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The Mill Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #04

Bonanza follows the weekly adventures of the Cartwright family, led by the patriarch, Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene). The 14-seasons program also shows how the main characters cared for their neighbors and the surrounding community. The Mill, Bonanza’s thirty-sixth episode, written by Halsted Wells, premiered on October 1, 1960.

Tom Edwards (Harry Townes), a disabled farmer, holds Ben Cartwright accountable for the accident that cost him his legs. Tom’s hired hand, Ezekiel (Claude Akins), further fueled Tom’s resentment while supplying Tom with liquor, defrauding him of his life savings. The episode reveals Ezekiel’s other reason for his Iago-like treachery: his detestation of the Cartwrights. This dislike increases his determination to use Tom as his weapon of vengeance.

Apart from the actors portraying Tom and Ezekiel, Joyce, Tom’s wife, is played by the special co-star, Dianne Foster. 

Read the plot and some behind-the-scene details, or watch the full episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of The Mill

Watch the Full Episode of The Mill:

Main Cast

The Mill, the fourth episode of Bonanza’s second season, featured some of the program’s recurring and supporting cast members. The cast of the episode includes the following:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Harry Townes as Tom Edwards
  • Dianne Foster as Joyce Edwards
  • Claude Akins Claude Akins as Ezekiel

Full Story Line for The Mill

Ben’s old friend Joyce Edwards visits the Cartwrights at the Ponderosa ranch. Joyce is hesitant when Ben invites her for dinner but later agrees to stay for a little way. When they are about to enter the house, Ezekiel, Tom Edwards’ hired hand, arrives at the ranch after following his boss’ wife. He warns Joyce to return since her husband wouldn’t like it, but Joyce insists on staying regardless, leaving Ezekiel to wait for her.

Ben asks for Tom, and Joy implies that although her husband is doing well, he’s still bitter since the accident. Tom would follow her around with his wheelchair and call her names even in front of Ezekiel. Joyce tells Ben that her husband drinks and gambles with Ezekiel despite his condition. She later reveals that Tom bent over her last night with a carving knife in his hand, smiling at her. Ben assures her that Tom meant no harm, but Joyce is worried since Tom always talks about death. She could only wish for Tom to do something worthwhile to get his mind off.

Joyce leaving with Ezekiel bothers Ben, so he tags along as they return home.

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At dinner, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe discuss the accident and how Tom Edwards continues to blame their father for his condition. Adam insists that Ben didn’t cause Tom’s crippled leg. He clarifies that the two were climbing off a ledge when they fell on another, then Tom’s gun went off and shot him in the spine. Little Joe doesn’t understand why Tom still blames their father. Adam cuts their discussion, urging them to continue eating before the food gets cold. Ben returns home, and as they eat, he asks his sons what Tom can do now that they’re running out of money because of his gambling behavior. Adam suggests they build a small mill house at the Edwards, considering their area has a good water flow. Ben thinks it’s a fantastic idea, and the Cartwrights share a toast to celebrate his suggestion.

Joyce arrives home to Tom’s compliments. Tom requests a kiss, then asks about her whereabouts. Joyce informs him about her visit to the Cartwrights, stating that she talked to Ben about the property his father left in San Francisco. Ezekiel enters the house; then Tom tells him that he’s gambling on his wife’s land, so if Ezekiel loses, they won’t owe him anything anymore. However, Ezekiel argues that he doesn’t stay there only for money. Ezekiel later refuses to bet on the land, and they gamble for five dollars instead.

Ben visits the Edwards the following day to make a business proposal—a grain mill—that would bring them money. Tom thinks it’s a great idea, but Ezekiel believes otherwise. Tom accepts the deal, then tells Ben he doesn’t blame him anymore, implying that it’s his gun and his fault. When Ben leaves, Tom argues that he’ll get a better nurse than Ezekiel once the business takes off.

Ben sees Joyce picking grapes and tells her about his business proposal with Tom. Although happy, Joyce brings up the complaints he brought up yesterday, saying she’s been dying since Tom always seems furious at her. Ben assures her that the mill will benefit them, even change everything for the couple.

