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Lacey Full Episode – Gunsmoke, Season #07, Episode #16

Lacey finds herself drawn to Jess, an employee of her father, despite her father’s disapproval of him. However, her mother approves of Jess. After her father’s murder, Lacey confesses to the crime. Although Matt is reluctant to arrest her, Lacey’s mother insists she leave the house. Ma Smalley becomes her guardian instead. In an attempt to console Lacey, Matt shares that he’s never witnessed a woman being hanged. Meanwhile, Jess rekindles his relationship with a former girlfriend from a lower socioeconomic background than Lacey. Learning about Jess’s involvement with the other woman, Lacey reflects on Matt’s words about the fate of women facing judgment. Gunsmoke Lacey originally aired on January 13, 1962.

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Gunsmoke Lacey Cast

Below are the actors who appeared in the Gunsmoke episode titled Lacey:

  • James Arness as Matt Dillon
  • Dennis Weaver as Chester
  • Milburn Stone as Doc
  • Amanda Blake as Kitty
  • Jeremy Slate as Jess
  • Sherry Jackson as Lacey Parcher
  • Dorothy Green as Ellen
  • Sarah Selby as Ma Smalley
  • Oliver McGowan as Cyrus
  • Nora Hayden as Bessie
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Herman Hack as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Mathew McCue as Waiter (uncredited)
  • Chick Sheridan as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Hal Taggart as Diner (uncredited)
  • Lucian Tiger as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bill Walker as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Lacey

Despite her father’s disapproval, a hired hand is obsessed with his employer’s daughter. When her father is murdered, the daughter, Lacey Parcher (portrayed by Sherry Jackson), claims responsibility, but Marshal Matt Dillon is skeptical. Lacey has developed strong feelings for Jess Ayley (portrayed by Jeremy Slate), a youth employed by her father, Cyrus Parcher (depicted by Oliver McGowan). While Lacey’s mother, Ellen (played by Dorothy Green), supports their relationship, Cyrus vehemently opposes it, leading to a heated confrontation that results in Jess being fired and Lacey being slapped.

Following Cyrus’s death, Lacey confesses to the crime. Matt is reluctant to arrest her, but Ellen insists she leave the house. Ma Smalley (played by Sarah Selby) becomes her caretaker. Matt tries to offer comfort to Lacey, sharing that he has never witnessed the hanging of a woman. Meanwhile, Jess rekindles his romance with Bessie (played by Nora Hayden), his former girlfriend of a lower social status than Lacey. Learning of Jess’s renewed relationship from Ma Smalley, Lacey’s emotions are tested, especially in light of Matt’s words about the fate of women facing judgment.

Distressed by Jess’s betrayal, Lacey confronts Ma Smalley, retrieves a revolver, and coerces her to reveal Jess and Bessie’s whereabouts. She then confronts Jess at Bessie’s home, where he admits to killing her father in self-defense. Lacey, feeling betrayed and cornered, shoots and kills Jess. When Matt arrives, Lacey recalls his earlier words about women not being hanged, seeking affirmation in her actions.

Full Script and Dialogue of Lacey



Jess, are you here?

Oh, Jess!

You lookin' for someone, Lacey?


I was afraid you hadn't come.

Ain't I always here
when you come lookin'?

We'll have to
watch our talking...

Keep our voices down.

We don't have to
talk at all, Lacey.

Jess... Jess, wait.

We've got to face things.

We've got to plan
a-and find a way.

Well, ain't this a
way? Ain't it now?

Oh, Jess.

You know how
Papa feels about us.

You know how I
feel about you, Lacey.


Get away from him!

In a barn!

Is there no shame in you?

You make us do this, Papa!

We don't want to hide!

I told you before...
You leave Lacey be.

I don't want you around here.

I don't want to see
your face again.

Oh, Papa, we love each other!

I'm warnin' you
for the last time.

Don't you come
around here no more.

He's comin'.

Mind now, we're all together.
We're not to be afraid.

