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Bad Seed Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #06, Episode #21

Gunsmoke has captivated audiences of all ages and is considered one of the greatest Westerns. The series revolves around Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness), who works to maintain law and order in Dodge City. Directed by Harry Harris, Jr. and written by John Meston (teleplay) and Norman MacDonnell (story), Gunsmoke season 6’s twenty-first episode, Bad Seed, aired on February 4, 1961.

Marshal Matt Dillon saves Trudy Trent, a teenage girl, from her incestuous and drunken father. Later in the episode, Dillon discovers more of Trudy’s personality, especially when he rejects her affection.

Check out Bad Seed‘s plot and trivia, or watch the full Gunsmoke episode below. 

Watch the Full Gunsmoke Episode, Bad Seed

Watch the full episode of Bad Seed:

Gunsmoke Bad Seed Cast

Here are the actors that appeared in the Gunsmoke episode, Bad Seed:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Anne Helm as Trudy
  • Roy Barcroft as Asa
  • Burt Douglas as Gar
  • Mathew McCue as Joe the Waiter (uncredited)
  • Chick Sheridan as Diner (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Bad Seed

A teenage girl named Trudy Trent walks into Marshal Matt Dillon’s camp to steal a slice of meat to feed her hunger. Trudy states she hasn’t eaten since she ran away from her drunkard father to head to Dodge. Dillon insists on taking Trudy back to her father, letting her sleep at his camp while he takes care of her horse.

Once back on the Trent farm, Dillon discovers the isolated poverty life Trudy’s been living in, along with his alcoholic father, Asa Trent. While there, Dillon finds indications of the incestuous relationship between Asa and Trudy. Believing the situation isn’t good for Trudy, Dillon agrees to take her to Dodge.

Asa shoots Dillon in the middle of the night but misses. Asa threatens to kill Dillon after hearing his plan to take Trudy to Dodge. Refusing to drop his rifle, Dillon shoots Asa in self-defense, causing his death.

While in Dodge, Trudy got herself Gar Klein as a company. However, it appears that Trudy is still smitten with the marshal, making him feel responsible for her while she’s in Dodge.

Trudy visits Dillon at his office that evening, bringing up marriage. Dillon thought she’d marry Gar, but not until Trudy brought up marrying the marshal. Dillon rejected her advances, stating that she was just a little girl to him. Dejected, Trudy threatens to tell everyone in Dodge that Dillon brought her into town after killing her father.

Gar confronts Dillon about Trudy. Despite Dillon’s efforts to make him understand that everything Trudy told him was a lie, Gar aims at Dillon, who immediately shoots back. Fortunately, Doc was around to come to his aid.

Meanwhile, Dillon runs after Trudy, who sees everything that happened. Dillon tells her that letting someone die to settle a score with him is improper. He also helps her realize her misguided romantic overtures and that she should apologize to Gar. Trudy apologizes to Dillon and hesitates to meet Gar, thinking he wouldn’t talk to her. However, Dillon encourages her to see for herself.

Full Script and Dialogue of Bad Seed


Hold it right there.

All right, now turn around.

Oh, oh, don't shoot me, mister.

What are you doing?

Well, I was hungry.

I didn't see nobody around,

and I-I saw that
meat hanging there.

You alone out here?

You got a horse?

Yeah, yeah, I
tied him out there.

All right.

Well, if you're so hungry,

maybe you better go
ahead and eat, huh?


My, that's good, mister.

When's the last time you ate?

This morning, just
before I ran away.

- Ran away?
- From home.

It's about 40
miles north of here.

And I ain't never going back.

Not ever.

I see.

What's your name?


Trudy Trent.

What's yours?

Matt Dillon.

Are you Sheriff or something?

Trudy, I'm the marshal
over in Dodge City.

Yeah, Dodge?

That's right where I'm headed.

Well, Trudy, Dodge is
a long way from here.

I don't care.

Well, what about your folks?
Aren't they worried about you?

No, it's just me
and my Pa, Marshal.

And I ain't never
going back to him.

Well, he's probably out
looking all over for you right now.

He gets drunk most every night.

I don't expect
he's looking for me.

He's the most terrible
man that ever lived.

