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Dry Well Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #09, Episode #15

Quint finds himself on trial after witnessing a murder. To silence him, the father of a critical suspect resorts to drastic measures, dropping Quint into a well and extracting a promise of silence. Gunsmoke Dry Well aired initially on January 11, 1964.

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Gunsmoke Dry Well Cast

Here is the cast of actors who appeared in the Gunsmoke episode titled Dry Well:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Burt Reynolds as Quint
  • Karen Sharpe as Yuma
  • Ned Glass as Ira
  • Tom Simcox as Web
  • John Hanek as Jeff
  • William Henry as Dave (as Bill Henry)
  • Glenn Strange as Sam
  • Mathew McCue as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Arnold Roberts as Whiskey Drummer (uncredited)
  • Lucian Tiger as Barfly (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Dry Well

It becomes a test of endurance when Quint bears witness to a murder and the father of one of the prime suspect’s resorts to lowering Quint into a well in an attempt to coerce his silence.

Dave Linse (portrayed by William Henry) sets off to town every Monday, leaving his wife Yuma (played by Karen Sharpe) at home, expecting his return near dusk. Unbeknownst to Dave, his wife is engaging in infidelity, not with just one man, but two. Every Monday, Web Vickers (portrayed by Tom Simcox) arrives at the house and stays until noon, then Jeff Daley (played by John Hanek) assumes his presence from 1 pm onward. However, Dave unexpectedly arrives home early one day and spots a rider leaving his property, suspecting it to be Web Vickers.

Several days later, Dave confronts Web in the presence of his father, Ira (played by Ned Glass), warning him to stay away from his house, with only one warning given. Meanwhile, Web encounters Jeff at the Long Branch Saloon and warns him to steer clear of Yuma, claiming her as his own. Web declares his intent to deal with both Dave and Jeff. The intricacies of how each party knows about the others’ involvement with Yuma remain vague, but for the story’s sake, the audience must accept the script’s narrative.

Meanwhile, Quint arrives at Linse’s farm and discovers Dave lying shot. In a sudden turn of events, Ira strikes Quint, rendering him unconscious. Upon waking, Quint faces pressure from Ira to sign a document implicating Jeff in Dave’s murder, though the source of Ira’s knowledge about Jeff’s involvement remains unclear. Quint staunchly refuses, leading Ira and accomplices to toss him into a dry well.

Matt ventures to Yuma’s residence, where both Jeff and Web appear. Amidst the chaos, Ira emerges, firing at Matt. Eventually, they find themselves at Ira’s house, where Web joins the fray. Yuma, the catalyst for the entire ordeal, is absent from the conflict.

Full Script and Dialogue of Dry Well


What are you looking
for outside, Yuma?

Oh, nothing.


You, uh... you got
your wagon hitched up.

That's right.

You know I always go into
Dodge for supplies on Monday.

Is today Monday?

You knew yesterday was Sunday.

You cooked a
chicken, didn't you?


Yes, of course.

Well, it's a little too
early in the morning

for me to be thinking straight.

You're always thinking, Yuma.

Just how straight,
I wouldn't know.

If you've got something
to say, Dave, just say it out.

Let's forget it.

I sure hope Mr. Jonas has
that wheat seed in today.

If I don't get it in this
week, it'll be too late.

I was gonna bake
you a pie for supper...

before you were so mean to me.

I'm sorry, Yuma.

It's just 'cause I love you.

Well, I'll bake it
for you anyway.

Though you don't deserve it.

I'll be thinking
about it all day.

I'll be back about dusk.

Be careful.



Web! Get in here!

What's wrong? He didn't see me.

You never know.

What's the matter with you?

He's not even out of sight yet.

Oh, Dave's too old to
see this far, anyhow.

He's been acting kind
of suspicious lately.

Hey, maybe it's about
time I took a gun to him.

Don't be so ridiculous.

Yuma, you know I
wouldn't hurt nobody.

How do I know?

How about some coffee?

How about another kiss first?

Not till you behave
yourself, Web Vickers.

Doggone if you ain't
a difficult woman.

How's your pa?

Oh, he's fine.

Not that you'd care
one way or another.

Just being polite.

Trying to teach
you some manners.

- You already taught me manners.
- Mm-hmm.

Like taking your hat off when
you come into a lady's house?


Not there. There.

You sure are a
particular woman, Yuma.

