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Gallagher’s Sons Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #04, Episode #11

Gallagher’s Sons introduces us to Will (Eileen Chesis) and Charlie (Larrain Gillespie), two young girls who have been raised as boys by their patriarchal father, Gallagher. Upon Gallagher’s demise, the sisters find themselves orphaned and left to navigate the world alone. Their unexpected encounter with Hoss Cartwright, a passerby, sets off a chain of events as he takes it upon himself to escort them to their sole surviving relative. Unbeknownst to Hoss, the girls are pursued by a relentless posse determined to reclaim a stolen fortune amassed by their father’s light-fingered exploits.

Joining the ensemble are Robert Strauss, portraying Blake and Craig Curtis as Tully. “Gallagher’s Sons,” penned by Dick Nelson, originally aired on December 9, 1962.

Explore the intricacies of the plot and delve into mesmerizing trivia, or indulge in the entire episode by watching below.

Watch the Full Episode of Gallagher’s Sons

Watch the Full Episode of Gallagher’s Sons:

Main Cast

The eleventh episode of Bonanza’s fourth season, “Gallagher’s Sons,” showcases several familiar faces from the show’s recurring and supporting cast. Here’s the full lineup of actors featured in this episode:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright (credit only)
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright (credit only)
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright (credit only)
  • Robert Strauss as Blake
  • Larrian Gillespie as Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Gallagher
  • Eileen Chesis as Wilhelmina ‘Will’ Gallagher
  • Craig Curtis as Tully
  • Chubby Johnson as Sam
  • Victor French as Conn
  • Ken Mayer as Stage Driver
  • William Henry as Lou (as Bill Henry)
  • Tom Greenway as Sheriff
  • Bill Clark as Relay Station Employee (uncredited)
  • Bob LaWandt as Baggage Man (uncredited)
  • Robert Robinson as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Gallagher’s Sons

Hoss extends a helping hand to Will and Charlie, two young girls who were raised as boys by their deceased father. Oblivious to the fact that they are being pursued by a posse eager to recover a bag of money entrusted to one of the girls by their thieving father as a gift, Hoss escorts them to their sole remaining relative, Aunt Chloe.

Full Script and Dialogue of Gallagher’s Sons

Reckon that's all we
can do for him, kids.

Like for me to say
some words over him?

Ain't anything to say.

Ought to be some flowers.

Might be able to find
some if we looked around.

Nah. There ain't any.

I got a red hair ribbon
he brought me once.

I think that'd be real nice.

Pretty red hair ribbon
would be... right nice.


I'll... go get it.

Know something?

I been here most all morning,

and I still ain't got you two
gals straight in my mind.

Now, which one are
you... Will or Charlie?


Will. Is that short for Willow,
or something like that?

No, just Will.

Kind of a peculiar name

for a couple of gals,
ain't it? Will and Charlie?

What you say your
name was? Hoss?

That's right. Hoss.

You mean like a critter?

Yeah, like a critter.


I don't think I'd take on

about names like
Will and Charlie

if I had a name like Hoss.

You want something?

Yeah, I'd sort of
like to talk to you

for a minute if I could.

What about?

About you and
your little sister.

I mean, your being
left here alone and all.

We'll make out.

You want me to thank
you for burying Pa?

All right, thank you.

And now you can ride on out,

'cause we don't
need you no more.

If I hadn't have chanced
to ride in here this morning

to get some water for my horse,

you'd have been
in a peck of trouble.

I said thanks, didn't I?

Look, Charlie, you
can't just stay here alone.

Ain't gonna stay here.

Where you gonna
go? You got kinfolks?

We got Aunt Chloe.


Where does she live?

- She lives in...
- In Cantil.

All right.

You come along, and
I'll see to it you get to her.

You don't have to.

We don't want you to.

Can't you understand that?

We'll get there by ourselves.

Well, I'm sorry, but you do.

That's the way it's got to be.

I ain't about to let the
two of you young'uns

get out on the
desert all by yourself.

Now, you get your
paraphernalia all collected here

and get it ready, and I'm gonna
go out and saddle your horse.

Charlie, you can't take...

You mind your own
business, Will Gallagher!

And don't you dare say nothing

to him or to nobody else.

You understand?


Well, it wasn't buried with him.

Yeah, I don't think it's
around here no place.

Don't look that way, do it?

That double-crossing snake.

He was no good!

After all you done for him.

Look what he's done to us.

What do you mean, "done to us?"

He's been taken care of.

Just one less share.

Now, come on. We wasted
enough time around here.

