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The Fugitive Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #20

Bonanza narrates the life of the Cartwright family while teaching the importance of family and addressing many social issues deemed taboo during its time. Richard Landau wrote season two’s twentieth episode, The Fugitive, which aired on February 4, 1961.

Adam Cartwright decides to look into the murder case of Carl (James Best), the son of a former Ponderosa foreman, Will Reagan (Will Wright). Adam rode to Plata, Mexico border town, ostensively arriving to retrieve Carl’s body. However, he is looking for the causes of his untimely demise. Upon his disguised investigation, he discovers much more than he bargained for, but he might not survive to tell the tale.

Frank Silvera portrayed El Jefe, Ziva Rodann played Maria, Arthur Batanides as Pablo, and Veda Ann Borg performed as Beulah.

Read The Fugitive‘s storyline and behind-the-scenes information, or watch the episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of The Fugitive

Watch the Full Episode of The Fugitive:

Main Cast

The Fugitive, Bonanza’s fifty-second episode overall and twentieth episode for its second season, featured some of the show’s recurring and guest stars in addition to the lead cast. The cast members in the episode are:

  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright (credit only)
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright (credit only)
  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Ziva Rodann as Maria Reagan
  • James Best as Carl Reagan
  • Frank Silvera as El Jefe
  • Arthur Batanides as Pablo
  • Veda Ann Borg as Beulah
  • Salvador Baguez as Gomez
  • Alex Montoya as Juan
  • Will Wright as Will Reagan
  • Ray Beltram as Cantina Patron (uncredited)
  • Betty Endicott as Saloon Girl (uncredited)
  • Daniel Nunez as Cantina Patron (uncredited)
  • Jack Tornek as Cantina Patron (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Fugitive

A former Ponderosa foreman named Will Reagan arrives at the Ponderosa to make a request. He asks Ben and Adam to read him a letter that he believes came from his son, Carl Reagan. Ben opened the envelope to find a letter and a ring, then told Will it was some form of advertisement. Upon examining the jewelry, Will recognizes it’s Carl’s. Having been a good friend of the Cartwrights, he also realizes Ben’s lie and asks for the truth. Ben reveals the letter was from the authorities in Mexico declaring Carl’s death. Will couldn’t believe the news but expressed his will to bring Carl’s body back to their place.

Ben sends Adam because Will is too old to travel to Mexico to retrieve his son’s body. Upon his arrival, he immediately visits a local hotel to rent a room. When he asked the lady in charge regarding Carl Reagan, her welcoming approach turned bitter. She insists Adam ask Carl’s widow instead.

Adam introduces himself to Carl’s widow, Maria Reagan, as her husband’s old friend. However, she tells him off, thinking there’s nothing they could discuss, considering her husband is dead. Adam gets to speak with Maria again at a local bar. Although hesitant, Maria tells him that she thought the law officials informing Will about Carl would be the best. She tells him to go home, but Adam insists he’ll only leave after getting a few answers.

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When Adam returned to his room, two men were waiting for his arrival to tell him that he was in the wrong town. After Adam refuses to leave, they knock him out. When he woke up, he asked El Jefe, the law enforcer in Plata, about the two men who ambushed him in his hotel room. However, El Jefe only told him that he should leave. Adam asked why and how Carl died. El Jefe reveals that he faced a murder charge, attempted to escape jail, smuggled guns, and even robbed mine shipments. Adam refuses to believe Carl was a murderer, still seeking the truth for Will’s peace.

Adam returns to the bar to talk to Maria again. Like him, Maria saw the good things in Carl, even if other people in town did not like him.

Meanwhile, it appears that one of the men who ambushed Adam, Pablo, was Maria’s brother. Pablo insists Maria tell him what he discussed with Adam at the bar. Maria tells him that he only talked about Carl and their marriage to tell Will about those things. The other men approachers her with a knife, causing her to scream loud enough for Adam to interfere. However, Maria insists they were her friends. Adam brings Pablo to El Jefe.