Let me go out and face
him alone, Mrs. Parcher.

It's decided now.

Might be you
don't know, Ellen...

I ordered him off
my place this mornin'.

I know you did, Cyrus. I...

I asked him to stay.

We'll take that up later.

Papa, don't. We just
want to talk it out with you.

Ain't no kind of man lets
womenfolk talk for him.

Well, you never gave me
the chance to talk, Mr. Parcher.

You hard of hearin'?

No, sir.

I can't count the times I
told you to leave Lacey be.

This mornin' I told you I didn't
want to see your face again.

I mean that.

Cyrus, they want to get married.

I don't like him, Ellen.

He's no good.

Lacey does... she loves him.

Lacey's too young.

And you're too no-good.

You don't even
know me, Mr. Parcher.

You never took the time!

I know you.

First look I got, I
knew all about you.

Papa, we're ready to
set down the supper.

We can talk then,
the four of us.

Get out.

You won't ever listen!

Not a minute!

You're nothing but
a stubborn old man!

Don't you ever do
that again, Cyrus.

Do you want to see
her a little tramp?

I want her to be happy.

You see something
in him, do you, Ellen?

For Lacey, yes.

You right sure it's for Lacey?

Cyrus, don't.

I remember one or two like
him, or was it three or four, Ellen?

I'll serve up the supper.

Ellen will tell you, I'm no
hand to change my mind.

I don't want to see
you here again, ever.

You're not to
worry, either of you.

Mama, how can you say that?

You heard all he said,
you saw what he did.

I know your father, Lacey.

I'll settle things with
him once and for all.

If, if you're dishing that
up for me, Mrs. Parcher,

I guess I'm just not hungry.


I guess none of us are.

Well, I guess I'll say good
night to you now, Mrs. Parcher.

I'm sorry about
everything, Jess.

Yes, ma'am, I know you are.

Well, Lacey...

I'm going outside
with him, Mama.

Did he hurt you bad, Lacey?

I never saw Papa like that.

He never hit me
before, never once.

Was all I could do not
to tie into him right there,

except I'd never hit an old man.

Oh, what are we going to do?

Well, he as good as
threatened me, you know that.

I love you so much.

You love me, don't you?

You take a lot of convincing.

I couldn't bear not seeing you.

If I didn't have you, I
don't know what I'd do.

Lacey, your papa's
likely to kill me,

I set foot in here again.

Don't even say that, Jess.

Oh, you know it's true.

You're afraid, same as me.

Mama said not to worry.

Ain't nothing your mama
can do to change him.

Ain't nothing anybody can do.

I know that now.

Oh, Jess.


Oh, hello, Mrs. Parcher, Lacey.

Good morning, Marshal.

Well, what can I
do for you ladies?

Tell him, Lacey, tell
him what you done.

I killed Papa.

You what?

I found her standing
over him with this gun.

I took it off her.

I want you to keep her here.

I, I never want
to see her again.

But wait a minute now.

I think maybe
we'd better sit down

and talk this over a little bit.

I couldn't bear that, Marshal.

She'll tell you.

She's the one that knows.

I will say this.

Cyrus was wrong.

Well, uh, here, Lacey,

why don't you, why
don't you sit down here?

Now, uh, why don't you
tell me what happened?

I killed Papa.


Well, you must have
had a reason, Lacey.

Now, look, if I'm
gonna help you,

you're gonna have to tell
me what happened out there.

I'm tired.

All right, then.

Well, Lacey, you, uh, you
can get some rest here.

We'll talk about it later.

She sure is a young
thing, ain't she, Mr. Dillon?

Girl like that killing
her own father.

Can't believe it.

Well, you know,
tha-tha-that's awful hard

for me to believe, too.

I don't like the idea of her
being locked up in jail either.

Yeah, well, I know
what you mean.

Hello, Chester.

Oh, hello, Miss Kitty.

Did you come to kind
of help us out, did you?

Well, I hope so.

Well, you'll need this, Kitty.


