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She Walks in Beauty Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #1

The fifth season of Bonanza debuted on September 22, 1963, launching with the episode She Walks in Beauty. Gena Rowlands makes a guest appearance as Ragan Miller, a woman whose striking appearance has led to a series of unfortunate romantic entanglements. Disdainful of men, she manipulates them to fulfill her desires. Ragan’s arrival in Virginia City sparks jealousy between the Cartwright brothers, Hoss and Adam, leading to a violent altercation. Jeanne Cooper joins the cast as Ragan’s elder sister, Emilia. The episode “She Walks in Beauty” was penned by Don McDougall.

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Watch the Full Episode of She Walks in Beauty

Watch the Full Episode of She Walks in Beauty:

Main Cast

In the inaugural episode of Bonanza’s fifth season, “She Walks in Beauty,” several recurring and supporting cast members graced the screen. The ensemble for this episode comprises:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Gena Rowlands as Ragan Miller
  • Jeanne Cooper as Emilia Miller
  • Victor Sen Yung as Hop Sing
  • Phil Chambers as Mr. Amos – Store Owner
  • Robert Adler as Charlie
  • Craig Duncan as Buggy Driver
  • Bill Clark as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Gene Coogan as Townsman (uncredited)
  • James Gonzalez as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Herschel Graham as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Bob LaWandt as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Hans Moebus as Party Guest (uncredited)

Full Story Line for She Walks in Beauty

Regan Miller arrives in Virginia City, her striking beauty masking a history of failed romances. She seeks out her equally attractive younger sister, Emilia, who harbors resentment toward her for stealing her husband. Cynical about love, Regan manipulates men to achieve her desires. Hoss, captivated by her allure, remains oblivious to her past and true nature. Regan, aware of Hoss’s affluent background, flatters and deceives him with lies.

Meanwhile, Adam, acquainted with Regan’s manipulative ways, endeavors to shield Hoss from her charms and warns him of her deceitfulness. To sway Adam’s resolve, Regan tries to seduce him. Hoss, witnessing a kiss between them, mistakenly believes Adam to be the instigator. Confronting Adam, Hoss refuses to accept his brother’s warnings and lashes out violently.

Ben and Joe intervene, separating the brothers. Ben confronts Regan about the altercation at the engagement party, holding her accountable for the strife between Adam and Hoss. Confronted with guilt, Regan confesses to Hoss, acknowledging her moral shortcomings and warning him against loving someone like her.

Full Script and Dialogue of She Walks in Beauty

You know, this is it. Let's
get them up, come on.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

Uh, hi, Miss Sally.

Miss Eleanor.

Uh, Jane?

Now, come on, Joe, if you wanna
socialize, come in on your own time.

- Let's get these chores done.
- I usually can get one of those.

How are you, Miss Betty?

Good to see you.

She's pretty. Hey,
here comes the stage.

Maybe there's a letter
on there from Adam.

Hey, come on, come on, there's
a letter on there from Adam.

Will you come on?

You know, if you just break down

and spend a few dollars,
you'll get a pair of boots that fit.

- Hey, Charlie, got any mail for us.
- No mail on this trip, Joe.

Hi, Charlie.

Will you be staying
at the hotel, miss?

- No, I'd like to engage a carriage.
- Yes, ma'am.

Why do you reckon anybody'd
wanna cover up like that?

Well, I don't know.

I sure would like to get a look at
what's underneath that veil, though.

Yeah. Probably uglier
than a mud fence.

Well, look, you wanna stand here
and socialize or get your work done?

Well, this is it, miss.

Would you mind waiting a minute?

- I'm not sure I'll stay.
- Anything you say.

What are you doing here?

I had no place else to go.

- Why here? RAGAN:
Emilia, we're sisters.

I need help.

You're the only person
that can help me.

Come in.

Your life shows in
your face, Ragan.

And it makes me
ashamed you're my sister.

All right.

I don't why I should,
but I'll help you.

However, you'll have to wait until
the bank's open in the morning.

You can stay at the
hotel overnight and I'll...

I'll leave an envelope
for you at the desk after 9.

That's not the kind
of help I need, Emilia.

Well, I don't know what other
kind of help I can give you, Ragan.

- Please, Emilia.
- "Please, Emilia.

Emilia, please."

It's always been,
"Emilia, please," hasn't it?

Even now, fresh from your
triumphs in San Francisco.

