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The Trap Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #06, Episode #26

When Hallie Shannon’s husband, Booth (played by Steve Cochran), is murdered, she becomes convinced that Joe Cartwright, her former love interest, is the culprit, suspecting he did it to win her back. Tragically, Booth’s twin brother, Buck (also portrayed by Steve Cochran), shares the same suspicion—and Buck is known for his quick trigger finger. Joe’s predicament intensifies when Hallie herself is discovered dead. This riveting episode earned the season’s highest ratings upon its original airing on March 28, 1965. The Trap was crafted by Ken Pettus.

Explore the intricacies of its plotline, accompanied by intriguing trivia, or indulge in the complete episode below.

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Watch the Full Episode of The Trap

Watch the Full Episode of The Trap:

Main Cast

Besides the main cast, “The Trap,” the twenty-sixth episode of Bonanza Season 6 highlights various recurring and guest-supporting actors. The following are featured in the episode:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Steve Cochran as Burk Shannon / Booth Shannon
  • Joan Freeman as Hallie Shannon
  • Ray Teal as Sheriff Roy Coffee
  • Paul Lukather as Cletus
  • George Murdock as Floyd
  • Austin Green as Minister
  • Gene Cooganas Townsman (uncredited)
  • Adrian Crossett as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Betty Endicott as Townswoman (uncredited)
  • Bob LaWandt as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Rod McGaughy as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bob Miles as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Murray Pollack as Bartender (uncredited)
  • Cap Somers as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Trap

Joe arrives at the Shannon household, responding to Burk’s request for assistance after another raid. Hallie warmly welcomes Joe, who joins Burk in discussing the raiders’ hideout location. Joe suggests they set out to track them down. Hallie teases Joe about his delayed visit due to ranch duties, but Joe assures her he can’t resist her cooking anyway. Burk urges them to hurry, and they depart with Floyd and Cletus.

Upon reaching the suspected location, they split into two groups to corner the rustlers. Burk warns Joe about the rustlers’ nervous state as they advance. Burk fires at Joe in a misunderstanding, mistaking him for a rustler. Joe retaliates, inadvertently injuring Burk.

At the Ponderosa, Ben comforts Joe, who grapples with guilt. Hallie asks Joe for a ride home during the funeral, indicating a sign of forgiveness. Sheriff Coffee questions the Cartwrights about any tension between Joe and Burk. He hints at Booth’s arrival, Burk’s twin brother, and the town marshal, implying deeper scrutiny of Burk’s death.

Returning home, Hallie notices an unexpected visitor outside, indicated by a tied horse. Upon entering, she is taken aback to find Booth and visibly unsettled by his presence. Booth, sensing her unease, suggests her silence regarding Burk’s death was due to overwhelming emotions. He asserts his intention to assist in running the ranch as Burk would have wanted, but Hallie instinctively recoils from his advances.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Coffee visits the Ponderosa to discuss Booth’s provocative letter with Ben, who reacts angrily. Coffee explains his duty to consider Booth’s assertions as part of his investigation, mentioning the close bond between Joe and Hallie and the potential complications it poses publicly. Despite Ben’s frustration, Coffee clarifies the purpose of his visit: not to arrest Joe but to discuss the letter’s implications.

Booth’s behavior becomes increasingly disturbing as he imposes religious rituals on Hallie, attempting to erase Burk’s memory and manipulate Hallie into compliance. Hallie’s resistance leads to a confrontation where Booth reveals his sinister plan to use her testimony against Joe, ensuring Joe’s conviction and securing Hallie for himself. Hallie’s desperate confession and subsequent escape highlight the danger she faces.

Later, Ben and Joe discuss Hallie’s visit and Burk’s letter to Booth. Coffee arrives, bringing news of Hallie’s accusation against Joe following her altercation with Booth. Despite Joe’s confusion over Burk’s motives, Coffee insists on taking Joe into custody based on Hallie’s statement and Booth’s demands.

