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Five into the Wind Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #04, Episode #29

After their stagecoach driver is killed, Joe Cartwright and a group of fellow passengers find themselves stranded in the desert, a daunting 50 miles away from the nearest town. They must now rely on the moody and volatile fur trapper Howard Benson (portrayed by Kelly Thordsen) for survival. Adding to the tension is the belief among the other passengers that Joe is to blame for the driver’s death. The cast includes Kathleen Crowley as Nora Hayden, Betsy Jones Moreland as Nora Whitley, Mario Alcade as Roberto de Sorto, and Dabbs Greer as Leon Henshaw. Five Into the Wind, penned by Meyer Dolinsky, originally aired on April 21, 1963.

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Watch the Full Episode of Five into the Wind

Watch the Full Episode of Five into the Wind:

Main Cast

The twenty-ninth episode of Bonanza’s fourth season, “Five into the Wind,” showcases several familiar faces from the show’s recurring cast. Here’s the full lineup of actors in this episode:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Kathleen Crowley as Laurie Hayden
  • Mario Alcalde as Roberto DeSoto
  • Betsy Jones-Moreland as Nora Whitley
  • Dabbs Greer as Leon Henshaw
  • Kelly Thordsen as Howard Benson

Full Story Line for Five into the Wind

Amidst a fierce windstorm, a stagecoach mishap in the mountainous terrain compels the passengers to navigate their way across the countryside under dire circumstances.

Amidst the turmoil, one passenger is discovered fatally stabbed with Little Joe’s knife, casting suspicion upon him for the murder. Little Joe and his fellow travelers find themselves entangled in a convoluted web of love, deceit, financial intrigue, and further acts of violence as they endeavor to uncover the hidden truths lurking amongst them.

Full Script and Dialogue of Five into the Wind


- Hey, Pa?
- Yeah?

- Telegram from Little Joe.
- Oh, good.

Been waiting to hear from him.

"Ordered gear and new seed.

"Everything fine. On way home.

"Stage arrives
Virginia City four days

if weather holds."

Hm. "Scenery very interesting."

Scenery. Never
figured Little Joe to be

- interested in the scenery.
- Well, knowing your brother,

I guess that would
depend on the scenery.


Whatever it is, I
hope he can handle it.

Well, don't worry
about your brother.

Whatever it is, he'll
handle it pretty well.

That's for sure.


Hyah! Hyah!

Here, ma'am.

You can wet your
handkerchief with this.

Make you feel better.

Oh, thank you.


No, thank you.

This is terrible country.

Dry and dusty.

Reminds me of my native Sicily.

I've never been to
your native Sicily,

but I can bet that their
women aren't as pretty as ours.

It's obvious you have never
been to my country, signor.

But in this case, signorina,
I will have to agree with him.

You haven't been long
in these parts, have you?

No, just traveling and
looking for a place to settle

in this new country.

My father, the barone,
suggested I come here.

Well, this isn't much
right along here.

Gets real pretty, though, when
we get up in the mountains.

If we survive the
trip... and the company.


Well, feels like
eating time again.

Would you like some jerky?

Would you like some jerky?

N-No, thank you.


This primitive way of eating,

it's hard to get used to.

I'm willing to try some.

Now, there's a real smart gal.

This "primitive"
jerky you speak of

has saved my life many times.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a fur trader.

I've traded fur all
through this country

with the Blackfoot
and the Shawnee.

Been trading furs for 20 years.

This fur trading...
This is a business?

Dude, it's a big business.

I've got $5,000 in
my pocket right now

just for this one trip alone.

Oh, this whole
country is barbarous.

I can't wait to get
to San Francisco

and civilization.

Why do you want to get to
San Francisco, madame?

Get away from certain men.


Oh, what is the
matter with the driver?!

He must be drunk.

Don't forget: he's trying to
make Owl's Point by nightfall.

That's about 50 miles.

