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Hound Dog Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #06, Episode #25

Bruce Yarnell reprises his role as Muley Jones on Bonanza, portraying the cousin of the Cartwright family, celebrated for his powerful singing voice. Muley arrives accompanied by a rowdy group of dogs, intending to train them to tackle the coyote menace threatening the Ponderosa’s livestock. However, complications arise when Hoss Cartwright becomes unintentionally embroiled in the situation. Matters escalate further when Tracy (portrayed by Sue Ann Langdon), the rightful owner of the canines, arrives, alleging theft. This episode, scripted by Alex Sharp, debuted on March 21, 1965.

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Watch the Full Episode of Hound Dog

Watch the Full Episode of Hound Dog:

Main Cast

In the twenty-fifth episode of Bonanza’s sixth season, titled “Hound Dog,” several recurring and supporting cast members appeared. Notable members of the cast include:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Bruce Yarnell as Muley Jones
  • Sue Ane Langdon as Tracy Ledbetter
  • Chubby Johnson as Abner Ledbetter
  • Ray Teal as Sheriff Roy Coffee

Full Story Line for Hound Dog

Muley Jones, the tone-deaf cousin of the Cartwright clan, returns with a rowdy pack of canines in tow. Despite Hoss’s best attempts, teaching the canines to hunt down the coyotes menacing the Ponderosa’s animals proves fruitless. Matters become more tangled when Tracy, the true owner of the canines, shows up, alleging they were taken from her.

Full Script and Dialogue of Hound Dog

You've been staring at the
board now for five minutes.

Will you make up your
mind and make a move?

I just don't wanna
make a mistake.

Well, you made your first mistake
when you sat down to play me.


- Is that so?
- Yes, that's so.

That's what I like,

a nice quiet
evening, a good book

and stimulating conversation
in the background.

Adam, did you talk to
Roy when you were in town

about his coyote problem?

I knew I forgot something.

I walked right by the sheriff's office
and it completely skipped my mind.

I'll talk to Roy tomorrow,
I'm going into town.

Hey, Pa, how come all the
ranchers don't get together

and offer a bounty on them?

BEN: Uh, what'd you say, Hoss?

HOSS: I say offer a
bounty on the coyotes.

Probably induce a lot of fellers

to go into the woods
hunting them, wouldn't it?

Yeah, that's a good idea.
I'll talk to Roy about it.

What's the matter?

- It looks different.
- What do you mean, it looks different?

What can be different?

You got the black pieces,
I got the red pieces.

It's the same thing.
Come on, make a move.

The dad-burn
board looks different.

Now, the board is not different.

Now, don't try to weasel out,
if you wanna admit defeat, fine.

But otherwise, go
on, make a move.



Hey, sounds like
hounds baying, don't it?

Yeah. Hey.


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Howdy, cousins.

Cousin... Cousin Muley Jones.

Big as life and twiced as mean.


It's great to see you
again, Cousin Muley.

Great to be back.

- Cousin Ben.
- Hello, Muley.

- Cousin Joe.
- Oh, hi, Muley. How are you?

Adam. Ha-ha-ha!

Ha, ha. Oh.

BEN: How are you,
Muley? MULEY: Ha-ha-ha!

How'd you happen to
come by those dogs, Muley?

I traded a stranger
for them, cousin.

Was a real slick trade too.

Traded my whole California gold
mine for them there dogs even.

Muley, you traded a whole
gold mine for them hounds?

Yeah. Well, to tell you the
truth, it weren't much of a mine.

I worked my fingers to
the bone one whole month

- and barely made eating money.
- I wonder why.

Hey, uh, Cousin Muley, what'll
you take for them hounds?

Take for them?

Why, I just bought
them, Cousin Hoss.

Muley, I'll give you $50 and
my best squirrel rifle for them.


MULEY: Well, Hoss,

you're putting a big
temptation in me.

- But...
- Well?

I've never had animals
like these before

and I think I'd
like to keep them.