In the sheriff’s office, Booth accuses Joe of Hallie’s death, claiming Joe pushed her in a fit of rage. The situation escalates into a physical altercation, quelled by others. Booth insinuates that Hallie’s death was no accident but a calculated move by Joe to silence her permanently, leaving a cloud of suspicion and grief in his wake.

Booth confronts Joe in the saloon, expressing disbelief as Joe challenges him to a duel outside. Sensing the tension, the crowd disperses. Fed up with Booth’s accusations, Joe invites him to settle their dispute in the street. Booth hesitates, claiming superiority in skill and fearing an unfair fight would amount to murder. Joe counters, suggesting a scenario where self-defense could be argued, similar to the incident with Burk.

Booth dismisses Joe’s version of events, prompting Joe to insist on the duel unless Booth acknowledges the truth. Their exchange escalates until Joe physically attacks Booth, reiterating his challenge before leaving.
Outside, Booth implores Joe to reconsider, fearing a deadly outcome. Yet, driven by duty and provocation, Booth faces Joe.
Meanwhile, Ben vents his frustration to Sheriff Roy about the provocative posters. Their conversation is interrupted by a gunshot. They rush outside to find Joe wounded. Ben, devastated, carries his son for medical attention, while Booth, remorseful, insists this was not his intent.

After ensuring Joe receives medical care, Ben grapples with shock, briefly supported by Roy. Booth later visits, delivering Joe’s belongings and inquiring about his condition. Relieved to hear Joe will recover, Booth faces Ben’s questioning about his restraint during the duel. Booth admits to recognizing Joe’s integrity in the face of death, acknowledging his misguided motives driven by jealousy and a warped belief in Joe’s guilt.

Booth confesses his enduring love for Hallie and his envy of Burk, revealing his self-deception in blaming Joe. He attempts to leave a message for Joe through Ben, but Ben insists Booth offers his apology in person. Booth hesitates but eventually enters Joe’s room while Ben, weary from the ordeal, drifts into much-needed rest.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Trap


Hi, Little Joe.

- Hi, Miss Shannon.
- Hi, Hallie.

Howdy, Miss Shannon.

Well, I'm glad the
boys found you.

They told me you had
another raid last night.

Yeah. I heard them.

Almost caught them but
they got away in the dark.

Trailed them, though. I think
I know where they holed up.

They're not rustling many
head but it's beginning to add up.

Let's get going.

You haven't been around for a
week, Little Joe, what's wrong?

Been pretty busy at the ranch.

You know, I gotta do all
my brother's work for him.

Well, you quit
neglecting us, you hear?

I sure will. I can't stay away
from your cooking that long.

If, uh, we stand around
talking here all day,

them rustlers are gonna
get plumb away. Let's go.

So long, Hallie.

So long.

They could be holed up
in this draw down here.

Cletus, you and Floyd, circle on
around and wait for them at the mouth.

Little Joe and I will try to
flush them out from here.

Sure thing, Mr. Shannon.

Little Joe, you take this side of
the draw, I'll take the other side.

But be careful, I spooked
them pretty good last night,

- they're liable to be a little gun shy.
- Right.

JOE: Burk!

Burk! He's around back of me.

Double back around him.


Burk, he's in back of me!

Burk. Burk.

What happened?

Somebody fired at me,

I fired back and it was Burk.

Burk was firing at you?

Why'd he do a thing like that?

Must have thought I was a rustler,
the same as I thought he was.

We'll never know now,
Little Joe. He's dead.

- You about ready?
- Yeah.

- I'll call Joe.
- No.

No, I'll get him.

Pa's sure worried about the way
Little Joe's taking this, ain't he?

Aren't we all?


BEN: Joe.

Time to leave.

Yeah, I know.


Joseph, nobody,
including Hallie,

is blaming you
for what happened.

You really think they'd
tell you if they were?

Do you?


what happened, happened.

Nothing that anybody can say is
going to be of much help to you.