If she don't take to Miss Kitty,

it'll be the first
person that never did.

Well, it's just a question

whether she's ever gonna
talk to anybody or not.

Well, I just think that
we're real lucky to have her.

Uh, Miss Kitty... we're,
we're lucky to have Miss Kitty.


Why, I just thought

there might be something
I could do for you.

Something you need,
something I could get for you.

You know, sometimes I
need someone to talk to,

somebody to just hear me
out when I've got troubles.

If there's anything
you'd like to say...

I said all there is.

Saying it again won't
change anything.

You know, um...

I never got to know
my father very well.

Seems he was, um, cold man.

He was away all the time.

Never said much.

When he did say
something, it seemed to me

like it was always "no"
to something I wanted.

I loved him, though.

I always felt, well...
sort of cheated

that I didn't get to
know him better.

Did you love your father, Lacey?

Maybe you've never been in love.

Maybe you've never
wanted someone so much

that... that you'd do
anything to be with him!

Yeah, I can understand
loving someone that much.

If your Papa was standing
between you and who you loved,

maybe you'd... Maybe I'd what?

Tell me what happened
between you and your father.

It might help. It might
help an awful lot.


Well, if there's anything
you feel like talking about

at any time, I... I'd
be happy to listen.

Did you found out anything?

Well, her father stood between
her and the boy she loved,

but I guess you knew that much.

Well, no. As a
matter of fact, I didn't.

You didn't?

Did she say who it was?

No. No, I thought she was
going to say more, but she didn't.

I don't think she will, either.

But golly, that-that don't give
us too much to go on, does it?

You know what I
think I'm gonna do?

I'm just gonna take Lacey and
go out to that ranch tomorrow.

See if I can find out anything.


Hello, Mrs. Parcher.

You were to keep
her there, Marshal.

Well, Lacey hasn't said
much since she's been in town,

and you didn't tell
me much yesterday.

I'd kind of like to
know a little bit more

about what happened out here.

What happened
is, she shot Cyrus.

We both told you that.

Mrs. Parcher, a girl like
Lacey doesn't just kill her father

without a reason.

I'd like to see
where it happened,

and I'd like to find out why.

- Lacey!
- Jess!

Marshal, this is Jess Ayley.

How do you do?


The grave's over there, Marshal.

There it is. There's the grave.

Who's this fella?

Jess has been helping
me now I'm alone.

No harm saying it, Marshal.

Lacey and Jess...
They-they love each other.

I see.

How did you manage
a grave, Mrs. Parcher?

I didn't have to.

When I come back
from taking Lacey to you,

Jess had done it for me.

He's most helpful, Marshal.

Was he here when
your husband was killed?

No. He came up just as
Lacey and me was leaving.

Now when you came in yesterday,

you said something about
your husband being wrong.

What did you mean by that?

He didn't like Jess.

Couldn't abide the thought
of him and Lacey marrying.

He was dead set against it.

But you were for it?

Indeed, I was.

It's funny, Marshal.

Him going the way he did.

I can't bring myself
to mark his grave.

Where was it he was killed?

In the barn.

Lacey killed him in the barn.

I'd like to take a look in
there if you don't mind.

Lacey, I, uh...

I'd like you to show me
just what happened in here.

I came in the way we did now.

Papa was pitching
hay over there,

and I shot him.

You just shot him
without a word?

I tried talking to
him lots of times.

I was through trying.

Where'd you get the gun, Lacey?

It was Papa's.

That's all you can
tell me, nothing else?

Can we go now, Marshal?

All right.

I, uh... I cleaned
the barn up after,

in case you were wondering.


There's nothing much
I can do now, Marshal,

but things like that...
I guess they help.

I can't say how much.

Lacey, uh, I'd like to talk
to your mother for a minute.

I'll be along.

Now, Mrs. Parcher, you...

you can do something
for me if you would.

The circuit judge isn't gonna
be here for a good ten days, and,

well, keeping a girl
like Lacey in jail is...

is kind of a problem.

