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Cutthroat Junction Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #26

Bonanza features the life and connection of the Cartwrights within their family and community through its weekly hour-long episodes. Cutthroat Junction, written by Nat Tanchuck, was first aired on March 18, 1961. This episode became the fifty-eighth episode of Bonanza and the last-minute replacement for the episode “The Gift,” broadcasted the following week.

The Cartwrights accompany troubleshooter Jed Trask (Robert Lansing) to a town called Cut Throat Junction. Trask’s freight company assigned him to round up a gang of thieves disrupting the delivery of goods and mail, giving him the freedom to accomplish the task by all means.

However, Trask suddenly gets fired in the middle of his mission. Disgruntled by the change of events, Trask switches sides, joining the thieves in their efforts to hijack vital shipments heading for Virginia City.

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Watch the Full Episode of Cutthroat Junction

Watch the Full Episode of Cutthroat Junction:

Main Cast

Cutthroat Junction, Bonanza’s twenty-sixth episode for its second season, stars the following cast:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Robert Lansing as Jed Trask
  • Shirley Ballard as Belle Trask
  • Dick Wessel as Big Mike Campbell (as Richard Wessel)
  • John Harmon as Weasel
  • J. Edward McKinley as Walker
  • Dan White as Simms
  • Robert Anderson as Thorn (as Bob Anderson)
  • Jim Hayward as Jose McCorkland
  • Robert Adler as Stage Driver
  • Bob Miles as Gang Member
  • John Barton as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chet Brandenburg as Bartender (uncredited)
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bill Clark as Gang Member (uncredited)
  • Jaye Durkus as Gang Member (uncredited)
  • Chuck Hamilton as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Ethan Laidlaw as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bob LaWandt as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Cactus Mack as Gang Member (uncredited)
  • Rod McGaughy as Gang Member (uncredited)
  • John Rice as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jack Tornek as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Cutthroat Junction

Sierra Freight and Stage Lines, a freight company, sends a troubleshooter, Jed Trask, to handle what’s interrupting the arrival of mail and supplies in Virginia City for six weeks. The company gives Jed and his wife, Belle Trask, all the means to get Sierra on schedule again, even if it requires them to kill someone.

The Cartwrights, led by Ben, join the Trasks as they head to the Latigo (Cutthroat Junction), which, according to Ben, is a town full of killers.

Jed and Ben visit the private office of the duly appointed division superintendent of the Sierra. At the same time, the Cartwright boys go to the livery stable. Jed orders Big Mike to leave town, then straightens up the depot. However, Big Mike has other plans to handle Jed. Joe comes to the office, informing Jed and Ben about the mail and supplies stocked at a barn in town.

Jed and the Cartwrights discover the barn loaded with supplies not only for Virginia City but for half the West. Joe suggests they start moving some of it through the stage by the end of the week. Jed agrees, then assures them he’ll send a message to the home office to load the rest of the stuff.

Big Mike sets an ambush, severely injuring Jed. The Cartwrights retaliated immediately, but Big Mike managed to escape.

Jed wakes up in bed, then tells Belle he needs to continue his assignment. However, when he tried to stand up, the pain hit him. Belle assures Jed that the Cartwrights are taking care of everything, but Jed doubts they know how even to manage a stage line. He thanks Belle for asking the Cartwrights to stay and run the depot. Jed insists on running down Big Mike and putting fear into everybody to accomplish his task. Belle worries Jed will only get hurt doing so, but Jed assures her that he’s doing this for her.

The following day, the stagecoach for Virginia City arrives in Latigo. The driver has a letter for Jed. Ben and Jed think it’s a paycheck. However, Jed’s mood turns bitter upon reading the content. He asks Ben to assist him on the wheelchair Belle brought, then they go outside, reminding the people he’s still in the town.

The Cartwrights recognize Jed’s loyalty to the Sierra, but Ben thinks he’s more of a fanatic.

Belle noticed that the letter had been bothering Jed for a while. Jed tells her it’s company business, but Belle insists it’s more than that. Jed reveals that the company has fired him, devastated that they kicked him out after serving them for ten years. Belle assures Jed that he’ll find other jobs, but he doesn’t like the idea. Instead, he plans to ruin Sierra no matter what it takes.