At El Jefe’s station, Pablo tells El Jefe that Adam was molesting his sister. Adam insists he didn’t know who he was referring to until they mentioned Maria’s name. When Adam returns to the hotel, the owner, Beulah, allows him to stay for another night. Beulah also stated that Maria’s like a daughter to her and that Carl Reagan was a thief and murderer. All of a sudden, a voice from the shadows spoke. There Carl was, alive and well. He threatens to kill Adam for knowing he’s still alive but agrees to talk for a while. Carl asks about his father. Adam tells him that Will’s nearly blind and dead inside because of him. Carl reveals that it’s better to declare himself dead than face his sentence. Carl also sent the two thugs who went after Adam. He allows Adam to return home only if he tells his father he died from a disease. Then, Carl reveals robbing a silver shipment before leaving Plata, Mexico.

Adam goes to El Jefe about Carl Reagan. As expected, he refuses to believe he’s alive. Adam tells El Jefe about Carl’s plan to rob the silver shipment. Although hesitant, he listens to Adam’s plan.

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As Adam leaves El Jefe’s station, Maria approaches him, insisting he leaves the town. However, Adam insists on telling Carl’s father the truth about his son. Maria asks Adam to forget Carl, considering he was his old friend. Adam tells him to return to Virginia City, but she insists on staying and not leaving her husband.

El Jefe asks Gomez, his right hand, about Carl Reagan. Gomez reveals that considering his low wage, taking part in the silver shipment robbery sounded like a tempting offer. Gomez puts El Jefe locked in jail.

Meanwhile, Adam receives a letter from Maria. Sure enough, it was a trap to help Carl. Carl thinks Adam is trying to take Maria away from him. Maria stops Carl from killing Adam, threatening to tell El Jefe about the truth if he continues with his plan. After seeing his wife’s wavering loyalty, he asks Pablo to shoot her to prove his loyalty. Pablo fails to do as ordered, so Juan, the other thug, fires at Maria. Pablo manages to push her away, shooting Juan, who retaliates immediately. Adam grabs the gun from Pablo’s holster, firing at Carl. Before dying, he asks Adam to tell his father that he thought about him often.

El Jefe thanks Adam for his help, opening the town to other people like him. Adam leaves the place and bids his farewell to Maria and Beulah. He delivers the news to Will, who is happy to hear that Carl has settled down and had a loving wife.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Fugitive