The Cartwright boys start building the mill. Ezekiel visits the site and comments on Ben’s motive for helping the Edwards, even Joyce’s assistance to Adam. Tom asks Ezekiel to assist him in the area and asks Ben if he can help them with anything. Ben gives him a wrench to tighten some rods, and Joyce is delighted to see Tom’s progress. Hoss arrives later with a carriage of millstones, drawing the attention of everyone. However, stress rises when Ezekiel makes another comment, igniting Tom’s suspicion toward Adam. Joyce approaches Tom, happy to inform him that the wheel might operate by that night. She suggests holding a party with their neighbors, but her delight is short-lived as Tom brings up her relationship with Adam. Tom argues that Joyce enjoys Adam’s company. Joyce insists that she’s only happy because their life will be better because of the mill. Furious, Tom asks Ezekiel to take him inside, warning Adam to stay away from his wife. The Cartwrights realize Ezekiel’s behind the tension, and Ben runs after the crying Joyce.

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Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe continue working on finishing the mill. Soon enough, they finally complete the mill, and the wheel starts working. Much to their delight, Adam goes to deliver Tom the news. However, a gun fires from inside. Inside, a drunk Tom tells Adam he has a reason to shoot because of his wife. Ezekiel fueled Tom’s suspicion that he thinks Ben betrayed him again. Adam informs him about the mill, but Tom says it doesn’t solve anything.

At the Ponderosa, Adam narrates the trouble he faced upon talking with Tom. He thinks Ezekiel has planted some bad ideas in Tom regarding Ben and Joyce, causing him to threaten to kill Ben. Adam asks if this suspicion is accurate, and although Ben doesn’t confirm, Adam expresses his support for both of them.

Ezekiel takes advantage of Tom’s drunken state as they gamble. He bets that if Ezekiel loses, Tom doesn’t owe him anything. In the end, Ezekiel wins. Joyce hears his laughter, so Tom reveals that Ezekiel won the bet, meaning he owns everything now.

Ben arrives at the Edwards and hears a gunshot from inside. Ezekiel welcomes him, saying he owns the house. Lying dead on the floor was Tom, and beside him was Joyce, sobbing. Ezekiel reveals the list he made of all the bets they made, and that includes his wife. Ben stops Ezekiel from taking over, and a fight ensues between the two. Ben gains the upper hand as he gets Ezekiel’s rifle, killing him with several shots.

Joyce decides to leave town to start over again and orders Ben not to sell the mill.

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Full Script and Dialogue of The Mill