Why didn't he hear me
when I called to him?

Why didn't he hear
you when you called?

Why wasn't he on the
right side of the draw?

Why did he shoot at you?

What's the point
of talking, Joe?

Come on.

We ask this, O Lord, in
the name of the Father,

and the Son and the Holy Ghost.


Will you drive me home?


Little Joe sure is lucky.

Yeah? What do you mean?

Well, Hallie has forgiven him.

- About the accident.
- Oh.


I guess he is lucky, at that.


By granny, it don't seem
like no more than yesterday

I'd see Little Joe carrying
Hallie's books home from school.

Ben, you know,

was there was any hard feeling
at all between Burk and Little Joe?

You know how ornery
Burk could be at times.

You trying to infer that what
happened was not an accident?

I'm only asking you the same
question that I'm gonna have to answer.

Who's gonna ask it?

Burk's brother.

- Booth?
- That's right.

I sent him a telegraph about
Burk and I got one back last night.

He's gonna be in town tomorrow.

He's been the town marshal up at
Flat River last couple three months.

He still taming hell towns with
a fast gun and a short rope?

Well, he's still Booth Shannon,
if that's what you mean.

What do you mean?
He's gonna make trouble?

You know Booth just as
well as I do, and you know that

him and Burk meant a lot more
to one another than just brothers.

They was identical twins.

Yeah, I know.

Well, then you know the
answer to your question

just as well as I do, don't you?


You put the buggy away
and I'll fix us some coffee.

- I think I'd better be getting home.
- Please, Joe.

I don't wanna be alone, not yet.

All right.




- It's boiling.
- I know.

You know what I've decided?

I'm going to sell the
ranch and move into town.

I could rent the
old Shafer cottage.

It's a little small and rundown
but it'll do just fine for a little while.

How long do you
think we should wait?

Wait for what?

To be married, of course.

You think six months?

A year? Oh, I
hope not that long.

But we do have to
be careful, I know.

I guess I'll have to go on
wearing those awful black dresses

and a long sad face

telling everybody how
much I miss poor dear Burk.

Hallie, whatever
gave you the idea...?

If you don't wanna talk
about it yet, I understand.

I don't see why we shouldn't.

Just between the
two of us, of course.

Well, after all, no one
else is ever going to know.

Know what?

Oh, you're funny.

But if you wanna pretend
the shooting was an accident...

What do you mean pretend?

- Well, Joe, darling.
- Hallie, it was an accident.

Well, of course it was.

If this is some kind of
joke, I don't understand...

- Joke?
- Yes, a joke.

Do you think I'd joke
about something like this?

Joe, darling, I know how
hard it must have been

for you to do what you
did, and it was all my fault.

- Hallie.
- But it was.

Hallie, listen to me.

If I hadn't loved you so, and
if I hadn't been so impatient

and tried to force you into
marrying me before you were ready,

none of this would
have ever happened.

- Hallie, I...
- I never loved Burk. You knew that.

I only married him because
I was hurt and angry.

I wanted to spite you.

It was a silly,
childish thing to do.

Oh, but, darling, I'm
free again. I'm free.

And now I can be yours
like I always dreamed I'd be.

Hallie, do you really
believe that I murdered Burk?

That I killed him just so
that you and I could...?

If it upsets you, we
won't talk about it.

Hallie, there's
nothing to talk about.

You're wrong. I
didn't murder Burk.

I don't love you, Hallie.

I don't wanna marry you.


Darling, you don't
have to playact with me.

Hallie, please, I'm not
playacting. Will you listen to me?

Well, you're talking as if I'm
accusing you of murdering Burk

and I'm going to tell Sheriff
Coffee what really happened.

I'm sorry about
Burk, I really am.

I wish there could have
been some other way.

But you knew he'd
never give me up.

And you did the only
thing you could do.

I know you're upset, dear.

Now, let's just sit down
and have some coffee.