If I was real particular,

you wouldn't be here
now, Web Vickers.

Now, that's not nice, Yuma.

And if I was nice, you
wouldn't be here, either.

I can't keep up with you, Yuma.

You-you... you're
just too smart.

Drink your coffee.

What's the hurry?

Dave will be back
at noon as usual.

Doggone him.

We still have plenty of time.

What's going on at your place?

Oh, Pa just bought a new horse.

A great big roan gelding.

Meaner than a woman.

I didn't mean you, Yuma.

What makes you
think I'm not mean?

Well, you ain't exactly
been mean to me.

I will be... when
I get tired of you.

Oh, uh... don't ever
get tired of me, Yuma.

Please don't.

It may take a long time, Web.

I wish you'd chuck
all this and marry me.

Wouldn't be very
fair to Dave, would it?

Ah, the heck with Dave.

He's my husband, Web.

Well, I declare, Yuma!

You're the most confusing
woman I ever knowed.

Don't let it bother you.

You just do what I tell you.

Okay, what do I do now?

Drink your coffee.

What are you looking for, Yuma.

Dave might get back early.

Ah, it ain't noon yet.

It ain't even half after 11:00.

He don't live that
sharp by the clock...

but you do.

Now, you get moving.

Well, give me
another kiss first.


Now, I mean it!

Go on! You get going.

All right, but... same
time next Monday?

But you'll wait till you
see Dave leaving here.

Oh, I will, Yuma.

Sure am going to
be thinking about you.

I'm going to be
thinking about you, too.

Web, for heaven's
sake, now, go on!

- Go on!
- Bye.


Yuma, honey, you
look prettier than ever.

Where's your horse?

Out behind the wagon.

And it's 1:00 straight up.

What are you so worried about?

Dave coming home early today?

Not till about dusk.

Isn't that usually when he gets
back from Dodge Mondays?

Why should today
be any different?

It isn't any different.

It's just that he's been
acting kind of funny lately.

You know, I don't think
he trusts me like he used to.

Poor old Dave.

I feel kind of sorry
for him sometimes.

Mm-hmm, but not sorry enough?

No, ma'am, not sorry enough.





You're back early.

Not much.

What was Web Vickers doing here?

- Web Vickers?
- That's right.

I haven't seen him since...
well, it's been a month

since he and his pa were here.

He had eyes for you then.

Oh, Dave, what are you
talking about, anyway?

There's no point in lying, Yuma.

I saw Web run out of the house,
mount his horse and ride off

just a few minutes ago.

Your eyes are
playing tricks on you.

Not my eyes; you.

Now, Dave, I don't
want you to move.

I want you to stay right here
'cause I'm gonna go in my house

and I'm gonna get the Bible!

And I'll swear on it! I'll
swear any way you want!

I'll put my hand
on it, and I'll swear!

But you didn't see Web
Vickers leaving here.

You just thought you saw him.

Now, Dave, you're tired
and you've had a long trip.


believe me.

Oh, believe me 'cause it's true.

Now, you just
thought you saw him.

Have you had anything to eat?

You worry me.

Now, let's get in the house
and we'll unload this stuff

and we'll have supper.

Where's the wheat seed?

Oh, they didn't have it.

I'll have to go into town
and get it tomorrow.

I'm sorry.

I, uh... I baked you
that pie I promised.


A good meal. Now,
that's what you need.

A good meal.

Hey, you're gonna work
up a sweat doing that.

Oh, not me. Too many
people come by to gossip.

Maybe they just
feel sorry for you.

- Well, not for long.
- Oh?

No, I'm gonna
take a little vacation.

Go up to Smoky
Hill River for a while.

Oh, you gonna do some hunting?

Well, I'm gonna do that, too,

but I want to get away
from people for a while.

You want to come along?

Well, I'd sure like to.

I've been thinking about
writing a letter to Washington

and asking them when they're
gonna give me a vacation.

When's the last time
you had a vacation?

Well, not since I took this job.

Uh-huh. I'm beginning
to feel sorry for you now.

- What, you leaving tomorrow?
- Yeah, about noon maybe.

Well, why don't you stop by
the office on your way out?

I'll do that.

- Hello, Marshal.
- Hello, Dave.

- Hey, Marshal.
- Morning.

- Hey, there, Dave!
- Ira.

How have you been?

