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Day of Reckoning Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #07

Bonanza, the first hour-long Western series filmed in color, tells of the adventure and drama of the fictional Cartwright family. The thirty-ninth episode, Day of Reckoning, written by R. Hamer Norris and Leonard Heideman, made its on-screen debut on October 22, 1960. 

An Indian named Matsuo (Ricardo Montalban) receives a small piece of Ponderosa land as a reward for saving Ben Cartwright’s life.

Meanwhile, Ike Daggett (Karl Swenson), an anti-Indian neighbor of Ben’s, vehemently disapproves of Matsou’s presence. When a raid leads to the death of his wife, Daggett holds Matsou accountable and, in retaliation, murders the Indian’s wife (Madlyn Rhue).

Read the storyline plus some behind-the-scene trivia, or watch the complete episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of Day of Reckoning

Watch the Full Episode of Day of Reckoning:

Main Cast

Day of Reckoning, the seventh episode of Bonanza’s second season, featured some of the program’s recurring and supporting actors. The cast includes the following:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Ricardo Montalban as Matsou
  • Madlyn Rhue as Hatoya
  • Anthony Caruso as Lagos
  • Karl Swenson as Ike Daggert
  • Roy Engel as Dr. Paul Martin
  • Gail Bonney as Martha Daggert

Full Story Line for Day of Reckoning

Lagos, the son of a Bannock chief, attacked Ben by surprise on his property. Matsuo, his brother, stops him from killing Ben. Lagos thinks it’s right to kill Ben, but Matsou insists they must learn to live with them despite their dislike of white people.

Matsuo and his wife, Hatoya, take Ben to their camping tent to tend to his wounds. Lagos arrives by their place in search of Ben to take his scalp and present it to their father to make him proud. Matsuo denies saving Ben, but Lagos insists on entering their tent to confirm. He also mentioned that it wasn’t wise of Matsou to marry a Shoshone woman like Hatoya, even trying to humiliate him for acting soft “like a woman” since they married. Lagos eventually leaves without seeing Ben.

At the Ponderosa ranch, Ike visits the Cartwrights to talk to Ben about his discovery. He reveals an “Injun” skull that turned up with his plow. Ike complains and refuses to live with the “Injuns,” then reveals Ben gave him land at the Ponderosa to homestead. His area is near where the Indians live, so he wants Ben to do something about it.

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Ben wakes up and finds himself at Matsou and Hatoya’s place. Hatoya revealed they’re at his land, but Ben insists that there’s no Indian village at the Ponderosa. Matsuo explained that he was a Bannock while Hatoya was a Shoshone—neither tribe would accept them, so they went off on their own. Ben asked about the Bible he found nearby, so Hatoya told him that he lived with a white couple for three years, and their spiritual belief influenced her.

Upon Ben’s request, Matsou and Hatoya bring him back to the Ponderosa. Adam invites them inside to talk about what happened. Grateful for their help, Adam asks them to stay so they can rest and eat. Hatoya thinks it’s God’s will that they save Ben, recalling his promise to let them stay in his land. However, Matsou doesn’t think it’s right to trust them.

The doctor arrives, and Ben is much better than he was before. Ben gives the couple a big piece of land to farm out of goodwill. However, Matsou rejects it, saying he knows nothing about farming, raising crops, or even caring for animals. Ben tells him they will teach him, and Hatoya persuades him to accept the offer. Seeing his husband still hesitant about the deal, Hatoya tells Ben they’d let him know their decision after they pray and talk about it.

At their tent, Hatoya insists they accept the offer so their sons and daughters can have a chance to have a better life. Matsuo thinks it’ll make a significant difference in his way of living since he would have to be a farmer instead of a warrior and a hunter. He also thinks this would mean they’d stop being an Indian. Although still hesitant, Matsou eventually agrees.

Ike complains to Ben regarding the reward he gave the Indian couple. He thinks they’re bloodthirsty savages that won’t work, then tells him many bad things about them. Ben insists on providing them with a piece of his land as a gift of gratitude, encouraging Ike to give the couple a chance.

