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The Pressure Game Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #05, Episode #32

In her third appearance, Kathie Browne reprises her role as Laura Dayton, Adam Cartwright’s former romantic interest. Influenced by her Aunt Lil (Joan Blondell) to pressure Adam into marriage, Laura devises a plan to incite jealousy by flirting with Adam’s cousin, Will (Guy Williams). However, the scheme turns unexpectedly when genuine feelings develop between Laura and Will. Premiering on May 10, 1964, The Pressure Game was penned by Don Tait.

Explore the plot intricacies and uncover intriguing trivia, or enjoy the full episode below.

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Watch the Full Episode of The Pressure Game

Watch the Full Episode of The Pressure Game:

Main Cast

The Pressure Game, the thirty-second episode of Bonanza’s fifth season, featured some of the program’s recurring and supporting cast members. The cast of the episode includes the following:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Guy Williams as Will Cartwright
  • Joan Blondell as Lillian Manfred
  • Katie Sweet as Peggy Dayton
  • Charles Bateman as Rick Bonner
  • Robert Karnes as Jeff Bonner
  • Bern Hoffman as Sam the Bartender
  • Grandon Rhodes as Dr. J.P. Martin
  • Dee Carroll as Townswoman
  • Kathie Browne as Laura Dayton
  • Nick Borgani as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Bose as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bill Clark as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Gene Coogan as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Betty Endicott as Brunette Townswoman (uncredited)
  • William Meader as Mr. Anderson – Storekeeper (uncredited)
  • Cosmo Sardo as Bartender (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Pressure Game

When Laura Dayton’s Aunt Lil pays a visit, she arrives with a clear mission: to coax the hesitant Adam into proposing to her beloved niece. Her strategy involves igniting jealousy in Adam by using his cousin, Will, as a romantic rival for Laura’s affection. However, things turn unexpectedly when genuine romantic feelings blossom between Laura and Will, derailing Aunt Lil’s well-intentioned plan.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Pressure Game

- Mommy, can we go to the picnic?
- We'll see, dear.

- Please. Billy Hammermill is going.
- We'll see, Peggy.

Now, you get into the wagon.
We still have a long way to go.

Tell you what, Peggy, if you'll
be my partner in the sack race,

I'll take you to the picnic
and your mother too.

Will you? Will you really, Adam?

It's a promise.

Can we, Mommy?

Oh, please, put that on
my account, Mr. Anderson.

Good afternoon, Ms. Dayton.

- Mr. Cartwright.
- Ladies.

We thought we'd be
hearing an announcement

from you two before this.

Yeah, well, it's one of
the hottest days on record.

It's not official, but it's
what everybody's saying.


They're not fooling me one bit.

There goes the
next Mrs. Cartwright.

Well, I should hope so.

The way that young man's
been monopolizing her time

since her husband died.

Wonder which one's
doing all the hesitating.

Well, the man,
my dear, as usual.

Looks like I'm gonna have
an extra bundle to carry in.

Thank you, Adam, but I suppose
you really shouldn't come in at all.

Yes, I suppose a woman in your
position is very vulnerable to gossip.

Especially when she's seen
keeping company with a man too long.

I'm afraid it's something we
both have to think about, though.

Not to please the silly gossips,

but so to be able to decide
these things for ourselves.

I assure you my intentions
are strictly honorable, ma'am.

So are mine.

Hey, did you lock
your front door?

I'm sure I closed
it when I left.


Don't shoot. Unless you want
to get rid of Laura's favorite aunt.

Aunt Lil!


- Laura. Oh, sweetheart.
- Aunt Lil, what a wonderful surprise.

Aunt Lil!

Oh, baby. Baby, baby.

How about it, Aunt
Lil? Can you spare one?

Adam, I'd like you
to meet my Aunt Lil.

Call me Lil, Adam.

Aunt Lil sounds like someone bent
over a hot stove stirring pea soup.

Actually, she's my fairy godmother.
She always turns up at the right time.

You've gotta quit polishing
those lamps, honey.

Well, come on in.
Make yourself at home.

No, I better get on back and
see if the ranch is still there.

- But it was nice meeting you, Lil.
- Same here.

Can I gave you a
hand with the things?

Oh, no, thanks, we'll manage.

- Don't forget about the picnic.
- I won't.

