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The Last Viking Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #10

Bonanza, a 14-season American Western television program, recounted the adventures and moral dilemmas faced by the Cartwrights, a fictional family of ranchers living in the one-thousand-square-mile Ponderosa Ranch. Lorne Green played the patriarch, Ben Cartwright. At the same time, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker, and Pernell Roberts portrayed his sons, Little Joe, Hoss, and Adam.

Anthony Lawrence wrote the forty-second episode, The Last Viking, which aired in 1960. Neville Brand makes an appearance as a guest star.

In this episode, Ben’s friend, Gunnar Borgstrom, arrives at the Ponderosa to visit the Cartwrights on his way to Canada. However, Gunnar’s visit dismayed Ben as he discovered that his friend was traveling with a gang of outlaws. The situation becomes even more upsetting for Ben when the fiends take Little Joe and his sweetheart as hostages.

Read the plot, which includes some fascinating trivia, or watch the full episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of The Last Viking

Watch the Full Episode of The Last Viking:

Main Cast

The Last Viking, the tenth episode of Bonanza’s second season, featured some of the show’s recurring and guest actors in addition to the lead cast. The actors in the episode are:

  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Neville Brand as Gunnar Borgstrom
  • Sonya Wilde as Carrie McClane
  • Al Ruscio as Vaca
  • Louis Mercier as Duzzaq
  • Ric Marlow as Morgan
  • Herbert Lytton as Abe McClane

Full Story Line for The Last Viking

Hoss was helping a cow get out of the mud when a stranger came and asked about the Ponderosa. It appears that the stranger was their long-lost family relative, one of Ben Cartwright’s late wives’ brothers, Gunnar Borgstrom.

Gunnar is heading to Dakota, Canada, with a few compadres to seek their fortune. However, they didn’t ride with him down the mountains because they weren’t as friendly as him. The family invites him to supper, where Gunnar shares his visit to various countries. Unbeknownst to the Cartwrights, Gunnar leads a gang called Comancheros, who raid white settlements and trade goods to the Comanches. A knock interrupts their supper as one of Gunnar’s compadres, Vaca, arrives to request something to keep them warm as they sleep in the mountain. Gunnar orders him to return to their camp as Adam hands them a few blankets. Gunnar thanks Ben for the food and is about to leave. However, the family insists he spends the night in their house instead of returning to the mountain. Although hesitant, Gunnar accepts their offer. Meanwhile, at the table, Adam thinks their uncle Gunnar resembles an old Viking, to which Hoss agrees. However, Ben thinks Vikings are ruthless raiders that are no better than the Comancheros.

Gunnar and Ben talk about their life before they go to sleep. Gunnar later revealed his reason for visiting the Ponderosa: to see his sister’s son.

Meanwhile, Vaca returns to the rest of the Comancheros, saying Gunnar was eating good food with his relatives while they eat dry bread in their camp. The rest of the group believes Gunnar has been a good leader, but Vaca refuses this idea. He later declares the first goose they’ll steal would be at the Ponderosa.

The following day, Hoss offers to show the Ponderosa to Gunnar before he leaves. On the other hand, Little Joe is out visiting his girlfriend, Carrie. He also helped Carrie’s uncle, Abe, build a fence. It appears that the Cartwrights supported Abe and Carrie to start anew.

Hoss and Gunnar reach a lake in the Ponderosa. Hoss asks Gunnar to tell him more about his mother, considering he’s her brother. Gunnar reveals they didn’t get along well since they have opposite personalities. Hoss asks Gunnar to stay with them, but Gunnar tells him that he loves moving around.

Gunnar bids his farewell to the Cartwrights. Unfortunately, he had to leave before meeting Little Joe.

Gunnar returns to the camp where the Comancheros are preparing to move out. Vaca ordered the group to buckle up, making the rest of the Comancheros believe that Gunnar was getting soft, considering he had met his relatives. Vaca asks Gunnar to loot the Ponderosa to prove his strength and authority. Gunnar refuses, saying it’ll be dangerous since there are too many men at the ranch. Another rancher discloses that there’s another ranch in the foothills that they can raid. Upon hearing this, Gunnar declares that they’ll loot that area instead.