go miss

i have had all of this think that i can

stand on this gringo

you think you're through with me evie

when you are dancing in the air i will

be true you

but you're not gonna hang me you're not

that big

not you anybody else in this stinking



watch him see cafe watch him well

he's full of tricks



senor carl reagan is in jail it will not

be over

until he is hanging by his neck he'll be

no loss

he brought nothing to this town of



there was nothing i could do he grabbed

my keys he came toward me

i had to shoot

you did what you had to do


now it is over except that i shall

continue to curse the day that i first

hear the name

carl reagan






as all will

will reagan jump in jehoshaphat it's

good to see you will

what are you doing out this way yeah get

a little homesick now and then

after all the years in the ponderosa i

still say you're the best dank foreman

we ever had

watch it there there we are

there you are have you heard from carl

recently a matter of fact they have been

please pleasure think so this come today

must be from carl can't think of nobody

else who'd be writing to me

it is from carlene it ben yeah it's it

says it's from uh

plata mexico aha sure is from i just

knew it

last word i heard from him he's headed

in that direction you know my

eyesight may be failing me but my

instinct is still good

then do you mind reading it for me huh i

could have had somebody in town read it

i reckon but i knew you were just as

anxious to hear as i was ah

looks like somebody sent you a present

here will well i can wait for the

present to

what does carl say

well it says that uh

we'll go ahead ben read it it is from

carl in it

well uh we'll know it's uh

this isn't from carl it's some some kind

of advertisement that's all

oh well if they send me a present what

is it

um it's a ring it's like some

mail-order houses trying to sell some

indian jewelry


this ain't no indian rain i guess

adam just supposed it was then i've

known you for a lot of years you always

was a poor handed lion

what's in that letter well i

i don't know how to break it to you it's

pretty bad news

but kyle yeah

he's dead

be sure that be sure of it

well this is a it's from the authorities

in mexico it's a

certificate of debt how did it happen

what did it say

that doesn't say just a certificate of

death and

the brain seems official

i'd know this ring any place i hammered

it out of silver with my own hands

their 16th birthday was the same year

his mom

died can they do this

can they tell me that my boys died and

then not tell me how he died

well maybe there'll be a letter

following mr reagan what good another

letter do

i don't want my boy laying there in a

foreign land i want him back here where

he belongs

ben you've got a wife buried in the

ponderosa you know what i'm talking


well of course i know what you're

talking about it

will it it's impossible i don't care

whether it's impossible or not

i want my boy back here i'm an old man

ain't even got my eyesight ain't much

left of me

i've got to have my boy back home

oh you think i'm doing the right thing

pal i don't know

all i know is that i saw a man aged 10

years right before my eyes

not because his son died but because he

doesn't know how he died

well if i can find out what happened

maybe i can bring his son back to him

and we all will reagan at least that

much you know carl was a pretty wild kid

suppose the truth's unpleasant

can't back away from the truth adam you

take care of yourself right

oh boy




hot damn should have been here yesterday

melt your whiskers off it would have

oh could you give me maybe one of those

nice outside rooms facing that

cool ocean breeze oh i had to get rid of

all them rooms

the guests complained the sound of the

waves kept them up all night where you


virginia city nevada territory

adam right stay long

depends i'll show you to your room

like i said you should have been here

yesterday melt your whiskers off

here you are a dollar a day and

breakfast the morning yeah this will be


anyway so you've been around this town

sometime maybe

that's right sometime if you want to

know a healer monster by his first name

ask me i know as a matter of fact i did

want to ask about someone

the carl reagan

what about him well i'm an old friend of

his from virginia city

also a very good friend of his fathers

we'd gotten word that carl was dead

i don't know nothing about that the

dollar for the room is in advance

oh that's a kind of a small town uh

surely you might have heard something

about it look mister

you want your pillow fluffed up call me

and i forgot to tell you

the room is for one night trail gang's

coming in tomorrow and i'll be full up

look i was only trying to find out

something about my friend's death why

don't you go and ask his widow

well wait a minute lady you don't have



oh pardon me i've knocked on the doors

of half the houses in this town that

what do you want senor i'm looking for

mrs carl reagan

i'm mrs carl reagan

uh my name's adam cartwright i'm an i'm

an old friend of your husbands

i'm sorry that we have to meet under

these circumstances but

i'd like to talk to you for a moment my

husband is dead there is nothing we