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The Cartwrights and other Ponderosa settlers assist the couple in performing tasks such as farming, sewing, and more. They eventually adopted white men’s fashion and hairstyles. Lagos enters the house to deliver the news of their father’s death as they eat their meal. He tells Matsou that their father died full of hatred for the white man and scorn for his youngest son, which leads to him becoming the new village chief. Lagos also warns him that their people want vengeance against the white people, expressing his need for his brother to return to the tribe. However, Matsou refuses, prioritizing his wife and their child’s welfare.

Matsuo visits the Cartwrights to deliver the warning—the Bannocks are imposing a war. Ben sends the boys to warn the settlers as they prepare to ride into the valley. However, Matsou thinks his brothers have two people in mind: Matsou and Ben. Matsuo reveals that his brother was the person who tried to kill him before, eventually leading to increasing hatred for him, who refuses to return to their tribe. Ben invites Matsou and Hatoya to stay at their house until the war ends. He also sends Adam to warn Ike, but Matsou insists he warns his neighbor, despite their mutual dislike for each other.

That night, Matsou visits Ike to warn him. However, Lagos and some from his tribe arrived to attack Ike’s home, killing Ike’s wife and burning their house.

Matsuo and Hatoya appear at the funeral the next day, with Hatoya offering prayers for the slain woman. Outraged toward the Indians, Ike draws his gun and shoots at Hatoya, leading to Hatoya and her unborn child’s death.

Matsuo exacts his vengeance by impairing Ike and sending him back to the Cartwrights. They thought it could be Matsou’s doing, and Ike confirms it. Ike tells Ben that Matsou wants to meet him at a cave in the north fork or else every settler will experience what he got.

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Matsuo shackles Ben up with rawhide. Letting the sun shrink and stretch the rawhide, he hopes that Ben’s pain will alleviate his own. As the temperature rises, Ben begins to pray “The Lord’s Prayer,” but Matsou tells him to stop. Ben keeps going until Matsou can no longer take it, as it was a prayer that he’d heard his wife pray often. Matsuo finally releases Ben, telling him that he hoped the torture would push Ben to hate him so he wouldn’t have to kill Ben.

The episode concludes with Matsou returning to lead his tribe after his brother’s death, while the Cartwright boys arrive to take Ben home.

