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The Flannel-Mouth Gun Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #06, Episode #19

Ensnared by a gang of rustlers, the local cattleman’s association enlists the services of a professional gunman named Simmons (portrayed by Robert Wilke) to handle the outlaws. The Cartwrights, however, oppose the decision to hire Simmons, fearing he may exacerbate the situation. Their concerns appear validated when one of the rancher’s wives meets a mysterious demise. Earl Holliman stars as Clegg, with Don Collier appearing as Tatum. First aired on January 31, 1965, The Flannel-Mouth Gun was co-written by actor Leo Gordon and Paul Leslie Wilke.

You can watch the entire episode below. It provides further details on the plot and some intriguing trivia.

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Watch the Full Episode of The Flannel-Mouth Gun

Watch the Full Episode of The Flannel-Mouth Gun:

Main Cast

The Flannel-Mouth Gun, the nineteenth episode of Bonanza’s sixth season, featured some of the program’s recurring and supporting cast members. The cast of the episode includes the following:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright (credit only)
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright (credit only)
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright (credit only)
  • Earl Holliman as Sherman Clegg
  • Robert J. Wilke as Al Simmons (as Robert Wilke)
  • Don Collier as Ira Tatum
  • Ray Teal as Sheriff Roy Coffee
  • Harry Carey Jr. as Phil Shelton
  • Ina Victor as Cynthie Tatum
  • I. Stanford Jolley as Holtzmeier
  • Jonathan Hole as Doctor
  • Noble ‘Kid’ Chissell as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bill Clark as Deputy Sheriff (uncredited)
  • Gene Coogan as Posse Rider (uncredited)
  • Joe Garcio as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Herman Hack as Cattleman (uncredited)
  • Bob Hoy as Jake Denton (uncredited)
  • Troy Melton as Sam Denton (uncredited)
  • Hans Moebus as Cattleman (uncredited)
  • Joe Phillips as Posse Rider (uncredited)
  • Mike Ragan as Colby (uncredited)
  • Ted Smile as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Flannel-Mouth Gun

Concerned that hiring a gunfighter might exacerbate the troubles faced by the ranchers, Adam Cartwright opposes the decision to enlist the services of Sherman Clegg, a ruthless range detective, to tackle the widespread rustling issue. However, after tragedy strikes and Clegg is accused of murder, Adam finds himself siding with the very man he initially opposed, seemingly alone in his support.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Flannel-Mouth Gun

Hurry up with that iron, Jake.

Stop being so jittery.
We ain't been caught yet.

There's a first
time for everything.

Not if we play it the
way Phil Shelton told us.






ROY: I sure will take care of
it, Bob. BOB: Thank you, sheriff.

Howdy, gents.

Phil. Ira. Something going on?

Association meeting, Roy.

A closed association meeting,

that us little fellows
ain't welcome to sit in on.

I didn't know you
boys was members.

- They always let us in before.
- Yeah.

Tell you what,

you loan me $500 and I'll
join that highfalutin association.

Phil, I don't make the rules for
the association. I don't belong.

Give my best to
Cynthie, will you?

You can defend those greasy
sack outfits all you want, Cartwright.

Maybe the Ponderosa can
stand losing 20, 30 head a month.

But the rest of us can't, we've
got to do something about it.

I'm not defending
anyone, Simmons.

There is such a thing as proof.

From Sheriff Coffee? He
can't get proof or anything else.

Well, until he does, I suggest
that, well, we take the losses.

Are you telling us
we haven't the right

to protect our property
against cow thieves?

It's Coffee's job.
I say let him do it.


There's only one way to handle
them. Chase them all off, all of them.

I don't go for
blanket indictments.

Lumping people into a group,
pointing the finger at them.

It's true, maybe one or two of the
small outfits are guilty of some rustling,

but that doesn't
mean they're all guilty.

That's your personal
opinion. Which reminds me,

it's your father who's a member
of this association, not you.

You all know my father and
my brothers are all in St. Louis.

Since they're not here to vote,

I don't see why we have
to listen to your opinion.

My father gave me
his proxy before he left.

To vote as I felt.

Looks legal to me.

So as I were saying,

just because a man
has a small outfit,

or has had some bad luck,

or can't afford to
belong to the association,

doesn't automatically
make him a stock thief.

Adam's got a point
there, Simmons.

Make up your mind, Jamison.