hey hey joe look who's coming

yeah that's what i call a real fine

looking woman yeah

you mind your manners because she's a

married woman

hey mrs edwards this is a real pleasure

man hello horse

hello little joe my pleasure man uh

little joe why don't you see after ms

edward's horse while i hem her down

little brother why don't you say after a

horse while i help her down


joyce stan

oh ben oh it's so good to see you again

that's wonderful seeing you uh you'll

stay for supper

adam you remember mrs edwards hello adam

i remember her i just wasn't speaking

because i was so busy looking

you cartwright certainly know how to

please a woman uh joe run until hop

single have a guess what's up with that


oh uh adam uh down in the cellar by the

north wall at two cases of lapeet bring

up a couple of bottles sir

look you've come all this way sure you

can stay for a little while

now we need a lady in this house you

know i've got these three grown sons and

somebody has to teach them manners now

please come here

all right but just for a little while

i wouldn't go in that fight you miss


it's nothing ben he's just i knew hired

hand he must be lost

pay no attention to him suit yourself

man only mr edward jingle like this

ezekiel you can tell mr edwards anything

you want to

but mr cartwright is an old friend and

i'm going inside

anything you say ma'am

but i'll be waiting for you




your house is so attractive then it gets

nicer with the years

it's been years since you've been in

this house twice yes i know

i've missed seeing it i've missed seeing


all of us have

how's tom all right

just all right

how is he really he's still bitter

he's been bitter ever since the accident

all day long he just follows me around

in his wheelchair

and every night in front of ezekiel he

he calls me names he

says the most awful things does kill it

isn't that night outside the hired hand

he's more than just that

tom spends half the night drinking and

gambling with his hired hand

drinking and gambling i thought the

accident left him incapacitated

only from the waist down

tom drinks himself into a stupor

and ezekiel carries him upstairs

he never knocks he just brings him right

into the room

and he puts him down on the bed next to


and he straightens up and he looks at me

lying there

and he says good night mrs edwards

and ghost every night it's this

but last night

usually tom can't turn over but somehow

last night he managed to

i woke up i saw him bending over me

with a carving knife in his hand he

didn't move he just

he just sort of smiled at me

so beautiful he said

i can't bear to think of my going first

joyce surely he must know tom meant no


i don't know he's always talking about


his death my death

i uh i've got to go joyce please

stay i can't ben

oh time will be all right

if only he could find something to do to

take his mind off himself

he oh i

i've got to go

uh would you get mrs edwards please

right paul


choice i don't like the idea of his

following you

oh it's all right ben he'll keep his


i'll ride along broadway with you all


thank you

there you are ms edwards thank you




well i heard once it was paw's gun at

hitting well that's a lie

eat yourself for both of you stop

talking about it oh look i didn't mean

to hit him on purpose i may hit him


well that's two lies that's not what

they say in town

well that's mr edwards joe joey blames

paul he claims he crippled him

well did he or didn't he he did not yeah

well how do you know you weren't even


i was there an hour later they were out

after wild mountain sheep mr edward

slipped and fell to a ledge and paul

risked his life trying to save him he

got right at him

they were climbing up off that ledge

when they fell to another legend that's

when the gun went off getting him in the


whose gun mr edwards gun all right then

why does he blame paw

eat your supper it's getting cold


my boys i'm sorry i opened the wine i

didn't know she was leaving so soon

well we haven't had any of this since


yeah it's a miracle this wine imprisoned

in this bottle for 20 years

and each year it seems to grow better

yep sorry ms edwards couldn't make the

dinner tonight but i'm

so glad to be taking part of this wine

uh me too

boys i need your help what do you think

tom edwards could do

uh what do you mean bob well

they're out of money he squandered

everything they ever had

they owe everybody and he's always

gambling that's zeke fellers

would he live with them

i'm sorry boy i wouldn't want you to

talk with your mouth for

he not only lives with him but they owe

him too well what about virginia city

maybe uh he could clerk somewhere

you ever talk with him every time he

opens his mouth like poison poured out


this was once a wonderful man but he was

struck down life struck him down

paul didn't mean to venture a pretty

good flow of water on their place

haven't they

no we just say that if we were struck

down we wouldn't be pouring out poison


now what were you saying about water oh

well i was thinking that

there's no mill around then they have a

pretty good stream there we could uh

rig up a water wheel build a small mill

house they could grind grain

that's a wonderful idea a wonderful idea

adam i want to drink a toast here hey

paul can we drink to him too

he's a mighty bright fella downright

bright and a real pride and joy to the


well thank you gentlemen




take care of my horse anything you say

ms edwards

well did you have a pleasant ride yes

i hope so at least that will

