guth as Clyde – Stagecoach Driver
  • Rico Alaniz as Bandit (uncredited)
  • John Bose as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Betty Endicott as Woman Stage Passenger (uncredited)
  • Martha Manor as Townswoman in Blue Dress (uncredited)
  • William O’Connell as Broadside poster (uncredited)

Full Story Line for A Knight to Remember

On two separate occasions, while Adam is aboard stagecoaches, robberies occur. Each time, a knight in shining armor intervenes, driving the robbers off. However, this knightly savior is eccentric and believes himself to be King Arthur. As Adam finds himself accused of involvement in the robberies, his account of the knight’s intervention does little to aid his defense.

Full Script and Dialogue of A Knight to Remember

ROY: Good morning.

Hoss, what are you doing in
town so early this morning?

Oh, Roy, I had to come
and pick up some supplies

for a little family celebration,
we're having out at the place.

Matter of fact, I was gonna come
by your place and invite you out.

Well, fine, what's the
celebration all about?

Well, Adam's coming in on
the noon stage, Greenfield.

He just pulled a big
timber contract up there

with two of the biggest
contractors in the whole territory,

got a two-year contract.

Is that right? Say, it'll be great
thing for the town, wouldn't it?

And Adam, he's getting to
be quite the businessman.

Yeah, he sure is.

Pa's mighty proud of him too.

You know, Roy, I wish
I knew how he does it.

Dadburnit, seem like everything
old Adam turn his hand to

just turns out
smooth and perfect.

Never a hitch. Yes, sir.

Just seems like Adam ain't got
no problems ever, or troubles.

Now me, if I had been the
one that Pa sent up there,

ain't no telling him how much trouble
I would've got into before I got back.

I know what you mean, Hoss,

but, uh, I believe you've
got to look at it this way.

Adam may get a lot
more things done than you,

but he don't have nowhere as
near as interesting a life as you.

Yeah. I reckon you
could look at it like that.

Well, I've gotta get this
stuff out to Hop Sing now.

- See you there, Roy.
- So long, Hoss.

HOSS: So long. Hyah.


Jeff, Sheriff Munsey
said to be sure this gets off

on the Virginia City stage.

Cyril, the Virginia City coach passed
through here over 20 minutes ago.

- Next one ain't till tomorrow afternoon.
- Oh, shoot.

But these are special trial
papers that had to get off today.

Sheriff Munsey is
gonna wring my neck.

Well, Clyde will be stopping to
rest the horses at Chamber's Grow.

If you cut over Pennant Peak,
you might be able to catch him there.

I'd better catch him. If I don't I
might just as well keep on riding

right out of the territory.

CLYDE: Oh. Hyah!


What're you stopping
here for? Anything wrong?

We always stop here
to rest the horses.

Oh, you can get out and stretch
your leg and even your mind too.


A thousand pardons,
senor, for this inconvenience.

We shall work fast so as not to
delay you any longer than is necessary.


- Very thoughtful of you.
- Oh, it is nothing. Nothing at all.


MAN: Hold, ye bandits.
Here I run you through.


- Juan, what is it?
- I don't know.

Hear my words and mark me
well, you miscreant blaggards.

There will be no banditry
tolerated on these public highways.


Oh, boy. Juan, you see him too?


Prepare ye to defend yourselves.


Get the horses. Quick.

Full tilt!






ARTHUR: So justice and...

Ah, heh.

So, justice and
virtue triumph again.



- Thank you for helping out.
- Nay, never thank me, lad.

Such is the way of the knight.

Defend the helpless,
bring justice to evil-doers,

right all wrongs, such as the vows I
made when I took my knightly oath.

Heh, I see, uh, pardon my curiosity,
but what is all of this about, huh?

Who are you, really?


Forsooth, you must be
a stranger to this land.

Everyone in the length
and breadth of all Camelot

knows the name
of good King Arthur.