Full Script and Dialogue of Day of Reckoning


why do you stop me

because i do not want to pay for the

stupidity of my brother

wow only you think it is stupid to kill

the white man

i know that if you scalp a white man the

bannocks will be blamed

but we must kill them and drive them out

they are too many and too wise we'll

never drive them out

i don't like them any better than you do

but we have to learn to live with them

you talk like a woman

all right brother soon to be chief of my


you handle the white man your way i'll

handle him mine

you make me ashamed to call you brother






i'm glad you brought him here you

remembered what i read you about love

thy neighbor

i had to when i found he was still alive

i couldn't let even a white man to die

in the sun

i'm glad he lives i'm not sure i am


so you would rather leave our village

and live here like an outcast

what are you doing here largos you

should never have taken that shoshone

woman as a wife

you two are the son of a chief your

places with your people my people turn

me away

this is my home now did you move the

body of the white man i killed this


no i did not move him

why i went back to take the scalp so i

could give it to our father

this one would have made him proud you

would say the same about any white man's

scalp that was not

any white man that was the owner of all

this land that what's belonged to our


you mean the white man whose scalp i


is the owner of the range called the

ponderosa that is what i mean


i left the white man where he fell

i know this kind of woman if the white

man lived she would have you take him

you might even have brought him here

i will look inside to make sure

this is my place i say there is no white

man inside

you will not look i'm sorry you visit

our home only on such an errand

there is no white man here i believe you

even less than i believe my brother you

better leave



he is still bleeding will you change the

bandage while i get some fresh water no

i can't touch him now

stop that you've done enough

our father who art in heaven hallowed be

thy name

that's enough thy kingdom come

i will be done


well pauline's sitting trapped at this


don't worry about paul he can take care

of himself well he's gone awful close to

bannock country

yeah and him indian's been acting up out

there lately too oh they're getting

hungry hoss

can't hardly grow anything up in those

mountains hunting gets worse every year

the park doesn't go into banner country

by himself yeah but

adam our property runs right up there in

them foothills that's pretty close

well he took his blankets with him maybe

he's gonna sleep overnight

hi ike howdy boys where's your car

you're up something late ain't he hike

what are you on with paul i uh i brought

him a present

i got something to talk to him about but

i think it won't keep much longer where

is he

well he must have just missed him on the

way over he he's been out setting traps

in that foothill country right near your

place we

expect him back any minute dad done it

i'd known he was going out that way i

could have saved myself to trip you know

what'd you bring

well i can show you boys while we're

waiting here


where'd you get that turned it up with

my plow just yesterday

it's an indian skull that must be 200

years old

yeah they show up every once in a while

all over the valley

guess there's no question about who

originally lived on this land

that was then not now i'll get me to

bring it to paul

i can't figure him wanting a human skull

around the place who's anything about a

human skull

that's an engine skull ike i wouldn't uh

use those words with paw you uh

you know how he feels on the subject

yeah well he knows how i feel about it


i got no kick about engines rolling

around under my land but i'll be dead

burned if i want any live ones squatting

on top of it

your land yeah my land your par give it

to me to homestead

i like i don't think there are any

indians living on your land

well they're awful turn close to it


your paws got to do something about it

we'll give them your message ike

no hosh i'll give it to myself i'll uh

sit with you fellas for a while and uh

wait for him

all right you can set a while but no

more talk about indians all right

suit yourself

i like it's liable to be a long wait as

a matter of fact it may be all


if it is you can sleep in the bunkhouse

and i think we can do without this







this fever is worse why

why did you try to kill me my husband

did not try to kill you

he found you lying wounded in the

clearing and brought you here

it was an engine that tried to kill me i

know that

you're bannock i am ebenic

but i did not try to kill you perhaps i

should have met so

i i didn't

mean to accuse you

i know you've you've cared for me

i'm grateful for your help you would

have died if he had left you where you


what is this place where are we this

place is on your land

no villages or settlements indian

villages in my land

this is not a village latoya and i live

here alone

why are you not with your village i am a


she's a shoshone when we married neither

tribe will accept

us what did you find out about the bible

i lived with a man of god and his wife

for three years in a white man's town to

the west

then i met matsu and we will stay

together no matter how many times we

have to move

who said said anything about moving

we do not stay where we are not welcome

you you are welcome

we would still be intruders on white

man's land

you'd not be intruded

if i gave you land

you would give land to ebank

if you came in peace

our people have not signed the white

man's peace treaty

put me on my horse oh

i'll try to find my way home you are not

well enough yet to travel

i must i must always get to a duck

we will get him home

it will take all of god's help

all right atoya i'll hold him on his


you pray


what happened where'd you find him he

will need a doctor quickly

he's badly hurt

come inside both of you i'd like to know

more about what happened