could talk about

good day senor

mrs reagan






well mrs reagan we meet again you can

hardly slam a door in my face here

may i buy you a drink please senor i'm

busy i told you i do not wish to

talk now i haven't very much to ask you

shall we sit down

i'm not sure if carl ever told you about

his father

but i know him very well

he's quite anxious to learn as much as

he can about carl's death

surely you can understand that can't you

thank you

not maybe we have that drink

what do you want to know

why didn't you write carl's father why

did you leave it for the law to do

i thought it was better that way why was

it something you were afraid to tell him

please senor i think stay as they are

go back to virginia city

go home mr cartwright

all right mrs reagan i'll go home

after i get a few answers

ah senor come in

you're in the wrong room aren't you

mister oh no no no senor

you are alright what's it all about

i tell you senor you are not only in the

wrong room

you are in the wrong town uh what makes

you think that

well i do not think this senor i know it

who sent you maria senor

why don't you get yourself a good

night's sleep huh and in the morning

you'll feel fresh and rested for the

travel no it's quite the other way

around you're the one that's traveling

out now

senor you're a very stubborn man



sleep well senor


i am the law in plata if that is what

you mean

my name's adam cartwright i know what is

your name

i know that you came into this town

alone i know that you're staying at the


i also know that you asked the same

questions too many times

well now if you know all that maybe you

also know the name of the two men that

were waiting for me in my hotel room and

jump me huh

that is something that i probably do not



what do you intend to do about it

senor we did not ask you to come to

plata maybe it is better that you leave

why should i leave it just got here

perhaps you are stepping on a dead man's


carl reagan was a friend of mine

senor it is time that you should know


that you are a friend of carl reagan

does not make you a friend of anybody in

this town

well now i didn't come to this town to

make friends or enemies either one

the man that you are seeking is dead

but even his memory is hated here

is that enough senor do you want to know


yes i'd like to know how he died

the official record showed that he was


while attempting to escape jail

escape jail now why was he in jail

for murder

for 50 murders but only for one that i

could prove


do you have a trial of um

and he was sentenced to hang

body tried to escape

senor you ever see a man without a face

my deputy commenced a double barrel


at close range

it was second best to hang him

i can't believe carl was a murderer

you're lying signo

or else you do not know your gringo

friend very well i'm not lying

what reason would he have reason that

one needed no reason

he smuggled guns to renegade indians he

robbed mind shipments

he was a killer is that recent enough

well now i only have your word for this

your loyalty touches me senor

my loyalty is to a dying old man who

loved his son

i weep for him i made carl's father a


i came to this town to do something when

i've done it i'll leave

you leave a lot sooner than your cat


or you will remain without a protection

of the law oh what's that supposed to


what does that mean

another gringo told me not long ago that

he was in this town

for peace and quiet to become one of us

to learn our customs

and there was not one day of peace and

quiet from the time that senor regan


the road to our town goes two ways senor

my advice is to go back to your own




hello maria i thought we had already

said goodbye

oh you said goodbye i didn't besides i

having the answers to my questions


could i change your mind about having

that drink no thank you

well maybe if you just sit with me

paid to talk to customers that's part of

my job

and it's very strange finding you're

working in a place like this

why do you say that carl was a proud man

somehow i just don't think he'd want his

wife to work in a cantina

what was he like when you knew him

it was like a cult she could never break

sometimes he was gentle even


man with the restlessness

never stand still

wanting me to go to mexico whether when

we were kids you did not go

no i put down roots on our ranch

ponderosa my father's here my two


it's good to have a family yeah

but the woman goes with her husband tell

me maria

was he as i remember him were you happy

with him

i married him that's not what i asked

i do not know what you have heard

some people did not like him

you saw good things in him so did i

that's the carl riggan i love




it would have been better if you hadn't

come here cowboy i've been told that


you're buying trouble well now since

when did you start worrying about me

i didn't like carl reagan but i do like

maria she's a good kid and i don't want

any harm to come to her

well neither do i it's a little late for



what did he want he does not have to be

a concern of ours

but he is our concern

you are told not to talk to him will you

not be careful pablo

you're hurting your sister if she is

going to be a fool then she will be hurt

