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Day of the Dragon Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #03, Episode #11

Sue Ling (played by Lisa Lu), a Chinese slave girl, finds herself in peril when she is abducted and held for ransom by the notorious General Tsung (portrayed by Richard Loo). The culprits behind the kidnapping, Gordon (played by Mort Mills) and Barrett (portrayed by Harry Lauter), soon find themselves entangled in a high-stakes poker game with Joe Cartwright. Through an unexpected turn of events, Joe inadvertently wins Sue Ling as his prize. Meanwhile, General Tsung and his henchmen embark on a ruthless pursuit to reclaim the missing girl, leaving chaos in their wake. Philip Ahn is also featured in this episode as Kam Lee. Penned by John T. Dugan, Day of the Dragon originally aired on December 3, 1961, competing directly against the controversial Bus Stop episode “A Lion Is in the Streets,” which garnered significant attention but lacked ratings.

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Watch the Full Episode of Day of the Dragon

Watch the Full Episode of Day of the Dragon:

Main Cast

In addition to the main cast, “Day of the Dragon,” the eleventh episode of Bonanza Season 3 showcases a variety of recurring and guest-supporting actors. The following individuals make notable appearances in the episode:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Lisa Lu as Su Ling
  • Richard Loo as General Mu Tsung
  • Philip Ahn as Dr. Kam Lee
  • Mort Mills as Gordon
  • Harry Lauter as Barrett
  • Victor Sen Yung as Hop Sing
  • Fred Aldrich as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bill Clark as Gang Member (uncredited)
  • Wilbur Mack as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bob Miles as Gang Member (uncredited)
  • Cosmo Sardo as Bartender (uncredited)
  • Henry Wills as Gang Member (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Day of the Dragon

During a poker game with Gordon and Barrett, Joe finds himself in an unexpected wager when Gordon offers him a double-or-nothing deal. Curious, Joe steps outside and is surprised to see a horse as the potential prize. Believing he’s won the horse, Joe confidently shows his hand and collects his supposed winnings, only to realize later that he’s won Su Ling, a Chinese girl standing nearby.

Gordon explains that Su Ling was purchased from a Chinese warlord in San Francisco and provides Joe with a bill of sale to legitimize the transaction. Feeling unsure what to do, Joe offers Su Ling her freedom, but she declines, expressing her desire to remain with the Cartwrights.

Upon returning home, Ben, Adam, and Hoss are taken aback to find Su Ling waiting. After introductions, Su Ling refers to herself as their new slave, prompting Ben to inquire about her background while Joe nervously observes from above.
As Joe recounts the events leading to Su Ling’s presence, Ben insists that she cannot stay, but Joe explains that Gordon is already on his way to St. Louis. Ben demands to hear the whole story and learns about Su Ling’s past and journey to America.
After Ben grants Su Ling freedom, she surprises everyone by staying as their servant. Perplexed by her decision, Joe explains to his father that she prefers not to be free, much to Ben’s disbelief.

After Su Ling pleads with Ben to allow her to stay, Ben reluctantly agrees and informs her that she can remain until they find a more permanent solution. Emphasizing that she is still free, Ben assures Su Ling that she can leave if she wishes, but she expresses her desire to stay.

Meanwhile, Gordon and Barrett, camping for the night, discuss Su Ling’s situation. It is revealed that they abducted her from General Mu Tsung. Suddenly, Barrett is attacked from behind, and a group of Chinese men surround Gordon. General Mu Tsung emerges and interrogates Gordon about Su Ling’s whereabouts. Gordon, shifting blame to a man named Cartwright, mentions the Ponderosa near Virginia City. Angered, the General orders his men to punish Gordon for his actions.

Due to difficulties in explaining the ways of the West to Su Ling, Ben, and Joe decide to take her into town to seek advice from their Chinese acquaintances. Joe volunteers to accompany her the following morning.

In Virginia City, Joe introduces Su Ling to Dr. Kam Lee, hoping he can explain their lifestyle to her. However, Dr. Lee is occupied with patients but offers to allow them to observe. Drawing from her experience at a Mission hospital in China, Su Ling volunteers to assist. Impressed by her helpfulness, Dr. Lee offers her a job, but Su Ling declines, stating her commitment to working with the Cartwrights. Joe reminds Su Ling that they must return to the Ponderosa, prompting their departure.