Little Joe and Carrie are heading back to the ranch when the Comancheros arrive, shooting everywhere. Carrie finds her uncle Abe and Mr. Crager shot, so she mindlessly rushes toward the area. The Comancheros see the couple, and Vaca takes an interest in Carrie. Joe stops Vaca, but he punches him to the ground. Vaca asks for Joe’s name, and upon hearing that he’s a Cartwright, he tells Gunnar that they’ll take Joe as a hostage.

Back at the camp, Vaca insists that Gunnar is Joe’s relative. Joe refuses to believe. Vaca reveals Gunnar’s real name, and Joe recognizes it as Hoss’s uncle’s name. Still, Joe refuses to believe, saying he’s a filthy murderer, far from the person described to him when they were kids.

Vaca tells some of the Comancheros that there’s a pain in Gunnar’s eyes, insisting he’s dying. He later asks Duzzaq to find him a snake, despite knowing Gunnar hates such.

Meanwhile, Abe McClaine arrives weakly at the Ponderosa. The Cartwrights found him barely alive, so they quickly carry him inside.

Duzzaq returns to camp with a rattlesnake in a bag, much to Gunnar’s surprise. The Comancheros make a bet on which direction the rattlesnake will head. Vaca pulls the bag from Duzzaq’s hand, dropping the snake. It headed towards Joe, ready to strike, but Gunnar shot it dead. Vaca ordered Duzzaq to get a snake to make the Comancheros believe Gunnar was no longer fitting to be a leader. After a fistfight, Gunnar kept his authority, and no one dared to go against him. As the Comancheros prepare to sleep, Gunnar discretely kicks the knife toward Joe, subtly helping them escape.

Hoss and Adam return to the Ponderosa, reporting the damaged and looted area, and Crager’s death, with no sign of seeing Joe and Carrie. Abe wakes up, describing the gang leader who robbed the place. They realize it was Gunnar, but Hoss couldn’t believe it after their time at the lake. Hoss later initiates to search for Little Joe. They agree to split up for a moment, then meet on top of a ridge so they can save Little Joe together.

Little Joe and Carrie untied themselves using the knife Gunnar kicked earlier. However, Vaca saw them leave, following them with a gun he picked from the ground. Joe stumbled as they ran to escape, hurting his ankle. He tells Carrie to keep running, and although she doesn’t want to, she immediately complies. Joe stands up and starts walking weakly but falls again after Vaca shoots him by surprise. Startled, Carrie cried loud enough for the rest of the Comancheros to hear. Carrie continues running until she encounters Hoss. She tells him that Joe’s dead.

Hoss and Carrie head back and find Gunnar. Carried tried to tell him the truth, but Hoss brushed her off, thinking Gunnar killed Little Joe. He attacked Gunnar out of rage, and they engaged in a fight. Hoss was about to shoot Vaca when Joe approached them with a shot on his chest. Joe tells Hoss that Gunnar helped them escape, much to his surprise.

Vaca shouts from a distance, threatening to kill Hoss, Joe, and Carrie. Gunnar, with his remaining strength, shoots Vaca. However, Vaca retaliated immediately, and Hoss shots him dead.

Gunnar asks for Hoss’ forgiveness before he dies in his arms.

Hoss returns to the lake, reminiscing the moment he shared there with his uncle Gunnar.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Last Viking





