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The Full List of Zane Grey Books

Here is the complete list of books published by Zane Grey, an American author best known for his novels and stories in the Western fiction literary genre.

Grey became one of the best-selling authors of Western fiction novels, with more than 80 books written throughout his lifetime.

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Who Is Zane Grey?

Born in Zanesville, Ohio, on January 31, 1872, Zane Grey was a Western fiction novelist who gained popularity for his adventure novels and stories, presenting an idealized image of the American frontier. Grey remains one of the most prolific authors and best-selling writers of Western fiction, a successful American author during the 1920s.

Western Author Zane Grey

Grey’s parents were Lewis Grey and Alice Josephine Zane Grey, making him a descendant of the Zane family, who founded the town where he was born. His father was a preacher, farmer, and dentist, while his mother was a Quaker. He also had two brothers, both of which were very close to him.

Before becoming a well-renowned author, Grey studied dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania and trained as a dentist just like his father, writing as one of his hobbies. After realizing he wasn’t happy with what he’s doing, Grey decided to abandon dentistry and become a full-time writer instead.

In 1905, Grey married Lina Elise Roth and later had three children, Romer, Betty, and Loren. Although his writing career initially didn’t flourish well, Grey would spend time traveling in the west and return home to continue writing.

After finding appreciation for the American West—the people, culture, and conquest of the old West—Grey wrote “The Heritage of the Desert,” published by Harper’s Magazine, giving him his first success. Shortly after, this was followed by “Riders of the Purple Sage,” becoming his most noted novel, all-time best-selling book, and one of the most successful Western novels of all time.

Grey had written over 80 books—Westerns, juvenile fiction, biographies, fishing and outdoor novels, and short stories—making him immensely popular up to this day. Some of his finest works include “Spirit of the Border,” “The Last Trail,” and “The Lone Star Ranger.” There were also numerous films adapted from his novels and short stories. His depiction of the Old West derived from his deep respect and travel experience in the land of cowboys remains in pop culture today, leaving an immense impact on American culture in general.

Grey died of heart attack on October 23, 1939, in California. His legacy as one of America’s greatest legends in literature remains for decades to come.

Books Worth Reading:

Zane Grey Western Booklist & Summary

Here is Zane Grey’s list of works along with a short summary:

Zane Grey Books # 1) Betty Zane

Zane Grey Books # 1

Book Summary: Betty Zane was a strong, young frontier woman living in a man’s world. In this, Zane Grey’s first novel, Betty and her brothers live in Fort Henry, West Virginia and are key figures in one of the last battles of the Revolutionary War.

A 5-Star Review: Zane Grey is indisputably, the foremost pattern used by western writers as the epitome of an author who was able to use descriptive scenery, and historical facts, in a vividly realistic manner.
Betty Zane is a romantic novel based on real life people and events. Betty Zane was pivotal during the siege of Ft. Henry, the final battle of the American Revolution.
This book depicts the pioneer times which are the history of America. Grey’s perspective is one of gallantry, and heroes saving innocent women.
Luckily, for those who relish the classics, Zane Grey wrote previous to the latter day Western genre where novelists depend upon sex, slaughter, and outrageous acts to sell their outpouring.
Thanks to a nostalgic few, we can still enjoy pinons, prairie dogs, wolves and coyotes. This novel does contain violent scenes, but those also, are skillfully written.
“Sad, too, is the thought that the poor Indian is unmourned. His songs are sung, his deeds are done. No more will his heart bound at the whistle of the stag.”
My thanks also goes to Amazon for providing free access to the classics. This is an invaluable, simpatico service. – Joyce Metzger

Zane Grey Books # 2) The Spirit of the Border

Zane Grey Books # 2

Book Summary: “The Spirit of the Border” is Zane Grey’s 1906 historical novel based on events occurring in the Ohio River Valley in the late 18th century. The second installment in a trilogy that includes “Betty Zane” and “The Last Trail”, which details the exploits of Lewis Wetzel, an American frontiersman who has dedicated his life to fighting Native Americans. Known as “Deathwind”, Lewis is faced with the challenge of having to single-handedly save Fort Henry from Chief Wingenund and the Indians of the Ohio River Valley. A tale of adventure set in the American Old West, Zane Grey’s “The Spirit of the Border” is a classic of the western genre.

A 5-Star Review: In our world today, real solid men and women of faith and courage are too few. The characters here portrayed are real, I can only pray that we all know one. Great read! – woody

Books Worth Reading:

Zane Grey Books # 3) The Last Trail

Zane Grey Books # 3

Book Summary: Twilight of a certain summer day, many years ago, shaded softly down over the wild Ohio valley bringing keen anxiety to a traveler on the lonely river trail. He had expected to reach Fort Henry with his party on this night, thus putting a welcome end to the long, rough, hazardous journey through the wilderness; but the swift, on-coming dusk made it imperative to halt.

A 5-Star Review: Zane Grey is one of America’s greatest authors. He pioneered the American Western novel when tales of the American frontier were still very fresh. He even lived some of the adventures and wrote of them in the first person without really identifying himself in the story. The stories and drama are real, the violent struggles are historical and not over dramatized, the romances are simple and real and the characters are not larger than life, but based on real persons pioneering the American frontier. Zane Grey is a master of making history “can’t put the book down” engaging. – Surveyor Skip

Zane Grey Books # 4) The Heritage of the Desert

Zane Grey Books # 4

Book Summary: “They say I fell among thieves….I’ve fallen among saints as well.”

John Hare lies dying in the desert until he is discovered and saved by the kind and generous rancher, August Naab. As Hare is nursed back to health on Naab’s ranch, he finds himself irresistibly attracted to Naab’s adopted daughter, Mescal. But Mescal is being relentlessly pursued by Holderness, a man who is not to be trusted. Hare is soon drawn into a web of adventure and intrigue over land, water, and the heart of a beautiful woman, all set against the sweeping backdrop of the Wild West.

A 5-Star Review: This was I believe the best two stories by Zane Grey and I have read many books by Zane Grey.These two stories made me feel like I was there,it was a great read and I have read many many books of all kind.This book made me feel like I had to just keep reading till I finally finished the complete book.I would recommend this book to all my family and friends who enjoy reading. – Richard SIGAFOOS

Books Worth Reading:

Zane Grey Books # 5) The Young Forester 1910

Zane Grey Books # 5

Book Summary: The deep shadows were lightened by shafts of sunshine which, here and there, managed to pierce the canopy of foliage . . .

Kenneth wants nothing more than to be a forester. Lumbermen have been wiping out the timber and never thinking of the future: he knows that. The time has come for forestry to take a bigger role, out in the Alleghenies and farther west — and he wants a part in it.

But he has to convince his father, who wants to see his son become a doctor — and prove it is more than just wanting to hunt bears and the big cats — more than just embracing the joys of outdoor life, of camping beneath the open stars!

