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The Dowry Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #03, Episode #31

The Cartwright family springs into action when bandits reportedly abscond with the $100,000 dowry earmarked for Michele Dubois’ wedding. Michele, the daughter of self-proclaimed land baron Alexander Dubois, is distressed. As the Cartwright sons stand sentinel over the injured Dubois at the Ponderosa, Ben Cartwright begins questioning the repeated targeting of Dubois and his wealth by the same outlaws. Meanwhile, Michele deftly enthralls Joe, Hoss, and Adam with her charms. Lee Bergere joins the cast as Ricardo Fernandez. Broadcasted initially on April 29, 1962, The Dowry was crafted by Robert Vincent Wright.

Delve deeper into the plot and uncover fascinating trivia, or indulge in the complete episode below.

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Watch the Full Episode of The Dowry

Watch the Full Episode of The Dowry:

Main Cast

The cast members featured in “The Dowry,” the ninety-seventh episode of Bonanza, include:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Luciana Paluzzi as Michele Dubois
  • Lee Bergere as Don Ricardo Fernandez
  • Steven Geray as Alexander Dubois
  • Ken Mayer as Crusty
  • Bill Clark as 3rd Robber (uncredited)
  • Roy Engel as Doc Martin (uncredited)
  • Bob Miles as 2nd Robber (uncredited)
  • Cosmo Sardo as Bartender (uncredited)
  • Henry Wills as 1st Robber (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Dowry

A stagecoach carrying Alexander Dubois, his daughter Michele, and her fiancé, Don Ricardo Fernandez, is ambushed by bandits. Michele’s dowry is stolen, and Dubois is injured while attempting to recover it. The Cartwrights become suspicious of Don Fernandez’s calm demeanor in the face of the robbery.

Meanwhile, while searching for a stray cow, Little Joe encounters the stagecoach and offers to accompany its passengers to Virginia City: Ricardo Fernandez, Michele Dubois, and her father, Alexander.

As bandits strike, stealing the dowry and injuring Michele’s father, Joe escorts them to the Ponderosa for Dubois’s recovery. Joe develops feelings for Michele while Adam and Hoss pursue the bandits and retrieve the stolen goods. However, upon inspection, Ben realizes the jewels are counterfeit and decides to investigate discreetly.

Tensions rise as Ricardo and Joe engage in a physical altercation over Michele, with Adam observing the scene with amusement. Meanwhile, the bandits strike again, stealing the dowry from Dubois’s room. Ben confronts the chaos, revealing that Ricardo orchestrated the theft, as he was not genuinely wealthy. Furthermore, Dubois had substituted real jewels with fakes over time to maintain an illusion of wealth. In the end, everyone realizes the deceit and pretense of their wealth, revealing the true nature of their circumstances.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Dowry

(fanfare plays)



What on earth are you
doing way out here, Little Joe?

You're likely to get your brains
addled, walking in this sun.

Oh, Crusty, you know I couldn't

go through the day
without my constitutional.

No, my horse spooked
up in the mountains

while I was checking a fence.


It's probably halfway back
to the Ponderosa by now

(chuckles) Well, I
should have known

you wouldn't be walking
if you could avoid it.

Well, come on aboard.

Oh, of course, uh, when
we get to Virginia city,

I'm gonna have to charge
you for the 15 miles.

Well, anything's
better than walking.

MAN: What's the delay?

Get along, driver.

Stop the chatter.

Driver, proceed immediately.

All right, it's
all right, folks.

Just giving a friend a lift.

Well, come on up here.


I've been looking for
someone to jaw with, anyway.

All righty.

Besides, once we get moving,

it's gonna be a might
cooler up here than in there.

I don't know, there's
a pretty good draft

when that guy opened
his mouth back there.

(driver shouting)

All right, everybody
out of the coach.

Don't try nothing.

You're a paying passenger.

I got no intention
of trying anything.

Say, uh, look, gents, you
may as well forget it and leave.

We don't even have our
money box aboard this trip.


It means shut up.

Put down your gun!

All right, everybody
out of the coach.

What's the meaning of this, sir?

Uh, who are these men?

Take it easy, Mr. Dubois.

This is what's known out here
in the West as a stage holdup.

This is outrageous.

Driver, I demand
you do something.

With those guns pointing
at me, Mr. Dubois,

I've done just about
everything I aim to.

