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Knight Errant Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #04, Episode #08

Hoss Cartwright agrees to assist Lotty, the mail-order bride of his friend Walter Prescott, who is temporarily unable to fulfill his duties. However, Hoss’s noble gesture unexpectedly turns when Lotty develops feelings for him, leading to tension between them. To complicate matters further, Prescott, feeling resentful, hires a bounty hunter to target Hoss. The episode Knight Errant, which featured a talented supporting cast including Phil Chambers, Tyler McVey, Roy Engel, Tina Menard, George Robotham, and Gil Perkins, was initially aired on November 18, 1962. Joseph Hoffman penned it.

If you’re curious, explore the intricacies of the plot and discover some trivia, or sit back and enjoy the entire episode below.

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Watch the Full Episode of Knight Errant

Watch the Full Episode of Knight Errant:

Main Cast

Apart from the main cast, “Knight Errant,” the eighth episode of Bonanza Season 4 presents various recurring and guest-supporting actors. The cast includes:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Judi Meredith as Lotty Hawkins
  • John Doucette as Walter Prescott
  • Phil Chambers as Dick Thompson
  • Ray Teal as Sheriff Roy Coffee
  • Tyler McVey as Townsman
  • Roy Engel as Doctor Martin
  • George Robotham as Frank
  • Gil Perkins as Whitey
  • John Breen as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Betty Endicott as Brunette Townswoman (uncredited)
  • Michael Jeffers as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Ethan Laidlaw as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bob LaWandt as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Martha Manor as Blonde Townswoman (uncredited)
  • Tina Menard as Francesca (uncredited)
  • Bob Miles as Henry (uncredited)
  • Cosmo Sardo as Bartender (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Knight Errant

Hoss Cartwright’s act of kindness takes an unexpected turn when the mail-order bride he’s agreed to accompany to a neighboring rancher develops romantic feelings for him before reaching her intended groom, leading to strained relations.

Full Script and Dialogue of Knight Errant

Ben! Hoss!

Oh, Walter, how are you?

Fine. I want you boys
to come to the wedding.

- Wedding? Whose wedding?
- Whose do you think?

I'll see you at the wedding.

Hey, Sheriff, I
want to talk to you.

Hey, that was a bad one.

Might have busted a leg, Pa.

Hoss, get Doc Miller.


Walter, you-you
just rest easy now.

Doc will be here in a minute.

You're pretty lucky.

You could've been killed.


I was supposed to ride out
today and pick up my bride.

Walter, you sure been
keeping this wedding a secret.

- When did all this happen?
- Yeah, in all the excitement,

I forgot to congratulate
you, Walter.

Uh, where'd you meet her?

What does she look like? I bet
she's a pretty thing, ain't she?

Well, I've never seen her.

Y-You never seen her?



She's a mail-order bride.

I answered an advertisement

in some magazine.

I'm supposed to pick her up.

It's four days up and four
days back to Willow Creek.

You'd never make it.

I got to make it.

I gave that girl my word.

I can't go back on a promise.

Not only that, I
just got through

inviting half the people
in town to the wedding.

I ain't ever seen
a man as anxious

to get his head in a
noose, have you, Pa?

I reckon I'll just have
to do something about it.

What are you getting at, Hoss?

Pa, could you spare me

from the Ponderosa long enough

to take a little ride up to
Willow Creek and back?

Well, uh, I guess if, uh,

if there's gonna be a wedding,

there's got to be a bride.

Oh, no, wait a minute.

I couldn't ask a man
to do anything like that.

Oh, Mr. Prescott, that's
what friends are for.

You just tell me
how I can locate her.

Be happy to do it.

Well, thank you, Hoss.

Listen, her name's
Lotty Hawkins.

Sent me a map on
how to find her place.

Now, I imagine she's
gonna be pretty scared,

not knowing me and all, so...

just tell her I'm a good man

and I'll make her a
fine husband and...

tell her I can't wait until she
gets here for the wedding.

Don't you worry about a thing.

And, Hoss,

bring her back to
me safe and sound.