A 5-Star Review: I thoroughly enjoy reading Zane Grey’s stories as he has the knack of sucking you right into the action. I have developed a reading pattern that works well for me; I will read an old classic and then switch to one published recently. This gives me the opportunity to read again some of my old favorites and gain some new ones. Develop your own pattern of reading, but definitely read! – RG Bud Phelps

Zane Grey Books # 6) Riders of the Purple Sage

Zane Grey Books # 6

Book Summary: Riders of the Purple Sage is a Western novel by Zane Grey, first published by Harper & Brothers in 1912. Considered by many critics to have played a significant role in shaping the formula of the popular Western genre, the novel has been called “the most popular western novel of all time.”

Books Worth Reading:

Riders of the Purple Sage tells the story of Jane Withersteen and her battle to overcome persecution by members of her polygamous Mormon fundamentalist church. A leader of the church, Elder Tull, wants to marry her. Withersteen gets help from a number of friends, including Bern Venters and Lassiter, a famous gunman and killer of Mormons. Throughout most of the novel she struggles with her “blindness” to the evil nature of her church and its leaders, and tries to keep Venters and Lassiter from killing the adversaries who are slowly ruining her. When she adopts a child, Fay, she abandons her beliefs and discovers her true love. A second plot strand tells of Venters and his escape to the wilderness with a girl named Bess, “the rustler’s girl,” whom he has accidentally shot. Venters falls in love with the girl while caring for her. Together they escape to the East, while Lassiter, Fay, and Jane, pursued by both Mormons and rustlers, escape into a paradise-like valley and topple a giant rock to forever close off the only way in or out.

A 5-Star Review: I loved this book!! Couldn’t put it down! I love these books set in history. I love to read the details of how people lived and survived. This author does an excellent job of transporting you right into the lives of the characters. I depend greatly on reviews that are posted on Amazon. Even when I am left purchasing an item elsewhere, I read what the reviewers here have to say. I want to assist others by providing reviews that give detailed personal experience about the products that I buy on Amazon.
I received no compensation for my review and state my honest and unbiased opinion of the product. My words and the rating I provide are mine and are based on my own personal experience with this book. – MISSY M

Zane Grey Books # 7) Desert Gold

Zane Grey Books # 7

Book Summary: A border town like Casita is no place for a drifter–especially a rich man’s son looking for adventure. From the moment Dick Gale steps into this stinking, sun-baked hellhole of gambling and corruption, revolution, and revenge, he gets more than he bargained for. His old friend Thorne is in love with a beautiful señorita who’s been targeted by the Mexican rebel Rojas. A bold, sneering devil of a man, feared, envied, and idolized by his people, Rojas spends gold like he spills blood–and collects women like trinkets. Gale knows that defying such a man could be suicide. Defeating him is his only chance to survive–in a brutal one-on-one battle on the parched desert cliffs. . .

Man to man. Hunter and hunted. To the death. . .

A 5-Star Review: Always one of my favorite Zane Grey novels–for over 50 years!. Aside from the villain (of course!), the people in this book are terrific–the kind we’d all love to spend our lives with. It captures both the fascination and the terror of the desert along the Arizona/Mexico border, about 190o. A terrific read! – Bruce A. Mcdonald

Books Worth Reading:

Zane Grey Books # 8) The Lone Star Ranger

Zane Grey Books # 8

Book Summary: An outlaw redeems himself helping Texas Rangers fight cattle rustlers in this action-packed classic Western written by an American icon.

The premier chronicler of the American West, legendary storyteller Zane Grey has captivated millions of readers with his timeless adventures of life, death, gunfire, and justice. This is the Old West in all its glory and grandeur. Forged in blood. Enflamed by passion. Emblazoned with bullets…

In the law of the gun, a man must shoot his way to innocence. At least that’s how Captain McKelly of the Texas Rangers puts it to Buck Duane. On the run for killing a man to save his own skin, Duane must now infiltrate the deadly Chelsedine gang. These ruthless rustlers are running amok in Texas and it’s going to take a matchless gunfighter to stop their rampage. With the legendary Rangers providing firepower, Duane has more than a fighting chance. Or so he thinks. When he uncovers a secret that could destroy them all, the bullet storm is biblical—and a legend rises out of the dust.

A 5-Star Review: A classic (meaning written a long time ago when things were much different from today) Western story that will keep you guessing where it will go next. But be aware that it might make you a serial Zane Grey reader. It has happened to me. – ILANDMON

Zane Grey Books # 9) The Light of Western Stars

Zane Grey Books # 9

Book Summary: Madeline’s brother Alfred struggles to make ends meet. Madeline is overwhelmed by the refreshing experience in the open ranches, mountains, and plains away from city life. The handsome cowboy Gene Stewart is a welcome distraction, too.

Books Worth Reading:

After some difficult times adjusting to life as a cowgirl, Madeline embraces her new life. She buys land of her own to settle down. At the same time, she finds out that cowboys can be tamed and danger is never far off. The only way to survive it all is by cooperating with the locals against attacking bandits and Mexican raiders.

“He’ll rob, burn, and make off with you. He’ll murder, too, if it falls his way.”

Will Madeline’s growing desire for the western lifestyle push her into risking her life?

Light of the Western Stars is a story about a young woman’s pursuit for meaning in a world full of danger, love in unexpected places and redemption for the future. The book shows us how compelling cowboy life was in 1912 New Mexico.

A 5-Star Review: I reread this book after a number of years…it still pulls at the heartstrings for me. I have always remembered how Zane Gray played up the fantastic beauty of the west while weaving it into the plot. Even the stars play their part. Some people said they were upset by the way it ended…leaving it to one’s imagination. I love that type of ending. You can leave it up to your own daydreaming that way. I have not read “Majesty’s Rancho” which I have heard is the sequel. I hope it fulfills its duty. “The Light of Western Stars is the perfect woman’s western romance. – Dianne Karis

Books Worth Reading:

Zane Grey Books # 10) The Rustlers of Pecos County

Zane Grey Books # 10

Book Summary: Texas. They took the most contrary bunch of frontiersmen, ranchers, farmers, cowpokes, shiftless no-accounts, shootists rascals, and politicians, jumbled them together, and somehow formed a state. They called it Texas, but for defenseless women and children, it was hell.

Texas Rangers. Although they were outnumbered a thousand to one, the Texas Rangers fought a holding action against the complete breakdown of law and order, often paying for peace with their lives. But one county held out against attack after attack, a place so mean that a saint would have turned bad.

Into this valley of death rode Ranger Vaughn Steel, hungering for revenge, thirsting for justice, and determined to wipe out the rustlers of Pecos County.