At the Ponderosa, Ben is interrupted from his moment of relaxation by Hop Sing, who bursts in to inform him of the approaching Chinese Army. Perplexed, Ben steps outside to join his sons—Adam, Hoss, and Joe—just as General Tsung arrives with his men. Ben questions the General’s intentions, to which the General responds that he has come for Su Ling, claiming possession as his right.

In an attempt to resolve the situation peacefully, Ben invites the General inside to discuss the matter. The General offers to compensate Ben for any expenses incurred caring for Su Ling, but Joe interjects, asserting that Su Ling is not for sale. Ben clarifies that Su Ling is now free and must decide her fate. Summoned to the front room, Su Ling is surprised by the General’s marriage proposal. She requests time to consider his offer, to which the General reluctantly agrees, insisting on an affirmative answer by the following day.

After the General departs, Ben assures Su Ling that she is welcome to stay at the Ponderosa permanently, respecting her decision regardless of the outcome. Joe expresses disbelief at Su Ling’s consideration of the General’s proposal.
Later, Joe hears screams from Su Ling’s room and rushes to her aid, finding her under attack. A scuffle ensues, resulting in Su Ling being injured by a knife. Ben intervenes, saving Joe from further harm. As the attackers flee, Ben instructs Hoss to take the knife to the Sheriff and fetch a doctor.

Meanwhile, at the General’s camp, repercussions unfold for the failed attack on Su Ling. The General, displeased, orders his men to wait until morning before planning their next move. He then silently signals one of his men, who meets his demise for the failure.

At the Ponderosa, Dr. Kam Lee tends to Su Ling’s wound. Concerned for the danger she has brought upon her benefactors, Su Ling decides to leave and work for Dr. Lee. Despite the Cartwrights’ insistence that they can handle any threats, Su Ling worries and agrees to go. However, she agrees to stay if the Cartwrights release her willingly. After a heartfelt discussion, Su Ling decides to accompany Dr. Lee back to town, with Joe offering to accompany them for protection.

As they journey to Virginia City, the General’s men ambush them, seeking to reclaim Su Ling. A tense standoff ensues, with Joe firmly refusing to surrender Su Ling to the General’s demands, prompting the General to prepare for a confrontation.

As Joe remains vigilant, observing General Tsung, a sudden attack from one of the General’s men catches him off guard. Joe reacts swiftly, returning fire and fatally striking the assailant. Despite sustaining injuries, Joe insists that Su Ling and Dr. Lee leave him and focus on escaping the imminent danger.

With the General’s forces advancing, Joe continues to defend himself but soon exhausts his ammunition. As the General closes in, intent on using his knife to end Joe’s life, a fierce struggle ensues. Joe manages to evade the General’s onslaught, ultimately gaining control of the knife and dispatching the General.

Meanwhile, Ben, Hoss, and Adam arrive to deal with the remaining enemy combatants. Concerned for Joe’s well-being, Ben rushes to his son’s side, revealing that he had been covertly trailing Joe to ensure his safety. Grateful for his father’s vigilance, Joe expresses his appreciation.

Adam and Hoss secure the captured men while Joe receives medical attention from Dr. Lee and Su Ling. Dr. Lee assures Joe that their services will be free, much to Joe’s relief—Ben, Adam, and Hoss jest about the unexpected benefits of Joe’s injury. Su Ling chimed in with a heartfelt appreciation for the concept of freedom, bringing a smile to everyone’s faces.

Full Script and Dialogue of Day of the Dragon



These cards sure
ain't talking for us.


I'm sorry, gentlemen,
today must be my lucky day.

Well, it isn't mine,
Mr. Cartwright,

so let's cut the gab
and start playing cards.

I want to win back some
of that money we've lost.

All right, Mr. Gordon.

Five dollars.




Dealer takes four.

Ten dollars.

You're holding something
pretty good, aren't you, son?


And another ten.

That's too rich for me.

Besides, I'm busted.

Well, Mr. Gordon, I'll...

I'll see that ten dollars.