compensate little for all that you have

to put up with

darling i know it's dreadful of me to

make such a fuss when you go out but

you have no idea how awful it is for me

to sit here alone without you

let me kiss you

your skin is so lovely your cheeks are


kiss i'm awfully tired

i think i'll go up to bed you told me

where you've been

i uh went to see the


why complain about your husband

tom please don't start that again i love

you i'll never leave you you know that

i expect ben received you very warmly

didn't he

did you get any money out of him tom


he's very rich you're very attractive we

need money

yes i did go about money you know that

property that my father left me in

in san francisco well ben sometimes goes

to san francisco and i thought that he

might sell it for me

darling what about that prophet your

father left you in san francisco

what do you mean five acres that should

be worth quite a lot wouldn't it ezekiel

now mr edwards you don't want to go

gambling your wife's good land oh no

i'm doing it for her how's that mr


well she hates you this way she could

get rid of you

now miss edward you don't want to get

rid of me close as i've been to your


how would that get rid of him i'd bet

the whole five acres against all we owe


if he loses then we don't owe him

anything and he clears out

go ahead bet the land

you surprised me mr edwards you think i

stay with you just for money

you think i take care of you you think i

carry you up them stairs night after

night and put you to bed just for money

believe you me mr edwards i know i ain't

fit to tie your shoe

but just living with you sir ms edwards


i've grown to you two like it was home


no son no offense man but i can't take

that bet

all right all right play for five


will you lend me five dollars

you did give me a scare miss edwards i

thought i was gonna lose my home


goodnight ms edwards





want to come what brings you around

well i was running into town are you

about to drop by see me see my wife

to see you both tom sit on the porch if

you want to

she's picking grapes good morning mr


yeah that's a it's a mighty fine stream

you have here in the property

i hear my wife paid you a little visit


it's good to see her good to see you tom

is that i'm i'll be straight out honest

with you

i made a definite point of stopping by

here this morning a little business

proposition i'd like to talk over with


how'd you like to make some good money

there ain't much mr edwards can do alan

chronic the way he is

tom i want to build something in your


a money-making operation when i get my

money out plus 15

and it's yours to own did you hear that

my wife goes to see my best friend and

suddenly i'm in business i'm rich

what's the proposition mr cartwright a


a grain mail now there's not around here

for miles and people around here need a


now you have the water i have a son who

knows how to put that water to work

what are you doing trying to get

something from me

tom i said this is a business

proposition now put up the money

and my sons and i will build that meal

for you what are you getting mr


water rights forever i've already said

what i want

my investment back plus 15

to have that i'm satisfied you mean

hmm that sounds pretty good

not to me it don't would you be good

enough to let mr edwards make his own

deal if he so sees fit of course sir

excuse me excuse me never mind

zeke ben we've been thrown together so

much we're almost like partners

my only thought sir is for mr edwards

that's enough zeke now you keep out of

this mr edwards we'd have all those

people coming around all that excitement

you don't hardly sleep nights as it is

tom what do you say

have we in agreement or haven't we

fifteen percent huh

fifteen you shake on that we'll have

that mill up in a week

you make it 10 no

12 and a half 12 and a half

i'm mighty glad tom boy that will be a

great thing for everybody

what do you think of that ezekiel why do

i tell joyce hello all right tom are you

let's be getting on at the town oh say

uh we can start bringing the stuff into

mob that's all right oh do that

you do that man ben

we'll be friends again let me tell you


in my heart when i'm not in pain i mean

in my heart i never blame you it was my


my fault bless you for coming

goodbye tomorrow tom fine man

i thought you owned me didn't you

thought i couldn't even get up to bed

without you

i'll show you i'll take you to your wife

mr edwards

would you like to go pick grapes with

your wife i'll make me so much money

i'll hire me a nurse from san francisco

it'd be a real one too not just somebody

like you

i wouldn't get excited mr edwards you're

going to have another bad night

you hope i have another bad night at

night i hope i'll have to call for you

where are you taking me to your wife mr

edwards i'm going to take you to your

wife you forget about my wife you hear


you get her right out of your head


take me back in the house

man joyce

ben oh how wonderful to see you

does does tom know you're here yes i

just talked to him

you just i think i have some very good

news for you i suggested a time that we

build a grist mill here and that he run


what did he say he's all forward he

likes the idea

oh ben i'm so happy

if only this could make tom happy too

remember the way he used to be

i'll help you pick some grapes

ben what you're doing is the most

wonderful thing anyone could do for us

oh wait a minute you're forgetting i'm

making a profit too

i know what you're doing