A 5-Star Review: It wasn’t a blood bath kind of story, but it did have high adventure, and kept me turning pages. I had to force myself to put it down at bed time. It was also an innocent love story too. Well written and descriptive enough to feel part of the story.. My kind of Western. – Carol

Zane Grey Books # 11) The Rainbow Trail

Zane Grey Books # 11

Book Summary: Here John Sheppard is a preacher who becomes good friends with the Venters — who always seemed haunted. Eventually, Mr. Venters reveals that he was once a horse rider for a woman named Jane Withersteen — a rich Mormon — and her adopted daughter Fay Larkin. However, Jane’s churchmen were displeased with her association with non-Mormons — and the evil Mormons drove them into a narrow valley, and trapped them there. Venters had always intended on returning to the valley to search for the Jane and Fay, circumstances have prevented him from doing it. John Sheppard is fascinated by this story and wants to what he can to relieve the haunted look he sees in the eyes of Mr. and Mrs. Venters — so he attempts to discover what happened to Jane and Fay. He discovers that Fay Larkin may still be alive — and that her life has become the stuff of adventure, including kidnapping! And that somehow she has the strength to survive the most terrible of circumstances. . . .

Books Worth Reading:

A 5-Star Review: This is a story about a young man who has lost his soul but yet tries to regain some hope for the future by following a dream shared by one who escaped the ruthless, rugged and terrors of the Southwest with a beautiful maiden that becomes his wife. This man’s dream is to go back and rescue a young child that has growing into her late teens with her family and experience the beauty of the canyon shared by the storyteller. He experiences untold trials and almost looses his life in the process of trying to rescue the family from renegade Indians, robbers, cattle and horse thieves and religious bigots with multiple wives. He is helped along the way by a friendly Mormon, traders and a wise Navajo Indian. The author, Zane Grey, gives a vivid panoramic view of the mountains, meadows full of wildlife and challenges faced in the desert to survive. The book was difficult to put down and enjoyable to read and I highly recommend this book to others. – ProfDH1

Zane Grey Books # 12) The Border Legion

Zane Grey Books # 12

Book Summary: The Border Legion is the adventure of a daring frontierswoman and the men she inspires. Joan Randle is a strong, capable woman living with her uncle in the wilds of Idaho. She likes Jim Cleve but is impatient with his laziness. After a quarrel, Jim heads to the lawless Montana border to prove himself, and a remorseful Joan tries to track him and bring him back. She finds herself in trouble when Jim Kells, the outlaw and scourge of the border, comes across her camp. What follows is an unexpected tale of crime, dissolution, bravery, and redemption.

A 5-Star Review: After the publishing success of his historical novel, Betty Zane, Grey created the western novel so prized by readers, and later, movie fans. Every book is a wonderful read and should be owned by everyone. – Aaron M. Wilson

Zane Grey Books # 13) The U. P. Trail

Zane Grey Books # 13

Book Summary: 1918. From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure. The story begins: In the early sixties a trail led from the broad Missouri, swirling yellow and turgid between its green-groved borders, for miles and miles out upon the grassy Nebraska plains, turning westward over the undulating prairie, with its swales and billows and long, winding lines of cottonwoods, to a slow, vast heave of rising ground-Wyoming-where the herds of buffalo grazed and the wolf was lord and the campfire of the trapper sent up its curling blue smoke from beside some lonely stream; on and on over the barren lands of eternal monotony, all so gray and wide and solemn and silent under the endless sky; on, ever on, up to the bleak, black hills and into the waterless gullies and through the rocky gorges where the deer browsed and the savage lurked; then slowly rising to the pass between the great bold peaks, and across the windy uplands into Utah, with its verdant valleys, green as emeralds, and its haze-filled canons and wonderful wind-worn cliffs and walls, and its pale salt lakes, veiled in the shadows of stark and lofty rocks, dim, lilac-colored, austere, and isolated.

A 5-Star Review: As a recent fan of Zane Grey I loved this book. I have read maybe 10 others of his and this was the best so far. He makes you feel as if you were there. There is a ring of truth to this story as what it must have been like to build a railroad. There are good charters and great story lines with descriptions of where the were and the hardships they faced. If you have never read Zane Grey try this book. It is written in his usual style and is an easy read. – HUDSONITE

Books Worth Reading:

Zane Grey Books # 14) The Desert of Wheat

Zane Grey Books # 14

Book Summary: Desert of Wheat is a thrilling and romantic tale of sabotage in the wheat fields of the Pacific Northwest during World War I. A passionate novel of patriotic and anti-union propaganda, it portrays the anxieties of the young country threatened by a foreign war after the closing of the frontier. Grey captures the heart of a nation at the brink of a century of change.

A 5-Star Review: This is nothing less than a work of literature. It is complete, complex and compelling. The characters struggle against their own natures, their culture, and nature itself to find answers to the question “who am I?”. The themes and symbols are rich and well-supported by the narrative. This is, however, as much a book for the casual reader as it is for the more literary-minded. If you were, for some reason, expecting a clap-board western you might want to seek drier watering holes.This book is the real deal by a masterful author. I’m personally sorry I never picked up a Zane Grey book before now, and I’m not sure that I’m even comfortable throwing my poor reviewing and writing skills at this masterwork.Just read it for yourself, and keep it on your Kindle or bookshelf when you need a reminder of what a great book should be. – james

Zane Grey Books # 15) The Mysterious Rider

Zane Grey Books # 15

Book Summary: From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure. Rancher Bill Belllounds brought up Columbine as though she were his daughter. Out of affection for her foster father, Columbine agrees to marry his son Jack, who is a drunkard, gambler, coward, and thief. But she really loves the cowboy, Wilson Moore. Then, the Mysterious Rider appears at the Belllounds ranch, a man of middle age, gentle, kindly, but so formidable a gun fighter he has earned the nickname Hell Bent Wade. He will play a pivotal role in righting the wrongs in the story.

Zane Grey Books # 16) To the Last Man

Zane Grey Books # 16

Book Summary: An ancient feud between two frontier families is inflamed when one of the families takes up cattle rustling. In the grip of their relentless code of loyalty, they fight a war in Tonto Basin, desperately, doggedly, neither side seeing the futility of the conflict. Surrounded by this volatile environment, young Jean finds himself hopelessly in love with a girl from whom he is separated by an impassable barrier.

A 5-Star Review: This is like all of Zane Greys novels, absolutely great. I think this may be one of his best, but they are all great!

Books Worth Reading:

Zane Grey Books # 17) Wanderer of the Wasteland

Zane Grey Books # 17

Book Summary: He Chose The World’s Deadliest Land: To Die, Or To Live Again. . .

Adam Laret, big, young and headstrong, ran from Ehrenberg to the banks of the Rio Colorado. He was blindly fleeing his scheming, gambling brother and the woman Guerd stole from him. But Adam’s escape wasn’t complete until Guerd, in the company of a sheriff, hunted him down. Then Adam committed the ultimate crime. With the mark of Cain upon him–he traveled into the desert to atone for his sins.

In a vast, harsh world of heat and beauty, of stealthy creatures and gnawing starvation, Adam faced death and madmen, Indians and strangers who lived where life was impossible. But nothing he did, no act of courage, righteousness, or violence, washed Adam clean. Until he met a woman and made a choice: to fight his way back to civilization, the most dangerous place of all. . .