Oh, Muley, of course you'd like
to keep them. And so you should.

Uh, why don't you, uh...?

Why don't you keep
them overnight in the barn,

where it's warm and comfortable?

You sure it'd be snug and
warm and they couldn't get loose?

- Oh, it's snug and warm.
- It's a beautiful barn.

I'd need a hand to help me, I
mean, get them out there all.

You got a hand.



- They wake you too?
- That's right.

Is anybody gonna do anything
about keeping them quiet?

Yeah. I'm gonna do something
about keeping them quiet.

Well, just do it.

Do you hear that?

- Ain't it beautiful?
- Yeah.

Now, Muley.

Cousin Muley, come here.

I wonder if you'd be so
kind as to do us all a favor.

Go out there and
quiet those animals.

- I'll go out and bring...
- Hoss.

Well, Hoss don't have to
bother. After all, they are my dogs.

- I'll go get them, bring them in.
- No!


there aren't enough
beds in the house.

Cousin Ben, are
you trying to tell me

that you want me to sleep in
the barn with those hounds?

Muley, see, as their owner,

I consider it your responsibility
to take care of them.

Maybe I didn't make as
slick a trade as I thought.

Hey, he isn't gonna sing, is he?

- Muley.
- Huh?

Keep it down.


Aah! What?

BEN: Come on.


Shh. Hey, hey. Quiet down,
hey. Shh. Come here. Now listen.

You're gonna get us kicked
off the Ponderosa for sure

if you keep that
howling up all night.

Now, I'll give you one more song
and then it's sleepy time for all of you.

I'd be darned if I'm
gonna spend my whole life

just singing lullabies
to four bird dogs.


there sit my hound dogs

A-lazin' around

They're mangy and dirty
But I love my old hounds

Now, Floppy's a character

And Filbert's smelling bad

Fargo is a-scratching

Old Blue looks mighty sad


Stop that.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love...
Yeah, all right, I love you too.

All right. All right,
now. Sit down. Go on.

Be a good dog. That's it.



Please, everybody, quiet!


cold out and lonely

Now, no one makes a peep

It's time for us all
To turn in and sleep




And so that's my idea.

I had it last night when
Little Joe mentioned

them hounds chasing animals.

ADAM: Yeah, well, last
night we all had peculiar ideas.

Just a minute now, Hoss
may have something there.

I don't think it's a bad idea. At least
it'll keep the dogs out in the fresh air,

maybe they'll get tired
enough to sleep at night.

What do you think, Muley?

I don't know, Cousin
Hoss. Them's bird dogs.

I don't know how they'd
take to chasing coyotes.

Well, at, uh, $2 a coyote,
maybe they could be trained.

Two dollars?

That's what I'm prepared to pay.

And there's lots of them. I
mean, there's lots of them.

This dry spell's driving them
all down from the mountains.

Yeah, they're, uh, going after
the stock at all the ranches.

I think all the other ranchers
would be prepared to pay that too,

if those dogs were
properly trained.

It wouldn't take you no time to make
enough money to get back home on.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


I wonder how them dogs
would take to chasing coyotes.

Well, I'll help you train them.

Okay, partner, let's go.

Come on, Flop, Filbert,
Fargo and Old Blue.


Well, I think I'll go to
Virginia City and talk to Roy,

see if we can get the other ranchers
to come in on this bounty idea of Hoss'.

- That's a dang good idea of Hoss'.
- Yeah.

I'm just fixing to go to the
Cattlemen's Association,

and I'll suggest to them that they
put out some of them bounty posters.

Well, I'm glad you like the
idea. I think it's a pretty good one.

How's everything
out at the Ponderosa?

Oh, pretty good. Pretty good.

We've got a relative visiting.

- Anybody I know?
- Well, you remember...


Sheriff, could we
bother you for a minute?

Heh, well, I'll be
getting along, Roy.

You tell Hoss that
I'm sure them ranchers

will be obliged to
him for his idea.

Yeah, I sure will.