I'll raise you 20.

Well, maybe you've got
them and maybe you ain't,

but I gotta stay in and
make you show 'em.

Mr. Cartwright, I, uh,
I'm out of ready cash,

but I'll make you a
sporting proposition.

You're into my partner
and myself for $150.

I've got something
outside I'll put up.

Double or nothing.

Are you game?

Well, it all depends
what you have outside.

Let's go have a look-see.


How's that?

I've seen better, but it'll do.

You've seen better?

Cartwright, you've been
around a lot more than I thought.

Well, I'm a real good judge.

Be pretty hard to fool
me on a deal like this.

Boys make a deal?

We sure did.

All right, Cartwright,
let's see 'em.

Queens over tens.

I thought you was bluffin'.

Oh, no, no, I was
quite serious about it.

Well, thank you very
much, gentlemen,

for a very profitable card game.

Hey! What are you
doing, Cartwright?

I'm taking my horse.

- Your horse?
- That's right.

I just won it, didn't I?

Oh, no, you got it
all wrong, Cartwright.

The horse I need.

That's what you won.


The girl.

Oh, come on!

Yeah. Su Ling.

She's all yours.

Like you said, Cartwright,

you're a real good
judge of women.


Geixin zu ren qing an.

Well, she's all yours.

But... Oh. Here,
you'll need this.

What's this?

Well, it's a bill of
sale... Makes it legal.

Legal? What are you talking
about? Makes what legal?

Well, you see, this
powerful Chinese warlord

in San Francisco...

Ch-Chinese warlord in
San Fr... San Francisco?

Yeah, General Mu
Tsung's his name.

Well, he had to get out
of China real fast, see,

so he took Su Ling
here along with him

- as one of his slaves.
- Oh, yeah?

I bought her from him.


Oh. Wh-What am I
gonna do with her?

That's your problem, Cartwright.

From now on, look
before you leap.

Hey, wait a minute!
Wh-Where you going?

Well, I hear St.
Louis is pretty nice

about this time of the
year, Mr. Cartwright.

Good luck!

Su Ling?

Uh, you... you speak English?

Yes, master.

Su Ling learn in
missionary school in China.

Good. Well, I
hereby set you free.

Oh, but, illustrious master,
Su Ling not wish to be free.

Don't? Why not?

Su Ling not know
what to do free.

Su Ling alone... strange land.

Look, Su Ling, I don't
know what to do with you.

See, I... well, I-I never won
anything quite like this before.

Su Ling work for master.

Work very hard.

Eat little; sleep floor.

No trouble.

Like a... like a
shadow in night forest...

No see, no hear.

No, no, look, I'm-I'm
so sorry, Su Ling,

but we already have
help at the Ponderosa.

And besides, I-I
really don't think

my father would let me keep you.

Su Ling not understand.

Two masters sell her.

Now you send her away.

Nobody want this
unworthy person.

She go.

Wait-wait-wait a minute.

Maybe I've been
a little bit hasty.

I'll take you home to my pa.

Maybe he'll know
what to do with you.

Oh, thank you, master.


Don't do that!

Yes, m-master.

And don't call me "master."

Yes, master.

All right, let's go.

Well, I hate to see
the look on Pa's face

when he hears about this.

One of the funniest
sights I ever saw.

Anyway, you
should've seen Riley.

He lets go with both
barrels of that shotgun.

The stock comes up,
hits him right in the jaw,

and bang, backwards
over into the canyon!

I heard he was running like an
antelope when he hit the bottom.

Oh, he was running.

Screaming like a
gut-shot panther.

That should teach
Riley not to fool around...

Gei ge wei qhing an,
Honorable masters.

The walls are illuminated

when the men return
to their dwelling.

May this worthless
person have hat, please?

Xie, xie.

Xie, xie.

Delightful dinner ready soon.

Uh, uh, Miss... Just
a moment, please.

Yes, Excellent One?

Who are you?

Su Ling, masters,
your new slave.



Joseph, where are you?!

Hi, Pa. You call me?

Who's that girl?

Oh, the girl. Yeah, yeah.

I-I w-wanted to
tell you about that.

Please do.

Well, see, I-I won
her in a poker game.

