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Lijah Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #17, Episode #09

Lijah, a wandering mountain man, stumbles upon a gruesome scene: the aftermath of a brutal attack on the Ezra Parker family, leaving only ten-year-old Rachel Mae alive. As Lijah begins to bury the deceased, Hale Parker, Rachel Mae’s dubious uncle, arrives at the scene. A scuffle ensues, resulting in Hale being rendered unconscious by Lijah, who is suspected of the crime. Sensing impending danger, Lijah flees with Rachel Mae to protect her from the unknown threat.
Upon regaining consciousness, Hale travels to Dodge City to relay the events. Upon hearing the news, Marshal Matt Dillon assembles his team and investigates the situation. Gunsmoke Lijah aired on November 8, 1971, delivering a tale of mystery and survival in the Old West.

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Gunsmoke Lijah Cast

The individuals listed below performed in the Gunsmoke episode titled Lijah:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Milburn Stone as Doc (credit only)
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Ken Curtis as Festus
  • Buck Taylor as Newly
  • Denny Miller as Lijah
  • Harry Townes as Hale Parker
  • Erin Moran as Rachel Parker
  • William Wintersole as Will Standish
  • Tom Brown as Ed O’Connor
  • Woodrow Chambliss as Lathrop
  • Pat Hingle as Dr. Chapman
  • Lane Bradford as Dump Hart
  • Howard Culver as Howie
  • Herb Vigran as Judge Brooker
  • Pete Kellett as Frank
  • Glenn Strange as Sam Noonan
  • Charles Wagenheim as Halligan
  • Ted Jordan as Nathan Burke
  • Dan Flynn as Tack (as Dan Flynn Jr.)
  • Hank Wise as Hank (as Henry Wise)
  • Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
  • Donna DeLacey as Saloon Girl (uncredited)
  • Len Felber as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Duke Fishman as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bob Harks as Townsman (uncredited)
  • George Hoagland as Bailiff (uncredited)
  • Louise Lane as Townswoman (uncredited)
  • Ethelreda Leopold as Townswoman (uncredited)
  • Bert Madrid as Juror (uncredited)
  • Jimmy Noel as Townsman (uncredited)
  • George Tracy as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Lijah

The destiny of a mountain man rests in the hands of a jury.

Full Script and Dialogue of Lijah


I want you to stay right
here, and don't come out.


Where you going?

You best be a-coming
with me, Ladybug.

Well, don't you think that
there's a smart idea, Matthew?

Wouldn't that be
just the very thing?

You've heard... You
never have heard no idea...

Festus, look, I hate to throw
cold water on your idea, but...

Well, what... Doctor?

Doctor, could you
come in here for a minute

and that tell Matthew that this
here's a good idea that I got?

Just tell him it's a good idea.

What's that, Festus?
What's a good idea?

Well, I had me that chicken
with the runny sauce all over it

and Delmonico's
for supper last night,

and I figure that that's what
brung on this here dream

that give me this here idea,

that I'm fixing to get one of
them things from Washington from

that guarantees
you that nobody can't

slip up behind your
back and steal your idea.

- You mean, a patent?
- Yeah.

You got an idea you
want to get a patent on?

Wood trains.

- Wooden trains?
- Yeah.

Trains made out of
wood, don't you see?

I didn't quite catch on
with it either, Doctor.

Well, don't tell me you don't
understand neither, Doc.

A fellow with all
your book learning,

why I figured you'd get that

quicker than a pup
would get a beefsteak.

What is there to get
about wooden trains?

Well, don't you see?

Wood trains could float
right across the rivers.

Wooden trains that
float across the river.

That's it!

And you could put paddles
onto the drive shafts,

help drive the train across the river
in case there was a strong current.

Why, you blame-sure could.

Doctor, that's a very
T.I. inktum dinktum.

That's a good idea!
Matthew, see what I told you?

Uh, yeah, that's right, Festus.

Congratulations, Doctor, you,
uh, you catch onto things fast.

You know, it takes some
people quite a while.

Festus, there is just one little
change that I'd make if I were you.


What's that, Doctor?

Wouldn't it be cheaper to
make the rails out of wood?

Let 'em float on
top of the water,

let the trains go
across on them?

No, no, Doctor, that
there wouldn't work.