I don't see that, Marshal.

I'd like for you to keep
her here if you don't mind.

Here? In my house?

I'll send a guard out.

Marshal, my husband
was a hard man.

I... I won't say living
with him was easy.

But I loved him.

I won't stay under the
same roof with his murderer.

All right.

I'm sorry about all this, ma'am.

All right, Lacey,
let's get back to town.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
Chester, don't fidget so!

Oh, golly, Ma, you got to
rest your arms once in a while.

They just get cramped.

Men... always
full of complaints.

Well, this here's a harder
job than what you might think.

It ain't too easy.

Oh, Mr. Dillon.

Oh, Chester, you're
no good to me at all.


Here. Let me take that.

Oh, some shotgun
guard you make there

with your hands all tangled
up in a bunch of yarn.

- Yeah.
- Got the key?

Oh, yeah.

Locked doors,
nailed down windows.

I just never!

Oh, here.

Well, I don't like it, either,
but what else is there to do?

Here, Chester.



Now, aren't you
gonna eat anything?

I can't swallow
any more, Marshal.

Well, you know, Ma Smalley's
one of the best cooks in town.

It's not the food, Marshal.
I just can't swallow.

Lacey, let me ask you something.

You did what you
did to your father

'cause he wouldn't let you
marry Jess... is that right?

Papa was wrong about Jess.

Said he was no good.

That all he wanted to do
was move in on a good farm.

That he'd marry
any girl to do it.

But your mother
didn't agree with that?

Jess loves me. Mama knows that.

Mama knows a lot of things
she could tell you if she would.

About Jess?

About Papa.

Oh, he hurt her lots of times.

She hardly looked
my way today, Marshal.

Well, this has been
pretty hard on your mother.

I didn't want to hurt Mama.

But I couldn't lose
Jess. I just couldn't.

Well, you probably
lost him now anyway.

But someday we can
be together, can't we?

That depends on
what the judge says.

You know, Lacey, you're gonna
have to pay for what you did.

Well, they won't
hang me, will they?

They don't hang women, do they?

No, I've never seen a
woman hanged, Lacey.

But you could be in
jail for a long, long time.

Jess'll wait for
me. I know he will.

That'll ease the time.

I declare, Jess, you'll
wear yourself out.

Oh, no, ma'am.

Dipper of cool water helps
sometime, Mrs. Parcher.

Water's like food to me now,
Jess... I can't force it down.

You drink it.

Tastes good to me.

Well, evening's come on.

Can't see doing
much more outside.

Can I do something
for you in here?

Not unless you can
make me understand.

Understand, ma'am?

Oh, I'm talking foolish,
Jess, I-I can't help it.

They were here...

Cyrus and-and Lacey...
And now they're gone.

I... I can't make
myself understand.

I don't just see how
you could, Mrs. Parcher.

Cyrus wasn't a talking man...

and Lacey had so
much he wanted to say.

I... I should've seen what
was coming, but I didn't.

Well, don't blame yourself.

I love them both.

I should've seen.

Mrs. Parcher, I been...
searching myself, too.

He told me enough times
not to come around anymore.

Been better off for Lacey if I'd
gone away and never come back.

It won't rest easy
on me living with that.

You can't take that
on yourself, Jess.

Well, I can't help myself,
any more than you can.

I feel so much, only I...
I don't know how to feel.

Half of me wants to go to Lacey,

half of me wants
to bring Cyrus back.

Mrs. Parcher, I...

I can't help thinking... Or
maybe I shouldn't say it...

You say your mind, Jess.

Well, you being all alone
here now the way you are,

ain't it too bad that you and
Mr. Parcher never had a son.

That's what I was thinking.

If I had a son he
could work the farm,

knowing it'd be his someday.

- It's a good farm.
- All we got's in it.

There's no money to
pay to have it worked.

Be a shame if a fine
farm like this went to weed.

I had a cent, I'd
buy it from you.

Young man like you, Jess...

it's not his place to be
around a grieving woman.