Now, you go
upstairs to your room

and you'll find something there
that was not there this morning.

So that was the stubborn mule.

- I'll get some coffee started.
- Never mind that.

- You tell me what's wrong.
- Wrong?

Well, nothing's wrong.
Whatever gave you that idea?

Your last letter. Little things I
read between those brave lines.

Peggy and I are
getting along fine.

Laura, this is your Aunt Lil
and I've come a long way.

I know you have. And I'm
very glad you're here. Heh.

Well, maybe the ranch is
beginning to get me down.

It is a tough job for a woman.

Especially a woman who works
with her heart on her sleeve.

- Now, Lil.
- Don't "now, Lil" me. Tell me the truth.

Of course I know he's
a good-looking guy.

I've seen them all from
Chicago to San Francisco.

And there's not one of them that's
worth a single hair on your head.

You've got your heart
set on him, haven't you?

Adam is a very fine man.

He's honest and kind and he's
been wonderful to Peggy and me.

I think he's made me really
happy for the first time in my life.

But he likes to keep his hat
by the door so he can get out.

- Well, don't they all?
- Do you love him?

Oh, Lil, that's something
personal between Adam and myself.

Laura, you're forgetting
I'm your Aunt Lil.

I love you. I'm
not just a stranger.

I know.

But all this talk about
marriage. Well, don't you see?

First we have to be
sure we love one another

and then we'll know what to do.

Well, that's fine. But what I say is
get married first and fall in love later.

Now, you stop that. - Aunt Lil!

Aunt Lil, the dolly is beautiful!
I love her, Aunt Lil, I love her!

Thank you! Thank
you! It's wonderful.

And now that your
fairy godmother is here,

everything is
gonna be wonderful.

How about it? Can you spare one?

We gotta do something, Pa.
We already lost over a dozen head

and the situation
ain't getting no better.

What about that summer
range you were talking about?

There ought to be
some grass up there.

There is, but there's a lot of
critters on it already grazing it too.

If you put too many beeves
up there, it gets overgrazed.

Takes forever before
the grass comes back.

We're gonna have to do something
about these down here, Pa.

Them that squeak through the summer
ain't gonna make it through the winter.

Welcome, stranger.

What gives? Looks like a wake.

As a participating
member of this ranch,

I think you should know that we
are about to lose 500 head of steers.

Yeah, they're starting to
eat cactus and local weed.

I know, I was out
looking at them last week.

Seems to me we just
have to unload them.

Joe is in Frisco. Why
don't we send him a wire

and see what price
they're paying over there?

No matter what the price,

we still don't have any
hands to get them there.

What about the Bonner brothers?

I'd just as soon not do business
with those two cutthroats.

I don't see how we can avoid it.

They're the only drovers working
through here this time of year.

Since you used to chase around with
them before you came to your senses,

- you wanna talk to them?
- If I can find them.

I'm going in town tomorrow
to pick up Laura and Peggy,

take them on that
Fourth of July picnic.

If I can find them,
I'll talk to them then.

When are you gonna bring
that gal of yours around here

so I can get a look at her?

Yeah, or marry her so you can
stick around here where you belong.

All right, that's enough.
That's the third time today.


Heat will do that.


Now, you all know the
rules. Twice around the town.

Get set. Ready?

We're gonna miss all the fun
if we have to wait here all day.

You're quite right, my dear.

It's sad but true, and you'll
learn one of these days,

that we have to depend on
men most of the time for our fun.

- Where's Adam, Mommy?
- I don't know, dear.

He promised to meet us here.

Oh, now where are you going?
- Never you mind.

I have a pretty good
idea where he is.

And I've had a lot of
experience along those lines.

You do and I'll throw you all in
a horse trough in one ugly lump.

I don't know, Adam.

See, the trouble is the
market price is way down

at rail head even
for good cattle.

I wouldn't worry. You've
always come out ahead.

Yeah, but this is different. Now,
that's a big heard, over 500 head.

Hungry cattle don't drive easy.
Well, we'd have to take on extra men.

I'm sure the whole deal could
wind up costing us money.

Heh, heh. That I
would like to see.

I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll make it $25 a head.

And that's as low as we can go.

- Put it on my tab.
- All right.


If you ain't a sight
for sore eyes.

- When'd you hit Virginia City?
- I'm visiting relatives here.