What he's trying
to do is kill us.


There is something wrong, boy.

Maybe you're right.


Stubby! Stubby!


Got to hold on,
Stubby! Hold on, Stubby!


Dear Lord...

none of this was
Stubby Barclay's fault.

He never knew what
happened to him.

Rode kind of a lonesome
saddle most of his days.

He didn't get much
out of this life, Lord, so...

would you please take
care of him in the next.

That's about it, Lord.

God rest his soul. Amen.

Poor man.

I wonder what it was
that struck him down.

He was a drunkard.

The stage line
should have know it.

It's their responsibility to
protect their passengers.

Stubby didn't know his
heart was gonna stop.

Nevertheless, he
could have killed us all.

But he didn't.

What are we gonna do now?

Well, it's 50 miles
to Owl's Point.

Guess we might
as well start walking.


That's right. We'll
just follow the road.

You know, Cartwright, we
could cut through the arroyo...

We'd save at least a day.

It's pretty wild country.

Well, not if you
know it like I do:

I've tramped this
country for 20 years.

If it'll save that much
time, we might as well do it.

A day'll mean a
lot to the women.

Get your things together.
We're gonna start walking.

Walking? Uh, walk 50
miles through the wilderness?

Why don't we stay here and
wait for someone to find us?

Because we could
stay here for two weeks

before anybody found us.

We haven't got enough
food or water to last that long.

Best you just get
your things together.

Just take necessities.

Well, in that case,
I leave nothing.

I have some valuable
heirlooms in my luggage.

Suit yourself. You're the
one that has to carry 'em.

We've only got about
an hour of sunlight left.

We better get going, Cartwright.

Now, wait a minute, now.
Who made you commander?

Now, look, nobody made
anybody a commander.

We should listen to him.

He knows what
he's talking about.

I'm not sure we're
doing the right thing.

Just get some of
your things together.


Well... there go my
beautiful dresses.

I'm sorry.

Go easy with that water.

What is this jerky?

That's just dried beef.

Little hard to chew,
but it's good for you.

If my father, the barone
could see me now.

He wouldn't believe it.

You got a knife, Cartwright?

Yeah, I got one
in my saddlebags.

Here, let me give
you a hand with that.

Oh... Thank you.

Very pretty, isn't she?

Yeah... yeah, she is.

I wish you'd look
at me that way.

I'm sick of looking at you.

You from around
here, Mr. Cartwright?

We've got a ranch right
outside of Virginia City.


You and your family?


Well... there you are.

And I thought I
had me a prospect.

How old are they?

Boys or girls?

I'm not married.

I was talking about
my father and brothers.

Where you heading?

Oh, I'm not sure yet.

As the story goes, I
sing for my supper.

Sometimes I think
that's all I'm fit for.

Come on. You
know better than that.

Do I?

Oh... why do we all...
dream so big and...

live so small?

Will you go away
and leave me alone?

Oh, Howard, please.

They'll hear you.

I don't care about these people!

Now, will you go
away and leave me be?

Some of the people
in this country

are as unappetizing as
this ridiculous food they eat.

Now, you listen, Baron...

No, I am not the barone.

My father is the barone.

Then you listen to me:

In this country, we're
careful what we say to people,

or they wind up without
a tongue in their head.


That's enough!

Let's rest!

I don't hear the
women complaining.

Oh, Benson, let 'em rest.

They're not used to it.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Looks like it's blowing up a
pretty good storm anyway.

There's a line cabin up
the way. We can make it.

Spend the night there.


Thank you.

We have these
cowpunchers in Palermo.

Butteros, we call them.

They're like Cartwright...
Good fellows, but very simple.

You know, signorina,

you remind me of
a girl in my village,

very pretty... her
name was Gina.

She was my first love.

Mm-hmm? Was she?

And what happened to her?

I came to America.

And left her behind?

She could not get permission.

In Italy these things
are not so simple.

But what about you?