Jed visits the gang of thieves, offering them a setup that can bring them more money. They initially hesitate since they know Jed’s a loyal company man but agree later.

Jed and his gang of thieves find Big Mike’s camp. He ruthlessly kills him, then guides the crew to raid every Sierra freight shipment. Jed does all this behind the Cartwrights, who still believe he’s recovering from his injuries.

Ben reports to Jed that another freighter hasn’t arrived. Jed tells Ben it’s Big Mike, but Ben believes someone else is behind the overdue, someone who knows the shipment reports and schedules.

Later, one of the town citizens brought Big Mike’s dead body to town. Ben realizes it is Jed’s doing, which Jed confirms by standing up and claiming the place is his now.

The Cartwright set forth to get the Sierra back in business, so Virginia City and the Ponderosa receive their supplies immediately. They confront Jed in the town bar, along with a few honest citizens in Latigo who believe it’s time for Jed and his men to leave.

Jed and his gang of thieves set camp outside the town. He plans to return to town, burn the barn and the people in it, and kill anyone running out. Belle refuses to support Jed, especially in his plan to shoot the Cartwrights in cold blood. However, blinded by anger, he slaps her to the ground.

The Cartwrights and a few townsmen are busy arranging the supplies for the next stagecoach. Belle enters the barn with a rifle to escort the Cartwrights out of town. Hoss manages to stop her, and she begins sobbing. Belle reveals that Jed is planning to burn them out, with the Sierra firing him taking a massive toll on his life.

Later that evening, Jed and his gang arrive as they planned. However, the Cartwrights and the townspeople were ready for their arrival, so they started firing at them before they could set the barn on fire. Jed and his gang immediately took cover inside. Ben warns them to surrender or they’ll burn out. Terrified, his gang members yield on their own, leaving him alone in the barn.

Ben approaches Jed to talk to him. However, Jed starts shooting Ben. In the end, Jed leaves the barn, then falls to the ground to his death.

The shipment finally returns to its normal state in Virginia City, except for the rate increase. Meanwhile, Belle Trask has a show in Comstock Hotel as the world’s greatest woman trick shot. The Cartwrights decide to have dinner at the hotel and watch their friend’s show.