King Arthur of the,
uh, Round Table?

Verily, the same, heh. I
see you have heard of me.

Oh, yes. Everybody has heard
of you, heh, thee, noble sire.

Well, now about what
happened today I just assume

you didn't mention it
to anyone, you see.

The court gossips, they
delight in the ridicule of their king

being unhorsed by
common highwaymen.

Never fear, sire.
My lips are sealed.


Verily, it took all 20
of them to do it, ugh,

and they had to sneak
up behind me at that

and nonetheless I should
not have been so careless

as to allow them to outflank me.


Happens to the best of knights,
sire, heat of battle and all.

Yes, precisely, heh.

Well, you'll be safe enough
now, lad. I must not tarry,

I must be off in
pursuit of the brigands.

Uh, sire.

Don't you think
you've done enough?

I mean, why don't we just
notify the nearest sheriff

and let him handle the
bandits from here on.

I mean, after all, there's only one
of you and five... Twenty of them.

Lad, you cut me to the quick.

Wouldst thou have
me give up the pursuit

merely because I am outnumbered?

Lance. Never fear, I
shall bring them to heel,

though their number be legion.

Come, noble
Gwendolyn. Fare ye well.


Hold it right there, mister.

I, uh, don't know what
you're thinking, but if it's

what I'm afraid it is, you're
wrong. I didn't do that.

Well, if you didn't shoot off
that lock, what did you shoot?

Well, now if you give
me a chance I'll explain.

You'll get your chance.


What happened, Clyde?

I don't know. I was checking harness
and somebody hit me from behind.

I didn't see a thing.

Whereabouts was this fellow?

Well, he is back here
stretching his legs.

He was behind you, huh?

- Well, yeah.
- Look, if you'll just...

Listen to me and I can
tell you the whole story.

You save your story
for Sheriff Munsey.

I'm taking you back
to Morris Flats with me.

And it's gonna take a heap of tall
talking to explain your way out of this.

But the fellow...


So he used your gun to
shoot the lock of the strongbox?

- Then what happened?
- Well, he, uh, opened the box.

But before he had a chance
to take any of the money,

uh, well, I mean, while
he was looking in the box,

somebody rode up and scared
him and the other bandits away.

There wasn't nobody there but
him and the driver when I got there.

Now, just a minute, Cyril.
You let him tell his story.

Uh, now, son, who was
it that scared them away?

Well, heh,

it was a man...

There was no man
there when I got there.

Well, they had already left
by the time you got there.

You mean Cyril was the
man that scared them off?


Yes, you see, they heard his horse
coming and panicked and ran away.


Better lock him up, Cyril.

No, wait. Wait a minute.

I am not a stagecoach robber.

Now, I am on my way to Virginia
City from a business deal in Greenfield.

Now look at that. Those
are timber contracts,

worth thousands of dollars.

Now there is a check for
$2000 in advance on the contract.

Now, you just wire Sheriff
Coffee in Virginia City

and he will vouch for
everything I tell you.

- You know Roy Coffee?
- I've known him since I was a kid.

- He'll tell you, I'm no outlaw.
- All right.

I'll get a wire off to
Sheriff Coffee right away.

We'll see what he has to say.

Meantime, you better just stay
right here in one of our cells,

just in case.

You won't be able to get
a stage for Virginia City

until tomorrow now,
anyway, and well, see...

I'll save you the
price of a hotel room.


Cyril. Cyril.


Very good.


- Hiya, Roy. ROY: Boys.

Just came to meet Adam on stage.

Hop Sing made a
great big chocolate cake.

- You're gonna be there.
- Ben, I wouldn't look for Adam,

- if I was you, on the noon stage.
- Now, what do you mean?

Well, he's been a little delayed.
In fact, I just got this telegram

from Sheriff Munsey
over in Morris Flats.

"Holding man who calls
himself Adam Cartwright,

claims to know you,
can you vouch for him?