Uh, you have not said
a word about yourself.

Well, it's a long story,

one I don't think
you'd understand.

All right, on your
feet, everybody!

Ah, there's our commander again.

He likes to give orders.

And where would we
be without them, signor?

Yeah, this is all right.

We can bed down
here for the night.

I'll go out and see if I
can scare up some game.

We ought to try to get
these windows sealed up.

Okay, Henshaw.

You get some
wood and build a fire.

Lori, you come with me
and we'll look for water.

Nora, you'll do the cooking.



- You'll do as you're told.
- No! Let her do it!

Let her cook for you now.

Now you listen to
me... Oh, I don't mind.

Really. I like to cook.

Nora... you can go with him.

I really don't mind.

Say, Commander...

Don't you have
any orders for me?

You can give me a hand.


Mr. Cartwright... Oh,
thank you, ma'am.

The rabbit's real good.

Very tasty, Miss Hayden.

No, thank you, but my
compliments to the cook.

Well, it's hard to
make things taste good

without a bit of salt.

You're all just hungry.

Who would think that a de
Sorto would wind up here,

eating like a savage.

No more water.

I am getting tired of
you two commanders

telling me what to do.

I told you, no more water.

Now, there's six people
here, and there's four canteens.

That means we're
gonna ration the water.

You want a drink,
you come to me.

Who are you to give orders?

Aw, shut up, Nora. He's right.

If this baron had a chance,
he'd drink all the water.

I told you, I am not a barone.

My father is the
Barone de Sorto.

That's right. You told me.

Tell me, what do they call
a, uh... the son of a baron?

My older brother
will inherit the title.

You call me plain signor.

What do you inherit, signor?


I will make my own way.

Hmm. Like you did today?

You wouldn't last ten
hours in this country alone.

You know what, you
remind me of my father.

Two things he knew...

how to get rich, and
how to hurt people.

How to hurt, hurt, and hurt!

Now, for a man
with my sensitivity,

who loves life, he
was impossible!

Well, that might well be.

But if I had a choice
between you and your father,

I'd pick your father.

It's a nice night since
the wind has died down.


Why don't you leave him alone?

Leave who alone? What...?

Oh... we've got enough troubles
without your causing more.

Well, I kind of
forget my manners,

I've been living with the Injuns
and the fur traders for so long.

You know, Lori, what
I... what I really need

is a good woman
to take me in hand.

Mm. Yes, you do.

But not me.

Wait a minute, Lori!

We understand each other...

You're hurting my arm!

Let me down, you big... Benson!

Forget it, Benson.

I had to bury one man
this week, Benson.


For coming to the aid
of a lady in distress.

He bothers you again,
you just let me know.

I can always take care of
the likes of a Howard Benson.

It's you I'm worried about.

I can take care of myself.

Don't prove it around me, hmm?

Okay, Grandma.

Well, I didn't expect
you two back so soon.

Did you learn anything
about women, kid?

You know you've got
a big mouth, Benson?

Oh, I was just trying to
give you the experience

of all of my years of living.

Wasn't I, Lori?

Living with what?


Well, now, wait a minute.

Living with animals
is not so bad.

They can teach
you a lot of things.

They can teach you that things
aren't what they seem to be.

Now, take Nora here.

Nora looks like a
mouse, doesn't she?

She's not.

She's nothing.

I think you're horrible.

No, I just see beneath
people, that's all.

Take that dude,
there, that, uh, Roberto.

I'll bet you think
beneath all that la-de-da

he's a real man, eh?

Underneath he's
just like he looks.

He's all talk.

Few people ever fool me.

What about Mr. Henshaw?

Well, I'm a bartender,
Miss Hayden.

I'm on my way to San
Francisco to take a job.

No, you're not a bartender.

I don't know what you are...

but you're not a bartender.

I'll say one thing
for you, Benson:

you got a lot of opinions.

Yeah, I do.

