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The Infernal Machine Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #29

Millions of Americans tuned in to watch Bonanza, one of NBC’s Western television shows, from 1959 to 1973. Ward Hawkins wrote The Infernal Machine, which debuted on television on April 22, 1961. Additionally, Republic Studios stalwart William Witney directed the episode.

Hoss Cartwright’s friend Daniel Pettibone (Eddie Ryder) invented a horseless carriage called “The Infernal Machine.” When Hoss tries to get funding for Dan’s invention, everyone except a city slicker named Throckmorton (Willard Waterman) turns him down. The townspeople began to follow suit after hearing the slick stranger investing money in the carriage. However, in the end, Throckmorton flees town with the cash, leaving Hoss and Daniel holding the bag.

June Kenney plays Robin, and Nora Hayden plays Big Red.

Read The Infernal Machine‘s plot, including some interesting trivia, or watch the full episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of The Infernal Machine

Watch the Full Episode of The Infernal Machine:

Main Cast

The Infernal Machine, the second season’s twenty-ninth episode, features the following cast members:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright (credit only)
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Eddie Ryder as Daniel Pettibone
  • June Kenney as Robin Pettibone
  • Nora Hayden as Big Red
  • George Kennedy as Peter Long
  • Willard Waterman as Cyrus K. Throckmorton
  • Vaughn Taylor as Horace Ogleby
  • Ken Mayer as Jeb
  • Shug Fisher as Jeff
  • Rickey Kelman as 1st Boy
  • Richard Correll as 2nd Boy
  • Fred Aldrich as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Barton as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Danny Borzage as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chet Brandenburg as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Breen as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Stewart East as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Betty Endicott as Saloon Girl (uncredited)
  • Fred Fisher as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Joe Garcio as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jack Gordon as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Herman Hack as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chuck Hamilton as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Michael Jeffers as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Ethan Laidlaw as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Martha Manor as Saloon Girl (uncredited)
  • Maurice Marks as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Rice as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Cosmo Sardo as Bartender (uncredited)
  • Ray Spiker as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Chalky Williams as Townsman (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Infernal Machine

Hoss returns to the Ponderosa with a machine, along with his new-found friend, Daniel Pettibone, and his wife, Robin. Hoss introduces Dan as an inventor, presenting one of his inventions: a mini-horseless carriage.

Robin speaks for his husband, who has trouble talking to strangers because of his profession and inventions. She explains that the carriage moves through an internal combustion engine, a principle her husband improved for modern use. Joe thinks it’s too little, so Hoss tells him it’s a model for something big enough for people to ride.

Hoss assists his “partners” in their room. Once he returns to the living room, Ben and Joe doubt Hoss’s choices. Ben thinks the wagon is impractical as it cannot go for long travels or haul freight. However, Hoss insists on believing in the wagon’s usefulness. Still, Ben and Joe couldn’t have faith in the invention. Regardless, Hoss is determined to go to Virginia City with Daniel to seek funding to build a full-size horseless carriage. Before he leaves, Ben invests $100 while Joe puts in $50. Hoss hesitates to accept, but Ben explains they have faith in Hoss.

Hoss and Dan demonstrate the model of the horseless wagon to the people in Virginia City. Most people were skeptical, especially since Dan couldn’t talk for himself. However, a mysterious man suddenly invested $1000 in the Pettibone Power Wagon Company, introducing himself as Cyrus K. Throckmorton and his associate, Mr. Peter Long. He is a broker and investment counselor known in New York, London, and Paris. Throckmorton arrived in Virginia City to invest funds for Eastern capital. Apart from investing, he offers a guiding hand to Hoss and Dan after learning Dan doesn’t have any financial manager. His smooth talking impressed Hoss and Dan, who excitedly took his offer.

Throckmorton invites Big Red, a saloon girl, into their hotel room to offer her a job as a private secretary, which she immediately accepts.

With Throckmorton’s smooth sales talk, the locals begin to invest their shares. Meanwhile, Red and Pete announce they’re getting married.

As Dan, Robin, and Hoss take a picture with the wagon, Red enters, looking for his soon-to-be-groom, who’s missing. Red found Pete and Throckmorton gone from their room with their stuff, including the money the locals invested for Dan’s invention.

The sheriff organized a posse to look for Pete and Throckmorton all over the country. Meanwhile, Hoss tells Dan he has to be in jail in the meantime to protect himself from the angered townspeople.

