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The Mission Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #02

Bonanza, the 14-season-long Western television series, depicted the weekly adventures of the fictional Cartwright family as they run and defend the Ponderosa ranch and the town from forces of crime and greed. Robert E. Thompson wrote season two’s second episode, The Mission, which aired on September 17, 1960.

Former army scout Charlie Trent (Henry Hull), who feels guilty for the massacre of a group of soldiers, has turned into a town drunk. One day, cavalry captain Pender (John Dehner) sends the town a notification, looking for a reliable scout to go on a dangerous mission. Determined to restore the pitiful derelict to his former condition, Hoss Cartwright recommends Charlie to the captain.

Peter Whitney portrayed Lewt Custer, and Harry Carey Jr. played Corporal Burton. 

Read the story and some behind-the-scenes trivia, or watch the complete episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of The Mission

Watch the Full Episode of The Mission:

Main Cast

The Mission, the second episode of Bonanza’s second season, featured some of the show’s recurring and special guest stars in addition to the main cast. The actors in the episode are:

  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright (credit only)
  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright (credit only)
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright (credit only)
  • Henry Hull as Charlie Trent
  • John Dehner as Captain Pender
  • Peter Whitney as Lewt Cutter
  • Don Collier as Sergeant
  • Harry Carey Jr. as Corporal Burton
  • Lane Bradford as Buck
  • Donnelly Rhodes as Latigo (as Don Rhodes)
  • Dale Van Sickel as Morgan
  • Mike Ragan as Kelly (as Michael Ragan)
  • Ray Hemphill as Johnson
  • Robert Adler as O’Hara
  • Bob Hoy as Cowboy in Blue Shirt (uncredited)
  • Ethan Laidlaw as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Leo Needham as Bank Clerk (uncredited)
  • Cosmo Sardo as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Al Silvani as Bartender (uncredited)
  • Cap Somers as Townsman (uncredited)
  • George Sowards as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Mission

Charlie Trent, the town drunk, is in the saloon, having fun sharing his stories as an army scout. Most of the men in the bar enjoy his narrations, except for one who starts making fun of him. The teasing ends with the man pointing his knife at Charlie until Hoss arrives to help Charlie leave the saloon, hating to see his friend treated that way. Hoss returns the badge Charlie dropped, which acknowledges Charlie’s services above and beyond the line of duty.

Seeing he can’t do anything else to help Charlie, Hoss gets money to tidy up Charlie and send him to San Francisco. Charlie insists on staying since he feels he belongs in Virginia City, but that doesn’t stop Hoss from pursuing his plan for his friend.

Captain Pender, commanding an army wagon train carrying gold, makes a supply stop in Virginia City. Pender is on the verge of firing Cutter, their scout after Cutter chooses to see his friends despite the strict schedule they have to follow. Charlie saw what happened and offered to become their new scout. Pender initially hesitated but remembered Charlie as a scout when he showed his Fremont Exploration badge. However, it wasn’t enough for him to hire Charlie.

Books Worth Reading:

Hoss finds the devastated Charlie at the saloon. The captain arrives shortly after, firmly ordering Cutter to perform his duty immediately. He threatens to fire him, then declares to hire Charlie Trent, who knows the wasteland more than anybody else. Cutter finds it amusing since Charlie led the army into an ambush, almost killing everyone. Pender fires Cutter and, desperate for a guide, offers the task to him, including everything he needs. However, he runs away before making a decision. Seeing this can be Charlie’s chance, Hoss talks to the captain, asking him to let Charlie ride with him again. The captain, seeing he has no choice, agrees, so Hoss delivers the news to Charlie.

Hoss finds Charlie sitting pitifully outside. He encourages Charlie to scout the trail for the captain and his troop, warning that he’ll become a coward, even a murderer if he does otherwise. Charlie complies but asks Hoss to accompany him.

Cutter led a small gang that intended to steal the gold once they arrived in the desert. Cutter thinks it’s better to let Charlie guide the wagon train, allowing them to continue their plan. He believes people will assume that Charlie led the soldiers to their death in the desert, not knowing they stole the gold.