now what did he say huh please pablo

you're hurting me

pablo is right little one it is a great

concern to all of us

tell us what the gringo said nothing he

said nothing and i told him nothing

now tell me little sister what did he


just wanted to talk about carlos how we

how he was how we met about the marriage

if we were happy he wanted to tell

carlos father about those things that's

all i swear

you all right yes i'm all right why

don't you leave us alone

these are the two that laid me in my

hotel room it was a mistake

they are my friends your friends

some friends from the way you were

screaming take care of his arm he won't


we're gonna have a talk with el happy

let's go


what is the meaning of you told me not

to expect any help from the law so i'm

taking care of it myself

it's one of the men that jumped me in my

room this is so pablo

see happy it is all i'm only sorry i

didn't kill this gringo pig all right

that's right

put away your gun or i will have to take

it away

this gringo this foreigner

he was molesting my sister your sister i

don't know what you're talking about

it is true jeffy pablo came to me and

told me this foreigner is spending much

time with maria

well i don't know whose sister she is i

was just asking her questions about her


i warn you cartwright we do not like you

gringos interfering in our affairs

all right pablo you can go what are you

doing are you gonna arrest him for what

for defending the honor of his sister

my gun gringo

maybe it is in your cart right we should

be in the cell eh jeffy

no no no no send your card cartwright he

is an intelligent man

he probably has enough intelligence to

get out of mexico now

if not the cell will still be there

i didn't mean to startle you so you're

still here

yep still here but you can stop worrying

about maria

has anything happened to her oh no she's

all right why shouldn't she be

she hates gringos just as much as anyone

else in this town

oh i guess that means you're getting

ready to leave this beautiful village of


well i don't have much choice unless i

sleep in the street

you only let me have that room for one

night you can keep the room for another


what made you change your mind maybe

because that trail gang i told you about

ain't coming in

or uh maybe because of maria

all right maybe it is because of maria

that girl's like a daughter to me

i ain't gonna cuss her out for the rest

of my life just because she made a bad


well i don't know that that's true was

it a bad marriage

what did you expect you must have known

carl reagan was rotten to the core

why don't you tell me about it ain't

nothing to tell

carl reagan was a thief and a killer and

he used to beat maria

she said she loved him well don't try to

understand that card right

you couldn't unless you were a woman

uh pablo is he uh is he really her


yes he's her brother all right but he

might as well not be

he's scared just like everybody else in

this town

that's what carl reagan did to men pablo

and uh juan

what was their connection with carl go

home cowboy

this ain't no place for you get out

while you still can

i'm not gonna leave here until i find

out the truth about carl now if you know

it why don't you tell me

why do you have to ask so many questions


hello carl you recognized my voice

didn't you

i certainly did i never thought i'd hear

it again

well you wouldn't have adam but you just

had to ask questions didn't you

now i don't want to have to kill you but

now that you know that i'm alive i guess

i'm going to have to

now you put your gun on that table nice

and easy like

come a thousand miles to find a man

raised from the grave like lazarus

that's good you always were the bride

when weren't you

a great adam cartwright you you get us a


now adam and i we haven't seen each

other in years have we

we got a lot to talk about sit down


how's my father adam nearly blind

nearly dead inside over you and you can

see how embarrassing it'd be if

i let you go back and tell him i was

still alive

why'd you do it carl all this

billow why don't you go to bed and keep

your mouth shut

i know when i'm well off

see i had to adam they were gonna hang


but i thought it real clever of me you

know have myself declared dead now don't


oh yeah but there was a man killed carl


who wasn't who'd they bury in your place

oh now adam now you don't ask questions

like that

but i'll tell you he was a man about my

size wore my clothes

he was a friend too and i suppose it was

you that sent those two thugs after me


well i was sorry about that yeah you

always was a peaceful man i thought that

you'd think it out clear and uh leave

well enough alone

why didn't you well i suppose i had to

find out about you for myself

you know the law in this town doesn't

have a very uh charitable opinion of you

yeah el heffy he he wanted me so bad he

could taste it

well he's gonna taste it even more when

he finds out you're alive

yeah i guess so so i can't let him find

out can i

i stayed dead adam

it won't last kyle if it isn't el jefe

it'll be somebody else

well you let me worry about that won't


and maria what about her

we used to play a little game taking

each other's girl you remember that