Working hard like
everybody should.

What's the matter, Dave?
What are you looking at Web for?

I seen you yesterday,
Web. I seen you riding out.

What are you talking about?

You had your horse kind
of hidden out by the barn,

but you see, I got
home a little before dusk.

Before dusk?

You didn't see me
nowhere near your place.

Well, what if he was?

Ain't us Vickers
welcome no more?

Ira, you're forgetting I got
a young and pretty wife.


You ain't been calling
on Yuma, have you, son?

Course not, Pa.

Dave, you didn't see me
nowhere near your place.

And I'll swear to that.

One warning's all you get, Web.

Next time, I'll kill you.

Now, excuse me. I got
another sack of seed to get.

How about this, son?

He's crazy, Pa.

I swear it wasn't me he
seen. And I ain't lying.

You better not be.

I'll take a horsewhip to
you I find out otherwise.

Us Vickers never did
go in for hoop-dee-hide

in our neighbors' gardens.

But, Pa, I swear it
wasn't me he seen!

I'll meet you back
here in an hour.

I'm going to the bank.


Well, hello, Web. How
are things at the ranch?

Which ranch, ours
or Dave Linz's?


Dave saw you riding
out late yesterday, Jeff.

How do you know?

He just told me.

I don't believe it.

Well, he thought it was me.

Well, wasn't it?

No, it wasn't me.

Barkeep, bring me a whiskey.

I had a feeling
these past few weeks

that something funny
was going on out there.

Well, I didn't.

Not until today.

You show up Monday
mornings, don't you?

She always gets me
out just before noon.

She always says that's
when Dave's due back.

She don't let me
ride in till 1:00.

Yuma's a smart woman, all right.

All women are smart that way.

And I'll tell you
something, Jeff.


You stay away from Yuma.

No matter what, Yuma's mine.

What about Dave?

I'll take care of
Dave my own way.

Right now I'm talking about you.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't we shoot Dave,
then you and me have it out?

I'm serious, Jeff.

Now, you stay away
from Yuma from now on.

All right, I'll be serious, too.

Maybe I'm thinking of
running off with Yuma.

Then there's gonna be two men
in your way, Jeff: me and Dave.

Which one will I start with?


Any time, Jeff, any time at all.

And you know where
you can find me, too.


Quint, hi. You leaving?

Yeah. You, uh, change your
mind about coming along?

No, I'm afraid I don't
have much choice on that.

Looks like you might
run into a storm here.

Yeah, I think it'll
blow itself out, though.

How about a cup of
coffee to start you out?

Why don't you keep
it hot till I get back?

All right, I'll do that,
Quint. Have a good time.


Dave! It's Quint!

I'll get you to the house!

No, it's no use.

Who shot you? Who shot you?!

Come closer. I-I can't talk.

You darned fool, Web!



Pa, that's Quint Asper.

I know who it is.

Well, what happened?
What are you doing with him?

It's you I should have
smashed on the head.

You're a born fool, Web.

Pa, you going crazy or what?

I seen you sneaking out of here,

and I knowed where you was going

and I followed after you.

I was going to give that
woman a piece of my mind

and haul you back
here by the ear.

- Pa...!
- Shut up!

Then the storm came up,
and I got there only in time

to hear you shoot Dave
Linz and see you ride off.

Lucky for you, I
seen him riding up.

- You sure didn't.
- Pa, you listen to me...

Then I rode up behind the barn,
climbed in through the window

and got to Quint in time
to knock him senseless.

Another minute, son, and you'd
have been hanged for murder.

Pa, how could I hang
when I wasn't even there?!

Now all we got to do is get
Quint here to sign a paper

saying it was Jeff
Daly done in Dave Linz.

That way, we'll have
proof for the marshal.

Jeff Daly?

Well, why not? It
makes sense, don't it?

He's just the kind to be
skulking around Yuma... like you.

I figured it all out on
the ride back here.

Now, Quint...

you're going to say you seen
it was Jeff Daly shot Dave Linz,

and you're going to sign
a paper saying you seen it!

I didn't see nothing,

and I ain't going to
sign nothing, old man.

Now, you get your hands off me.

Quint, it was Jeff
Daly, wasn't it?

Well, it wasn't me!

Pa, I rode out to the
south range and back.

Now, if you'd have followed
me instead of heading straight

for Dave Linz's place, you'd
have knowed who it was.