Get Lou and Con
out of that shack.

- Con? Lou?
- Yeah.

- Blake says get out here.
- We're coming.

This place ain't
fit to raise pigs in.

There's nothing here.

Uh, Tully, come here.

I spent some time out
there checking on tracks.

I found out plenty, too.

Now, somebody rode in here
yesterday and buried Gallagher,

then rode out
again with his kids.

And that ain't all
he rode out with.

I'll bet on that.

Yesterday? Then
we still got a chance?


You knew Gallagher
better than the rest of us.

Did he have any
friends or relatives?

Friends? That snake?

He most likely hatched
from under a rock.

Maybe some drifter happened by.

No drifter's going
to take the chance

on slowing himself down
with two kids tagging along,

once he had his hands
on that bundle of ours. Now.

Now, come here. Let
me show you something.

This whole stretch
of desert here...

is just one big trap.

And Gallagher's
partner or friend,

or whoever he is, is
headed right into it.

Now, we're here
at Gallagher's place.

Our man is making
tracks in a beeline to Cantil

right here.

Only two ways out of Cantil.

One over the mountains
by a stage couch this way.

The other, out across
the desert this way.

Now, if they're going
out through the desert,

they have to go to a
place called Furnace Wells.

Right here.

It's the only place that
has water this time of year.

- Now, Lou?
- Huh?

I want you to ride
directly to Furnace Wells.

And if they head that way,

you'll be sitting
there, waiting on 'em.

Con, I want you to
ride across country

right here.

They have a relay station.

I want you to check out every
coach that goes through there.

Wh-What about me?

Well... you'll ride with me.

We'll trail 'em.

They got a day's ride on us,

but it's a two-day
ride to Cantil.

With any kind of luck,
we got a good chance.

They can't be making good time

trailing those kids
along with them.

Now, let's get going.

Now, come on. What is it really?

I mean, is it
something like Willow?

I think Willow'd be a
pretty name for a little gal.

Ah, who'd go naming
me after a tree?


What about, uh...
What about Williwaw?

You know what a williwaw is?

It's a great big wind.

Nah, that ain't a real name.

Well, I'll tell you what.

I'm just mean enough
to keep calling you that

if you don't tell me
what your real one is.

Well, it's... Wilhelmina,
but don't you use it on me!

It's a terrible name!

I don't think it's so bad.

It's terrible!

Charlie's ain't so bad.

Her whole name
is Charlotte, but...

What did you tell him that for?!

I ought to whack you good!

Now, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Here. Hold on a minute.

I tell you what. I'll
forget the whole thing.

As far as I'm concerned,
you're just plain Charlie,

and she's just plain Will.

You'll never hear me call you
by them other names again.

Your bed's all made up.

Time you was in it.

It ain't even
dark yet... hardly.

Now, you go on now.

Yeah, why do you always
have to be so bossy?

'Cause Pa said you
was to mind me. He...

Guessed I shouldn't
have said that about Pa.

Guess she'd almost
forgotten for a while.

Charlie... what
happened to your pa?

I mean, how did he get shot?

I don't know.

He just came
home like that. Hurt.

Never told us who done it.

He have any, uh...
Have any enemies?

Anybody that want
to see hurt him?

Wasn't anybody like that.

Pa was always helping folks out.

Everybody liked him.

I told you to get to bed!

I forgot Judge Telford.

Judge who?

Judge Telford. You
want to see him?

Good gracious, get that
thing out of here, honey!

Them things dangerous.

He gets cranky,
being shut up all day.

Strange pet, ain't
it, for a little gal?

Well, I had a puppy
once, but it ran off.

Charlie said mostly
likely coyotes ate it.

Anyways, Judge
Telford ain't gonna run off.

Even if he did, I bet
nobody'd eat him.

Yeah, it ain't too likely.

Go to bed.

Yeah. Good night, Hoss.

Good night, sweetie.

Must be a pretty lonely
life for a little young'un

to have turned to a
scorpion for a friend.

It's always lonesome on a ranch.

Didn't you say you
grew up on one?

Yeah, but I had
my pa and brothers.

You got brothers? How many?


Gee, bet it's great,
having brothers.

We was gonna have some,
only Ma died when Will was born.

Pa was gonna
raise a whole family

of boys like the
one he come from.

You know, he had five brothers!

Is that a fact?

Yeah. They was famous

in Boston where
they all grew up.

Pa used to say,
all you'd have to do

was go down to Scollay Square
and tell 'em you're a Gallagher,

and they'd just about
give you the whole town!

