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The Rival Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #28

Bonanza kept its viewers tuned in to the show weekly through its action-packed stories revolving around the fictional Cartwright family and the people around. Anthony Lawrence wrote the series’ sixtieth episode, The Rival, which made its television debut on April 15, 1961. Moreover, the episode was one of the few that Robert Altman directed for the program.

Hoss Cartwright withholds this information from Sheriff Coffee despite the irrefutable evidence pointing to Jim Applegate’s (Charles Aidman) connection to a lynching. Friendship or loyalty aren’t the primary reasons behind Hoss’ silence. Hoss and Jim are both in love with Cameo Johnson (Peggy Ann Garner). Hence, Hoss does not want his testimony to appear as if he’s slandering his romantic rival for his interest.

Robert McQueeney plays Gideon, while Joe De Santis acts as Morehouse.

Read The Rival‘s plot, including some fascinating trivia, or watch the full episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of The Rival

Watch the Full Episode of The Rival:

Main Cast

The Rival, the twenty-eighth episode of Bonanza’s second season, features the following actors and actresses:

  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Peggy Ann Garner as Cameo Johnson
  • Charles Aidman as Jim Applegate
  • Robert McQueeney as Gideon
  • Joe De Santis as Morehouse
  • Ray Teal as Sheriff Roy Coffee
  • Orville Sherman as Jess Morehouse
  • Charlene Brooks as Peggy Morehouse
  • Bill Clark as Clem Johnson
  • Rudy Doucette as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Jaye Durkus as Deputy (uncredited)
  • Frank Ellis as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Michael Jeffers as Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)
  • Ethan Laidlaw as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Rex Moore as Townsman (uncredited)
  • John Rice as Townsman (uncredited)
  • Milan Smith as Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)

Full Story Line for The Rival

A group of masked individuals ambushed a couple, where they lynched the husband and shot the wife dead. Before they left, the gang left a note on a wooden post sign, calling the couple cattle thieves.

When Hoss returns home from seeing Cameo, the girl he’s courting, he finds a group of men, followed by Jim Applegate, leaving an area. He didn’t find them suspicious until he discovered a family dead for allegedly stealing cattle.

At the Ponderosa, the Cartwrights were discussing the incident that happened earlier that day. Hoss was heading towards his room when Joe brought up the fellow that got away. Although hesitant, Hoss tells them that he saw a bunch of men riding from the Morehouse place, recognizing one of them as Jim Applegate. Hoss believes Jim is not a vigilante, but Ben insists they report this information to the sheriff.

Hoss visits Cameo early in the morning. However, he didn’t expect Jim to be there. Jim is Hoss’ close friend, and seeing him at Cameo’s place made them both understand that they’re romantic rivals for Cameo’s affection. When Jim cracks a joke, he notices Hoss is not in the mood to laugh. Cameo tells Jim that Hoss found the dead couple last night. At that moment, Sheriff Roy and his men arrive to arrest Jim as one of the vigilantes who were at the murder place. Cameo insists that Jim’s innocent, leaving Hoss no choice but to accompany her to town.

Cameo and Hoss visit Jim in jail. Jim noticed Hoss’s hesitance, assuming he was in doubt of his innocence because of Cameo. However, Hoss insists that’s not his reason. Frank Gideon from the nearby cell declares Jim was beside him when they lynched the homesteaders. Still, Cameo insists she believes Jim.

On the other hand, Hoss tells Jim that he saw him with the group of men at the Morehouses’ place. Jim admits being with them but says he didn’t participate in the lynching since he only crossed paths with the vigilantes. He insists he’s innocent, but upon seeing Hoss’s hesitance, Jim tells him to tell the sheriff. Jim thinks doing so will benefit Hoss, leaving Cameo all to himself.

Despite Frank’s statement involving Jim’s way with women, Hoss chooses not to inform the sheriff for fear of jeopardizing Cameo’s reputation. When Hoss leaves, Frank taunts Jim, saying he’ll get lynched like him. Jim and Frank loved the same woman, Frank’s wife. However, Frank’s grudge towards Jim is rooted in the first woman Frank stole from him.