- You heard about that?
- Oh, yes, I heard.

I heard about that incident
and all the other incidents too.

People write, Ragan.

There are always people who
write to you about things like that.

I didn't do anything. I
couldn't help what happened.

As I remember, that's exactly what
you said seven years ago with Charles.

Emilia, that wasn't my fault.

Wasn't it just?

Well, he loved me, Ragan.

For two whole years,
Charles courted and loved me.

And the day you came
home from the school

and displayed your
feminine charms,

he didn't even want me.

Well, I don't blame him.

Now you corrupted him like you've
corrupted everything around you

ever since you've been a child.

Judging from your last escapade,
you still haven't changed.

I know what I am, Emilia.

But I can't change
unless you help me.

- Please, Emilia. You owe it to me.
- Owe it to you?

Just remember this, Ragan,
I don't owe you anything.

Yes, you do.

You do owe it to me, Emilia,

for all of the love that
father gave to you,

the smart clever one

and denied me.

Please, Emilia.


Very well.

Very well, I will help you.

But you'll have to do as I say.

And exactly the way
I say for you to do it.

Yes, I promise.

Have your driver
bring in your luggage.

Thank you, Emilia.

Thank you, Charlie.

What'd Adam say, Pa?

Says ASA report in
Sacramento is excellent. Heh.

Hey, didn't I tell you?

When's he coming home?

Oh, not for a couple of days.

He's having some meetings with a
firm of mining engineers in San Francisco.

Let me see it.

Now, look, Hoss,
uh, go get the wagon.

Let me read it.

You have all the way home
to read it, now get the wagon.

Yes, sir, I'll see you
in a couple of minutes.

Ah. Yes, these will do.

Are you sure this is what
you want, Miss Miller?

We got little more expensive
line that's a lot more stylish.

Yes, this is what I want.
This is what I want. Ragan.


Yes, those will
be just fine, Emilia.

Well, you'll need several for daytime,
and at least one good black for church.

Mr. Amos, do you have my,
uh, pattern in a smaller size?

Oh, I'm sure I can find
one that'll suit just fine.


- Good morning, Mr. Cartwright.
- Oh, good morning, Amos.

Is my order ready yet?
- Yes, sir.

- I got it all put away out in back.
- Good.

Uh, excuse me, Ragan.
There's someone I must see.

- Good morning, Ben.
- Oh, uh, good morning, Miss Miller.

Good morning.

Say, I've, uh... I've heard
a most interesting rumor.

Now, what was that?

Well, that you're
seriously thinking

about mining the
area above Gunsight.

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I
have been giving it some thought.

I'd like to talk to you sometime,
about investing in the venture, I mean.

Well, heh, Miss
Emilia, you know,

mining, particularly silver
mining, is so highly speculative

- Mm-hm.
- I think you'd probably find

much safer investments
somewhere else.

Oh, come now, Ben. I'm not some
poor widow investing life savings.

Oh, of course not.

No, I'm well aware
of the risks involved.

But, uh, I'm also aware of, uh, the
rewards commensurate with them.

Well, to be frank
with you, Miss Emilia,

I just wouldn't want the responsibility
of having you possibly lose any money.

- You sure this is everything?
- Yes, thank you.

Oh, a couple of packs
of cigars for my foreman.

Ben, should you change your mind,
you, uh... You would let me know?

- Yes, of course, I will.
- Fine.

- Is that the stuff?
- Yeah.

- Good morning, Miss Emilia.
- Good morning, Hoss.

Your sister chose the
same dress materials

- as you selected, Miss Emilia.
- Fine. Thank you, Ragan.

Ragan, this is, uh,
Mr. Cartwright and his son, Hoss.

- Morning.
- Howdy, ma'am.

How do you do?

Uh, Mr. Amos, please
put that on my account.

Here, ma'am, let
me take that for you.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure, ma'am.

You know, we didn't even know
that Miss Emilia had a sister,

so you're kind of a
surprise around here.

I'd say a real nice
surprise, Miss Miller.

Thank you. My name is Ragan.


I don't recollect having
heard that name before.

But I don't reckon many people
ever heard of Hoss neither.

Hoss, that's a wonderful name.

So big and strong, just
like this country out here.

Hey, I bet you ain't even
seen our country, have you?

I'd be mighty happy
to show it to you.

If you wouldn't mind
me coming calling.

Oh, I think that's very,
very thoughtful of you, Hoss.

