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Bullet for a Bride Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #20

The second part of a seven-volume compilation highlighting critical moments from the timeless television western saga of the Cartwright family, this video presents “Bullet for a Bride.” In this episode, Little Joe filled with remorse, endeavors to atone for accidentally blinding a young woman while shooting his gun.

Explore the plot intricacies and intriguing trivia, or enjoy the entire episode provided below.

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Watch the Full Episode of Bullet for a Bride

Watch the Full Episode of Bullet for a Bride:

Main Cast

Apart from the main cast, “Bullet for a Bride,” the twentieth episode of Bonanza Season 5 presents a diverse array of recurring and guest-supporting actors. The cast includes:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Marlyn Mason as Tessa Caldwell
  • Denver Pyle as Marcus Caldwell
  • Steve Harris as Lon Caldwell
  • John Matthews as Minister
  • Gail Bonney as Mrs. Partridge
  • Leon Alton as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
  • John Breen as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
  • Betty Endicott as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
  • Grandon Rhodes as Dr. J.P. Martin (uncredited)
  • Arnold Roberts as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
  • Sammy Shack as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
  • Bert Stevens as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Bullet for a Bride

During a hunting expedition, Joe accidentally blinds Tessa Caldwell and her father and brother. Taking responsibility, Joe guides them to the safety of the Ponderosa, where Tessa receives medical care from the doctor. With uncertainty about her eyesight recovery, Tessa and her family remain at the ranch during her recovery.

Filled with remorse, Joe proposes marriage to Tessa to right his wrong. As Tessa’s sight slowly returns, her father sees an opportunity for his family’s advancement through a union with the wealthy Cartwrights. However, Tessa, guided by honesty, refuses to perpetuate the deception. She releases Joe from his obligation to marry her, acknowledging his reluctance and her integrity.

Full Script and Dialogue of Bullet for a Bride

Now, there's its tracks.
Must be a real big one.

Looks like he's heading up for
the rocks above the old lumber road.

Hey, you see what I see?

If he gets in that brush,
we've lost him for sure.

I'll circle around, try to cut
him off. Keep on his trail.


Papa, look out!


Papa, I'm hit.

- Papa.
- You're bleeding.

- Papa, my eyes.
- It's all right.

Papa, my eyes. I can't see.

Papa, I can't see anything!

- I can't see, Papa! My eyes!
- Okay. Easy, easy.

- It was you.
- Papa, I can't see.

You shot my little girl.
You've blinded her.

It's all right, baby.

I can't see, Papa.

I can't.

Oh, Joe.

Now, son, you've gotta
stop blaming yourself.

It was an accident, pure and
simple. The bullet ricocheted.

Pa, I am to blame.

It was my bullet
that blinded her.

It could have
happened to anybody.

Yeah, but it happened to me.

Now, don't you
worry, sweetheart.

The doctor says there's
a very good chance

you'll see again.

You mean that, Papa?

You're not lying to me?

He's not lying to you, sis.

You're gonna be just fine.
But it's gonna take a while.

Oh, Papa, how are
we gonna manage?

You can't afford to
put me into a hospital.

We're staying with the Cartwrights.
They're gonna foot all the bills.

Can they afford it?

From what I've seen of
the size of their spread,

they can afford almost anything.

And they owe it to you.

It's the least they can do for
what they've taken away from you.

Now, Joseph, will
you settle down?

You're acting as if it were
your first day out instead of hers.

I'm sorry, Pa.

I've been trying to see
her ever since the accident.

I just don't understand why her
father won't let me go near her.

Well, I think his
concern is natural.

I just wanna tell
her how sorry I am.

I think you'll have
your chance right now.

Papa, I'm scared.

Don't be afraid, we'll
hold you. Come on.

- Where's...?
- There it is.

All right.

That's fine.


- Oh, good morning.
- Good morning.

One more.


Well, good morning.
Good morning.

How's our lovely
patient this morning?

- Who's that?
- I'm Ben Cartwright.

She's feeling quite chipper.

This is the first day
without the bandages.

It feels good to get out
of that room for a change.

I'm sure it does.


Could I maybe
get a little fresh air?


I was hoping she might
like something like that.

Who's that?

It's Little Joe, Tessa.

Look, I thought you
might like a little ride.

I've got the carriage
outside, the horse hitched up.

What's wrong, Cartwright?

You're trying to ease out
from under a guilty conscience?