As Sheriff Roy hands Jim his food, Jim knocks him down and escapes. He throws in the keys, a bit far from Frank’s reach.

Hoss returns to the Ponderosa, riled up that he unintentionally became mean towards Adam and Little Joe. Ben encourages him to open up, eventually revealing about Jim and Cameo. Hoss tells Ben that he doesn’t want to make it appear that he wants to get rid of Jim by testifying against him. Meanwhile, Ben thinks Hoss was letting his personal feelings influence his decision.

A group of men led by Morehouse suddenly arrive at the Ponderosa, ordering the Cartwrights to surrender Jim and Frank. Ben says they’re in jail, but Morehouse insists Hoss helped them escape. Hoss prepares his hat and gun, heading where he believes he’ll find Jim.

Jim and Cameo were at the barn, expressing their love for each other. Jim thinks about running away with Cameo but hesitates because of his friend, Hoss. Cameo assures him that she doesn’t belong to Hoss, and although she once did, it all changed when she realized her love for Jim. Unbeknownst to them, Hoss is outside, sadly listening to their conversation.

Cameo leaves to pack their food. Hoss enters the barn once she leaves, aiming a gun at Jim. Hoss tries to bring Jim back to ensure a fair trial, but he refuses. The two engage in a fight until Cameo returns with a rifle. Hoss insists Jim should face the law to find the truth, whether he’s innocent or not. However, Cameo insists on running away with Jim.

Jim and Cameo camp for a moment. There, Jim realizes Hoss’s right, but Cameo believes returning will only lead to his death. However, Jim was implying that he had taken Cameo from Hoss. Cameo assures him that it is her choice to join him. Morehouse and his lynch mob appear behind the rock, getting the couple cornered. He allowed Cameo to leave, but Cameo refused to go.

Cameo eventually runs away to Hoss, who’s still at the barn. She tells him the lynch mob got Jim, begging Hoss to help him. Hoss refuses, implying Jim and Cameo’s decision hurts him. Cameo continues to appeal to Hoss, who recognizes he’d be risking his life just so Cameo can have Jim, eventually going after the lynch mob.

Hoss arrives at the Morehouse’s place, aiming his gun at the lynch mob and ordering them to drop their weapons. Jim is sitting on a horse, with his neck hanging. Morehouse calls for his horse, forcing Hoss to carry Jim’s legs so he wouldn’t get lynched. However, the lynch mob pursues Hoss until Frank shoots his gun, holding Cameo hostage.

Hoss asks Frank Gideon to help him cut Jim down. However, Frank reveals he’s been waiting to watch his brother, Jim, at the rope’s end. Frank has felt envious of Jim from the day he came alive since he stole their mother’s name and love, while she seemingly forgot about Frank.

Frank orders Hoss to drop Jim, who tells Hoss to do as Frank says. However, Hoss refuses, forcing Frank to shoot him on the arm. Afraid Hoss’ll die, Jim kicks Hoss to drop him. Cameo immediately rushes to his aid, along with the lynch mob, while Morehouse takes a gun and shoots Frank dead.

The lynch mob untied Jim. In Cameo’s arms, Jim reveals that his brother was telling the truth, including being there during the lynching of the couple. He apologizes to Hoss and Cameo, then tells her he loves her. Before he could ultimately say Hoss’s name, Jim succumbs to his death.

In the end, Hoss and Cameo bid their goodbyes.