Charlie, your Aunt Chloe...

is she your pa's
sister or your ma's?

Pa's. His only sister.

Like I said, the Gallaghers
go in mostly for boys.

Ain't you asleep yet?

It's lonesome over here.

Ain't you ever comin' to bed?

Now, listen here...

you lie down and go to sleep!

- Charlie?
- What?

What's the matter?


He's real nice, Charlie.

All right, he's nice.

Now, go to sleep!

She all right?

Yeah. She ain't usually
such a blame nuisance.

Bet you'll be glad to
get shut of us tomorrow.

Guess we're both
kind of a nuisance.

I'll tell you, Charlie,

when I first run
on to you out there

and realized I was gonna have
to take you to your Aunt Chloe,

I must say, I was
feeling pretty put out.

Sure, I don't blame you.

But let me tell you something.

It ain't been that bad a chore.

As a matter of fact
I've kind of enjoyed it.

I'm glad we run into
each other. I really am.


Well, good night.

Good night, sweetie.


Well, that storekeeper ain't
never heard of your Aunt Chloe.

You sure this is
where she lives?

Well, I guess so.

How long has it been
since you visited her?

I don't know, a long time ago.

What happened to
Charlie? Where's she?

Well, I guess she's
looking for Aunt Chloe, too.

All right, just come
along peaceable now,

and won't nobody get hurt.

What are you
talking about, Sheriff?

Where? Come where?

You should've been smart and
stayed clear of my town, mister.

We don't cotton to
kidnappers around here.

Aw, Sheriff, I ain't...

All right, now, come on.

- Sheriff, this... I...
- Let's go.

What'd you do, Charlie?

That Sheriff!

Aw, shut up.

We'll send a letter.

They'll turn him loose.

He's an awful nice fella.

I wish he could come
to Boston with us.

Ain't nobody gonna get to
Boston unless we get on that stage!

Now, come on!





Hey, you're late.


Well, today is
Tuesday, ain't it?

- Yeah.
- Well, according to my timepiece

I'm just about an hour
shy of being a week early.

Say, ain't you
gir... Oh. I'm sorry.

I just wanted to tell you we'll
be here about ten minutes

while we change horses. Long way

to the top of that summit...

That's where we're
gonna stay the night.


We don't ride all night?

Oh, no, not over them mountains.

They're tricky even in daylight.

No, we're gonna sleep
up there at Walker's Pass.

There's a nice little
roadhouse up there.

Say, can I get you something?
Drink of water maybe?


Well, I better go
tend those horses.


What happened? You girls...


Hey! Hey! Come back here!

Who was he, Charlie?

What did he do that for?!

Shut up!

Don't say nothin'.

That man hurt you at all, kids?

Ought to get the
sheriff back in town.

No. No, you don't
have to do that.

I... we know him.

You know him?

He's my... our uncle.

Mister, could you
rent us a horse?

We got to go back to town.

- Go back?!
- Can you, mister?

We'll leave it at
the depot in town.

Honest, we will.

Uh, you in some
kind of trouble, miss?

We got to go back.

We was running away from home.

Didn't figure they'd

worry so much about us.

Oh, now, that's all right.
We'll take care of you.

Well, I guess she
knows what she's doing.

- Better get her a horse.
- All right.

Don't you kids worry about
a thing; we'll take care of you.

I thought we was
going to Boston.

Ain't you got any sense?

That fella's gone
back for the others,

the bunch that was after Pa.

But I thought he
headed back for town.

What are we going
back there for?

'Cause now they'll all
come after the stage

thinking we're on it, only
we'll be headed the other way.

Now, come on. We got to hurry!

Wait a minute. Let me
put Judge Telford in.

Now, you know,
it wasn't my fault

them Virginia City folk took
all day to answer that telegram.

Must've been a whale of a
story that little gal told on me.

That's all I can say.

Well, it wasn't just the story.

There have been a lot of funny
things going on around here.

- Like what?
- That, uh, big express robbery

up about 50 miles north of
here happened last week.

I got instructions to pick up
any suspicious-looking strangers

and hold 'em... Now,
that's all I was doing.


Sheriff, where's my horse?

Well, they're both of them
down at the livery stable.

But it's kind of late
to start travelling.

You're welcome to
stay here if you'd like.

No, thanks.

Doggone, I'd like to
know why they done it.

You know, I was
getting to thinking

those two little tykes was
kind of taking a liking to me.

See you, Sheriff.

- Hoss! Hoss!
- Hey! Get down off of me!