- Abner, Tracy.
- Ben.

Abner. What can I do for you?

Tracy here has been wronged.

By a passing, tall stranger.

By a passing stranger?

He passed by our house, but he must
have sneaked back later and done it.

Wait till I get my hands on...

ABNER: He must know
something about animals

because Tracy's dogs
never let out a sound.

Just a minute. There's something here
I don't understand. How could this...?

Well, I declare, sheriff, you are
thicker than molasses in winter today.

I been trying to tell you that a
stranger passed by our house,

I saw him go by, and after
that my dogs disappeared.

Your dogs.

You're dang right.

What you think I
was talking about?

All four of them,
trained dogs too.

She's been training
them for six months.

She ain't hardly done
nothing else, not even cooking.

Oh, shut up, Pa.

Well, what you
gonna do about it?

What am I gonna do about it?

Well, I thought that I was
the sheriff, not the dog catcher.

Now, if what you say is right about
that tall stranger stealing your dogs,

he's long gone by now,

but more than likely, those dogs
of yours just took off by themselves

and they're out there
somewhere chasing coyotes.

Coyotes? They're my bird dogs.

Spent me months making
them nothing else but.

Best bird dogs in the territory.

Don't talk to me about...


I'll let the dogs out as soon
as you're set, Cousin Hoss.

All right, Muley.

You ready, Muley?



Filbert! Fargo!

Old Blue!

Dad burn-it, Muley.

Them dogs don't know
nothing about coyotes.

Well, then we gotta show them.

Cousin Hoss.

I got an idea.



There. This time it'll
work. Don't you worry.

Couple of days we'll
have them hounds

just turning up their
noses at birds, little cousin.

- Go give them a little sniff.
- Yeah.

Muley, as I understand it, you want
me to run from here to the house,

and the dogs will pick up
the scent and follow me, right?

That's the idea, cousin.

Yeah, well, you make dang sure they
don't mistake me for a real live coyote

and do a little chewing when
they get there, you hear?

Well, now, don't
you worry, old buddy.

Why, your cousin Muley
will be right behind you.

Yeah. Well, so will
them dang dogs,

and don't you forget
it neither, you hear?

All right, just go.
Come on. Get.

Flop! Filbert! Fargo!


HOSS: Muley! Muley!
Tell them I ain't no coyote!

Get them off of me!


Thanks a lot, Muley.
Thanks a bunch.

I'm sorry, cousin.

But you saw what happened,
I opened the barn door and...

Yep, I sure did, nimble foot.

Hey, where's Flop?

Well, we made coyote dogs
out of them, Cousin Hoss.

Yeah, we sure did,

that is, if coyotes ever
take to wearing pants.

Pa, the way I see it,

Sheriff Coffee couldn't find a knife
and fork if it was right in front of him,

so you and me gotta
handle this in our own way.

I'm telling you we're
gonna do this legally.

Are you sure that
gun ain't loaded?

When I get a hold of that thief,

he's gonna be
buckshot, real good.

Your mother, rest her soul,

she taught you how to cook
and take care of the house,

but since she's been
gone all you've been doing

is shooting that gun and
training them there dogs.

And they've been
gone for four days.

If we don't get moving,

that passing tall stranger will
be long gone out of the territory.

I don't give a dang.

All I'm interested in is
getting some grub in me.

Well, you gonna
cook it or are you not?

Oh, all right.


MULEY: Well, look at that. Ha!

They're getting
better and better.

Yeah. Me and you is getting faster
and faster at climbing these trees too.

Well, it was you that wanted to
train them for chasing coyotes.

Yeah, but I didn't think there was
gonna be so much climbing involved.

Well, let's climb down now.
That's enough for one day.

You first, cousin.

You, uh... You go right
ahead, cousin. You own them.


And it's so long
past their lunchtime.

Mine too.

There's one thing
them dogs taught me,

and that was come prepared.

Got me some chicken. Ha, ha.


Ooh. Oh!

Muley. Muley, dad
burn-you, butterfingers.