You won her in a poker game?

Yeah. I-I thought
she was a horse.

You thought she
was a horse. Hmm?

Yeah, see, we were
sitting in the bar...

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

What you're saying
is that, at your age,

you don't know the difference
between a girl and a horse?

Oh, no, sure I do, Pa.

- Oh.
- Oh, sure.

Sure, no. See, I met
this fella Gordon, see,

and I thought he was putting
up a horse to back his bet.

- Gordon?
- Yeah.

And turned out to be a girl.

You can't keep her.

Oh, no, oh, no. And
that's what I said.

- No, you can't keep her.
- That's exactly what I said,

and I said to myself, "Joe,
what are you gonna do?"

I said, "Bring her to Pa;

he'll know exactly
what to do with her."

Give her back, give
her back, give her back!

I can't.

Gordon's halfway
to St. Louis by now.

I've-I've got to sit down.

Oh, Pa, Joe's just joshing us.

Yeah, come on,
stop fooling, Joe.

What's it all about?

I'm not fooling.

All right.

All right, now just start
from the very, very beginning.

Come on, tell me
the whole story.

All right, but first,

let me tell you a
little about the girl.

Look, she's had
a real tough time.

And her... her folks died when
she was four of the plague,

and her uncle sold
her to some farmers.

Well, then her
owners were killed

in some-some
kind of a local war.

It would've killed her, too,

but she was able to
hide for three days.

Well, how did she
get to this country?

Well, there's a man
named General Tsung.

He carried her off when he
got booted out of the Manchus.

Well, get to the
point about the girl.


Well, this General
Tsung evidently had

everything pretty
well figured out.

When things got too
hot for him in China,

he took all his
gold and Su Ling,

got on a clipper ship and
came to San Francisco.

Yeah, but how did
this feller, uh, Gordon...

How'd he get her from this
General whatcha-ma-call-him?

I suppose he bought her.

Nice people.

That girl's had enough
grief to last her a lifetime.

But that's all over now.

Call her in.

What are you going to do?

Call her in.

Told me to use this
any time we wanted her.

You know, Hop Sing
says her name means

"Tinkling Bell of Virtue."

It's kind of cute, isn't it?


Revered master summoned?

Yes, Su Ling.

My father would
like to speak to you.

I kowtow to his august presence.

And you've already
met my brothers.

Most venerable brothers.

Su Ling, I have the most
wonderful news for you.

As of this very moment,
you are emancipated.


Yes... you're free.

Free to do what,
most worthy master?

Well, uh, anything.

You're free to do
anything you want to do,

go anywhere you want to go.

You're free.

That's very nice.

I stay here.

You stay...?

Be Cartwrights' slave girl.

She doesn't want
to be set free, Pa.

Why, that's the most
ridiculous thing I ever heard of.

- Who wouldn't want to be free?
- Su Ling.

Well, now, now, look,
see... see here, Su Ling.

- You see...
- Why you no want Su Ling?

She all alone.

In buggy, Su Ling
see Ponderosa land

stretch far away
until eyes grow weary.

Cartwrights can
afford many slaves.

Well, you... you don't
understand, Su Ling.

You see, we don't
keep slaves here.

She doesn't understand
about our ways or the country.

He's got a point there.

We can't turn her out.

Yeah, Pa. That'd be as cruel

as that General What's-His-Name.

Well... All right.

All right, I agree. Fine.

Here's what I'm
going to do, Su Ling.

I'm going to pay your passage
back to China... first class...

And then I'll give you
all the money you need

to start all over again.

Now, how is that?

Su Ling have no
one in China now.


But here, Su Ling
have Cartwrights

and Cartwrights have Su Ling.

Oh, permit Su Ling to stay.

She be a very good slave girl.

Ask nothing but to serve.

You ring bell, and
she come swift,

wings on feet.

You beat Su Ling if she not.

Su Ling always have
someone to tell her what to do.


Su Ling always have master.

All-all right, Su Ling.

You, uh... you can
stay here with us.

Un-Until we can
find out something...

well, s-something permanent.

Yes, master. You good man.

Only remember you-you-you...
you're still free, understand?

You're not a slave.
You're still free.

