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The Bride Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #18

Bonanza, a Western television series, narrates the adventurous tales of the fictional Cartwright family as they live at the Ponderosa ranch and fight off the forces of crime and greed. Richard Newman wrote the program’s fiftieth episode, The Bride, which aired on January 21, 1961.

A woman named Jennifer (Suzanne Lloyd) appears at the Ponderosa, claiming to be Ben’s new wife and backed with a marriage license to support her claims. Upon Ben’s return, the Cartwrights quickly realized that a con artist posed as their father to deceive Jennifer. The brothers head to Crater Plains to confront the imposter, determined to recover Jennifer’s money and reputation. However, their endeavor led them to a setup.

Future Batman star Adam West plays Frank Milton. Meanwhile, other cast members include John McIntire (Sheriff Mike Latimer), William Mims (Ed Bailey), Hank Worden (Old Miner), Mickey Simpson (Miner), Herb Vigran (Bartender), and Clarence Straight (Driver).

Read The Bride‘s plot, which includes some interesting trivia, or watch the full episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of The Bride

Watch the Full Episode of The Bride:

Main Cast

The Bride, the eighteenth episode of Bonanza’s second season, featured some of the show’s recurring and guest stars in addition to the lead actors. The cast members for this episode are as follows:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • John McIntire as Sheriff Mike Latimer
  • Suzanne Lloyd as Jennifer Lane
  • Adam West as Frank Milton
  • William Mims as Ed Bailey
  • Hank Worden as Ned Birch – Old Miner
  • Mickey Simpson as Miner
  • Herb Vigran as Bartender
  • Chuck Hamilton as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Michael Jeffers as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Bob Miles as Deputy (uncredited)
  • Rex Moore as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Rice as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Roy as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Ray Spiker as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Clarence Straight as Driver (uncredited)
  • Sailor Vincent as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Bride

A woman named Jennifer arrives at the Ponderosa, surprising the Cartwright boys as she claims to be their father’s new wife. Since Ben isn’t home yet, Adam finds it odd for him to send his alleged wife to the Ponderosa alone. Meanwhile, captivated by Jennifer’s beauty, Hoss and Joe didn’t mind the circumstance, believing their father could no doubt remarry.

Ben returns home that evening, surprised when his sons brought up him getting married. When Adam fetched Jennifer to show Ben, she was disappointed that the man in front of her wasn’t the person she married. Jennifer explains that he met the other “Ben Cartwright” in Crater Plain, who told him about his sons and the Ponderosa. She also revealed that she loaned the other “Ben” 4,000 dollars—the money left by her parents as a legacy—when he brought up buying cattle for the Ponderosa. The Cartwrights feel bad for Jennifer after realizing someone swindled her for money.

The Cartwrights and Jennifer ride over to Crater Plain, determined to confront the imposter and reclaim Jennifer’s money. When they arrive in town, Hoss and Ben visit sheriff Mike while Adam and Little Joe assist Jennifer to the hotel. As they were talking to the sheriff, news about an old miner’s death came, blaming Ben Cartwright after a letter appeared with the dead body. The sheriff arrests Ben for murder. Hoss tells Jennifer what happened as it seems the sheriff got Ben mixed up with the person who conned her.

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Jennifer visits the sheriff to talk about Ben. However, to Ben’s surprise, Jennifer tells the sheriff they got the right man in jail. The sheriff initially refused to believe, but Jennifer showed him a marriage license to prove herself as Ben’s wife.

Frank, the con artist, visits Jennifer in her hotel room. It appears that they know each other, working together to trick people.

When the city clerk, Eb, arrives at sheriff Mike’s office, Mike asks him to verify the marriage license and if the man in jail was the person he wed. Eb confirms it’s the “Ben” on the marriage license, much to the Cartwright’s dismay. Ben asks Mike to visit Virginia City. However, Mike refused since it’ll be a long journey back and forth, and he had no idea about the town.

Adam confronts Jennifer about her lies. Frank aimed his gun at Adam and was about to fire when Jennifer blocked his way. Seeing he can’t stop Jennifer, Frank lets Adam leave. Jennifer thinks getting Ben to jail and his sons in town was enough, but Frank argues wanting to take over the Ponderosa.

Adam tells Hoss and Little Joe about what happened in Jennifer’s hotel room. However, the townspeople stopped them when they were about to leave the saloon after confirming they were the Cartwrights. Eb insists they leave town after the presumed “Ben” killed their friend, Ned Birch. When the townspeople refuse to let them go, Little Joe and Hoss point their guns, shoving people out of the way. However, sheriff Mike arrives, stopping them from moving further out. He takes their guns and locks them up with their father to keep them safe. Meanwhile, Adam managed to escape.