Now look what you've done.

Confound you, Muley.


Hey. Hey, Pa.

What in tarnation you
doing down there, anyhow?

Hi, Cousin Ben.

Say, did you see any of
my hounds go round here?

We sure got them chasing
them coyotes good, Pa.

- How many did you get?
- Two.

Yeah, we'd have got a
bunch more than that, Pa,

but they kept
pointing at them trees.

If they hadn't done that, we'd
have got six or seven, wouldn't we?

I guess two's better than none.

Soon as I get them broken of
chasing every bird that comes in sight

why, Hoss and me
will clean the Ponderosa

of every thieving
coyote you got.

I'm sure glad to hear that.

Them coyotes have been coming
after our stock something fierce,

and it ain't getting any
better, that's for sure.

Uh, Cousin Ben, um,

this is sort of a cash-and-carry
type of transaction.

I mean, $2 a head
for each coyote.

Yeah, Muley,

I guess it is a, uh,
cash-and-carry kind of deal.

- Four dollars.
- Oh, thank you, cousin Ben.

- I don't mean to be pushy.
- No, push...

I mean, it's just, you
know, you being so kind,

my pa always told me:

"Just carry the cash load yourself
and there never will be no argument."

Uh, Muley. Muley.

My pa always told me that when two
partners are working the same claim

that they always split the
take at the end of the day.

Now, me and you are
partners of a sort, ain't we?

And it is the end of
the day, ain't it? Ha, ha.

Nice to have a pa
to guide you, ain't it?

Yup. Heh.

Sure is.

Fifty dollars and my best
squirrel rifle for that whole passel.

Heh, no sale.

Greedy. Very greedy.


Fifty dollars and
a squirrel rifle.

Cousin Hoss,

you just became the proud
owner of four howling hound dogs.

Let me out of here.



Hey, Muley, them
dogs starting to howl.


So you're the one
that can stop them.

I don't know own
them anymore, cousin.

Aw, now, Muley...

You see, Hoss, when you buy a
dog, you also acquire the howl too.

That's right, Hoss. They're
your responsibility now.

You've just inherited four
dogs and a new house, the barn.


Hey, Muley.

Tell you what I'll do.

I'll sell you them
hounds back at half price.

Pick yourself up
a nice little profit.

Well, now, since they've
been trained for coyotes,

I wouldn't have no use
for them out on the prairie.


You gotta sing to them
to quiet them a bit, cousin.

Your animals are calling you.



Now, I ain't gonna lullaby you.

So just start showing a little
more respect for your new master.

Lay down, go to sleep.
Lay down, go to sleep.


Muley Clinton Jones.

A great hate just came into me.


Beats me, Tracy.

Beats me where them
dogs could have gone.

We've been all over this country,
ain't seen hide or hair of them.

So I say we ought to
leave it up to the sheriff.

I'm not quitting, Pa.

They couldn't have
just up and disappeared

without nobody knowing about it.

Sure don't figure.

We've been out a long
time, so I'm hungry.

Pa, it just dawned on me.

The only place we ain't
been is over to the Ponderosa.

Now, what would the
Cartwrights want with hound dogs?

- Well, maybe they seen them.
- I say, let's go home and eat.

Go cook it yourself. I'm
going over to the Ponderosa.




Ah, I'm telling you, I haven't
had any sleep for nights.

For nights and nights.

I know.

What's going on?

They've stopped howling.

Maybe Muley went out
and gave Hoss a hand.


when I was walking
down the hallway,

I heard Muley snoring in
Hoss' room, he's sleeping away.

Nothing bothers him.

I don't care what's
keeping those dogs quiet

just as long as they stay
quiet. I'm going back to bed.

Well, now that I'm
up, I think I'm gonna...

What was I gonna...? Oh.

I was gonna have something to eat.
I'm gonna go have something to eat.

- Have something for me too.
- Okay.


Hoss, come up here!

Now get out of here!
Go on, get out of here!