Now, how you going to
prove a think like that?!

Quint see you plain as day.

But, Pa, I tell
you it wasn't me!

When are you going to
learn not to lie to me, son?!

I didn't raise you up
to see you hanged.

But, Pa, Quint said that
he didn't see who it was.

He seen you, all right.

Now, Quint, you're gonna
be sensible about this,

ain't you, Quint?

Probably not.

Oh, sure you are.

You're gonna say you seen it
was Jeff Daly killed Dave Linz

and you're gonna
sign a affidavit.

No, I'm not, Ira.

Well, why not?

What difference
does it make to you?

Maybe because you
bashed me in the head

and pushed me around.

Now, Quint, you can
understand why I had to do that.

It wasn't nothing personal.

It was personal on the
back of my head, old man.

All right, get stubborn!

Maybe a couple of days here

without food and water
will help soften you up some.

Web, tie him up. Get that wire.

You looking for somebody there?

No, not especially.

I guess I was a little
optimistic that I was

sort of thinking
maybe you might have

a pot of hot coffee
on the stove for me.

I'll tell you something,

I don't even have
a fire in the stove.

In case you didn't know it,

I got better things
to do than sit around

keeping a pot of coffee hot
for you in case you show up.

I know that, certainly.

I know that, uh, you're busy.

Much too busy for that.

As a matter of fact, I
think you're undoubtedly

the hardest-working
man in Dodge.

You must be because
you get so tired.

You have to sit around
and rest so much.

For your information, I'm
not resting; I'm thinking.

That's part of my
job, too, you know?

Yeah, I notice you
do an awful lot of that.

Uh, matter of fact,

usually, when you're
sitting and thinking,

the lid blows off the town,
then everybody's in trouble.

Well, that's what we
keep you around for, Doc...

To clean up afterwards.

Yes, and that's why I'm
such a fool to stay here, too.

By thunder, if I was in a
city someplace, you know,

I... I'd be rich, for one thing,
and I'd be appreciated, too.

Well, yeah, but just think,

then you wouldn't have
anything to dream about.

Well, I'd... I'd manage
that somehow.

I'd, uh... well, then I'd be
able to sit around and think

and wait for something
to happen like you do.

Say, that was, uh, some
storm yesterday, wasn't it?

- Yeah.
- You get caught in it?

- No, no, I didn't. Did you?
- No.

I got an idea Quint
Asper did, though.

Oh, well, if he did, he...

he could probably
find shelter someplace.

Who's that?

By gosh, that's Yuma Linz.

- Who?
- Dave Linz's wife.

Oh, yeah. I hadn't
met her before.

You will.

Hello, Doc.

Hi. This is Marshal
Dillon. Mrs. Linz.

How do, Mrs. Linz?

No, it's Yuma.

- I came especially to see you.
- Oh?

I've got my husband
in the back. He's dead.


I'd like to have him
buried on Boot Hill.

Who shot him, Mrs. Linz?

I don't know.

Happened during
the storm yesterday

when I was in the house.

It's funny, I didn't
hear anything.

And when he didn't
come in, I went out...

and I found him lying
by the barn, dead.

Who'd want to shoot Dave?

I have no idea.

You will bury him for me,
though, won't you, on Boot Hill?

Of course.

Would you like a preacher?

Yes, I'd like that.

I'm spending the night
at the Dodge House.

Would you mind
taking care of the wagon

and everything for me?


I'll come and get you, let you
know when everything's ready.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you, Doc.

You look terrible.

I bet he feels terrible, too.

No food, no water.

Head half stove in.

How would you like about
a half a pail of cold milk

and all the sausage
and eggs you can eat?

How would you like
a kick in the teeth?

Have you decided to sign a paper

saying it was Jeff
Daly shot Dave Linz?

Nobody tells me what I'm
going to do about anything,

especially you, old man.

And nobody's going
to hang my son!

Let's bring him outside, Web.

Take a look down there, Quint.

Been dry for two years.

A long way down,
wouldn't you say?

Now, you just get
up there on that ledge

and you dangle your feet over.

You don't think I'd shoot you,

bury you off in a
ditch someplace?

With Web there facing
a hangman's noose,

I got nothing at all to lose.

So if you don't want a bullet
down your throat, you...!

Web, you get him up there!

Now, you take that
wire off his hands, Web.