No, Señor Dubois,
do not be foolish.

He's taking the dowry.

Without it, I am penniless.

Better penniless than dead.

WOMAN: Papa, don't be rash.

Ricardo is right.



He's hit pretty bad;
we'll get him to my place.

It's a lot closer
than Virginia City.

(theme song playing)

Doctor, is he...

Fortunately, appearances
were deceiving.

Your father is not
nearly as badly hurt

as we'd first thought.

Oh, that is good news.

Little Joe, it was a wise move
on your part to bring him here

instead of the longer
ride to Virginia City.

He's regained
consciousness, then?

Oh, yes, he certainly has.

As a matter of fact,

I had to give him a
powder to keep him quiet.

Little lady, your father
certainly has gumption.

You know, he's
just aching to get up

and take after
those road agents.

He, um, he wants to bring
back some sort of a chest.

I told him it was silly.

It's not silly.

It's my dowry.

Ricardo, what are
you waiting for?

Why do you not go
after those bandits?

But my dearest one,

I was so concerned
about your father.

Now, I will go after
those banditos.

Oh, Don Ricardo,
that-that isn't necessary.

My sons are out scouting
the countryside right now.

I'm sure they'll catch
up with them very soon.

In the meanwhile, Ben,
Mr. Dubois must remain quiet.

He's got to stay in bed
at least three of four days.

And I've got to
get back to town.

I'll look in on your
father tomorrow.

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Not at all. Bye.

Excuse me, I must
go to my father.

Oh, uh, mademoiselle,
your father is resting now.

Don't you think it might
be better not to disturb him?

Why don't you sit down here?

We'll all have
some refreshments.

I want to thank you, monsieur.

You have been very kind
to extend us your hospitality.

Well, I'm only sorry that you
had such a bad experience.

But our home is open to you,

and I hope you'll feel as
comfortable as possible.

You are most gracious, señor.

Oh, we-we're all very
much in your debt.

Not at all.


what will happen if my
dowry will not be found?

Mademoiselle, you-you
might have lost your lives.

No, no, no, you do not
seem to understand, señor.

You see, the dowry was
worth almost $100,000.

Well, uh...

Well, didn't you think
it was kind of risky,

carrying such a fortune all
the way from New Orleans?

We planned for the
marriage to take place

at a mission on my
ranchero in California.

It's an old family custom.

As for the wedding, well, señor,

the dowry must be
there for everyone to see.

Oh, I, uh, I didn't
realize that the dowry

had to be at the
wedding ceremony.

It's an ancient custom
for both our families.

me for saying so, señor,

but under those
circumstances, I thought you'd be

much more perturbed
over the theft of the chest.

I do not wear my emotions
on my sleeve, Señor Cartwright.

I am perturbed,
deeply perturbed.

Oh, not over the loss
of the dowry itself.

I'm a wealthy man
in my own right.

But unless the
dowry is recovered

or replaced...

the custom of my family
will forbid me to marry

my lovely Michele.

Just loving the
girl isn't enough.


Love is the least important
thing in a marriage

between two
families such as ours.

Oh, I see, you don't love her.

Joseph... I did not
say that, my friend.

Please, Ricardo,

must we drag such intimate
matters into the open?

Uh, Miss Dubois is
absolutely correct.

Joseph, this is
none of our concern.

Mademoiselle, perhaps
you would like to rest?

Your room is upstairs
right next to your father's.

I'd be happy to show
Miss Dubois to her room.

Merci, monsieur.

Uh, Don Ricardo, your
room is right over here.

Oh, gracias, no. I'm not tired.

Uh, but I would like to use this
time to explore your ranchero.

I'm sure that, uh, Joseph
would be very happy

to show you around, just
as soon as you're ready.

Yes, that would be a wise idea.

(chuckles) Your son

seems most eager to help.

Um, would you, uh...

Let's have some brandy.

Well, señor, I'm ready.

You and your father have
been most gracious hosts.

I am hoping to learn from
your advanced techniques.

Yeah, we better get started.

Oh, it's not necessary for
you to waste your time, señor.

I am perfectly capable
of finding my own way.

Well, are you sure you can
make it all right by yourself?

Positive, amigo.

Just point me in the direction
to your branding corral.

Anything you say, señor.




One more, two more.

One for me and one for
you, please, Papa? Papa?

Well, actually, he's
doing very well for a man

who had a bullet in
him only yesterday.