- What are you doing!
- Aren't you glad to see us?

Glad to see you! I don't
know why I should be!

I ought to take both of you out

and give you a good spanking,
that's what I ought to do.

How come you
had to tell that sheriff

all them lies on me? How come!

Well, what are you
gonna do with us now?

Tell you what I'm
gonna do, I'm gonna...

I'm gonna take you to your
Aunt Chloe and get rid of you.

We'll be shed of one
another once and for all.

Now, for the last
time, where's she at?

She's at... Joburg.


But Joburg's 30
miles across a desert!

All right, if that's
what it's gonna take,

then that's what it's gonna be.

I'm gonna take you to her.

- Uh...
- Yeah?

Well, as long as we
got to cross the desert,

it gets kind of hot out there
during the day, you know.


Well, why don't
we leave right now

while it's cool and all.

After all, you've
been resting all day.

Yep, that's all I
been doing, resting.

All right.

Tell it one time more, mister,

just in case you
left something out.

They got off the stage
at the relay station.

They borrowed a horse.

They said they run
away from home,

and they were going
back, and they did.

And, mister, that's all I know.

And there wasn't
anybody else with them,

you're sure of that?

Yes, sir, I-I'm sure.

All the way back to town.

We must've rode right
past 'em coming out here.

The man that was with them...

pretty shrewd.

Must've planned it that way.

Gave the kids
instructions to double back.

One chance at 'em,
all I'd like is one chance.

You'll get it.

There's only one place
they can get water.

One place.

Furnace Wells.


Can't we go any faster?

Look, Charlie, you
want to kill these horses?

What's your big hurry anyhow?

Well, it's so hot, I figured
we could rest the horses

when we get to Furnace Wells.

Look, your little sister's half
sick now from being so tired.

I got some blankets over
there, and we'll make a lean-to

to get in out of
the sun for a while.

You're gonna stop here?



Charlie, you, uh, you
looking for somebody?

What makes you say that?

Well, uh...

you wanting to get
out of town last night

in the middle of the night
and hurrying all day today.

I just thought...

I just don't like wasting time.

Pa always said, when you make
up your mind to do something,

you best get it done.

Why don't you
ease off a little bit?

I mean, it ain't like you got

to wear the pants
in the family now.

You, you got your Aunt Chloe.

I mean, you're
just a little gal.

It'd be different
if... If I was a boy?

Whole lots of things would
be different if I was a boy.

I could have helped
Pa make a ranch

out of that brush
patch back there.

Wouldn't have been
such a burden to him.

He wanted a family
of boys so bad,

it liked to kill him.

Yeah, I guess it did kill him

'cause if he hadn't been so
worried about Will and me,

about us growing up
and not having nothing,

he wouldn't have gone and...

Gone and what?


You trying to tell me
you-your pa got hisself killed

trying to provide
for you and Will?


How'd he get shot, Charlie?

I don't know.

I told you before, I don't know.

Now, leave me alone!

Somebody coming.

You see the haze on
the horizon over there?

Looks like they're still
about a half day away,

but they're coming
pretty hard and fast,

according to all the
smoke they're throwing up.

Reckon who they are?

I don't know.

I imagine we'd better be
getting on into Furnace Wells.

Yeah... please.


Judge Telford...
I almost forgot.

He's gone.

He got out.

It never come open before.

He's gone, Will. Now
let's get out of here.

But it's the middle
of the desert.

Sure, it's in the
middle of the desert.

Scorpions just love the desert.

He'll probably find
another scorpion

and raise a whole family.

Now, will you quit blubbering
over a dumb fool varmint

and get on the horse?

Will, I, I'm afraid
he's gone, honey.

Leastways he can get
inside, out of the sun

if he comes back.

Come on.

Hey, I'll tell you what.

How would you like to ride
with me for a while, okay?

Here, ride up on old Chub.

That's the way.



Lots of tracks.

They must have made camp here.

Let's rest the horses a while.

Mine's finished.

You're last.

Come on. Let's go.

What are you doing?

I said let's get going!

Hold still. Let me take a look.

Big old granddaddy
scorpion... What's left of him.


Folks die from scorpion
bites, don't they?

It's nothing but a sting.

A sting... m-my
hand's all afire.

I got to get me a doctor.

Come on. I'll take care of it.

No, no.

No, I-I'm going back.
Get me a real doctor.

All the way back to town?

Look, you stupid... I'm going.

Don't you try to stop me.

Let him go.

Go on, you stupid fool.

Go back to town.

Now, git!