What for, Pa?

'Cause his hands have
turned blue, that's what for!

Okay... They have.

Now, don't you get the idea

that I'm going to start
being gentle with you.

It's just that if you knew you
was gonna lose your hands,

you might not care too much
about changing your mind.

You're quite a thinker, Ira.

I'm smarter than most people.


I guess he don't feel much
like talking to anybody.

I'll look in on him
again in a few hours.

I'm hungry, Pa. Let's
get something to eat.

Yeah, that's a good idea, son.

Thanks a lot for
the order, Miss Kitty.

- See you next time around.
- Right, Miss Kitty.

I'm sorry, Doc.

I didn't think I was ever
gonna get rid of him.

You... you know, you
buy two barrels of whiskey,

and they want to sell
you the whole distillery.

Well, everybody's got to
make a living, you know?

That theory seems to
apply to everybody but me.

Now, you're not gonna make
me believe that, you know?

The word is out, and
quite persistent, too,

that you're probably the
wealthiest woman around here.

And I've been doing
some thinking about that.

I kind of figured that, uh,
I'd ask you to marry me.

Oh, no, oh, no.

No, you're too smart for that.

What do you mean?

Well, I'm just liable to
take you up on it and, um,

retire to a rocking
chair the rest of my life.

Funny thing, that's kind of
what I had in mind, you know?

With all your money, I
thought maybe we could just

both retire to rocking chairs.

You know, now,
I-I just think that, uh,

money is too much
trouble for a woman alone.

I just don't think any
woman ought to have to...

bear a burden like that.

And I figured that...

least I could do is
share it with you.

How many of those have you had?

I don't know. They're
on the house, ain't they?

Hi, Doc, Kitty.

- Well...
- Matt.

I was beginning to wonder

if you were ever gonna
show up around here again.

Oh, I tell you, I've been busy.

What'd you accomplish?

Well, absolutely nothing.

At least not as far as Dave
Linz's murder is concerned.

Say, Kitty told me
about the quarrel that, uh,

Web Vickers and that
Jeff Daly had in here.

Looks to me like you'd
be looking for them.

Well, Doc, now, when
you're out hunting antelopes,

is it better to show yourself
and try to run them down

or is it better to
sneak up on them?

Yeah, I see what you mean.

Pretty obvious
one of them did it.

What are you planning?

Well, Kitty, I tell you, that'd
be pretty hard to explain.

I'll tell you about it
when I come back.

Oh, you leaving town?

Yeah, I'm going in the morning.

I'll be gone for
a couple of days.

You gonna take Quint with you?

Well, Quint's up on
the Smoky Hill River.

- He is?
- Sure.

Fishing, huh?

I guess so.

Well, of course he is.

Up on the Smoky Hill fishing.

Laying there on the
bank, fat and happy.

Waking up every once in a
while and pulling in a big one.

Gosh, you'd think he'd ask
somebody to go with him

once in a while.

Well, as a matter
of fact, he did.

He asked me to go with him.

But, uh, I just
couldn't make it.


Yuma, it's me, Jeff.

Yes, Jeff?

I come to see you.

It's all right,
ain't it? I mean...

You mean you heard
that Dave was killed.

Yeah. I come to tell you...

How sorry you are.

All right, you've told me.

Yuma, this ain't like
you. What's the matter?

Oh, I get it. Web Vickers
is in there, ain't he?

Well, now's as
good a time as any.

Get out of the way, Yuma.

All right.

Hello, Jeff.

What are you doing here?

I was gonna ask
you the same thing.

I heard Dave was killed.

I came by to see if there was
anything I could do for Yuma.

I don't believe there's
a thing, is there, Yuma?

No, not a thing.

Sweet of you to drop by.

If I need anything,
I'll send word to you.

You got a funny way of running
down Dave's murderer, Marshal.

A man can't work
all the time, Jeff.

What's going on here, anyway?

Oh, we're having coffee.

I'm sorry I only
made enough for two,

but you will forgive
me, now, won't you?

"1:00 o'clock.

Don't show up
before 1:00 o'clock."

I found out why, Yuma.

You were bound
to... sooner or later.

You're no good at all.

Marshal, I could tell you a
lot of things about this woman.

Like how you and Web Vickers
have been coming over here?

You've been coming
here, too, haven't you?

I just met Yuma yesterday.