That's no way to talk.

You shouldn't turn
the back of your hand

to a generous offer.

If Little Joe would like
to take her for a ride,

I think that would be nice,
if Tessa would enjoy it.

Oh, I'd enjoy anything
that would take me out

into the fresh air
for a while, Papa.

Well, guess we
better get started, then.

There's an awful lot of
the Ponderosa to see.

Ahem. Well, Tessa, uh...

- See you later, Papa.
- Enjoy yourself.


We've been riding
for quite a while.

You wanna get out,
stretch your legs a bit?

Oh. I'd like that.

Oh. Be careful.

There's a log over here.
Would you like to sit down?

Yes, I would.

This way.

Turn you around.
It's right behind you.

Yes, I found it.

One of my favorite spots.

I used to come here
and fish when I was a kid.

It feels very pretty.

Tell me what it looks like.

Well, there's a
lot of trees around.

Pretty big trees.


Well, there's a slope over
there with some cattle on it.

Not very many of them.

And there's a little
stream running by.

There's a lot of
birds and ducks.

There's a blue jay
in this tree right here.

It sounds beautiful.

Tessa, I'm so sorry.

If I could give you
my eyes, I would.

It wasn't your fault.
It was an accident.

It was my fault
that it happened.

No, don't blame yourself.

Let's talk about something else. I
don't wanna talk about it anymore.

Tell me about yourself.

Have you lived
here all your life?

Yeah, I was born here.

I envy you.

I've been on the
move all my life.

My pa doesn't seem to
stay in one spot very long.

What does your father do?

Oh. A little bit of everything.

Well, you might say
that Pa's been looking

for that pot of gold at
the end of the rainbow.

Did he ever find it?

Not yet.

But I suppose he will. He
doesn't give up too easily.


- I'm starting to get a little cold.
- Oh.

Yeah, we better be
getting back, then.

I don't wanna keep you
out too long the first day.



- Tessa, I'll cut that for you.
- Oh, thank you.

You're getting too
fast for me, Little Joe.

Doesn't a father have any prerogative
in taking care of his daughter?

It's my pleasure.


Now, there's something

that I've been wanting
to say to all of you.

You Cartwrights have
been awfully good to us.

I don't know what would
have happened to us

if you hadn't have taken us in.

That was the least we could do.

Tessa, the meat's on the left
and vegetables are on the right.

Thank you.

And if I've been short-tempered
and mean these past few days...

why, it isn't because of what
happened to Tessa there, it's...

Well, we've had some plans,

and those plans are
pretty well gone now.

What plans?

A job out in California.

Paid well too, but I...

I had to be there by a certain
time, and the time's past now.

You sure it's too late now?

Quite sure.

But that really
isn't very important.

What is important is the young
man that was waiting for Tessa.

Met him out in Missouri
about a year ago.

He was on his way to California,
he was gonna make his fortune.

He said he'd send
for Tessa, and he did.

A couple of months ago.

- Papa...
- Oh, it's true.

The engagement is off, Tessa.

It seems he doesn't want
to marry a blind woman.

You comfortable?


- What was all that about down there?
- What do you mean?

I mean, all those lies
you were telling at dinner.

All that talk about a job
for you and a fiancé for me.

I don't understand.

Why were you lying like that?

Well, now, were they
really such terrible lies?

Maybe one day there
will be a job for me

and a fiancé for you. Who knows?


You're not trying to
make the Cartwrights feel

even more guilty, are you?

To make them look after us
even better than they do now?


Tessa, I'm doing
this for you and Lon.

Ever since you were little,

I promised you that one
day we'd have something.

Well, that day has come. We've
found the end of the rainbow,

and it has a name. Cartwright.

Papa, they're
good, decent people.

You can't take advantage
of them that way.

No one's trying to
take advantage of them.

Aren't you forgetting that
it was Little Joe's bullet

that blinded you?

Whatever the Cartwrights
are doing for us, they owe us.

Papa, Little Joe's a nice boy.

I can't see him, but I can
feel what he's going through.

And it was an accident.

Is Little Joe beginning to
mean something to you?


I just don't feel the need
to hurt him anymore.

No one wants to hurt him.

And, after all, we may
be doing him some good.

After all, knowing a
wonderful girl like you

shouldn't be a
hardship on any man.

Now, you try to get some rest.

I'll look in on you after a bit.