then about about yesterday

i've i've never complained to you before

have i

never complained to anyone but all these


i've been dying too

i know jess sometimes i think it would

have been better for him if i'd left him

my health my just the sight of me seems


infuriate him at times just the sheer

side of me

just just your beauty


oh dan i forgot about that a long time


he's a [ __ ] and i'm a [ __ ] too

how are you a [ __ ] because i don't

stand up to him

because i take every terrible thing he

says to me

sometimes he he eyes me like a stranger


he says things he shouldn't this may all

come to an end

you know he was so happy when i left him

i think the mill may change everything

oh i hope so it's got to be a fine mill

you know adam's very clever with that

sort of thing he's made some wonderful


you're so fortunate in your boys

three fine sons they could be

half your life only half

sons can't be everything


did you notice how blue the mountains

were this morning

yes i i saw them

well it's starting to look very good

coming along fine pop

hey paw what's up's gonna get here with

those mill stones she'll be real soon

well we'll be ready for him anytime now

that's fine

oh thank you glad to see you pitching in

i wouldn't want to give you any wrong

notions mr cottrick

i'm just doing this to please mr edwards

i still don't think any good is going to

come of it

well going to give it a chance well i'll

give it a chance

i'm just wondering one thing what's

really in this for you mr cut right

hey fly i sent me some more nails

yeah coming right up

but it looks so complicated how did you

ever figure it out

well it's really not original it the

design is actually a combination

some of it comes from the uh all new

england mills and some comes from

the wheels of the miners built here in

nevada as you see we've

built a flume leading to the top of the

wheel now at the proper time we'll

divert the water back through the flume

it'll pass over the top of the wheel

striking the blades which will

turn the wheel which will dry the shaft

which will turn the upper millstone and

presto you're grinding wheat it's really

quite simple

oh adam i think you're absolutely

marvelous well actually the idea is

thousands of years old

but imagine what it meant to man before

the steam age

or should be assumed with the millstones

uh which reminds me i better see our

little joe's coming along oh and i

better see about tom

hey professor hi

that's a mighty pretty assistant you got


meaning what

oh you're sly one i was watching you

standing close

spinning over sniffing her head i know

you bright boys

how would you like to shut your filthy

face huh well i'm just doing you a favor


don't let her husband catch you he's

still handy with a rifle

is he gone come get me

excuse me professor i was so busy

watching you and mrs edwards i forgot

all about her husband

i don't know what you're up to but don't

make any trouble for mrs edwards

that's about time you got your professor

did some of the heavy work don't call me


what's the matter with you just don't

call me professor

here let me get that i'm perfectly

capable of doing this myself

anything you say ma'am wheel me down

there i want to see how things are going

yes sir you think it'd be all right all

right why shouldn't it be all right come


i mean the ground's so rough your leg's

being so weak must you always remind him

of that

i didn't mean no harm man i was just


come on come on

you know adam i gotta hand it to you i

think this thing's gonna work thanks

i uh i'm sorry about blowing up all that

steam a while ago

hey well that's all right i'm used to

taking all the guff around this family

that's what i'm here for

oh sure you're really abused aren't you


put this flank up there see what i mean

got it yeah why don't you get some light


well ben you're really making progress

moving right along tom

and the reason why i can't be of some

help i never thought

as a matter of fact i think i've got the

very thing for you ezekiel

who was cheering for the wheel you see

these binder rods

yeah they need tightening huh here's a

wrench get to work

fine oh adam

isn't it wonderful to see tom working

again sure is

what's the matter i just think you have

the most wonderful father

how many alarm folks just a signal

signal for what

the arrival look to the east boss cut

right charioteer

charging up with a ton of millstones

come on horse driver

have any trouble getting this load

across the river you know a little bit

keep swimming with it

hey can i get it i got it

well i don't know about you mr edwards

but i always go by the rule you ought to

lock the barn before the horse gets away

what are you talking about just a

certain party and your wife

you know what i think i'll do with you

when this meal is finished i'll put a

rope around your neck and hang you from

one of the raptors just to celebrate

mr edwards you know i'm just protecting

your interest

listen you filthy snake i trust my wife

and i trust ben cartwright he's my


did you ever again put one of your

rotten suspicious thoughts in my mind so

help me have an i'll get you

your friend mr edwards i wasn't talking

about him i was talking about his son





watch your hands down there with that

paul all right let me get this out of

there it's here

easy now

easy easy

okay let her slide down and easy does it

watch your hands pop

that slip

i ain't saying she did anything but

the point is just tell me if you saw