Please forward description and
full particulars. Sheriff Munsey."

- What's all this about?
- Well, I don't know for sure.

But there's probably been
some trouble over there

and Adam being
a stranger in all,

Sheriff's just holding him till
he can check out his record.


You mean, old poor Adam's got
himself into some dumb trouble? Heh.

Well, Adam probably
ain't done nothing at all.

It's just standard
procedure in a case like this.

Soon as Sheriff Munsey gets
my reply, he will turn Adam loose.

He will be able to get that
stage out late tomorrow afternoon.

That will put him in here
sometime late tomorrow evening.

Yeah. That cake sure is gonna
get stale before then. Ain't it?

Is that all you can think
about at a time like this, cake?

I was thinking about that
chicken pot pie too, Pa.


Oh, no.

Well, I hope you had a good
night sleep, Mr. Cartwright.

I received this telegram
from Sheriff Coffee last night.

He thinks mighty highly of
you and your entire family.

- Well, now will you believe me?
- Well, I don't know, son.

That was a mighty
far-fetched alibi you gave me.

And I'm convinced you know
a lot more than you've told me.

On the other hand, there
were no other eyewitnesses

and Sheriff Coffee vouched
here so strongly for you but...

- Well, I just do, wish you'd do it.
- Believe me, Sheriff.

Anything more I might
tell you about the holdup

would only serve
to confuse the issue.

It was a gang of five bandits
and that's all I can tell you.

MUNSEY: Yes. But can't you give...
- Sheriff.

I just know you will
catch those outlaws.





Ah, senor. How nice
to see you again?

Uh, just charming.


ARTHUR: Charge!

- It's the demon again. Aah!
- No, no, do not run away.

Do not run away.




Turn, turn, you fool.






Well, Gwendolyn,
all the world's a stage

and one man in his
time plays many parts.

By Jove, what a joust.

How many of the
villains did I slay, lad,

did you count them
yet? Ten, twenty?


Now, would you
just stand right there

and listen to me very carefully.

We're all through
playing Camelot.

I humored you last time,
and I ended up in jail.

The sheriff thought that I was
trying to rob the stagecoach.

Ah, but you assured him
you didn't, and he let you go,

knowing your word was
your sacred bond, heh.

So verily, truth and justice
always triumph in the end, lad.

And well, now look, here is
what we're gonna do. See.

We're gonna go back up
there and pick up the strongbox.

- Right.
- We're gonna see

about a driver. All three of us
will ride back into Morris Flats.

- Tell the sheriff what happened here.
- Absolutely unbent.


Would you put that thing down?

You haven't listened to me at all.
You haven't heard a word I said.

- Zounds, what a temper.
- Yes, I have a temper.

No, not you, lad. I am
referring to the lance.

Not a scratch
on it. Look at that.

- The temper of Toledo steel...
- Would you please stop babbling,

- and listen to me?
- I heard what you said.

You want me to go
with you to the sheriff.

But I can't.

If I let them capture me,
that would be the end of it.

It would be all over,
they'll make me go back.


I must be off in
pursuit of yon bandits.

My knightly honor is at stake.

Wouldst thou stand between
me and my sworn duties?

- Stand aside, knave.
- Look.

I know you mean
well, old fellow.

- But you're dangerous.
- Dangerous?

- To yourself and others.
- Of course I'm dangerous.

I'm a veritable holy terror
when I ride against evildoers. Ha.


My daring exploits
are known worldwide.

Well, we can tell your
exploits to the sheriff.

- Now, come on.
- No. I see it all now.

You're in league
with those bandits,

you're trying to prevent me from
wreaking my vengeance upon them.

Truly a bad spell must
have been cast upon me.

Sire, please.

No more talk. Stand back.

Arthur. Don't go after
those bandits alone.

Now that tin suit
will not stop bullets.

Never fear, lad.

Justice shall be my armor
and innocence my shield.

Come, Gwendolyn.