Giddy up. Go.

Hey, look out for my goat!

Whoa, whoa.


Ma'am, could you tell me
where the Hawkins ranch is?

You found it.

This is it.

You must... You must
be Miss Lotty Hawkins.

Why, yes, how did you...

You must be Mr. Prescott.

Well, of course you are.

- Come on in.
- No, ma'am, I...

Ma'am, you gonna
take her in with us?

Oh, no, no.

Come on.

She's gonna come in anyhow.

Oh, Sam.

Come on, Sam.


Oh, Sam's a girl.


Well, I-I didn't get much
of a chance to freshen up.

I didn't expect you so soon.

But won't you sit down?

Yeah, ma'am, I'm afraid I...

- Please.
- I've got a little bad news

I need to tell you.


Um, I was afraid of that.

I know what
you're trying to say.

You don't like the way I look.

No, ma'am, I like the
way you look real fine.

You do?

Well, sure.

Well, I certainly
am glad to hear that,

because I was wondering
what you looked like, too,

and I must say,
I-I'm real pleased.

That's what I got to
talk to you about, ma'am.

You see, I-I ain't
Walter Prescott.

Oh, you're not?

No, ma'am, I'm Hoss Cartwright.

Walter had a little accident.

Nothing serious, mind
you, but he hurt his leg,

and the doctor thought
he ought to get some rest,

so I told him I'd ride
up here and fetch you.

Sort of getting late, though.

I just wonder if your
folks would mind

if I put up here for the night.

Oh, I-I don't have any folks.

My ma and pa are dead.

They are?


You live way out here all alone?


Oh, except for Sam and Annie.

They're my two goats.

You must be awfully hungry.

I'll get some wood
and make some fire.

Here, no, I'll do that.


Well, ma'am, that's a
man's job, not a lady's.

It is?


I never did realize

that there were so many
lonely people in the world.

Did you, Mr. Cartwright?

No, I don't reckon I ever
thought about it much, ma'am.

I got so much family that I
never want for company much.

Matter of fact,
most of the time,

I'm wishing they'd
leave me alone.

I'd say you were very fortunate.

I've always thought
that it was kind of...

It's raining.


I got to get Sam and Annie
and bring them in here.

You gonna bring
them in here, ma'am?

Well, yes. If I don't,
they'll catch their death.

Oh, look, you-you go
ahead and finish your coffee.

I'll bring Sam and Annie in.

Thank you, Hoss.

Are you comfortable, Hoss?

Oh, yes, ma'am.



I'm so ashamed.

Putting my advertisement
in that magazine,

but I was so lonely.

And I was going through life
getting lonelier and lonelier.

Oh, ma'am, there ain't-ain't
nothing to be ashamed about.

I can't figure anything
being any worse

than going through
life all lonesome.

Nobody caring
anything about you.

Mr. Prescott's letter was
the only answer I received.

I almost fainted when
he asked me to marry him.

What's he like?

He's a fine gentleman.

Fine, fine gentleman.

If you ask me, both of you
got a pretty good bargain.

I sure hope so.

Hoss, have you ever heard

of the Knights of
the Round Table?

The what?

King Arthur an-and
all of those knights

and their ladies.

Oh, they lived in England about,

oh, a thousand years ago.

And that's what they
called themselves,

the Knights of the Round Table.

Well, the knights were so brave

and so noble and
so... so chivalrous.

I used to love to have
my ma read to me

about them from her books.

My ma was a schoolteacher.

Did you know that?

Miss Lotty, what ever
happened to your ma?


They say she died of the
fever, but that's not true.

She died of overwork.

She did all the
plowing and everything.

Pa used to say that it was
a woman's job to keep busy

while a man went out
looking for something to eat.

But it was usually
liquor he went looking for.

Ma'am, from now on
out, things are gonna be

a lot easier and
a lot nicer for you.

I used to have all
these silly dreams

of being swept off my feet

by some beautiful,
young, romantic man

that come riding
out of the west.

But now I'm gonna marry a man

that I only got
some letters from.

A man that I've never
even seen or met.