anything or you didn't between her and


mr edwards i don't want you getting

excited never mind about that just tell

me what you saw

well adam was well

he kind of brushing up against her here


did he touch her no not exactly

it's his eyes you know when she wasn't

looking at him

his eyes was you know what i mean it

it just kind of touching her all over

of course gotta admit that adam is a

good looking boy

and with a little bit of luck we'll have

this mill running by tonight

tom they think they'll have the wheel

going by tonight isn't that wonderful

do you know what i think we should have

a party and let's dance and

let's grind the first grain and have the

neighbors in oh wouldn't it be wonderful

to have music again

i bet you'd like to dance wouldn't you

dusty hear the music would be enough i

bet you'd like to dance with adam

i beg your pardon what's all this

between you and adam

between me and adam ever since the mill

started you've been tagging each other


tom i don't understand you you

understand me you're a woman aren't you

you're young you're lovely

don't tell me you don't know what i'm

talking about tom and my word of honor

no such thought for adam ever ended my


then why are you so happy why have you

been smiling ever since this move


because of you because i thought it

would start your life again and my life

you haven't been tagging adam around no

brushing against him leaning against him

laughing with him at me no you have


you've been tagging each other around

like a couple of simpering love birds

what's going on i don't know looks like

ezekiel has done his work

jose hill get me out of here excuse me

miss edward

you got him so upset i better take him

inside and lay him down for a while

is he killed do i have you to thank for

this no ma'am

i didn't title on you that's what you

mean if you come near my wife again adam

cartwright i'll kill you both


i'll give you my word it's ezekiel he's

warped and twisted edward's mind

bob maybe we'd better stop working the

mill well after i lug these these stones

in here

we'll finish this mail man as mixed up

as that's able to kill somebody

keep working


guys guys



don't know what to do

all right now take it easy joe you

ruined the whole thing look i told you

it wouldn't fit at him you made the

shaft too short

oh come on i'll lift now a lift horse

dang it at him if i lift anymore i'm

gonna lift the whole earth up

oh come on we adam

let's call it quits quit yeah quits we

did enough work today for ten men

ah come on joe give me a few more

minutes i'm hungry uh

and i'm you give me one reason why i had

to break my back because i want to see

it work

i want to see this male grind wheat i

want to eat bread from this mill that we


you do i do

he does he does

why don't you say so brother come on

let's get to work

all right all together now all right

let's go

one who he all right

she goes hey i get the other side over


hey will i get this board up let's go


hey way to go brother hey look it won't

let's get up to the diversion gate when

i give you the signal let the water in

the flume right

hey adam doesn't think we got to wait

for paw patrol to get it done and that's

what we're going to do

i'll get up there and let up that slow

skate when i tell you hi sir

all right horse let it go

hey it's filling up the flume adam

you all set let it go






make us as bright as our brother adam


hey adam hey maybe we better get up

there no

come on in whoever you are


well right what do you want

there's one thing i don't want is people

shooting at me without a reason

i got a reason best reason in the world

my wife

where is she that's right where is she

mr edward here has been worried about it

it ain't good for him to worry

how should i know where his wife is you

ought to know where she is

she's with your father ain't she he run

off after didn't think i knew did you

i know ezekiel told me i know all about

your father too from a long way back

it's not the first time he betrayed me

he shot me in his spine

my father didn't shoot you and you know

it i don't know any such thing

i know it was you cartwright's caused

all my trouble mr edwards you're wrong

real wrong but i didn't come here to

argue with you i just come to tell you

that your mill is finished we got it


you think the mill solves everything

don't you you know what i'm gonna do

with your mill

i'm going to destroy it i'm going to

burn it to the ground it's been cocked i

think he can buy my wife with a mill

you mock my words before i let him steal

my wife

i'll kill him and hurt you

ezekiel if you're really his friend

you'll get these wild ideas out of his


i am his friend mr cartwright but what's

right is right

man has a simple duty to protect his



ben i'll always remember this time we've

had together

as though today had escaped to another


it's been that way for me too

dan look the wheel is turning

oh oh isn't it beautiful it certainly is

joyce i just can't let you go back

please at least spend the night with us

at the ponderosa

don't go back to that house not right

now i'm not

afraid tom and ezekiel will be so drunk

they won't even hear me come in

besides with the mill and all perhaps it

will be different again

i've got to give him that chance

well just to be sure everything's all


i'll ride by first thing in the morning

ben thank you

for everything


wow we've been waiting for you oh boy i

was a little worried about you

smiley thoughtful of you adam but i have

a feeling i'm old enough to take care of