Don't you see, you lay them
wood rails across the river,

they'd be all wobble-ty.

You couldn't never
hold them steady.

All right, but what if you
was to take these big posts

and drive them
down into the river bed

and then attach the
rails onto the posts?

They wouldn't be
wobble-ty then, would they?

Well, they blame-sure wouldn't.

I believe that would work. That
would hold them steady as a rock.

I've even got a name
for that kind of rail.

Yeah, what's that?

A bridge.

Marshal, there's a man out here talking
about some people being murdered.

Biggest man I
ever seen in my life.

We fought, him and me.

Then he reached down
and picked up a big tree limb,

about big around
as your arm, it was.

While my back was turned. I
was turned around to make sure

poor little Rachel was all right.
That's when he let me have it.

Hale, what's happened here?

Marshal, I was just
coming to get ya.

He killed them, Marshal.

Sit down, let me
take a look at that.

Now, who are you talking
about? What happened?

I went out to my cousin's
to borrow some grain.

When I got there, there
was this big man out there.

Bigger than a tree, he was.

M... Meaner looking
than Old Nick himself.

Must have been that madman
that killed that family in Hays.

A man like that on the
loose, we're all in danger.

All right, boys, now
hold on a minute here.

I don't follow you.
What happened exactly?

I got there in the
nick of time, Marshal.

He had poor little Rachel
trapped down in the root cellar,

and he had a gun and he
was a-gonna kill her, too!

- I know it!
- Man: A little girl?

All right, now wait a minute.

Where were Rachel's
parents and her brother?

Marshal, I forgot
you wasn't here

when I told the rest of
the folks. They was dead.

I got... when I got there,

he'd already done killed
all the rest of the family.

Well, let's get a posse
and get out there!

- It can't be too soon!
- Yeah, we're wasting time, Marshal.

Man: I think we'd better go,
boys. We haven't got much time.


You ain't thirsty?

Your folks, was they?

Happened to me too, Ladybug.

My folks got killed off
when I was a youngin'.

Now, you're gonna be all
right. I'm fixing to help you,

see you don't get hurt none.

Ladybug, I never
killed your folks.

And I ain't gonna hurt you.

You hurt my Uncle Hale.

Just trying to save my own life.

That's all in the
world I was a-doing.

I meant him no harm.

He was fixing to shoot me.

Why aren't we going
into Dodge City?

'Cause me and cities
don't get on too good.

Fact is, me and people
don't get on too good.

Back in Dodge they'd just say I
was the one who killed your people.

They wouldn't be
paying me no mind...

excepting to hang me.

You didn't hurt
my folks, did you?


No. God's truth.

You never saw who done it?

I couldn't see nothing.

I could only hear noises.

You could hear.

It would make my life a heap
easier if you could have seen, though.

There's a road 10,
12 miles further on.

We'll be hitting it
come sunup tomorrow.

I'll leave you there.

There's three freight
wagons pass there every day.

Run you right into Dodge.

Thank you.

Lijah. That's my name.

Thank you, Mr. Lijah.

What's the matter,
Tack, you feeling all right?

I never saw dead folk before.

It's crawly. Who could
do something like that?

It's got to be that
Hays family killer.

And there ain't no way to tell
what a man like that's going to do.

That wild man has been
doing all those killings...

- Right.
- Way back to Missouri?

Hale, you should have
shot him like a rabid dog.

I didn't want to take no chance on
shooting with the child so close-by.

So I just jumped on him from
horseback when I come up.

I think I could have taken him,
too, except that I had to keep...

That David and Goliath ruckus

wasn't a spit in the
ocean to what he done.

But he sure has got a lump
on the side of his head, Festus.

Ah, fiddle. That
there ain't no lump.

He's got so blame-much
brag inside of him

it's starting to pooch out
that swole-up head of his,

is what it is.

Well, let's not worry about Hale,
now, we've got to find that girl.

Did you see anything out back?

We're looking for a big
man and a little girl, ain't we?

Well, I've seen their tracks heading
right out that way when we rolled in.

They're afoot, we can
catch them in no time at all.

I'll get the posse mounted up.

Now, hold on, Newly.

Don't say anything
about the tracks, Festus.

Well, why, Matthew?

They're plain as the
sun in the summer sky.

Yeah, they're there, all right.

But I want you to
head the men east.