Why shouldn't I do well

with such friends you
have turned out to be

and your valiant
sons risking their lives

to recover an old
man's treasure?

I would be very...

ungrateful to do otherwise.

One more.

One more, Papa.


It's all finished.

Now, I take down to the kitchen.


- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

You have a very
devoted daughter.

Oh, yes.


Well, it's good to see you
looking so much better.

Thank you.

First time we've had to talk.

I don't know how to thank you.

Well, the mere presence of
a gentleman such as yourself

and such a lovely daughter is,

uh, quite sufficient, thanks.

- Oh, Michele is lovely.
- Yes.

She's like her mother was.

Uh, she died when
Michele was a baby.

Perhaps it is just as well,

for she didn't see my
once ample fortune

wiped out completely.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Ah, foolish investments
dissipated it completely.


Except the dowry.

I was determined
not to touch that,

and I was equally
determined that Michele

should have a proper marriage.

My family is one of the
finest ones in New Orleans,

directly descended
from the French royalty.

And, uh, Señor Fernandez?

He is directly descended
from the Spanish royalty.

And then Fernandez told
me about his vast ranchero

here in the West.

It was obvious
that he can provide

for my daughter properly.

And, uh, her dowry
pleased him very much, too.

Why is a dowry so
important to a man of wealth

such as Señor Fernandez?

How can you describe the
sky to a blind man? (chuckles)

Our customs are ingrained in us.

All I can say that
dowry... is a...

a very important element

in a marriage between families

such as Dubois and Fernandez.

BEN: Mm-hmm.

(Dubois sighs)

Oh, I've... I've been
making you talk

much too much,
and I'm terribly sorry.

- You should be resting now.
- Oh, no, no.

And I hope you rest
very comfortably.

- Thank you. You are very kind.
- Not at all.

ADAM: Well, they
didn't get very far.

HOSS: Just like we thought.

That one with a bad
wing held them up.

Hardly seems fair.

There's only three of them.

That's right, brother.

I'll tell you what, you take
the one with the bad wing,

and I'll take the other two.

Well, I was thinking it ought
to be the other way around.

ADAM: You're
surrounded! Drop your guns!



Don't he look nice
working there, Adam?

ADAM: Eh, take a good look,
'cause it's a rare sight indeed.

LITTLE JOE: Very, very funny.

Hey, you got the chest.

What happened to the bandits?

Adam, Hoss, what happened?

We got the jewels back, Pa,
but we missed the thieves.

Well, I wouldn't worry about
them, as long as we got...

got the girl's dowry back.

Yeah, but suppose the dowry
turned out to be... worthless?

What does that mean?

Well, take a look
at that... It's chipped.

Well, beautiful workmanship.


These jewels look like glass.


They're imitations.

All imitations.


is this the very same chest
they took off the stagecoach?

I can't be sure... It
looks like the same one.

Well, there's one sure way
to find out... let's ask 'em.

No, let's, uh...

let's keep what we know to
ourselves for the time being.

Adam, why don't we fix
the hinge on this chest

so Mr. Dubois won't know that
anybody's tampered with it, huh?

Now, let's get it in the barn.

Sort of peculiar, ain't it?


You know, I was just
thinking, though, about, uh...

about what Fernandez said
about no dowry, no wedding.

- Yeah?
- I just wonder if, uh,

if he finds out
the dowry's a fake,

maybe there'd
still be no wedding.

Listen, Joe, if you got
any notions about that gal,

you forget 'em.

Them Spaniards has got
a temper plumb up to there!

He'll tear you apart if
you even wink at that gal.

(Little Joe growls, chuckles)

- Buenos dias, señor.
- Hi.


I have been inspecting your
irrigation system. Ingenioso.

I shall have my peons install
one like it on my own ranchero.

Thank you. This
is my brother, Hoss.

- Hi.
- Ah... the brothers

- who pursued the bandidos, eh?
- That's right.

You were unsuccessful, huh?

Well, not exactly.

We got the chest back.

And the bandidos?

Well, seemed like they
was a little more interested

in saving their hides
than they was the chest.

Well, I shall never be
able to thank you enough

for your heroic efforts.

If it hadn't been for
you and your brothers,

the dowry would
have been lost forever.

Well, if you'll excuse me now,

I must go and tell
Michele the good news.