Get out of that bed.
Come on. Out! Out!

- Get out of my house!
- Go!




Pa, they got away while I
was taking a little snooze.

Sure. But those dogs
wouldn't have gotten in here

if you'd fixed that
back-porch door

the way I'd asked you
to do it at least 100 times.

I'll get them out of here, Pa.

Joe, what are you
doing down there?


Joe, you gotta eat chicken?

Don't you know we're trying to
break them of being bird dogs?

Well, I'm sorry, we
were fresh out of coyote.

I guess.

Come on, you dang hound dogs.

Yup. Come on.

Come on.

You ain't getting
away this time.

All right, all right.

[SINGING] My hound dogs
are sitting And a-lazing around

They're dirty and mangy
But I love my hounds


Don't make any
quick moves, dog thief.

Dog thief? Tracy.

What are you talking
about anyhow?

Hoss, I never
thought I'd see the day

that a Cartwright
would stoop to stealing.

Tracy, I can explain
this whole thing,

if you'll just point that shotgun
someplace besides my belly.


Well, the fact is, I
bought them dogs.

I bought them from my co... From
a fella that was passing through.

I gave him $50 and a
squirrel rifle for them.

You got the bill of sale?

- No, I ain't...
- A pretty slick story.

Look, you don't believe me?

We'll go in and wake
up Pa and he'll tell...

On second thought, we'd
better not do that either.

What you been
doing with my dogs?

Why, not a thing. Just treating
them as nice as I know how.

As a matter of fact, I
been sleeping with them

just to keep them from
getting lonesome, yeah.

Are you sure them
hounds ain't been harmed?

You don't see no
marks on them, do you?

Look, Tracy,

they're your dogs,
you take them.

I'll... I'll not argue
the point with you.

You go right ahead
and take them.

I'm not convinced yet,

but, well, I'll let
it ride for now.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Come on, you bird dogs.


What am I sleeping
out here for anyhow?

Steal what dogs?

I ain't no hound-dog thief.

They're checking the fence to see
what those coyotes have been up to.


Hey, Hoss.

Pa was telling us how Tracy
Ledbetter came and got her hounds

and almost blew your
britches off with a shotgun.

It ain't funny, Little Joe.

That gal packs a shotgun
around like a mad killer.

You think Muley
really stole those dogs?

Oh, yeah. Well, he has
the look of a canine thief.

A what?

A hound-dog robber.

Why didn't you say
that in the first place?

Thought I did.

Where is Mr. Muley?

Well, I reckon he's out
there in the barn asleep.

That figures. Well, it's a shame
we couldn't have kept those dogs

long enough to get
rid of those coyotes.

Not if I had to sleep with them.

Howlingest bunch of dang
hounds I ever did sleep with.

Yeah, well...

I'll see you boys back
late this afternoon.

I'm kind of anxious to find
out what Muley has to say

about where he got those dogs.

Well, good morning, cousins.


Sure was nice sleeping
without all them hounds.

Yeah, I bet it was.

Muley, speaking
of them hounds...

Wait, Cousin Ben,

now, you don't really believe
that I'd stoop low enough

to steal a man's
animals, do you?

I mean, I was just out-and-out
slickered by that fellow that I met.

Muley, now tell me,

where did you meet
this fellow that you met?

Well, down the road a piece.

Well, we just started talking
about dogs and gold mines

and we just came
to trade natural-like.

Now, how did you know that, that
stranger owned them four dogs?

Well, he told me.

And those dogs
were so friendly to him

just like they became
to me later on.

You don't believe me, do you?

Of course we do.

Leastwise, I do.

Well, I guess I'd
better gather my things

and went.

- Dad burn-it, Pa, see what you done?
- Yeah.

- You done hurt Muley's feelings.
- Now, just take it easy now.


do you really believe that
some stranger, a stranger,

went into the Ledbetter's
home, stole four hound dogs

and then went down the
road a piece, met up with Muley

and traded him even?

Now, do you believe it?