A 5-Star Review: Zane Grey was one of the first grown up authors I read. Mother’s library had nearly all of them. They were adventure, history, romance, noble heroes, the highest of ideals and the purity of good women. I still turn to them occasionally. Wanderer of the Wasteland is the story of a good man, Adam. His years as a wanderer of the of the western desert. The first time I saw Death Valley, my experience was no doubt influenced by this book. Adam’s struggle to both physical and spiritual maturity is classic. The lives he touches, the people he loves. Highly recommended. – Rowan

Zane Grey Books # 18) Tappan’s Burro

Zane Grey Books # 18

Book Summary: You have brought me happiness, “said Tappan, to a small gray storm circling around his mother. “Your name is Janet. You are Bopo Tappana,” I think he will stick to you, “from the book,” Intelligence was a lonely business for Tappan, but his drum Jenet was a good company. She knew the dots and the water wells better. Thappan, from the burning heat and poisonous atmosphere of the Death Valley to the blind blizzards of the Arizona Mountains. Janet traced with him the faithful, the only friend, and he turned her loyalty to the ultimate, supreme effort of heart, will and spirit.

Books Worth Reading:

A 5-Star Review: If you like happy ending stories (for the animals involved) you will like this one. I have always loved animal stories but so many leave us with the animal meeting a unhappy ending. Walt Disney loved to give us tear-jerker stories that left me sad and pathetic and I prefer that the animals not die. This story is great and the Burro ends up free and happy. – D. Kirk

Zane Grey Books # 19) The Call of the Canyon

Zane Grey Books # 19

Book Summary: From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure. The story begins: What subtle strange message had come to her out of the West? Carley Burch laid the letter in her lap and gazed dreamily through the window. It was a day typical of early April in New York, rather cold and gray, with steely sunlight. Spring breathed in the air, but the women passing along Fifty-seventh Street wore furs and wraps. She heard the distant clatter of an L train and then the hum of a motor car. A hurdy-gurdy jarred into the interval of quiet.

A 5-Star Review: Call of the Canyon is one of the few Zane Grey Books I have not read before. I found it fascinating. This is the first book I’ve read about the happenings of World War One. I found a similarity with what I hear about our soldiers coming home today. The story was great. At first I did not like the character Carley but as I read more she began to grow on me. By the end of the book I was on her side. This might have been Zane Grey’s intention. Anyhow, I loved the book. If you like Zane Grey please give this one a try. It is worth the time! – Qunnah Anderson

Zane Grey Books # 20) Under the Tonto Rim

Zane Grey Books # 20

Book Summary: Lucy Watson, a young schoolteacher, is appointed welfare instructor in a community of isolated backwoods folk. She quickly overcomes their fears, and achieves popularity by the practical results of her work. She is especially successful with a strong, uncouth bee-hunter and love comes her way in the form of Edd Denmeade, a man giving the impression of extraordinary strength and suppleness. She comes to love the rugged life offered by the Old West.

A 5-Star Review: This marvelous book was funny in places, spellbind in other, while romance as woven throughout the book. It was difficult to put down until it was finished. WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! – Mabel Ebner

Zane Grey Books # 21) The Deer Stalker

Book Summary: Originally published in 1925, in THE DEER STALKER, Zane Grey readers will find all they have come to expect from their favorite Western author—swift action, magnificent descriptions of the desert and canyon country, plus the added valiant effort of a ranger’s struggle to save the doomed herd of deer on the Buckskin range.

Zane Grey makes the reader see this colorful Arizona country, makes him feel something of the awe that is the inevitable reaction of man to the majesty of one of nature’s miracles, makes him smell the tang of mingled pine and sagebrush, makes him thrill to the heroic struggle of a few dedicated men as they battle to undo the harm of the willful and greedy.

A 5-Star Review: I couldn’t put this book down once I got into it. I stayed up until two o’clock most nights. It was an exciting and action packed book. I think you will thoroughly enjoy it if you give it a try. – hopalong

Zane Grey Books # 22) The Thundering Herd

Book Summary: In this breathless tale of bravery and battle, of white man’s courage and red man’s daring, Zane Grey has written one of his finest novels – the great western writer’s story of the buffalo hunters, and the passing of the great herds of buffalo. The Thundering Herd is the story of the buffalo and of their near extinction when hide hunters swarmed the plains killing them by the tens of thousands, and at the same time helping to eliminate the Indians by killing their food supply. Grounded in the author’s sense of western history, it shows in no uncertain terms how white men were debased by the wanton destruction of the herds.

A 5-Star Review: I’ve read this book before and loved every page of it. I bought this hardback copy for a friend who manages the buffalo herd for one of Oklahoma’s indigenous tribes.  – vehoae

Zane Grey Books # 23) Nevada

Book Summary: First published in 1926 and 1927, “Nevada”, the suspenseful sequel to “Forlorn River”, continues to be one of Zane Grey’s most beloved novels. Four years after Nevada had killed three men to clear his friend’s name, Ben and Nevada are reunited, but fate again plays a mean trick, and Nevada becomes Jim Lacy again – killer, thief, rustler, and notorious gunman – in order to save Ben from financial ruin. In Nevada, another romantic couple comes along, Marvie Blaine, and the daughter of backwoods rustlers, Rose Hatt. The primary action of this novel is in Arizona, where the forces of good and evil clash as honest ranchers are threatened by pernicious rustlers. All conflicts are resolved, and loving-kindness breaks out at the end of the novel – after the gunfight.

A 5-Star Review: I loved this book! It has a lot of action and struggles pioneers faced in the west. What I thought was special was the story of the families and how they worked together to survive. Love was the glue that held everything together. Great story! – Susana C. Mata

Zane Grey Books # 24) Forlorn River

Book Summary: Driven away from home and hearth – and his sweetheart – by his father, Ben seeks refuge in the remote wilderness of Forlorn River. Bad deals have turned the world against him. Determined to show what he is made of and what he can do, Ben pursues a herd of wild horses. The herd leads him directly into danger: cattle thieves with connections in high places. Distrusted by the woman he loves, menaced by killers, and hounded by slander, Ben finds his day of reckoning at the edge of Forlorn River. What he does next will make him an outcast or a hero.

A 5-Star Review: Forlorn River is about early settlers on the Lost River of southern Oregon that begins in Clear Lake and empties into Tule Lake which are less than 100 miles apart. It’s a mushy love story. – Alexander Sapiens

Zane Grey Books # 25) Valley of Wild Horses

Book Summary: The tall, young Texan had gambled, fought, and killed in every town from Montana to Mexico. He’d been in plenty of places where there was no law, but this little hellhole was the worst.

Jard Hardman and his son Dick were the law. They owned the marshal and used him to rob the town blind.

These were the men Panhandle Smith had come to find-and destroy. Pan had bluffed them once, but the young gunfighter knew that this time they would call him!

A 5-Star Review: Zane Grey is a good teller of tales about the settling of the west. This story follows a youngster and his family from childhood to adult. This young man has trouble on the playground and an animosity is born that follows him into his later years.