We have a poem about this.

Would you like to hear it?

"My house is
constructed of natural soil.

"The walls are erected
according to Hoyle.

"The roof has no pitch,

"but it's level and plain,

and I never get wet
until it happens to rain."

Good night, Hoss.

Good night, Miss Lotty.

"Oh, young Lockinvar,

"he came out of the west.

"Through all the wide
border, his steed was the best.

"And save his good
broadsword, he weapon had none.

"He rode all unarmed
and he rode alone.

"But ere he alighted
by Netherby gate,

"the bride had consented,
the gallant came late.

"For a laggard in love
and a wastrel in war

was to wed the fair Ellen
'stead of brave Lochinvar."

That's right pretty, ma'am.

Sure like to hear
you read it, too.

Thank you.



Is Mr. Prescott
anything like you?

Well, I reckon
he is and he ain't.

I'll tell you this.

He's a fine gentleman,

and he will treat you with
all the respect and honor

that... that you deserve.

Well... does he look
anything like you?

Mr. Prescott?



Thank your lucky
stars for that, too.

No. Compared to me,

Mr. Prescott's a real
fine, handsome gentleman.

I reckon most fellers are
compared to me, though.

I wouldn't say that.

I think you're one of
the nicest-looking men

I've ever seen.


- Howdy.
- Howdy.

I ran out of food a ways back,

and your coffee
smells mighty good.

Thought you might spare a cup.

You bet your boots.

Come right on.

Howdy, ma'am.

Plenty of coffee there.
You just help yourself.

Might even have a bean
or two. Are you hungry?

What's in here?

What have you got there?

You leave my books alone!

Why you little wild cat...

What's the matter?
She too much for you?

Leave me alone, you big brute!

Well, I guess that
got rid of them.

That was wonderful, Hoss.


Protecting me when it
could have cost your life.

Oh, them two skunks?

Cowards are all alike.

Anybody could have done it.

Oh, not just anybody, Hoss.

Not the way you did it.

Oh, you better get some sleep.

I want you nice and
fresh and pretty tomorrow

when we get to
Mr. Prescott's ranch.

Wait till you see
that ranch house.

Good night, Hoss.

Good night, ma'am.

I'll make you a palate

out of some nice, soft
pine needles and leaves,

and I think I'll spend
the rest of the night

over there by that campfire

in case those two skunks
decide to come back.


Ben! Boys!

What are you
doing here so early?

Charlie, take the horses.

You know the wedding
ain't until tonight.

Oh, we just thought
we'd come along and see

if we could give an old
bachelor like you a hand, Walter.

But I see a couple of other
people had the same idea.

Yeah, and I sure appreciate it.

Besides, we wanted to
see what the bride looks like.

So do I, Adam. So do I.

Well, we came to do
some work. Let's go.

That's a very good idea.

I think I'll check the punch,
make sure it's all right.

Help yourself.

You know something, Ben?


I'm as nervous as
a calf in a bullpen.

Well, here I am.

- I'm not getting
any younger - Yeah.

But I feel like a youngster

about to take a girl
out for the first time.

Walter, you know something?

I'll bet you that bride-to-be
of yours is more nervous

than you are right now.

Here. Put that around your
neck, and it'll keep you cool.

Hoss, you are so
downright chivalrous,

you're going to
spoil me for good.

Here, this is finished.

Oh, good.

Good as new.

Thank you, ma'am.


I guess you're gonna
want to be going.


Uh... Miss Lotty?

Ain't you gonna dress?

Well, I am dressed.

Well, I mean, no,
in the new stuff

that we bought back down a way.

Oh, I'm gonna save
those for the wedding.

Miss Lotty?


Ma'am, don't you want to
look nice and fresh and pretty

for meeting Mr. Prescott
the first time?




Well, what do you think, Hoss?

Do you think the folks at
Mr. Prescott's will be pleased?

They sure will, Miss Lotty.

They sure will.

Are you pleased with me, Hoss?

Ma'am, I think

you're just plain, plumb,
downright beautiful.