- Oh, Sam, it's good to see you again.
- Do you still sing?

Hey, you put on a pound
or two here or there.

- But you're still a lot of woman, Lil.
- Hey, take it easy.

I'm a lady of means now.

I'm Mrs. Lillian Manfred
of San Francisco.

So you and the Moose
finally got hitched. Wonderful!

Yeah, Charlie was
killed in a mine accident

about two weeks
after we were married.

Oh, I'm sorry,
Lil. That's too bad.

Yeah, sure shook me up.

But, well, things
aren't all bad.

The cave-in exposed a silver
shelf as big as that bar of yours.


"Oh" is right.

Now, I'm, um, seeking
Mr. Adam Cartwright.

- Is he a patron here?
- Yeah, sure, Lil... Mrs. Manfred.

There he is.

- Lil.
- Adam.

Laura and Peggy were expecting
you at the picnic this afternoon.

I know. I didn't know
time had gone by so fast.

Take the tickets and the
three of you go on ahead

and, uh, I'll join you there
when I'm finished here.

And tell Laura and Peggy
that I'm sorry, will you?

Hey, you better
run along too, Adam.

We don't wanna get you
in trouble on our account.

It looks like Laura Dayton
has got a ring in your nose,

before she even
got you hog-tied.

Listen, I came here
to talk about cattle.

Oh, sure, Adam.

Suppose you take us out there
and give us a look at them beeves.

We'd hate to buy a cow in a
poke, so to speak. Heh, heh, heh.

Well, you can find
them, can't you?

Sure, we could, in about a week's
time, but we gotta be in Aurora tomorrow.

All right, let's go.

- That's my ball.
- Oh?

- What shape is it?
- Round.

My aunt gave it to
me. You can ask her.

Little missy, you better
learn to catch better than that.

Haven't you ever heard of
finders keepers, losers weepers?

It's not my fault. Aunt
Lil can't throw too good.

Ladies are not supposed to
be able to throw a ball too good.

- How do?
- Hello.

Well, since you made
a positive identification,

I guess I'm gonna have
to give it back to you.

I'm sorry. Would you
like to play with us?

You need an extra player?
- I'll make a deal.

You play ball with Peggy

and we'll share our
picnic basket with you.

That is if you're alone.

Yes, I'm alone. I just dropped
by to take a chance on a raffle.

- Good. Come along.
- All right.

I found someone who
will play ball with Peggy.

He can throw a ball
better than I can, I hope.

And we're gonna share
our picnic lunch with him too.

Well, neck's all right.

Well, I think we can
do better than that,

if you don't mind
taking your chances.

Well, right now I feel
that I'm doing much better

than anything I could
have won at that raffle.

Ooh, I hope you can throw a
ball the way you throw a line.

I spoke the truth, ma'am.

Come on. Let's play ball, mister...
Mister... What's your name?

Will, honey. Will Cartwright.

Well, did I say something wrong?

No. Uh, excuse me.
I'm Laura Dayton.

This is my daughter Peggy.
And this is my Aunt Lil.

Laura, you're... You're
Adam's girl, huh?

Well, not exactly.

Say, where is he? I thought he
was bringing you to the picnic.

Oh, I think he's attending
to some important business.

But you're welcome all the same.

Isn't it strange
we've never met?

Oh, I've, uh, stuck pretty
close to the ranch lately. I, uh...

But he's told me an
awful lot about you.


Nice things, I hope.

Laura, let's get lunch.

We've lost one Cartwright,
but we found another.

So we're sort of even.

That's right, Mommy. Finders
keepers, losers weepers.

Hey, little miss, I've
gotta go earn that chicken.

Now, there's nothing
to cry about, dear.

You had a good time
with Will, didn't you?

Yes, but Adam promised.

Maybe he got hurt or something.

No, I don't think so.

And don't you worry.

You just close your
eyes and go to sleep.

And tomorrow will
be a lovely new day.

- Good night, sweetheart.
- Good night.

Did you finally give up?

Want some twice-baked chicken?


I don't understand
it. It's not like Adam.

At least he could have
sent us a message.

That's what makes me so angry.

It's like all of
them, believe me.

He'll start apologizing and then
you'll start feeling sorry for him.

So don't see him. I
learned that the hard way.

Oh, Adam. Good evening.

Hello, Lil. Is, uh, Laura in?