Yes, master.

Free... free to stay.

Yeah, that's right.

And-and one more thing.

Now, it-it's not "master."

In this country, it's "mister."


Now, with permission,

Su Ling withdraw to
work with much devotion.

Well, there was
nothing else to do.

I couldn't agree more.

Pa, I think you
did the right thing.


You see, I had no choice.

As for you, number three son,

you keep out of poker games

where you don't know
what the stakes are.

Yes, sir.

Dinner respectfully
served, misters.

Hey, I think it's going
to be kind of nice

having a little gal around
the house for a change.

Uh, honorable Father.

Venerable brother.

And as for you,
dishonorable short shanks,

you can have the leftovers.

Good morning, Hop Sing.

What's that I smell?

Is that something new?

You find out pretty soon.

It sure smells good.

Keep hands off, nosy belly.

Hop Sing, you sure are
getting to be a grouch.

But I got to admit the
food's getting better.

It's Su Ling. She fine cooky.

Plenty help Hop Sing.

Yeah, she's a big help
to everybody, ain't she?

Where is she?

She outside prepare
food for new dish...

Bird's nest omelet.

Bird's nest omelet?

Here, you take knife.

For what?

You find out pretty soon.

Good-bye, now.

Su Ling very happy in Ponderosa.

Very beautiful.

Like green rainfall.

Yes, I suppose so.

Guess we really
don't see it anymore.

Ah. It's a great pity to
cover eyes with wool of habit.

Supreme Lord has
given so much beauty.

Good morning, Su Ling.

- Adam.
- Mornin'.

Good morning, Mr. Hoss.

What's a little bitty gal
like you doing out here

with a big patch
of spuds like that?

You better let me give
you a hand, hadn't you?

Oh, thank you, Mr. Hoss.

You and Mr. Adam
so kind to Su Ling.

So good.

But Su Ling love to peel potato.

Morning, everybody.

- Morning, Su Ling.
- Mornin'.

Good morning, Mr. Joseph.

Hey, let me give you a
hand with those potatoes.

Here. Thank you, Mr. Joseph.

Cartwrights very fine family.

For a couple of guys in hiding,

you're sure making
that fire big enough.

Well, I want some hot food.

I'm sick of jerky.

If the general's
around these parts,

we'll be eating dirt.

Use your head.

Use my head?

What were you using
when you stole the gal

that Tsung was planning to
make his number one wife?

Well, it was worth a try.

How was I to know it
was against his principles

to pay ransom for a woman?

Look on the bright side.

In losing her to Cartwright,

we sidetracked the
general away from us.

Smartest thing
we've done in years.

I am a reasonable
man, Mr. Gordon.

And, to my shame,
tender of heart.

I do not want to kill you,

but, uh, my choice
depends on you.

What is it you want
of me, General?

Uh, I'll do anything you say.

It is the wise man

who recognizes
the face of necessity.

Where is Su Ling?

I, uh... I gave her to a
fellow name of Cartwright.

You gave her?

When you knew
she belonged to me?

I couldn't help it, General.

I was taking care
of her best I could,

but this Cartwright
fellow forced me into it.

And could the so
generous Mr. Gordon

tell me where this Cartwright
fellow can be found?

I, uh, heard he had a big
ranch near Virginia City.

The... the Ponderosa,
I think it's called.

Free Mr. Gordon...
from life's pain.


Don't let him do it.

Don't let him kill me.


General, please!




What are those for, Su Ling?

Oh, Mr. Joseph.

Those wind bells.

Tell when celestial
spirit enter house,

frighten demon away
and bring good fortune.


Mm-hmm. They
make beautiful music.

Su Ling, you happy with
us here on the ranch?

Oh, yes, Mr. Joseph.

Honorable Father give Su
Ling freedom to remain slave.

No, Su Ling, you
still don't understand.

You're free... absolutely free.

Is so?

Please, Mr. Joseph, to explain.

Su Ling listen with eager ears.

All right.

Come here, sit down.

Now, let me see.

You see, this country...

this country is "the
land of the free."

Here, you can do
absolutely anything you want.

No law in America?

Oh, yeah, of-of
course we have law,

but, I mean, aside from that,
you can do anything you want.