I'd just like to
help where I can.

You've been a
help, and I'm grateful.

There's a night coming on
now; why don't you go into town,

forget about us Parchers.

Well, you sure you want me to?

I'm tired, Jess.

- You be all right alone here?
- I'll be all right.

I'll never be alone here.

You sleep well,
now, Mrs. Parcher.

Thank you, Jess.


Oh, evening, Marshal.

Well, don't remember seeing
you around town before.

Been a time, all right.

I, uh, figured on paying a visit
to a friend of mine lives here.

Oh? Well, I thought maybe
you'd come to see Lacey.

Why, I didn't know I could.

Well, I don't see
any reason why not.

Well, sure, I'd
like to, Marshal.

All right, come on.



Chester's gone out
for a bite, Marshal.

Come on in.

There's somebody
here to see Lacey, Ma.

Well, for land
sakes, come on in.

Hello, Jess.


Ma, this is Jess Ayley.

Well... if this isn't just
the nicest surprise!

I'll... I'll just gather
up all my piecework,

and we can go on
with it later, Lacey.

Oh, all I've heard about you,

I should've recognized you
the minute you stepped in.

Oh... Now, Ma, look...

you just can't leave this
revolver lying around.

Well, it always gets in the way.

It's too heavy
to rest in my lap,

and I need two
hands for piecework.

But this girl is
a prisoner here;

she's not a guest, you know.

I put her to work, and
what's wrong with that?

Well, nothing, but you're
leaving doors open,

guns lying around.

What do you think
she's gonna do, kill me?

- Well, no, but...
- If you're not satisfied

with our little arrangement,
it's all right with me.

Oh, but it just breaks my heart,
seeing that young one around

and knowing what
lies ahead of her.

Well, I feel the same
way you do about that, Ma,

- but still, you...
- And it wasn't my idea

bringing her here,
remember that.

All right. All
right, but just...

just try to watch
that gun, will you?

It's heavy as can be.

Maybe I shouldn't
have come, Marshal.

She's crying in
there; I can't stop her.

Oh, well, uh, Ma, maybe
you could speak to her, or...?

It's not my business
to toady to prisoners.

Maybe I shouldn't try
to see her anymore.


Now, Ma...

just try to remember
what I said, will you?

- Lacey's under quite a strain.
- I know that, Marshal.

I just wish there was something
I could do to help, though.

- Good night to you.
- Night, Marshal.

I don't believe it.

Sure you do, Bessie.

I still don't believe it.

Well, maybe you're not trying.

Now, wait a minute.

It's been a long time.

Well, you didn't forget
me, did you, Bessie?

It's not impossible, you know.

I can make you remember.

You're still mighty high on
yourself, aren't you, Jess?

Aren't you?

You, uh, just passing through?

What's happened to you, Bessie?

You didn't used
to be so full of talk.

Maybe I had time to practice,

all the talking I did to
myself after you left.

Well, you don't
have to talk now.

I heard it was some
farm girl this time.

Talking and listening...
You've been busy.

I got a right to know if
you're back for good this time.

- I got a right to know if it's me!
- Bessie...

it's you.

It's always been just you.

Well, I swear... first
person I ever heard of

lose weight on Ma
Smalley's cooking'.

Well, it doesn't
surprise me, Doc.

She doesn't eat any of it.

Well, I sent over
a little tonic for her.

If Ma Smalley can
get her to take it, why,

it might improve
her appetite some.

Did she talk to you at all?

Lacey? No, nothing.

Ma says that she just
worked on that quilt all the time,

and I guess that's... a
pretty good thing for her,

keep her mind occupied.


- Well, you about ready?
- Uh-huh.

Oh, is this gonna be on you?

Well, I don't see any
reason to change things

after all this time.

- Marshal.
- Ayley.

Uh, uh, maybe you've met Bessie?

Neither of us never
had the pleasure.

How do you do?

Enjoy yourself.

How come you know
the marshal, Jess?

I'll be right back.

- You in trouble?
- You wait here.