Arthur, come back here!

ARTHUR: Charge!


You sure got a
lot of guts, mister.

You ain't too long on brains,

if you think you're gonna get
away with this a second time.

Now, let's not go through this
again. I was just lugging your box.

Save it. Let's see how far your story
gets with Sheriff Munsey this time.

If I was trying to
steal the strongbox,

why would I lug it
back to the driver.

My guess is, that after
he wrecked the coach,

he seen that he
couldn't get away,

so he brought the box
back and he cooked up

this wild story just
to cover himself.

Now, that makes a
lot of sense, doesn't it?

Makes just about as much
sense as anything you've said, son.

Twice in a row,

a band of outlaws ride
down on the stagecoach,

knock out the driver,
take down the strongbox,

shoot the lock off the box and then
they ride away without taking anything.

And you say it's because something
or somebody scared them off,

but you won't tell
me who or what.


If I told you,

you wouldn't believe me.

Heh, now, you ain't
got nothing to lose, boy,

because I ain't believing
a thing you've said so far.

Uh, now, son, why don't
you just tell me the truth?

I'm your friend. I'm
trying to help you.

But if you insist on
holding out on me,

if you refuse to tell
me the whole story,

well, you can see for yourself
how guilty it makes you look?

Now, boy, why don't you just
tell me what really happened.

Come on, son, you can trust me.

All right.

All right.

You wanna know what
really happened, huh?

The whole story?



Now, I have heard some
wild stories in my time,

that fellow takes
all the prizes.

And he seems so sincere too,

perfectly serious
about the whole thing,

just as though he believed
everything he was telling us.

ARTHUR: Psst, psst.

Fear nothing, lad.

Thou unjust incarceration has not
escaped the notice of King Arthur.

- Oh, am I glad to see you?
- Ha-ha-ha.

I'll have thee free in a nonce.

Stay right there and you're gonna
explain this whole thing to the sheriff.

Sheriff. Sheriff,
come in here, quick.

The sheriff mustn't see me.

Sheriff. Sheriff, come here. Sherriff,
there's somebody to see you, heh.

Arthur, Arthur. Arthur,
come back here.

Arthur, where are you?

- What is it? What's wrong?
- He was here, outside the window.

- Who was here?
- Arthur, King Arthur,

he was outside here.

Well, don't just stand
there! Go get him!

He can't move very fast
in all that steel armor,

- go out there and catch him.
- Now, now, just calm down.

Cyril, you run out there and
see if you can find King Arthur.

- Everything's gonna be all right.
- King Arthur?

- What's he look like?
- Ha-ha-ha. Well, you can't miss him.

He's the only knight in
armor you'll find out there.

- I guarantee it. Go get him, hurry!
- Go on, Cyril.

Now, don't you worry, you just
relax. We'll take care of everything.

Oh, why don't you lie down
for a spell, and I'll be right back.

ADAM: Yeah!

Arthur, you...

Cyril, you come back
here and put that rifle away.

But you told me to go
out there and look for...

I know what I told you.

I was just trying to humor him.
I'm trying to settle him down.

We got a real problem with that boy,
Cyril, why he's as crazy as a jaybird.

- Ain't no doubt about that.
- I don't understand it.

Sheriff Coffee spoke
so highly of him,

most of the time he talks and
acts like he's got good sense.

But he's got a real thing about
that King Arthur story of his.

You know, he reminds
me of my Uncle Cleve.

One day, he talked and
acted just like you and me.

Next day, we caught him
out on the lake in a rowboat,

going after ducks
with a bullwhip.

- Hmm. Did he ever get over it?
- Yeah, for several days

he went along just fine.

Then one afternoon, he started
making noise like a billy goat.

Before we could catch
him, he started running

and butted his head
clean through the barn wall.

- Oh, my...
- And he never was same after that.



Sheriff. Sheriff, he's back!


He's back at the
window. Sheriff!