Full Script and Dialogue of Cutthroat Junction


hey i see what i tell you no stage or

meal today or any other day

well now the sierra is doing the best it

can we've been cut off for mail and

supplies for six weeks now

let's tear down the plan for just a

minute hold it there

hold it now just a minute and look when

you asked me to head up this committee

you said we'd work out some kind of

peaceful plan to get the stage back on

schedule we'd begin to act like a mob

then we business man are fighting for

our lives the sierra's pushing us to the


we're beginning to feel the same pinch

of lack of male and supplies out in the

ponderosa too that doesn't mean we have


lose our heads and become violent about

it you ranchers don't have to pay 30

a sack for flour or 50 cents a pound for


else pays right here in virginia city

now let's all just settle down and

let's talk to sims about it oh well i

wrote a letter to the head office

they're sending out a troubleshooter

good by the time he gets here we'll all

be broke yeah the sierra is responsible

for the high prices around here

making things scarce and hard to get and

sims is the sierra in this town

i say let's run

go ahead tear up the sierra and run me

out of town now go ahead mr walker

sam's you get these citizens of sierra

property yes sir hold on sims

and what gives you the authority to come

in here and threaten us with a gun

mister there are 26 men have questioned

my authority

now they're all dead i thought it wasn't

enough for you

how about that




you won't have any more trouble sims i'm

on my way to latigo to get the sierra

running on schedule again

latigo just contrast that town's poison

yeah i got the antidote right here well

i understand that

every no good gunman in the west is held

up in latigo yeah that's right

they're using it as a base to burn and

plunder our stages and our freight


oh one man and one gun won't stand much

of a chance against a whole town of


that's my job i'm paid to do it

of course if there are any volunteers to

help me clean out latigo

well now you can't count on them fellers

out there they've all got their

businesses to take care of

what businesses if this era ever stops

running through here this will be a

ghost town

oh it never fails you scratch a citizen

with talk of volunteering his gun and he

runs like a whip

dog ain't that the truth honey

sure is jed mr crasque

i agree to head up this committee and

not backing down from it

yeah well you might want to reconsider

if anything happens to you the sierra

won't pay for as much as a pine box

you know this era is far more important

to us than it is to itself

as far as your company's concerned it's

only so much profits

as far as we're concerned the sierra is

our lifeline to the outside world

all right be ready to leave it set up

ronnie looks like we bought ourselves

another gun oh you're wrong

you bought yourself four more guns my

sons will go alone

the quicker this is settled the better

we'll all like it good


i want one thing understood my first

concern is the sierra

when we get to latigo you'll all take

orders from me

that's agreeable crask as long as you

remember that we're not hired gunman

look let's get things straight

i'm tired of people thinking of me as a

hired gun i bring law and order

to the sierra wherever it needs it all

right now it needs it allowed to go

well we're we're all for law and order

to ask

just want you to know that we we don't

intend to

shoot first and ask questions later and

i don't intend to wind up on boot hill

with a bullet in my back this is the

only kind of law those kind of men will


well ladies doesn't sound like any

picnic ground

maybe ought to send mrs trask back to

virginia city

bill adam cartwright's worried about you

he thinks maybe i ought to send you back

you're my man jed

when you tell me to go back i'll go



that's another one of our wagons

only a half a day out of latigo






you know on a town like this the

undertaker's leading citizen


i'll have them heat some water for your

bath jet probably about an hour

well you can still back out if you want


we have no intention of backing out why

don't you suit yourself

i'll be over the sierra it's right

across the street


peaceful place

let's get the horses delivery stick

plenty of cash in this and big mike uh

look look at them greenbacks

did trash who's in for you

mike campbell you're through get out

tender's me to everett all right try

some melt in your mouth

maybe you didn't hear me i said you're


trash you're invading the private office

of the duly appointed division

superintendent of the sierra

mike you've got one hour to get out of


well if i'm gonna leave town i might as

well travel on a full stomach

mike you forgot something


all right you too come on me well see ya


i was only one hour

all right now that we got rid of big

mike we can get started straightening up

this dude

look chad you're not gonna let them ride

off scot-free they must be prosecuted

prosecuted with what there isn't any law

in this town first things first ben

i work for the sierra jet when i came


you came along you promised you'd take

orders from me

look ben latigo is like a snake

you cut off its head and the rest of it

will die

after an hour he only give us an hour

that's time enough for you to go round

up gold baker and his partner meet me in


anybody finds out he took over you got

no business in this town look you just

do like i say i'll take a

jet track

this has been a lot to go on a little

while longer big mike would have owned

virginia city

he's never that smart man there's some

more records to check

hey come on take a look at the barn it's

full of mail and supplies

hey paul take a look at this it's where

all the mail's been

closest i ever got to virginia city well

there's enough stuff here to keep the

town happy for a couple of months