The characters are well developed and there are plenty to keep track of. However, Zane makes that easily done because his descriptions help you form a picture in your mind that makes each one come alive.

I recommend this book. – kent lundberg

Zane Grey Books # 26) Stairs of Sand

Book Summary: The beautiful, young, and headstrong Ruth Virey gets herself in trouble with her fiery temper and impulsive ways. Willing to risk anything to escape her life at a “barren desert water-hole,” she finds herself having jumped from the frying pan into the fire until Adam Wansfell, her husband’s brother and murderer, shows up and professes his love for her. Excitement rises to a smashing climax when, in their fight to retain possession of a priceless waterhole, Ruth and Adam come face to face with the law and the man they both believed to be dead.

In Stairs of Sand, the desert country of Southern California and the amazingly beautiful canyon country of Arizona come vividly to life as the background of this thrilling Zane Grey story of life in the bold, action-packed days when the west was still a frontier.

A 5-Star Review: Wonderful western story Zane grey is a great western author all his books tell about the old west in great detail – Nadine Goodwin

Zane Grey Books # 27) Wild Horse Mesa

Book Summary: Into the rough plains of Utah roams the legendary Panquitch, a great wild stallion, that has eluded the countless wranglers who sought to capture him. Two daring brothers search for the wild stallion atop the high plateau where the animal leads his herd. One of the brothers, Chane, becomes obsessed with it and decides he has to have this wild horse…

A 5-Star Review: A wonderful story, as all of Zane grey books are. I would recomend this book to all you enjoy his novels. – Mabel Ebner

Zane Grey Books # 28) The Drift Fence

Book Summary: Zane Grey evokes the atmosphere, hardships and possibilities of the Old West like nobody else. Leaving Missouri with no knowledge of cattle ranching, Jim Traft of Missouri is put in charge of building one hundred miles of fence on his uncle’s western ranch to prevent cattle from drifting. The job puts him in conflict with the local community and he must find a balance. There’s also the lovely Molly Dunn to distract him; but how can he hope to woo the sister of his chief enemy? The Drift Fence shows how this tender young man struggles to overcome the odds he faces and ultimately wins over the heart of the beautiful young lass.

A 5-Star Review: This Story is a FABULOUS read! Full of action & romance as well! This Story could be called a history lesson, as well as a western way of life during this time of the late 1800’s! This Book is worth your time to read & is sure worth the purchase price! Enjoy Yourself Reading This Great Story! – Mystic Wolf

Zane Grey Books # 29) Rogue River Feud

Book Summary: Along the notorious Rogue River, gold seekers, crazed by the discovery of nuggets that made them rich overnight, are at war with one another. The river itself swarms with salmon, bringing along with them another kind of wealth and violent fighting between fishermen and the fish-packing monopoly. Into this scene comes Keven Bell, returning to face life after being handicapped by a disfiguring wound he received in World War I. Keven teams up with a broken-down fisherman and boatbuilder. When they try to buck the salmon-packing monopoly, they encounter violence and trickery; their boat is sunk and they are left to swim for their lives.

Keven is tended to by Beryl, the daughter of a gold miner. His convalescence is slow, but the autumn days, fishing and camping, make a woodland dream of romance. But no sooner has an operation straightened out Keven’s injuries than he is framed on a charge of murder in the salmon-packing war. Keven must carry on as best he can, along with what help Beryl and her old father can give, to clear his name and ensure his and Beryl’s safety on the turbulent Rogue.

Zane Grey’s vigorous storytelling and portrayal of violence in the wild make this novel one of his best. There is a deep emotional feeling for nature in the raw, for the great salmon runs, and for the clashes of men fighting for gold.

A 5-Star Review: Zane Grey said that he felt the love of wilderness and the beauty he found in nature is what informed his prose. I was knocked out by his descriptive powers. I am soon to raft the Rogue River that he talks about so lovingly in this tale. I will re-read the first chapter of the book when I return in hopes of capturing some of the magic of the “devious and deceitful river” in my own writing. The dialogue, a reflection of the time period, made me smile. Insights to the human psyche are deep and penetrating. I have not read Riders of the Purple Sage, or any of his many other award winning novels that were made into films. I am pleased to discover the brilliance of this masterful author. – Linda Ballou

Zane Grey Books # 30) The Shepherd of Guadaloupe

Book Summary: A soldier returns home to find his parents displaced and their property stolen in this classic Western.

“He leaned propped against the rail of the great ship, in an obscure place aft, shadowed by the life-boats. It was the second night out of Cherbourg and the first time for him to be on deck. The ridged and waved Atlantic, but for its turbulence, looked like the desert undulating away to the uneven horizon. The roar of the wind in the rigging bore faint resemblance to the wind in the cottonwoods at home—a sound that had haunted him for all the long years of his absence. There was the same mystery in the black hollows of the sea as from boyhood he had seen and feared in the gloomy gulches of the foothills.”

So begins Zane Grey’s The Shepherd of Guadaloupe. After surviving the brutality of the First World War, Clifton Forrest returns home to find that his childhood home was stolen from his family. With his parents robbed of their property and the area under the firm control of his old acquaintance, Lundeen, Cliff must fight both his enemy and his ailing body to regain the right to a peaceful life on the land he once called home. The Shepherd of Guadaloupe tells Cliff’s heroic journey as he battles Lundeen while juggling his love for his parents and the love of Lundeen’s daughter, Virginia.

A 5-Star Review: Zane Grey is always great. His books are the first novels I read many years ago when I was in school, and I have loved them ever since. – Nadine Goodwin

Zane Grey Books # 31) The Dude Ranger: A Western Story

Book Summary: Upon the death of his uncle, Ernest Selby, a young man from Iowa, inherits the Red Rock Ranch in Arizona. When he learns that the ranch’s 20,000 cattle have dwindled to 6000 he suspects foul play. Ernest decides to go under cover in order to investigate these strange circumstances and lands a job on his own ranch, posing as a tenderfoot cowboy under a different name. As he makes friends and enemies and courts Annie, the daughter of the crooked foreman, Ernest learns to enjoy cowboy life. He knows that his charade must end eventually, but not until he can find the truth behind the disappearance of so many cattle—and win Annie’s heart.

The Dude Ranger is a classic western story written by Zane Grey, one of the best-selling authors of all time. Follow Ernest Selby as the young dude quickly learns to be a rancher, a law-enforcer, and a cowboy.

A 5-Star Review: No other western writer can best Zane Grey in the development of interesting, likeable characters; romantic and violent intrigue; description of western scenery; and melodramatic endings. Darnell Clevenger, author of the western novel The Killers of Escondido. – Darnell Clevenger

Zane Grey Books # 32) Sunset Pass: A Western Story

Book Summary: Trueman Rock is a daring young cowboy and rider. Six years ago he had to leave the cowtown of Wagontongue because of a history of gunfights and run-ins with bad hombres. Since then, he’s become a man who only uses his gun when he needs to, on rustlers and crooks. Now, he’s returning to his hometown. But things have changed. The town and its people aren’t what they used to be. He expects to find some of his enemies there to welcome him, but instead finds they’re all dead. In their place is the Preston family.