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Jennifer dislikes the idea of the town getting involved with their situation, especially after knowing Frank killed the old miner. She insists they leave with the money, but Frank refuses. Adam jumps in from the window, and they engage in a fight, leading to Frank’s death. Jennifer reveals that their plan only involved her pretending to be Mrs. Ben Cartwright, as this was what Frank asked her to do.

Adam returns to the sheriff with Jennifer, who immediately confesses lying about being Mrs. Cartwright. As the mob approaches, Jennifer tells them that the Cartwrights are innocent and that she lied. However, sheriff Mike aims his gun at Adam, who manages to fire back at the sheriff. Adam asks sheriff Mike why he tried to kill her. Sheriff Mike reveals that he wanted the Ponderosa for himself, considering there’s not much he can gain with his salary.

The Cartwrights return to the Ponderosa, admiring the beauty of their place.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Bride


we still got quite a ways to go before

we get to the ranch house man

i have never seen anything as beautiful

as all this in my whole life


the ponderosa is really something all


all this is a ponderosa it sure is

biggest spread this side the sacramento


folks around here claim it could be

biggest western

and it all belongs to ben cartwright

it sure does

ben and the boys raise more cows and

sell more timber than anyone else in the


you know i've heard so much about that

beautiful house he built up here in the

mountains i can't wait to see it


this is it man you can unload my luggage

here please and very carefully

thank you

i expect when you get ready to leave


ben cartwright will tend to it himself

no more need for me i'm sure i'm in good

hands now yes

and i thank you oh thank you man

thank you very kindly

excuse me


fine horse isn't it



he's purebred stock we poured them all

away from kentucky kentucky

that is a long way isn't it

you must be the one they call horse well

no ma'am not not horse not h-o-r-s-e

just plain horse h-o-s-s

well house when you're finished here

would you please take my luggage inside

ma'am you are you sure you got the right


this is the ponderosa isn't it

yes well then i'll come to the right


oh you know i would have known you

anywhere you're exactly as ben described

you then ma'am yes then i'm mrs

cartwright and this is ben cartwright


you mean to tell me that paul would get

married and send the bride back here by

herself now there's something wrong and

what did you have to put her up here for

i don't know what the heck you expect me

to do tired of the hitching rail out

there and leave her well you could have

come after me how am i going to do that

you and joe were both up in the flats

italian come on adam settle down you

know there's nothing else he could do

besides what's the harm when pie comes

back you clear the whole thing up one

way or the other dad burn it joe don't

this meat off

come come on what's she like

oh where do you see her she is really

something hmm

sounds like quite a woman

not interested in what it looks like i'm

interested in finding out what this is

all about oh you think it's so

impossible that our party get married i

think it's impossible that he'd do it

this way yes if either one of you had

any sense you'd see it that




may i join you


i i'm joe cartwright well how do you do


damn this this is our older brother adam

your father told me you'd be surprised


i hope that isn't disappointment i see

on your face

ma'am it takes our brother adam a little

longer to get used to things

have you uh

known my father long miss not miss adam


mrs jennifer cartwright

and no i only knew your father a few

days but well it seemed like a long time

it seemed like i'd known your father all

my life

well now isn't it a little unusual to

marry a man you've only known for a few


it's unusual but not impossible

not for us

ain't that romantic joke

if uh

you'll excuse me for saying so man

looking at you i can see that might


well thank you little joe

you know i appreciate you saying that

even though ben did tell me you were the

flatterer at the group

uh miss i'd like to know where my father

is and why he didn't come back with you

he still had some more cattle to buy and

after all a trip like that's no place

for a honeymoon

but he didn't start out to buy stock

no and he didn't start out to get

married either but he did

oh look i

i know this has been a big surprise to

you but when your father gets home he'll

explain it all ah that's right adam

hey look why don't we uh why don't we

have a drink celebrate i'll get it

here's to the card rights tahas

little joe



and jennifer


i just don't understand it now he had no

intention of getting married and even if

he did he wouldn't do it this way he

wouldn't do without telling us

she's going to hear a word you're saying

i don't care what she hears oh come on

adam calm down will you

she hasn't done anything to you

besides this isn't even any of our

affair well it's pause affair and that

makes it mine and it should make it


well from what i see i think it would be

a good idea he could have known a lot


hey anyway we're going to find out now


hey yeah boys welcome home thank you

have a nice trip just fine horse just


you uh

find any new breeding stock this trip


green start

with the carson to see the railway