Why do you gotta go
and put it like that for?

All right, now, tell me
another way to put it.

Well, I still don't
believe he stole them.

TRACY: Hey, Pa.


Pa. Pa.

That Hoss Cartwright
ruined my hounds.

I don't care nothing
about them darn dogs.

You get in the house
there and start breakfast.


I spent nearly a year making bird
dogs out of those miserable hounds.

I took them out this morning,
Pa, and it was terrible.

Well, now, don't go acting
like no hysterical female,

and tell me what happened.

All they wanna do
is chase coyotes.

They won't even look at a bird.

- Coyote dogs?
- Yeah.

Oh, no. You ain't never gonna
be able to break them of that.

Well, he's not gonna
get away with it.

What are you planning?

You go into town
and get the sheriff,

then we'll teach that
Hoss Cartwright a lesson.

We can't arrest no Cartwright.

Besides, you told me he bought
them off of a passing stranger.

But Hoss taught them to chase
coyotes and that's the crime.

- Now, Tracy...
- Go get that sheriff or...

Or I'll never cook again.

Well, all right.

But you and that gun
stay put right here.

Well, Mr. Hoss Cartwright,

a little rock salt
in the breeches

ought to teach you a lesson.

Well, I sure hate to see you
leave like this, Cousin Muley.

Well, so do I, little cousin.

But I'm sure glad that you
believe me about them hounds.

You do, don't you?

Oh, sure, I believe
you, Muley. Sure.

Don't pay no
attention to my family.

They always gotta have things logical
and all tied up in a pretty package.

Yeah, well, heh,

I guess they just don't understand
about fellas like you and me.


Well, I guess that's it,

except for this box and
that blanket in the barn.

I'll get the box for you.

TRACY: Freeze.

Don't you dare make a move

because I got a shotgun
aimed right at your britches.

Tracy, what's the matter
now? You got your dogs back.

Sure, I got them back,
okay, but you ruined them.

Aw. Tracy, let me stand
up and I can explain that...

You just stay frozen.

Tracy, you're making
a terrible mistake.

I come here to blister you

and by gollies, I'm not gonna
let you sweet talk me out of it.

Tracy, don't do nothing drastic.

I just want you to know
where it came from.


What's going on?

- Crazy shotgun-packing Tracy is back.
- Oh, no.

You open this door or
I'm gonna shoot it open.

And she will. We better hide.

I know you're in here, Hoss.

You low down dog spoiler.



Get me out of this
thing, you crooked hat.

Let me go, polecat.

Not until you calm down.

Hoss, you get me
out of this thing.

And get myself
shotgunned? Never.

- Oh, you.
- Ow!

Hey, wait a minute.
Hold it, ma'am.

Who are you?

Hoss' cousin, ma'am.


Tracy, why'd you go and do a
hurting thing like that to him for?

He ain't done nothing.

Any cousin of yours
is an enemy of mine.

Ah. You polecat, you
got me plumb dizzy.

The passing tall stranger.

Do what?

That's the passing tall
stranger that stole my dogs.

- Are you sure?
- Sure, I'm sure.

And all this time I believed in you,
and you's the one that was guilty.

You hound-dog robber.


Hoss, what was all
that shooting about?

- What happened to you?
- Oh!

What are you doing
with that horse collar?

Leave it on her, Pa.
She's dangerous.

Oh, come on now.
What's Hoss been doing?

What have I been doing?

Mr. Cartwright, your
son Hoss is a dog thief,

a woman beater
and an animal spoiler.

Now, wait a minute, Tracy. If you
had a shotgun pointed at your...

Hoss, Hoss. I'm
ashamed of you, boy.

Now, what's the
matter with you, Muley?

Like I told you, Pa, she's
dangerous. She hurt, Muley.

For a passing tall stranger,
you look different somehow,

nows I sees you up close.

She claims Muley's the one
that stole her hounds, all right, Pa.

I didn't do no such thing.

Well, Tracy?