I've not had a chance to introduce
my sister to many people out here.

I'm sure she'd be
delighted to have you call.

- Thank you, ma'am.
- Yeah.

I'll sure do it.

- All right. Bye, Hoss.
- Bye, ma'am.

Bye, Miss Ragan.

- Joe.
- Yeah, Pa?

Didn't Hoss cruise that timber
up at Gunsight last spring?

Yeah, yeah. Don't you
remember I went up there

and found him bogged
down in a snow drift?

Oh, heh, yeah.

Where's Hoss now?

I think I saw him out
on the front porch.

I don't think he's
doing anything.

- Joseph.
- Yes, sir.

- Feet on the floor.
- Yes, sir.


Oh, hi, Pa.

Adam writes there's
a firm in Sacramento.

Wants us to quote a price on
half a million board feet of timber.

Do you think we could handle
that out of the tract above Gunsight?

Well, that'll take
some doing, Pa.

Yeah, well, why don't you
ride up there and take a look.

We're gonna have to clear it
anyway if we're gonna do any mining.

Uh, Pa, can Little
Joe do that instead?

Uh, why?

Oh, well, I promised Miss Ragan
that I'd take her for a buggy ride

and show her the country.

And, of course, she ain't
gonna be here long. I just...

- Sure. Ha, ha.
- Heh, thanks, Pa.

Then I'll take her hand,
just like Little Joe taught me.

Then give her
that evil eye of his.

Then I'll...

Then I'll turn to
her and I'll say...

Thank you.

Heh, giddyup.


What do you think of that?

It's beautiful.

No other place on earth like it.

Giddyup. Hyah.

- Pretty azaleas.
- They're beautiful.

- Coming up nicely.
- Mm-hm.

- Ah, it was a pleasant dinner.
- Hmm.

Very glad we ate outside.

Well, I thought that we should
take advantage of the lovely weather.

- Mm.
- You know, Ben,

I don't think I've
seen my sister,

well, what, content, I
suppose, in long time.

- Nor Hoss, for that matter.
- Heh.

It's been such a beautiful day.

Yeah, it sure has.

Sort of hate to see
it come to an end.

Miss Ragan, you, uh...

You made up your mind yet?

About what, Hoss?

Well, about not making this
just a visit, but settling down here.

Well, I don't know.

Settling down has such a
permanent sound, doesn't it?

Yeah, I reckon it does,
but sort of nice sound too.

I mean, it's one that us
folks here understand.

Well, I don't know if it would
be right for a person like me.

Oh, sure it'd be right.

Why, if the right person
came along, it'd be right as rain.

- Can it ever really be like that, Hoss?
- Sure.

I mean, you get married

and build yourself a
house, raise a family.

Like they say,
grow old together.

Grow old.

Heh, that's something you ain't gonna
have to worry about for a long time yet.

Uh, come on you two, we're
going to have coffee inside.

It's getting chilly out here.

Emilia was right,
it is chilly out here.

Let's go in.


You know, I, uh...

I think the Cartwrights actually
enjoyed having dinner outside.

Um, what were you and
Hoss, uh, talking about?

I think Hoss wants
to marry me, Emilia.


Well, are you considering it?

Yes, I am.

You know, you were right.

Hoss is different from
any man I've ever known.

Well, did you tell him
anything about yourself?


Aren't you afraid
it might come up?

Strangely enough, I don't think
it would make any difference.

Do you know, Emilia,

he talked about
growing old together?

You know, I never
thought about that,

growing old.

- Well, good morning, Mr. Cartwright.
- Good morning, Miss Ragan.

I'm just having some
coffee, will you join me?

Well, I'd like to very much

but, uh, I have so many
things I must do in town.

My son Adam is
coming in tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening we're having
a little dinner party at our home,

and we were hoping that you and
your sister would join us, just family.

Well, I would be delighted. Hoss
has told us so much about Adam.

Well, I'm sure you'll have a
great deal to talk about in common.

He's just spent the past
few weeks in San Francisco.

- San Francisco?
- Yes, yes.

Would, uh...? Would
7:00 tomorrow be all right?

Yes. Yes, that would be fine.

Good, we'll be
expecting you. Morning.


So, anyway, old Sully never did
find out what happened to his teeth.

Good evening, Adam.

Evening, Miss Emilia.

Adam, I'd like you to
meet Miss Ragan Miller.

This is Miss Emilia's sister.
My brother Adam, Miss Ragan.