Well, then you sure work fast.

Jeff, you're
becoming a nuisance.

Jeff, I believe the lady
wants you to leave.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that had to happen.

How did you know about...

Jeff and Web Vickers?

I knew about 'em, Yuma.

Well, it doesn't matter.

I don't care about
either one of them.

I was lonely.

Please don't blame me.

Matt, since we met yesterday...

I haven't felt lonely at all.

Hey, Yuma!


I heard about Dave. I
tried to get over here earlier.

Come in.

Hello, Web.


- How are you?
- Fine.

I, uh, hope you don't
mind my being here.

No. Why should I?

There's no point in beating
around the bush, Web.

I know you've been coming here.

I know Jeff Daly has, too.

I didn't shoot Dave, Marshal.

I never said you did.

Then what are you doing here?

I mean, ain't... ain't
you supposed to be

looking for the murderer?

Yeah, that's what I
came out here for,

but, uh, then Yuma and
I kind of got talking and...

next thing you know,
the morning was gone.

Sorry I can't ask you
to stay for dinner, Web.

Why can't you, Yuma?

I didn't make
enough, that's why.

You're some woman,
you are, Yuma.

Well, it ain't gonna
work, Marshal.

I ain't pushed off this easy.

You ain't shut of me yet, Yuma.

Not by a long shot.

We got rid of him, too.


Well, you don't
think he'll be back.

Well, I figure one of
them will be back, Yuma,

to try and kill me.

Which one do you think?

Whichever one wanted
you enough to kill Dave.

Is that all you
want... Dave's killer?

You ready to give up yet, Quint?

Leave me be.

I enjoy being alone.

You're a mighty
stubborn man, Quint,

but my boy ain't gonna
hang 'cause of that.

I'll break you one
way or the other.

What are you doing, Pa?

Where you been?

I asked you where you been!

I rode over our
north line and back.

Neither of us have been
over there for over a month.

I'll take a board and
beat the meat off'n you,

- you lie to me, Web.
- Now, Pa...

You was over to Yuma
Linz's place, wasn't you?

So I was.

I told you to stay
away from there!

I hardly said hello to her.
Marshal Dillon was there.

What? And you let him see you?

Calm down, Pa. It
don't matter none.

I think he's after her himself.

Web, you're a fool.

You always was,
and you always will be.

What's he doing there,
then, having dinner

with her and everything?

Getting closer on your
trail, that's what he's doing.

And he'll hang you
sure if we don't act fast.

Well, what about Quint?

Is he ready to say
it was Jeff Daly yet?

No, but I'm helping
him to get ready.

If you help me
gather up some rocks.

What are you doing?

You help me gather up
some rocks, you'll find out.

Hey, now, let's
swing it on here.

There. Now what, Pa?


See that bucket, Quint?

There's enough rocks in
there to bash your head in.

Now, I'm gonna leave
that swinging here.

And sometime
during the day or night,

I'm coming by and cut that rope.

So you better not
do any sleeping,

you don't want to wake
up dead, you hear?

No food, no water, no sleep.

He ain't getting a whole lot of
pleasure out of life, is he, Pa?

I'll come by every few
hours and see if he's ready

to change his mind
about signing that affidavit

saying it was Jeff
Daly killed Dave.

And I'll keep it up for
a week if necessary.

Hey, that's a good idea, Pa.

Then the marshal
will go after Jeff Daly,

and maybe they'll
kill each other.

Now, I ain't doing it to fix
you up with Yuma Linz, son.

I'm doing it to keep you
from stretching a rope.

Sure, Pa.

Now, Quint, you think it over.

Come on.

Thanks for the supper, Yuma.

Are you sure you're going
to be all right in the barn?

Oh, sure, I'll be
fine out there.

I'll have breakfast waiting
for you in the morning.

Well, good. Good night.

Good night.


Good morning.

Morning, Yuma.

I've been waiting for you.

I'll be in, in a minute.

Uh, would you fill this
for me and bring it in?

All right, fine.

Breakfast is ready any time.


Hold it. Drop the gun.

Well, Ira, I wasn't
expecting you.

Who was you expecting?

Web or Jeff Daly maybe.

It was Jeff Daly
killed Dave Linz.

Then why are you after me?

- 'Cause I think you try to pin it on Web.
- Why?

I couldn't take no chances.