sure i remember

let me give you a little advice my


you stay with my wife come on carl we're

not kids anymore

and i'm not playing games anymore

what are you going to tell my father

when you go back home

i had assumed i wasn't going back i

don't want to kill you adam

now you'd listen to a proposition we

i'd say under the circumstances

i don't have very much choice do that's


i wouldn't do this for anybody but you

but when you go home why don't you tell

my father i died of the fever

smallpox something like that you'll

think of something

beulah she knows you're alive pablo juan

maria beulah she's afraid to talk

she knows me that well pablo and juan

they want money as bad as i do see

there's a silver shipment going through

here day after tomorrow

i'm gonna take it you left out maria

no i didn't leave her out she's in love

with me

i guess i really never knew you carl

you are a mean one aren't you yeah and

i'm gonna be a rich one

after that silver shipment i'm i'm

leaving plata

there's other places to go new worlds to

conquer dead man

nobody looks for a dead man and if i

don't take your proposition

then i'd be the one without any choice

wouldn't i

and i want you to get a good night's

rest and be on your way to virginia city

by tomorrow night

or or i'll kill you

then you'll cut right i thought you

would be gone by now

no i have some information i think might

interest you

it's possible but i doubt it's probable

you know i can tell you every move you

make since you've been here

well now if you can do that then you can

probably tell me that i saw an old

friend last night

i was not aware that you had an old

friend i saw carl reagan

senor my pay is not the biggest pay

my job is not the easiest

it's too early in the morning for jokes

it's no joke he's alive

i tell you cal reagan is dead dead

and apparently you didn't take a very

good look at the man that was killed in

your jail

do you know the effect of a double

barrel shotgun

at close range i know the man i'm

talking about i saw at close range

it was carl reagan

senor i do not know what it is that you

are up to

but i tell you again i don't like gringo


well now you gonna have a lot more than

tricks to worry about there's a silver

shipment coming through here the day

after tomorrow

reagan's planning to take it and get out

of the country

why don't you believe me why should i

believe you

one moment you are his friend and the

next moment you are accusing him

you wear two faces senor well if i do

it's because i know two carl reagans

when i first came the plot i was looking

for an old friend

and now well now i know what you told me

about him was true

i do not like to deal with liars senor

i'm telling you the truth carl reagan's


his death was just a trick

if he is alive he threatened to kill me

if i didn't leave town

he meant it if i don't go he's to come

looking for me

the copper del plata miner is the

lifeblood of this town

well then we better do something about


perhaps i've missed george jose

if you have a plan i will listen i have

a plan

when carl finds out i came here to see

you he'll try to kill me

you stay close to me keep me in sight

i think maybe together we can handle it

any man who believes that all men of one

race are bad

because one man of that race is bad

this man is a fool


i will not let you out of my sight

i won't feel any of the worse knowing


adam adam i thought you left down is

that what carl told you

so you know yes maria i know you must

leave you must not stay here

maria i came here to find something kind

to say to a grieving old man

now if you have something to tell me

i'll listen

adam carlos was your friend

people change forget it maria can you

forget him


first he was like you said

wild but good wild

gentle wild to me that is

he never hurt he cared

he seemed to be needing to be loved

to be wanted

and you i wanted him to

i would have given up anything for him

even my own people

it's all in the past maria i'm telling

you again forget him

forget him he's alive and i'm his wife

maria come back to virginia city back to

carl's father you can start a new life


i couldn't do that i can't leave him

too many memories maria can't you

realize they're all gone

that's all dead it's as though he were

really in that grave

i know that but i must follow my heart

i must stay here


i tried

yes adam you tried








holla jeffy it is quite late

it's getting dark gomez i expected you

back before this

well there were some matters to attend

to i suppose there were and there are

some matters that i would like to talk

to you about

of course jeffy

these things you want to talk to me

about they are important

they are important

what do they concern they concern a dead

man who is not dead

and the man who is buried who is not

carl reagan

but how can that be heavy you saw the

dead man with your own eyes

i saw his clothes

i saw the size of the man his face i

could not recognize

you you saw to that


gummies you let that gringo corrupt you

as he has corrupted the others

my pay here is poor jeffy i could not

help it

if a share of the silver shipments

became attractive

the shipment tomorrow a part of that is

yours too