And I think Mr. Prescott's
a mighty lucky man.

Come on.

Hey, folks, why don't you
rest yourselves a spell?

Some fresh sandwiches
here and cold beer.

Well, now, why don't you
rest yourself a spell now?

Come on, sit down now.

You're the bridegroom-to-be.

How about a beer for
a bridegroom-to-be?

Hey, here they come!

There they are!

Ben, I'm nervous as
a leaf in a windstorm.


Hi, Hoss. What
have you got here?

- Hi.
- How are you?

Hi, Joe. Fine, Adam.

Mr. Prescott, here's your bride.

Oh, Walter, don't you...?

Do you want to say howdy?


All safe and sound,
just like I promised.

Lotty, this here
is Mr. Prescott.

Welcome to your new home, Lotty.

Thank you.

Mr. Prescott, if I...

if I'd known your new
bride was this beautiful,

I would have gotten her myself.

I believe I would have, too.

Oh, Lotty, this is
Mr. Cartwright, Hoss's father.

And, uh, his other
two sons... Little Joe.


- And Adam.
- Howdy.

All these people are
our wedding guests.

But I know you must be tired,

so I'll have Francesca
show you her room.



- Sí, señor.
- Oh.

Uh, show my bride to her room,

and see that she gets
anything she needs.

The wedding's
going to be tonight,

so it'll give you a chance
to rest up for a spell.

Come with me, señorita.

Please come.


Congratulations, Mr. Prescott.

You're a lucky man.

Thank you, Little Joe.

Ben, what do you think of her?

Well, the important
thing, Walter, is,

what do you think of her?

- I think she's wonderful.
- Yeah.

Hoss, I got to thank you.

I'm gonna be indebted to
you for the rest of my life.

Forget it, Mr. Prescott.

Like I told you, that's
the least a friend can do.

Well, if you gentlemen
will excuse me,

I'm gonna go in
and do a little talking

with the future Mrs. Prescott,

and may get to know
her a mite beforehand.

She's certainly pretty, but, uh,

a little younger than
I thought she'd be.

Well, I'm get gonna
get me something to eat.

What did you two
talk about on the trail?

Something uplifting, I hope.

Lots of things.

Yeah, lots of things. Like what?

Mm, like, King Arthur and
the Knights of the Round Table.

Lots of things.

King Arthur?

Oh, come on. You're
joshing me. King Arthur?

- Mm.
- Hey, Adam, we were making a big mistake.

We ought to call him Sir Hoss.

Sir Hoss, thou good
and noble knight,

I didst not know thou
possessed charms

to melt the heart
of yon fair damsel

who did dwell in the wilderness.

Sir Hoss, oh, knightest
of the chuck wagonest.

Hey, here comes Walter.

I propose a toast to the
new and happy groom.

Hear! Hear!

Mr. Prescott, here's
to your wedding.

I ought to kill you, Hoss.

I ought to kill you
right where you stand.

Mr. Prescott, what did I do?

You know darn well what you
did. Now get off my property.

Walter, wait a minute.
What happened?

Maybe you ought to ask
your son what happened.

He knows.

He knows what went on
between them on the trail.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

My good friend, I trusted
you like I would my own son.

You played me for a fool.

That ain't true, Mr. Prescott.

Why won't she marry me then?

I don't know, but
you got to believe me.

You get out of here.

The lot of you. Get out of here.

Mr. Prescott?

Let me go up and talk to her.

Just let me go
up and talk to her.

You stay away from her, Hoss!

So help me God, if I ever
catch you going near her again,

I'll shoot you on sight.

Pa, I don't know what
he's talking about.

I swear I don't.


Come on.


Take me with you!

Don't leave me here!

Hoss, let's get home.

There's nothing
but trouble here.

Giddyup. Giddyup.

Hoss, please, don't leave me!




Look at it this way.

That little gal's
lived on that farm

all alone for all these years.

I go up there, and I get her,

bring her down here
and drop her down

right smack dab in the
middle of a bunch of strangers

to get married to a man

she ain't never seen
before in her life.

Scare anybody, much
less a little gal like her.