Full Script and Dialogue of The Rival




what are you gonna do











greg and i ain't much good at making

light conversation cameo

you just leave that up to me horse i can

rattle on enough for the two of us

my what a glorious night

smell the air it's so sweet


right that must be honeysucklers

lots of it around here

i just love this place

it's so peaceful and quiet

away from the noise of the town

it's uh getting late house




there's something

there's something i'd like to say to you

oh what's that hollis


ain't nothing i ain't nothing important

i uh

let's be getting inside cameo


you reckon uh

you right now

you reckon i could kiss you


i reckon you could














that's them sheriff it's got to be

take a horse

just hold it right there boys

here what's going on

that's what we want to find out where

you boys been they were at my brother's

house wearing masks

i saw them drag taking jess out of the

house and kill them and what about it

he was there with a green jacket

you come up here where i can see your




i never thought he'd turn to this

clem johnson was a friend of mine

no excuse for this

he's not the only cattleman around it's

been taking a beating think of all the

steers we've lost

i'd rather lose every living thing in

the ponderosa than resort to the rope

you're a cattleman how come you weren't

asked to join the vigilante pack

i was asked

didn't show you the letters

sent to stock owners all over the


full of

noble virtuous arguments

all they liked was one thing



i think i'll go up and get a little rest

you know i wonder about that fellow that

got away

oh they'll catch up with them sooner or


i don't know it could be anybody nobody

saw him


i think i did


are you telling the chef about it

no sir

why not

well paul i didn't actually see nobody

around the

morehouse place i just saw a bunch of

men riding from that direction they

might not have nothing to do with it i

don't know but you recognize some of


one of them who was it

was jim applegate

jim ain't the sort to go vigilante well

neither was clem johnson us you've got

to tell the sheriff about this

paul i know jim he's just a hard-working


i still think you have an obligation to

tell the sheriff that you saw him with

some of them and near the scene of the


yeah we're gonna do

i'll talk to sheriff in the morning

while i'm going to town



i didn't expect to see you this morning

i uh heard about last night

you finding those people it must have

been awful yeah it wasn't very pretty

hold on would you like to come inside

for a little while yeah thanks i can't

stay with a minute i got to get on into



hello horse


hey jim

i didn't expect to see you here

i guess i'm doing the same thing you're

doing visiting cameo well isn't this

nice you to know each other sure do next

to you hoss probably only real friend i

got why don't you just sit there and

make yourself comfortable i'll make us

some tea won't that be nice

jim didn't


i didn't know he was both caught in the

same gal hall


she sure is a nice gal ain't he

real nice

jim i

ain't seen you around lately well i've

been around

lost my job oh i've been looking for


it was mighty fancy new boots for a man

out of work

well you know me hoss

never save for tomorrow which you can

spend the day

the tea will be ready in a minute

it looks like wind is brought over

doesn't it

wrecking soul

the indians say when the hazelnut is

about the size of a squirrel's ear it's

safe to put in seeds

i go by corn on my left foot when the

swelling goes down summer's on


i guess a horse don't feel much like


he found those poor people last night

oh yeah yeah

old town's talking about it

a poor woman

must have been awful

had no call to kill that woman

man no call to kill nobody

you expect more company cameo

don't tell me horse ain't my only

competition i couldn't know i can't

imagine who that could be


good morning

you mavicate you're under arrest under

arrest what are you talking about i'm

talking about you being one of them

vigilantes that's what i'm talking about

take him out boys sheriff jim couldn't

possibly do anything like that for me

i'm afraid he couldn't did

them two folks who murdered last night

are no more cattle rustlers than you or

me they're just a couple of homesteaders

who are giving some stock man a little

trouble over land rights you shouldn't

be taken up with a man like that he's a



hosts they're making a terrible mistake

jim's no vigilante

haas i want to go into town right now

camille you

you best stay out of this stay out of it

he's your friend too horse

do you really believe he could have

killed two innocent people

i don't know

maybe he didn't make this too innocent

how can you say that

i don't believe what the sheriff says

i'm going hosh you can stay if you want



what are you doing here cartwright

coming to see your friends

all right

i guess that sort of comes under the