don't let them red devils go in the

house after what they've done to your


they probably tried to kill themselves

they brought him home didn't they i shut


how did it happen we found him wounded

in the clearing

we tried to care for him but the fever

is very bad he recovered enough to tell

us where he lived

we brought him here do you mean my

father was in bannock country

no no he was on his own land

that's where we found him you see i told

you i told you that heathen devils was

sneaking around on your land

it's a lucky thing they were there now

keep your mouth shut ike

thank you very much for what you did

you'll need rest and food you ain't

asking them to stay

it will be better if we leave your

father's a strong man and very brave

we both hope he is better soon no please

please i

i want you to stay well i ain't staying

in no house where they ask engines in

and they make them welcome

why don't you leave all right but don't

you forget that i got a big bone to pick

with your paw when he gets better

if he ever does

it's a very very poor way to say thank


i'm sorry

you would just make yourselves

comfortable here

i'll be right back


we shouldn't have come here it was a


no matsu it was god's will

if we hadn't brought the white man home

he would have died he's a good man

he's promised to let us live on this

land i never believed in any white man's


he's resting more easily now how long


you have to pack him paul's pretty heavy


not far we had to take him from his


the wound was opening again why don't

the two of you get some sleep while we

wait for the doctor to get here

i am sure my father would like to see

you before you leave

thank you

how you feeling boy

a lot better than i did well that's all

we can do for him for now boys

i want you three to take turns making

sure that he stays in bed

don't you worry doc i'll make sure he

takes orders

he'll stay in bed dog i don't see to


look i'm sorry about that while ryan

coming over doc you can take it easy

going back in this indeed i certainly


i don't know how mr cartwright got hurt

or why you helped him

but one thing i do know for sure if you

hadn't helped him when you did

he'd be far beyond all help now

we can't spare men like ben cartwright

thanks adam i see you tomorrow ben

now you rest here that's an order

thank you doc see a little while boys

you mind if i have a few minutes alone

with my friends

not at all you stay in bed paul i'll be

back a minute

i don't even know your names you have

heard them before

but in your favor my name is atoya

and my husband is matsu i'll remember


and i haven't forgotten what i told you

about that piece of land

we didn't ask for it i know you didn't

i've been thinking about it

i want you to have a big piece of land

enough for a farm

what would we do with such a piece of

land it farmed

crops animals live off the land

i know nothing of such things the red

man knows more about hunting and fishing

white man knows more about farming if we


what we know together there will be more

than enough for us all

this will never be

there is no way to begin

you offers a farm

but i know nothing of such things

so i say keep your farm

let me ask you a question


would you come to live as a farmer

on your own land if

i and my sons and the settlers in the

valley would

teach you and help you with the things

you do not now know

it would be so wonderful matsu it would

also be difficult

it might not work

i might not learn

i've talked too much

i never believed such an offer could be


that white man always takes


we will talk and pray and let you know

our decision


but i have lived among them in the white

man's town i know them better than you


perhaps you do not know me well enough i

know you very well beloved

and i believe we can do this thing


why can't we stay here i could stay here

anywhere alone with you forever matsu

but what if our sons and daughters who

will be coming if god wills it

would you keep them alone too we can go

back to the tribe someday

they won't always be at war and i am a

son of a chief

the youngest son and with no great love

for his brother lagos who will be the

next chief

that is true this is a chance to have a

better way of life than we have ever


for us and for our children i don't know

that it would be better

i only know that it would be very

different and it is this difference that

frightens me frightens you matsu

you have told me that nothing frightens


i spoke those words as a warrior and a

hunter and they were true

and i was raised to be these things and

not a farmer

you have also told me that our people

and the white men must learn to live

together in peace

but you are asking much more than that

you are asking me to put down my bow and


and pick up an axe and a plow

you are asking me to eat bread instead

of meat to wear cloth

instead of leather to live in a house

instead of a wiki up

you are asking me to stop being an


and i don't know if i can do it





i shall lift up mine eyes onto the hills

from whence cometh my strength

i do not know that i can do it well


or even that i will not fail completely

but i will try my dearest love if you

will stand beside me

no can't do what i tell you i couldn't

hardly believe my own two ears when i

first heard it

can't believe it now well you might as

well believe it i cause it's true

well then i i think you're going out of

your mind

or else that engine banged you real good

on the head before he stuck his knife

into you

well whichever way it is i ain't gonna

have no engine

for a neighbor and you ain't got no

right to make me

look let's just simmer down and talk

some sense i i don't want to simmer down

now you listen to me the night that you

was hurt i come down here to get you to

run off two savages that sneak down to

your land and they were squatting in a

stinking tent right next to my boundary

now i find out those same two savages

has been given a farm by you right next

to my land

and you asked me to simmer down those

