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Elizabeth, My Love Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #33

Bonanza is a Western television show depicting the Cartwrights’ life while addressing problems faced by the family and their surrounding community. Anthony Lawrence wrote the sixty-fifth episode, Elizabeth, My Love, which premiered on May 27, 1961. Apart from the main cast, Berry Kroeger played Mandible, Richard Collier as Otto, Alex Sharp as Blackmer, and Ted Knight as Halloran.

Ben Cartwright’s thoughts return to Adam’s late mother, Ben’s first wife Elizabeth (Geraldine Brooks), as he tends to his son Adam who has a high fever. Ben also remembers his days at sea under the command of Elizabeth’s father, Captain Abel Morgan Stoddard (Torin Thatcher).

Read Elizabeth, My Love‘s plotline, or watch the full episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of Elizabeth, My Love

Watch the Full Episode of Elizabeth, My Love:

Main Cast

Elizabeth, My Love, the thirty-third episode of Bonanza’s second season, features the following actors:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Geraldine Brooks as Elizabeth Stoddard Cartwright
  • Torin Thatcher as Capt. Abel Morgan Stoddard
  • Berry Kroeger as Mandible
  • Richard Collier as Otto
  • Ted Knight as Halloran
  • Bob Hopkins as Mariner
  • Bill Quinn as Adam’s Doctor
  • Molly Roden as Mrs. Callahan
  • Alex Sharp as Blackmer
  • John Close as Bell
  • Selmer Jackson as Elizabeth’s Doctor
  • Max Slaten as Bartender
  • Jimmy Dime as Seaman (uncredited)
  • Duke Fishman as Helmsman (uncredited)
  • Johnny Kern as Seaman (uncredited)
  • Jack Rice as Van Meer (uncredited)
  • Victor Romito as Seaman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Elizabeth, My Love

The Cartwrights, especially Ben, keep vigil over his son Adam suffering from a high fever. He sits up by Adam’s bedside, recalling his times with his first wife and Adam’s mother, Elizabeth. Ben also reminisces his time as a sailor serving under Elizabeth’s father, Captain Abel Morgan Stoddard.

After dinner with Captain Stoddard and Elizabeth, Ben and Elizabeth enjoy the sunset outside. Ben gives Elizabeth a present, expressing his love for the latter.

When they return, they find Stoddard talking to Halloran. The stockholders have voted to retire Captain Stoddard, much to their anguish. Ben tried to convince Halloran to retreat from their decision, saying no one would replace Captain Stoddard. However, the board has voted to turn the command to Ben.

The news frustrates Stoddard, so he drinks at the local pub. Ben finds him drunk, so he hits Stoddard back to his senses, encouraging him to regain his confidence.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth worries about his father, who knows nothing besides being a sailor. Ben and Elizabeth misunderstood the situation, so they called it off for a moment.

The following day, Ben and Elizabeth meet, apologizing for how they acted that night. Ben offers Stoddard a new opportunity: to be his business partner, specifically a ship’s chandler, in the West. Elizabeth encourages his father to accept the offer, as this is for the best. Although reluctant at first, Stoddard agrees to be a shopkeeper, including approving the two’s marriage.

Later that night, Mandible offers Stoddard a chance to buy a share of a ship. Stoddard refuses, with no intentions of associating with Mandible and his business. After the taunting remarks of the people in the town bar, the drunk Stoddard asks Mandible for a ship for himself. He then talks to Ben to get his money back, which Ben refuses, considering he’s drunk.

Stoddard goes to the shop to get money from Ben without his permission. However, Otto saw him. Ben insists on knowing the reason why Stoddard got his money back. Stoddard tells him he’s doing it to return to the sea, tired of seeing people laughing at him for being a shopkeeper. Elizabeth overhears their conversation and collapses due to stress.

Elizabeth needs to rest, as she’ll be in labor soon.

Meanwhile, Stoddard visits Mandible to tell him he won’t command any ship for him. However, Mandible presents him with a paper saying he has owned the captain for six months. Stoddard refuses, but there’s nothing he can do against Mandible.