Do you wanna go out for a walk
or you wanna sit around here?

- Oh, I think I'd like to sit for a while.
- Okay.

Right over here.

Don't get scared when
you sit down. It's a rocker.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

I don't know what I'd
do without my eyes.

I like being your eyes, Tessa.

Tessa, the fellow in California,
the one you were engaged to...

I suppose you
loved him very much.

Why do you ask?

I don't know. You just
strike me as the kind of girl

who'd have to love a man
very much to marry him.

Yes, I'm that kind of girl.

Have you been able
to forget him at all?

Isn't that the best way?

I guess so.

Tessa, suppose a man
came along someday...

and asked you to marry him.

How would you feel about it?

Well, that would depend on
why he wanted to marry me, Joe.

Because of my blindness, he
might mistake love for pity, and...

Well, I just don't think that would
be a very sound basis for marriage.

No, I guess not.

A woman has pride.

She wants a man to
love her for herself alone,

not because he
feels sorry for her.

You talk as though you don't
believe a man could love you

just for yourself alone.

I don't know.

Would you take me in
now? I'm getting kind of tired.

If that's what you want.

What's so funny?

I'm just reading
Dickens. Ha-ha-ha.

You must read this.

I wanted to talk to you.

You've gotta read
this book, Joe.

Hey, Pa, it's kind of important.

Oh, I'm sorry, Joe.
I was so involved.

Yeah. Well, uh...

What would you say...

if I told you I was gonna
ask Tessa to marry me?

Well, she's...

She's a fine girl, Joseph.

I think that any man would
be proud to call her his wife.


What about Tessa?
What does she feel?

I think she cares for me a lot.

Maybe as much as I care for her.

Well, of course,

there's quite a difference
between caring for a person.

And loving them.

Oh, Pa, don't you see?

It's a perfect answer
for all of her problems.

Now, who can take better care of her
for the rest of her life than a husband?


Joe, you make me feel real good.

You have a sense of
responsibility. That's good.

But I...

I don't want to...

Make a martyr of
yourself because of an...

Pa, there is no
martyrdom involved.

- It would be a good marriage.
- An unfortunate accident.

Her blindness is my problem.

Joe, you have a life
of your own to live.

Now, Pa, I want you
to get used to the idea,

because I'm going to
ask Tessa to marry me.

- Hi, Mr. Caldwell.
- Hello, Joe.

Thought I'd come early, see if
Tessa wanted to go for a ride.

Well, she's already gone
riding with her brother.

Got me worried. They should
have been back hours ago.

Which trail did they take?

Well, they went off
the north ridge there.

I'll find them.

Oh... Lon. Lon.


Take the reins. The
brush is too thick here.

You're all right.
Just keep coming.


I'm sorry. I didn't
mean for you to get hurt.

But I can't watch
you every minute.

- Okay, mount up.
- No.

We gotta get back to the ranch
now. You can't walk all that way.

- No, I'm scared. I don't want to.
- Oh, come on, mount up.

You expect me to be your
nursemaid the rest of your life?

- I'm your brother, not your husband.
- Aah, Lon!

You ever hurt Tessa
again and I'll kill you.

Tessa, you all right?

Oh, yes, Joe. I'm all right.

You're the one who blinded her.

Now you take care of her.

You know, one thing your
brother said made sense.

You need a husband
to take care of you

the way you should
be taken care of.

Who'd wanna marry a blind girl?

I would if you'd have me.

Tessa, I would if you'd have me.

Mr. Cartwright?

Oh, yes, Tessa. Here I am.

Could I speak to you for
a moment, Mr. Cartwright?

Yes, of course.

Why don't you sit
down over here?

There's the chair
right behind you.


- Would you like some coffee?
- No, thank you.

Mr. Cartwright...

Yes, dear?

Little Joe asked me to marry
him today. Did he tell you?

Yes. Yes, he did tell me.

He also told me that you
refused to give him an answer.


Oh, Mr. Cartwright,
if I could just look

into Little Joe's eyes
right this minute, I...

Well, if I could see that there was
love there and not just pity and guilt,

I'd say yes so fast it
would make your head spin.

He means so much?

Oh, yes.

But I can't see
what's in his eyes.

That's why I've come
to you. You're his father,

and you know him
better than anyone else.

Oh, Mr. Cartwright,
please tell me what to do.

Well, that's, uh...

That's very difficult.