Well, it makes sense.

Doesn't change the fact

that Prescott wants to kill you.

Ah, he's jumping to conclusions.

Ain't nothing wrong with
that little gal, except...

except she's scared, that's all.

Maybe she's in love with you.

In love with me?


It's the biggest
bunch of nonsense I...

I ever heard.

Well, I don't think
it's nonsense.

Why would she ask
you to take her with you?

You know, Adam could be right.

She might be in love with you.

Bartender, bring
us a couple beers.

Hold up.

Good morning, Mr. Prescott.

Good morning, Henry.

Sure you won't change
your mind, Lotty?

No. I'm sorry.

Henry, take her
bag, see that she gets

a nice room, and
send the bill to me.

I'll pay you back as soon as I
get myself a job, Mr. Prescott.


- Hello, Dick.
- Ron.


I've known Hoss Cartwright for
more years than you can count.

I always figured him as a
man that could be trusted.

I never thought he'd
do a thing like this to me.

Walter, it's just hard
for me to believe

that Hoss would
two-time a man that way.

What are you calling
me, Thompson, a liar?

I say Hoss Cartwright
deliberately cut me

with that girl.

I say he's a skunk
who can't be trusted.

All right, Walter,
have it your way,

but I know the Cartwrights,
and they ain't built that way.

Hi, Charlie.

Hoss Cartwright just
rode up to the hotel.

Walter, Walter.



Hi, Miss Lotty.

I knew you'd come to see
me just as soon as you could.

I just knew it.

Yes, Miss Lotty,
there's, there's something

kind of serious I got
to talk to you about.

Well, what is it, Hoss?

Well, ma'am, some of
the folks around town

are saying stuff that...

well, like, the reason you
didn't marry Mr. Prescott was...

was because you was in
love or something with me, I...

Then you know
it, don't you, Hoss?

You know it.

All that time on the trail,
you knew how I felt about you,

and I was waiting for you to
tell me how much you loved me,

but of course you couldn't

because you had to know
for sure how much I loved you.

Oh, I dearly love you, Hoss.

I'm just so happy, I could cry.

Listen, Lotty.

Ma'am, ain't they
someplace we can go

where it's, uh, kind of
private, where I can talk to you?

Oh, well, of course,
Hoss, of course.

Give me the gun.

Give me the gun.

Help him over to a chair.

Here, you need that more
than you need that gun.

Well, Walter, I guess I was
wrong about Hoss Cartwright.

Nice of you to admit it.

So help me, I
would have shot him.

Prescott, my advice
to you is to forget it.

Forget it?

That's one thing
I will never do.

That's all you can do.

Man steals a horse,

you put a bounty on his head.

Why shouldn't it be the same
for a man who steals your wife?

Well, Walter, you
don't mean that.

Putting a bounty
on Hoss Cartwright?

Why shouldn't I?

Hoss Cartwright stole
my wife, didn't he?

We've all paid up to
$1,000 for a horse thief.

I'd say a wife stealer is just
about three times as bad.

I suggest you go on
home and forget it, Walter.

Wild talk like that's no good.

Some durn fool
might take you up on it.

Maybe if he did,

he might not be such
a durn fool as you think.

Let's go find us some
horses and guns.

Ma'am, what I was trying to tell
you back downstairs there was...



Well, ma'am, I... Well, about...

about me... being
in love with you...

Oh, Hoss, you
don't have to say it.

I believe you.

And it's just about the nicest
thing that's ever happened to me

in my whole life, being
loved by a man like you.

But... doggone it, Miss Lotty,

you, you don't
hardly even know me.

I mean, well, not
really you don't.

I'm, I'm mean, vicious.

I'd be so dad-burn ornery, I,
I'd make any woman miserable.

You would?


I, I got a real
bad streak in me.

You have?

Yeah, why, compared to me,

why, Mr. Prescott's
a real fine gentleman,

at least wise he was till
he thought I crossed him up.

You'd be doing
yourself a big favor

by forgetting me
and marrying him.

Hoss, I know what
you're trying to do.