Uh, Marshal?

I, uh, just don't want
you to get the wrong idea

- about that in there.
- About what?

Well, I've known Bessie
for a long time, that's all.

This is Doc Adams here.

How are you?


Uh... I just want you
to understand, Marshal.

Jess and Lacey are
good friends, Doc.

In fact, they're
supposed to be married.

Yeah, sure, but... what
do you want me to do now?

Not up to me.

Like I said, I've known
Bessie for a long time,

- even before I knew Lacey.
- That so?

If I want to see
her, I got the right.

Nobody's arguing that with you.

Why don't you go on back
in and finish your supper.

I know what you might
be thinking, Marshal.

Look, I-I went to see Lacey
and it didn't do her no good,

it just hurt her.

Well, I'm going
over to see her now.

You want me to give
her a message for you?

There's nothing I
can do for Lacey now.

Look, all I'm saying is, I'm
gonna see Bessie all I want,

and don't you go looking at
me like that every time I do.


what in thunder did
you say to him in there?

I just told him
to enjoy himself.


Good morning.


Good morning, Mr. Ayley.

Yes, ma'am. Morning.

I, uh... I have
a list of errands.

I... I guess I'd better go now.

Where'd you come across her?

I'm getting sick of this town.

Jess, if you done something,
you better tell me about it.

Don't you go riding
me now, Bessie.

I ain't done nothin' wrong.

She looked at you
mighty odd, seems to me.

Well, it's just
this crawley town.

Ain't fit for us,
Bessie, it ain't fit at all.

Come on.


Hello, Ma.


What did you do with Chester...
Send him out to eat again?

No, I packed him off to bed.

Guess I had him
quilting too much.

His eyes gave out on him.

What about Lacey?
Is she asleep, too?

No. I'm giving her a rest

from the sight of
me all the time.

Oh, Marshal, this can't
go on much longer.

She's wearing awful thin.

It's not gonna go
on much longer, Ma.

The circuit judge will be
here day after tomorrow.

Come in.

Hello, Marshal.

Hello, Lacey.

I kind of took a chance
on finding you awake.

It was no chance.

I see Chester brought your
clothes to you all right, huh?

I can't bear to look at 'em.

I don't know why.

Yes, I do.

Mama made most of them.

Helped me make the rest.

I sure miss Mama.

Poor, poor Mama.

I guess she won't come
to see me, will she?

Well, I wouldn't say that. I...

I know she won't.

Have you been out to the farm?

Is she making out all right?

Well, no, I haven't
been out there, Lacey,

but I'm sure she's
doing all right.

Oh, Jess helping out,
she ought to be all right.

At least she isn't... alone.

Um... Jess is still with Mama?

Well, it's like I say, Lacey,

I-I haven't been out there,

but he probably is.

Jess'll help her out.

I got a telegram today, Lacey.

Circuit judge will be
here day after tomorrow.

Well, I won't miss the waiting.

Waiting's sure hard.

I want you to do
something for me.

You think back real hard

on everything that
happened out there.

And if you think of anything
that you haven't told me,

just you be sure
you tell the judge.

I won't have anything
different to say, Marshal.

Well... just thought
you ought to know.


If you happen to see Jess,

would you ask him to
please come and see me?

Well, if I see him,
I... And tell him I...

I won't cry this time.

All right, Lacey.

Good night.

Something wrong, Marshal?

Ma, I don't know much
that's right. Do you?

Oh, Lacey, don't cry.

I don't want to. I... I
just can't seem to help it.

We just don't know, any
of us, what lies ahead,

so we can't give up hope.

I guess I'm crying for Mama.

I don't think I'm crying
for me, Mrs. Smalley.

No one would
blame you if you did.

Oh, you're awful nice to me.

I like you, Lacey.

You liked Jess,
too. I could tell.

What's the matter?

Why, nothing.

You did like Jess, didn't you?

Oh, yes, yes, of course I did.

Mrs. Smalley, what is it?