people about selling some timber for

that new line they're planning up no


paul you didn't meet nobody knew or


i stopped beating around the bush did

you get married

did i what

there's a woman inside who claims she's

mrs ben cartwright

i says i married her yes

it's a real good looking woman

oh she is huh well uh

let's have a look at this good looker

are you joining me boys

all right

where is this uh good-looking woman

oh she's uh

she's upstairs bob

oh is she well uh i guess you'd better

have her come down man boy i think she's

asleep she's kind of tired

i don't give a who just have her come

down right this minute


mrs ben cartwright this is mr ben


all right now come on boys who is

some kind of this lady

who is this

well ma'am

that's what i was asking

why are you doing this to me

are you trying to confuse me is that it


are you hoping i'll say this is my ben

no ma'am we we wouldn't do nothing like


this is our paw man this is ben


little joe

but this isn't the man i married

this isn't my banner

i don't know who this man is


maybe you better tell me about

this other band cart

right i met him in crater plain and we

were married there

he told me

all about his sons

and he told me all about the rosa

and when i got here it was it was

exactly the way he said it would be


i'm afraid you've been taken in

taken in

i loaned him four thousand dollars

it was a legacy my parents left me he

he said he was buying cattle for the


oh man

what does he look like did he give you

anything anything by which he could be


no i have nothing

i have nothing except a marriage license

jennifer lane too

ben cartwright

i guess it really isn't much good is it

i'm sorry

poor little girl i sure do feel sorry

for her

somebody really took over four thousand


a lot of money

said she got married in crater plain

where abouts that

it's that little mining town across the

line in utah territory isn't it yeah

man running around the country

using my name swindling women it might

be a good idea if we went over this

crater plane and look around well i

don't know about we but i'm certainly

going to well what about ms

the little girl

she's the only one who could really

identify the man

i suppose he'll have to take away

come on that's a four day ride can't

make that trip alone with a woman no

paul that that wouldn't look right at

all maybe maybe joe ought to go along

with us us

who said anything about you going

well now a crater plane is a tough

mining camp and uh

it's a long ride i think it'd be better

if we all went along

now just a minute now until you boys

came into my life i was perfectly able

to take care of everything

i guess you're right though

look let's have a good night's sleep and

we'll tell the lady what we've decided

to do in the morning

better make up a bed in the bunk house

well i'm already mr cartwright but uh

well i do feel awfully guilty about

getting you all involved like this oh no

we've already talked that out and it's

really a case of helping each other

thank you very much


there it is this gentleman

limits the ponderosa

night near as big as the whole state of

rhode island anymore yeah just about a


must be wonderful to live on a place

like the ponderosa a place almost as big

as an entire state

well miss jennifer it's not what a man

has it's important it's

how he got it and what he does with it

it really counts

but how does one man get so much by

working till his back's near broke like

i find it

other people work hard yeah

maybe other folks don't dream like our

paw did mr ah fight to keep it



what your water's cheap and i got lots

of it

been traveling quite a piece yeah from

up near tahoe near the nevada california

line what are up boys you don't say i

never been over there uh uh heading for

crater plane i reckon that yeah lots of

folks are now

it's quite a little town but mind you

watch your pocketbook the gamblers are

cleaning up more paid earth than the

miners well thank you for the warning is

it much bothered to uh to freighter

planes uh about eight miles is the crow

flies trouble is you ain't riding crows

i say you ain't riding trolls

no i guess we aren't oh is it trail bark

good and plain you won't have no trouble

well thank you very much for the water

for your kindness and i'll remember what

you said about the gamblers you do that


thanks again for the water

well what are you doing around here

doggies i don't already recognize you

without a card table between us

i ain't got any gold dust to lose but i

got a bottle in the shack

might loosen up your tongue wreck him

come on in


well as we make arrangements for the

horses we'll go see the sheriff






what do you want in here you

you shouldn't come in here what's the

matter emma

every citizen has the right to ban the

award or two with the town clerk i've

done all i can for you

leave me alone

i find now i can use your services


the last time was enough

no more you leave me alone

tom clerk's here to serve the people

all the people

what do i have to do

you remember ned birch

they're bringing his body into town

i think you ought to let his friends



hello anybody here


what's all the ruckus

we were looking for you sheriff

don't think i've seen you around credit

plane before oh we just rode into town

people come looking for the sheriff

ain't some plunder for around here

what's your name