two savages

saved my life yeah more like they stuck

their knife into you first

all right now if you have to give him a


give him whiskey or money don't give him


don't you think that indians at least

have a

call to share the land in this valley no

not next door to me

what have you got against indians i sure

would like to know well i sure would

like to tell you

i don't like them because they're

bloodthirsty savages there were some

wild animals

they're twice as dangerous and i don't

like them because they're heathens

and i don't like them because they won't

work and they can't work

and because they're dirty and they stink

and they're sneaky

and they're drunks and they're thieves

and god knows what else most of all i

don't like because they scare me

i hate them what is it about them that

scares you

they got long black hair and red skins


yeah i'm not gonna try to answer you


not now but someday somebody's gonna

have to answer for people who think like

you do

there's nothing wrong with the way i

not gonna think that point either but

neither am i gonna back down from what's

my right to do

i promised matsu and latoya that piece

of land and i mean for them to have it

get a wife next to me it's not just a

piece of land ike

it's it's treating them like people i

have no intention of giving them some

worthless scrap up around the rocks

they've already got that

i want to give them a piece of land that

they can work a piece of land that they

can farm

and that land next to you is the best i

have and it's my intention to give it to


if you put them on that piece i move out

well that's a decision that you're gonna

have to make ike

i'd think about it a long time before i

made the move

now loco all i'm asking you to do is

is give those two a chance i don't want

you to

be a friend just be a decent neighbor

well i'll tell you what kind of neighbor

i'll be i'll treat him just like there

wasn't there

i won't talk to them i won't answer them

i won't help them i won't let them help


i won't go on their land and if they put

a foot on my land

i'll kill them ike


you do anything out of line

you'll answer to me

all right let it go




look at me

months of work and i am now nothing

not an indian

and certainly not of white man never


eating bread at a table what a thing for

a warrior

it is only when you're tired that you

get this way you've done so much and

we've come so far

we're not only at peace with white men

we've made friends and enemies

our close neighbor i daggered is an


he is difficult but i noticed that the

other settlers have no love for mr

dagger either


i enter this house in peace only because

you were born my brother and i owe you


the feather of the chief why do you wear


our father died two days ago full of

hatred for the white man

and scorned for his youngest son


i am sorry i loved him

and i've had no love for you but i hope

you will be a better chief than he was

i tell you one thing matsu we no longer

will sit in the mountains and starve

while this valley is full of plenty

we no longer will sit in the mountains

and talk about peace treaties

tomorrow the panic braves go on the

warpath and this valley will be full of


i have known you would do this i also

know that you are wrong

you are the one who is wrong you do not

belong here never will

as chief of our tribe i ask you to come


the day of the lance is upon us you were

once a great warrior

until this woman turned you soft

come back to the tribe you are needed


i am needed here lagos atoya is with


and i rejoice for the both of you bring

her with you

the band will be lifted if she carries

your child she will be welcome

it is mostly for the child that i will


if you stay then you will die here like

the white man you're trying to imitate

i give you till tomorrow to think on it

i wait no longer


are you sorry now about the child you

know i prayed for that child

to your god as well as to mine

but would you go back if it were not for


if it comes to dying

i'd rather die as a warrior fighting

with my people than

than as a farmer living among strangers

then you would go back i might but the

child is not only important for us

but for the future of our people

i will stay for my little wife

and for my child

what will you do about your brother

in the morning i'll write to ben

cartwright the settlers have to be


even though he's your brother i still


the teachings of my father atoya

when a decision is made it must be kept

even against a brother

hey matt congratulations i just heard

the wonderful news about latoya

i only heard about it myself three days

ago well you know the way that kind of

news travels women talk wonderful to see


you don't get over this way often enough

yeah why don't you bring your pretty

wife with you yeah i'm digging her up a

present it's

it's a cradle ain't been slept in since

little joe jumped out

save your welcome until you hear the

rest of my news

the bannocks are going on the warp path

oh how do you know that matt

because my brother is now chief of the

bannocks and he told me you mean they're

planning a raid

no more than a raid it will be war how

soon is this to start

any moment maybe we ought to get word

before bradley uh you know the way they

are they're not gonna do anything until

after there's an incident you better

warn the settlers

get ready to ride into the valley all

right it is good to warn the settlers


uh i came to warn you first that's very

good of you no no no no

my brother has two people he hates

one of them is me because i won't go

back and join them the other one is you


why should your brother hate me

it was my brother who tried to kill you

the time we brought you home

people of this valley are getting to

know you more and more matt

especially me

why don't you and latoya stay with us

here till this thing blows over

oh thank you i would like to bring atoya


for the sake of the child i

i will stay on my land

good you do that

adam better get word to act daggett