Ben is reading a book and enjoying his time with Elizabeth, who’s bedridden. After reading a passage, Elizabeth tells Ben their son’s name will be Adam.

Later, Otto tells Stoddard that Mandible presented him with a paper stating his right of ownership to the shop. Together with Ben, they head to the shop, where they find Mandible by the office. Mandible tells them that Stoddard signed a paper stating his right of ownership and the breach of contract when Stoddard refused to command his ship. After a brief scuffle with Blackmer, Mandible agrees to forget their contract when Ben returns his money the next day. At the same time, Otto arrives to announce the coming of Ben and Elizabeth’s baby.

As expected, the baby was a boy. Elizabeth asks Ben to play the music box and hold her hand. She also asks him to promise her to go after his dream. Elizabeth then asks Ben to read her favorite passage. Before Ben can finish the reading, Elizabeth reaches for her music box and then dies as she closes it.

As promised, Ben leaves to go to the West with Adam. He bids his farewell to Stoddard and Otto, who support his ventures even from afar.

At that moment, Adam wakes up, seeing his father beside him. Adam tells Ben about his dream of being on a clipper ship, reminiscent of Ben’s stories when he was young. Hoss and Little Joe enter the room, happy to see their brother return.

Full Script and Dialogue of Elizabeth, My Love

adam is a very sick boy ben

there's no point in hiding the truth

it's out of my hands

doctor what exactly does that mean

you'll reach a point of crisis tonight

if he passes it

all well and good if not

stay close to him ben i'll stop by in

the morning

thank you paw horse and i'll take turns

sitting up with him

yeah paul paul adams adam's gonna pull

through this all right don't you worry


you're going up and get some rest we

don't want you to be sick too

oh you you boys get get to sleep i'll

sit up with them


elizabeth elizabeth my love





there you go we're here mister aye






there's a good passage captain it's good

to be home

i miss uh it's always good to be home

hi captain but no sooner are you home

sir then you can't wait to get back to

sea again

right a philosopher aren't you mister i

can recognize a man with

salt water in his vein sir but i can't

say the same for you

however we managed to bring the wanderer

home safely in spite of you

i tell the truth captain i'm probably

the best bait you've ever had

huh hello briefing your way topsail




father i didn't expect you until

wednesday that's what kind of a master

your father is girl

three days ahead of schedule we are have

you missed me

missed you i'd sooner miss a

snaggletoothed octopus

he looked tired was it a hard void hey

but we managed to keep our spirits up

eilat hi sir

hello it's good to see you ben


it's good to see you your father invited

me to supper

and a pig's eye he invited himself

well either way you're welcome ben my

stomach will be eternally grateful

well you two come along and i'll see

what i can do

the night was as black as the inside of

a whale

and i tell you girl we had ice flows

around us as

they're as big as cathedrals but we beat

our way through them didn't we that

i sir you have a real feeling for ice


he has a real feeling for the sea he

knows it

and it knows him that's the only reason

i put up with him he's a bit of a tyrant

you know

oh i know that well i remember listening

to him addresses men on the after deck

as a little girl

uh i used to hide behind the mask

now my men we are going on a long

voyage if we pull together you will find

me a clever fella if we don't you will

find me a devil incarnate

that's all i've got to say now get below

it's exactly what he says today

that's enough about me this was a

marvelous meal

i haven't eaten this well since the last

time i was here

hi she's a fair cook like her mother was

now why don't you two youngsters go and

see what the sunset is like

ah this old seafarer has about talked

himself out for one evening

i'll do the dishes later father you

won't catch me going near

the them was all before them where to

choose their place of rest

and providence their guide


do you remember that liz yes

paradise lost

it was summer and we were on a picnic

and you read to me

i've thought of that picnic so many


so many times


i'd i brought a present for you

oh oh man how sweet

i bought an amsterdam oh it's sweet

oh look at the faces of the cherubs

they're so so round and


but i've never known a woman with face


fair and eyes

oh then i've waited i've hoped

so that's what i get after 40 years


we just can't take any more chances with

valuable cargos captain started

chances you're blathering in it

i've sailed your ships around the horn

in the teeth of a gale a dozen times

while men half my age were beating their

way into a snug harbor

i'm sorry captain the stockholders have

voted to retire there just isn't

anything i can do about it

yes there is something you can do

you can tell your blasted stockholders i

hope they choke on their valuable cargos

now get out of here

mr haliman how can you possibly think of

retiring captain stoddard where would

you find a man to replace him we already


the board wants to see you tomorrow

morning at 10 o'clock mr cartwright

me yes they voted to turn over the

command of the wanderer

to you tomorrow at 10.