well i'm ben cartwright that's my son

horscot right howdy carter



i'll talk to you later get ready

ben cartwright huh yeah ben cartwright

and that's why i'm here sheriff that's

why you're going to stay here

ben cartwright i'm arresting you for



what are you talking about they just

found that on the body of that dead

miner out there you shot in the back


sheriff this is why i wanted to talk to

you see there's another bent cartridge

pie to me and you're after sheriff

you look like a nice boy why confuse

things you stay out of it

i'm looking for a ben cartwright you say

you're ben cartwright that'll do for

start now just one minute sheriff

i came here to clear my name yes i'm ben

cartwright of the ponderosa nevada

territory but some crookers running

around these parts using the name of ben

cartwright swift now you wait just a


i'll hear your story in there

oh let's go get jennifer should clear

this thing up

just a minute

she's the one that was swindled by that



oh i am mighty fine

that's a little rich for you ain't it


when i

just come into some money i

expect that's my business oh makes no

never mind around here

some days you got it some days you ain't


no need to fret about it

you um

close the town up might early today

didn't you


today ain't no ordinary day

day something special

but just ordinary day for me what's so

special about they found dead birch

uppity shack dead they just broke

that birch dead

why he was in here just a couple days

ago well he won't be back in again he

was murdered shot right in the back

in jail

well what on earth did he do

all i know is we we walked in there and

paul introduced himself to the sheriff

in cartwright and

the sheriff arrested him for murder


but that's impossible

ma'am we we figured you could help us

more than anybody else you see the

sheriff has got paul mixed up with the

same man that stole your money

if you'd go down there and tell him what

you told us and he'd know he's got the

wrong man locked up well of course i'll

go i'll go right away

thank you now i'll go see if i can find

out a little joe you just leave your

father to me you'll be in good hands

we're supposed to be you

looks like things sort of got themselves

turned around

your father said we'd be helping each

other that's all i'm trying to do

mama surely thank you we all do if it

hadn't been for me you wouldn't be here

and he wouldn't be in jail

i'm only doing what i can but

i'm sure it'll be enough

no need for you to worry about this i'll

take care of it

yes miss

good afternoon sheriff

i um

think i might be of some help to you

lord knows i need it what about

i understand you have a ben cartwright

in jail

news travels faster than the plague

about him what kind of help you figure i

need i also understand there's some

confusion about two ben cartwrights

so he said

well i can identify the matter looking

for if i can get a look at him

i'm not interested in playing games man

this is no game sheriff

all right



sheriff it's about time somebody talks

some sense into you simmer down

cartwright let this young lady take a

gander at you take all the time you want

just make sure and just tell the truth

jennifer that's all we need is just the


i might say the law looks unkindly on

anything else


he says he's the ben cartwright of the

ponderosa nevada territory


ben i begged you not to get into any

more trouble

what this is the man sheriff

what makes you think i'll take your word

for it


because i'm mrs ben cartwright




now frank what is this i was just out of

the jail and the sheriff told me they

were charging ben with murder


you don't believe everything you hear do


oh frank



jenny you know it's not true

now why worry your pretty little head

about details

that's what i love the most about you

you're always worried about other people


you and i

we're gonna have everything we ever




why would you just stand here

flat-footed and lie like that didn't

sound much like lying to me sounded like

a woman who married the wrong man

but why why would you want to do a thing

like this to you yeah there's got to be

more to this yeah but what how we going

to find out we're going to find out if

we have to tear this whole town apart

now hold on

people stay out of trouble you hear

one cart right in here is already one of

many that sounds like pretty good sense

to me

and if you want some friendly advice

boys i'd play pretty easy ned birch had

a lot of friends in this town

i promise you we'll get to the bottom of



find out everything you can

stay out of trouble

you listen to your daddy boys

none of you young cartwrights are so big

you can't end up right in here beside

him keep that in mind

all right time's up now

making the biggest mistake in your life

just doing my job boy

he doesn't belong in there sheriff i

don't know why i don't listen to him

he's telling you the truth i have

listened to him boy i'm as good of

listeners you're going to find in this

town i haven't been for years yeah but

you don't know the truth when somebody

tells it to you


now listen boy

i keep hearing about two ben cartwrights

and the wife who ain't a wife

i admit we get a john smith through here

two maybe three times a month a few

bart's couple reds couple of blackies

but ben cartwright just ain't john smith

you know what i mean just ain't so easy

to believe but you believe that woman

when she says she's my paw's wife and