Well, he is the tall stranger
that was passing by our house,

and shortly after my
dogs did disappear.

Ma'am, I didn't steal
your hound dogs.

I wouldn't do a thing
like that. Honest.

Heh. Maybe you didn't.

Tracy, make up
your mind, will you?

But you spoiled them.

Now, Tracy, Hoss didn't
spoil those dogs intentionally.

Now, that's right, Tracy.

If your hounds are
spoiled, well, I'm sorry.

But with all this dang talk,

I still got me four no-good
low-down coyote-hunting dogs.

Tracy, tell you what,

I might consider buying
those dogs if the price is right.

Hmm, so you wanna buy them now.

What do you think they,
uh, ought to be worth?

Make me an offer.

Well, it's kind of difficult to
make an offer just like that, Tracy,

but, uh, I think $15 a dog would
be a very fair price, don't you?

Fifteen dollars for good
coyote dogs is a very low price.

Maybe I should just keep them
and hire them out as hunters.

Tracy, you're getting to be a
better horse trader than my boys.

All right.

Two dollars a head for
every coyote you get.





can I talk to you for
a minute, private-like?

Oh, sure, ma'am. Heh.

Why don't you
step into my office?

- Howdy, Ben. Hoss.
- Howdy, Roy.

What's this I hear about Hoss being
a stealer and spoiler of hound dogs?

Oh, ha, ha.

Not anymore, Roy. Not anymore.

It's all been settled,
Mr. Ledbetter.

Tracy's in there in the barn
just as happy as a hunting dog.

My daughter's been here?

Her and her shotgun both.

That gal and her shotgun
is gonna be the death of me.

Didn't I tell you
to stay at home?

Hey, cousins, that's the man.

That's the stranger
that sold me them dogs.

You sold my dogs?

You're dang right I did.

For months you ain't done nothing but
train them dogs and let me go hungry.

Dirty dishes so high
I can't see over them.

Sheets all torn on the
couch, you ain't changed them.

And my clothes
stand up all alone.

I done it, and I done
it for self-preservation.

- Why, you low-down...
- Now, wait.

A pretty little gal like you
shouldn't play with guns.

- No?
- No.


All right.

Uh, how about what we
talked about in your office?

Oh, you got yourself a
coyote-hunting partner.

And I'll stay in the barn at
night and keep the dogs quiet.

Hey, wait a minute, Muley, I
thought me and you was partners.

It ain't the same thing, Cousin
Hoss. Don't you see? Ha, ha.

Yeah, I reckon I do at that.

It kind of looks like I took me a long
horseback ride for nothing, don't it?

It's part of the job.

Come on.

Well, I reckon we
better move along.

Whatever you say, Muley.

Because my dogs are...

Our dogs are over at the house
tied up and they might get loose.

BEN: Uh, Muley.

I wanna apologize for,
uh... Well, for distrusting you.

Shucks, Cousin
Ben. That's all right.

Sometimes I don't trust myself.


Here, gal, you drive.

Oh, uh, Pa, come on.

I'll cook us a dinner
tonight you'll never forget.



[SINGING] I got me a
hound dog I got me a friend

Just a lazy old hound
dog But it's mine to the end

Of his tail that he wags
Though his ears droop and sag

And his feet always
drag On the ground

I got me a hound
dog A mutt and a cur

And I call him my Filbert
He's a hound I prefer

He's afraid of a fight
Why, he won't even bite

But he'll stay up a night and...

Now, what was that all about?


Just a happy ending.

Yeah, for all of us.

No more howling,
a good night's sleep,

no noise, peaceful.

- Amen.
- Yeah.

Let's go.



Behind the Scenes of Hound Dog

The names of Muley Jones’ canines are Foppy, Filbert, Fargo, and Blue.

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Bonanza provides wholesome entertainment suitable for personal enjoyment and family gatherings. Hound Dog is the 193rd episode in the series out of 430. Spanning 14 seasons from September 1959 to January 1973, NBC produced and aired Bonanza on its network.

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