But, Blake, you...

Hold it.

You won't need this
where you're going.

Now, git.

Go on, git.

Scorpion, huh?

That dirty...

Wait till I catch up with him.

Let's go.

Howdy, sure glad to see you.

You're just in time for supper.

Want me to help
you with the little one?

Yeah, if you want.

- Yeah.
- There you go.

Hey, we're a little
more interested in water

than we are food.

These old horses
ain't had much to drink.

We run out of water
about an hour ago.

Everybody does.

Well, well's right over there.

Water is a dollar a
bucket, so don't spill none.

A dollar a bucket?

Well, sure, that's the only
well in the whole durn desert.

Dug it all myself,
all hundred foot of it.

Man's got to get
something for his labor.

All right.

Charlie, take Will
on in the house.

Hey, you kids come on with me,

I got a real fine
supper cooking for you.

I'd just about gived up on you.

I thought you
took the other road.

You be real careful
with that thing.

You got the wrong man, mister.

Sure, sure, take it easy.

All I want from you is
no trouble and $34,000.

Thirty-f... you're crazy.

I said no trouble.

Now, where's it at?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Now, look here, mister...

He got a little too
close to the horses

and got hisself
tromped, I reckon.

He sure did.

You know him?

Yes, sir, he came in last night.

Said he was waiting for friends.

He wouldn't be a friend of
yours, would he, Charlie?


Look, Will, you go on with
the man and put the horses up.

Charlie and I got
some talking to do.

It's ours. Give it to me!

You ain't been ten
feet away from this

since we left your place.

I ought to known it was
no just ordinary laundry bag.


Just about $34,000,
like the man said.

It's ours, Hoss,
mine and Will's.

Is it?

That sheriff back in Cantil told
me about a big express robbery.

Happened right here close

just about the same time your
pa got a bullet put through him.

That is the money from
that robbery, ain't it?

I don't care.

Pa gave it to us.

He gave it to me
and told me to keep it,

to go to Boston with it.

You can't do that, Charlie.

Your pa, those other
men... they stole that money.

Well, like Pa used to say,
sometimes you got to steal.

Some folks... that's the only
way they can get anything.

They can work all their
lives and still have nothing.

That's why I'm keeping it.

Charlie, you can't.

Your pa was wrong.

You can't keep it
'cause it ain't yours.

It is!

We paid for it, didn't we?!

We lost our pa for it!

I ain't gonna let him
be dead for nothing.

He was too good of a
man to die for nothing.

Come on, Charlie, come on.

You get you something to eat.

Get you some rest, too.

We can't stay here, not with
those men coming after us.

Now, you look here, I
ain't forgot about them.

Don't you worry about 'em.

There's a good
husky bar on that door,

and if there's gonna
be any trouble,

this is the place to
have it... Right here.

Look, Charlie...

I'd like to be a
friend to you and Will,

give some help to you.

More than just somebody
you're using for a while.

Well, howdy, right
glad to see you.

Out kind of early, ain't you?

Did you see anything of a man

riding through
here with two kids?

Oh, yes, sir, th-they was here.

Right lively bunch
they was, too.

Tully, check the house.

You know, them two
youngsters snuck out

in the middle of the night.

Then this other one...

Well, he, he woke up
and smoked right after 'em.

He was real upset.

Well, then I got up and
I walked around, too.

And you know what?

Somebody had gone and
broke into my storehouse.

Do you know what they took?

Two 50-pound sacks of salt.

Now, that had me real stumped.

What did they want
with all that salt?

Well, I wondered about
it and wondered about it

right up until I made
my morning's coffee,

and then I found out.

You know what?

They dumped it
right into that well...

A whole 100 pounds of salt.

Ain't that a corker?

Only water in the whole desert.

Well, I got to move
into town now.

Yeah, it'd take a whole month

to get that there salt
out of that there well.

Couldn't pump that
brine out no more.

Shut up, you dirty old fool.

- Well, I... I got to go and...
- Tully?!

Tully, get out of there!

Lou's inside.
He's all busted up.

Get on your horse.

Well, let's get some water.

There's no more water.

He salted the well.

He what?!

If I have to crawl on my hands
and knees through all hellfire,

I'll get him.


Whoa! Whoa!

I didn't want to run
away. She made me.

Aw, shut up!

What am I gonna have
to do, hogtie you two gals?

Why don't you just let us be?!

I told Charlie we ought
to not leave you alone

when the bad men came.

Did they come after we run away?

Not by the time
I'd left, they hadn't.