No, I'm sorry, but she's
retired. I'll tell her you called.

Thank you. I, uh...

Would you give
my apologies to her

and Peggy about this afternoon?

- I'm sorry.
- Hello, Adam.

I'm sorry, Laura, but some
business came up, couldn't wait.

Well, sometimes
promises can't wait either.

It was very rude of you to
leave us waiting at the hotel.

Peggy was bitterly disappointed.

- I know, I'll try to make it up to her.
- Well, I hope you can.

Yeah. Well, good night.

Oh, baby, baby, baby.

Don't ever let him
know you have a temper.

Not at this stage of the game.

Listen, sweetheart,

they always come back
hat in hand and very contrite.


Oh, look what that cow
is doing in my garden.

Shoo. Shoo.

Beat it, you silly
miserable cow. Beat it.

Oh, it's another one of
those Cartwright cows.

Well, why don't you get
them to repair the damages?

Well, we're supposed
to maintain the line fence.

I can't fix it and the
hands have been too busy.

And I suppose you wouldn't dream
of asking handsome to come over.

No, I wouldn't. Besides...

Oh, it's on the Ponderosa.

They're probably trying
to open a new spring.

Get some fresh
water for the cattle.

It's such a hot day, I think I'll
go for a little drive and cool off.

And I've never been to the
Ponderosa, so I might drive by there.

- Would you like to come along?
- No, I wouldn't.

But you go right
ahead if you like.

I might do that.

And I just might do a little
fence-mending of my own.

With all these
explosions going on,

are you sure it's not
too dangerous for a lady?

Oh, my boys are doing some
dynamiting a few miles back.

- No, you're perfectly safe here, ma'am.
- I'm not too sure.

I can hardly believe
you're a daddy.

I can see now where
Adam gets his looks.

Heh, heh. Oh, you must...

You must be Laura's Aunt
Lil from San Francisco.

- Yes.
- Well, it's sure a pleasure to meet you.

Sorry we're not better
prepared to welcome you.

Oh, nonsense. Between
your Adam and my Laura,

I feel like a part
of the family.

Of course, I wouldn't dream
of interfering with your work.

But being a woman, I'd
love to see the Ponderosa.

This wonderful place that
Laura keeps talking about.

Well, that niece of yours
is a lovely young woman.

We were very concerned for her
when her husband passed away.

Well, as the good book says,

sometimes these
things areth for the best.

Yeah. I must have
missed that bit of scripture.

I understand your home is
quite a showplace, Mr. Cartwright.

Well, it's nothing fancy.

I'd love to see it sometime.

Well, of course. I'd
love to show it to you.

Well, perhaps...

Perhaps you and Laura could
come for dinner tomorrow night.

We'd just love that.
That's a marvelous idea.


Those boys of mine will
be running out of dynamite.

I better get this fresh batch to
them. I have to get back to work now.

This has been a very
rewarding little visit.

See you tomorrow.
Goodbye. Giddyap.

Sure you will.

Hey, we've been waiting
for you, Pa. Who was that?

Oh, uh, one of Dan Cupid's
henchmen or henchwomen.

There were arrows
zinging all over the place.

I guess Adam was lucky
to be out there with you.

Yeah. You know, Adam's
been working a whole lot harder

since he ain't seeing
that gal no more.

But he's a whole lot
harder to live with too.

I don't know which
one is the best.

Neither do I,
Hoss. Neither do I.

You about ready?

Come in like that
a few years ago,

I'd have figured I was in
for a lecture or a tanning.

Neither one.

Just a little fatherly advice.

Well, maybe I'm meddling where
I've no business to be meddling,

but you've been seeing Laura Dayton
pretty regularly since her husband died.

Yes, well, that
and horse stealing

seems to be a very serious
crime around here lately.

If you want me to tend my
own business, just say so.

You don't have to be sarcastic.

Now, you can see Laura
Dayton as much as you like.

I wouldn't blame you for that.

You're not aware,

but people around here are
beginning to think of Laura

as Adam Cartwright's property.

That kind of thinking puts a
certain responsibility on you.

Even a certain obligation.

Well, now, Laura is free to keep
company with whomever she chooses.

Would you like to tack that testimonial
on the walls of the post office...?

A man is kind to a woman
who has lost her husband...