How do you do?

How do you do?

Won't you sit down, Adam?

Thank you. Ah.

I hope you brought some good
news about the mining venture.

- Mining venture?
- Mm.

Adam, while you were away,

Miss Emilia expressed
some interest in investing.

Oh, I see.

Well, I'm afraid it will be
an expensive installation,

but I think it'll be practical.

Heh, hey, Adam,

Miss Ragan here just left San
Francisco about two weeks ago.

I know it's getting
to be a big town,

but I thought maybe you might
have run into some of her friends there.

Ah, I knew very few
mining people there, Hoss.

Well, I ran into quite a few
people while I was there.

Someday, maybe you can
tell me who your friends are.

Yes. Maybe I can.

Oh, Ben, thank you
for a wonderful evening.

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Oh, say, if Adam can get those
figures to the house in the morning,

I'll get a letter off to my
broker in San Francisco.

Um, going to have to
convert some of my holdings.

Well, I think something could
be arranged, do you think so?

- Ten o'clock be convenient?
- Mm-hm, 10:00 is fine.


- Good night, Little Joe.
- Good night.

Good night, Mr. Cartwright.

Thank you for a very
pleasant evening.

Well, the pleasure was all ours.

- Thank you.
- Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night, Miss Miller.

Good night, Hoss. Thank you.

Good night, Miss Ragan.

And it's me that
should be thanking you.

This is one of the nicest
evenings I can remember.

- Good night, Miss Emilia.
- Good night, Hoss.

- Miss Ragan Miller. Hmm.
- Yep.

Don't you go getting no ideas
either, brother, she's all staked out.

She's one of the sweetest
little gals I ever met.

Heh, will you look at him, Pa?

He's got the same expression as
a steer that's just been poleaxed.

That's probably the
expression I had on my face

when I was courting your mother.

- He's pretty serious about her.
- Mm.

Well, it's about time

one of you boys started thinking
seriously of getting married.

Are you trying to get rid of me?

Hey, Pa, I was just thinking, uh,
that since tomorrow is Saturday,

I'm wondering if
maybe tomorrow night

we couldn't get some of
the neighbors over here

and have a little get-together and
introduce Miss Ragan around, huh?

Well, I don't know,
it's a little short notice

but I think something
might be arranged.


And if I'm real lucky, I might even
have a little announcement to make.

Heh. Hey, you son of
a gun. Congratulations!

We were just talking about that!

Now we get rid of you.

- Good night, Ragan.
- Emilia?


Could you come
in and talk a while?

- Ah, well, it's, uh... It's quite late.
- Yes, I know that.

I just don't think I can sleep.

You probably realize, of course,

that Adam heard about
you in San Francisco.

Ugh, I know he did.

- I could tell the way he looked at me.
- Yes, I noticed that too.

He just couldn't seem to take
his eyes off you all evening.

Or aren't you
worried about that?

- No, not particularly.
- Well, you should be.

You know, once Adam
tells Hoss about you

that not only ends your chances
with him, but all my plans as well.

- Well, he's not going to tell Hoss.
- And what's to stop him?

I've yet to meet the
man that I can't handle.

Ah, well, Adam is
not as naive as Hoss.

He's still a man.

And men are your
business, aren't they, Ragan?

Yes. Yes, they are, Emilia.

Just remember this, the
Ponderosa is my business.

What you don't seem to understand
is I don't want the Ponderosa.

I want Hoss.

Good night.

Adam, I'd, uh...

I really would like to study
these reports just a little longer.

All right, that's a good idea.

Sure you won't stay for coffee?

No, thanks, uh, I suppose Hoss got
by and told you about the party tonight.

Ha, ha, oh, yes. Yes, he came by
quite early to, uh... To tell us about it.

Hmm, so that's why I didn't
see him at breakfast this morning.

He is an early bird, isn't he?

Well, he's also one of the finest men
I've ever had the pleasure to know.

I'd have to agree with you.

Listen, I wonder if I could
speak to your sister a minute.

Yes, yes, certainly. She's,
uh... She's out in the front yard.

Thanks. We'll, uh,
see you tonight, then.


This doesn't look like
the same Ragan Miller

I've heard about
in San Francisco.

- Oh, heh, you startled me.
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

What did you hear about
me in San Francisco?

I think you and I both
know the answer to that one.

I suppose you've told Hoss.


Well, thank you for that.