Red received a letter from Pete, asking her to sneak out of town and meet him close to Burton Falls at old Perkins place. Hoss allowed her to join him as he pursued the two, only if she dropped the rifle she was holding.

Hoss and Red arrive at the place where Pete and Throckmorton are staying. Throckmorton throws the dough he kneads to stop Hoss from firing his gun. Hoss still managed to shoot, spreading flour all over the place. Hoss and Pete fight, while Red and Throckmorton fight for the money’s briefcase. The stone lids exploding stopped their scuffle for a moment, but they continued right after.

Although holding a gun, Throckmorton failed to shoot his friend. Hoss couldn’t understand how Throckmorton chose to steal the money instead of staying with the Pettibone Power Wagon Company. All Throckmorton can say is that he’s dishonest.

Red and Hoss return to the town pub with the money they stole. They expected the townspeople to be happy, but everyone was downhearted. Oglesby tells Hoss that the pressure from the town may have caused Dan’s heart to fail, causing his death. Hoss believes Dan didn’t die of fright. Still, it was sad news for everybody. The people in town who invested in the company chose to give the money to Robin. On the other hand, Throckmorton encourages Pete to continue the marriage, delighting both Pete and Red.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Infernal Machine


that sounds like

us wanting a wagon you left on a horse

you know my brother you can leave on a

horse and come on a boat

yeah it's him all right he's got company

with him

oh lady company well someone we know

there's a fella with him and uh

and uh what yo wow come on

hey meet some friends of mine this is

daniel pettibone his wife robbie

oh i i i don't believe i've heard haas

mentioned the name daniel

pettibone before hey i just met him

today myself well they found him

stranded up by jackson ridge

oh well jackson's reach is a our place

from anywhere

yeah well we were trying to reach

virginia city and uh

when we got up there and there was no

road or anything so uh

oh well you you must be very tired of

the police

yeah wait a minute before you do

anything else something i want to show

you come here dad show him come on

dad here's an inventor paul well you see

this it'll just about pop your head off

we're gonna water quickly









what do you think paul you ever seen the

beat of that no sir i never did

it wasn't what makes it go

my husband doesn't mean to be rude he

has trouble talking to strangers

especially about his work he's been

laughed at so much

yeah you have no trouble talking to me

he like talked my arm off

well you're the exception you're very

likable and very easy to know

i'll try to answer your question the

thing that makes it go is an internal

combustion engine

and then he invented that huh oh not


the principle of an internal combustion

engine's been known a long time

a man named samuel brown sold and built

it a of one in england 30 years ago

like this nothing like this my husband's

invented many improvements

things far advanced even for modern


this fuel for example it's a

distillation of scottish shell

an electric spark ignites this

uh this fuel and much much else besides

you understand all right

oh you don't have to understand it to

see it's the biggest thing that ever


it was kind of little to me oh joe it's

a model

ferment you you make a bigger and how


oh you know about big enough to sit in

sit in sure that burns you got to sit in

it before you can ride in it

what do you mean riding it yeah bernie

joe that's what it's all about

this thing's a self-powered wagon you

sit in it and you ride it

you don't even have to have horses for

it look i'll explain it all to you later

oh don't let it been feeling too good

well i'm gonna put him and his wife up

in that spare bedroom

come on robin you know

man's got to take care of his partners

us sir

did you say partners yeah

that's what i said paul partners

good night sir and thank you

here we go again



doggone paul i want to get something

straight once and for

step right up neighbor come on

what you see before your bulging

eyeballs are a collection of mechanical


designed to make a poor man rich and a

rich man richer hold on just one moment

a little

don't forget that you have bought in

your time some of these mechanical

miracles too

huh did i ever buy anything like this

that's a perpetual motion machine


how about this look at this goodie

that is a magic box

now you see open it up and you put a

little lead inside a little

magic powder you cook it

and silver comes out the bottom

you didn't think this this gold witcher

was such a bad idea when i bought it

yeah you can't deny that little joe i

can remember your very words finding

gold with that would be as easy as

falling into a web all right

all right so i made a mistake once

but did i ever in my entire life

buy anything like this

it was supposed to shoot around corners


don't work no better than the rest of

that junk i bought it all i know that

but what's that supposed to prove

joe down his wife up there they're

they're honest folk they ain't crooks


that that power wagon is a real thing ah

sauce i go along with you about those

folks upstairs

i believe they're honest too but

is this thing practical practical

anything you write in practical in it

you build a full-size room and you could

go almost any place