You do?

Yes, and I admire you for it.

Well... I, I just
wanted to be fair

to you and
Mr. Prescott, that's all.

You are without a doubt the
most honorable man I ever met...

Willing to sacrifice our love

so as not to be accused
of betraying a friend's trust.


You know, I think that's
why I fell in love with you.

You know, you're just like one

of the Knights of
the Round Table

that I used to dream about.

I mean, you're
kind and courteous

and gentle and, and brave.

I used to think that
to meet a man like you

was just the silly dream of a,

of a lonely, young,
romantic girl,

but now it's come true.

Miss Lotty, y-you
got to forget about me.

You, you got to, you got to
quit thinking things like that.

Well, you're just trying
to sacrifice yourself

and our happiness
because of Mr. Prescott.

Well, I won't let you do it.

Lotty, I, I ain't trying
to sacrifice nothing.

What I'm trying to do is...

Well, Hoss, I
understand your feelings

and, and I respect them,

but a very wise
poet once said that

"I could not love
thee, dear, so much,

Loved I not honor more."

Miss Lotty... No,
I won't permit it.

Now, I know it'll take some time

for Mr. Prescott to get
over his anger, but he will.

We must be patient and wait,

and meanwhile, we can,
we can still see each other.

Secretly if, if we have to.

Hoss, if I ever needed
any proof of your love,

you just gave it to me.

Hoss, was that
shot aimed at you?

Danged if I know, Roy.

Now, why in the world
anybody want to kill you?

I don't know.

Why don't you ask Prescott?

Wait a minute, are you saying

that Walter Prescott
took a shot at Hoss here?

Well, not exactly, but
just a little while ago,

over in the saloon, he said
it'd be worth $3,000 to him

to see that Hoss
was taken care of.

You mean, you mean Walter
Prescott offered a bounty,

hired a man to kill me?

I don't believe it.

Well, sounded like it to me.

He couldn't have been serious.

Well, maybe he wasn't,

but it looks like someone's
taking him for serious.

What happened?

Somebody just took a
shot at Mr. Cartwright.

Hoss, he said that
someone took a shot at you.

- Are you all right?
- Miss Lotty, Miss Lotty,

everything is all right.

- Well...
- Go on back up.

Everything will be
all right, I promise.

See you, Roy.


Dick, I'll see you later, huh?

Thank you.

I want you to do
something for me.

I want you to get out of
this town and get out fast.

Go home 'cause that
bushwhacker is just itching

to get another chance at you.

Roy, if there's a man looking...

Now, do as I ask, will you?
Look, here's your horse.

Now, make my job easier
for me, will you, not tougher?

All right, but I still
can't believe that...

that Walter would
put a bounty on me.

I just can't believe that.

Good luck.

Sheriff, Sheriff, is
there anything I can do?

No, there's nothing
that you can do.

Sheriff, this is all
my fault, isn't it?

Someone took a shot
at Hoss because of me.

I didn't say that, but
since you're asking,

Walter Prescott
and the Cartwrights

were pretty good friends
before you come to town.

Now you got two families
at each other's throats,

and Hoss Cartwright's
got a pretty good chance

of getting murdered.

Well, if you talked to her,

why didn't you tell her
what you were supposed to?

Doggone it, Pa,
I... I just couldn't.

I couldn't hurt
that little gal, Pa.

The poor little ol' thing's

got a head chock-full of dreams.

She's got me pegged

for one of them... Knights
of the Round Table.

- And I don't want any cracks.
- Hey, did I say anything?

Adam, did I say anything at all?


I can understand
your not wanting to...

hurt the little girl's
feelings, but, uh...

sooner or later you're gonna
have to tell her the truth.

There's no telling
what Walter'll do.

He's already done it.

Hmm? What's he done?


I can't talk to
that little gal, but...

dad-burnit, I can talk
to Walter Prescott.

I'm gonna go out there, and
I'm gonna straighten this out

with him once and for all.



What are you doing here?

I want to talk to you.

We don't have
anything to talk about.

I came to ask if your offer
of marriage still holds good.