she isn't i don't see you making any

effort to find out about her boy

don't tell me how to do my job

oh come on in

you sent for me

if you're busy i can come back no no no

i'm just busy waiting for you and stick

around boys this might interest you

unless it has something to do with that

part stick around

you've been reciting many words from the

book lately yeah when

this town ain't much for getting married

sheriff you know that

folks too busy that sort of thing

and you'd remember if you hitched anyone

lately wouldn't you

well i i don't know sheriff

i've been a little peaked with a misery

lately my memory it it might not be what



you look a little peaky to me right now

are you uh some kind of minister


i'm a city clerk see what i mean boy

just trying to do my job

have a look at this ad

but you're writing it


yes yes i

expect that it is remember the man ed

remember this ben cartwright



maybe if i

if i saw him well let's have a look



man where's his best dutch wedding


i could see him is that the man like it

says in this paper


yes or no



i've been a patient man

i've been patient hoping you'd come up

with something

my patience is over now

boys you better go

all right are we gonna give up that easy

course we did and let's go back in there

and blast them out no now wait a minute

you two find a place to light try the

saloon i'll meet you there later what

are you figuring on doing adam i'm gonna

have a talk with that lady


you said i have a chance to talk

i figure you've had it well i didn't

want to say anything while the boys were

here uh hot tempered but

i have my rights sure yeah like

everybody else

well then would you please pay a little

attention to what i have to say

at that man that was just here

he's lying

the woman that was here before

she's lying she's not my wife

she said she was sheriff

hang on man why can't you send somebody

to virginia city there are a hundred

people there who can identify me ginger

city take the better part of a week

round trip i've got the time but i don't

know about the town they might have

different ideas


what do you want here why did you lie

about my father

i don't know what you mean

my father's light is threatened now i

want the answers to some questions

you're hurting my arm i'll break it now

what's it all about

get your hands off her cartwright

you're pretty good at threatening a lady

what lady

get his jennifer

what are you doing

get out of the way

frank you can't do this i won't let you

get out of the way

no frank


you get out of here

get out of here

please frank

look jenny

we're in this thing for money ten

thousand dollars

but how far do we have to go

look frank i got ben here i got him in

jail i even got his sons all right

all right

you've done real fine

i'm not complaining frank i never have

i've always done exactly as you told me

to even when i didn't want it

but when you had that gun in your hand

it scared me

frank it's not like you it's not like us

yeah i guess i got excited

maybe i was even a little scared

all i've ever really wanted was you

oh frank please why can't we just take

the money and get out of here we can't

do that jenny not just yet

but why had we that was the plan


are you gonna be satisfied with ten

thousand dollars

isn't that enough is it after you've

seen the ponderosa


we can have it all

the big house everything that's in it

all of those thousands of acres of land

it's just that i want so much for you

there now

you're not afraid are you


no not when you hold me like this

it's just that

i don't want you to kill

i do anything in the world for you

but not murder

once you murder there's no way back

you know that don't you

that's right jenny

once you're murdered there's no way back

you gotta go all the way

how'd you do you see jennifer why don't

you give me a gun well i'm yours

that jennifer of yours she had a man

hidden in a room waiting for me with a


that's our man let's go get him that's

my gunny took i'll handle it wait a

minute we can't do it this way you know

what paul said about staying in the

boundaries of the law

what good is a law gonna do us that

sheriff will believe any lies anybody to

tell joe's right now give me a gun we're

gonna get the information we're gonna

get it together all right let's go

you're them cartwrights ain't you

we've never denied our name

well we want you out of town

we're not leaving here long as our paws

in that jail when we say yeah

that man you paul killed ned birch he

was a good friend ours our paw never

killed him you say that

we think different

ned birch never hurt nobody in his whole

life we don't take to him being shot in

the back

real friendly people i got in this town

all right everybody over on that side

away from the door come on move move it

right around boys

be real good nobody get hurt

come on keep moving around boys moving


hold it

stay right where you are everybody

anyone want me to turn loose a load of

double odd buckwood

now if i was you i put them things away

might turn into something purely illegal

and if there's one thing i hold you boys

is doing everything all neat and legal

yeah like hanging in an innocent man huh

no not if he can prove himself innocent

boys you all know i don't hold with this

kind of doing then run him out of town


well there's going to be plenty of

trouble yeah birch had a lot of friends