Don't flatter yourself.

I did it for his
sake, not yours.

I wouldn't hurt Hoss.

Then why don't you stop
amusing yourself at his expense.

Is that what you
think I'm doing?

Well, you are famous for the, uh,
manner in which you amuse yourself,

at least in San Francisco

and, uh, from what I've
heard, uh, from other men.

No, it isn't true.
I'm not like that.

Aren't you?

I did nothing to
encourage those men.

And what about my brother?

Well, heh.

Look at me.

Do I look as though I'm going
out of my way to beguile him?

Do I look as though I'm trying
to entice him or anybody else?

I won't have you
telling me what to do.

All right. Then I'll tell him.

Tell him what?

That the woman he loves is
some special kind of monster?

That I am supposed to be responsible
for every man that falls in love with me,

but I'm not supposed
to give any love back.

I came here to get away, to
be ugly, to be plain, to hide,

to get away from
everything I've been.

And I thought I'd
found something here.

I thought I'd found
someone who didn't want me

just as a possession to display

or a prize to show
how important he is.

Someone who saw past all of
that and wanted me just for myself.

Can you understand that?

Is that too much to ask?

No, I suppose it isn't.

You do understand,
don't you, Adam?

You understand. All I ever
wanted was to be loved.

Just to be loved.

I understand.

It won't work.

What do you mean?

A woman who kisses the brother
of the man she's going to marry

the way you just kissed me,

well, she's talking about
a different kind of love.

You can't really change
what you are, can you?

- What are you doing?
- I'm getting ready for the party.

Well, that's strange, you don't
act like you're in a party mood.

So Ragan Miller finally
met her match, did she?

You think I failed
with Adam, don't you?

- Hmm.
- Well, maybe I did.

But that's because it
wasn't me out there.

It was something that
you tried to make me.

It will cost me a great
deal of money, Ragan.

But I've waited years to see you
finally meet a man you can't handle.

A man who can humiliate you.

Those are the two driving passions
of your life, aren't they, Emilia?

Money and seeing me humiliated.

I tried to warn you. But
whatever that devil is,

it's so strong, and
you, you wouldn't listen.

You couldn't take my help.

Your help.

Your help made me
ugly out of jealousy.

Your help pushed me
at Hoss out of greed.

No, we both have our own
personal devils to feed, Emilia.

But I prefer mine to yours.

Ragan, what are you doing?

I'm taking back
my own personality.

I'm going to show you and Adam
how the real Ragan Miller works.

Go ahead. Go ahead and
prove to Hoss that Adam is right.

It won't make any difference, not
a particle, because Hoss loves me,

and nothing anybody
says can change that.

Now, go ahead, get dressed.

I'll prove it to you.

There's nothing in this world
that would make me go there

and see you flaunt yourself.

Oh, yes, there is.

Your greed will make
you come, Emilia.

We'll return to tonight's
story of Bonanza

in a moment.

And now the exciting
conclusion of tonight's story.

Mr. Hoss want to
see you in bunk house.

He very upset about something.

Oh, thanks, Hop Sing.

Hop Sing said, uh,
you wanted to see me.

Yeah. Where you been?

Well, you know where I've been.

I've been over to Miller
house to see Miss Emilia.

Miss Ragan, you seen
her too, didn't you?

Didn't you?

You asking me or telling me?

I'm telling you.

- Here we are.
- Oh, boy.

One thing you know how
to make, Pa, that's punch.

Ha, ha, sure do.

What the heck was that?

- What's this about?
- Ask him.

What is this about?

Why were you fighting him?

I wasn't fighting him.

All right, why was
he fighting you?


Now, Hoss, I must talk to you.

There ain't nothing
to talk about.

Yes, there is.

Uh, Hoss, Adam wasn't trying to
hurt you. He was trying to help you.

By making love to Ragan?

- No, he went there to talk to her.
- Sure he did.

But he ended up with her
in his arms and kissing her.

I'm in love with that
woman. I'm gonna marry her.

- Don't you understand that?
- What do you know about her?

No, Pa, what did you know about
my ma when you married her?

I knew everything
I needed to know.

Fine, I know everything I
need to know about Ragan.

You don't know everything.

You don't know what
Adam was trying to tell you.

No, Pa, I'm not gonna hear
anything bad about Ragan

from Adam or you or nobody else!

Son, don't blind yourself
to the truth about her.

I don't care about her past.