Now, two sugars,
a little bit of cream.

I know this is just
the way you like it.

Well, howdy, Booth.

I'm sorry that you couldn't get
here in time for your brother's funeral.

If I had, would that have
made my brother any less dead?

- Town hasn't changed much.
- No, not much.

Except I can remember the
time that you wouldn't run a town

where a man can
get away with murder.

I still don't.

I don't see young
Joe Cartwright in jail.

Little Joe didn't mean
to kill your brother.

He thought he was
shooting a rustler.

I know. That's what you
said in your telegram.

Roy, do you really believe that?

- I do.
- Why? Because a Cartwright said so?

No, because I got no
reason to believe different.

And Little Joe had no
reason to kill your brother.

This is a letter I got from my
brother two weeks ago. Read it.

Read it and then tell me if you think
my brother's killing was an accident.

Well, hello, Hallie.

Nice to see you.
How are you feeling?

Fine, Mr. Cartwright.
Is Little Joe here?

No. No, he went up to Scobie
Flats to take the boys some supplies.

He'll be back later tonight.


When he gets back, I'll tell
him you were looking for him.

Maybe tomorrow he'll come
over to your place to see you.

Has Little Joe said
anything about us?

- Us?
- Little Joe and me.


I guess I shouldn't
have said anything.

It's up to Little Joe to
tell you, in his own time.

Come on. Back up, back up.


Now remember,
Mr. Cartwright, don't you ask him.

Wait for him to tell you.

- I'll remember.
- Bye, Mr. Cartwright.



Hallie, you look frightened,

as if I were Burk's ghost
come back to haunt you.


Didn't Roy Coffee...? Didn't
he tell you I was coming?

Hallie, ever since I
heard, I've been wondering

why didn't you
telegraph me about Burk?

Well, I was going to, but I...

But you were too upset?

Too shocked?

Too grief-stricken?

I should have realized
that at the start.

Where shall I put them?

With Burk gone, someone's gonna
have to help you run the ranch.

- Well, I...
- I'm sure that Burk would've wanted

me to be that someone.

I'll put them in the spare room.

Not a word, not a single word.

Burk Shannon had a mind like a
snake pit, everybody knows that.

You believe Little
Joe and Hallie were...?

Ben, that is not the point.

The point is that Booth
believes it, and as sheriff, I have...

You're not answering
my question, Roy.

Of course I don't believe it.

- But there's a...
- But what?

Well, I happen to know Little
Joe is spending an awful lot of time

- around the Shannon place.
- Oh, for goodness sakes, Roy.

Little Joe and Hallie
grew up together.

They spent time with each
other when they were children.

Oh, come now, Ben.

You know that everybody
felt that Little Joe and Hallie

was a little more
than just friends.

Everybody thought that they
was gonna get married for sure.

I don't care what
everybody thought.

Well, it's about time you start
caring, for Little Joe's sake.

There's gonna be lots of folks thinking
the same thing that Booth's thinking.

Did you come here
to arrest Little Joe?

No, I come to
talk to Little Joe,

but I've got to ask him
about this, you know that.


I'm sorry, Roy. It's just that
I get so dang mad when...

I understand, Ben.

And you know how I
feel about Little Joe.

What time you reckon he'll
be back from Scobie Flats?


Late, probably.

If you went after him now,

you'd probably catch up
with him around Piaute Falls.

Ben, there's no need for that.

Just ask him to come in and
see me in the morning, if you will.

We can get this
thing ironed out.

And there's one thing
that we can be thankful for.

That Booth come to me with it instead
of taking the thing into his own hands.

Because as handy as
Little Joe is with a gun,

he just wouldn't stand a chance
up against Booth Shannon.

"The lines are fallen unto
me in pleasant places;

Yea, I have a goodly heritage."

That was one of
Burk's favorites.

Please don't read any more.

What is it Hallie?
You seem troubled.

I'm just tired.

If you'll excuse me,
I'm going to my room.