you know there must be supplies and mail

out here for half the west

take us a month of sunday straighten all

this out now there's a stage coming in

the end of the week we can start moving

some of it out then

hey you know for young when you're real

smart jeff

yeah you know we're gonna need

half a dozen wagons and teams to load

this stuff up well there'll be a courier

through here

i'll send the message to the home office

i'll go back to the stage depot right

now and write it out

come supper time i'll see y'all i'll buy

the drinks

all right i may misjudge that one

yeah he's gotta admit one thing he sure

knows his business

that's for sure seems like this town's

already fighter just since he's been


well this mail isn't gonna load itself

come on let's get to work

yeah yeah

you're on my way boy you're in my way


trash said how are you giving me this up

i'm gonna enjoy watching you die

we're out of here you vulture

he's hardly breathing he'll be all right


get the doctor right

you wanted to be part of this well now

you are

which one of you was going to kill mike


boys let's get him upstairs

bill bell

i'm here jed i'm here

i can't stay trust up like this i got a

job to do

you're not getting out of this bed until

the doctor says so come on you stop

mother hunting me

i'm in shape right now to get back on

the job oh

there you see

chad quit worrying the cartwrights are

down at the station right now

now they're taking care of everything

what are the codewords know about

running a stage line

thought you'd be happy knowing they were

staying on well i'm not

in much shape right now to jump for joy

just the same i'm glad that he asked you

to stay on and run the depot all i have

to do now is figure out a way of running

down big mike

leave well enough b jed big mike has run

like a whip dog

well enough won't leave me be

i can't let a man put a bullet hole in

me and get away with it every two-bit

gunman in the west would want to try the

same thing

everybody knows he tricked you you have

nothing to gain tracking him down like a

hired killer

don't you call me a hired killer

i didn't i didn't

honey i've got a job to do

to do that job right i've got to put the

fear of jed trask into everybody and

keep it there

fear jet of respect it's the same thing


my gun got me my job and my gun is going

to keep it

if i let big mike stay alive everybody

would say the sand was running out of my


ted i just can't stand seeing you get

hurt again

i thought you understood something there

are only two things in my life

my work and you

my work is the only way i know to get

you the things i want for you



hey all right stay from virginia city

very much accepts the mail and stuff

from his home office

well we'll have plenty of letters for

you to deliver to virginia city tell

adam and has to start loading


don't see big mike around no i guess you

won't either

jed crass relieved him of his job my

name is carter my sons and i are helping

him out

judd dress huh yeah i heard the

company's making some changes here

didn't figure they'd send out a task

why's a good troubleshooter trouble with

some troubleshooters

they're sometimes bigger trouble they're

sent out here to cure

is that what you think about trask i do

so do a lot of others at the home office

wrecking trashcan want these letters and

weight bills and this one's for


oh you want me to deliver it no siree

this is one pleasure i want for myself

i've waited a long time to deliver this


i don't know it's getting so they're

running a stage is going to need a man

who can read and write

better than he can handle a gun or hitch

a team of horses

all right there it is there's a rundown

on all of the freight that is due here

in the next

few weeks hey you know by the time

the time we get through our end of

things here everything should be back to


looks like the driver had a letter for

you did he give it to you

yeah it's right there might be a


it's about time




more trouble

nothing i can't handle

hey hey here let me help you thank you

there we go how'd you get that at the


the undertaker he's also the local

carpenter chairs tables and coffins are

his specialty

well you can take it back i don't want

it i don't care what you want you're

going to use it

you'll just get well that much sooner

don't you agree mr cartwright

yes i think i do agree all right all


what's this letter you keep your hands

away from that


oh i'm sorry

being cooped up in this room has made me

kind of shaky

maybe you're right about the chair at

least i can get around a little bit

well you know keeping busy is certainly

better medicine than just

sitting around in here and even in a

wheelchair there are plenty of things to

for you to take care of down at the

depot well something i'm a lot more

anxious to take care of than the depo

that's mike campbell now look traskier

you're in no condition to go riding

after mike campbell

i'm not gonna ride after big mike

i'm gonna sit in that chair in front of

this hotel and sooner or later big mike

is going to get brave enough to come

looking for me

when he does

this will be the last thing he'll ever

see well trashcan

you're taking an awful chance and well

in that wheelchair

you're sitting duck i've been taking

chances for the sierra for 10 years

maybe it's become a habit

yeah honey i'm real glad you thought

about that chair

then while you're here you want to give

me a hand into the chair

all right all right all right all right

i'll help you yeah


yeah that's better

i just wanted to know i'm still around

are you sure this is what you want i

know what i'm doing cartwright

well i hope so we crossed away the depot

i can see that the stage gets up to

virginia city


oh i know this food ain't got hopsin's

touch but at least keep you from

starving that

what are you doing i was making a bid