- East?
- That's right.

I'm gonna follow
the tracks alone.

Scared men are liable to be
trigger-happy and that can be dangerous.

We don't need that when
there's a little girl involved.

It's very good.

Well, it's hot,
stick to your ribs.

Aren't you hungry?

Get enough to eat?


Is this how you sleep?

I mean, don't you
have a house, Mr. Lijah?


No. No house, Ladybug.

Where do you live, then?

Up high in the mountains.

Where the wild things stay.


No, no. Deers is
most tame, Ladybug.

Come down and lick
salt with the cattle.

No, there's places where I live
that the eagle ain't never seen.

Is that where you'll go?

I know them mountains.

I'll just go up high and...

wait till they gets
tired of looking for me.

That's God's land, Ladybug.

Ain't no men up
there to ruin it.

Well... I talked too much.

Ain't used to talking.

Best you get to sleep.

We'll leave at first light.

Get you safe in Dodge
before the day is out.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take.

God bless Mommy and Daddy...



I said you best sleep.

You ain't asleep.

I'm not sleepy, that's all.

A mite scared, are you?

No, I'm not scared.

I'm hardly a bit scared.

Now, you best get
to sleep, Ladybug.

It won't be so bad come sunup.

When we used to have
thunder and lightning storms,

my mom would come
upstairs and sing with me.

That's real nice.

Do you like to sing?

No, I... ain't much for that.

We use to sing the
"Jesus Loves Me" song.

You know that song?

No, no I don't.

You don't?

I thought everybody
knew that song.

I don't know many songs. It...

It just ain't the kind of
thing for folks like me.

Been so long, I...

don't think I know
what singing is no more.

You want me to sing for you?

I sing in Sunday school choir.


If you want.

♪ Jesus loves me, this I know ♪

♪ For the Bible tells me so ♪

♪ Little ones to Him belong ♪

♪ They are weak,
but He is strong ♪

♪ Yes, Jesus loves me ♪

♪ Yes, Jesus loves me ♪

♪ Yes, Jesus loves me ♪

♪ The Bible tells me so ♪

♪ Yes, Jesus loves me ♪

♪ Yes, Jesus... ♪

Hold it!

Get your hand away from the gun.


Man: Hey, they got
him! They got the fellow!

The one that killed the Parkers!

Man: They got the guy
that killed all those people!

Here comes the posse!

Don't worry, folks,
she's just fine.

She's just scared
a little bit, that's all.

I'm gonna be looking
after her real good.

So don't you worry none, she's
just fine. Ain't that right, Rachel Mae?

Man: They finally got them.

Morning, Miss Kitty.

Good morning. You know him?

I've never seen him before
in my life, that I know of.

He sure acts like he knows you.

Come on, we ain't got all day.


Yeah, same on this.

What's your last name, Lijah?

Name's Lijah, that's all.

No last name?

A name's to answer to.

I answer to Lijah.

Want a cup of coffee?

Friendly type, ain't he?

- Hi, Matt.
- Hello, Will.

- Newly.
- Mr. Standish.

That the man in there?

Marshal: That's him.
You want to talk to him?

Yeah, if you don't mind.

Lijah, this is Will Standish.

He's the prosecuting
attorney for the state of Kansas.

You know what a
prosecuting attorney does?

You'll see I get hanged.

If you're guilty.

Then you'll see I'm guilty.

I've come here to tell you
that papers are being drawn up,

and you're being charged with
three counts of premeditated murder.

I ain't surprised.

Trial will be
sometime next week.

I'll be here when it
comes time you want me.



Will, has the court appointed
a lawyer for this man, yet?

Well, we're trying, Matt.

But it ain't easy. You know,
the lawyer who takes this case

is gonna make
himself a lot of enemies.

You can count on that.

Well, regardless of that, a
man can't stand trial for murder

without a lawyer.

I know that.

I left a message
with Homer Wayne.

Homer Wayne?

He's only handled
land deeds and wills.

He's never been in a courtroom.

Well, Homer Wayne's
available now.

The sooner we get this
trial going, the better.

You know, frankly, half this
town don't give a tinker's damn

whether this man
gets a fair trial or not.

Well, that doesn't matter. He's entitled
to the best defense we can get him.

I'm not disputing that.

Homer Wayne's it.