I've got a lot of opinions
about a lot of things,

and a lot of people.

Well, what about you, Benson?

You got an opinion about you?

Yeah, let me tell you
about Howard Benson.

He always knows what he's doing;

he never lies;

and he'll kill if he's
ever interfered with.

Well, if you're through
giving us your opinions,

I suggest you go to sleep.

No sign of 'em yet.

That's pretty much like
our little brother, ain't it?

Ain't never known him to
be in too much of a hurry.

Well, that stage was
due in before noon.

If he thinks we're
gonna sit up all night

waiting supper for him...

Maybe they got into
some bad weather.

Stage is gonna
be even later yet.

Well, maybe.

If you want to know
what I really think, Pa...

you know that scenery he
mentioned in the telegram?


I got a notion he's probably
showing it off right now.

In a restaurant
in Virginia City.

Where you going?

Well, if you ain't
got no objection,

it's a nice night for a ride,

and I thought I'd mosey
into Virginia City and...

take a look at that scenery.

All right.

Go ahead.

And don't you get
lost in Virginia City.

No, sir.

Feel better?

A little.

Wind's getting pretty
bad out there again.

Did you... did you...
take care of him?

We buried him.

Did you find anything?

Any sign of someone
who might have done it?

You mean someone besides us?

What are you saying?

Who do you think you're kidding?

He's saying it had
to be one of us.

He gave no one any
good reason to like him.

Especially you.

I remember last night
he threatened to kill you.

I remember last
night he insulted you.

That's not the
reason he was killed,

not because somebody
wasn't friendly with him.

Why, then?

The money.

The $5,000.

I went through his
things; it's not there.

One of us has $5,000.

Is this your knife?

You know it's my knife.

You know it's the
knife that killed Benson.

You also know I gave it
to him the night before last.

He had it with him till he died.

You had no reason to do that.

No proof.

We found him over the dead
man's body with a knife in his hand.

You want more proof?

See if you can find
something. We'll tie him up.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Women... they're
impossible to understand.

Not all women.

I'm not like that.

I want to, uh...

to thank you for
helping me tonight.

I like helping you.

You do?


You're not just saying that?


Nora, I wasn't going
to say anything.

It's you I like.

But, but I thought
you liked Laurie.


But she's so pretty.

If you did something with
your hair, with your eyes,

- you could...
- Look like her?


I don't know how.

But it was very nice
of you to say that.

If we ever get out
of... out of this...

can I see you sometimes?

I want to so very much.

Not just sometimes.

I hope very much
that you mean that.

You know I mean it.

I didn't like Vincent,
but I wouldn't kill him.

I know that.

How come you know
and nobody else does?

Well, I just know.

I've known a lot of men.

So I just know.


I could help you escape.

- No.
- Why?

'Cause one of those
three people killed him.

I have to find out
which one it was.

But what do you care?

It's your life
you're risking now.

What are you proving?

When you get to Owl's Point,

there'll be a warrant out
for my arrest in five minutes.

If I run now they'll
be sure it was me.

And if you stay here,

Roberto will kill you the
very first chance he gets.

I think he killed Benson
and stole the money.

What makes you say that?

He's a remittance man.

His family paid him to
stay away from them.

I know the type.

We still have to
prove it was him.

I'll help you all I can.

Better if you stay out of it.

I don't want anything
to happen to you.

I'd never known
anyone quite like you.

What are you doing?!

What were you doing?!
What were you planning?!

What's wrong? What happened?

She was kissing him.
They were whispering.

She what?

I think she was going
to try to help him escape.

Oh, don't be a fool!

Why not? Then you could
share in the money together.

You're even a bigger
fool than Roberto.

Oh, am I? I know your type.

Using men to get what you want.

- Not true! And even if it were...
- Stop that!

It would be more honest

than pretending to be
something that you're not.

What are you saying?
What are you calling me?

If the glove fits, wear it!