Is it me? I mean,
my just being here

looking so much like
Burk, reminding you of him.


Because if it is, you'll get
over that very soon, believe me.

Right now all you can
see is what the others saw,

how much Burk and I were alike.

But in time you'll find out that
Burk and I were as different

in as many ways
as we were alike.

Do you know that
he was afraid of you?

And do you know why?

Because he was afraid of beauty.

He was afraid he'd lose it.

That's only one of the ways in
which Burk and I were different.

Even though he was my own brother,
I knew he wasn't the man for you.

He was weak and fearful.

He didn't know how to love.

I'm going to my room.

In a moment.

First, there is
something we must do.

We must kneel down and pray.

We must pray for Burk.


Pray that he be
forgiven his weaknesses.

And then we must
forget Burk and start fresh,

you and I.

No, leave me alone.

I hated Burk and I hate you.

You're just like he was.

No, that's not true.

Look at yourself.
Listen to yourself.

Burk was an animal
and so are you.

Stop it.

You look like him, you talk
like him, and you think like him.

You even smell like him.



Don't you think I
know what you are?

Don't you think I know about
you and that young Cartwright?

Don't you think I
know he wants you?

Well, he's never gonna get you.

He's going to go to the gallows

and you're going
to send him there.


You're going to get
up in a court of law,

you're gonna stand up before
God and man and admit your sin

and confess your
shame and tell the truth.

That your husband's
death was no accident,

that Joe Cartwright
murdered him.



And then...

you're coming back
here to this house

and you're going
to be the wife to me

that my brother
wanted you to be to him.

Now, for the good
of your immortal soul,

I wanna hear you
to speak the truth.

Say, "My husband was
killed by Joe Cartwright."

- I won't.
- Say it.

- Say it.
- Aah!

Joe Cartwright...
"Murdered my husband."

Say it.

Murdered my husband.

In the morning,

we'll go into town

and talk to the sheriff.



Joe, Joe.

BOOTH: Hallie.

Go on, you know
where your stall is.

Hey, Pa, what are
you doing up so late?

- Waiting for you.
- Oh, yeah? What for?

Well, Hallie came by today

and, uh, well,
she intimated that

there was something
going on between you two.

Is there?


No, just in Hallie's mind.

I meant to tell you about it.

When I took Hallie home
from the funeral yesterday,

I went into the house.

Hallie started talking
crazy saying she knew

that I had murdered Burk so
that she'd be free to marry me.

She's upset about
her husband's death.

I just can't think of
any other reason why.

There was nothing ever between us.
A little puppy love when we were kids.

Maybe I did go over to the
Shannon place too much.

I think Hallie's reaching for
something, she's scared and lonely.

I think she'll be all right.

Well, I don't think it's
quite as simple as all that.

What do you mean?

Burk had some pretty crazy notions
running around in his head too.

He wrote a letter to Booth

saying that he suspected that there
was something going on between

you and Hallie.


Yeah. Booth showed the letter to
Roy, Roy showed it to me this afternoon,

and Roy wants to
question you about it.

Pa, I swear to you,
I'm telling the truth.

I believe you, Joe.

But Booth believes
his brother's letter.


JOE: Hi, Roy.
- Hi, Joe.

We were just talking about you.

I'd have come in town
tomorrow about that letter.

- You didn't have to come out here.
- I didn't come about that.

Booth Shannon just rode
into town a little while ago

and said that him and
Hallie had had an argument.

She run away and he
thought that she might be here.

Well, she didn't come here.

Was the argument over
that letter he got from Burk?

No, it's more serious than that.

According to Booth, Hallie says
that the shooting was not an accident.

I'm beginning to
think she's right.

Look, I could never figure out why
Burk fired at me that second time.

After the first shot,
I called to him.

He wasn't that far away,
I know he heard me,

and yet, he still
fired at me again.

Now, that letter is proof of why.
He thought there was something

going on between Hallie and
me and he was trying to kill me.