I wonder how he's gonna feel

when he finds out
those jewels are phonies.

I don't know. I know
how he's gonna feel

if he catches you fooling
around with that gal.

You leave her alone, you hear?

(quietly): Yes, sir.

My dear Michele, have
you heard the news?

The dowry has been recovered.

Oh, Ricardo, marvelous!

Now we can get married.

- Does it not please you?
- Hm?

Oh, of course, of course.

Now our plans can
proceed without delay.


every since we have
left New Orleans,

you scarcely seem to see me.

You go for rides by yourself,
you take walks alone.

Does it not occur
to you that, uh...

that I might like
to accompany you.

I have much on my mind.

Still, my dear...

there will be lots of
times for rides and walks

on my own ranchero
after we are married.

Sometimes I think it would
have been much nicer

if we had been
married in New Orleans.

Well, it is as I
told you before...

The padre who lives at the
mission near my ranchero

is an old friend of the family.

Well, he would be
heartbroken if anybody but he

officiated at my wedding.

Now, you really must
excuse me, my dear.

I must not keep
your father waiting.

Does it not matter
if... I am kept waiting?

Petulance does not
become you, my flower.

Soon you are going to be
the dona of my ranchero,

and you must learn to
be gracious at all times.


I must go to tell your father
about the recovery of the dowry.

(hammering in distance)


Do you mind if I watch?

No, I don't mind at all.

I don't want to be
a bother to you.

Oh, how could you bother me?


Are you sure I don't bother you?

Well, you know,
I'm not exactly sure.

You want to hand
me another spike?

What's a spike?

Beats the heck of
me, I don't know.

(door opens)

Ricardo! Fortune has
smiled on an old man.

The dowry has been recovered.

Mr. Cartwright just
brought it back to me.

Yes. I came back this afternoon

to tell you, but
you were asleep.

Well, indeed, we
are all fortunate.

We're all fortunate.
And especially,

to see you recovering
so rapidly, Señor Dubois.

Well, the Dubois family is not
only distinguished but hardy.

Your marriage to Michele
will produce children

who will grow strong and tall.

And I am going to name
my first son Alexander.

Please do not
speak of such things.

Why not, my child?

Because... Ricardo
seems to regret

his pledge of betrothal to me.

No, that is not true.

You are a prize to be
cherished above all others.

A man could have a wife no
more charming or beautiful.

If you find me so attractive,

why do you not suggest
a stroll in the moonlight?

It's a lovely night,
and it's proper...

- We are engaged.
- Well...

because to walk in the
moonlight with one such as you,

is too much temptation
for a mortal man like myself.

Bravo, Ricardo.

You are a true gentleman.

The "gentle" part
is correct, Papa.

Besides, I need my rest.

Tomorrow morning I plan to
leave early for my ranchero.

Leave? W-Without us?

Well, uh, you will be
unable to travel for a week.

Besides, I grow greatly worried

about this absence
from my ranchero.

I fear that the peons are
growing lazy, neglectful.

You and Michele
can follow later,

and I will have things
ready for your arrival.

Oh, you are talking
logically, of course.

We will talk about this further
the morning before you leave.

Right now I am in need of rest.

Of course, Señor
Dubois. Until tomorrow.

My dreams will be only of you.

He is indeed an aristocrat.


I am afraid you offended him.

I meant to.

He's so cold, so aloof.

(Dubois laughs softly)

Perhaps your young
and romantic heart

expects too much.

Perhaps you are right, Papa.

And what's more important,

he can offer you what
I... was unable to give you

in recent years...
Wealth... security...

servants to do your bidding.

And security for you, too, Papa.

This is one thing I
really like Ricardo for...

He insisted that you
come and live with us.

Oh, means nothing.

- You do to me, Papa.
- Ah...



Stop, thief!

Where'd that shot come from?

LITTLE JOE: I don't know.

Papa... from his room.

All right, we'll check outside.

You certainly couldn't
have missed him

by more than an inch or two.

But I did miss. I...

Papa, please don't get excited.

The bandits are trying to
steal my money, my fortune...

The only fortune I have...
And I'm not to be excited?!

Now, Mr. Dubois,
Michele is right...

You must not get excited.

The important thing is
that your chest is safe.

Dad-gummit, I
reckon they got away.

Well, we didn't have much chance

of catching them
in the dark, anyway.

Well, that's twice
you let them get away.