Stop it, both of you!

Can't you see what she's doing?

She's just trying
to cover up the fact

she was gonna let him escape.

I don't believe
that, Miss Whitley.

Well, then you must be blind.

Haven't you seen the way

they've been behaving
toward each other all day?!

No more than with
you and Roberto.

That is different.

Were you gonna let him escape?

No... but I would now.

A thief? A murderer?

Come on. You
haven't proved that.

I think we have.

Oh, really, Mr. Henshaw?

That's enough
talk. You keep quiet.

Let him talk.

All right, we all know Benson
was killed with my knife.

Any one of you could
have gotten it last night.

All we have to do is figure
out which one of you did it.

We know which one it was.

Now enough of this nonsense.

Oh, don't worry, Roberto.
I don't think you did it.

Why not?

'Cause I think Benson was
right. I don't think he's got the guts.

He had enough guts to
knock you in the head.

That's different.

He was pushed pretty
far for that, Mr. Henshaw.

See, I think Roberto
really thinks I did it.

As long as we're talking
about who could have done it,

she could've.

No, I don't think Laurie did it.

I don't think you did it either.

I don't think any woman
could have done it.

But you know who's
left now, don't you?

Yeah, you, Henshaw.

And you have proof?

No, not really. Just the
process of elimination.

Oh, it's not much.

But if I were Roberto, I
wouldn't turn my back on you.

We can't take a chance.

He may be telling the truth.

Against the wall.

No, wait.

I can't let this happen.

He, he did ask me
to help him escape.

He even promised to share
some of the money with me.

Even to marry me.



the night Benson was
killed, I heard a noise.

Opened my eyes, and I saw him.

You waited until
now to say this?

Don't you understand?

I'd begun to care for him.

I even offered to
help him escape.

But not when he'd
accuse an innocent man.

We can't stay here any longer.

I agree.

How about a drink of water?

No, I tell you when to drink.

You're going to
lead us out of here.

This is pretty rough country.

I couldn't lead you
anywhere trussed up like this.

You're thinking,
Cartwright. Don't think.

You try something,
I don't wait for them.

I shoot you down like a dog.


I know what you're trying to do.

You know this country.

You're leading us
through the worst part.

If you don't like the way
we're going, then you lead us.

It's gonna get pretty cold in
here as soon as it turns dark.

So we better go out and
get some wood, start a fire.

You untie me, I'll go
out and get some game.

We're not going to untie
your hands and give you a gun.

I'll get the game.

Lots of luck.

You get some wood.

What's the matter,
barone? No luck?

You are going to get us out
of here tomorrow morning,

or I'm going to kill you.

No, you're not. 'Cause
I want to live, too,

and he's our only chance
of getting out of here.

I was your only
chance, gentlemen.

I just led you so far
into the wilderness,

you'd never find your way out.

And this is where
we're gonna stay

until that killer confesses.

- You listen to me.
- No, you listen to me!

I got nothing to lose 'cause
I'm gonna die anyway.

Now either that
killer confesses,

or you're all gonna die.


Well, it's about
time you got here.

- Yeah.
- Where's Little Joe?

Well, Pa, that dang stage

ain't got into
Virginia City yet.

As a matter of fact, it ain't
even got to Owl's Point yet.

Well, doesn't anybody
know where it is?

Well, they know it's
somewhere between Benton Falls

and Owl's Point.

After it left Benton Falls,

it got in some bad
weather, I reckon.

Harley Green
said that he figured

maybe they took a
detour or something.

Well, look, you, uh...

You have a cup of coffee.

- I'll get ready to ride with you.
- Yeah, Pa?

The stage line's already
put together a posse

in Virginia City, and I told
them I'd ride with them now.

Since Adam's in Sacramento,

I figured one of us
ought to stay here

in case Little Joe gets
to a telegraph office

and tries to reach us.

Well, I... Yeah,
maybe you're right.