for a second helping

what's bothering you bob

oh nothing really trask

he's a pretty hard man to figure it i

don't trust him

me neither a strange job i picked a

strange man to handle it

certainly no denying his loyalty to the


loyally seems he's dedicated his whole

life to it

well that's a pointless favor wouldn't

you say

maybe what do you mean well he's

he's more than just loyal he's become

almost fanatic about it

and i've learned it's pretty hard to

trust a fanatic

no matter how good his intentions are

jet what's the matter

why don't you let me help you into bed

stay up and think for a while

that letter must be mighty important for

you to lose sleep over it letter is

company business

you don't have to worry about it

what's in it i told you it's company


it's more than that but don't try this

you jumped at me the first time i asked

you about it now you're jumping at me


i know when something's troubling you

i've been fired bill


this can't be true candid

there's always been somebody in sierra

management after my hide somebody who


like my methods

ten years of my life i spent building

that stage line

ten years

now fired just kicked out like that

it's only a job honey there are plenty

of jobs for a man like you

jed trask doesn't go around begging for

jobs and he's no saddle [ __ ] or fool

kid to get kicked around either

jed we've got to face things as they


honey we've been through worse things

than this together

that time that mustangs have opened up

your scalp

bloody massacre in the apache country

don't tell me tell them tell the sierra

it was my blood and sweat that marked

that stage line all up and down the

country mine

they supplied the equipment and the

money and i supplied the guts wherever

that line started to fall apart who held

it together me

jed trask shed the sierra is only a

pinpoint in this world

we can go someplace where you'd really

run out are you telling me to run out

i know


no after i get rid of big mike

i'm gonna make this our town bill

i'm gonna bust the sierra so wide open

there won't be a trace of their mark

left on this territory darling sit down

you'll hurt yourself oh

i don't need that chair i've been hit

with since a dozen times chad will you

sit down you're in no shape to be

walking around

yeah that's right

sure everybody in town has seen me in

that chair

i know i can't walk i don't know what

you're thinking jed but

i am not gonna stand here and watch you

get into trouble

yeah yeah everybody in town knows i'm

tied to this chair

oh oh boy that's funny that's real

funny i didn't want this chair to begin

with but

now that i got it i'm going to make it

work for

chad me can't do this what about the


what about them i don't know them

anything they came along because

virginia city was in trouble not because

of me ted they came here as part of a

committee to see that the stage gets


look you're not going to fool them for

long they're bound to find out

do you think they're just going to stand

here and and watch you ruin the sierra

all over again

well that's up to them honey

but they just better not get in my way


squeeze them lock it

lock it

come around front weasel get where i can

see i don't care for anybody behind my


sit down

now i want big mike where is he

you left town you ought to know that

thorne you helped me find him

i'll make it with you for a while big

mike set us up

covered for us now you expect us to turn

on him

you'd turn on your own mother if there

was enough money in it for you

you tie up with me and there will be

enough what are your tickets for trash

babes in the woods

you don't work for sierra anymore the

driver told us

we didn't tell anybody else i already

made sure of that

so what are you trying to prove trask

look though and i can set you boys up

better than big mike ever did

what's in it for you money for one thing

satisfaction for another i spent

10 years building up that stageline


i know their schedules i know every

shipment that comes

through here

i can show you boys how to make more

money than you ever dreamed of

you were always known as a pretty loyal

company man

how do we know you're not setting us up

for a double cross

i've taken you or anybody else as easy

as this in the past few days




drinking together

good now you help me find big mike

yeah i'll find him what about those four

men you brought from virginia city

the card rides

i can handle them as easy as this





you want me to handle this task

oh no this is a pleasure i've been

saving for myself

stay here boys




you should have shot a lot straighter

mike uh just a minute trash

thorn weasel stop him


all right now we can get back to more

important things







dad how you feeling well i'd feel a lot

better if i could get out of this

blasted wheelchair

you just stay there until you're ready

to get out




good morning cartwright not such a good


another freighter overdue oh yeah

a big mike is sure working overtime

well somebody is sure working overtime

that's got to be mike he's the only one

who has to know how to pull off those


then he has second sight

every wagon that was hit had been cargo

aboard it was almost as if they were

receiving the shipment reports and

schedules quicker than we did

i sure wish i was back on my feet ben

i'd like to give you a hand

well i know you do jada we could sure

use another hand

this is still my responsibility ben i

won't shirk it

jade i know how you feel look

couldn't we round up the few honest

citizens left here and

get all those gunmen and run them out of


honest citizens then these guys are

their best

customers they'd rather run you out of

town you're me

well there must be a few honest citizens

left with a little bit of pride in


then you're not gonna find one citizen

who's willing to risk his life in order

to clean the scum out of this town