i dagger this my neighbor ben i will

take care of warning him

matt i don't want you to take that

chance don't step foot on his land

i don't like i daggered ben but i am not

afraid of him

you have enough country to cover i will

warn the targets on my way home








why don't you bring that dang gun right

into bed with us you paint more mind

than you do me

martha i told you a hundred times when

you got red engines for next-door

neighbors you got to be ready for


especially at night you've been saying

that for months

staying up late sneaking around with

your dang gun and they having so much to

set foot on your dang place

that's cause i scared him good and

proper to begin with and i kept him

scared every chance

i heard something out there yep you

certainly got them scared all right

i'm gonna go see what that is

like dagger tiger

hi dagger




the lord maketh his face to shine upon

thee and be gracious unto thee

the lord lift up his countenance upon


and give thee peace amen


thanks ben


quit it

you quit that i said quick

what is it like what's the matter i

won't sand it i won't stand for no

heathen saying prayers of my wife's

grave now you quit it

she ain't know heathen she knows as much

about the bible as you do what are they

doing here anyway

those engines have killed my marty

they're trying to pay their respects

just like the rest of us now

ain't got no more respect for the dead

than a coyote


i want to tell you how deeply sorry i am

that my people kill your wife

i tried to warn you don't you talk to me

you engine

i understand how you feel

i am sorry you dirty rotten

lousy stinking savage fight all right

i stopped

there you savage you killed my wife i

killed yours

an eye for an eye an eye for an eye ben

an eye for an eye it's in the book mike

an eye for an eye it's in the book




looks like dagger i can only recognize


paul paul come out here

that's engine work paul you don't reckon

you don't ride in the met

let's get him into the house he sure

done a job morning

yeah i wonder why he didn't finish it he

didn't want him to die

help me

help me

all right it's all right hank you're

with me

ben bank cartwright it's me like

hey ain't so easy to kill like i did

he left me left me alive a purpose

as soon as i could suffer

who i can

your friend one you tried to make into a

white man


know why why he left me

let me live man he wants you want you to

meet him in the cave

north fork he wants ben cartwright so

otherwise every settler in the valley

will get

what i got but we're


just didn't understand what we're trying

to do


what are you gonna do now paul matt

wants to see me i'll go to him

gotta try to bring him to a census i own

that he's gone too far now

i got killed his wife paul we can't let

you take the risk

anything i've ever done is have some

risk attached to it i'll go up at the

north trail

if i'm not back by morning you come for


huh hey forgot this

that won't bring me back or not either

that not so

spent cartwright


i didn't think you would come

i got your message for mike daggett he

said you wanted to see me

i'm here then you saw what i did to ike


i saw

aren't you afraid

no matt i'm not afraid

you know about rawhide

it shrinks in the sun it gets

tighter and tighter

i know why did you come here last night

see if i could help you

all right go ahead help me

give me back the wife that i loved and

the child she carried

tying me like this bring her back

now i think that making you

suffer enough will ease some of my pain

i guess you're right

i just wanted to help you not hurt you

help me you held my arms ben

you let that madman shoot atoya right

before my eyes

do you think if you hadn't held my arms

ben he could have done that

i say you killed a toya just as surely

as if you had pulled the trigger

does it hurt

yes it hurts good

good it will get worse


is it bad

it's bad you're a strong man ben

i thought you would be screaming by now

our father who are in heaven

what did you say how long me thy name

stop that kingdom come stop that thing

stop it

you shouldn't have done that ben

you shouldn't have prayed

is that what pleasure let me go

i meant to kill you

but i failed here too

i failed at everything

i lost my wife

my brother lagos is dead

i failed being a white man

i failed being an indian


all right

you didn't fail i don't think you could

ever fail

i wanted to kill you ben

it was important for me to kill you and

i couldn't do it

if i couldn't torture you into hating me

then i couldn't kill you

can you forgive me for hurting you

i did that before you cut me loose



i will help you home then

now i'll be all right

man you're going home

dear people yes

you'll be back

yes we will be back

there he is

hi you all right yeah

what he did this to you yeah i'll get


no no let him alone

he's going home back up in the mountains

yeah there's a new chief with ebonics





Behind the Scenes of Day of Reckoning

Several guest stars from this episode appear in the show Star Trek. Ricardo Montalban and Madlyn Rhue, who acted as Matsou and Hatoya, teamed up again in an episode in the first season of Star Trek in 1967 entitled “Space Seed.” The duo played Khan Noonian Singh and Lieutenant Marla McGivers, respectively. Meanwhile, Anthony Caruso (Lagos) appeared as Bela Oxmyx in the 1968 episode “A Piece of the Action” of Star Trek. Additionally, Gail Bonney also appeared as a witch in the Star Trek episode “Catspaw.”

In one scene (around 9:30), Ben Cartwright’s head moves as he reaches for the Bible. However, his hair does not move accordingly, revealing the actor’s toupee.

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The iconic Western television series, Bonanza, is an excellent show to binge-watch alone or with family and friends. NBC was behind the production of this show, airing all 14 seasons on their network from September 1959 to January 1973. Day of Reckoning is the 39th of 430 episodes and the seventh of its second season.

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