Kind? Is that what it is?
You're just being kind to her?

I don't know.

Maybe I am.

You know...

when a man's been single
as long as you have, Adam,

you can't blame him for being
a little spooky about marriage.

But if you're not sure,

absolutely sure, maybe
you ought to back out of this.

It's better than living your
life with the wrong woman.

There, I said it,

and that's the last you're gonna
hear from me on the subject.

Pa, I'll be right down.

What about the Bonner brothers?

If you wanna give
those cattle away,

they'll be glad to take
them off your hands.

Oh, they will, will they?

We'll just sit tight and if
they don't come around

we'll drive those cattle
down to the coast ourselves.

Either that or slaughter them.

Why don't we have our
coffee in the living room.

Yes, let's.

My goodness. I don't
know how you men do it.

What's that?

Set a table like that with all the
other men's work you have to do.

Well, glad you liked it.

Still, it must be a chore
after a full day of man's work.

And having to do housework too.

Oh, well, Hop Sing does a very
good job of that, as well as the cooking.

Oh, I know he does.

But I bet you miss the little
delicacies, like pies and cakes,

that women love to make.

Aunt Lil, Hop Sing is
also a very fine baker.

I'm sure he is.

Oh, uh, Ben, I'm dying to see that
stallion you were telling me about.

- Now? LIL: Why
not? It's bright as day.

Well, of course, if you like.

And Peggy dear, I'll
bet if you're real nice,

Hoss will show you
his egg collection.

Eggs? What eggs, ma'am?

Oh, now, Hoss, be honest.

I never knew a country boy in my life
that didn't have a bird's egg collection.

Oh, ma'am, that
was a long time ago.

Hoss, I think if you looked in
that old chest in the storeroom,

you might find them there.

Along with the butterflies, huh?

Oh, please, Hoss.

Come on, doll.

Well, if, you ladies have
no objection, I think I'll...

I think I'll ride into town.


Aunt Lil is quite an organizer.

Yes, but a nice organizer.

Pa calls her, um,
Cupid's henchman.

- You know, I...
- Adam, I'm...

Forget it. Blame
it on the weather.

Adam, if I fan myself
with my handkerchief,

will you suggest that we
go outside where it's cooler?

- Did Aunt Lil say I would?
- Mm-hm.

Would you step
outside in the moonlight?

- Why, Adam, what a lovely idea.
- Ahem.

Remember the other time we
took a walk in the moonlight?

I remember you kissed me.

I'm afraid I acted rather silly,

but, well, it just didn't
seem right at the time.

How does it seem now?

Well, I don't know. I haven't
any basis for comparison.


Oh, Adam, what
would I do without you?

You know, I think I've
done you an injustice, Laura.


Well, you know how much I've
been monopolizing your time lately.

You've been wonderful, Adam.

I haven't given the other
fellas too much of a chance.

I haven't minded.

Neither have I, but
people begin to assume

that I have some sort
of an option on your time.

Adam, what are
you trying to say?

Well, I guess what I'm trying to
say is that, well, if you'll have me...

I know I'm putting it badly, but
I'm asking you to be my wife.

You don't put something
badly that you feel.

Adam, you don't owe me anything.

But thank you for your
thoughtfulness and your concern.

Better take this along with you.

Probably no call for it, but sometimes
they're better than food and water.

Oh, Adam.

Can we talk to you a minute?

Rick and I talked it over
and we decided that...

Well, since you folks and us
been such good friends for so long,

we'll take that herd off
your hands for $20 a head.

Well, what I said the
other day still goes.

All right, you got
yourself a deal.

We'll make a count, then we'll
leave a draft at the bank in town.

All right, one of the
boys will give you hand.

- When do you plan to move them?
- Wednesday.

But that's moving day for
your lady friend too, ain't it?

Oh, I guess he hadn't heard.

Well, she's putting the whole
kit and caboodle on the block.

Mommy, can I take
my dolls on the stage?

Just one, dear.

- Adam.
- Lil.

- How are you?
- Fine, thank you.

- Afternoon, Laura.
- Hello, Adam.

- Well, heh, sit down, won't you?
- Thank you.

Well, if you'll excuse me,
I think I'll help Peggy pack.

I understand you're
planning to sell the ranch.


When did you decide?

I finally admitted I can't
run a ranch by myself.