hey everybody look what i got it's big



look what i ran across the rainbow



it's a big mic all right paul


that's right ben

i can walk fine

and this is my town now


it figures

i tell you that man is an outnut fanatic

he'd fight just as hard to smash the

sierra as he

went to build it up well i'll guarantee

you i wasn't about to try to stop him

out there he had

had too many guns with him yeah well how

many minutes backing him but he's got


well most of the people in this town

seem scared to death you think we can

count on any of them

i don't know but we'll have to without

that stage virginia city is no better

than the ghost town the ponderosa is no

better off

how do you think we got to go about it

bob well we

talked everybody in town see we can

count on

no i still ain't going to be many well

let's hope it's enough


jed i guess there are a few honest

citizens left in latigo

and they've decided it's time for you

and your boys to leave

oh now ben there's no call for you and

me to have any trouble fact is i was

just on my way to see you

i wanted to offer you and your boys a


no trouble and no deals

just leave

well with all those brave citizens

standing behind you i guess i'd be kind

of foolish to make this a showdown

wouldn't it then

whose side are you gonna be on when i

come back


if they come back we'll be ready for


now we'll get the supplies and mail

ready for virginia city

until the sierra sends out another man

my sons and i will ride

shotgun in the wagons uh cochlear night

appreciate very much if you'd run the

depot well mr clark right

you think we're going about this in the

right way

mr corkland if you like living in a

in a state of fear we're going at it all


if you have any regard for yourself or

your family

we have no choice





all right joe take one of them in find

some wagons

we're gonna need them if we're gonna

load the supplies nice hey corker give






how did it go no trouble at all i

sneaked right up to the barn

everybody was so busy worrying about you

coming back they never did see me

what about the card ride well wait i

figure they mean business

looks like they kind of took charge you

know take things over

all right and we'll give them some


we'll wait until dusk we'll circle back

into town they'll still be in that barn


they'll burn them out when they come

running it'll be like a turkey shoot for

us ted

let's murder your planet you hold your

time all right maybe you got a reason to

fight the sierra

but that's no reason to shoot down the

cartwrights in cold blood i told you you

just shut up

now that's 20 pounds good there'll be a

six-man guard on the next wagon that

draws out of here

oh say i want you to pass the word

around every man will be on duty from

now on

12 hours on 12 hours off now starting


turn around

your cart writes outside i'm escorting

you out a lot ago

so trask is sending a woman to do his

work huh i'm trying to save your lives

ben and please don't make me shoot how


don't don't use that rifle then up put

it down

what was this all about

chad he's coming out after

dark to burn you out

then you've got to try to understand

sierra was his life when they fired him

it was as if

this if they tore out his heart

well thank you bill for coming to warn

us it

must have been a difficult thing for you

to do he never killed

in cold blood only defending himself

or the sierra

take her to the hotel paul yeah come on


i guess we better get ready for trask


not yet



hold it 45. come on



all right a couple of them are hit

somebody help him

ask you and the others

come on out with your hands high i will

burn you out

crashing on a count to ten

one two

only eight to go i'm getting out of here

shut up

oh don't shoot don't shoot i'm coming


five six

i don't understand fight it

get over there

he's alive he's inside the barn but not

for long time's up let's burn him out

look i never had any intention of

burning anybody

out you're not figuring on taking him

alone i'd like to talk to him

we're going in with you look if we all

go in he'll start shooting somebody'll

get hurt

i think i can reason with him trask

i'd like to come in and talk to you but

come ahead man

what's your proposition i'm willing to


careful bob




get i want to talk to you



let's go




these sims where'd you learn to spell

there's no a in freighters

see here sims i'm not about to pay these

freight bills uh what kind of bone you

got to take now

the sierra's robbing us blind these

rates are sky high i won't pay them

well don't blame me mr walker i don't

make the rates the standard for


now go on inside i'll show you all right


hey pop don't trask

i sure like to see those potatoes they

must be going way down in price to be

using them for targets

oh i've had enough shooting to last me a

lifetime particularly with somebody with

the name of trask at the butt end of a


however since she is a friend of ours uh

when we stop off at the cops dog have

dinner and see the show

hey good idea



Behind the Scenes of Cutthroat Junction

The episode shows different usage of the Sierra company’s name. In the beginning, the sign reads “Sierra Freight & Stage Lines Virginia City.” However, the chalkboard at the stage office presents “Sierra Mail & Stage Lines.” Later in the episode, the office in Latigo shows “Sierra Freight & Stage Lines.” By the end, Virginia City’s branch office’s chalkboard reads “Sierra Mail & Stage Lines.”

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza, which features the adventures of the Cartwrights, is a fantastic program worth watching alone or with your beloved ones. All 14 seasons and 430 episodes ran on NBC from September 1959 to January 1973. Cutthroat Junction is the 58th episode out of 430 and the twenty-sixth for the second season.

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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