The troops set camp near a small body of water. Hoss finds Charlie searching for something in his pack, then figures he’s looking for his liquor bottle. Hoss informs Charlie that he disposed of it, much to Charlie’s disappointment since he believes it’s the only thing that can help him continue. He motivates Charlie, implying no one understands the desert much better than Charlie. Meanwhile, Cutter and his gang are watching them from behind.

Charlie leads the troop to the next watering holes. He decides to ride ahead, stating he’ll fire three shots if he finds it. Later, the army stops marching. The captain starts to think it was a mistake to trust Charlie, seeing how they’ve been walking for hours with no sign of the watering hole. However, they suddenly heard three shots—a sign that Charlie had found the next watering hole. The army celebrates and happily treks on.

Books Worth Reading:

When the troops arrive, Charlie informs them that the water contains poison after seeing a dead hare nearby. It was disappointing for everyone, but there was nothing they could do. The captain decided they’d cut rations and set camp before going to the next water hole.

Cutter and his gang arrive ahead of the troops on the next water. After getting what they need, he sets out to pour the poison. His men grew out of patience, suggesting they kill the soldiers instead of walking through the desert. However, they’re left to follow Cutter since he’s the only one who knows the way out.

Charlie and the army troops arrive at the next watering hole. However, Charlie tells them there’s also poison in the water. Unconvinced, one of the soldiers dives in. He suddenly winced from stomachache, then died a few minutes later.

They now figure somebody is riding ahead, poisoning the water holes. Charlie knew it had to be a scout, and the captain understood it must be Cutter. Although Cutter and his gang are already by the next body of water, Charlie believes they won’t poison it since those men will want the water for themselves. He then insists on scouting by himself at night. If he discovers that Cutter and his men are no longer by the watering hole and the water is clean, he’ll fire three shots, pause, then fire two more. That signal will inform them that it’s safe to go. Charlie tells them to head north to the Highlands if they don’t hear any. Hoss insists on accompanying Charlie, so they set forth.

Meanwhile, Cutter’s men are eager to steal the gold as they wait behind some rocks. When Hoss and Charlie arrive at the watering hole, Charlie finds the water free of poison, so the two dive in to enjoy it. However, their joy was short-lived when Cutter held them as hostages. Cutter asks about the soldiers and what signal will bring them back. Hoss refuses to answer, but Charlie chooses to talk after Cutter waves and pours a bottle of whiskey at him. He tells Cutter about the three-shot signal, so Cutter fires three times. After hearing the three shots, the troops figured there was danger up ahead, so they turned north out of the desert.

Books Worth Reading:

Charlie’s enjoying his liquor, pleased with himself for fooling Cutter, knowing the army will not arrive. He saved the soldiers and the gold. However, Hoss grows worried about what will happen to them once Cutter realizes the wagon train will not come.

Suddenly, the wagon train arrives. Cutter only sees three soldiers and presumes the other two are approaching from behind. He orders one man to watch Hoss and Charlie while the others go to separate places. Hoss and Charlie successfully overpower their guard.

A shooting commences against Cutter’s gang and the army troops. Captain Pender arrives with minor casualties. The army wagon train can make it out of the desert with clean water, and Charlie has successfully redeemed himself.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Mission