hey hey you with the cap why's the


you're on it yeah

what's your name bhagra my name is horse

cartwright my

my paw owns his land you're benjamin

cartwrights boy

that's right can i help you how could

you help me i ain't stuck in the mud

you're a mountain man ain't you now you

get that funny hat sonny

i don't think it's funny

mister you're gonna pick that hat up uh

you going to make me pick up that hut

you get out off that horse

hell big mouth what you going to do to

make me




hey the cow has to get you out now my


nephew i am your uncle gonna

long time since you've seen me sonny


hi uncle gunner




hey paul come see who's coming sis

what'd you say

hello benjamin how long since the last

time i see you

20 years hey you got a touch of snow

around your ears

like me

what a wonderful surprise what are you

doing around this part of the world oh i

go lots of places you know that benjamin


who are you i'm adam michael gunnar you

don't remember me do you

ah little lad not anymore

we got a another brother now aren't we

gonna little joe but he's all visiting

some friends a

female friend where you headed

oh who knows dakota canada a few

compadres followed this old's feet to

the north to seek their fortune

uh compadres huh yeah men like myself

men with no ties no roots

we may camp in the mountains how come

they didn't write down where the uncle

do not

because they ain't so sociable it's me

that is why i ride all these miles used

to see my relatives

uh and maybe my sister's husband invite

me for surfer huh

oh god please forgive me and all the

excitement of course of course you'll

have supper with us come on in ah

good maybe i'll take it back too huh i

think maybe i don't smell too good at




i ain't different from you yeah you you

eat a lot that's for sure

i make a pig have better table manners

than me but i spent my life in brazos de


in the arms of god under the stars like

an animal

you show been lots of places ain't you

since i last seen your father i've been

in 26 countries

across five oceans 26 countries and five

ocean you hear that adam

i sure did that was an indian lance you

were carrying wasn't it

that big sticker yeah i got that from a

comanche chief

he didn't have no more use for it maybe

because he was dead yeah

you uh you fight to comanches uncles i

fight anybody you ought to know that by

now my nephew

uh gunna you uh you say you uh you

fought the comanches

you ever trade with them well when we

don't fight mike compadres and i we


why you asked i was i was just wondering

if you ever

ran across a bunch of uh renegade

buffalo hunters

kamacheros yeah yeah i i have heard of


pretty wild bunch i hear now they read

the white settlements and then they

trade off their goods to the comanches

it's not so maybe maybe that's why they

call them command cheryls i

uh i never see none of them

i thought maybe i found you under this

roof also what you doing here vodka

i think it's very cold on the mountain

sleeping and my

serapi is very thin i thought maybe uh

oh we have some extra blankets you could


he don't need none it's all right i'll

get him

oh you must be a very rich man to own

such a magnifico hacienda

you get back to camp vaca prato and you


when you're coming back to camp huh i go

then i am ready vodka

maybe you like it so much here with your

relatives you're going to stay huh

oh gracias i'm going to sleep good

tonight i very much enjoy meeting you

rancheros maybe epi man or vodka will

meet you again sometime huh

adios adios

um i'm sorry dot one come here oh that's

all right

i gotta keep a strong hand on that one

well the food was good benjamin

i go now why so soon hey wait a minute

hey paul how come you can't stay in that

extra bedroom ain't no using him going

back out on that mountain of course he

can you sleep the night here oh no no i


i don't think so no of course you will

come on up there

we'd be glad to have you well uh

wherever i sleep

right there in that extra bedroom you

make yourself at home there we are

all right ah good i uh

i don't sleep in a fine house for a long


if i snore you pound on the door yeah

we'll pound hard


well that's quite an uncle we've got

horse he sure is

sure hate to have him get riled up at me

you know he reminds me of an old viking

yeah i'll bet you uncle gooner would

like being called a viking

the vikings were ruthless raiders and


not much better than the kamacheros

come on we got a lot of work to do

tomorrow let's get to bed



well benjamin

last time i see you was at the funeral

yes yes that's right

she was a good woman my sister

yes she was

a good woman a wonderful wife

he had much fun anger at maven when we

were young

and all i had in my mind was dreams of

glory and gold

it is good to dream and you are young

benjamin oh you can dream when you're

older too

yeah but now when the fur is flying and

the iron is hot there there's no time to


fur was always flying with you gunner i

remember you as a boy

always had to have a a new part of

devil's brew every day

not used as a boy all the time all the

time i lead a good

strong life a man's life reap the

rewards and pay the piper if any calls

touch gunner borgstrom

you have a you were lonely