head of my business don't it

is it your business to murder innocent


mr morehouse i'm i'm terrible sorry

about your brother and his wife

forget your sympathy i don't need it

they were lynched by cattlemen

and you're a cattleman

come on


afternoon sheriff uh sheriff we'd like

to see jim applegate

of course you got no call to get mixed

up in

this just the same we'd like seeing

well i reckon i can't deny that right

are you all right jim they didn't hurt

you did they yeah i'm all right

i'm sorry about this cameo

because i kind of busted up our tea


you shouldn't have come down here

shouldn't have come down here

they took an innocent man right out of

my house and threw him into jail didn't


yeah well i guess you're about the only

one in town that believes i'm innocent

how about you hoss

i don't make no difference what i think


it's what the law approves it counts

heck i couldn't lynch nobody

you know that cameo

i'm assure that jim as i am of anything

the horse ain't so sure

why sure he is

house is not so


i hope he is yeah

hope he is what kind of talk is that

how could you even doubt it

maybe he's got a reason

what possible reason could he have


jim you know better than that i ain't so

sure the way you're acting

look has neither one of you in your life

ever met anybody that you could trust


that you just knew was telling the truth

jim that's the way i feel about you

and haas that's the way i feel about you


looks like you're wrong about both of


who are you

i'm uh frank gideon man

i'm one of those terrible fellas that

lynched them homesteaders

and jim boy was right there at my side

weren't you jim that's a lie



he's lying believe me

i believe you jim

jim you you and me have known each other

for a long time

i've always respected you for a

non-disorder feeling that

i'd like to believe you

you'd like to but you can't

jim i seen you last night seen me where

riding in from the more houses with a

bunch of other fellas

i've seen you just as plain and clear as

i see you right now

that's rad hoss

i was with him that's a fact

but i didn't take part not lynching

what was you doing with him

well i met him just say he was leaving

the morehouse place i was heading back

from canolans spread just the other side

of truckee as over there looking for


and mr kenlin can verify what you're

telling me

there wasn't nobody home when i got


i plumb forgot that canlan

rides his scrub stock in the market on

the 15th

then there ain't nobody that can tell

where you was

i'm telling you the truth hoss

i'm innocent i swear

it's funny they all say that right after

the time they swing need that right


all right go tell the sheriff

tell him that you saw me

go ahead maybe it'll do you some good

what's that supposed to mean you know

what i mean

with me out of the way

you're not gonna have any competition

with cameo





mr morehouse

you're not going to gain nothing by

stirring up a lot of hate

it ain't me that's been stirring it up


there's been a lot of mistakes made a

lot of mistakes made by both sides

you're going to keep on making them

let's show them what we do to cattlemen

boys you just stay right where you are

that goes for all of you

can't stop it retail man mr moorhouse i

don't want to hurt you

your brother and his wife are two

innocent people

those two fellows in there might be too

don't you want to hang around find out

they're gilly hearts

they're as guilty as sin

but they will be accorded the due


they'll get all the due process they


same kind they gave my brother and a

helpless woman

now wait a minute boys i told you

earlier that a gathering like this was

illegal and i asked you to break it up

but now i'm telling you to break it up

so go on yet before somebody gets into

real trouble

this man is a no good drifter now forget

about him he's always been that way this

time he's got himself into real trouble

and he's gonna pay for it

roy i

i thought your job was catching

criminals not hanging

my job is protecting the public but that

don't mean i ain't got a right to my own

personal opinion dad burn it roy i got a

right to my opinion too and there might

be just an outside chance at jim's

telling the truth

what about these

how much can you let this boy twist the

truth to suit himself

i don't know

but i'm gonna find out

i gotta


i didn't expect to see you again

i'm sorry about what i said before i

guess i must have had a burn in my

saddle forget it

just keep talking to your boy just keep


maybe he'll forget about you trying to

steal his car

don't listen to him horse he doesn't

know what he's talking about

don't i


why don't you tell him about you and me

i think he'd be mighty interested in

hearing that's got nothing to do with

this in it

you told a sheriff yet you've seen jim

boyd with us

why don't you shut up

i think you'd better

i'm just trying to help mister

that little girl ears

gym boy here's got his eye on her gideon