Do you wanna go broke
because of these parasites

or you wanna get smart
and put an end to it?

Like how, Simmons?

The same way they did it up in
Montana a couple of years ago.

When they got through, there wasn't
a greasy sacker within 200 miles.

JAMISON: What did they do?

The same thing I'm proposing
we do: Hire a range detective.

You can't be serious.

We all know what they are. Just
a fancy name for a hired killer.

Coffee can't get the job done,

so we hire someone who
can. What's wrong with that?

Why don't you ask the
people up in Montana?

Sure, it's true, there wasn't a
greasy sacker or small cowman left.

But there was a
dozen good men dead.

Homes burned to the ground.

And a hate that'll live
for years in their place.

Is that what you want here?

Adam, we've got to do something.

As president of
this association,

I propose that we
hire a range detective

to put a stop to these losses
before we all go bankrupt.

Now, let's have a voice vote.

Those in favor say, "Aye."


Those against?


Looks like the Ponderosa
has been outvoted, Cartwright.

ROY: Adam. ADAM: Ira.

We'd sure like to know
what's going on in there.

SHELTON: You expect
him to tell us anything?

The association decided
to bring in a range detective.

IRA: Oh, so that's
why they kept us out.

You won't be satisfied till you
drive us all out, will you, Cartwright?

You got a pretty
short memory, Shelton.

Hadn't been for the Ponderosa, most
of us would've gone under long ago.

That includes you.

You just talk for
yourself, Tatum.

As far as I'm concerned,

Cartwright's no different than
Simmons and any of the rest.

They ain't gonna let us get big
enough to give them any competition.

Shelton, you talk too
much and think too little.

At least I don't go around
calling my neighbors cow thieves

just because they don't belong
to some fancy association.

Would you like to change
your vote now, Cartwright?

No, I think you're still wrong.

COBEY: Hyah! Hyah!

Halt! Halt!

Where's the sheriff?
Somebody call the sheriff.

COBEY: Excuse me.
Excuse me. Excuse me.

ROY: What's up?
- He's been killed, sheriff.

- Shot clean through the brisket.
- Simmer down, Cobey.

Who...? Jake Denton.

Where'd you find him?

COBEY: Way out in middle of
nowhere. Black Oak Canyon.

Take him over to
Doc Dawson, will you?


Some of you men mount up.
We'll go out and have a look.

Adam, I'd like to have you and
Mr. Simmons there come along.

ROY: Find something, Adam?

Just this, a couple of .44-40s.

Well, there's a lot of folks
using a .44 rifle nowadays, Adam.

This running iron should
prove he was a cow thief.

Looks like somebody
did us a favor.

Murder is never
a favor, Simmons.

ADAM: What's that?

A two-bit piece.

Well, it must've
fallen out of his pocket.

With him wearing chaps?

Any of you men ever see the
Dentons one without the other?

Oh, Jake and Sam
were always together.

We better check
out their cabin, then.

Maybe Sam's still there.

Okay, boys.

Sam! Sam Denton!

Sam Denton!


Sam? Sam Denton.

Nobody here but me, gents.

Who are you? Where's Sam?

I guess he hightailed it out
of here about an hour ago.

- What's your name?
- Sherman Clegg.

Sherman Clegg?

I see you've heard of me, huh?

That's nice.

I like to be well-known.

Pretty sure of yourself,
aren't you, Simmons?

Took it for granted the
association would go along with you.

Simmons? Are you Alf Simmons?

I got your letter, Mr. Simmons.
I got here as quick as I could.

Clegg, I know you
have a reputation.

I can't stop the cattlemen's association
from hiring a flannel-mouth gun,

but I sure wish I could.

So just you watch your step.

That's pretty unkindly, sheriff.

I'm a range detective. I
get along fine with the law.

I do my job, and I don't bother
the law, the law doesn't bother me.

Down in Arizona, my last job, I
didn't have any trouble with the sheriff.

Or up in Montana?

That's right. No trouble at all.

I didn't get your name, friend.

Adam Cartwright.

The Ponderosa Cartwrights?

That's right.

I hear those two-bit cattle
thieves been pestering you too.

Not enough to vote for
bringing a man like you in.

Sorry you feel that
way, Cartwright.

You ought to know how it is. A man
gets around, he throws a long shadow.

He's bound to get a reputation that's
all colored up. Know what I mean?