You no obey father?

Well, certainly, I
obey my father, but...

You have obligations to
brothers, to Ponderosa, yes?

Yes, but that is not the point.

I understand.

You're part free,
part slave, right?

No. No, look, you
still don't understand.


Su Ling sorry she
bottomless well of ignorance.

No, it's my fault.

I'm-I'm not explaining
it to you right.

Here, you see the
bird in the cage?

- Uh-huh.
- You're like the bird in that cage.

But bird happy... he sing.

Ah, but he'd be a lot happier

and he'd be a lot better
off if we let him go free.

Is so?

We see.

Shh, shh.


Bird not strong
enough to fly away.

In cage, bird safe.


You know, you argue
just like a woman.

Mmm! What that little gal can't
do with steak and rice. Mmm!

What you can't do with
steak and rice, you mean.

Ho... that was good.

Problems, Little Joe?

Hmm? No, I'm fine.

I'm just having a little trouble

explaining a few things
to Su Ling, that's all.

Ah. I think we're...

I think we're all having
a little trouble explaining

how we do things
here to Su Ling.

Is Su Ling's fault.
She headblock!



No, not at all.

What seems to be troubling you?

See, honorable
sir, it very difficult

for Su Ling to understand
mysterious West.

Very inscrutable.

- We are?
- Uh-huh.

Well, Su Ling, you
know, I've been thinking.

Little Joe and I, we
haven't had much luck trying

to explain our way of doing
things here in this country.

And I was wondering, it
might be an idea for you to visit

some of your people
in Virginia City.

Hey, that's a good idea, Pa.

Su Ling see some
countrymen there.

Perhaps they can help this
brainless one understand.


All right, I'll take
you in in the morning.

Fine. It's all settled.

Tomorrow morning.

Thank you, Su Ling.

May spirits sing in
your serene stomach.

Speaking of singing...

Ah... I wonder if you
would sing for us?

Have not seen this long time.

Make heart remember
father's house.

Well, you told me you used
to play and sing at home.

We'd like to hear you.

Hey, where'd you get that thing?

Don't be a headblock. I
brought it back from Virginia City.

Gentlemen, your
attention, please.

Su Ling is going to
favor us with a song.

Forgive Su Ling if she
offend illustrious ears

with unworthy efforts.

♪ Dragon moon, golden sky ♪

♪ Soft night wind, silken sigh ♪

♪ Jade-green branch,
mountain pine ♪

♪ Silver needle, autumn sign ♪

♪ Swan-white winter hover near ♪

♪ Cover Earth, frozen year ♪

♪ Springtime blossom far away ♪

♪ Summer lotus gone to stay? ♪

♪ Far from home, lost the way ♪

♪ Cold the night, dark the day ♪

♪ Jasmine, crocus,
bloom again? ♪

♪ Hope and love ♪

♪ Oh, where, oh, when? ♪

Hey, one more person I
want you to meet... Kam Lee.

He's a wonderful fella

and the best
doctor in this town.

Come on.

Little Joe, welcome
to my humble office.

Doc, how are things?

As usual: too many
sick, too few hands.

I hope you're not in the
need of my services today.

No, I'm not here
for any medicine.

I just want you to meet
a friend of mine, Su Ling.

She's new in this country,
and I'm just showing her

around town. I
thought you might want

to tell her a little bit
about your work here.

Oh, I would be honored.

But I am afraid I must do it
while I look after my patients.


Perhaps Su Ling can
help illustrious doctor?

She work in mission
hospital in China long time.

Is that so?

Su Ling, you're the
answer to a long said prayer.

Hmm. Fever going down, Ah Ting.

Soon you'll be all well.

You have been a great
help today, Su Ling.

Su Ling always happy
when can be of help to

Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.

If you ever desire work,

you are more than
welcome with Kam Lee.

But, Doctor, Su Ling
already have work

with revered
Cartwrights at Ponderosa.

Well, just in case.

There is great need here.

Su Ling, we better
be on our way.

We have a long ride
back to the ranch.

Doc, we'll see you.


Mr. Cartwright! Mr. Cartwright!

Chinese army come!

What are you talking about?

You go see, boss.