So, Aunt Lil invited us to stay with
her in San Francisco until I get situated.

I see.

Thank you for stopping by,
Adam. It was very neighborly.

Laura, is it because of what
happened the other night?

No, not just the other night.
Maybe it's time I faced the truth.

Well, why all the haste?

Look, I've...

I've been thinking about what
happened the other night and...

Oh, don't, Adam, please.

When it's not there,

a lot of thinking and backtracking
isn't going to put it there.

Aunt Lil, I wanna take
the doll you gave me,

but I'm afraid the other
dolls will be jealous.

Well, that could be a problem.
Jealousy isn't good for dolls or people.

On the other hand, sometimes
it can be real strong medicine.

- I understand, Laura.
- Thank you, Adam.

You sure there's
nothing I can do to help?

Oh, yes, there is.

You can come to dinner tonight.

Aunt Lil, we're in no
position to entertain now.

Don't you worry about
a thing. This is my party.

Anyway, we owe Adam a dinner.

Let's call it a going-away party.
After all, you may never see me again.

- Well, I, uh...
- Wonderful.

And you bring your cousin
Will, and be here at 8:00.

- Will?
- Yes.

I'm sorry we don't
have room for everyone,

but I'm sure we can
manage the four of us.

I'll ask him. I'm sure
he'll be here if he can.

Aunt Lil, will you please
stop meddling in my life.

You call it meddling because
I invited six people to dinner?

- Six?
- Yes, six, baby.

Including Peggy and
a green-eyed monster.

Wait a minute. That
was just the beginning.

The stage was still 20 miles
outside of El Paso in real wild country.

More coffee, Will? I
made some fresh for you.

Well, thank you, Lil.

That's the best coffee
I ever had in my life.

- Laura showed me her secret.
- Laura?

- Mm-hm. Baby?
- No.

Oh, Adam, I nearly forgot you.

Let me warm yours up for you.

It'll just get cold again.

Now hold it tight this
time. I think I've got it.

Oh, I know what I did wrong.
Just once more, Adam, please.

You are a dear.

Well, go on, Will. I'm dying
to hear what happened.

Well, as soon as
the driver reigned in,

right then and there I
knew something was wrong.

You see, there wasn't any
stop schedule for way out there.

- Were they bandits?
- That's right, Peggy, it was bandits.

Five of the meanest
cusses I ever saw in my life.

- Are you sure it wasn't 50?
- No, no, just five.

- Weren't you scared, Uncle Will?
- Well, I think I was.

They looked like
real cutthroats.

Were you armed?

All I had was a single-shot derringer.
Little biddy thing didn't mean anything.

So I thought that discretion would
be the better part of valor at the time.

I took my money out... The
large-denomination bills, that is.

And I shoved the under the
seat. I just tucked them in there.

Good thinking.

Well, go on. I'm on
the edge of my seat.

Me too.

Well, there was
this major's wife.

She was coming out from
Chicago to join her husband.

And she had on two of the biggest
diamond rings you ever saw in your life.

So naturally I told her to
hide them, get rid of them fast.

Well, the poor girl, she started
pulling and twisting and turning.

She just couldn't
get the rings off.

- What'd you do?
- Well, I didn't know what to do.

But I realized that if the
bandits ever saw those rings,

they'd have taken them.

Fingers and all.

And just as the bandit
leader opened the door,

I reached over and
grabbed the lady's hand.

As though I were her husband,
you know, comforting her.

Thereby covering the rings.

Did they ever find the rings?

You know something? They
were completely taken in.

Why, I must have
held that lady's hand,

and comforted her and
everything for 15 minutes.

All through the robbery.

And as it turned out
for some time thereafter.

Oh, Will. Heh.

You know, I'll always
be grateful for that lady,

because she had
the presence of mind

to remove her hands from mine before...
Well, before we got to the garrison,

because, well, if her husband,
the major, ever found us like that,

I think we'd have been
better off with the bandits.

Will, if can have
my hand back now,

I think I'd better get
Peggy ready for bed.


Can you give me a hand?

I'm surprised an
ingenious fella like you

couldn't figure out a way
to handle this all by himself.

Making yourself pretty handy
these days, aren't you? Hmm?

Just helping Laura get her things
ready to ship to San Francisco.

I'd have asked for
your help too, Adam,

but I knew you were still
busy with your cattle sale.