Well, Homer's a good man,

but he's over 80 years old.

What are you suggesting, Matt?

Well, I think maybe
we got a better choice.

Newly here's read law.

Do you think you're qualified?

No, sir, I don't.

I'm not a lawyer. I only
read law for a few months.

Well, Newly, if a choice
between you and old Homer,

I think you're the man.

Matt, I can't do it.

Now, wait a minute, Will.

If it's agreeable with Lijah, and
Judge Brooker doesn't object,

will you clear him?

Yes or no?

Well, frankly, I don't think
Homer Wayne will do it anyway.

And the longer we wait on this
trial, the harder it's going to be

to keep the lid on in this town.

We'll keep the lid on,
don't worry about that.

Well, you got yourself
a client, Mr. O'Brien.

Newly, I want you to get a wire
off to the state house right away.

Get all the information you
can on those other killings,

especially the
description of the killer.

We got to see if
any of it fits Lijah.

Yes, sir.

- Good evening, Doctor.
- Hello, Matt.

Any answer yet on this inquiries
into the murders or on Lijah?

Not yet, nothing on him.

He sure is a strange one.

Well, he couldn't possibly be
sane and commit all those murders.

What do you think, Marshal,
do you think he's sane?

Well, I'm not sure.

I'll tell you one thing, though,
he knows what he's charged with.

Will Standish was telling him
and he understood every word of it.

It's peculiar though.

What do you mean?

Well, there's just something
about that man I don't understand.

You know, I feel the same.

The day you
brought him into town,

he picked me out of a
crowd and stared at me like...

Oh, it was just
like he knew you.

It was just like that.

I tell you something, Doctor, I'd feel a
whole lot better if you'd look him over.

I want to. I'll do
that right now.

I'm gonna walk over
to the jail and see him.

To see Lijah?

Yes, why?

Well, I'd rather you didn't.

Would you mind
telling me why not?

No, not at all, Doctor.

This is the list of the men
called to serve on jury duty.

That's your name right on top.


- Tack: Night, Mr. Parker.
- Hale: Good night, Tack.

Man: Oh, you're sure welcome.

- Goodnight.
- Night, Hale.

- Goodnight!
- Thanks, again.

- Sure. Goodnight.
- Come to our place one of these times.

- Do that.
- Night, Hale.

Good night. Thanks, again.

Hello there, sweetheart.

You... you still awake?

I wasn't sleepy, Uncle Hale.

Oh, maybe we was too
noisy for you outside, huh?

No, it didn't bother me.

They was just some good
friends of your Uncle Hale's

come by to wish me well.

To wish us both well.

That was nice of them.

Oh, people is gonna be awful
nice to us now, sweetheart.

We're what you call "people of
property," like the fellow says.

I ain't just some rump-busted
pony-pusher no more, honey.

No, siree.

I've got that nice spread of
your pa's to look after now.

And I've got a fair-sized
amount of investing to do.

And I've got you
to look after, too,

bless your little heart.

Oh, what's the matter, there?

Ain't you got a kiss for
your poor old Uncle Hale?

You smell like whiskey.

Your pa never did hold
that too much, did he?

Well, you'll get used to it.

It ain't all that bad.

Uncle Hale?

Yes, sweetheart.

Why did you lie
to Marshal Dillon?

What are you talking
about, Rachel Mae?


you told everybody how you
and Mr. Lijah fought and fought,

and you didn't
fight hardly at all.

You walked around the barn
and he hit you with a shovel.

And that was all
there was to it.

Now, you was all excited, Rachel
Mae. You don't know what you seen.

Yes, I do so. You
both ran for the gun.


Now, Rachel Mae Parker,
you just listen to me now.

I'm the last kin you
got in the whole world.

Your ma and your
pa wouldn't like it

if you went around making people
laugh at me, now would they?


don't you want
your ma and your pa

and your big brother
to get into heaven?


Well, you sure ain't
acting like you do.

Now, you listen to me.

You was all excited, Rachel Mae,

and you don't know what you
seen about him and me fighting.

But that man killed
your ma and your pa

and your big brother,

and he was
a-gonna kill you, too.

Until I come along
and stopped him.

He was going to skin you
alive and feed you to his dogs,

is what he was going to do.

And folks around here
wants to see him dead,

and it's our duty to see
that they gets their wish.