You down there on the end.

I've seen you someplace
before, haven't I?


Don't you try throwing
no scare into me, Clegg.

Your rep don't
mean nothing to me.

You got it all wrong, friend.

We'll have to get
together and talk it over.


I'm gonna ask you one question.

Did you kill Jake Denton?

You mean that man I caught
changing brands in the canyon?

Yeah, I killed him. That's what you
hired me for, ain't it, Mr. Simmons?

To stop the cattle
rustling around here?

That gives you no right to
kill a man and you know it.

Look, sheriff,

I wanted to bring him in
to you nice and legal-like.

But now, he drew a gun on me, I
had to shoot him in self-defense.

That other hardcase that was
with him would vouch for that.

That is, if you ever find him.

Mr. Simmons, I'm ready
to ride into town if you are.

- Look, Clegg...
- Sheriff, don't worry,

if you wanna see me
again, I'll be around.

Nice meeting you, Cartwright.

You know, maybe I'll stop by and
see you sometime. That all right?

Nobody's ever turned
away from the Ponderosa.



There's no drift fences
up there, Mr. Cartwright.

I can't prevent Simmons' cattle
from getting mixed up with mine.

They do it all the time.

Don't get upset, Mr. Holtzmeier.

It takes more proof than that
to brand a man a cattle thief.

That's not the point.
Clegg gave me the warning.

- He did?
- Well, not personally.

It was left on my door.

It had to come from him.

So please, whatever you
offer me, I know it will be fair.

Sorry, I just can't
buy your place.

- But, Mr. Cartwright...
- There's no reason for you to sell.

That's easy for you to say.

You didn't receive the warning.

You know that man is
judge, jury and executioner.

I've only got less
than 36 hours left.

So please, no arguments.

Whatever you
offer me, I'll take it.

I'm sorry, I can't do it.

Ira Tatum said you'd help me.

I can't help you if you're
gonna cut stick and run.

Phil Shelton said
you wouldn't help.

Said you wouldn't go against
your own kind in the association.

That's not true.

Well, I guess you
just proved who's right.




- Well, hello, Adam.
- Hey, good morning.

What brings you out this way?

Well, I like to
have a little talk.

What are you doing? You
after a fox in the henhouse?

No, there's a dirty wolf
sneaking around out here.

Sit down, Adam.

- Cynthie? CYNTHIE: Yes?

Adam Cartwright's here.

- Adam.
- Hi, Mrs. Tatum.

- How are you?
- Fine, thank you.

Make yourself to home.
I'll bring you some coffee.

I had a visitor this morning.

Yes, I know. Mr. Holtzmeier.

He just sold out to Simmons
and pulled out about an hour ago.

- Sold to Simmons?
- That's right.

We've all had a standing offer
from Simmons for a long time.

Real generous too. About
50 cents on the dollar.

But then a man doesn't quibble
when his life is being threatened.

Oh, Claiborn left last week.

Holtzmeier this week.

Who'll be next?

Claiborn, huh? Did
he get a warning?

Oh, yes.

Yeah, maybe he stole a
head of beef here and there,

rather than eat his own.

That's the trouble, Adam.

We're all getting blamed
for a few bad apples.

There's nothing wrong
with Mr. Holtzmeier.

He's as honest
as the day is long.

They all look to
you, Ira, as a leader.

You're one of them.

Can't you do something?

Well, I can't give a man courage

when the fear of death
has been thrown into him.

That Clegg has
got them all panicky.

Now, he's only one man.

One man with a gun.

And the cold blood to use it.

Adam, he's put a bull's-eye

on the back of every
small rancher around here.

And innocent or guilty, any one
of us might be the next target.

You know, I can't understand why
you let the association bring him in.

That was a vote, Ira.

Ponderosa doesn't control
the association or Alf Simmons.


You'd better take a long,
hard look at Mr. Alf Simmons.

He's just been here
two years, but already...

I'm way ahead of you.

If he runs all of you little
ranchers out, what next?

Ponderosa, maybe?


Ira, he's at the barn.

Get away from those hides.

I'm just about done, Tatum.

Yeah, those all look
like clean brands to me.

Hello, Cartwright.

I hope I didn't
alarm you, ma'am.

You've been nosing
around my place all week.

That's what I get paid for.

You're trespassing.