that is right jeffy i will share

somehow i will stop you it will be

difficult for you

if you are locked in your own jail

inside jeffy inside

and if you are counting on adam

cartwright i must tell you that that too

has been taken care of


it's open

this just came for you got the breath of

a woman that does

you don't let no grass grow under your

feet do you sonny

how'd you get here oh little tight came

running in flung it across the desk at


ran out again without so much as a boo

oh thank you you're welcome

i must see you it is important

my place mariah

come in please what's wrong maria

but it's far enough didn't go

thanks i could not help it pablo's

little sister is a very obedient wife


i will take care of this myself you go

and help senior carlos

tell him we will meet him after dark muy

bien pablo


i tried to tell you you have to admit i

tried to tell you

i heard every word you said but not loud

enough huh friend

now you know i can't let you leave this

town alive

not after you went and seen el heffy

that's right adam you're on your own ill


he's not going to be able to help you

gomez he took care of that

that's who does your dirty work huh

gomez is a very reliable man

ain't that right pueblo that is right


why'd you do it adam and why'd you stay

i just wanted to see if there wasn't one

person in this town besides maria

that would have a decent word to say

about you it's never really mattered to


what people thought about me you ought

to remember that adam

i remember you like taking chances

why don't you have brother-in-law here

give me back my gun

you wouldn't shoot me adam you're much

too moral for that

even if you would it'd spoil things

between you and maria

she'd hate you for the rest of her life

see she's very moral too

aren't you maria carlos do not talk this


you promised we would go away i'll do

anything you ask of me if you do not


no you see i've got it straight

it's not the first time you tried to

take a girl away from me adam

only this time it's different this is my


you don't stop at anything do you why do

you think all this is gonna get you

what's it gonna get me it's gonna give

me a lot of money that's what it's gonna

get me

but adam you won't understand that all

you cart rights always had a lot of


well we worked for it we didn't get it

this way what difference does it make

i'm gonna be rich that's what matters i

think you live long enough to spend it

yeah i'll live long enough to spend it

because i'm not gonna let you or anybody

else get in my way

no carlos cannot do this

i used to think there was good in you i

still want to believe that don't you

know that

pablo take her away from me

carlos if you kill adam cartwright i'm

gonna tell el heavy myself

i told you carlos you cannot trust this


i think you're right if you can't trust

someone then what good are they

now you take him over me all right big

enough for both of you

pablo you still all to me carlos i told


yeah all right then i'm gonna give you a

chance to prove your loyalty

shoot her carla


pablo what are you waiting for what are

you waiting for she's only

your sister go ahead your master's

giving you orders

shut up gringo you are glad to kill

we're not talking about me we're talking

about her you're talking too much adam

pablo i'm waiting you heard him he's


don't tell me you got trouble with your


think of all that silver

no no i cannot do it pablo is soft

i will kill her for you kill her





oh that was smart adam you're good

but you always work good even as a kid


you tell my father that i thought about


i thought about him often



i had built my jail too strong when

gomez locked me in

i could not get out but thanks to you

gomez is finding out the same thing


you know senor i had made up my mind

that there would be no

more gringos in this town but that was



you are welcome anytime and you're

welcome on the ponderosa


you'll still have time to change your

mind marie and come along with me i know

carl's father would like it

no adam i must stay here with my people

goodbye maria


goodbye adam



he was a pretty girl huh so he was a

beautiful gal mr reagan nice to come

visit you sometime

oh i'd like that i hope i

didn't ask too much of you asking you to

bring my boy back home

not at all he was a fine boy wasn't he


wasn't he a good boy ben yes yes he was

a good boy

i'm glad he got married and settled down

i bet he was a good husband wasn't that

what she said adam

when she talked about carl it was just

like we knew him

she loved him very much mr reagan


that's what i wanted to hear well thanks

adam thanks again

come on




well i hope i did the right thing bob

you did the right thing adam

brought a man's son back to him






Behind the Scenes of The Fugitive

The episode’s title in German is “Tod in Mexiko,” which translates as “Death in Mexico.”

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The classic Western series Bonanza is a great show to watch alone or with family. From September 1959 to January 1973, each hour-long episode of the series aired on NBC. The Fugitive is the 52nd episode out of 430 and the twentieth for its second season.

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