so that's how it is captain i

i teach you everything you know

treats you like a son father say out of

this girl

captain i i knew nothing of any of this


that's your story mister sir i i don't

want your command sir

why not you're young and bright and

ambitious aren't you

that's what these shipping people are

looking for captain please sir

please listen to me i'm listening to no


i've done enough listening for this


i'm going out and when i come back i

don't want to see you in this house

how could they do it to him man

how could they

ben he didn't mean what he said

he doesn't know what he's saying

elizabeth what about you

you don't think i could oh i love you


i want you nothing's changed

now see here captain you best be getting

whole of yourself

or you'll be forcing me to call the

police call him

call him you bug-eyed rum peddler

i'm a ship's master i am and i deserve

some respect it's

all before i say louie

one morning in july i


i've been looking for you captain

who might you be mister i'm ben

cartwright sir

i've been sailing mr sailing

it was stiff nor west

you know what they've done to me mister

they retired

me i gave them my hands and my

soul for forty years they've stripped me

stripped me bear you're the best there

is sir you'll get another ship

not in new england i won't it's true i


you can see it in their faces

come along sir i'll take you home they

called me boy

i know who you are young shark who

drained me of all you could get

and then took my command away from me

come on they told me get out of my sight

before i break you into

i'm getting drunk until all the world

caves in on me

for is all she was so very good away

now you listen to me and you listen hard

i don't want your command i never wanted


but maybe you should be retired maybe

you haven't the guts for sailing anymore

i thought you could walk proud no matter

what the storm

but look at you now you get up on your

feet captain

and you walk out of here like a sailing


or i'll knock you down again

i'm sorry i hit him liz

i just have too much respect for him to

allow him to show his insides to a bunch

of swabs who are

aren't good enough to wipe his boots

oh ben what's he going to do

get drunk every night

try and drown away the fact that they

don't want him anymore

he'll find himself where will he find


the sea is his home this house is just

a place to come back to two is

this had to happen sooner or later

ben what about us

how can i leave him now

feeling alone unwanted

discarded as he must feel

he'll need me well well

we'll take him with us ben but he has no

trade he doesn't know anything about the


you can't live your life for everybody


don't you understand this is my father

i can't simply desert him don't you see


you said nothing's changed

but nothing has

not really i think it has

i'll be at the inn

go on walk out

i don't care what you do i'm not getting

on my knees to beg you to understand me





i was coming to you

it took me all night to realize i had no

right to force you into a decision like


you had every right no this i i don't

want us to live in guilt

i care about your father too he's been

good to me as good as any man could be

but you don't owe him anything yes liz i

do i i owe him

i owe him my respect for being the kind

of man i admire

i have an idea i'd like to talk to him

about that he may not listen to me he

may throw me out of the house again but

at least i'd like to try

what is it ben well i i think it's


well so that he he can lead his life and

we can lead ours

there's coffee father boys i order thank

you for knocking me down

that isn't necessary captain

i will dispense with it man in his

cups often makes a fool of himself i've

had that pleasure sir

i raved quite a bit didn't i as much as

might be expected under the

circumstances sir

you spoke your own mind too with due

respect sir

you don't fight them father so you

should just forget them

there are the things in this life

besides going to sea you know

you're a sound band captain you can

start over again at

something else i've been 40 years on the

deck of my own shipment

you expect me to start something else at

the twilight of my life

captain i'd like you to go into business

with me

what kind of nonsense is this well

captain i'm i'm through with the sea too

i have a dream sir to go west uh it'll

take a good deal of money

and until i can afford to go i'm using

what little money i have to go into


as a ship's chandler i want you as a


a ship's chandler yes sir

captain abel morgan started her ship's


i'd rather have me throat cut sir it's

an honorable

profession scrubbing floors is an

honorable profession

i'm a man of the sea mister if i don't

breathe salt spray for six months in the

year my lungs choke up

there's no more sailing for you father

and you know it

what are you going to do sit here in

this house day after day