come on all right you build a full-size

one of those and i'll find myself any


worn-out old nag and i'll beat you to

virginia city by a day and a half

maybe you cut down but but well you're

taking you

you get some good roads and roads can

you rope a steer with that thing

no can you hit six of these together and

then haul freight

all right oh what are you going to do

with it oh dad gummy i'm all mixed up

now this afternoon when i sat up there

on the tailgate of old donald's wagon it

it was as clear to me as a nose on my


and you can't see it now hmm yeah paul i

can see it but i can't explain it to you


you want facts and figures and

everything proved out ahead of time you

just can't always prove things out ahead

of time sometimes you you got to just

have faith

and you go ahead and do something then

when you get it done you point to it and

say now there

that's what i mean i can't have faith in

a silly looking thing like that

i i couldn't either well that's up to


tell you how much faith i got in it go

to virginia city with donald

i'm gonna help him get money together

we're gonna build a full size one

you don't have to do a doggone thing you

don't have to put one

drop of sweat in it or one thin dime

i'll put 100 in it

i'll put 50 in it

if you ain't got no faith in it we have

faith in you

and if you believe so much in this


maybe there is something to it we'll

back you all the way

with money muscle or guns


you are now witnessing the first

public demonstration of the

the penny bomb power wagon uh

we are prepared to offer you a share in


i always wait later later i kind of got

ahead of myself for a minute something

else i'm supposed to say first

ah mr pettibone here and me we're gonna


a prototype here in virginia city

later we will manufacture full-sized

power wagons

for sale wait that that comes in oh yeah


uh shares in the petty bomb power wagon

company are

for sale at ten dollars a share

well now that's my kind of contraction

knows right where it's gone






clear back you better give him room i

think he's going to be coming out of



four to half shares of that petty bone

power wagon i've been trying to get rid

of him for two days

hey for her that gun it big red that's

mighty sweet of you and you're not gonna

be sorry neither are you here

folks i ain't much at making speeches

but if you'll all step in there at the

bar i'll stand to drinks


oh no we ain't that blasted well dog on

it jeff you seen it come in here of its


ain't no better use for that gold same

is throwing it away would you throw it

away on booze

booze that's what i dug it for why

all right boys all right all right let's

bring it up we're gonna

outside you go i'll stomp a mud hole in

your way to drive


how are you doing i'm fine you think you

better stop them before somebody gets

hurt hurt them dude

paddle there will hides as tough as an

alligator they do that every day you get

to keep limber

look here you go over here and sit down

take it easy

you just sit right here i'll take care

of that in here

what about it mr ogilvie you'll buy in

no sir

i'm not putting any of my money in a

contraption like that what do you mean

contraption what's wrong with it

it's a slick trick suckabay

i don't trust that man a man over there

you don't trust happens to be a very

good friend of mine mr ovalby

you can't scare me horse cart right

we've all known you long enough to know

you're honest

how long you know him long enough to

know he's as honest as i am

and i heap smarter he can do more things

by monday noon and you can in a week

if he's a smart why can't he do his own

talking well

i work with all him brains that's about

all he can handle besides he's got a big

dumb partner to do his talking fart

well this contraption can do all you


why'd you come to virginia city you

could finance it a lot quicker in san


i'll tell you why he came to virginia

city the doctors made him leave san

francisco that's why

he ain't well he's got pains here in his

chest and it hurts him worse when

somebody's crowding

anything else just one thing there's a

man who's been selling the good folks of

virginia city merchandise of all kinds

for over 15 years

i say any man who invests good money in

this infernal machine is a fool

them sir you must name me a fool

for herewith i pledge one thousand

dollars to the petty born power wagon


i'll be sodding half of the blackberry

vine well

mr rich i'm uh cyrus k

throckmorton my dear and uh that is my

associate mr peter long

howdy folks never heard of you

which is not surprising i only arrived

in your fair city yesterday

i am a broker and investment counselor

known in the financial centers of new

york london

and paris here to invest funds for

eastern capital

and now sir if you would introduce me to


genius who invented this mechanical


yes sir this this here is daniel

pettibone truly a great honor sir a man

of your capabilities is rare indeed

i'd like also to meet your business


uh well uh they ain't nobody but just me

and daniel here i sort of figured on

learning the business the end of the


well and understandable errors uh what a

grievous one

the financial world is a teeming jungle

to the uninitiated

strewn with many pitfalls

let me think

there is a slight possibility i may be

able to extend a

guiding hand golly

i would deem it a privilege indeed an


to contribute my time and uh not

inconsiderable experience in financial