(yawns): Yep.

You're absolutely right.

Tell you what, while
Hoss and I get some sleep,

you can have your opportunity.

Now, they've tried
twice to get the dowry,

and chances are
they'll try a third time,

so why don't you just stay here
and keep a, uh, vigilant watch.

All right? Let's go.

You asked for
that, little brother.

Leave him out there
till he gets moon-blind.

Well, I take it you found
absolutely nothing, right?

Ah, they got away
slick as a whistle, Pa.

Pretty odd.

Well, they're a brave bunch,

sneaking in the
house the way they did.

Yeah, bet they'd
be fist-fighting mad

if they discovered there
wasn't nothing in that chest

but a bunch of phony imitations.

No, you don't get my point.

They could have
been given information

about the chest being
on the stagecoach.

Yeah, but how did they know
the chest was under Dubois' bed?


You know...

someone had to tell them
where the dowry chest was kept.

Well, Pa, don't look at me.

What about Dubois himself?

Oh, I don't think so, no.

Now, whether Dubois knows
that the chest is worthless or not,

what would he gain by
arranging to have it stolen?

Well, that leaves Ricardo.

Yeah, but why would
he want to steal it?

He's gonna get the dowry anyhow,
as soon as he marries Michele.


Well, right now, there are
only two things for sure.

We know the chest is worthless.

The bandits think it
contains a fortune.

Well, what do you
think we ought to do?


Not right now.

You two boys go to bed.

Ain't you gonna go to bed?

It's kind of late, Pa.

No, not yet.


Well, with, uh, Pa thinking
and, uh, Joe guarding,

what's there left for
me and you to do?

Not a dad-burned thing.
Let's go to bed, Adam.


Well, they do not give
up easily, these men,

but I imagine,
after two failures,

they will not try again.

Do you really think so, Ricardo?

Well, at least we
are sure to sleep

without further disturbance.

I understand our host
has posted guards

around the house
to keep us protected.

For the second time,
I shall say good night

and also add my
heartfelt respect

for your vigilance and bravery.

Good night.

Excuse me, Papa.

Wait, Ricardo.

I hope that what has happened
has changed your mind

about going on ahead without us.

Papa, in his weakened
condition, shouldn't be left alone

with the responsibility
of the dowry.

You are right, of course.

No wonder I am so
taken with you, my darling.

I will wait, and we'll travel
to California together.

Papa, what's wrong with Ricardo?


Do you think he
no longer loves me?

Of course he
loves you, my petit.

But just now, he
refused to kiss me.

Is something the matter with me?

There is nothing the
matter with you, my petit.

Papa, you should
go to sleep now.

It's bad for you
to stay up late.

(knock on door)

DUBOIS: Come in.

(chuckles): Oh, Mr. Cartwright.

Come in.

Well, how are we feeling?

Mr. Cartwright, will you please
see that he goes to sleep?

Miss Dubois, I shall
be most pleased

to see that he goes to sleep.

Thank you.

- Good night, Papa.
- Good night, cherie.

- Good night.
- Good night.

I just dropped by to make
sure that everything is all right.

Of course I am all right.

You like it?


Beautiful craftsmanship.

Thank you.

I made it myself.

You made this yourself?

Oui, monsieur.

The creation of fine
hand pieces is my hobby.

It was for many years.

I gave quite a
few to my friends.


(twig snaps)

(gasps): Don't shoot.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.

With all the excitement,
I couldn't sleep.

How's your father?

Oh, he's fine.
He's sleeping now.

- Thank you.
- That's good.

I don't think they'll
be back tonight.

I hope not.

Such a pretty night.

Yes, it is.

You mind if I ask you
a personal question?


How can a
beautiful girl like you

want to marry a man
who's more interested

in your dowry than he is in you?

Sometimes I do
wonder if Ricardo is

more interested in
the dowry than me.

Well, I know what I'd
do if I was in his place.


Why did you do it?

Why did I do it?

You wanted to see what
I'd do if I was in his place.

You know, Ricardo
has never kissed me.

Well, that's Ricardo's problem.



Ricardo is there.

Ricardo is where?

Right behind you.

Right behind me?



Yes, he is.

Buenas noches,
Michele, Señor Cartwright.

Ricardo, please forgive me. I...

Forgive you? Forgive you?

Forgive you for what?

There's moonlight, and
you are very beautiful.