The Prestons have just about taken over the town of Sunset Pass and reign supreme. But Trueman discovers that there’s a brooding mystery surrounding the Preston clan, centered on Ash, the eldest son. Ash is a cold, vicious, and slippery man. Unfortunately for Trueman, he finds himself falling in love with Thiry Preston, Ash’s sister. Ash holds a jealous love for her and she’ll do just about anything he says, and he’s ruined more than one love-struck cowboy before Trueman came along.

Trueman Rock’s quest to win over the girl he’s fallen for brings him face-to-face with the sinister true face of the Preston clan and their control of Wagontongue, and he must confront them to be with Thiry and save the town he loves. Sunset Pass, first published in 1931, is another dramatic tale of the West by Zane Grey.

A 5-Star Review: Relationships captured and layered; love of youth juxtaposed with love of family; love of right over wrong; painted on the canvas of the inherent beauty of the American West.. A love story with a happy ending. An action packed gun-slinging western with the hero on a magnificent white horse killing the bad guy. – Robert Saint-Aubin

Zane Grey Books # 33) Arizona Ames

Book Summary: This late-period Zane Grey is one of the best of his novels. Rich Ames didn’t set out to be a gunslinger – it was forced on him. After the bad guys try to “ruin” his twin sister Nesta, Ames grabs his pistols and the bloody gunfight follows. Unfortunately, his criminal actions force him to flee from his beloved Nesta and his happy Tonto Rim home, pursued by the law. 

A 5-Star Review: Love the combination of old west, Wild West, romance and the quick action that comes with the turn of a page. Love the characters so typical of Mr. Gray. A good read if you like old style westerns. The reader understands the language was sometimes very rough but you don’t see the curse words that kids don’t need to see, I appreciate the moral applications as well. Good clean reading. – Jerry

Zane Grey Books # 34) The Hash Knife Outfit: A Western Story

Book Summary: They are just about as bad and evil as outlaw gangs come. But in the end, they finally go straight.

Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction that takes place in the old West. Westerns—books about outlaws, sheriffs, chiefs and warriors, cowboys and Indians—are a genre in which we publish regularly. Our list includes international bestselling authors like Zane Gray and Louis L’Amour, and many more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

A 5-Star Review: As in all Zane Grey novels he provides vivid descriptions of the areas he describes. You can almost feel you are there. He gives lots of Western action with a little romance thrown in for good measure. – Stephen Hansen

Zane Grey Books # 35) Code of the West

Book Summary: Code B-I.The code of chivalry, a standard of honor between men and of loyalty and decency between a girl and a man. When Georgiana Stockwell came to the Tonto Basin from the East she had heard neither of chivalry nor of loyalty, she cared only to have the attention of as many men as possible and to have her own way with them.

A 5-Star Review: I  first read this book while in public school many years ago and it is still enjoyable. The characters male/female behaviors and moral codes are clearly tied to the time period reflected in the author’s lifetime and would be out-of-context in a contemporary novel, but reflective of a simpler time when society’s choices were also less complex. For fans of western novels few writers can equal the romantic content and action of a Zane Grey book! – DW_4343

Zane Grey Books # 36) The Trail Driver

Book Summary: From the best-selling novelist of the American West, comes a novel of romance, danger, and life along the trail.

After his first successful venture of moving 2,500 cattle along the infamous Chisholm Trail, Adam Brite couldn’t resist the allure of a second drive. To prepare for his greatest and most dangerous prospect yet, Brite begins purchasing cattle at every possible opportunity he gets and searching for an able crew to aid him in the arduous journey from San Antonio to Dodge City. He recruits a diverse cast of characters all left penniless after the Civil War: Trail boss and veteran driver Joe Shipman; Alabama Moze, the cook; Hal Bender, a friendly brute; The Uvalde quintet, a strapping group all under the age of twenty; and Pan Handle Smith, a striking Texas outlaw who never sleeps.

As they begin their journey north, Brite looks over the vast western landscape and his men attempting to herd the thousands of cattle from afar. In spite of the awe-inspiring scene, he grows fearful that Indians or inclement weather may make the excursion too dangerous with such a limited amount of drivers. As Brite begins to doubt the operation, a mysterious, young drifter named Reddie Bayne rides into their camp, and Brite offers him a job. Shortly afterwards, two unwanted guests arrive at the camp searching for the boy, and Brite quickly realizes that Bayne is not what he seems.

In this classic western tale by Zane Grey, raging rivers, powerful storms, stampedes, treachery, trail rustlers, and Comanche Indian raiders threaten the outfit and their stock along the trail. However, the greatest surprise lies right within the outfit, when an unlikely heroine appears—a young girl disguised as a cowboy.

A 5-Star Review: From start to finish we follow cattle rancher Adam Brite as he puts together a crew of too few men to drive four thousand cattle from San Antonio to Dodge City. He fights rustlers, storms, Indians, rivers and loses some of his drovers along the way. He does pick up one though, but later finds this young pup of a drover is not the teenage boy he thinks he is. Great book. If you liked the old TV show Rawhide, you can almost imagine the scenes of the cattle battling the elements and the problems of everyday life and misfortune on the trail. – Warren A. Lewis

Zane Grey Books # 37) The Lost Wagon Train

Book Summary: The story of a Civil War soldier finding his humanity in the face of horrible savagery.

Emerging from the Civil War a shamed and broken man, Stephen Latch turns to a life of thievery and murder. Still hoping to uphold the values of the Confederacy, Latch sets his sights on the wealth of resources pouring westward from the northern United States, putting together a band of ruthless misfits to help him stake his claim of the riches of the caravans.

Latch’s plan calls for an unusual alliance, one made with Chief Satana and his band of Kiowas. The Kiowas are in desperate need of “firewater”—the rum and whiskey that Latch keeps secreted away—and Latch plans to use it to inspire them to levels of barbarism not seen anywhere else. Once the caravan drivers and passengers are dispatched with, Latch and his men will spirit away the now ownerless wagons, never to be seen again.

The Lost Wagon Train follows Latch on his greatest attack against a train of 160 wagons, and shows how the once-haunted man turns a corner and finds a new life away from the ways of the brigand.

A 5-Star Review: Really enjoyed this Zane Gray western. Looking for more of this type of action western. Have only read a few of his works so far. – Ron Vinatieri

Zane Grey Books # 38) Knights of the Range

Book Summary: When her father dies, sheltered young Holly Ripple gains possession of his vast cattle empire, plagued by rustlers and desperadoes. But she stands firm and soon has earned the reputation of a strong-willed cattle queen.