All right, I'll stay here,

but you make sure you send
me a message from Owl's Point,

- do you hear?
- Oh, you'll hear from me.

One way or another,
you'll hear from me.

Isn't it time yet?

Get us to water.

I promise you
you won't be sorry.

I won't testify against you.

- Pass it on.
- Oh, please.

- Pass it on.
- My mouth is so dry.

Pass it on.

Not for him.

Oh, the water!

The water! The water.

You're responsible for this.

Stop him.

He might make Cartwright break.

It's him or us.

Let's get back inside.


Give him the money.


Give him the money.

What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

Just do what I say.

I don't know what you're
saying, Miss Hayden.

Miss Hayden?

Stop lying for once, Father!



That's my father.

He'll tell you.

He's good at explaining things.

Tell him how you killed Benson.

Lori, I did not kill Benson.

You didn't believe a
word you said, did you?

"Papa, I believe
in you. I don't care

what anybody
else says, I beli..."

Her father's trying to
get away from the law.

- That's why I came west.
- No, stop lying.

For once, stop lying.

It won't do you
any good anymore.

Lori, I am not lying.

You're just like
everybody else, aren't you?

Once a man is
outside of the law,

don't you trust him.

I was doing time. I got to know

some men who were
in on a good thing,

so we decided we'd pull this
one big job, get on our feet,

then go on our way.

Lori met me at the
prison gate, and she...

I told them to forget it.

That I backed out.

Well, they went ahead.

They-they got caught,
but they didn't forget it.

They said I was in on it.

I wasn't anyways
near, but with my record,

you don't stand
around and argue.

So, that's why you said
you saw me kill Benson.


If they caught
him one more time,

he'd be executed.

And I tried to protect him.

But I was... I was so wrong.

Believe me, I did not do this.

Lori, I have been in and
out of prisons all of my life.

I know everything
they've got to teach you.

Look, am I gonna be such a fool

I'm gonna kill a man with a
knife in a room full of people

when I can get
him at a stage stop?

I can wait till he gets to
a hotel room in Ralston?

Lori, a rank amateur
wouldn't be so foolish.

Mr. Cartwright,
throw me the canteen.

That's the last of our water.

Throw me the canteen.

You're not gonna
get a mile in this heat.

We're not gonna die here.



Leave us alone.

You all right?

Oh, oh, yes, I'm all right.

Oh, I love you.

I love you.

Darling, nothing
can happen to you.

I love you so much.

Oh, I love you.

I've kept your
secret all this time.

A secret? What secret?

About Benson.

You knew?


And you didn't tell them?


What did you do with the money?

Is that why you were nice to me?

Because you wanted the money?


No, no, don't believe that.

But if I died... I love you.

Where is the money?

If I died, it wouldn't
matter to you.

Darling, where is the money?


It won't do me any good at all.

All he wanted was the money.

There wasn't any money.

Howard didn't have any money.

He... He was a...
He was a poor man.

He liked to pretend
he was a big man.

He promised he was
gonna marry me, you know?

But he lied, and
so I killed him,

but I didn't kill him for money.

And then there was Roberto.

The same... over again.

All the same.


Where'd you find him?

I didn't catch up with him
till he got to Owl's Point, Pa.

Well, let's sit down now.

Let's have a look at you.

You all right?

I'm fine, Pa.

Just a little hungry, I think.

Hey, that's a change;
now he's hungry.

Well, I'll go take
care of the horses.


Well, I'll, uh...

I'll have Hop Sing
rustle up some food.

Sounds good, Pa.


Uh, Joseph?

Yeah, Pa?

Take your feet off the table.

It's good to be home, Pa.

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Bonanza is an outstandingly wholesome show suitable for solo viewing or enjoying with the whole family. Five into the Wind marks the 129th episode out of 430. NBC produced Bonanza, which aired on their network from September 1959 to January 1973 and spanned 14 seasons.

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