Hoss, it's not just the past,
I'm worried about the future.

Yes, fine, so am I.

I'm gonna marry her.

That's gonna be my future.

Hey, Pa, the
guests are arriving.

- Well, keep them waiting.
- No.

They're my guests and for
my party, I'll invite them in.

- Hoss, let me get you some punch.
- No, thank you.

Hey, Hoss, come
on, have a good time.

I will.

Ah, Ragan, you
sure do look beautiful.

I was trying to look
pretty tonight for you.

Oh, you're a sight more
than just plain pretty.

Well, if you don't
like it, I can change.

No, no, no. It'll take a little
getting used to, I reckon.

- How are you, Miss Emilia?
- Just fine, thank you, Hoss.

I ain't never been too
good at this, but we'll try.

I found what I wanted, Hoss. A
man, not a pretty dancing master.


I couldn't help seeing what
happened this afternoon

between you and Adam.

From now on, we'll just forget
that that ever happened at all.

I wanted to tell you, Hoss,
but I was afraid I'd lose you.

Ragan, you ain't ever
gotta be afraid of that.

Thank you, Hoss.

I couldn't stop him.
You could see that.

I know.

- Your sister looks lovely tonight.
- Thank you.

Very fine dancing.


Excuse me.

May I?

Thank you.

Oh, Mr. Cartwright, I
can't dance another step.

Could we get some air?

You have been dancing
quite a bit tonight.

Of course, let's go outside.

You really love this land of
yours, don't you, Mr. Cartwright?

Heh, yes.

But then, of course, I'm rather
prejudiced in favor of the Ponderosa.

Yes. Hoss is too.

He often speaks of it
as if it were a woman.


Yes. Hoss loves it very much.

But, of course, Hoss
always sees everything

with uncomplicated honest eyes.

How do you think he sees me?

As the woman he wants to marry.

And, uh, how do you
see me, Mr. Cartwright?

Well, that depends upon
which Ragan Miller I'm looking at.

Well, do you approve
of this Ragan Miller?

Or do you prefer
my sister's version?

I would guess that
the way you are now

is the version that most
men would know you as.

I see Adam has
informed you of my, heh,

infamous past.

Did he also tell you what
happened this afternoon?


Well, I can imagine what
interpretation he put on it.

That's not important.

What is important is
Hoss, his happiness.

You don't think I can
provide that happiness?


Frankly, I don't.

But my son, unlike, perhaps,
most men that you've known,

gives his love freely,

openly, honestly,
without reservation.

And even the knowledge
of your past couldn't shake it.

If he can forgive
that, why can't you?

I suppose I could

if I thought that
you'd really changed.

But you don't believe that?


Well, heh.

It doesn't really matter what
you think, does it? Or Adam.

Because Hoss will
marry me anyway.


Yes, Hoss would
marry you anyway.

But the love that will forgive
you your mistakes of the past

would never forgive you those
same mistakes in the future.

I won't make any mistakes.

Won't you?

Just this afternoon, Hoss
saw you kissed Adam.

No, but Hoss understood.

Did he?

When Adam came home,
Hoss almost killed him.

Now, what do you think would happen
if you made that same mistake again?


What are you two doing out here?

Oh, we're just, uh... Just
admiring the night, Hoss.

Uh, I better get in to
our guests. Excuse me.

There's, uh... There's
a ring around the moon.

Could mean that it's
gonna rain tomorrow.


- about this afternoon...
- Ragan.

I told you we weren't gonna
talk about that anymore.

Well, what if I were to tell
you that it wasn't Adam's fault,

that I'd encouraged him.

You wouldn't do that.

Well, what if I did?

You ain't like that.

Hoss, I could be like anything.
You don't know anything about me.

Things like that could have
happened to me in the past.

That's all over, Ragan.

It don't matter.

You don't have to tell
me about those things.

It just don't matter.

No more than you getting
all dolled up for this party.

It just don't make
no difference.

I could tell you things
that would matter.

Oh, I know I ain't the
first fella or the only.

And I certainly ain't
the handsomest.

I got a mirror that tells
me that every morning.

And ain't nobody can blame you for
searching around for something better.

But once you made up your mind

that I was the one,

then you wouldn't have
to search no further, ever.

Your father was telling me how
much you love this Ponderosa.

What if I were to ask you
to leave it? To go away?

Why would you wanna do that?

I don't know. What if I just did? I
hated it and I wanted to live in a city.