We owe that to
your ma and your pa.

'Cause you know your ma and pa
is looking down on you right now?

They are?

Yes, they are.

But they ain't in
heaven, oh, no, Rachel.

They's a-waiting outside the
gates, and they ain't gonna get in.

Until vengeance is
done on that man.

They're gonna wait
outside there forever...

till that man hangs.

You just think
about that for a while.

See if you don't remember
something more, hm?

Now, don't you
forget what I told you.

Do you swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?

- I do.
- Be seated.

State your name and
place of residence.

Hale Parker.

Living on Oak Fort Road,
out near Spring's Crossing.


- Now, Mr. Parker, - Yes?

I want you to tell the
gentlemen of this jury

what you first saw

when you arrived at
the Ezra Parker home

on the morning of the 13th.

Yes, I'd be pleased to.

Well... I tied up
out in the corral,

and I started toward the house.

Hadn't gone more
than two steps when...

I seen poor Ezra and his boy.

Were they dead?

Yes, sir, dead. Stone dead.

Mr. Parker, I want you to tell
this court what happened next.

Well... I looked up then.

I seen that man there.

- The accused?
- Yes, sir.

And he had a gun.

Did you say, Mr. Parker,
that that gun was loaded?

I'm sure it was.

Now, Mr. Parker,

you say Lijah
threatened your niece.

Was she harmed in any way?

Well, no,

but he chased her, and
she'd have been dead

if I hadn't stopped him.

Lie! He lies!

Look, Lijah, you've got to
trust me to handle this thing.

We'll get to the truth in
due time, I promise you that.

But you can't go calling a
man on the witness stand a liar.

I can't call him liar?

How come he can
call me murderer?

Your witness, Mr. O'Brien.

- Mr. Parker.
- Yes.

Why were you out at the
ranch that day in the first place?

Hale: Well, I needed
me some seed grain

and some sourdough starter.

Cousin Ezra was doing good
enough to let me have some,

so I just figured I'd go out
and ask him for some, is all.

Now, Rachel, I
want you to relax...

and take your time...
and think back...

and tell the jury what
happened that morning.


Mama and I were in the
cellar putting away jelly.

And there was some shooting.

Mama told me to stay where
I was and not make a sound.

She went out.

Then there was more shooting.

Then it got quiet
for a long time.

I must have made a
noise and he heard me

and found me in
the root cellar there.

Who heard you, Rachel?

Who found you?

That man Lijah.

He said he'd killed
Mama and Papa.

And he said he'd kill me
and feed me to his dogs.


That there's a lie!

- It ain't true!
- You'll ruin your chances.

- I ain't killed nobody, I ain't!
- Stop! We can't turn this into a circus.

Help him!



Get the cuffs on him, Festus.

- You all right, Newly?
- Yes.

- Doctor.
- Evening, Marshal.

Well, get locked
out of your office?

No, I just came out
to try to cool off a little.

Well, it's a warm
night all right.

I was thinking about going down to
the Long Branch and having a beer.

- You want to join me?
- I'd like to, yes,

but I'd better not.
Everybody and his brother

will be over there wanting
to talk about the trial,

and I'm not
allowed to discuss it.

I think I'll stay where I am.

Something bothering you, Doctor?

I'll tell you, Marshal,

one of the things a man learns
after a lifetime of tending to people

is how to read their eyes.

Sometimes a
patient is too young,

too old, too sick

to tell you where it
hurts, how bad it hurts,

and you learn to
read it in his eyes.

It's a sense that you develop.

A pretty good one, too.

And that Lijah...

I have caught him staring
at me a couple of times.

I can't figure out why.

It's like he wants me to
read something in his eyes,

but for the life of me, I can't.

The only thing I
can figure is that

I look like somebody
he knows or knew, or...


too bad you can't go over
and have a talk with him.

I'm afraid if you did that Judge
Brooker would declare a mistrial.

Well... Well, I don't
know what to do.

Well, about all you can do is...

listen to the evidence

and try not to let anything
else influence your vote.



I'm tired, Marshal. I think
I'm gonna go on up to bed.

Excuse me. Goodnight.

Goodnight, Doctor.

O'Brien: If he did kill those people,
why didn't he kill the little girl?

Instead, he was taking care of
her when the Marshal found him.