lonely lonely for what

companionship a woman i never

never lacked for the company of heaven

but you uh you never got married


i was not cut out for fathering and farm

and benjamin i had to move move with the

turn and tide of things

not sit on my backside like a yucatan


well i i never exactly considered myself

a yucatan turtle

oh you ain't benjamin you ain't you got


a good ranch here find boys

it's it's use the almighty didn't cut us

all in the shape of plowmen

you you can't plant a roving man's feet

in the earth

maybe that's because a roving man

doesn't want to stand still long enough


take a look at himself

i ain't a young man now benjamin

and i got no regrets for the sins i

commit in this world

i see what i want and i take it and

i'm not going out on my back of begging

forgiveness from nobody

now why did you come here

i come to see my sister's boy

my blood maybe

maybe i don't get no other chance

i am tired now benjamin i

i go to sleep now you know


good night benjamin

you have a dream benjamin

well well sometimes

i always have the same dream it's

night black and velvet it is

and there's a farm august vin braun

and it's on a great ship i am and i'm


with that wind over a small sea

a chase in the wisp of a small boat

it always seems to

to hold its lead far ahead of me

and so dark it is

so dark i can't make it out


somehow i know i know


i know i got to catch it


vodka my friend did you find elso see i

found him

visiting with his relatives stuffing his

face with good food

while we sit up here and eat dry bread

when do we move

gonna say we would find fat picking here


promises that's all he does anymore

promises it has been a month since we

have made a good raid

i trust guna he's been a good leader to

us ah

he's an old woman warming himself by the


is that the kind of leader you want i do

not care who leads hers

just so we are read and get rich we will

read to suck

i promise you and we will get rich too

and the first fat goose we were black

will be the ponderosa

you sleep good last night i sleep good i

sleep good

that mattresses chuck plum full of real

goose feathers you know

goose feathers i got off them goose

fellas i sleep on the floor

i ain't so used to goose feathers as you

i reckon we are getting a little soft

around here at that

hey how about me showing you around the

ponderosa before you leave we ain't had

much of a chance to get to know each


well it ain't every day that a man just

finds an uncle sure sonny

i guess i got the time maybe uh i don't

come back again so soon

yeah yes sir i

i sure would like you to meet little joe

before you leave too he's over to

mclean's helping him build a fence he

ought to be back anytime

aren't you even going to stop working

long enough to have a drink of water

gary just looking at you is more

refreshing anything you've got in that

bucket but

i can use some of that too your flattery

little joe is succeeded only by your

ability to build a fence

since you walked only out here won't you

stay awhile let me show you what i've

done oh i know what you've done

uncle abe has been singing your praises

all morning he thinks you're

just about the finest thing there ever


and uh how about you what do you think

well i told you i was glad you came over

to help out didn't i

mm-hmm is that the only reason you're


you know it isn't it's just that i want

you to know

i think it's wonderful the way you and

your paw and adam and horse have

helped uncle abe and me since we've been

here well it's pretty easy to help a man

like your uncle

especially when he's got a beautiful

niece to say thanks for him i think

you're a flutter

little joe just like your paw thank you

man we try to please

can't you ever be serious now you know

how proud we are your uncle

he's done a lot more with this place

than we ever thought possible because

your cartwrights have helped him little


he was so discouraged when he came here

the drought and the wind and crop


we had such big dreams well i think his

biggest dream was raising you after your

folks died

he's done a real fine job hasn't been

easy for him

sometimes i feel i've been a burden hey

better not let him hear you say that

he's proud as a peacock of you

i'd say with good cause

i feel guilty about you working around

here so much

i wouldn't mind becoming the permanent

fence fixer around here

there it is uncle gunner ain't that the

prettiest little pond you ever saw

yeah this is a good place

a quiet place pretty as a pond i never



uncle gunner

there's something i've been wanted to

ask you you know as just a little feller


my mother died i don't remember much

about her

paws tried to tell me everything he

could but

when i i thought maybe you being her

brother you could

you could add something to it well

he didn't get along so good i i was a

wild one and

she didn't like that so much but she had


soft heart that girl paul says she sure

was pretty

great big blue eyes and blonde hair

ah blonde as a snows of dollar now

but it ain't good to talk about the dead

center you you can't bring nobody back

once they're gone

no i reckon you can't

i guess that's why i wanna know as much

about you as i can

before you have to leave you want to