Now, a lot of kids don't
get along with their folks.

I'm not a kid, Marshal.

Well, maybe you're not, Trudy.

But I'll tell you one thing:

you're going back
home in the morning

and I'm going along with
you to see that you get there.

You don't like me.

Well, sure I like you.

That's got nothing
to do with it.

Well, I'll go. I'll
go right now.

No, you won't.

You'll go in the morning,
and I'll go with you.

Marshal, I'll go anywhere
with you except back to Pa.

You can bed down
there for the night.

Where you gonna sleep?

Don't worry about me.
You get some sleep.

I'll take care of your horse.





I'm over here, Marshal.

I just had a swim.

That water felt so good.

Hurry up, will ya?

I'll be right there, Marshal.

Well, 'bout ready, are ya?

You're mad at me.

Trudy, look.

You had a good night's sleep,

you had something to eat
and you had yourself a swim.

- Now you're going home.
- But wait, Marshal.

I think you owe me a good
reason for not taking me to Dodge.

Well, all right, if you
got to have a reason,

it's because Dodge is no place

for a young girl like you
to be running around alone.

Well, like me like I am now,

but just you wait
till I get dressed up.

I won't look so young no more.

That's not what
I'm talking about.

Look, you belong at
home with your Pa.

When you think Dodge
is no place for a girl.

A lot you know.

Look, I've already told you:

I'm going back to
your place with you.

I'm gonna meet your Pa.

But I'm afraid you're just
going to have to get used

to the idea of living at
home till you're old enough.

Stop talking about how I'm
not old enough all the time.

Come on. Let's go.


Well, Marshal, this is my home.

He doesn't make much of a
living around here, does he?

He couldn't make
a living nowhere.

He talks about a farm once
he had on the Ohio River,

but I know why he left it.

Why's that?

Stealing chickens.

Neighbors drove him off.

He told me that once
when he was drunk.

You think bad things only
happen in Dodge, don't ya?

Well, you just come on.

He's probably
loafing around inside.

Where you been?

This here's Marshal Dillon.

How do?

What for you bringing
the law out here?

I didn't. He brought me.


I ran away yesterday, Pa.

I know, and I'm gonna
give you a good hiding, too.

Why don't you do that, Pa?

By grabs, I will.

The marshal'd like to see that.

Oh, just look at you.

You're drunk already.

It ain't even sundown
and you're drunk.

Just look at this place!

You can't even
keep it clean, can ya?

You get in there and
get me something to eat.

I'm hungry!

Too lazy to feed yourself,
but you're not too lazy

to go out there and make
corn liquor and drink it, are ya?

I'll tell you something, Pa:

you're gonna have to find
yourself another woman.

'Cause I ain't sweating
or slaving for you no more.

Don't you talk like that!

And don't you pay
her no mind, Marshal.

She gets like that sometimes.

And you watch your mouth.

You watch your mouth

because the marshal's
spending the whole night here.

The night?

Yeah, I asked him to.

What for?

We don't need him around here.

Now you get out of here.

We like it here alone,

and we don't cotton
to no strangers.

You shut up, Pa. He's
spending the night.

- And I'll tell you something...
- Trudy!

Let's talk about
this later, shall we?

Why don't you go in
and make some supper?


You eat like a hog, Pa.

She got a sharp tongue,
ain't she, Marshal?

Yeah, she can talk, all right.

She can do
everything, all right.

Yeah, I can cook, keep house,

do the wash, feed
the pigs... everything.

I taught her all them things.

A woman ought to know
how to do 'em, I figure.

Yeah, figures.

Cheaper than getting married.

Then you'd have two
mouths to feed, wouldn't you?

We don't need anybody
else around here.

We get along all right as is.

Well, you do maybe,
but I'd rather be dead.

Oh, now, don't talk like that.

I wouldn't know what to
do without you around here.

That's sure true, Pa.

We have good times
together, you and me.

- Mm?
- Sure!

It's a palace of joy, this
place, ain't it, Marshal?

You know how we
spent last Christmas?

He got drunk and set fire to me.

Honest, if I hadn't
run out in that snow,

I would have burned up.

And then he wouldn't let me
back in and I near froze to death.