feeling useless and miserable that's no

life for you

i don't want to see you end up like

those men on the wharf

with their dead dreams this is nothing

to do with you girl

it has everything to do with me

ben is willing to invest his money in


the least you can do is give him a


i don't want to give him anything i

don't know why he wants to invest in me


because i have faith in you captain in

spite of your stubbornness and bad


and because i'm in love with your

daughter you work

fast mister i don't want anybody to come

into my house and tell me how to run my


i have no patience with being a merchant

i have no patience with art but ships

elizabeth be crying

well i haven't seen you cry since you

were a little girl

and i go to see you're at sea now father

but without compass or charts

without stars you don't know where

you're going

hi girl that's true

i'm sorry for it

but i couldn't be a shopkeeper

i haven't the head another hand for it

don't you see oh try

father please try

do this one thing for me

no for yourself i don't want to pity you


benjamin sir

got a little money i'll buy an equal



so will you will you also

drink to our marriage


i i think i can drink enough for both


i'll let you do it


kevin thank you very much indeed come

back and see us again

darling are you sure you're feeling all

right i feel marvelous ben

right i still don't think you should be

working now

you can't lock me up i'm not that sort

of woman you know that

besides we're doing so well you need me

it's impossible to argue with women

but please do take care of yourself go

in the back room and lie down take a nap

for an hour

i'm going to see about those new

chronometers that just came in

you treat me like a child well sometimes


act like a child i love you liz

i love you now do take care of yourself

you growl like a bear

all right all right

see you later otto benjamin yes sir

you're going to the wolf

oh yes i am sir would you like to come

along there's a shipment of new

chronometers and sextants coming in

huh i suppose that expensive like that

fancy new compass you bought us

well it was worth it sir that compass

brought a lot of customers in

well there's a whole new crop of young

seamen who appreciate new ideas and


whole new crop of a young semen

well that does it for you ben i'll come

around your place in the morning for the


that'll be fine thank you even it'll be

there how's the captain holding up

he does his job but his mind i'm afraid

it's still at sea

hello mr cartwright mandible you must be

doing pretty well

where you're buying merchandise well

enough sir

you're an enterprising young man got to

give you credit

trying to compete with me well so

we have less overhead so we can afford

to sell the less profit

well i'm not really worried about your

competition mr cartwright

but remember whenever you decide to give

up that little flea market of yours

i might be able to interest you in some

real opportunity thank you sir will my




the sea is whispering your name captain

if you stand on the wharf you can hear


hi there's some men who are born for a

certain sort of life

if they leave it desert it they die

i hear those whispers in my sleep

my soul but do you care

do you really care


eight months is a long time captain a

compromise for living is no living at


i'll say it again listen i believe you

i hear you've been up and down the coast

looking for another command

i want to help you how can you help me

by giving you a chance to buy a share of

this ship okay

what difference does it make she'll be


she'll have her own crew and you'll be

her master

i don't work for a man like you mandible

then you work for no man why is it you

want me to command a slaver

i want you for better things

i want you to own a share of your own


so i can drive my short-handed ill-fed

crew to let drop

i know what kind of business you run

mandible and i want no part of it to


no part of it you're a dead man captain

as dead as the whispers of your name on

the sea

well hello captain how's the mercantile

business these days

on your way mister

well he says it's good mates

hi there'll always be a sailor to buy a

few doo-dads now and then don't you know

when are you going to start selling

ribbons captain

laughs you jackasses go ahead and laugh

i'll be mastered of my own ship again

strike me



i want a mandible


would you like some coffee captain i

want my

money benjamin you what

my money money i put into the business

and any profits coming to me well

why do you want the money captain why do

you want to pull out

i don't have to explain to you mister


you're my partner you have to explain

everything to me you come in here and

you you want to break an agreement now i

want to know why

you're going to give me my share or not

well i

i can't give it to you i i need all the

cash on hand to pay bell for those