I don't know who did this thing,

but I do know they haven't
proved it was Lijah that did it.

He's a man that come to the
wrong place at the wrong time

and because he's different,

because he wants to live apart
from everybody else, by himself,

people are saying he did
it, but nobody saw him do it.

He didn't have
no reason to do it.

That's why we don't have
a real reason to hang him.

God help us all if being
different is a hanging offense.

Judge Brooker:
Gentlemen of the jury,

you've heard the testimony,
you've heard the summation.

If you have any questions
as to the technicalities of law,

let's hear them now.

It is not your place here
to decide on sentence.

That is the function of the
court, it is not your responsibility.

It is your solemn
obligation, however,

to pass judgment
on that man Lijah.

Guilty or innocent?

On the basis of the
testimony as you've heard it

and understood it.

You may retire now,
gentlemen, to do you duty.

We await your verdict.

Dr. Chapman: "Guilty."







"Not guilty."

- Huh?
- What?

Now, what jackass thinks
that yahoo is innocent?

Why, that man gunned
down three people.

- And he'd of killed that little girl, too.
- Yeah!

Gentlemen! Gentlemen.

I'm the one that
voted "not guilty."

- What?
- Doc, you?

You mean, you
think he's innocent?

No, I don't think he's innocent, but
I'm not convinced he's guilty, either.

I'm willing to listen to you
gentlemen, I'm willing to be convinced,

but until I am, my
vote remains the same:

not guilty.

Doc, you heard the testimony!

Defending a wild man.

A man who lives in the hills,

who has no family and no work,

and who lives
like a wild animal.

I'm not defending him, I'm
just not willing to hang a man

when I'm not
convinced he's guilty.

And how a man lives doesn't
have one thing to do with this.

As Newly O'Brien said,
"God help us all if we"...

And another thing,
that Newly O'Brien

is no more qualified
to act as an attorney...

Oh, Howie, Howie. What's
that got to do with anything?

Just the same, a man
never seemed more guilty.

- That's right.
- Hale saw him there.

With the Parkers laying dead!

But Hale didn't
see him kill anyone.

Well, if he was innocent,
Newly should have proved it.

Yeah! And besides,
if the man is innocent,

he don't need a lawyer.

Gentlemen, I would imagine

that someone said the
same thing to Pontius Pilate

a few centuries back.

I just don't happen
to agree, that's all.

Doc, I... I don't think you know

how we do things here in Dodge.

Ain't much like New
Orleans, I reckon.

This has nothing to
do with New Orleans,

Dodge City, or anyplace else.

This has to do with me.

Well, now, I'll tell
you what I think.

All right, you tell me.

I think that Lijah's put the
evil eye on you or something.

Ah, Dump, even
you can't believe that.

Well, he was always looking
at him, a-staring at you.

You got any
explanation for that?

No, I haven't.


Now, what's he tried to do, Doc?

Tried to scare you, tried
to get you to vote his way?

Yeah, that's maybe
just what he's done, huh?

Well, Doc, what do you say?

Don't you think we ought
to take another vote?

Not much point, Mr. O'Connor,
unless you've changed your mind.

- Well, we'll be here another day.
- What's it gonna take?

Pretty busy here today.

Well, it's usual for a trial.

Especially when there's
a hanging coming up.

Are you that sure
they'll find him guilty?

Aren't you?

Well, they've been
locked up in there all day.

Somebody's not going along.

I got a pretty good
idea who it is, too.

The last man that called
me a liar was my father,

and he was right, and I
still took a swing at him.

- All right, all right...
- I did not call you a liar.

- Halligan...
- But ever since this thing started,

I've been trying to
avoid calling you a liar.

- Cool down, Halligan.
- Oh, all right...

You can't tell us you truly
believe that Lijah ain't battier than...

Wally Binder's silo.

I can tell you that, and
I am telling you that.

I think we're all
getting a little tired.

Yeah, well, it seems to me, men,
what we all saw in that courtroom

ought to prove one
thing to the doctor:

that man is dangerous.

Doc, he's got a temper like
a rattler at shedding time.

Doctor Chapman, didn't you
see how he went after Newly?

Almost choked him to death
right there in the courtroom.

Yeah, and all Newly done was
say, "Don't turn this trial into a circus."

Well, the whole trial's been
nothing but a sideshow anyway.