matters to this enterprise

as a service to the community and now

let us have a closer look at this


that mr oglesby calls an infernal


beautiful little thing isn't it


like i said we're buying in

like i said we're buying it



stand back i'm gonna kill him


now let's see what we have here

now that's nice ah blue and gold that

should appeal to the natives

i've never seen nothing so pertinent all

my days

she likes something out in a dream yes

yes my boy beautiful indeed

and i have one for almost any endeavor

you care to name

forest lands gold mine dance hall

i'll bet she ain't no dancehall cause

she wants to be

a lady like that she ain't always got a


yes i think this will do nicely thing of

rare beauty

we should have no difficulty in selling

several thousand of these to the good

people of virginia city

you ain't gonna sell big red none there

to everyone an equal opportunity my boy

however the first order of business is

to have some of these printed up

i should say um 2 000 to begin with

who's that it's me big red oh

just a moment my dear

mr throckmorton

you said you wanted to talk to me come

in my dear come right in

everybody's so happy you're gonna handle

the business end of the petty bone power

wagon company

really i wouldn't have missed it for the


misread i

oh you run along now mr long and take

care of the printing

have it printed up just like that run

along my boy

now my dear how would you like to enter

into an association with uh mr long and

myself say as

a private secretary perhaps gee

it's what i'd like to do more than

anything else yes yes

my dear this is going to be the biggest

thing that ever happened to virginia


now run along and we'll discuss salary

at our earliest opportunity

out out you hear the printer

now my dear i believe it's safe for you

to leave

thank you




i can't see anything except a lot of

fire and smoke hey that's horse cart

right over the back seat

yeah i do now and there's jeff and

[ __ ] by the fire

kids must know haas pretty well if you

can recognize him like that

what are they doing in there mr petty

bomb well sonny they're trying to make a


it's the ninth time we've tried well how

do you make a casting

well you take some irons eh and you melt


and you pour it into a mold now that

mold is a

shape of something you want to make now

when that iron cools off it hardens you

take away your mold

and what you got left there is the

casting what do they do with it

you make an engine if it comes out right

well i bet your hoss can make it come

out right

i've seen him pick up a whole horse

this is more like picking up an elephant

but what if he can't do it

well he can't do it we just can't build

a power wagon but don't you worry about

it that horse is pretty stubborn

stubborn and capable darling look what i


mr throckmorton had the made up isn't it


he's going to give one to everyone who

buy stock in the company

you boys like one of these we sure would

what is it it's a crank

used to crank the pettibone power wagon

you take this part of it

and you put it in the front part of the

engine and you

crank it you turn it and pretty soon the

engine starts

how do you feel darling oh i feel great

just great come on

come on don't overdo not now

not when everything is going so



i'm better right before that gasket call


okay take her easy we sure don't want to

lose this one

set him down easier

here [ __ ] you get over here


watch your step over there

all right boys just just a little bit

now just a little

easy easy easy a little more

buy lower now give a little more

well it seems to have settled a little

better this time huh yeah

at least it didn't rile up that means


uh we're whooped if it don't work this

time we've tried just about everything

come on let's get that up




you just don't know what all this means

to me working for mr throckmorton and mr


golly and all these new ideas he has yes

he does things pretty pretty fast

oh don't worry reg you'll do fine well i

don't know

well you know i never worked anywhere

outside of saloon

i mean all of a sudden being a lady

being a lady is a state of mind and i

think you are always a lady

i'm so happy i think i'm gonna cry

oh come on now don't do that this is no

time for tears

miss pettibone i'm just busting i gotta

tell somebody

tell what

pete and i i mean uh pete and me is

really you and mr long

i think that's just wonderful aren't you

just placed to pieces

well i'm more scared than anything

whatever for well i don't know about

getting married

gee for the rest of my life and


if my marriage should end tomorrow i'd

still call it the most precious thing in

all my life

there it's my wedding veil i've always

kept it with me i want you to wear it at

your wedding

let me help you

and now ladies and gentlemen


i give you the marvelous penny bone

power wagon

ladies and gentlemen i see doubt in some

of your faces i even see rejection

in some but stay let me breathe a breath

of life

into this vision listen to me

look around you

what do you see some will say only


i say open your eyes i see tall chimneys

and enormous buildings with huge

furnaces that spout

streams of molten metal where strong men

pour and cast and there

there at the end of the street i see a

many windowed factory

where lathes hum and drills spin where

capital craftsmen

fashion gleaming parts out of raw steel

and there massive and dramatic

there stands the assembly plant