Oh, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Something's happened
to Jess. What is it?!

Oh, nothing's happened to him.

He's perfectly fine.

How do you know he is?

Oh, well, I... I-I don't know.

I... I-I just assume.

Oh, Lacey, you're
putting words in my mouth.

The Marshal acted funny

when I asked him if
Jess was with Mama.

What are you keeping from me?!

Now, Lacey, you're getting
all worked up over nothing!

Have you seen him?

Yes. Yes, I've
seen him. So there.

You want to worry me sick?!

What's the matter with Jess?!

Well, I wouldn't
waste the worry!

Oh, Lacey, no.

Now you tell me about Jess.

Everything about Jess!

Oh, no, Lacey.





You know what time it is?

You want the rescue
mission, honey, this ain't it.

Tell her to go, Jess.

You better go, Bessie.

I better go?!

Go on! Wait downstairs.

Well, Lacey, what
are you doing here?

That was going to
be my question, Jess.

Lacey, honey... Just
talk to me this time.

Well, sure. I-I... I
can explain, all right.

Who is she?

Why, Bessie? She's got
nothing to do with us at all.

Do you love her, Jess?

Now, Lacey, you're
just gonna get in trouble,

coming over here this way.

Now, tomorrow, I'll
come over, and I'll...

I didn't believe it!

I tied up an old
lady and forced her

to tell me you
were here with her,

and I still didn't believe it.

And now, seeing
you with her here...

Jess, you can't make
that right with me.

You're gonna let me
try, aren't you, Lacey?

I always listen to you.

"Lacey, I had to kill your Pa.

"He came at me with a pitchfork.

"They don't hang women, Lacey.

They'll hang me sure, but
they won't hang women!"

You listen to me!

I told you not to
talk about that.

Now you shut that
little mouth of yours,

and you get back
over to that old lady's!

I look at you.

I don't know you.

You sure don't.

There are lots of things
you don't know about me.

Papa was right.

You're no good at all.

Lacey, put that gun down.

You killed him.

You killed him.

I was just coming
to find you, Marshal.

What happened?

I killed Jess.

You killed him?

In that woman's room.

What about her? You didn't...

No, she's all right.

What about Ma Smalley?

I had to tie her up.

I-I hope she'll
forgive me. I'm sorry.

Lacey, why did you do it?

For all the things
that he done to us.

Mama will feel better
about things now.

What do you mean?

You can tell her for me.

I didn't kill Papa.

You mean Ayley?

I made him hide in
the hayloft afterwards

so Mama would find just
me when she came running in.

He said they wouldn't
hang a woman.

Why didn't you tell me?

I loved him.

I believed him.

He had ways to make
a woman believe.

If you'd even told
me an hour ago...

I didn't know about
Bessie an hour ago.

But I do know now that
poor Papa was right.

I hated him for saying
Jess was no good,

but all that time,

he was just saying
what was right for me.

And he's gone.

And now Jess.

And Mama and me...
It'll never be the same.

All right, Lacey.

Let's go.


You never really saw
them hang a woman?

No, Lacey.

I never saw 'em hang a woman.

Behind the Scenes of Lacey

Jeremy Slate, portraying Jess Ayley, the romantic interest of Lacey Parcher (played by Sherry Jackson), was 16 years older than Jackson and only six years younger than Dorothy Green, who portrays Ellen, Lacey Parcher’s mother.

In Dodge City, Kansas, during the 1870s, the primary newspaper was the Dodge City Times. However, in the depiction of the scene, Matt Dillon is observed in front of a building labeled as the Dodge City Bulletin, though historical records do not mention such a publication.

Looking for More Gunsmoke Episodes?

Consider Gunsmoke for your next binge-watch, whether you’re watching solo or with friends. This timeless American Western series aired on the CBS network for an impressive 20 seasons, from 1955 to 1975. Lacey is the 16th episode of Season 07, ready to be enjoyed as part of this iconic show’s rich legacy.

You can find more about any of the Gunsmoke episodes here.

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