shut up oh come on jim boy steal another

fellas girls nothing new to you


don't listen to him hoes

i've seen this boy work

oh he's got away with women

yeah they melt like hotel when he looks

at him

they forget about everybody else

is that right jim boy

ain't like it sounds horse

plus listen to me


roy yeah


what's matter boy you got something to

tell me


he's gonna tell him now jim boy

that's all they'll need to get you good

well if it ain't the law to be them

homesteaders they're gonna

dangle you into nowhere

just like me

why don't you stop

be kind of fit and wanted

two men in love with the same woman

dangling from the same tree


then i guess you never really did love


i just used her

because he couldn't think about anybody

else but you

that was a long time ago you gonna carry

that around your gut for the rest of

your life

it's easy for you jim

everything's always been easy for you

i just love him and leave him

i didn't take yelling away from you she

couldn't stand the sight of you



oh yeah


my wife

i'd almost forgotten about her


i guess i never cared very much for alan

she's not the one i hate you for

it's the first one you stole from me

that's the one i hate you for


that's the one i hate you for

help me out jim boyd i i didn't mean

what i said uh honest jim it's all in

the past

give me the keys huh

the keys

that's more of a chance than you give me


have you been to virginia city again

days foreign ain't got to account for

nobody ever

well now we just missed your strong back

around here that's how i do my share

wait i guess i riled up about it i ain't

riled up

oh i guess red's uh your natural color

maybe it is what are you making your

bullets for you too cheap to go in town

buy them

hold on to a dollar longer than anybody

i ever seen oh wait a minute oh excuse

us no come on i want to find out what's








what is it son this isn't like you


right i just felt like being mean paul


is jim applegate thing troubling


i guess i'm letting it get me down

is that the only reason

no sir

there's a girl

you know


what's cameo gonna do with it

i like cammy a whole lot poor

so does jim

and i gotta make sure that

if i tell what i saw

it ain't gonna be just to get rid of him


it seems to me that you're letting your

personal feelings

influence you to the point where they're

interfering with what you're obligated

to do

paul that's exactly what i'm trying not

to do

don't you see the

the sheriff already thinks jim's

guilty everybody else does

all they need is an eyewitness


i think there's one

possibility which you seem to be


maybe he is guilty


what do you want here mohaas

we want jim applegate and frank gideon

well they're in jail don't get me that

contract they're out and you know it

your boy helping to escape and he's

hiding them here


last time i saw him he's in jail for

he's lying

they're friends of his

mr morehouse

you're a little excited so i'll overlook

the fact that you called my son a liar

but my patience where's very thin so is

mine cartwright

we'll find them when we do we'll give

them exactly what they gave my brother

and his wife


unless what about it you didn't help him

escape did you of course not

what are you off to

get my hat and gun take a little ride i

think i know where jim might be


i love you cameo

i love you jim

first i tried not to but i just couldn't

help myself


i got to run

i hate running

but i got to if i'm going to stay alive

and i'll run with you jim

it wouldn't be fair see that's that's

not right

are you thinking about hoss i can't help


i know how horse feels about you

he's been very decent to me cameo

nobody else has

i don't belong to horse chin


will you ever harshest girl

i thought i might be once

until do


until i realized how much i care for you

i'll go pack us some food we can't stay



i don't want to kill you jim

i wouldn't use mine either

jim you

you pretty had me believing you back

there in jail

i never lied to you

why did you run off

deck stacked horse

they even got an eyewitness

jim i didn't tell him what i saw

the worst possible thing you could have

done was to run away

just makes you even look that much


well i guess it doesn't matter how

guilty i look now

yes it does i'm taking you back jim

nobody's taking me in there hoss

not even you

jim i respect how you feel

but i have to

why do you have to

i got to find the truth out about you


and the law has a right to decide it

that your only reason

no it ain't

i ain't gonna let you run cameos laugh

just because she feels sorry for you

you gotta quit fooling yourself hoss

she doesn't feel sorry for me she loves


i'm taking cameo and i'm leaving

no you ain't

well you're gonna have to shoot me if

you want to stop me



let him go hoss


i said let him go

i can't do that cameo

you're going to have to

he's got to go back for his own good

they'll kill him hearts

not if he ain't guilty they won't