Of course. Roy, don't you see?

It's possible, Ben, I admit
that. But we have no proof.

- And with Hallie accusing Little Joe...
- Hallie doesn't know what she's saying.

All we have to
do is talk to her.

Well, we gotta find her first.

Booth is out leading a search
party now looking for her.

In the meantime, I'm gonna
have to take you in with me.

- Roy, you don't have to...
- I have no choice, Ben.

Booth demands it.

I'm sorry.

- They find Hallie?
- Posse's still looking.

Get your hat, you're leaving.

Your pa's in the office.


It's all right. Little Joe's been released
by an order from the circuit court.

BEN: Yeah, I went over to
Gold Hill to the circuit court.

If you want him in jail, you're
gonna have to file a formal complaint.

- What about Hallie, did you find her?
- Yeah, we found her

at the bottom of Piaute Falls.

She's dead.

- You killed her! ROY:
Shannon, you stop that!

You know better than that,
you're a lawman. Now, look at him.

All right.


I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have lost my head.

What happened to Hallie?

It's hard to say exactly.

Could be she tried to get up
the footpath alongside the falls,

missed her step and fell.

Or she was pushed.

You got no reason
to say that, Booth.

No, leave him alone,
Roy. Let him have his say.

I don't think this is the time

- or the place...
- Roy.

Let's have this settled
right now if we can.

We can't,

not now,

not ever, with Hallie gone.

And that's why she's dead,
so she could never tell anyone

that your son killed my brother.

Hallie knew that

he'd be riding past Piaute
Falls last night on the way home.

She waited for him
by the side of the road.

And when he found out that
I'd gotten the truth out of her,

he made sure she'd never
stand up in a court of law

and repeat what she told me.

He arranged
another accident. Ah!

Save your breath.

You don't have to tell me
I can't prove any of this.

I've been a lawman
long enough to know that.

The only one that
could prove it is dead.

That's the whole point.

Hallie Shannon is dead

and Joe Cartwright is free.

I'm riding over to
Gold Hill in the morning

to talk to Judge Holloway
and the county prosecutor.

I'll stop by your
place on my way back.

Little Joe, I don't think you've
got much to worry about.

There's nothing that the
law can do to you now.

And if things work out
the way I expect them to

over at Gold Hill tomorrow,
you won't even have to stand trial.

I already have.

I already have.


This is the end of it.

That's where you're
wrong, Cartwright.

He's gonna pay for this.

I'm gonna haunt him.

No matter where he goes,
no matter what he does,

when he looks back,
he'll see me following him.

And I'm gonna dog him until someday
he's gonna go screaming to the sheriff

and confess what he
did and beg to be hanged.


I wanna talk to you.

It won't do any
good, but go ahead.

What have you come
for, to plead for your son?


if that's the way you want
it, to plead for my son.

You're a very fortunate
man, Mr. Cartwright.

I didn't have the opportunity
for my brother or Hallie.

My son is innocent.

Why, because he's your son?

No, but because he
says so and I believe him.

Well, I believed my brother when
he wrote about your son and Hallie.

- It's not quite the same thing, is it?
- No.


I'm beginning to understand how
you really feel about your brother.

When you were boys
and you lived around here,

I remember you and your brother, Burk,
always competing against each other.

And he was always coming out on
top, beating you and gloating over it.

That's ridiculous.
We were children.

I went away and when I grew up,

I was twice the man
Burk ever thought of being.

Of course you did.

Why did you wait until
now to come back?

And what's this great concern
over your poor brother?

You're a man of the law.

Why are you going
outside the law?

This is not outside the law.

Cartwright, your son
is going to the gallows.

The Bible says, "Vengeance
is mine, saith the Lord."

Don't quote the Bible
to me. I know the book.

Do you? Which parts?

The ones which suit
your convenience?

You really mean this?

Of course I mean it.

Well, um, Floyd and me,

we're the only ones that
know anything about it.