Sheriff, you'd better do something.
He's gonna be butting his brains out.

He's gonna do it
right here in your jail.

ADAM: Sheriff. Sheriff!

Now, settle down,
boy, just settle down.

You're gonna be all right.

Where's that fool deputy of
yours? Arthur is still out there.

He just popped up
at the window again.

I know he did.
But he's gone now,

and we ain't gonna let
him bother you no more.

Cyril, why aren't you out
there and trying to catch him?

What's wrong with you two?

See what I mean, sheriff?

Why don't you just lie down
and try to get some rest.

What kind of a lunatic
asylum is this anyway?

It will have to do until
we get you to a real one.


Cyril, you run down to
the stagecoach office.

You send a wire off to
Sheriff Coffee in Virginia City.

You tell him what's
happened here.

You tell us you send that boy's
next-to-kin here to claim him.

Sheriff, come quick, there's a
brawl broke out in the saloon,

and it looks like there
might be some shooting.

Oh, it's just nights
like this make me wish

I could turn in my star.

Be of stout heart, lad.

Thy liberation is at hand.

What are you doing?

I've come to help you.

Don't. I don't want
any of your help.

Just let them hang me or
whatever it is they wanna do with me.

Nonsense, you'll be
free in the wink of an eye.

Now, Gwendolyn, heave.
With all your might, go!




A slight miscalculation, lad,
but I'll think of something else.


Stop that. Get out of here.
I'm in enough trouble already.

Come on, lad, you're free.

Sire, I do not wish to
escape. I like it here.

I love it here, Arthur.

But I have a plan, lad,
that'll fix up everything.

It may mean the end of King
Arthur but we'll go out in blaze a glory.

Come on, lad.

Camelot awaits.

- Can't do this to me. I'm a taxpayer.
- Shh.

Now you get quiet, Sam.

- We got a mighty sick man in there.
- Shh.


Where's this sick man
you were talking about?

Well, sir, you're
looking at him.



- Where's Adam?
- Uh, Adam didn't get in yet, Pa.

What do you mean?

Look, Roy said that when Sheriff
Munsey got that wire of identification,

he'd be taking the
afternoon stage out.

Yeah, he didn't, Pa. Me
and Joe met the stage,

he wasn't on it. As
a matter of fact...

I gotta figure something out.

I gotta get Roy to send another wire.
Straighten things out once and for all.

We've already talked to Roy, Pa,

he just got another
telegram from Sheriff Munsey.

What's wrong now?

It seems the sheriff wants
us to come to fetch Adam.

- Yeah.
- Fetch him?

What kind of nonsense is that?

Pa, it seems like Adam has
been acting sort of peculiar-like.

"Peculiar." Now what
do you mean "peculiar"?

It, uh, seems
he's seeing things.

He's seeing things. And what
kind of things has he been seeing?

What kind of things
has he been seeing?

Hoss, tell him what kind
of things he's been seeing.

Well, uh, like, knights
in armor and such.

Knights in armor, and
Sheriff Munsey wired this.

Well, I'm gonna tell you
something, we're gonna fetch Adam.

And that Sheriff Munsey is gonna be
seeing things by the time I get there.


I can understand that
you might be seeing things.

I can understand
you seeing things.

But I cannot believe that
Adam sees things, not him.

- All right, let's go.
- Why me?

BEN: Come on, let's go.

And locked up inside
that jail and he escaped?

Just like he floated
through the cell bars

and the cell door
wasn't even unlocked.

Oh, come on, that's impossible.

Well, we told you, he's crazy.

Ain't anybody tried
to track him down?

Uh, there was no point in
trying to find his trail last night.

I was just about to send
Cyril out to round up some men

for a search party when
you came busting over.

You've got yourself your search
party now, so let's get going.

MUNSEY: We'll head
out for Pennant Peak.

We can see all through
the territory from there.

Oh, Cyril, you take
care of the office.