know about me

you wouldn't like what i had to tell

maybe i wouldn't

then again maybe i would i think you


uncle gonna what you gonna do in canada

canada yeah that's where you're going in


oh yeah yeah yeah yeah i think i go


why don't you stay here with us because

i ain't no

yucatan turtle that's why you know what

i got to move with the tide and turn of


so i i don't have to take a good look at

myself yeah this

is this is a good place honey it's

quiet here

you guys have a good ride sure did paul

i took him out for the lake

yeah that's a pretty good mud bottle you

got up there benjamin

hey what you doing there i'll make a new

batch of soap

we make our own not a hog lard and light

water it's a little bit strong but it

sure will get you clean

well what'd you think of the ponderosa

well i think if you work hard you can

have what you want to

gonna you have what you want

yeah i got what i want uh horse and i

gotta get at that hay and

i think i'll ride over to mclean's and

uh remind little joe that he has work

around here too

oh he'll be back pretty soon well i got

to go now boys

you got the fine rancher benjamin and

find boys well

goodnight was wonderful seeing you again

wonderful good doc benjamin

goodbye uncle goodnight good luck adam

bye uncle gunner i wish you could have

met little joe

well them compadres they valmouse

without me if i don't show up

and i got to hear other saddles creaking

besides my own



i don't remember giving no orders to

move out

you didn't give it i did you think

you're a man enough to be the podron of

these command cheryls vodka

sure i ain't got no relatives

what does that mean when a man got ties

he gets soft in the belly i ain't got no



these hombres they eat your dust all the

way from chaos

because they believe what you tell them

they begin to wonder now if

what you tell them is the truth when i

get ready to strike i will tell you

the common share is beginning to think

maybe you're getting a yellow streak

the bear makes a big ground but how

sharp are your claws

he's also a man of strength and power

or is he a tired old viejo should lie

down and die

i ain't dead yet prove it a big plunder

is down there

the ponderosa the ponderosa would not be

easy to loot

there are too many men there it would be


i spit on them what is danger to the

come and share us

i tell you we're going to write the

ponderosa i give the orders here

why did you bring us to this valley yeah

why so we could sit still in the middle

of all this wealth while you'll go

visiting your parientis there are other

ranches in this valley

we seen one in the foothills we could

take with our hands tied

so you are tired of eating yeah

your blood is hot and you vape for the

bird of your padron

well i give you that word we read that

ranch into foothills

i hope you're real hungry little joe

because i baked an apple pie ah an apple


don't you like it fly it is my favorite



mama knows amigos



wait carrie wait



this your sweetheart my little mosquito

huh if you ain't

maybe i can be your sweetheart huh

what's your name muchacha what's the


i want to put on your tombstone i don't

want you to lie in the grave which is


now the name's cartwright joe cartwright

be sure to put it in big letters

everybody can read it

say you got no ties huh or maybe we take

one of your relatives for hostage eh

i mean you say you don't care about him

right he ain't no relative of mine

he say his name joe cartwright

get up sonny

i don't know no you're carthright tie

them up

we take them back to camp underlay prato


there's nothing to be scared of they're

gonna let us go pretty soon

no they won't they'll kill us

like they killed uncle abe and mr krager

carrie don't start thinking that way

if they were going to kill us they would

have done it back there


i'm so tired joe i wish i could sleep

you like some cafeto i'm sorry if you're

not very

comfortable just save your breath you're

gonna need it when i have this country

comes looking for us

when are you looking for you do

something special

your papa's a very rich man huh


yeah importante yeah enough to have the

sheriff and 200 mountain men down on

your back

i do not think your papa do that much

got too many relatives to worry about

what relatives

him he's your papa's brother-in-law

you're a liar i tell you the truth


and old bear is your uncle he's visiting

with your papa

or you were visiting with your


you sure you don't want some coffee


get the men to lighten the wagons we

move out tomorrow

i don't want any junk slowing us down

also why don't you tell them who you are


he said you were my uncle maybe i am

what difference would it make

ask him ask him if he ain't gonna box


gonna borgstrom lost his uncle


wait no you ain't no uncle of mine

you couldn't be you're a filthy murder

and skunk


you got a big mouth like your brother

huss i just can't believe it

he's been talking about you ever since

we were kids i don't need any of his


no that's right you don't the only thing

you need is a box big enough to bury you




i have been with the lasso a long time

i see something in his eyes that ain't

been there before

like what like pain

where there is no wound no blood