What is the meaning of all this?

Do I have the
honor of addressing

the illustrious Mr. Cartwright?

I'm Ben Cartwright.

These are my sons.

It is truly said, sons are
the light in a father's eyes.

Permit me to introduce
myself, General Mu Tsung.

I've heard about you.

This insignificant soldier

is exceedingly flattered.

What can we do for you?

It has come to my attention

that you have something
which belongs to me.

What's that?

Su Ling.

And by what right
does she belong to you?

The prior right of possession.

That is not a right, General.

An interesting
point, Mr. Cartwright.

If I had time, I would
like to discuss it with you.

What for? There's
nothing to discuss.

The loud-voiced child
has rightly been called

a hammer without a head.


why don't we
discuss this inside?

An excellent suggestion.

For the prudent man
talks before he acts.

I am honored as I

enter your sublime household.

Take a seat, General.

You are the
embodiment of hospitality.

Now, about Su Ling.

I am prepared to repay
you for any trouble

you may have gone to.

You want to buy her back?

If that is the way
you wish to express it.

She's not for sale.

He means she's not ours to sell.

We set her free.

Most wasteful.

Extravagantly wasteful.

But I do not wish
to debate with you.

My honor demands
the return of my property.

Well, I'll tell you, General.

I think it's up to Su Ling...

as to whether she goes
back with you or not.

You'll have to ask her.

More idealism.

But at times it can be a
good servant for the realist.

Su Ling, would you
come in here please?

Yes, master.

Su Ling.

Su Ling.

Joy leaps in my heart again
at the sight of your beauty.

Gentlemen, perhaps
you do not understand.

I offer Su Ling an
honorable status

as one of my wives.

Would, uh, delicate
orchid blossom

entertain this
trembling proposal?

It is ever wise to consider

so wondrous a proposal,
Glorious General.

Su Ling needs time to,

to ponder breathtaking prospect.

Consider, too, the
numberless delights

you would enjoy as
General Tsung's wife.

Yes. Su Ling will...

will contemplate
the boundless riches

most carefully.

May I beseech Su Ling
for an imminent answer?

I have already taken much
time away from pressing concerns

of my import business
in San Francisco.

May Su Ling entreat
great General's indulgence

only until tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow morning.

I should prefer an
answer now, but, uh,

I'll shall be patient.

May I humbly
suggest that your, uh,

response be
affirmative, Su Ling?

Don't threaten her.

It is well written,

the kitten would be
king of the jungle,

if mice were elephants!

General, please remember...

this is not China.

Perhaps not, Mr. Cartwright.

But it is carved
in jade that, uh,

death is a land
without geography.

May you live 10,000 years.

Su Ling.

I'd like you to know that...

we want you to stay
here permanently...

make the Ponderosa your home.

But whatever you decide...

we'll respect that decision.

I just don't understand
how you could think

of marrying a man like that.

General Tsung must
wish Su Ling well,

for he has gone to
great trouble to find her.

And, in time, Su Ling
may wish him well, too.

Forgive Su Ling, she
must run to her room.

General Tsung's men.

Is she all right?

Ah, she's been cut.

Yeah, so General Tsung
had your best wishes at heart,

then he tried to steal
you like a sack of...

That's enough, Joe.

Tsung's men, through there.

You take that man to the
sheriff and bring back the doctor.

There's no place for bunglers
in the service of General Tsung.

We will wait until tomorrow,
then we will get Su Ling

and repay the
Cartwrights for meddling.

A few days, and you
will be just as before.

Now, tell me, Su Ling,

have you considered what I said?

Yes, esteemed Doctor.

I think it is better
I leave Ponderosa

before General Tsung return.

I have already too
much endangered

the life of my benefactors.

I will go work with you.

You will be welcome, Su Ling.

Our people need much help.

You are certain Su
Ling will truly be of help?

You are not just extending
her a merciful hand?

Ah, no, Su Ling.

In many ways, you
are really needed.

With the sick, of course,

and to teach our people
the English language,

and thus, the opportunities
of their new country.

Yes, those are
worthy occupations.

How is she, Doc?

Oh, fine.

She's ready to come out now.

Well, Su Ling, you
feeling better now?