an endless belt moves there past each


where in his turn he adds a wheel a seat

a mud guard until finally

the pettibone power wagon rolls from

that line

a finished product shining and

powerful some of you may ask

what do we need with a power wagon and

some may say

no machine will ever take the place of

man's most loyal friend the horse

but i predict that this machine will

travel in excess of 50 miles

not in a day my friends no not in half a


but in the short space of one single


you you and you all of you

will have the chance to share in this

glorious future

that you may certainly prosper that you

possibly may even grow rich that

is not important far more important that

you can say to your children's children

i was there i stepped forward

i said i demand

my right to share

i think



i better get out there and get me some

of these stocks before they're all gone

anytime horizon will be puts a nickel

into anything you bet he's figuring on

getting a dollar back



give me two hundred dollars worth you

sure didn't look pretty

i feel pretty dressed up like this

working for mr throckmorton

and guess what hoss what


you tell him darling oh well

neither one of you have to say that me

to figure out what you're up to i'll bet


dollars to donuts you're figuring on

getting hitched ain't you

and i'll tell you what i'm going to do

for a wedding present i'm going to give

you the first

genuine petty bone power wagon



this is the birdie now up here watch up


still very quiet

that burn it right where they could be

they're near a half hour late already

it takes a while for the bride to get

dressed toss hoss why don't you sit down

here let me get a picture of you in the

petty bone power wagon so i can have it

i want to take you wrong yeah yeah

is this all right for you sir that's

wonderful you better put a bigger plate

in that camera if you expect to get





well he ain't here either is he pete i

thought he was with you

well he ate he's gone come on what do

you mean golf i mean gone that's what i


he was supposed to come get me but i got

tired waiting so i went up to his room

and you know what i found my pet in that

rock morton had packed up and pulled

out and they took all that money with


come on


well how'd he miss petable i'm sorry to

bother but i need to talk to donald is


heard enough to talk of course come in


hi darryl hi haas

robin here is the original model of the

fuss budget

any news i missed the throttle morton

definitely no use in us

fooling ourselves that old scoundrel and

pete do they

they took that money they had no

intentions of bringing it back

the sheriff trying to find him oh yeah


sheriff and everybody else in town they

got apostates been all over the country

daniel you uh you ever been in jail

no i never been in jail

it ain't really so bad when you got good

grub and

sheriff coffee's got the best grub in


am i going to jail but why horace

ogilvie's got

half the town stirred up over that that

money it's gone

roy coffee thought it might be a good

idea if

donald came down and sat a spell in the


just as a guest you understand not not

as a prisoner you can lock the door from

inside and keep the key yourself

i'm ready let's uh let's go

i'll be back


look at that eight times

eight times that casting came out and


wouldn't you know it this time it's as

solid as a dog

that means we could have finished

building this whole rig

daniel said there were nothing tougher

than making that their casting

and you ought to go out and try to raise

some more money that would be tougher

yeah i guess you're right stand in jail

and no money

boss you figure you can finish building

this hit contraption ah no

[ __ ] i didn't even know what was doing

when donald's here telling us how

maybe we ought to get drunk drunk

drunk i'd get up a lynch party and hang

horse ogles be higher than

a hawk's nest oh if you got no call to

work up everybody again down

dad never took his money yeah it will

always be in the pocketbook and showing

off hurts him

yeah damn big red

i'm your friend big red you ain't got no

call to point that gun at me

i pointed at you i just want you to come

with me

or two to burton falls and when we get

there i'm gonna shoot a hole right

through mr pete long

pete is that where pete's at right near


i got this letter from him him and

throckmorton are hiding out close to

burton falls just waiting for the law to

quit looking for him

he wants me to sneak out of town and

meet him up there me

he thinks i'm a crook too why the dirty


i may be a floozy but i'm an honest

floozy you're a dog going right you are

they're staying at the old perkins place

dab burn it no wonder we missed them

who'd have figured they'd have gone the

grounds are close by we kept riding

right on by them

old thoughts more than smart as a fox

yeah but his partner ain't

old pete couldn't take a lick to begin

with and then after he fell in love with

big red here he just went plum simple

no offense big red don't make no


i'm gonna shoot a hole right through him

anyway no now big red i i don't know

nothing about that but

if you can ride a horse you're welcome

come along with me but this gun's got to


let's go come on


i don't blame you for covering up this

that blame

casting [ __ ] it ain't no good to us

now i ain't covering that i'm

uncovering this hey i put that in there

for an emergency

when that big redhead come in here