Hey, Cyril, get on your feet.

Arthur, if this is a wild goose
chase, you're taking me on,

I'm gonna get me a screw driver
and take you apart, piece by piece.

Upon my oath, lad,
I followed the villains

and discovered their
hideout last night.

It was only by dint
of sheer willpower

I restrained myself
from swooping down

and capturing
them single-handed,

but I knew how much you'd want
to share the glory of the event,

so I went back for you.

Why didn't you tell
me this back at the jail?

And have you tell that
miserably inept sheriff?

Oh, of course, it's his job to
capture a bandit, it's not ours.

A lad wouldst forego
the glory and the honor.

I wouldst and so would you.

As soon as you show
me where this hideout is,

we're gonna get back to town and
get the sheriff out here with a posse.

Then I most certainly
never tell you where it is.

Arthur, as a king
you should know that

courage should be
tempered with caution at times.

There's only two of us.

And how many of them have
you counted lately, 10, 20?

Oh, never mind how
many I've counted.

Look, if I could show you a way

that the two of us could
overcome a whole army.

- Would you help? Huh?
- Oh, now it's an army, huh?

That's worth a look at least.

Lad, you may win
your golden spurs yet.

- Onward.
- Right.

There, see them?



Juan, Juan, the
stagecoach is coming.

You're sure that tin
man is not around?

I searched all over,
he's nowhere to be seen.

I hope so for his sake.


- Come on, we'll stop them?
- No.

We're gonna get back to town
and we'll have a posse out here,

- waiting for them when they get back.
- Oh, you and that sheriff of yours...

Why do you want
him to have all the fun?

I'm through arguing
with you, now come on.


Arthur, I hate to use force, but
since we only have one horse.

Now look, lad,

how do you know that
the sheriff will believe you?

He hasn't in the past.

I'll take my chances.

Why don't we capture young guard

and then we'll take him
back with us as proof?

No, that won't work.

We don't know how long
the others are gonna be gone.

Now if they come back before
we can have a posse out here

waiting for him, they're
gonna see the guard missing,

they'll know something is wrong,

and they'll head for the hills.
No, Arthur, we just won't...

Arthur, come back here!

Arthur, you... Argh!

ARTHUR: Hail, young gatekeeper!
King Arthur has approached.


That castle is
under siege, knave.

Strike thy colors, lower
the drawbridge, and yield.


After him, Gwendolyn,
full tilt! Charge!




Arthur, look out!


Huh. Zounds, lad,

the varlet was sturdier
than I thought. Ha-ha-ha.

Well, you really did
it, this time, didn't you?

By Jove, I did, didn't I?

It was lovely piece of work
if I do say so myself, heh.

All right, your majesty.

- Now, you come.
- Oh. Thank you.

And thank you very much.

Now go and get your
rope and let's tie him up,

while I figure out what we're gonna
do about the others when they get here.

Don't worry about anything
at all, I'll think of something.

I hope not.

Not a sign down here.
Anything up there?

MUNSEY: Not a trace.
- It's turned into a lifetime job,

we're gonna search
all them little canyons.

Sheriff Munsey, your deputy told
me I'll probably find you out this way.

Ben, you mind if I join
you? I got a stake in this too.

Hey, Pa, Sheriff Munsey,
you better come quick.

Did you find Adam?

No, but there's a stage down
the road that's been robbed.

About a quarter of a mile.
I think the driver's hurt.


Oh, he's gonna be all right, I guess.
He's beginning to move around now.

Uh, we can catch them
bandits, if we get right after them.

And they could know
something about your boy.

WOMAN: Sheriff.
- Yeah, that's a good idea.

You make sure that he doesn't
move around, you hear me?

You folks stay right here, you'll
be all right. We'll be right back.


but sheriff, wait, sheriff, I
wanna ask you something.

It'll have to wait
for now, ma'am.

- But I only wanted to know if you...
- Sorry, Miss.