A man's got a right to
protect his own son, ain't he?

If Web's innocent, he
doesn't need any protecting.

I know you lawmen;

you got to bring
somebody in, guilty or not.

Now, let's talk some
sense. You came out here

to kill me 'cause you
knew I was after Web.

- Isn't that right?
- You don't know Web done it.

No, but you do. Otherwise,
you wouldn't be here.

I knew you was
trying to pin it on Web.

And why are you hanging around
here, romancing that woman?

Setting a trap would
be a little more like it.

And it sure has seemed
to work pretty good.

Web didn't do it, I tell you.

Your being out here
trying to shoot me

is pretty good
evidence that he did.

Now, we're going into
town. Where's your horse?

Back in the trees.

All right, let's go.

You're making a
big mistake, Marshal.

Maybe. Let's go.


Are you all right?

Yes, I'm all right, Yuma.

You're not gonna let
him get away with this?

Attempted murder?

It'll be up to the
judge to decide that.

Why did you try to shoot him?

Well, he says it was
Jeff Daly that killed Dave.

I think he wanted me dead
so I wouldn't arrest Web.

Then it was Web.

Come on, Marshal.
Let's get into town.

Yeah, by way of your place.

You can't arrest Web.
You got nothing on him.

I can't arrest him,
huh? Let's go.

I hope they send you to prison.

You know something?

I believe the marshal... That
he was hanging around you

just to set a trap.

He couldn't be
interested in you at all!


Will you be coming back?

No, I'm afraid not, Yuma.


I thought so.

Hey, Quint, where's Pa?

You know, Web,

you're even stupider
than I thought you were.

Well, you don't have
to be nasty about it.

The heck with you, anyway.

You know, I could
cut this rope, Quint.

It might fall of its own accord.

If it does, it's gonna split
your head open like a melon.

It's gonna give, Quint.
It's gonna give any minute.


Marshal, you really gonna
charge Web with Dave's killing?

Of course I am.

- But you got no proof at all.
- Not yet.

You think, if you
keep him in jail

for a while, he'll
confess, don't you?

It'd be easier if he did.

But it's the fact you're
convinced he did it

that I'm counting on.

But it ain't fair, Marshal!

Ira, a good man's been killed.

Doesn't that mean
anything to you?

- Not right now, it don't.
- Hey, Pa!

What's the marshal
doing with you?

He's come to take you, Web!

No, he ain't!

Hold your fire, Marshal!

You, too, Web!

Now, Marshal, I got
Quint Asper down here

in the bottom of this dry well.

If I cut the rope on
this bucket of stones,

it'll smash Quint's
head wide open.

Now, you don't
believe me, Marshal,

you come up here closer
where you can hear him.

That's far enough, Marshal.

Now, Quint, you yell
out so he can hear you!

I'm all right, Matt!
Don't listen to him!

Now, give me your gun, Marshal.

You take any more
time, it'll be too late.



I didn't know you was hit.

I'll get you into
the house, Web.

No, Pa.

I'm hurt pretty bad.

Well, I tried, son.

I did everything I
could to help you.

I'll go get a doctor.

No, Pa, it ain't
worth the bother.

You all right, Quint?

Yeah, I think so.

Web's dying, Marshal.

He killed Dave
Linz. I seen him do it.

You're wrong, Ira.

Web didn't do it.

Jeff Daly shot Dave.

Dave told me just
before he died.

Jeff Daly?

Tried to tell Pa, Marshal.

He wouldn't listen to me.

Why'd you shoot at me?

Same reason I
went along with Pa.

Trying to pin it on Jeff.

Get you out of the way

so I could have a
free hand with Yuma.

It's between you and
Jeff now, Marshal.

He's gone.

What about Jeff Daly?

The day's still young.

Got a lot of work to do.

What a waste.

What a waste.

Behind the Scenes of Dry Well

In this episode, it is depicted that Miss Kitty utilizes spectacles for reading.

After Web initially departs from Yuma’s house, she mischievously pushes his hat down sideways on his head. However, as he turns to leave, his hat is suddenly straightened.

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Get ready to unwind, grab your favorite snack, and immerse yourself in the captivating Gunsmoke television series. A beloved American Western saga presented by CBS, it’s a show you will want to experience from the comfort of your own home. Dry Well marks the 15th episode of Season 09, offering yet another thrilling installment in this iconic series.

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