And Señor Cartwright
is a mortal man.

That's a Spanish temper?

I have never been so insulted.

I still don't know why
she wants to marry him.

Cosmo, draw me one, eh?

Well, howdy, Ben.

- Crusty, how are you?
- (chuckles)

- Good to see you.
- Well, fine.

I always stop by here when I'm
swinging back on my return trip

just to drink one of these and
get the dust out of my gullet.

Say, I want to thank you

for taking care of Little
Joe the way you did.

Aw, anytime, anytime.

Oh, uh, Ben, I was wondering
about that old feller...

You know, the one that got
shot in the stagecoach holdup,

that mister, uh...

Oh, you mean Monsieur Dubois?

Yeah, yeah. How is he?

Oh, just fine, just fine.

Coming along real good.

Uh, peculiar thing
about that holdup.


You know the other
fella, the Spanish dude,

the one that's gonna marry
this Mr. Dubois' daughter?

Oh, you mean Don
Ricardo Fernandez?


Oh, he's really something.

Well, what does that mean?

Well, he was always talking
about this big spread he has

at Travers Wells in California.



Well, I was kind
of curious about it,

so I detoured the
stage a couple of miles

just to take look at it.


Found out a funny thing.

Well, what did you find out?

Well, you know that
spread he says he owns?

You mean he doesn't own it?

Oh, no, he-he
owns it, all right.

But the funny thing
is, though, that...

Well... well, what's
so funny about it?

Now, look, would you mind piping
down and let me finish my story?

Well, I wish you
would finish it.

Well, I will, as soon as I wipe

some more of this
alkali out of my throat.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I want to apologize
about last night.

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

I didn't mean to slap you.

I was angry with Don Ricardo.

I... I'm not going to marry him.

I wouldn't marry a
man who takes so lightly

finding his intended bride
in the arms of another man.

Well, I have to admit, I, uh...

I wouldn't have taken the
whole thing so lightly myself.

I'm sure you wouldn't have.

As I said, Don Ricardo
has no feelings for me.

Does he know yet

that you changed your
mind about marrying him?

No, not yet.

I'll tell him when I see him.

Do you know where he is?

Well, I imagine he's riding
around the ranch, as usual.

Alone, as usual.

Well, I'll go and
tell Papa about this.

Well, I shall never
tire of riding around

your magnificent Ponderosa.

I have learned much.

For some reason, unknown
to myself, I have offended you.

I offer my apologies,
whatever the reasons.

Your words merely add
further insult, Don Ricardo,

but it doesn't matter now.

I have something to tell you.

And I shall give you my
undivided attention, my dove,

but before you speak,

there is something
that I am forced to do.

No, don't!

Ricardo, why did you do it?

I have decided, after all,
Señor Joseph Cartwright,

that your indiscretion
of last night was indeed

a serious insult to my name.

All right, what do you
want to do about it?

I demand satisfaction.

Oh, that's fine.

Why don't you
step out of the way?

Okay, how do you want to get it?

Like this.

Oh, like that, huh?

Adam, Adam.

Where are you? Come on.

Stop them.

They are going
to kill each other.


(Adam laughs)

What are you laughing about?

He is going to get hurt.

(horse neighs)

Well, I wouldn't worry.

Joe can take care of himself.

I'm not talking about Joe,
I'm talking about Don Ricardo.

You got that
nice suit all dirty.

Well, that is life.




Come on, give it to him.

What are they fighting about?

Oh, it's a question of honor.

Your brother
kissed me last night.

That figures.



(Michele groans)





- Ric...
- No, no, no, no.

- What, what?
- It's, it's not over yet.

Wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute.




Ricardo, my cherie,
you did fight for me

and you won.

You are a worthy opponent,
Señor Joseph, you,

you took your
beating gracefully.

Oh, yeah, I thought I did.

Without the gloves you'd
have never taken him.

(Little Joe snickers)

Well, what's going on here?

Well... there was a
pretty good fight, Pa.

Uh, Ricardo here was,
uh, defending his honor,

and, uh, little brother was
defending himself, uh...

Sorry you and Hoss missed it.

Where is Hoss?

Oh, well, things were getting
kind of dull around here,

so he took himself a little nap.

Oh, he did, huh?

MICHELE: Monsieur
Cartwright, it was a terrible fight,

oh, but my Ricardo...
Oh, he was magnificent.