just talk to string up all these


we don't like the idea then run around

loose packing guns i reckon i can take

care of that

are you going to do it my way or you

want to try it your way

your way as i see it you run them out of


they lay out behind rocks with rifles

and pick you off one by one if they were

mine too

and maybe they would have

might be they take after their daddy

and your daddy told you to stay out of


well you gonna let me handle it what do

you aim to do mike

put these cartwrights where they'll be


like i say i like everything all neat

and legal

i don't want a bunch of wild killings

your guns boys

all right god right

i'm gonna lock you up

for your own good


what excuse me

you take your choice sheriff it's two of

us are one of him if you got any liking

for that brother of yours you better

start hoping he comes in of his own free


i ain't going to be responsible for what

happens to him when this town gets

liquored up tonight

not if he's outside my jayla ain't

get in there




boys are we gonna stand by and let

strangers ride you and kill off our


are we gonna forget about our pal ned



i don't like this frank

the whole town's getting stirred up

it's not the town i'm worried about

it hadn't been for you that cartwright

wouldn't still be on the loose


who turned you into a killer

i don't know what you're talking about




i don't like this let's just forget the

money and get out of here

you're not going anywhere

this isn't like you

changed you who's making you do this


stop it

stop it







i didn't wanted to be like this

i only wanted him to do some talking

well he won't talk now mr cartwright

whatever it was you wanted him to say he

won't talk down because you killed him

and i hope you and your father both hang

you loved him that much did you

yes i loved him that much

enough to want to steal the ponderosa

bad enough to want to kill for

kill for it

no i didn't want killing

now somebody killed that miner

and my father's going to die for it

unless you put a stop to it

all i know was i was supposed to pretend

to be mrs benkart ryden

and then frank and i were gonna go away

together and then who was going to take


i don't know

it's what i was trying to find out tell

me who it was but i don't know i swear i

don't stop lying will you

but i'm not lying

why should i with frank gone you lied

about being married to my father

but frank asked me to

and i always did what frank asked me to

i'm asking you now

will you go down there and tell the

sheriff that you're not mrs ben


i don't know

please i

i just don't know

how do we know it was ben cartwright

that shot our pal ned birch huh

how do we know it wasn't one of the

mother cartwrights that did it all them

cartwrights could have the same cloth

you ask me there's one way to make sure

and let's hang a bunch of them


dirty sound that

some men here only once in their life

what are you gonna do about it

i'm going out there and try to stop it

that's my job

i like things clean and legal

of course only so much one man can do

you can at least give us a chance to

protect ourselves give us some guns

i would likely do that would i

cartwright you might decide to shoot me

in the back you've already proved you're

good at back shooting that's what that

mob out there so all fired stirred up


he don't care bro

you don't care what happens to us


i say go get them and drag them out

they deserve no more of a chance and

they give our felnet birch


now wait a minute sheriff this girl has

something to tell you get in there with

your brother's cart right

sheriff frank's dead

and i lied about being mrs cartwright

frank told me to

maybe you ain't his wife jennifer but

only you and me knows it

i know it sheriff


that mom's coming for heart rights not

for me

i'm telling you the card rights are

innocent they didn't have anything to do

with it


why'd you try it


pretty big spread

i wanted to place like that all my life

had much chance for the sheriff's salary



cartwright's dead

only the widow

would work refined


ah this place of ours is so beautiful

every time i see it it says i'm seeing

it for the first time well you came

pretty close to seeing it for the last


she is sort of pretty wasn't she

paw in the future if you ever do decide

to get married and uh send the bride

home by yourself uh just do us one favor

will you what





Behind the Scenes of The Bride

John McIntire (Sheriff Mike Latimer) makes his first out of two appearances in the series through this episode.

Adam West (Frank Milton) makes his only appearance in the series through this episode.

Books Worth Reading:

Suzanne Lloyd (Jennifer Lane) makes her only appearance in the series through this episode.

Hank Worden (Ned Birch – Old Miner) makes his second out of three appearances in the series through this episode.

This episode is the only episode Alvin Ganzer directed in the series.

William Mims (Ed Bailey) makes his second appearance out of four in the series through this episode.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Avid Western fans and casual series-watchers will love watching Bonanza alone or with their loved ones. All episodes of this show’s 14 seasons ran under NBC’s production from September 1959 to January 1973. The Bride is the fiftieth episode out of 430 and the eighteenth for its second season.

Books Worth Reading:

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