Who are they anyhow?

I don't know.

Well, guess we don't have to
worry about 'em no more then

'cause Charlie fixed it so's
they couldn't follow no farther.

Will, I'm gonna whack
you if you don't shut up!

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
What do you mean, you fixed it?

- She...
- Nothing.

We gonna sit here
in the sun all day?

We're going to stay right
here till I find out what you did.

She put salt in the well.

Boy. Boy, oh, boy.

You're just full of
tricks, ain't you?

Well, I'll tell you one
thing for sure, young lady.

This money's going back
to the folks it belongs to.

If nothing else happens,
that's gonna happen, I promise.


All right, you two kids
smoke it on out of here.

I'll stay here and talk to 'em.

Well, go on! Get out!

Do you hear me? Get out of here!

Please, please, come, Hoss.

All right.

We'll give 'em a
run for their money.

Come on, let's go.
Get! Get up! Hyah!


Hyah. Hyah. Hyah.

Get! Get!


Will, get up here!

Hoss, please get up.

Get up here now!

No. We got to help him.

Will, you go on and do
what she says, you hear?

Will, get up here now!

Go on, Will. Do you hear her?

Now, you do what she says.

Get out of here.
Go on! You got to!

Oh, Hoss.

Come on!

What's the matter, mister?

You all out of tricks?

Ha. You can't see me, huh?

Well, I want you watching.

I want you watching me.

I want you to see the
slugs coming at you.

I've been a long time waiting.


Hey, you dang fool
kids, get out of here!

Come here!

He didn't know
nothing about anything.

It was me who did 'em.

Well, you got to be plumb crazy,

trying to make me believe
it was them two that done it.

There. What my pa took from you.

Why, you're nothing but a kid.

A kid run me ragged,
made a fool out of me.

You're nothing
but a miserable kid!

Gallagher's kid, mister.

Guess that makes the difference.

Gallagher's kid, huh?

I suppose you're real proud.

Proud of a no-good horse thief?

And it was me.

Me gave him the only chance
in his whole misbegotten life.

And he crossed me.

Now I'm gonna give
you what I gave him.

What are you do...?

Charlie, no!

Don't, Charlie!

Charlie, you can't do that.

Can't I?

Put the gun away, Charlie.


He killed my pa!

Wait. Wait a minute.

I didn't know your pa.

Some of the things
he taught you and Will

I ain't in agreement with,
but I know one thing for sure.

He loved you, and
he loved you a lot.

And he was proud of you.

He was proud of you
for being Gallaghers.

You can still go back to Boston,

Scollay Square, and meet
all them other Gallaghers.

But you'll never be able to
face 'em as long as you live

if you pull that trigger.

Or maybe you don't care.

Maybe you just don't care

what them Gallaghers
will think of you.


Hey, I hear you got some
precious cargo going East.

Doggone right, and I'm
gonna hold every stage driver

from here to Boston
personally responsible for 'em.

Oh, now, you don't
worry about that, Hoss.

All the drivers along the
line have been alerted.


What a difference.

Say, now, you ladies ain't gonna
run off on me again, are you?


All right, now, get aboard.

Oh, my, I don't believe I
ever saw two prettier little girls

in my whole life.

Dresses. Ain't they awful?

Hey, listen, while you was
in there getting dolled up

for the trip, the sheriff
told me that you're likely

to pick up a real
nice piece of change

for catching all them outlaws.

You got the whole bunch?

Well, you did kind
of leave 'em scattered

from here to breakfast,
but, uh, we got 'em all.

I'll tell you something else.

Judging from the
sound of that message

I got from Boston,

all your kinfolks are gonna
be there waiting for you,

including your Aunt Chloe.

Aunt Chloe?!

That's right.

As a matter of fact, she's
the one that wired me.

Beats me how anybody in Joburg

could send a
telegram from Boston.

But then, of course, she
is a Gallagher, ain't she?

Oh, let's get aboard.

If I wrote you a letter,
would you write one back?

Why, sure I will, Will.

Oh, Hoss?

Oh, get out of here.

Go on.


Bye, gals.

Bye, Hoss! Bye!

Bye, Hoss! Bye!

Bye, gals!

I got a notion that
old Boston town

is in for some
excitement like...

like it ain't seen
since that Tea Party.

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Bonanza provides family-friendly entertainment for solo viewing and gatherings with loved ones. Gallagher’s Sons marks the 111th episode out of 430 in the series. Produced by NBC, Bonanza aired on the network from September 1959 to January 1973, spanning 14 seasons.

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