I've got a right to put a
bullet right through you.

You know, there are some people
might think different about that.

They might think you shot
me to cover up for something.

You haven't got anything
to hide, have you?

At least I haven't found
any such evidence yet.

I'm gonna give you
a clean bill of health.

To whom? Simmons?

To the association.

They're one in the same.

If I catch you sneaking around
my place again, scaring my wife,

I'll kill you.

You couldn't do that, Mr. Tatum.

That's just plain murder.

Good day, gents, ma'am.

Good morning, Cartwright.

Morning. What can I do for you?

Well, I'd like you to
take a little ride with me.

Why should I take
a ride with you?

Just trying to do you a favor.

What's the matter? You're not
afraid to ride with me, are you?


Where to?

I can't quite
describe the place.

It's about three hours from
here. I'll have to show you.


Every one of them got the
Ponderosa brand on them.

How did you find them?

That's my job. What do
you think I get paid for?

Suppose you tell me?

What do you mean by that?

This whole business.

unjust accusations.

This war of nerves.

Is that part of your job?

If a man's got a guilty
conscience, that's not my fault.

Property's gotta be protected.

That gives you a license to
trample on people's rights,

turn them into
frightened animals?

You got these little
ranchers so rattled,

there's no telling what
they're liable to do.

That's the whole idea.

You get a man panicky
enough, he traps himself.

That works every time.

Turning a wolf into a sheepfold.

Come on now, that's no way to talk
to a man who's just done you a favor.

Especially when you got
that many head of cattle

to get back to your own spread.

Well, must be about straight-up
noon. I ought to be getting back to town.

I tell you what, Cartwright.

I like you. I mean, even if you
don't wanna pay me for what I do.

So, what do you say I
help you with these critters

then you buy me a beer
when we get back to town?


ADAM: What's up, Ira?

Phil Shelton. They
brought him in a while ago.


The doc's in there now
giving the sheriff his report.

Sure leaves his
calling card, don't he?

Yes, Adam, Ira?

Good to have you on hand, Clegg.

I like to oblige, sheriff.

The doc here dug this .44
slug out of Phil Shelton's body.

And we found this two-bit
piece in his shirt pocket.

Well, at least he
didn't die broke.

Where were you early
this morning, Clegg?

I got a right to know
why you're asking.

Because that's when Doc Dawson
here says that Shelton was killed.

Between eight and 10 hours ago.

Let's see, that's sometime
between dawn and now, right?

ROY: That's right.

Well, you wanna tell
them, Adam, or should I?

Adam, what's this all about?

Well, from early this morning
till now, Clegg was with me.

You're giving Clegg
an alibi, Adam?

I'm just telling the truth.

Are you sure?

All right, I didn't
ask that question.

But it is a cinch he
couldn't be with you

and out to Frenchman's
Creek at the same time.

Frenchman's Creek?

That's what we
fished Shelton out of.

Creek is glacier-fed.

Pretty close to freezing
this time of year.

Everybody knows that.

Extreme cold would affect
the body, wouldn't it, doc?

Meaning Shelton might've
been killed earlier or later,

and I couldn't
tell it by the body?

You know your cows, Cartwright.

I know my corpses.

Well, I'm beginning to
believe what Shelton said.

About where you
Cartwrights stand.

ADAM: Ira, wait.


Man, it's sure blowing
up a big one out there.

Never mind the weather.

You figure out anything yet?

Do you hear me?

I can't help but hear you.

No, I haven't figured
out anything yet.

Well, I'll figure it for you.

Tatum's called a greasy
sacker meeting for tomorrow.

I want him stopped tonight.

Either chase him off

or leave him with one
of your two-bit pieces.

But Tatum's clean.

I've been over him
with a fine-tooth comb.

What's that got to do with it?

Tatum can ruin all my plans, especially
with the help of Adam Cartwright.

So take care of him.

Simmons, your thinking
is kind of mixed up, isn't it?

You hired me on as a range
detective, not just as another gun.

Oh, come on, Clegg.

You use your gun
for money. Period.

There'll be an extra
little bonus in it for you.

I don't hear you, Simmons.

Up to now...

Up to now, every man I've
handled for you deserved it.

I'm not about to stick my neck in a
noose for you or for anybody else.

Especially not for the money.

So you're afraid of being
accused of just plain murder, huh?

I guess that's it.