A 5-Star Review: A great collection of stories. I tend to use my Kindle only as a portable electronic library of the hardcopy books I own, as I find proprietorship is as important an aspect of knowledge as is the information, itself. So I have read these stories many, many timesnof the course of my life. Now, I read them aloud to my 10 year old son while we wait for the fish to bite or bedtime after a lony winter day’s hunt, just as my father did with me and his with him. With the Zane Grey museum less than 50 miles away from our home, we’ve visited enough to feel he and his stories are woven into the fabric of our family. – John Fud Zavacki

Zane Grey Books # 39) West of the Pecos

Book Summary: From one of the bestselling western novelists of all time, comes another classic story.
Templeton Lambeth had so desperately wanted a son– an heir to ride by his side through the vast, wild ranges just west of the Pecos River. But to his disappointment, his wife bore a girl. His hopes crushed and in denial, he decides to raise his daughter as if she were a boy. In honor of Lambeth’s more successful brother, they named her: Terrill.
Upon the arrival of the Civil War, Lambeth enlists in Lee’s army, leaving behind his wife and tomboy daughter, with hopes to reconcile living in the shadow of his brother. By the time the war ends, Lambeth returns a colonel and his wife has passed. Tired of his old life as a cotton planter, he packs up with his tomboy daughter, Rill, and heads for the alluring western frontier to start anew.

After they arrive in the West, the Colonel is brutally murdered. Rill, disguised as a youth of eighteen who rode with the toughest, is left to fend for herself in the Wild West swarming with outlaws. Enter the one they called Pecos Smith–a rugged desperado with a mysterious past and one bad reputation. Though, he may not be what he seems.
Filled with adventure, bandits, and the beautiful landscape of America in its formative years, West of the Pecos is a classic tale by one of the greatest novelists of the American west.

A 5-Star Review: This is a good Zane Grey book to start with. Next, I would recommend Riders of the Purple Sage
and then The Rainbow Trail. These are all set in the west. He also has a few books set in the Ohio River Valley during the U.S. Revolutionary War. They are also good. He has great characterization. – W. West

Zane Grey Books # 40) Majesty’s Rancho

Book Summary: “Majesty’s Rancho” is the sequel to “The Light of Western Stars”, both by Zane Grey. Here we meet the next generation at the ranch. It is wild with college age fun and a mix of gangsters meeting the old west. After Lance Sidway comes to the defense of beautiful Madge Stewart and ends up on the wrong side of the law, he escapes to Arizona and finds work on her father’s ranch. Fate certainly seems to want these two together! However, gangsters are rustling cattle from Stewart’s ranch and the leader, Honey Bee Uhl, has a thing for Madge as well. This crazy tangle comes to a head when Uhl kidnaps Madge for a ransom and wants to keep her for himself. Lance won’t allow it, even if it means a fight to the death.

A 5-Star Review: This is the sequel to The Light of Western Stars. I had read both books about 20 years ago and wanted copies of my own. This story has to do with the daughter of the couple from the first book. She is out of college and wants to have fun with her friends at the ranch during the summer. Of course, a number of adventures happen as she falls in love with a cowboy and his horse! – Phyllis Brown

Zane Grey Books # 41) Raiders of Spanish Peaks

Book Summary: A classic tale of drama on the frontier, a thrilling tale of a how a man’s home is truly his castle. The Lindsay family has come west hoping to help the father, John, recover from an illness. When they arrive, they are induced to purchase Spanish Peaks Ranch, an abandoned United States military post surrounded by mountains. It seems like a perfect place to settle into their new life as ranchers. As they soon find out, though, this deserted fort is equally suited for both protection and imprisonment. In fact, they’ve been swindled into buying the longtime headquarters and hideout for a band of thieves and rustlers. Almost as soon as they get to work, the Lindsay family’s peace is disturbed, and their protected new homestead quickly becomes an isolated outpost as rustlers begin to harass their herds. John Lindsay discovers there are spies among his faithful cowboys. Things continue to get worse until finally their brewing hostilities climax in a nighttime attack, leading to all-out war and the abduction of one of the Lindsay girls and elopement of another. John must fight against treason on the inside and enemies on the outside to keep his family and new life safe.

A 5-Star Review: This is the first Zane Grey I’ve ever read. It was very good and wished I’d read his books earlier in my life. Great story, moved right along, and kept my interest peaked right to the end. – Larry McClure

Zane Grey Books # 42) Western Union

Book Summary: Young Harvard man Wayne Cameron travels west and meets his destiny. There, he falls in with a brave group of Westerners struggling to fulfill a dangerous, desperate and thrilling dream – to carry through a thousand miles of dangerous wilderness a single strand of iron wire for a company called the Western Union. This wire will complete a telegraph line linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Along the way they will have to contend with Indians, a bleak winter and those against them. On this life changing journey Cameron also meets Kit Sunderlund and in doing so finds a place he wants to settle down in, should the wire reach Ft. Bridger at all.

A 5-Star Review: Amazing true story of the Telegraph is captured and written by Zane Grey (1872-1939), a great author of dozens of exciting books. Hiram Sibley, head of the Western Union, visited his friend President Abraham Lincoln and shared with him the innovative idea of stretching a telegraph wire across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains to the Pacific. Lincoln was impressed, so he decided to ask the Congress for an appropriation. But Sibley was so determined with the plan that long before he knew if the Congress would help, he sent for his chief engineer, Edward Creighton. The engineer had just returned from California after a year-long trip. He suggested that they could stretch the wire through the Oregon Trail, an `impracticable and impossible’ job. Congress appropriated only $400,000 for the building of the telegraph wire, which was a huge disappointment for Sibley and Creighton.

Grey wrote in simple language. His books are easy reads. – ubalu

Zane Grey Books # 43) 30,000 on the Hoof

Book Summary: Logan Huett thought he knew the West. Once a scout with the Army, he was familiar with both the hardships and rewards of pioneer life. But not even Logan could foresee the challenges that lay ahead for him and his young wife Lucinda – raising a brood of headstrong children, struggling to achieve financial security in the wilderness, concealing a long-buried family secret, and, finally, surviving the tragedy dealt them by a devastating war.

A 5-Star Review: It had all the elements of pioneering the West, settling the land, building a rich life with love and hard work. Raising cattle, farming, hunting and fighting cattle rustlers, and always building a safe home and family. From Civil to the horrors of the first WW with the grief and resurrection of a beaten family. I really enjoyed the experience, I wept, was indignant, and chortled throughout the story. If you enjoy stories of the old west this has it all. – Jovi

Zane Grey Books # 44) Twin Sombreros: A Western Story

Book Summary: When Brazos Keene, a haunted cowboy with an honorable streak, comes across Twin Sombreros Ranch, he finds himself dragged into a vicious family feud. A convenient fall guy, Brazos is accused of the murder of Allen Neece, son of Abe Neece. The Neeces are the former owners of Twin Sombreros, but lost it to the Surface family when their $50,000 herd of cattle mysteriously disappeared, turning the once-proud Abe into a broken man as he and his twin daughters are kicked off their former land.