I wasn't so bad myself.

Your son is a worthy
opponent, señor.

We fought to an honorable draw.

Well, isn't that interesting?

While you two were fighting

and you were watching
and Hoss was sleeping,

I saw three men riding
off with the dowry.

- My dowry?
- Yeah.

DUBOIS: Michele.


Your dowry was stolen.

My congratulations,
Señor Fernandez.

Your robbery was
finally a success.

My robbery?

Your loose words
are insulting, señor.

Oh, Señor Ricardo, let's
not have another fight.

You finally succeeded in
having Michele's dowry stolen...

A very clever scheme.

What do you mean?

Señor Fernandez.

Ricardo, did you steal my dowry?

The man is a charlatan, a liar,
a thief, a man without honor.

Papa, please.

Ricardo, why?

It is simple and shameful.

I do not own a rich
and vast ranchero.

There are just a poor few acres.

There is no big hacienda,

just an old sod hut.

I don't understand.

You lied to me, you
said that you loved me.

That is the one truth in the
whole miserable business.

When I met you in New Orleans

and conceived the
idea of the dowry,

I had no feeling, but on
the trip across the country,

watching you, speaking to you,

I fell in love.

It's a fine way to make
love... Lying and stealing.

Well, I tried to
call off the robbery,

but my men wouldn't hear of it

when I met them on my
rides around the Ponderosa.

They were eager for the
famous Dubois jewels.

I tried to avoid you,
to be cold to you

so that you would not be hurt
when the marriage was canceled,

but my pride

could not permit me to do that.

I understand, Ricardo.

The most important thing to
me now is that you love me

and that you are sorry
about what happened.

I love you.

Michele, love?

How can you love such a man?

Yes, how can you do that

after all you know about me?

I do what my heart tells me.

Well, you must lose this love.

With all this foolishness I
am going to go to prison.

Well, that, uh, kind of depends

upon whether Señor Dubois
is going to press charges.

Papa, please
forgive him, please.


Monsieur Cartwright, I demand
you notify the sheriff at once.


may I speak with your
father alone, please?

That will do no good.

When he is like
this he's impossible.


Well, that's the way she goes.

Monsieur Dubois, you just heard

your daughter say that
she loved Don Ricardo.

Ah, love, love,
love, that's all I hear.

He was after her dowry.

Well, he confessed as much.

You know, I have a bit of a
confession to make myself.

I, uh, I looked into
your dowry chest.

I saw all those magnificent
jewels, just beautiful.

One thing that
bothered me, though...

I-I thought that the, the
settings were not quite

as, as, as, as fine as
they might have been.

You, you mean the settings?

Monsieur Cartwright, I
think they are as good

as any I have ever seen.

No, I, I felt that
they were inferior

compared to the
jewels themselves.

What do you mean?

Oh, they are magnificent.

Monsieur Cartwright,
I am an artist.

Yes, you are.

Very well.

I utilized my skill
making fine guns

to devise a fake
dowry for Michele.

She needed one to
be married properly.

Oh, I wanted to tell them
later on sometime that...

(Dubois sighs)

I am a foolish old man

who couldn't even be
successfully dishonest.

Well, if I have to start to
work like a peon in the fields,

let us get on with it.

Oh, remember, you're all invited

to the wedding celebration
at my ranchero in two weeks.

- Thank you.
- Can I kiss the bride? -Joseph.

I can't kiss the bride.

(Ben chuckles)

If you're going to meet
that stage in Virginia City,

you'd better get going.

- Have a good trip.
- Right.

Thank you, good-bye.


Behind the Scenes of The Dowry

During outdoor filming at Iverson Ranch, two horses collided in mud. While the horses were unharmed, Pernell Roberts sustained a sprain, and Dan Blocker broke his collarbone. Subsequent scenes were revised to depict Hoss resting, and he wore a sling for the remainder of the season. NBC issued strict directives prohibiting the cast from engaging in any potentially hazardous activities on the show.
In the opening scene, shot from behind the stagecoach driver, the camera’s shadow is prominently visible on the driver’s back.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza is a remarkable, family-friendly series ideal for individual enjoyment and shared viewing with family members. The Dowry is the 97th episode among the 430 episodes in the series. Airing on NBC, Bonanza graced screens from September 1959 to January 1973, boasting a remarkable 14-season run.

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