I don't think anyone
can tell you what to do.

But I think that...

if two people love each other,

I mean, truly, deeply
love each other,

well, then, nothing
else matters.

Does it?

Not even...

Well, not even blindness.

Because there's so many other
things that they can share together.

But how can I be sure?

Where can I find the answer?

In your heart, Tessa.

In your heart.

If I should say yes,

if we should get married,
you won't hate me?

You won't think I'm marrying
Little Joe just because I need him?

No, Tessa.

I don't think you're
that kind of girl.

I don't think you're the kind
of girl who'd marry anyone

for selfish reasons.


Over here.

Papa, where's Little Joe?

Oh, they all had to go into town
on business. They'll be right back.

You better hurry up
and get some breakfast

- before it gets cold.
- Oh, I'll be right there.


- You all right?
- Yes.

I should have helped you.



I can see you.

Yes. Papa, I can see you.

Are you sure?


Papa, I can see everything!

I can see the blue chair and...

I can see the brown and green
books and the guns and the...

And the fireplace and...

And the Indian rug, and
the fruit and the... Papa.

- Papa, I can see again.
- Wonderful.

Little Joe.

Oh, Papa, this
changes everything.

I've gotta tell Little Joe.

- Tessa...
- Papa.

I'm whole again.

I'm the way he'd want me to be.

Oh, Papa, I can't
wait till he gets back.

Tessa, are you sure
this is the right way?

Oh, Papa, he's got to
know as soon as possible.

Don't you see? He
won't feel guilty anymore.

And I'll be able to
see what's in his eyes.

Well, maybe it
isn't all that easy.

What are you getting at?

Well, suppose that
Little Joe doesn't love you

the way that you
think that he'd ought?

Suppose there is a small
element of pity and guilt

in the way he feels about you?

Now, I'm not saying
that there isn't some love.

And I'm not saying that this
love doesn't grow every day

that you two are together.

But has it grown strong enough?

Maybe if you blurt out the truth
now, why, this whole thing will be over.

It'll be finished.

Papa, he loves me.

And the fact that I can see again
will only make him love me more.

Of course.

But why take
unnecessary chances?

Wait until after you're
married and then tell him.

And that way, no harm
will come to anyone.

Pa's right. What's so terrible about
pretending you're blind a little longer?

Of course. And women have
been setting their caps for men

down through the ages.

And the intelligent thing
to do is to win the man first

and then tell him the truth.

Papa, it's because I love Little
Joe that I owe him the truth.

Don't you understand?
I can see again.

I don't need to marry
Little Joe anymore

unless he really loves me.

And what about Lon and me?

Don't you care what
happens to us one little bit?

Papa, you and Lon...

Do you realize what's in store for
us if we have to leave here now?

No money, no jobs. Nothing.

Papa... Tessa.

I'm 53 years old.

All my life, I've been waiting for
something good to happen to me.

All my life, I've been
tending to you and to Lon.

Don't take this
chance away from me.

Don't take it away from all us.

Papa, what are you
asking me to do?

He's asking you not to turn
on your own flesh and blood.

I don't wanna turn against you.

Just tell me what
you want me to do.

I want you to play blind...

until after you're
married to Little Joe.

Do it for me. Do it for Lon.

You owe it to us.

Papa, I can't do that.

- Tessa, it's...
- Papa, I can't.

- It's our last chance to get...
- I can't do that!

Oh, another thing. First
thing tomorrow morning,

we go up to the north sector, see
if any calves have been dropped.

Tessa, what's the
matter? You look upset.

Tessa, what's wrong?

Nothing's happened,
Little Joe, I...

I guess I'm just
tired of being blind.

Take me upstairs, Papa.


Tessa, come on.
What's the matter?

You've been avoiding
me the past few days.

I don't know.

Nothing's the matter.

Come on, now. There
is something the matter.

You're just not the
same girl anymore.

I wish I knew what
kind of girl I really am.

I know what kind
of girl you are.

Now, I asked you a
question a week ago,

and I'm still waiting
for an answer.

- Joe, please...
- Tessa, I wanna marry you.

- Oh, Joe, please...
- Tessa, I wanna marry you.

I wanna marry you now,

and I wanna spend the
rest of my life with you.

Are you sure that's
what you really want?

Yes, I'm sure.

It's what I want more than
anything else in the world.

Tessa, please say yes.

All right.

I'll marry you.