Three times.


I told you, amigos.
We'll be rich men.

We are rich!



All right, throw down your
guns and put up your hands,

or I'll pick you off one
by one like fish in a barrel.

By thunder, it worked,
lad! We got them!

Yep. All 20 of them!

ARTHUR: Halt, you bandits!

Do I see what I think I see?

Citizens of Camelot,

thy good King Arthur
and his noble squire

return from battle with the
bluggedly highwaymen subdued.

Yeah, verily, yeah,
forsooth, noble Arthur,

thou dost surely
speak a mouthful.

This is one time Adam is gonna
do some fancy explaining to me.


BEN: Hyah!

CLYDE: Hey, sheriff, looks like
you made yourself a real haul, ha, ha.

Hey, uh, what's that?

You tell me, and
we'll both know.

Methinks I have been away
at the crusades too long.

None of my loyal subjects
seem to remember me.

So, there you are, Uncle Leo.

Do you realize I've been
looking for you for ten days.

Wa-ha-ha. Phoebe, my pet,
well, how lovely to see you.

What brings you
all the way out here?

What brings me out here?

I've been worried sick
about you, Uncle Leo,

I should've known this would happen
the day you lugged that armor home

from the antique store.

Oh, well... Ha-ha.

How did you find me?

It wasn't difficult
to follow your trail.

When I came through
Dawcett City, the people there

still hadn't recovered
from your little visit.

Half of them thought
they'd seen a ghost,

and the other half
thought they'd gone crazy.

Well, it's all over now,
you're coming home with me,

before you get into
any more trouble.

So there we were,
just Adam and I,

against a veritable
legion of outlaws.

We knew the situation
was desperate,

and we knew that only
we could handle the job.

- Well, sir, let me tell you.
- Poor, darling.

He worked in a bank
all of his life and hated it.

He said his soul was dying for
want of some excitement in life.

He spent all of his time
reading adventure books.

Then after Aunt Emma died,

he decided to quit reading and
go find some adventure on his own.

He didn't wanna
live out his old age

without ever having known
any real thrills or excitement.


He's a romantic old
character, all right.

Does he do this
sort of thing often?

Well, up until now, his adventures
had all been make-believe.

He'd go off for a
day or two by himself.

He'd come back with all manner
of wild stories that he had imagined.

After this last outing of his,
though, I'm really worried about him.

- He keeps this sort of
thing up. LEO: Adam!

Oh, we did have
a time, didn't we?

And it isn't an experience that I
would care to repeat any time soon.

Well, frankly, lad,
neither would I, heh.

But you know, for the first time in
my life, I really lived all the thrills,

the danger, the
excitement of the chase,

and the intoxicating
drama of combat.

No, I wouldn't wanna
do it again mind you,

but the memories, lad, heh,

the memories I'll have
for the rest of my life.

You're gonna be content
with those memories

or stop worrying your poor little
niece here with all your disappearing?

I promise, my dear,
no more running away.

And King Arthur's
word is his sacred bond.

Thank you, Adam,
Mr. Cartwright, for all you've done.

Stage is ready to leave,
Uncle Leo, we have to go.

Very well, my dear.

Well, gentlemen, bye-bye.

- Goodbye.
- Take care yourself.

Right, in you go.

Oh, I almost forgot,
one more thing.

Adam, come here.

For gallant and
meritorious service,

and for an understanding
and sympathetic heart,

King Arthur does bestow upon
thee the noble rank of knight.

I dub thee Sir Adam.

Goodbye, King Arthur,
hail and farewell.






Behind the Scenes of A Knight to Remember

The title alludes to the 1958 film “A Night To Remember.”

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza is an excellent choice for solo viewing or family entertainment, offering wholesome content. “A Knight to Remember” marks the 181st episode out of 430 in the series. Produced by NBC, Bonanza aired on the network from September 1959 to January 1973, spanning 14 seasons.

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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