myself i

ran into some trouble over at the

edwards place what sort of trouble

tom took a shot at me no i can't believe


neither could i i went up to the ranch

to tell him they would finish with the

mill and

he and that hired hand of his were

glassy-eyed drunk what started it what

brought it on i don't know tom had some

wild idea about you and joyce being off

some place together and he was making

threats about killing you if you didn't

stay away from her

where are you going right back to that

house as fast as i can make it

that man touches joyce

want me to go with you no you stay here

i'll handle this alone

ah tom's suspicion about you and joyce

it isn't true is it

i suppose it were adam how would you

feel about it

i'd say that if there ever was a chance

she couldn't do any better i'd be happy

for both of you

thank you for that




that does it mr edwards it's my house


your house your money

your strength packs me upstairs and puts

me to bed this is my way

ezekiel you hear that he's my wife

that's right you're what

you owe me quite a bit mr edwards

i've got a meal they'll grind flour

i don't make money ain't you forgetting

something i won that meal

i'll pay you somewhere i'll pay you

now that you mention it there is a way

an easy way

you like to gamble don't you

20 years of driving yet i just want to

make one more bed with you just one cut

of the cards

if i lose you don't owe me anything mr

edward's not a thing

you get the house back and all the money

you owe me

if i lose what i still own

you don't already have

well just one cut of the cards can

prevent that mister there's a gambler

like you ought to jump at the chance

nobody ought to kill you somebody ought

to stop

you well maybe somebody will

but that ain't gonna be you is it mr









looks like my king beats your nine



ezekiel would you mind bringing mr

edwards up to our room now

i don't have to do that no more ms


that's my room now that's where i'm

going to sleep

even drunk as you are you know that's

not true

isn't it you ask your husband

what does he mean i said was there some

things going on here i think you ought

to know about

tom what is he saying he won the bet

what bit what do you mean

oh you're just as drunk as he is you

don't even know what you're saying

no he's right

i won the bet don't tell him to get away

from me help me

i can't help you joyce i can't help

you might as well get used to the idea

ms edwards

from now on thing will be nobody get

away from

me you touch me and i'll kill you i

don't know how i'll do it but i'll tell




well she'll get over that as soon as she

calms down a bit

will she is he go are you sure

yeah i'm sure why shouldn't i be you

heard her

she said she'd kill you first

maybe someone's gonna stop you after all

hello mr cartwright you should knock

before you come into my home

get out of here no mr cartwright

everything here belongs to me now

you see i've taken mr edwards place

even this chair belongs to me

come on choice

oh now stay right where you are mr

cartwright i wouldn't want to have to

hurt you

how you lay your pistol belt on that


why are you sitting that wheelchair

you're not crippled

that's right i'm not i just want to get

the feel of it

i want to know how mr edwards felt when

he sat in it

i want to know how mr edwards felt about


come on joyce let's get out of here nope

not now you can't mr karaj she belongs

to me too don't you understand look

look i i have it all here i kept track

of every bet i made with mr edwards he

gambled away everything

and tonight he gambled away his wife

well if you won everything from him

why did you kill him

well he tried to go back on a bed you

know a man can't do that


you see you're very tired

why don't you rest and we can talk about


go on joyce no no no

where's she going just outside

no no she can't now mr edwards told you

that if you tried to steal his wife he'd

kill you

i'm the same as mr edwards now so if you

try to take her

i'm going to have to kill you





joyce this is this is what you want to


i've had a lot of time to think this

past week and

uh well i have friends in denver i'd

stay with them and then i'll

move on east all right

you go and after a few weeks or

months well then you can decide what you

want to do

now whatever you do don't sell the mill

you use it

that joyce when you come back


i love you

but i could never come back

i need you remember you told me once

that when little joe's mother died you

had to get away

had to meet new people well think of it

that way

hello i'll drive into virginia city i'd

rather we say goodbye here

it isn't easy for me either






Behind the Scenes of The Mill

This episode’s title in German is “Der Knecht,” which translates as “The Servant.”

The opening credits list the “Special Guest Stars” for this episode over a shot of Lake Tahoe’s shore in the opening credits. This case is done only once during the run of the series.

The left buttock of Claude Akins’ pants in the fight between Ezekiel and Ben near the end of the episode shows a visible tear. The tears disappear towards the end of the scuffle.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza, a popular weekly TV Western series during the 1960s, is a fantastic show to watch alone or with family. NBC produced all 14 seasons of the show from September 1959 to January 1973. Out of 430 episodes, The Mill was the 36th and the fourth for the program’s second season.

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