Hey, Pa.

He must be in the
barn. I'll get him.

- You'll be all right?
- Yeah, fine.

Pa, there you are. I been
looking all over for you.

- Where's Tessa? I just left her here.
- She just went upstairs. Joe.

Joseph, it's wonderful.

She already told you
about us getting married.

- No...
- Pa, I finally convinced her.

Pa, I'm gonna fill her
life with so much love

that her blindness won't matter.

I'll be her eyes for
the rest of her life.


Well, come on, aren't you
gonna congratulate me?

Oh. Of course.

Of course.

- You don't look too happy about it.
- Well, she's...

- She's a remarkable girl, Joseph.
- Of course, she is.

She couldn't be any
more right for me, Pa.


Are you sure? Are you
absolutely sure about her?

I know my own mind.

Of course you do.

I don't suppose
you've set the date yet.

No, but sooner the better.

Just give us enough time to
invite some friends and neighbors.

Don't you think it might be an idea,
after all you don't know each that well,

perhaps, if you waited a bit?

We know each other well enough.

Yes. What do you think
of the idea of maybe...?

Maybe we should take
her to San Francisco

and have a doctor
examine her eyes.

Pa, I'm not kidding
myself about her.

She's blind, and I
made her that way.

I know, but they're always
developing new techniques.

I don't wanna hurt her any
more than I have already.

I love her the way she is.

Come on, Pa, don't worry.
I know what I'm doing.

Joseph, I...

You're my son.

And I just want
the best for you.

The very best.

Then stop worrying.
I think I got the best.

I know I got the best, Pa.

Hey, I better go
upstairs and see her.

Hey, Pa, Little Joe find you?

- Hm?
- Little Joe find you?

- Yes, he found me.
- He told you about the wedding, huh?


Pa, you don't seem
very happy about it.

You ain't worried just
because Tessa's blind, are you?

Hoss, she isn't blind.

- She what?
- I said, she isn't blind.

What are you talking about?

I'll tell you what
I'm talking about.

A little while ago, when
Little Joe was looking for me,

I went in the back way,

and there she was in front of
that mirror in the living room.


And then she ran up
those stairs like the wind.

She can see better
than you or me.

- Pa, that don't even make sense.
- I know it doesn't.

What...? You mean she's just
been playing a game with us?

I don't know. I just don't know.

You gonna tell Little Joe?

Hoss, I don't know what to do.

I just don't know what to do.

I'll tell you something,
I like that girl.

I think she likes
Little Joe enough...

Maybe she even
loves Little Joe enough

to tell him the
truth about herself

before this goes much further.

What if she don't?

We're gonna have to
give her that chance.

Morning, Tessa.

Good morning.

The flowers, they...

They smell beautiful.

The place is really
getting gussied up.

It's gonna look
beautiful for the wedding.

What are you doing?

Oh, I'm just straightening
things up a little bit.

- Joe, I have some good news for you.
- Oh, yeah? What's that?

I think my eyesight is
beginning to come back to me.


It's just been in the
last couple of days. I...

But I can see a
little bit of light.

But I had to be sure
before I said anything to you.

Tessa, can you see me?

No. Not clearly.

But I know I will.

Oh, thank God.

Oh, thank God you're
gonna see again.

- Isn't that wonderful?
- Oh, God.

And now you won't have
to feel guilty anymore.

I mean...

Now you don't have to
marry me if you don't want to.

What do you mean?

This is a perfect chance
for you to back out.

Don't say that, Tessa.

Please don't say that.

I asked you to marry
me, and I meant it.

Are you sure, Joe?

Are you very sure?

Of course I'm sure.

Of course I am.


May a future
father-in-law come in?


Isn't she a dream,
Mr. Cartwright?

Well, she certainly is.

You've done a beautiful
job, Mrs. Partridge.

Of course, you had a
beautiful subject to work with.


Mrs. Partridge, may I have
a moment alone with Tessa?

- Why, sure.
- Thank you.

Well, I know it's a
father's prerogative

to have a few moments
with his daughter

at a time like this,

but is it also a

Of course.

Well, actually, I came to
wish you everything well,

to tell you what a wonderful
girl I think you really are.

That's very kind of
you, Mr. Cartwright.

Do you think I deserve all that?

Yes, I'm sure.

You know, all through the years,

I've prayed that when one of
my sons was ready to marry,

he'd choose a young
woman who was worthy,

who loved him deeply

and who knew that he loved her,

and who'd always have
his best interests at heart.