Well, if that's what it'd
take to make you happy,

then that's what we gotta do.

And leave your
father and brothers?


when we're married,

we're gonna do whatever
it takes to make you happy.

Ah, you fool. You fool.

What can I tell you to
make you realize what I am?

Stop it. You stop it right now.

I don't wanna hear
no more talk like that.

Ragan, you love me
and that's all that counts.


Haven't you understood
anything I've been trying to tell you?

If I loved you, that would be
the worst thing that could happen,

can't you see that?

My love would destroy you, Hoss,

because you'd have to share it
with every other man I'd ever meet.

Now do you know?

Stage is leaving, miss.


Hi, Adam.

Well, there goes one
we'll never forget, huh?


Let's go home.

Earlier this evening, I
promised you excitement,

and a chance to see
the wonderful selection

of new 1964 cars from Chevrolet.

Dan, Pernell, Mike and
I are really impressed

with the way they handle
in rugged ranch country.

In fact, Dan brought
along his four chips

off the old, uh, Blocker.


Oh... howdy.

This is Debra,
Danna, David and Dirk.

- Hi!
- Hi!

Gee, Dad, can I see
the new cars now?

Hey, wait a minute!

Hold your horsepower
there a minute.


I've just been giving
the '64 Corvette Stingray

a workout on these
twisting ranch roads.

And let me tell you,
it responds like that.

This is a sizzling sports car

with all the
appointments of a fine car.

Just like the
Stingray sport coupe.

Been a lot of Corvette
refinement for '64.

Full rear window, for example.

Gives you greater
visibility and...

Dirk, you better scat

or your dad's gonna make
"hoss" meat out of you.

Well, that's the first of

five different kinds of
cars from Chevrolet.

I'd like to show you what I
consider your biggest buy.

It's got lots of room
and rugged performance,

all in one neat package.

We know which one you
mean, Dad... the Chevy Il.

Two, as in twins, like us.

Let me tell the folks about it.

Now, for the first time,
you can order your Chevy Il

with a V-8 engine in it.

Yep, the extra-cost V-8
engine is available to you

in all 1964 Chevy Il
models, like this Nova sedan.

- I like it.
- I like it.

I like it, too!

Everybody will.

Oh, here's Mike
Landon's favorite: Corvair.

She's sportier
than ever for '64.

With the same
Corvair-only good looks.

But the big news is the engine.

Develops nearly 19% more power,

and makes passing,
accelerating and hill-climbing

that much easier.

Hey, want some proof?

Let's take on that cowpoke.

How about that?

Feels like a sports car,
yet has room for the family.


Next, the all-time
favorite: Chevrolet.

The 1964 Chevrolet.


But, uh, let's get the
feminine viewpoint.

What do you think, gals?

Just fantastic, Mr. Greene.


Beautiful! Elegant!

From Body by Fisher
to its luxurious interior,

Chevrolet is in
a class by itself.

Let's take it for a spin, gals.

Yes, sir, trails may be rough,

but the '64 Chevrolet tames 'em.

Inside, you ride jet-smooth.



Ain't that something.

Quite a car.


- Chevelle!
- Chevelle!

Chevelle swell!

Hey, Dirk, get out of there.

Oh, that's all right, Dan.

After all, who wouldn't
like to get inside

the completely new Chevelle?

If you haven't seen it as yet,

this is Chevrolet's fifth
line of new cars for '64.

Comes in 11 new models,

including beautiful
station wagons.

Chevelle... a new
name for a new-size car.

Now, in case you're
wondering why

Chevrolet built this entirely
new car, here's the reason:

so that you can get exactly
the kind of car you want,

with the kind of luxury, size,

economy and
spirit that you need.

- Now...
- Whoa, Lorne.

There's another
surprise, you know.

The El Camino for 1964.

The pickup that's rugged
enough to work all day

and pretty enough to drive
to a Saturday night dance.

Well, that's the story for 1964.

The new El Camino,

plus five entirely
different kinds

of new cars from Chevrolet.

Thanks for joining us!

See your Chevrolet dealer soon!

Behind the Scenes of She Walks in Beauty

The title originates from a poem penned by Lord Byron.

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Bonanza offers wholesome entertainment suitable for individuals or family gatherings. She Walks in Beauty is the 135th episode in the series out of 430. Produced by NBC, Bonanza graced their network from September 1959 to January 1973, boasting 14 seasons.

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