Taught you to be a
good little girl, didn't I?

Oh, yeah, Pa.

It was the best
Christmas I ever spent.

I won't never forget it.

I'm gonna go out to the
barn, get me a fresh jug.

There's one under your bed.



Well, Marshal?

I got to get some fresh air.

Now you believe me?

Now you see
what it's really like?

He always like that, Trudy?

No, not always.

He's kind of on good behavior
because of you being here.

Good behavior?

Now, Dodge couldn't be
no worse than this, could it?

Hmm, no, I guess it couldn't.

Then you'll take me?

You'll take me to Dodge?

Yeah, Trudy.

I'll take you to Dodge.

Oh, honest?

Your pa's not going
to like the idea.

You're not afraid of
him, are you, Marshal?

No, Trudy, I'm
not afraid of him.

I just don't want to
get him into a fight

if I can help it.

Well, I can't promise you that,

but ain't I worth fighting for?

Now you listen
to me, young lady.

I'm going to tell you something.

I'm taking you to
Dodge for one reason:

'cause I just can't see you
staying out here any longer.

But that's the only
reason, you understand?

Now, let's get back inside.

You gonna tell him now?

No, I'm going to tell him in
the morning when he's sober.

Where's your pa?

I don't know. He
was here when I left.

You don't think he
heard us, do you?

I don't know.

I done fetched you in
some cooking wood.

We don't need wood, Pa.

You will in the morn.

In the morning I always get it.

You gonna sleep
in the barn, Marshal.

Why, I got some coffee going.

I don't want no coffee.

Well, how about you, Marshal?

No, no, thanks, Trudy.

I think I'll get some sleep.

Good night.

I'm gonna kill you, Marshal.

I heard what you
said to her outside.

You ain't taking
my gal now or ever.

Trent, don't be a fool.

Throw your gun down there.

I'm not. I'm gonna kill ya!



What happened?

Your pa's dead, Trudy.

He just didn't give
me any choice, Trudy.

I'm sorry.

Oh, you don't have
to be sorry, Marshal.

I knowed what Pa was like.

I lived my whole life with him.

Come on.

Why don't you go
in the house, Trudy?

I'll take care of your pa.

All right, Marshal.

You know, from the looks
of the crowd around here,

the cook must be drunk again.

Either that or else the
special today is catfish stew.

Well, looks like Trudy's
got herself a boyfriend.

Mm, yeah, his name's Gar Klein.

Why, are you jealous?

Now don't you start that.

Oh, from what I hear, she's
got quite a case on you.

Well, she's bound
to get over it.

Somebody else'll come
along one of these days.

Hey, maybe this
fella's my way out, huh?

Mm, he might be.

He hasn't let her out of
his sight for three days.

Mm, here they come.

I saw you come in, Marshal.

Hello, Trudy.

This here's Gar. He
says he doesn't know you.

Howdy do.

How do, Marshal?

This is Miss Russell here.


You know, Gar, he hasn't been
in Dodge much longer than I have.

That so?

But he's staying
on, ain't you, Gar?

You bet I am.

Well, that's fine.

Trudy, how's your job?

Mm, it's all right, I
suppose, but I don't know,

I just... I don't like
clerking in a general store.

Waiting on a bunch
of gossipy old women.

I got a job coming up,
down at the loading pens.

And I'm gonna get
Trudy out of this town.

Dodge isn't a place for
a young girl like Trudy,

not when she's all alone.

She never should have
come here in the first place.

Don't talk like that, Gar.

The marshal knew
what he was doing.

He wanted to bring me to Dodge.

Now you're responsible
for me, ain't you, Marshal?

No, he ain't!

We got to get going.

You know, I'm beginning
to think I should have left

that girl out in the
prairie where I found her.

Nah, you couldn't have
done that and you know it.

Well, I don't know.

Well, we come in here
for something to eat or not?


Waiter? Waiter?

Say, what's on the menu today?

Catfish stew.

Evening, Marshal.

Hello, Trudy.

Uh, are you busy?

Well, what can I do for you?

Aren't you glad to see me?

Sure, sure, I'm glad to see you.

- Well, I have something to tell you.
- Oh?