no now can i have that drink not until

you finish your story charlie you have

to tell us about general fremont

all right let me see where i want to oh

yeah yeah well that was the time

that me and the general come through

here together that was in the

summer of 47. the matter of fact it

wouldn't have been over virginia city if

it hadn't been for me

and the general i told you to shut up

your line didn't i

i lying you are lying i i can't yeah

thank you yes sir yes sir now wait a


oh charlie here don't mean any harm he's

just an old man hanging around

the saloon we'd like to hear his stories

well i don't like to hear them now did

anybody ask you to put in your two


all right old man that'll go

me a knife

what you aiming to do well now anybody


for as many indians as you claim you

have ought to have a few scars shouldn't


suppose we just scratch off some of this

beard and


so we can


come on charlie let's get you out of

here before you get in any more trouble

thank you thank you

my friend johnny don't like to be

treated like that

i don't like it neither

drop something

fremont expedition 1847

presented to charles trent

chief scott for services

above and beyond the line of duty

hey charlie you wouldn't want to lose








you about the only real friend i got in


all i seem to do is to cause you trouble

charlie you promised me sell him he

wasn't going back in that saloon again i

i didn't mean to just them fellas wanted

to hear some of my stories or something

yeah for a couple of drinks

i guess i guess you won't give me

another chance when you

dad bernie charlie how many chances

you're gonna have to have i talked paul

into giving you a job on the ranch and

what do you do the first payday you take

off and we don't see you again for a

week and you come back drunk

that was that was a mistake charlie it's

up to you whatever job you got around


ain't nobody around here gonna give you

a chance now i

i guess you're right i'm gonna bother

you no more i can promise you that much

because i'm i'm gonna take up scouting


yeah the general freemont he'll be

ascending for me anytime now today

tomorrow for sure charlie i i wouldn't

count on it too much

general fremont's busy man with a war

token oh i knew i know he

he wouldn't go back on you see him and

me we crossed a great salt flat together

i better better go fix up a little

though i guess

charlie it just ain't no use i

i don't made up my mind what i'm gonna

do with you huh well i'm

i'm gonna go in there and get some money

and i'm gonna wanna fix you all up

nice and clean i'm going to put you on

the first stage coach out here for san


that's mighty kind of you lose i i

appreciate it

but i can't go to no big city

i belong out here i got to stay here

charlie i

i've been all wrong about maybe you

getting a new chance hear it

the big city is the only place for you i

you stay right here don't you go no

place here


hold on cutter

where are you going all right a couple

of friends of mine was passing through i

thought i'd talk to them as all well i

have a strict schedule on this mission

you'll be back here and ready to lead

out in one half hour

captain i think it's about time you and

me had us an understanding

now i've been loaning through this

territory for a goodly time and i ain't

never taken no orders yet

not from a savage and not from no

soldier boy you

sign an army contract to scout trail

you're gonna fulfill it into the letter

or you'll be relieved

why mister you got about as much chance

of crossing that desert without me as a

blind hoodie bat has a reach in the sun

all right carry on man got mine oh that

whole desert

i mapped out the first trail of salt

lake city i know the whereabouts of

every waterhole yeah well i

i can't sign on anybody just because

they claim to be a scout oh you

you know you don't believe me huh hey

look at that look at that

fremont expedition yeah you can read but

written on the other side too

presented to charles trent chief scout

for services trent


are you the same trent that scouted for

the border expedition against the


yeah that'd be back in back in 53.