It's kind of a quirk I got.

Then why did you kill Shelton?

He was the worst of the bunch.
Probably their leader. You know that.

I know nothing of the kind.

But I do know that our
agreement called for me

to be able to name every
man for you to take care of.

I never asked you to
take care of Shelton.

So why did you kill him?

All right, that was
a personal matter.

It finally came to me where
I'd seen that face before.

He was hired to bushwhack
me up in Montana.

I had to kill him.

And I'm the only
one that knows it.

So you'll do as I say.

You're drinking
too much, Simmons.

Not too much to
give you your orders.

You just give me what
you owe me up to now.

You'll do it tonight.

Now, Tatum can
foul up all my plans

and if Adam Cartwright
backs him up...

Do you hear me, Clegg? I
want Tatum out of the way

or you'll end up with that
murder charge against you.

Clegg, you heard my orders.

Yeah, I heard you.




Is that you?



Cartwright, I'm
sorry to trouble you.

I had a little accident.

My horse fell in the mud four,
five miles back, broke his leg.

I had to shoot him.

Come in.

Once heard you say that nobody's
ever turned away from the Ponderosa.

I just thought I'd
take you up on that.

Now, take off your poncho.

That's wet.

What are you doing out
here in the middle of the night?

Looking for another victim?

Now, Cartwright, you're
always making it plain

you don't like me or what I do.

But I make my living my
way, you make yours your way.

Yeah, but with you, I
don't think it's just a living.


No, I think you'd find a
way to do what you do,

whether you got
paid for it or not.

I don't know. I never
thought too much about it.

It pays pretty good
though, most of the time.

You know, if you got an extra
bunk, I'd sure appreciate it tonight.


- Second room on the right.
- Thanks.


In case we need to remember,

it's 11, right?

Well, you sure got a powerful
lot of mistrust for me, Cartwright.

Leave the horse at Kelso's stable.
I'll pick it up next time I'm in town.

Well, I'm not exactly
going into town,

but I'll see that you
get this horse back.

I probably won't see you
again, Cartwright. I'm pulling out.

Well, that's the best
news I've heard in years.

I'm curious, with all the small
ranchers still around, why?

Well, my business
is like a gambler's,

you gotta know when to
take your losses and leave.

So long, Cartwright.


ROY: Adam, we're looking
for Clegg. You seen him?

Don't tell me. Another killing?

He really has stuck his
head in the noose this time.

It's Cynthie, Adam.

He's killed Cynthie.

Last night, just
before the storm.

How do you know that?

Well, the ground was
dry underneath her body.

He ambushed her in the yard.

And you're sure it was Clegg?

Well, we found a .44
shell and a two-bit piece.

And his horse was
not far away, dead.

Well, he's mounted.
I gave him a horse.

He left here not more than
a couple of minutes ago.

You did? How come?

He spent the night here.

He killed Cynthie.

You trying to give him
another alibi, Adam?

I had no way of knowing.

We'll get him.

Adam, when he got here last night,
was he wearing a black poncho?

That's right, Roy, he was.

Let's go, boys.


All right, drop the rifle, or
you're dead where you stand.

They're wrong, Cartwright.

- I don't know nothing about that...
- Turn around.

Now, why did you
come in here and hide

when you saw the posse coming?

Well, as long as I've been in this
game, don't you know I can smell trouble?

I knew there was something
wrong when I saw them riding up.

I give you my word. I don't
know nothing about this killing.

I didn't do it.
I'm not that low.

You just save your
breath for the trial, huh?

I know who killed her. It
was Simmons. It had to be.

Now, why would he do
murder? He's got you on call.

No, that's just it. We
had it out last night.

He was drunk. He kept
demanding I get rid of Tatum for him.

I decided I'd had enough of him.

I was on my way out of
town when my horse fell.

Why the sudden reformation?

What I don't understand is,
why he killed Mrs. Tatum, I...

Unless he was just too
drunk to know the difference.

Give me a chance with
Simmons. I'll get it out of him.

Maybe you didn't
kill Mrs. Tatum,

but you've killed others.

Sure I've killed,
that's my business.

But I tell you one thing.

I've always had a
reason when I've done it.

They deserved it.

It was always within the law.

If it hadn't been, I'd
had been behind bars

or strung up at the end
of a rope long before this.

That doesn't justify
you or your methods.