And you think I'm
that kind of girl?

I know you are.

Because, you see, I think you
love and respect Little Joe enough

so that you'd always
do what's best for him...

what's right for him...

what's right for both of you...

no matter what the cost.

Bless you, Tessa.

Mr. Cartwright.



It was nothing.

Tears? At a time like this?

It's just my nerves, Papa.

It's just my nerves.

Well, now, they're
all waiting for you.

Are you ready?

Yes, I'm ready.

Get my bouquet, Papa.

Dearly beloved,

we're gathered here
together in the sight of God

and the presence of this company

to join this man and this
woman in holy wedlock.

Joseph Cartwright.

Do you take this
woman, Tessa Caldwell,

for your lawful wedded wife,

for better or worse,
for richer or poorer,

in sickness and in health,

to love, honor and cherish her
for as long as you both shall live?

I do.

Tessa Caldwell.

Do you take this man,
Joseph Cartwright,

for your lawful wedded husband,

for better or worse,
for richer or poorer,

in sickness and in health,

to love, honor and obey him
for as long as you both shall live?

I can't, Papa.

- I just can't.
- It's all right. It's all right.

I guess I've known all along I was
asking you to do the wrong thing.

I can't.

Tessa, you can see.

Joe, go away.

Tessa, look at me. You can see.

Yes, I've been able to for days.

Well, then, why
didn't you tell me?

My papa was afraid that you'd
back out of the marriage if you knew.

That's why he made up
that story about the man

who was waiting
for me in California.

Oh, don't you see, Joe?

We've been using you,
taking advantage of your guilt.

You told me yesterday you
were getting your sight back.

Why didn't you tell me the truth then?
Why did you wait till the ceremony?

I guess because I didn't
wanna disappoint Papa.

And mainly because I didn't
want to face the truth about us.

And what is the truth?

That your feeling of love
for me was really guilt.

And that my feeling of
love for you was really fear

of being alone in the darkness.

Well, then you don't
love me. Not really.

Not enough for marriage,
Joe. Neither of us do.

Tessa, I have been so
afraid to say anything, I...

- I didn't wanna hurt you anymore.
- I know.

That's why I had the
courage to do what I did.

You know, my pa was
right about you. You...

You're a very remarkable girl.

And you Cartwrights
are a remarkable family.

I kind of hate
to face the truth.

Me too.

Well, I guess I...

I better go down and tell the
guests they can all go home.

- Okay.
- You'll be all right?



I wrote a letter to a friend
of mine in San Francisco.

Now, if you were to deliver
this to him personally,

I think he might be able to find a
job for your father and your brother.

You mean you're willing to help
us after what we tried to do to you?

Oh, Tessa. Heh, heh.
Your heart wasn't in it.

Anyway, I told you, you're
just not that kind of girl.

Well, you're on your way.


You know, I wanna
tell you something.

You are the prettiest girl
that I ever almost married.

- And you're the handsomest man.
- Thank you.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

Well, Mr. Cartwright, thank
you for your many kindnesses.

Even though it didn't
turn out to be a pot of gold.

Oh, Papa.

Any pots of gold from now on
will be made by our own hands.

That's a depressing
thing to learn at my age.

But we'll try. Goodbye, Ben.

Marcus, I'm glad
everything turned out well.

- Thank you.
- Bye, Tessa.

- Bye, Mr. Cartwright.
- Lon.

Behind the Scenes of Bullet for a Bride

Joe accidentally blinds Tessa Caldwell and her father and brother during a hunting expedition. Taking responsibility, Joe guides them to the safety of the Ponderosa, where Tessa receives medical care from the doctor. With uncertainty about her eyesight recovery, Tessa and her family remain at the ranch during her recovery.

Filled with remorse, Joe proposes marriage to Tessa to right his wrong. As Tessa’s sight slowly returns, her father sees an opportunity for his family’s advancement through a union with the wealthy Cartwrights. However, Tessa, guided by honesty, refuses to perpetuate the deception. She releases Joe from his obligation to marry her, acknowledging his reluctance and her integrity.

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Bonanza provides family-friendly entertainment suitable for both individual viewing and gatherings. Bullet for a Bride is the 154th episode among the 430 in the series. From September 1959 to January 1973, Bonanza aired on NBC for 14 seasons.

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