I see.

Did the Bonner boys
move them out yet?

Well, I don't know if they
can even move themselves.

They've spent the entire
morning over there in the saloon.

Well, it's not your
worry anymore.

I'll see you before you go. I
have a little something for Peggy.

She'll wanna say goodbye.

But we won't leave for a
few days, so you'll have time.


A lot of men would give their right
arm to have you look after them like that.

If I've ever seen a picture
of a jealous man, that's it.

Your plan worked.

Well, what do you
mean? What plan?

I knew what you and
Aunt Lil were up to

five minutes after
I got to your place.

That's why I, uh, embellished
the story of that holdup.

Heh. Will, we
enjoyed your story.

And I enjoyed helping out.

Although the fact
of the matter is

the only other passenger on that
stage was a salesman from back east.

Oh, Will, I am sorry.

Oh, don't apologize.
I enjoyed telling it.

All of it.

Well, so did I.

I mean, we all did.

Except Adam.

Well, if you'll excuse me,
I have to go to the bank.

I'll only be a few minutes.

Jeff, are you sure this
stuff is good for the heat?

Well, sure. It's better
than wind off a snow bank.

Besides, we're getting
medicated in advance

in case we get
snakebit on the trail.

Well, if I were you, I would
stop worrying about the snakes

and start worrying
about the herd.

Oh, you don't have to worry
your head about our cattle, Adam.

He's got troubles of his own.

What, with that good-looking Will
Cartwright wrestling his sweetie.

One more word and neither one
of you is gonna move that herd.

Oh, come on, Adam.

You ought to be glad you
got the ring out of your nose.

Adam, cool off.

Why don't you
two boys get going.

Ah. Shoot. Come on, Rick.

Whiskey is watered
anyhow. Ha, ha, ha.

You watch now.

With that many whiskeys in
them, they'll go riding out of here

like a couple of
Comanches on the warpath.


Well, it wasn't our fault.

She oughtn't be standing
here in the street like that.

Baby. Baby.

Now, you get on those
horses and walk out of here.

And if that girl is really hurt,

you start running,
because I'll be coming.

Adam, that poor baby.

Thank you.

She'll be all right.

Outside of a few scratches,

a slight concussion seems to
be the full extent of her injuries.

- Oh, thank the good Lord.
- Yes, she's a lucky girl.

But a few day's rest and
she'll be back to normal.

- May I see her?
- I don't know why not, Adam.


Yes, a very lucky girl.

- Doctor says you're gonna be all right.
- Yes.

Adam, I'm sorry I gave
everyone such a fright.

Well, now that I know you're all right,
maybe it's just as well that it happened.

I don't understand.
What do you mean?

When I was waiting
out there for the doctor

to tell us whether or not
you were seriously hurt, I...

Well, I realized what it
would be like if you went away.

And then I realized that
I need you very much.

I don't want you to go
away. I want you to marry me.

Oh, Adam.


Your recovery seems
very complete, Laura.


Aunt Lil, Adam and I
are going to be married.

Not until you've had that
rest I prescribed, young lady.

Adam, she's your responsibility
now, so take her home right away.

But drive slowly. She can't
take any more bumps just now.

I'll get the rig. And I
promise, no more bumps.

I'll look in on you
tomorrow, Laura.

Oh, and, uh, congratulations.

Thank you, doctor.

Well, you won't be
needing me anymore,

so, uh, I guess I'll move along.

Thank you, Will. For everything.

It worked, didn't it?

- Aunt Lil, what worked?
- My pressure game.

He proposed, didn't he?

I supposed you even
arranged for the Bonner brothers

- to run me down in the street.
- Oh, no.

Using Will to make Adam
jealous. That's what did the trick.

All you have to do is get
the right bait in the trap.

That's rule number one.

Well, that's the trouble with
traps. The bait always gets hurt.

Your carriage awaits.

I can walk, Adam.

All right, but not alone.

We set the trap, all right, but I
wonder if we caught the right man.

Behind the Scenes of The Pressure Game

Michael Landon does not appear in this episode.

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Bonanza is a standout, family-friendly series perfect for individual or group viewing. The Pressure Game marks the 166th episode out of 430. Produced by NBC, Bonanza graced the network’s lineup from September 1959 to January 1973, boasting an impressive 14-season duration.

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