I thought Joe Cartwright
was a friend of yours.

He was, in a way.

On the other hand, I, uh,
never really liked him much.

He's always thought he was something
special because he was a Cartwright.

Get to the point.

What if, uh, Floyd and
me went to the sheriff

and told him what we saw

the day we was
looking for them rustlers?

What did you see?

Could be enough to send
Little Joe to the gallows.

You see, uh,

Floyd, he listens to
me, and if I told him...

To lie, he would?

You want Little Joe, don't you?

So, what difference is it...?

Joe Cartwright's gonna hang,

but he's gonna hang
for the truth, not a lie.

Now get out.


He's getting to you, isn't he?

He's on your back and
you can't get him off.

It's just like he
said it'd be, right?

And you know
what's gonna happen.

He's got the whole town believing
you murdered Burk and Hallie.

You saw him.

And he's gonna
keep digging at you,

and digging and digging
till you believe it too.

He's a devil. He's
Satan himself.

And he's gonna get to you, Joe.

He's sitting over at
that saloon just waiting.

He's gonna see you hang.

You want something?

You, out on that street.

What? What?

I'm not gonna play any more
games with you, Shannon.

You think I murdered
Burk and Hallie?

Now's your chance to
do something about it.

You're asking me outside?

Right now.

Oh, go home.

Not until you face
me on that street.

Cartwright, if I went out on that
street with you, there wouldn't be a fight.

It would be murder.

No, no, not if I
fired at you first.

That'd be self-defense, just like it
was when your brother fired at me.

Oh, go tell your lies to
somebody who will believe them.

No, it's the truth, but
you don't wanna believe it.

The letter you got
from your brother,

the one telling
about Hallie and me,

that wasn't the truth, not
one bit of it was the truth.

But that's the
proof that I needed.

That's all I had to know to reason
out why your brother fired at me.

He knew it was me.

But you twisted it around
to mean just the opposite.

Shut up and go home.

Not until you meet
me in that street.


you're gonna die,

but you're gonna
die in the gallows.

You're not gonna force
me to take your life.

I'll be waiting for
you out on that street.

Don't be a fool, boy.

Go home, Cartwright.

Don't make me kill you.

Ben, I know how you feel
but that's not an illegal poster.

That badge that he wears doesn't
give him the power over other...


I'll tell Doc Carver
to get ready.

Cartwright, I didn't want this.

You staying at the
hotel tonight, Ben?

Get yourself some
food now, will you?

How is he?

He'll be all right.



You could have killed him.

Why didn't you?

Standing out in the street, I...

Well, I knew he'd
been telling the truth.

He didn't have to fight me.

But he was standing there,
ready to die if he had to.

A killer wouldn't
have done that.

You know, you
were right about Burk.

Burk was a spoiler, Cartwright.

All his life, he never wanted
anything until I wanted it,

and then, somehow, some
way, he'd get it away from me.

Even Hallie.

I knew Hallie long before he did. I
loved her before he even met her.

And this time I...

When I came back
here, I honestly thought

that I could make her love me

if I could just get Little
Joe out of the way.

And I guess I...

I guess I talked myself into
believing that he'd murdered Burk.

I guess if you want
something badly enough,

you can convince
yourself of anything.


Well, I, uh... I'm really
sorry about Little Joe.

I wish you'd tell
him that for me.

Why don't you tell him?

I'm gonna be riding
out of here tonight.

He's awake.

I think he'd like
to hear it from you.

Behind the Scenes of The Trap

Steve Cochran delivered his final performance in the dual roles of Boothe and Burk Shannon. Tragically, less than three months after this episode aired, Cochran passed away due to a lung infection, marking the end of his illustrious career.

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Bonanza provides wholesome entertainment suitable for individual enjoyment or family gatherings. The Trap is the 194th episode out of 430 in the series. Produced by NBC, Bonanza graced their network screens from September 1959 to January 1973, boasting 14 seasons.

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