i wouldn't have known you i mean

it's been so long of course you wouldn't

remember me i was just a shave tale but

that was my first assignment i guess it

would have been my last of you hadn't

let us out of that apache trap charlie


ah you give me a chance then

not charlie that gold shipment is vital

maybe with a war coming on

got a scum

perhaps next time i make a trip charlie

captain that old bum is pretty drunk

thinking he can scout for you sir

corporal that old bum was the finest

scout in the united states army

whatever i know about this territory i

learned from him

oh sorry sir

i am too


it was a bottom

give a little buzzard bait a drink here


wake up the man's buying you a drink



charlie oh uh-huh

did i ever tell you about the time i led

the expedition up the columbia river

yeah yeah yeah you told me charlie

come on let's go down the stable and

clean it off

i tried i was honest honest i tried hard

you asked some soldier boys if i didn't

that captain he just didn't want me

joe give me a cup of coffee in a


you ain't making no friends with none of

us cutter where you're treating the


i told you to be back and ready in half

an hour

seems to me i do remember you saying

something like that

well don't you mind now i'll be long a

little while but i keep

send my friend the captain here up a


last man that grabbed me like that was a

blackfoot chief

i cut his live out man don't live long

without a liver captain that's a pure

medical fact

i'm giving you a direct order

get outside and join the detail now

oh what oh you're through

well now that don't seem so likely


you need a scout and i'm the only one

there is

you're a long way from being

indispensable cutter there's a man knows

the wasteland country better than you or

any scot alive charlie trent

trent where you gonna find him


that charlie trent

the great charlie tranter

remington massacre you remember charlie

you let them soldier boys right into an

ambush right smack dab up to where their

engines was waiting

he's just the kind of a scout you need


collect your gear from the wagon and

clear out

take along plenty of water soldier boy

plenty of water


charlie you asked me for a chance

this is it don't give me any cause to

regret it

we'll provide you with your mount and

your gear

get anything else you need we'll move

out as soon as you're ready


captain mike

he'll do it cam

hey charlie

captain my name is cartwrighter

i'm a friend of old charlie's i'll see

two of these ready to go in no time

we rode together

captain let him ride with you again


i have much choice

you sir i'll get him

charlie charlie i've been looking all

over this town if you the captain's down

there waiting for you you got to get

your gear

leave me alone please sir please leave

me alone

just go go tell that captain man you

couldn't find me that's

all charlie he's offering you the change

you've been waiting for

it was just me i i wouldn't mind but see


it's panda and all his men depending on

me that

charlie you led the first map party

across that desert

the first white man that ever crossed it

now if you can do that you can leave

bender in his men now

uh or was that just one of your lies

about leading that map party

no cause that was true loss that was


all right then charlie you listen to me

and you listen real good

if you let captain pender and those men

go out across that desert without

somebody to scout the trail for him

you are gonna be a coward and a murderer

charlie you got to do it if you

have you helped me have you come with me

charlie i just like just like you just

like you said yourself

this has a chance i've been waiting for

will you please have me will you please

come with me

yes sir i'll go with you ah thank you


well goodbye captain and good luck thank

you mr johnson

detail forward


hey charlie this time don't go letting

them engines get

your scalp

you stand there laughing like you just

said something great cutter

but all you've done was to mess up

things real good it's working out just

the way i wanted buck

and how do you make that we had a plan a

plan to get the gold now we've got


i changed plans for a better one

we still get the gold maybe you'd better

tell us what you got in mind

way it works out now i don't have to

explain me

surviving they get lost sand covers


ain't a trace of nothing left and

everybody figures it's old charlie trent

let them roar

you're gonna lead them soldiers out into

the desert what if this charlie takes

them another way

them renegade bands down south would

like nothing better to get their hands

on that gold

cheyenne on the wall path up north they


nowhere to go but across that desert

with us following them










looking for something charlie oh

no no i wasn't looking for nothing just


looking a bottle one bottle

you ain't gonna find it

oh of course that was all i had

i i didn't want to drink it i was

i just wanted noted here that's all i i

wasn't aiming to drink and drop my visit

i i promise

caused my heart

i poured it out this morning charlie

i can't make it without a green card oh

i can't

make it charlie you don't made it almost

a week now just on a pint yeah what

we've come through is nothing

like taking a walk down a boulevard in a

bright sunshiny day

the way we get across that mountain and

hit the great salt flats

a man the man's got to have something in

his insides and he tackles that desert

and you then hook and poured my insides

right out on the ground

you're just going to have to grow some

new ones because if you don't take us

across that desert we're all going to

die and ride out there

i'll try horse i understand outside

here you drink your coffee

quit worrying you're gonna make it

my there they be

getting ready to bed down like nice

soldier boys

come doc we're going to ride from here

on out

we stay ahead of them