Brazos barely manages to avoid a hanging, but when he falls for one of the Neece girls he decides he can’t just leave without finding out who really killed Allen and what’s at the bottom of this war over the ranch. As he starts to champion the Neece family, all hell breaks loose and Brazos comes across one violent encounter after another. Brazos becomes an instrument of vengeance, furiously shooting his way through the web of lies and greed that now hangs over Twin Sombreros Ranch.

Zane Grey returns with another grand story of action and romance. First published in 1940, Twin Sombreros is a tale from the true master of the Western about a good man doing what he can to right a wrong.

A 5-Star Review: The majority of Zane Grey’s western novels are very good —- but Twin Sombreros has to be in the “top ten”. Is it somewhat “typical” of Grey’s “cowboy hero”? Of course it is … it wouldn’t be a classic western without that element, but this one has a special situation between that cowboy and the twin sisters he gets in the middle of! – Truth Seeker

Zane Grey Books # 45) Shadow on the Trail

Book Summary: In the days of the frontier West, it was not unusual for desperadoes and fugitives from justice to seemingly disappear from the face of the earth. Shadow on the Trail by Zane Grey, one of the bestselling authors of all-time, is the story of one such man who returned to reestablish himself in a law-abiding society. In Texas, young bank robber Wade Holden, once the toughest, fastest triggerman in the notorious Simm Bell gang, makes a promise to his dying mentor that he will go straight. He is tired of shooting, riding, and fighting. All he wants now is to settle down on the ranch for a nice peaceful life. But with the Rangers on his tail, he struggles to find sanctuary. With the help of a young woman and her family, he attempts to turn his life around in Arizona.

A 5-Star Review: This has become one of my favorite of Zane Grey’s novels. A teenager… desperado and gunman more by other than choice, goes on the run after his band gets run down by the Texas Rangers. Through the ensuing years, always looking over his shoulder and a step-and-a-half in front of the long memory of the Rangers still in pursuit, our unlikely hero finds himself fighting for right over might and dishonor. He’s haunted by the past. He fears his new friends will hate him should they somehow find out his true identity. He knows he’ll get his comeuppance. Zane Grey’s romantic depiction of the southwest, the settler’s wagon trains, regional dialect, cattle drives and rustlers, the desolation and weather, the law and the lawless is unparalleled. “Shadow on the Trail” is one fast paced, interesting tale. – Storm X

Zane Grey Books # 46) Lost Pueblo

Book Summary: A millionaire’s daughter is kidnapped from her plush home and forced to join the rigors of an archaeological dig, and when she begins to fall in love with her captor, she wonders if she really wants to return to the lap of luxury.

A 5-Star Review: I think what is best about this book is how it is different from other westerns. A New York widowed millionaire, unhappy with the company his daughter, Janey Endicott, keeps and the money hungry suitors that she attracts, travels out to Arizona to take her away from those relationships. Here they both meet a hard working archeologist who impresses Mr. Endicott to the point he feels that Phillip Randolph is just the man to marry his daughter to. While there is an attraction between Janey and Phillip, they won’t admit it. Mr Endicott makes an offer to Phillip, that is to kidnap Janey and take her to his dig site two days ride away, and keep her until she falls in love with him. Janey overhears the offer, and allows herself to be kidnapped, and steps her wildness up a few notches when they arrive at the dig site. The adventure becomes anything but what was intended. It’s just different, and it is just good. –  Warren A. Lewis

Zane Grey Books # 47) Stranger from the Tonto

Book Summary: He had promised a dying prospector to even an old score and he meant to keep his word – with his guns!

A 5-Star Review: This story reminded me of the Riders of the Purple Sage. The story is exciting, wonder filled and beautiful. At times violent but also whimsical. The story of the hole in the wall gang is filled with deception and love. The characters of Kent Wingfield and Lucy Bonesteel are key. Through the chance meeting with Bill Elway, Kent finds his life’s journey. Lucy, Spades, Clubfoot and Paiute make this story come alive. A great, entertaining story. Loved it! – Susana C. Mata

Zane Grey Books # 48) The Arizona Clan

Book Summary: This is a high-spirited adventure from a true legend of Western storytelling. Kansas rider Dodge Mercer is an ex-gunslinger hungry for the quiet life and seeking only a little corner of peace in Arizona, so he drifts west looking for a spread of his own, but he runs up against the Southwest’s three most dangerous things: a beautiful young woman, sorghum booze runners, and hot-flying lead!

A 5-Star Review: My husband has been a Zane Grey fan since childhood, and has loved re-reading his books again. This was a title he hadn’t been able to find, so we were delighted to be able to order it. It arrived in time and in stated condition. As soon as he opened the wrapper, he started reading and didn’t put it down until he was done! It is now on his treasured shelf of other Grey novels! – Connie Kratky

Zane Grey Books # 49) Horse Heaven Hill

Book Summary: Hurd Blanding and his men stampeded 3,000 wild horses into a savage trap–to slaughter and sell them for chicken feed. But one young girl loved the strength and beauty of these wild animals. With the help of a wealthy rancher, she fought to free them. And only a bullet could stop her!

Zane Grey Books # 50) The Fugitive Trail

Book Summary: In order to save his cowardly gambler brother, Bruce Lockheart hits the fugitive trail, accused of a crime he did not commit and pursued by a relentless ranger and the woman who loves him. He is doomed to lie, kill and forever ride the Fugitive Trail.

A 5-Star Review: Zane Grey writes a five-star story of a girl named Trinity Spencer, so named because a family named Spencer finds her abandoned near the Trinity River in Texas, which flows mainly north and south and goes west of Dallas. She grows to young womanhood in the Spencer home near Denison (barely on the Texas side of the Red River), and falls for the weaker of two twins, the Lockheart brothers.

The weak brother joins an outlaw gang and helps rob a bank in Denison; Bruce, the strong one, talks the weak one into letting him take the fall, Trinity overhears the conversation, drops the weak Lockheart, and rides a stagecoach west, the direction she thinks Bruce went. She eventually reaches a ranch owned by a man named Melrose, who turns out to be her true father; she plans to stop there for a time. Bruce shows up, and the remainder of the book is about the love between Bruce and Trinity, about an effort by Bruce to be someone else, about the Texas Ranger hunt for Bruce, and about a fight in which Bruce, a group of cowboys, and a group of Texas Rangers take on a bunch of cattle rustlers.

The book tells the location of the Melrose ranch relative to Llano Estacado and the Brazos River, but it’s hard to understand; I think it’s somewhere near a north-south line between Dickens and Clarendon, east of Lubbock and Amarillo. The story’s as good a western as I’ve read, ever. David Carlyle, “Another Land.” – David Carlyle


Recognized as father of the modern American western novel, Zane Grey goes down as one of the most popular and beloved western fiction writers for generations. If you love action-packed western fiction, then we encourage you to check out our list of similar western authors here. And if you are looking for a book you can read for free, check out this month’s free read.

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