I want to get married.


Yeah, you like the idea?

Well, sure. Sure, it's fine.

But, uh, you know, that's
a pretty big step to take.

After all, you've
only known this Gar

a few days, haven't you?


I wouldn't marry a
man like that, Marshal.

I'm talking about you.


Now, Trudy, look.

Now we just got to get this
thing settled once and for all.

You see, I like you.

I like you fine.

You're a very
nice little girl, but...

Little girl?

Yes, little girl.

Now just exactly
what you're acting like

is a foolish little girl!

And foolish, too!

Well, I'll teach you
how to talk to a woman.

Look, you better just calm down.

Let go of me!

You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna tell everybody in
Dodge that you killed my pa

and made me run off with ya.

And how he tried to stop
you, and you shot him dead

and forced me to go with ya.

Yeah, you think you're so
smart, so high and mighty.

Well, I'll fix ya.

I'll fix ya good!


I've been waiting for you.

Hello, Gar.

Something wrong?

Don't try to get
friendly with me.

I know what you done.

She told me. She
told me everything.

- You been drinking?
- I've had a few.

That's got nothing to
do with what you done.


So she probably told
you that I killed her pa

just so I could run
off with her, is that it?

Hold it! She told me, all right.

Then you get her here and
you don't want her no more.

Well, that's a lie, Gar.

And you're a fool
if you believe it.

I'm not gonna stand by
and see her made sport of.

Now, look, you know,

she told you those things
just to make you jealous.

To make you do
exactly what you're doing.

You ain't no gentleman,
Marshal, talking like that,

treating a gal like that way.

You don't deserve to live.

Now let me tell you something.

You pull that gun,
you're gonna get hurt.

I don't want to kill you, but I
don't make any guarantees.

We'll see, Marshal.

Should've finished it, Marshal.

Let me take a look at that.

Oh, Matt.

He's in here, Doc.

What happened here?

Ah, I had to wing him. You
better take a look at him.

Well, I don't
think it's too bad.

Take your hands off me!

I've got something to say to you

and you're gonna listen
to me until I'm finished.

You don't scare me.

Don't you know that you almost
got that boy killed out there

with the lies you told him?

Well, he's a fool! He
ain't nothing to me!

I guess maybe he isn't.

He just happens to be
in love with you, that's all.

And willing to die for you,

but I guess that doesn't
mean much to you, huh?

Well, what do you
care what I think?

You never pay
no attention to me.

You never listen to what I said.

Always treat me like I
was a little kid or something.

I see.

So you're willing
to let somebody die

just to settle a score with me.

No, I didn't want nobody to die.

Well, what'd think was
gonna happen out there?!


I just... I wanted somebody.

Somebody nice like you, Marshal.

Well, don't you know

that there's a right
way and a wrong way

to get the things you want?

But how do you know
what's right and wrong

when you ain't been
taught the difference?

All right, maybe you
had a pretty tough life.

Maybe your pa never taught
you the things you ought to know.

But that's over
with. It's passed!

You better start thinking

about what you're
gonna do from now on.

You hate me, don't you, Marshal?

No, Trudy, I don't hate you.

Are you gonna send me away?

That wouldn't solve anything.

What am I gonna do?

Well, I'll tell you
one thing you can do:

you can start by going
up to the doctor's office

and apologizing to that boy.


I've been terrible
to him, haven't I?

I've been terrible to you,
too, ever since I met you.

And I am sorry for that.

You think Gar'll talk to me?

Why don't you go find out?

Yeah, I will. I will, Marshal.


Behind the Scenes of Bad Seed

In one scene, Marshal Matt Dillon calls Trudy “a foolish little girl.” However, the actress who portrayed Trudy, Anne Helm, was 22 years old when the episode aired.

Near the end of the episode, right after the confrontation scene between Matt and Gar, Trudy has her hair up as she runs down the street. However, moments later, her scene with Matt showed Trudy with her hair down with the sides pulled back.

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

If you’re up for a little gun-slinging action, saddle up and check out Gunsmoke! It’s a classic 20-season Western television show on the CBS network, broadcast from 1955 to 1975. Bad Seed is the 21st episode in Season 6.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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