I think they're wrong and
should be done away with.

Well, that's your opinion.

But that's all it is.
You're not God.

No, I'm not.

That's why I'm taking
you back to town

and let a judge and a
jury decide about you.

You saw the mood of that posse.

Those hotheads
will put a bullet in me.

I'll never get before
a judge or a jury.

You're a great one for talking up for
the little guy, the guy who needs help.

You play God there too?

You just give it to those you
like or anybody who needs it?

Well, I need it to help me
prove I didn't murder that woman.

Do I get it?

All right.

I'll give you a
crack at Simmons.

But don't try any tricks.

CLEGG: He's still
hitting the bottle.

Maybe he never left here.

He left.

- What do you want?
- Oh, we just thought we'd drop by.

what are you doing here?

Don't you know the whole
town is out looking for you?

No, why are they
looking for him?

He killed Ira Tatum's
wife last night.

You've gone too far, Clegg.

The association's
washed its hands of you.

Killing a woman.

You sure have a bad
hangover this morning.

Clegg spent the night
at the Ponderosa.

You're lying.

They found a two-bit piece
under her body and a .44 shell.

Well, anybody
could've left those there.

That your rifle over there?

Looks like a .44.

What are you trying
to do, give him an alibi?

He made you the laughingstock

when he set you up as
his alibi to kill Shelton.

You messed yourself up this
time. Where did you go last night?

Don't you question me.
Remember what I know.

What did you do, mistake
Mrs. Tatum for her husband?

It doesn't matter what I did.

They'll give me a medal
for killing you, Clegg.

And as for you, Cartwright,

you just got in the way of
a wild bullet. It's that simple.


I told you he did it.

Why did you kill him?
I had him winged.

I did him a favor. I kept
his neck out of a noose.

And you put your own in it.

Not yet.


Stay where you are. Freeze.
Drop those guns, both of you.

MAN 1: Get a rope.
Woman killer. We got him.

MAN 2: He's killed Alf
Simmons. MAN 1: Get a rope.

Look, men, you're
making a mistake.

Clegg didn't kill Cynthie
Tatum. Simmons did.

Of course, he did. That's why
he's dead now so he can't deny it.

Drop that rifle, Clegg.

MAN 3: He can't take all of us.


MAN 1: Get a rope.

Clegg is innocent.
You got my word for it.

Your word is no good.
You alibied for him before.

But now we got
him dead to rights.


We thought he'd try
to bust out of here.

Adam, what's going on here?

We just heard that
Clegg killed Simmons too.

Where is he, Adam?

Nobody's gonna
get that man but me.

He's dead.

- Well, where's the body?
- In the alley.

Sorry it wasn't
me that killed him.

He didn't kill Cynthie, Ira.

You still trying to
protect him, Cartwright?

MAN 1: Yeah, he's
trying to protect...

ROY: Hold it now.
Hold it, gents, please.

I believe I can prove
who killed Cynthie Tatum.

On account of the man that
done it fell over some cord wood,

and tore this out of his poncho.

ADAM: Over there.

I believe this is it.


ROY: Yes, sir.
- That's Simmons' poncho.

Clegg's is still
outside on his saddle.

That's what I was trying to tell
you, Simmons killed Mrs. Tatum.

Well, I guess that's about it.

So if you boys wanna be useful

we can take these bodies
over to Doc Dawson.

Alf Simmons.

He believed that all he needed to
put the noose around Clegg's neck

was a two-bit piece.

And if Clegg hadn't run, he'd
have been alive and free today.

Why do you figure he ran, Adam?

Why do you suppose all
of his innocent victims ran?

I think he found out for
the first time how they felt.

He wrote his own epitaph:

"Get a man panicky
enough, and he traps himself."

Behind the Scenes of The Flannel-Mouth Gun

Adam is the sole Cartwright featured in this episode, with the others away in St. Louis.

Before Cynthie Tatum’s shooting, a shot of the barn door swaying in the storm reveals a bush in the foreground buffeted by the wind while the trees surrounding the barn remain eerily still.

The shape of the torn poncho piece alters between consecutive scenes.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza provides family-friendly entertainment suitable for both solo viewing and gatherings with loved ones. The Flannel-Mouth Gun marks the 187th episode out of 430. Produced by NBC, Bonanza aired on their network from September 1959 to January 1973, boasting a remarkable 14-season run.

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