chronometers when it comes to collect


raise these are the kinematics i want my

money man

hello captain you you're going to get a

good night's rest and we'll talk about

this in the morning we'll talk about it

now oh sir you

you're in no condition to talk no

one give me my money no sir

i will not



oh nothing just a kick i suppose really

i told you you shouldn't be working now

oh ben

sweet ben you're such a warrior






i'm just closing up charlie



so otto told you go on and say it

say what what you're thinking does it


i don't care what you think my money and

i took it

very simple a simple explanation eh i

wish i could understand it

what difference does it make what


the difference between faithlessness and

trust the difference between

selfishness and me sacrifices

i don't need your schoolmasters lectures

but just what do you need captain

studded i know what you want mister

you want this old man out of the way no

no sir that's not true

but elizabeth and i do want a life


i'm trying to give you a life that's why

i took the money

so that i could go back to see where i


i'm tired of seeing those faces laughing

at me

how could you you make me ashamed to be

your daughter

elizabeth why did you come here you kept

me from the sea

making a shopkeeper of me now you turn

my own

flesh against me captain hey pleasure

don't just stand there get dr byron



don't judge him too harshly ben

no doubt i won't he's covered with


like an old ship he's struggling to keep


i know darling you you mustn't talk

i want to just for a minute

my face is so warm

our child will be strong then

at this moment i'm concerned only about


oh don't growl my daddy

the doctor said we'll both be fine

oh ben i can't wait

to see our son

how do you know it's going to be a boy a

man like you

you'd have to have sons tall suns

like the trees that will surround

liz you must rest

well don't go away man read to me just

for a little while

same thing




something wrong captain there's a lot

that's wrong

it's a confused world it's not the world

that's confused

can i buy you a drink captain no you

bought me enough

then why don't you just say what's on

your mind i'm not commanding any ship

for you

that's where you're wrong this paper

says i own you for a term of six months


owns me you were wrong mr mandible

the sea doesn't whisper my name anymore

i listened i couldn't hear it

i'm through with the sea for good and


not quite sir your last voyage has not

yet begotten

i am not commanding any slave ship for


mister if i'm through

i'm going to be through with dignity


what dignity do you have you'll be on

that dock tomorrow morning

give me that paper mister get out of

here you old drunk

don't you ever lay a hand on mr mandible

i have my dignity to uphold two captains


you have your chin and whiskers on that

ship tomorrow morning

bright and early understand

of this frail world by which the spirits

perverse with easy intercourse pass to

and fro to attempt to punish mortals

except whom god and good angels guard by

special grace


do you think i'm one of those mortals

that god and good angels will protect

you of all people then i will surely go

to heaven when i die

why were you worried

ben look at that cloud it's shaped just

like an elephant

you are a child you know i remember when

i first met you i thought you were a


mrs callahan taking good care of you oh

yeah she's a dear she waits on me hand

and foot

go on reading then i love the sound of

your voice

it's so friendly and reassuring like a

lighthouse horn at night

a lighthouse horn um

on my experience adam freely taste

and fear of made up my mind

what that's what it should be what

our baby's name adam

adam adam

adam adam

i like it i love you ben

elizabeth elizabeth

i adore you

i didn't know what to do he has a paper

he says

that gives him the right of ownership to

the shop who says

mandible i didn't want to leave the shop

but i didn't know what to

do i don't wait till we get back


what the devil are you doing here

looking over my interest

well since when are your interests in a

cabinet of my office tell him von mir

my client has obtained a writ never mind

i'll explain

your partner signed a paper which was a

promise of payment for part ownership in

a schooner of mine

yes i'm aware of that he was to assume

command of that schooner

he didn't show up that's uh is a breach

of contract

or maybe so but he didn't ask for his

money back that should satisfy any claim

for his services

what money i never received any money

i paid you you have a receipt

captain is it i i don't need any

receipts well i'm afraid you do captain

look mandeville he left this office with

the money i know that

well perhaps you lost it or spend it on


i don't know i only know i never saw it

are you receiving scotch

i look minor i know exactly what you're


i can't prove anything i'm not even

gonna try