what's our line of march uh do east

yep you see once you hit that desert

there ain't no landmarks to guide you

you have to kind of

kind of sense things you know kind of

kind of feel your way along

charlie charlie that's what we're

depending on you for

to take us to that first water hole in

the two-day march and then after that

you'll have to lead us to the next water


then on to the last one

can you do all that charlie

i tell you what i've been i've been i've

been thinking it over and i reckon it

might be our best bet to

head to north easy and that way we can

circle the desert entirely you see

with yellowstar and the whole cheyenne

nation on the warpath look i didn't

bring you along and tell me how to get

us all killed we have to cross that


are you signed on as a scout to lead us

over it

can you do it

me and horse lead out

prepare to move




you aiming to take them on tonight nah

you ever see the zunis hunt fox oh well

they just let them keep on running till

their tongues are all swole up and

hanging out

when they walk up to them real peaceful

i can club them to death

yes yesterday we're gonna let those

soldier boys just ride on a piece

far enough so there ain't no way back



sort of like being out on the ocean

ain't it

only difference is it we're looking for

water instead of land


you got your bearing yet charlie

circle back on ourselves do you gotten

lost no

no no


ain't much daylight left charlie and you

said we'd sure find that water hole for


that water hole has got to be within an

hour's march of here i'm telling you

you'll go back and tell the captain and

got to bring them soldiers here's and up


right away you sure charlie

sure of course i ain't sure but i gotta

act like i was

i gotta fool them soldiers into thinking

i'm sure

because if just one man panics it'll

spread like wildfire

we'll find ourselves a bunch of buzzard


you you said you had faith in me didn't


yes sir i do we'll hang on to it son

hang on to it

cause that's all i got to hang on to


i'll tell them no when i find out

they're water

i'll fire three shots near yes sir


just a little piece father

i made a mistake trusting him

i think it's time we admit it both of us

we're lost you know it kevin you're


with the captain's permission

me and men like the captain to tell us

straight out how we stand

kevin man you got a right to know

charlie he found the watermelon






what's wrong that your water's been



see the animal over there

it was the same thing that'll happen to

any of us adventures here water


we don't need a scout to find poison

water for us

sergeant yes sir move the detail to that


up ahead make camp

issue half rations of water to the men

and the mules

none to the mounts detail


all right charlie how far to the next


it's about a day's months but me and her

nobody else can say whether that water

will be any more fitting to drink than

this is

can you find it found this one did not

what do you think kevin we can make our

water last another full day

we'll have to lose our amounts

the mules can keep going as long as they

get some water

you got to make the decision kevin if we

turn around go back

the men in the gold will be saved but if

you go on up ahead and that water is

poisoned too

be too late to turn back

there's nothing in my orders about

turning back

the charlie will move out just before

dawn while it's still cool



you're gonna poison this one too that's

what i'm gonna do but they're liable to

get suspicious

that don't make no difference besides

they can't never know just how it got


now go on do like i told you start

brushing out our tracks look all we've

been doing is riding around this

miserable desert

now i say we stay here and finish off

them soldiers all i want is to split

that goal

and i ain't got nothing so far but sun


where'd it go i'll side with them

now them soldiers have got to come here

all we got to do is wait for them but if

you feel you'd rather not make the stand

with this you can clear out

no hard feelings

no hard feelings huh

now you listen to me every last one of


there ain't one of you got a chance of

leaving these salt flats alive lesson i

lead you now where would you ambush

eight men on flatlands like this

but up ahead there's places where we can

pull it off now go on do like i told you

stop brushing out our tracks


it's poison



okay you just struck your death man

what is good that's not fine

charlie make sure

test that water again no need to cap

kelly himself will prove i was right you

drinking all such

a billion loans with so much poison down

from liquor you know what you're doing

you'll keep us away from this water


sergeant bring a canteen

move him over under the wagon cover him

with a blanket

there's four riders and one spare horse

only headed away from here riding fast

for the next water hole

and poison that one too

another thing happened only a scout

would know his way around here like them

bushwackers are doing the scout

that i have to be cutter


go ahead while we still have some water

left and try to fight our way through

yeah captain captain his rocks around

that their water hole

best place in the world for an ambush

they'd they'd pick us

off before we ever seen them we're not

gonna stay here and die not without a


you got an idea better than that yeah if

they are still at that water hole

that water will be good until after they

finish us off

that makes sense charlie no yeah but

we got to make sure they are still there

so when the moon sets

i'll start out me i should make it in

one hour or two

not charlie now i'll go with some of my


sergeant you and johnson will go with me


hello captain

i'm a i'm a scout i can do a better job


all right charlie but after you get

there what then

well if they ain't there and the water

is still good

i'll fire three shots no