you keep saying that you don't even

believe it yourself

cameo it don't make no difference what i


we got to go by the rules otherwise

all the things we ever believed in don't

mean nothing

i don't care anything about rules


all i care about is what i feel inside

you just you just feel sorry for him you

don't really love him

don't i


what is it jim

what's wrong

wrong though

nothing's wrong it's just funny

i was just remembering a thing a fella

once told me

and how right he was

i don't understand

i don't understand either cameo

but i got to admit the feller is right

don't talk like that you frighten me

i always get the best of everything

don't i

what are you talking about

you're running for your life those men

back there want to kill you

i don't mean that don't you understand

i'm talking about you

jim please

i took you away from a horse didn't i



it was my choice

i'm here because i love you


don't move applegate just get up nice

and slow


well this is a surprise

we figured you were holed up somewhere

on the ponderosa we were tracking your

friend gideon

we're gonna hang you from the same tree

where you hang my brother mr morehouse

he didn't have anything to do with that


you got no course to worry we ain't

gonna hurt no woman

now you're free to go miss cameo

or you can stay and watch them hang it's

up to you

you go on you go ahead no i won't go i

won't leave you

no you got to go try to find the sheriff

get some help

sure get the sheriff he'll get back here

in time to cut him down




please you gotta help him

i ain't never helping nobody no more

but how's that gonna lynch him

i don't care what to do to him

oh please

carry away

i ain't no just

plain ordinary piece of clay you can

just mold in any shape you want i

i got feelings on the inside too

i know you do

i know you have

i deserve anything you may think about

me but

you just gotta help him he doesn't

deserve to be murdered

no please

you want me to go out there and

risk my neck to save him so he can have


that's what i want

let's go


ain't no way of stopping you from

hanging an innocent man is it

none whatsoever

all you want to see is blood huh

go ahead more ass

get it over with quick

all right boys


if that horse moves i'll kill you

now you boys

put your guns out here in a little pile

that's away and then move over to the


move slow but move

you stay here


it goes for you too mr moorhouse right

over there


yeah get it

boys stop it

stop what i say

stop it get away

stop it

stop it i'll shoot

all right boys

back away

looks like you're in kind of a spot gym


get in

cut him down i can't hold him much


cut him down

i've been waiting 30 years to see my

brother at the end of a rope

your brother

folks always found that hard to believe

didn't they jim boy

you were the handsome woman stealing

ladies man my brother jim gideon no

you've got the wrong man that's jim

applegate he's my brother he took


her name her love

if he's your brother

cut him down

she loved me before you came along


your love child

she ought to be here now jim boy

stroke your hair and hold your hand and

sing your songs maybe that

sing your songs

i was

four or five years old

she used to lock me out of the house

sit under the window and

listen to her

talk to you

sing too yeah

you forgot all about me

one day i

tried to climb in and

she slammed the window

on my hand

drop my brother cartwright

drop him now or i'll shoot you out from

under him


do what he says


i'll kill you with the next one


what do you mean

he'll kill you


please help me


come on hurry up


my brother was

telling the truth about everything

i lied to you

i was there when they

once those people

but i

thought that

they was only going to scare them

i'm sorry hearts

and cameo

you just got to believe me

i really do love you





come on horse we got to take care of

that huh


thank you mr morales



difficult to put things into words


i know it is

don't even try

you were so right horse

you do have to go by the rules

i don't

i don't reckon any of us was right

just a

lot of folks looking for

different things in the wrong places

i know

but i'll never forget you horse

you've been so very good to me

i'll never forget you either get me home



i still feel the same way about it don't

you boy

yes sir

no a

man's feeling changed overnight


did you tell her

no sir

why not

why not son

i know how she felt about your map okay


another jim's ghana

oh paul

jim ain't gone

he'll never be gone

not forgiving when he won't




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The Western television series, Bonanza, is a fantastic program worth watching alone or with the people you love. The 14-season show aired on NBC from September 1959 to January 1973. The Rival is the sixtieth episode out of 430 and the twenty-eighth for the second season.

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