i'll pay you every last set the captain

owes you

you have the money of course i'll need a

little time to raise it

i'm afraid i have no time to give you


if you were to assume command of the

schooner as agreed

i would be willing to forget the whole

thing i'll not command a

dinghy for you mister then get them out

of here black now they're on my property

let's go correct stay away from me stay

away from me

get them out of here blackner

you're on your way out girlfriend



now i'm going to borrow that money

tomorrow i'm going to give it to you

then you're going to forget this whole

thing you understand yes

as i understand perfectly get out

get out get out

all right son yeah

i think so you need fixing up coming to

the office mr cartwright mr cartwright

please you'd better come the baby is

coming please hurry



you have a fine boy mr cartwright

i'll be at home if you need me


good night


did you see your son adam

yes darling you must rest


oh how sweet his face looks

like the cherubs on my music box

play it for me

are you proud of your son yes darling

very proud you'll make a fine looking


like you

hold my hand i'm holding it


you're so pale

you must have been worried about me

oh there was no pain my darling

well just a little known then

but my thoughts went fly


i was warm all over


i was riding that cloud one that looks

like an elephant

so high that the sun scorched my dress

but then it began to rain

cool sweet drops i ran down my cheeks

and into the corners of my mouth

i love you so much

then you're crying no no i'm not


where's father i'm here child


do you like your grandson why

he's a fine boy

ben i want you to promise me something

i want you to promise me that no matter

what happens

you'll go after your dream


darling we'll both go after my dream



i promise

is this smoke in here

my throat feels so dry


pray to me ben that last part that i

love so much


the world was all before them where to

choose their place of rest

and providence their guide they hand in

hand with wandering steps

and slow through eden took the solitary


music box




this is a real thrill for me mr


the west where it's practically half

across the world

and me i've never been out of new

england before

me i've never even been on a train he'll

take care of you mrs callahan

come on adam give your old grandfather a

farewell smile

i don't like taking him away from you

captain you made a promise and

i want you to keep it

you sure you'll be all right captain i'm

beginning to enjoy the peaceful life of

a business man

but i miss you old sea devil mike you'd

miss a snaggletooth octopus i wagered

don't brood son keep a warm spot in your

heart for her

don't carry her on your shoulder for the

rest of your life

she wouldn't want that no

i suppose she wouldn't

i'll keep a warm place in my heart for

you too sir i

do that goodbye son


go on get on with you you have me

blubbering like my young grandson




you all right nasa you're all right boy

was it a long night not too long

i had company



i had memories too

all kind of mixed up and dream

i was on this clipper ship sailing in a

dark and

black sea and all of a sudden the sun

came up

i guess it was from all those stories

used to tell me when i was a boy huh

memories and dreams are precious things


they're always there when you need the



how is he pop he's going to be all right

cardio welcome home




Behind the Scenes of Elizabeth, My Love

The exterior street scenes in the episode were from Paramount Studios’ “New England Street.” Ben and Captain Stoddard first appeared in Stage 17. In this scene, rear-projected footage of the sea appeared behind the clipper ship mock-up. During Ben and Elizabeth’s conversation on Stage 16, the New England sea is matted behind them and optically printed using matte photography. Moreover, this episode also features backdrops of the New England waterfront, which appears in various scenes throughout the story. Different stock clips of the clipper ship from Paramount’s film library made it into the final cut.

Geraldine Brooks plays Hoss Cartwright’s bride-to-be in the episode “To Bloom for Thee” six seasons later in the show.

During the prologue, Ben looks at a photograph of Adam’s mother, Elizabeth, triggering a flashback to his marriage to Elizabeth and Adam’s birth. However, Elizabeth’s death happened just hours after giving birth to Adam in 1830, a time when high-quality photographs were possible.

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The Western television show Bonanza, which depicts the adventures of the fictional Cartwright family, is an excellent series to watch alone or with your loved ones. From September 1959 to January 1973, the NBC network aired all 14 seasons on their channel. Elizabeth, My Love is the 65th episode out of 430 and the thirty-third for the program’s second season.

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