cut i may have heard that signal before

so this time i'll fire three shots

wait a while then fire two more and


when you hear them five shots you come a


and if i don't hear the five shots if

you don't hear them

you head due north four smarts

traveling by night and with any luck you

ought to make the highlands and

water in about two days of course the uh

cheyennes might be there too but then


maybe it's better to be scalped than the


i'm sorry i ever doubted you charlie

thank you captain thank you


my horse charlie when i promised to come

along this deal i'm in all the way no

no you've done enough for me already i

just ain't worth it can't you understand


if you leave me here i'll i'll just tag

along after you horse you ain't

coming with me sad i i travel faster


charlie if i let you go out there alone

i'd feel guilty the rest of my life

that's better than being dead at it

you know better than that

five shots right kevin


charlie she ain't no sign up

i don't mean them fellaini up there

hiding in their rocks

well i don't like it they just they just

don't feel good

we're gonna have to take a chance on in


let's go all right but you be careful




that bernie charlie's gonna take you all

day to make up your mind




drink your field boys then we're going

to have a nice long talk about my good

friend captain pender


one of them soldier boys come with you

how many of them are the left

i already got something you're gonna

have to find out mister well that's

something i'm just gonna find out

cut up

the back of the other water waterhole


there's five of them one of them died

they're waiting for my signal to come on

ahead charlie

captain pender got any suspicion of me


of course not now if if we had any


you don't suppose that me in the

hospital to come walking in here that

may be done do you

no i reckon not being the scout you once


what's that signal

i ain't going to tell you you ain't

going to tell me

hey let it go fetch me my saddlebag

you ain't gonna tell me

charlie this ought to make you talk huh


it's all yours charlie you just tell me

what that signal is


my i bet you got mighty dry for this too

hmm smelly charlie huh

what's the signal now huh don't you tell

him charlie


that's too good to waste on you but

tastes good huh yeah what's the signal


and it's all yours every last bit of it


three three

loudest louder three shots charlie

charlie three shots the signal is

three shots i mean i'm getting to hear


they'll move out and join us here

three shots just like before but i want

to make sure

hey just like before huh yeah

that's right hey buck i'm time

what about him ah sometime he ain't

going no place

yeah now

here's your reward charlie

is all right horse yeah

i reckon you earned that one charlie

this ought to bring him running like a

flock of dumb sheep


go on charlie just fire two more times

five shots he said he's trying to warn


they ran into trouble

we we shall fool them out that means we


carter thought he was tormenting me into

telling truth

and all the time was cutting himself to

give the signal

pretended to start moving north

yep they're going to find out in a


when they do they'll be real mean


yeah well i

you know it was a funny thing

i got plenty of this dog gone and stuff

i don't seem to want it

it kind of uh kind of burns me inside

hey cutter

three soldier boys only three

ain't none of the pender

he's a smart one maybe he figures i'm

going behind this button and having

himself a look-see

hey latico you get up a little bit rocks

keep your eyes peeled

you let me know but don't you do no

shooting you're here

i i guess the only reason i drink the


going stuff so that i can stop

remembering that

i just don't understand it that wasn't a

signal for them to come up here

you see yours years ago

i laid a whole detachment cavalry into a

cayaway trap

it was all butchered and they died

cursing me

wasn't your fault charlie yeah

that ain't good enough

look you keep watching that wagon

morgan you take those two and you keep

them out of sight i may need the old man

later to weigh these on

youtube get over behind those rocks and

don't try to let them know where here

i'll break this gun bell right over your

heads stay low

no time at all now we're going to be

divvying up that goal

he must have spotted the others now you

stay here buck no shoot until i start it

you be mighty careful how you go hitting

their mules

two of them coming from high up behind

us one of them's the captain

well that makes it easier for us we'll

just let them sneak up on us before we

start shooting come on

we gotta do something else we gotta shut


oh man don't be so hoggy with that


fill that cup

bring it over here careful

good work charlie you'll get buck i'm

going after cutter


i don't know if they're down there and

not giving it away

let's get down to those four big rocks

down there see yeah

i'll go first

dog going and i had him dead right we

got him pinned down now we can blast him

out of there easy








okay either what the water is good


you can drink it that's just a crease


a corporal corporal bring up the wagon

get yourselves a drink


lead us out sure captain










Behind the Scenes of The Mission

Charlie Trent, a man who used to be a top Army scout for explorer John C. Fremont, is the name of the character played by Henry Hull. The actor married Juliet Van Wyck Fremont, the famous historical figure John C. Fremont’s granddaughter.

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The legendary Western show Bonanza is a terrific show to watch alone or with family. Each hour-long episode of the series ran under NBC’s production from September 1959 to January 1973. There are 14 seasons and over 400 episodes, with The Mission as the 34th or the second for its second season.

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