may be sick see

with a sickness which drains a man of

his fire

he's dying my comparison he's dying of

conscience and remorse

soon he will crawl into his hall and

shut off the world behind him

then why will not just wait and see

because it is dangerous to those around


and because i want to see him squirm

before he dies squirm in his belly

in his heart to suck

to find me a cool labor a snake with an


face and death in his mouth hello so

does not like snake you know that

i know that very well i'm going to have

some fun

maybe we watch the big bear dance



are you alive just barely

well let's get them inside



i bring you his majesty the king of the

chemist bush

the characters

do suck i bet you fight all this he goes

north when he comes out of that bag

and i bet you hey i bet you five dollars

he goes south


where'd you get that chicken snake hey

don't let him out of that bagel we'll

all be

dead chickens is no chicken snake

he's 100 rattlers

and he can spit and strike like the







well this got right don't mean anything

to you huh

look at him my compadre is sweating like

a stuck

peach i ain't taking no more artists

from this old woman

these orders are to protect this

barrientes not us

from now on i give the orders here look

like i

shoot the wrong snake this snake can

strike like the devil



drop that gun hombre


now if there are any more snakes

among the come on charles gunner wants

to know about them

no all right then

go to sleep we move out at dawn










well you should have seen that place old

man trigger was dead everything was

ransacked looted busted out is there any

sign of john kerry only signs it where

he was working pop or if it was indians

they sure didn't leave no sign

it couldn't have been indians they

needed wagons to haul away as much stuff

as they did

what difference does it make who it was

they've got joe and carrie haven't they

uh uh it's all right

hey it's ben cartwright take it easy now

everything's all right but

abe who was it the leader was

on a big black horse

old man with a beard

big mexican

ape abe

was he carrying an indian lance


but it just can't be oh

it's like gonna said he was born like an

animal under the stars

boy just don't make sense the other day

i'm gonna try to understand it

you just can't look that deep into a

man's soul to see what he's really like


let's go get a little jaw


adam i get one of the man to look after

mr mclean


looks like we lost a trail this rocks

are hard nothing to make a track on it

well i think we'll split up oh i don't

know that's such a good idea

must be a lot of them it's the only way

we'll find them far

besides that'll be a lot quieter all


on one condition if none of us tries to

get joe out of there by himself

and they must have camped somewhere

around here for the night

all right whoever finds that camp we

don't do anything about it we

we meet on top of that ridge about an

hour from now

and then we decide what to do agreed











i heard my ankle keep running i can't

leave it i said keep running







everything's gonna be all right now

where's joe

gary where is he he's

get us dead

what are you talking about i saw it

he shot him


i ain't gonna leave you here and i ain't

turning back now you come on you're here

come on

i used to lay in bed at night when i was

a little boy

wondering where my uncle gunner was

wondering what he was doing

i told you you but not like what i had

to tell

you killed little joe an uncle or no

uncle i'm gonna kill you

oh no house no you stay out of this



foss look us

hey i thought they done killed you boy

no not this time where's your uncle


yeah no he saved our lives

and he helped us get away i tried to

tell your horse

amigos i'm going to kill you amigos

don't move i know the old man pretty


when i kill you he will die too

don't move oh man don't move

you'll move i will kill them take your

choice back

damn or me



i just didn't understand don't you go

getting stuck in the mud sonny sometimes

it's not so easy to get house

i'm not asking forgiveness from nobody

you here

but i done i done because i fought


forgive me son bye


chef tells me the chair has pulled out

bosses after him uncle gonna like this


he said it was peaceful quiet

said it was a good place i guess that's

what he was always

looking for peace and quiet

a little boat that was always just out

of his reach

one little boat oh

bodhi was always dreaming about


paul you said that

it wasn't possible for a man to see

inside another man

deep enough to know what he was really



i think i did just before he died

come on he he wouldn't want us to mourn

over him

no no i reckon he won the dead

he just wasn't that sort of man was he



Behind the Scenes of The Last Viking

This episode’s title in German is “Die Wikinger,” which means “The Vikings.”

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The 14-season Western television series, Bonanza, is a fantastic show worth watching alone or with the family. The show aired on the NBC network from September 1959 to January 1973. The Last Viking is the 42nd episode out of 430 and the tenth for the second season.

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