Mr. O'Connor.

Go get the bailiff.

Tell him I want to talk
to Matt Dillon right now.

What for?

Because I know who Lijah is.

And it might just have
a bearing on this case.

Here it is, by
glory, here it is.

His name's not
Lijah, it's Elijah.

I treated him over 20 years ago.

He was just a little boy then.

That's why he recognized
me and I didn't remember him.

Doctor, what did
you treat him for?

His father worked at one of
the sulfur mines outside of town,

and one day Lijah
and his mother,

they had taken his
daddy's lunch out to him

when a donkey boiler blew up.

Both parents were killed.

Well, that's probably
where he got the scar then.

That's where he got the scar.

And that's how
he lost his hearing.

The man is stone deaf, Matt.

Deaf? Are you sure?

I couldn't be more sure.

I spent the better part of a year
teaching him how to read lips.

And his aunt, she
was taking care of him,

she figured there wasn't any
sense wasting any more time on him,

so she sold him to the circus.

Sold him to the circus? As what?

They used him as the
"Wild Boy from Borneo."

Glued hair all over his body,

locked him up in a cage,

made him bite the
head off of chickens.

Maybe that's why
he remembered me.

Maybe I was the last
person in this world

that ever showed
any concern for him.


I can understand why he'd prefer
living in those God-forsaken hills

to being around people.

Matt, wire just came
in from Salt Springs.

They're holding a man who
confessed to the murders.

Also said he did the
killings at Joplin and Hays.

Uncle Hale?

Yes, sweetheart.

Uncle Hale, are Mama
and Papa in heaven now?

Now that we took "revengeance"?


They sure are, honey.

They's just as happy as can be.

They know I'm looking
after their precious land.

And I'm gonna take real
good care of everything.

Lijah: Lie!

I never killed
your people, child.

How come you lied?

Because... Uncle
Hale said you did it.

Mama and Papa wouldn't
get into heaven if I didn't say it.

They'll be folks out to kill me on
account of what you made this child do.

You best go in now, Ladybug.


Don't! Don't hurt him.
I'll tell you the truth!

I'm sorry!

Don't hurt him! I'll
tell you the truth!

No! She's fallen in the well!

Rachel! No, don't!
We got to help her!

No! No! Rachel's
done fell in the well!

She's hurt herself bad!

Rachel! In the well!

I'll get a rope. That
thing's full of rattlers.

I'm coming, Ladybug!
Don't you worry now!

Can't you hear me?
There's rattlers down there!

Don't you worry now, Ladybug.


Marshal, little Rachel's
done fell in that well there.

And that mountain
man's gone after her.

That place is full
of rattlesnakes.

I told him that, Marshal, but
he wouldn't pay me no mind.

He can't hear you, Hale,

and he can't hear
those rattlers either.

Festus, get a rope.


Be there in no time at all.

Gonna be over in
just a bit, Ladybug.

- Are you all right?
- Yes.

You all right?

Rachel's all right, Marshal.

I got snake bit.

Marshal, I'm deaf.
I can't hear 'em.

The place is
crawling with rattlers.

Grab ahold of the rope and
we'll pull you out of there.

Come on.

Get under here.

It's hide.

You're going to be all right.

All right, Ladybug.

Here we go.

Heave away, Marshal!

Back, Ruth. Back.

Back. Pull back.


- Hang on, Festus, harder.
- Back!

Festus: Back. Back.

Back up. Back.

Back. Back.



You all right, Rachel Mae?

Go get Doc!

Hyah! Come on, Ruth.

Hyah! Hyah, Ruth!

Hyah, Ruth!

He didn't kill my
folks, Marshal.

Uncle Hale made me say it.

We know that, Rachel.

And he's gonna have
to answer for it, too.

I'm sorry for what
I said, Mr. Lijah.

Please don't die.

I've been bit before, Ladybug.

I ain't gonna die.

I ain't gonna die.

Behind the Scenes of Lijah

The horse-drawn mower depicted in the yard as the scene unfolds is from 1920 or later.

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Gunsmoke is an excellent choice for solo viewing or family entertainment. This American Western television series, broadcast on CBS, captivates audiences with its compelling narratives. One notable episode from Season 17, Lijah, awaits viewers with its thrilling storyline and iconic characters.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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