Why? Why do you want to know?

I'm ready to marry
you, if you still want me.

What did you say?

I've been thinking things over,

and I'm ready to go
through with our bargain.

I see.

Sit down.

So I'll be able
to sit down, too.

It gets might wearying
leaning on this too long.

What made you
change your mind, Lotty?

Well, I found out I
was wrong about Hoss.

What happened between
you and him on the trail?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Nothing? You expect
me to believe that?

How'd he act toward you?

He was very polite...
and very gentlemanly.

But that's all it was.

Are you trying to tell me you're
not in love with him anymore?

What happened, Lotty?

Didn't he ask to marry you?

Well, of course he did.

But I was the one
who changed my mind.

What difference does
it make, Mr. Prescott?

I'm here... isn't that enough?

It sure is.

You did the right thing, Lotty.

You know, I'm gonna make
you the happiest girl in the world.

And I'll give you anything,
anything you want...

All you have to do is ask me.

Thank you, Mr. Prescott.

Lotty... will you
be happy with me?

Of course I will.

Why else would I
be talking like this?

You're not a very
good liar, are you?



You knew about the
bounty I put on his head.

Well... there was some
careless talk about it.

You're still in love
with him, aren't you?

Why, Mr. Prescott, I told you...

I came here to marry you.

A woman doesn't come
to ask a man to marry her

with tears in her eyes,

not if she's happy about it.


That's Hoss!

You got to help him!

- Get in the house.
- But you got to help him!

Go on in the barn
and get up in the loft.

Oh, Hoss!

I thought you wanted me killed.

I did... until Lotty came
here a little while ago

and offered to marry me.

- You did?
- You know why?

To save your life.

You're a lucky young man.

I guess it's true, isn't it?

There's no fool
like an old fool.

Hoss... take good
care of her, son.

Oh, he will, Mr. Prescott,
I know he will.

Oh... everything's
gonna be all right now.

Isn't it wonderful, Hoss?

Yeah, I reckon it is.

There for a while, I...

I thought the whole
world was against us, but...

but now all of a sudden
everything's working out,

just like in the storybooks.

Oh, Hoss, I'm so happy!

We can be married now.

Miss Lotty... come
over here and sit down.

Yes, Hoss?


Since the first
time I met you...

I've felt that you were
a wonderful person.

Well, yes, Hoss, I know that.

I guess that's why it
was so easy for me

to fall in love with you.

Ma'am, when...

when two people like you and me

like each other a great deal,

they don't want to hurt
each other, do they?

I mean, they don't want
to rush into anything.

They... Well...
what I mean is...

Two people who
"like each other"?

We love each other.

We do love each
other, don't we, Hoss?

Ma'am... like I said...

of all the girls I've
met, you're the...

nicest... sweetest, but...

ma'am, I... I don't
know how I feel.

Maybe if I had a
little more time, if...

- maybe I could learn to...
- No.

Please don't say anymore, Hoss.

I thought I was so smart.

I thought...

All those sweet
and wonderful things

you said and did while
we were on the trail,

I thought you meant
those for yourself,

but you meant them for
Mr. Prescott, didn't you?

I didn't want to
hurt you, Lotty.

I know.

You're too kind and
gentle to hurt anybody.

What are you gonna do now?

I don't know.

I... I think I'll go someplace

and... and try to find
myself a job someplace.

You reckon you'll be all right?

Yes, Hoss, I'll be all right.

Because, you see, I'm
not gonna believe in those...

silly dreams anymore...

about knights...
in shining armor.

I know they don't really exist.

Except for maybe one.

Good-bye, Hoss.



Behind the Scenes of Knight Errant

The title is derived from the romantic ideals of the Middle Ages, reminiscent of the gallant knights in shining armor who roamed the countryside in search of adventures and romantic encounters.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza offers exceptional, family-friendly entertainment for solo viewing or with loved ones. “Knight Errant” stands as the 108th episode out of 430. Bonanza, produced by NBC, aired on the network from September 1959 to January 1973, boasting 14 seasons.

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