without their shotgun

that makes this an emergency

all right

you know what this is tar

these are feathers tyrant feathers for

you you're thieving swindler

we'll paint you if we have to wait a


here's something else for you something

the stockholders wanted us to give back

to you

yeah it's too soon

it's too soon then i'm ready


there are other ladies equally fair why

eat your heart away for one

there ain't but one like big red

i sure wish she'd show up

any reason to suppose she might show up

no no none i could think of

she might get lucky or something and run

into us

ah marvelous good beans

enough bread to last us for several


a modest share of 25 000 your cup should

be full to overflowing my boy

i'd rather have big bread

you hear horses no

just wedding bells

all right boys just hold it right where

you are

well hoss red what an unexpected


you're just in time for an evening

repast oh honey

i was afraid you didn't get my letter

letter what letter

why you ungrateful snake in the grass

don't look to me for no sympathy

you dirty black skunk you two ain't just

about the worst reprobates i ever seen

living out here in this comfortable

cabin and

cooking beans



a poor little damn pettibone sits in

that jailhouse

dan's in jail what'd he steal

nothing he got blamed for what you stole

you still got that money ain't he

that money is a sacred trust we're

guarding it with our lives

every penny of it is right there under

the bed

in that police


charge to the barricades attack

hit him with something


give me that give me that gun






hey them stolen this could hurt yeah


looks like it's about over




where's that gun oh

sweetie pie sweetie boy

you killed him

big red pete's all right he went through

that wall head first

big red

okay how come you didn't shoot me that

gun loaded won't shoot

it'll shoot


it's a weakness i had since i was a boy

i never could shoot a friend


what i can't figure out is and why you

wanted to take that money in the first


if you wanted to get rich you could you

could have stayed with a pettibone power

wagon company and got 10 times right

there just like you said

why did you have to steal


because i'm dishonest

all right you two stand right there for

the bar stay put

here it is boys there were plenty of it

and there's mr throckmartin to tell you

how sorry him and pete are for trying to

run off with it

well yeah

what's wrong with everybody i'm bringing

your money back do you

i reckon it's my place to tell your

horse i fixed up a mess of tar and

feathers threatened

dan pettibone with him doc says his

heart failed him

he passed away

he died


is miss aesthetic could happen anytime


yeah i reckon i knew that

but i'll guarantee you one thing

then pettibone didn't die fright

he wasn't scared of nobody

that don't make the news no better

though does it


he's a good little fella



at least we got all the money back

i take it kindly if you give the widow


the money i invested that's

that's a lot of money mr oakley not


not nearly enough

well come on jeff let's get back to the


jiggery didn't you fellas gonna take


ah we don't want it don't need it

come on yeah

we'd spend it on booze anyway

and i tried to steal from them

you know my boy i'm an unmitigated

scoundrel i shall ask the judge for 20


you know horse peter

never wanted to steal that money all he

ever wanted to do was to marry big red


it's all he still wants to do

marriage did anybody say

marriage i did

hansi bunsey sweetie boy

you know i wonder if the sheriff could


pete's bill on my tab mr throckmartin

i'll do everything in my power

to see that you get your wish


much of that that uh scotty shield

much of it left

a couple of drops

can't get over a pretty old big red

looking here brand new wedding dress

oh pete was a spruce of a brand new


you know i can't get over those people

letting trunk morton and heath go

scotch-free because i'm stealing that

money well

paul they didn't really steal it they

they were in charge of the money and


everybody figures they just took a ride

with it and then bring it back

yeah oh didn't didn't dan have any plans

for this thing

yeah his missus took him back east


said that folks just wasn't ready for it


we'll save them for their boy

i didn't know they had a boy they ain't


come the middle of june


that burn it i still say it worked

Behind the Scenes of The Infernal Machine

Willard Waterman played the blowhard character, Cyrus Throckmorton. The name and spirit pay homage to Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, who Willard portrayed on the radio from 1950 to 1957. He also played the character on television in 1955 through a short series. “The Great Gildersleeve” was the title for both the radio and television show.

Germans invented guns that could shoot around corners during World War II. However, they did not serve their purpose that well.

The view from the bar shows the painting of the other side of the street. At one point, the actors’ shadows can be visible.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Make Bonanza your next series to watch yourself or with the people you love! It’s a fantastic 14-season show run by the NBC network from September 1959 to January 1973. The Infernal Machine is the 61st episode out of 430 and the twenty-ninth for its second season.

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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