The healing hands of Dr. Kam
Lee restored Su Ling's body,

but her mind tremble
like bough in strong wind.

Don't you worry about
Mu Tsung, Su Ling.

If he tries anything again,
we'll be ready for him.

That's not what
Su Ling think about.

Her small life is not
important enough for worry.

Then what is it?

Dr. Kam Lee say our people

in Virginia City
need Su Ling's help.

You mean, you'd
like to work with them?


If masters approve
to release Su Ling.

No, we're not gonna let you go.

Not if it's just to protect us.

Su Ling always
content at Ponderosa,

and she owes Mr. Joseph so much.

If he like, Su Ling
stay as servant girl.

Su Ling, you do
what you think is best.

We'll help you any
way we can, Su Ling.

Your goodwill has already
been our greatest blessing.

When would you like to leave?

If all right, Su Ling think it
wise return city with doctor.

I'll take you to town
on the buckboard.

Is that all right, Pa?

It's all right, Joe.

Are you all ready?

Guess you know we're really
gonna miss you around here.

If you ever get in any
trouble, need any help,

you just call on
us; we'll be there.

Su Ling know.

Cartwright's love is what
give courage to Su Ling

to leave birdcage
she try build for herself.

You teach her cage shut in
Su Ling, not keep out world.

You teach her so much.

You know, Su Ling, I...

I think you always had
a lot more to teach me

than I had to teach you.

Su Ling.

Su Ling take much more
than she brought to Ponderosa.

Well, if you mean our
hearts, you're perfectly right.

We'll miss you, Su Ling.

You brought a forgotten
warmth into our home.

And eyes for a beauty
we'd forgotten to see.

You come back to
see us often, you hear?

Yes, Mr. Hoss.

And I see you in
Virginia City, too, yes?

Stupid Su Ling

cannot find words
for what is in her heart.

Only, so-good Cartwrights

have breathed life
into her existence.

And they teach her
freedom is very precious.

Good-bye, Su Ling.

Little Joe.

Take care, now.



Hah! Come on!

Come on, boy!


Hah! Hah!

Come on! Go! Go!


Hah! Hah!


Hah! Hah! Hah!


Hah! Hah!


Mr. Cartwright?

I want to parley with you.

Show yourself.

I am under a flag of truce.

Stay down!

All right, what do you want
to parley about, Tsung?

I have not opened fire because
I do not wish to harm you.

Turn over Su Ling and
you may go in peace.

The answer is no.

You want her, you're
gonna have to fight for her.

You hurt, Mr. Joseph?

Oh, let Su Ling see.

There's no time now, Su Ling.

Doc, get over there.
Get an eye out, will you?

That's it.

Now, toothless puppy, you die.



Are we glad to see you.

Son, you're hit.

Eh, Doc says I'll live.

Hey, what are you
doing here anyway?

Oh, uh, we were, we
were just following along.


Way back!

Well, you didn't think I was
gonna let my number-three son

run the risk of encountering
the general and his army alone.

Thanks, Pa.

Got you a present,
little brother.

Not that you needed any help.

Oh, I can see I'm not
gonna hear the end of this.

You all right?

Yeah, I'll be all right.

I'm gonna need an awful lot
of Su Ling's care for a while.

And there will be no
charge for our services.

Well, you can't beat that.

It's almost worth
getting wounded for.

Yeah, you are a lucky
little cuss, brother.

You got a good doctor
and a good-looking nurse,

and all for free.


That is most beautiful.

Behind the Scenes of Day of the Dragon

In Virginia City, the predominant language spoken by the Chinese community, including Hop Sing, is Cantonese. However, Su Ling converses in Mandarin.

This plotline is referenced in the 1976 children’s novel “The TV Kid” by Betsy Byars. In the book, the main character, Lennie, watches an unidentified rerun of Bonanza, where a similar narrative unfolds, although the girl’s name is Ming Lee, and Little Joe wins her in a poker game.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza offers fantastic, family-friendly entertainment suitable for individual viewing or gathering together. Day of the Dragon” is the 77th episode out of 430. Produced by NBC, Bonanza aired on their network from September 1959 to January 1973, comprising 14 seasons.

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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