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Badge Without Honor Full Episode – Bonanza, Season #02, Episode #03

Bonanza is one of the longest-running primetime Western dramas loved by many Americans during its time. The adventures of the Cartwright family as they live on the fictional Ponderosa ranch continue for 14 seasons. John Twist wrote Badge Without Honor, the second season’s third episode, which debuted on television on September 24, 1960.

Gerald Eskith (Dan Duryea) poses as a federal marshal as he arrives in Virginia City with a subpoena for Jason Blaine (Fred Beir). According to Eskith, Jason must travel with him to San Francisco to testify in the infamous Murdock gang trial. Suspicious of the alleged lawman, Adam Cartwright insists on traveling with the two men on their journey even though he owes Eskith his life.

Read the plotline, including some interesting trivia, or watch the episode below.

Watch the Full Episode of Badge Without Honor

Watch the Full Episode of Badge Without Honor:

Main Cast

Aside from Bonanza’s leading actors, the second season’s third episode, Badge Without Honor, also featured some of the program’s recurring and supporting cast members. The cast includes the following:

  • Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
  • Dan Blocker as Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • Michael Landon as Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright
  • Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
  • Dan Duryea as U.S. Dep. Marshal Gerald Eskith
  • Fred Beir as Jason Blaine
  • Christine White as Mariette Blaine
  • Wendell Holmes as Judge Rand
  • Richard Warren as Gideon Clevenger
  • James Hong as Number One, Hop Sing’s Cousin
  • Rod McGaughy as Clevenger Ranch Hand (uncredited)
  • Bob Miles as Bill Clevenger (uncredited)
  • Cosmo Sardo as Bartender (uncredited)
  • Jack Tornek as Scared Townsman on Horse (uncredited)

Full Story Line for Badge Without Honor

Gerald Eskith, a U.S. deputy marshal, traveling to Virginia City, saves Adam Cartwright from an ambush. He claims that the Clevenger brothers are wanted in California for bank robbery—that killing the older brother was only part of him performing his official duty.

Ben welcomes Eskith at the Ponderosa and expresses his gratitude for saving Adam. As Hoss and Joe accompany Eskith inside their home, Ben asks Adam if there’s anything he wants to tell him. Adam believes that even though those were the roughest bunch of renegades, it’s unlikely for them to take a shot at him. Ben thinks it’s best not to underestimate them since they lost someone, and Adam even has the ranch payroll with him. Adam thinks they thought of him as someone else, but Ben reminds him that the marshal has a warrant for them. However, Adam is unconvinced, seeing Eskith wasn’t even a little upset about it.

Inside, Eskith notices the fencing sword on the house. Little Joe and Hoss show their fencing skill to their guest. Although Joe’s skill is admirable, Eskith thinks his technique is not entirely flawless, then demonstrates how to do it through a fight. Eskith wins, but Little Joe comments on how his last strike could have been fatal.

Eskith asks the Cartwrights if they know Jason Blaine. Ben says they know him very well, including his wife, which Jason married about a year ago. Eskith finds it fascinating how Jason married someone.

At dinner, the Cartwrights enjoy the stories shared by Eskith. Eskith expressed his regret upon meeting Adam under unpleasant circumstances but thanked him for being able to meet wonderful friends in the Cartwrights.

The following day, Ben and Adam accompany Eskith to town to meet Jason Blaine. As Eskith goes to Jason’s house, Ben and Adam go to do their tasks in town.

Eskith prepares his gun before knocking at Blaine’s door. Jason’s wife, Mariette, opens the door as Eskith acts like he is leaving. Eskith introduced himself as Jason’s old friend. He then comments on Jason’s mineralogy, stating he found a true jewel in his wife. Mariette invites him inside as they wait for Jason.

Adam stumbles upon Jason and then asks if he has met his old friend. Jason wonders which friend Adam refers to, then his expression darkens upon hearing Eskith’s name.

Back at the Blaines’ house, Eskith and Mariette converse about the couple’s jewelry. Eskith was putting a lovely pearl necklace on Mariette when Jason arrived. Eskith brings up the Sacramento case, where Jason was the chief prosecution witness. When Mariette asks if it’s a private matter between the two, Eskith states that his business is a public matter as a law enforcement officer, subtly implying that she should hear about it too. Mariette excuses herself to make some tea. Eskith asks Jason if Mariette knows about it, but Jason can’t do so since she’s almost part of the Cartwright family. Mariette comes back and asks Jason what’s the matter. Jason assures her it’s nothing. Eskith tells her that Jason’s testimony will be against the most dangerous forces in Northern California, but she doesn’t have to worry since he’ll have Jason in protective custody. He also tells the Blaines they’ll leave tomorrow at noon.

When Eskith left, Jason felt regret about trying to run away. He thought he had the right to be happy with Mariette but running away only worsened things. Jason decides to leave with Eskith, even with the danger it’ll bring.

At the hotel, Adam tells Ben about Jason’s worried expression upon hearing about Eskith. He wonders if Eskith arrived in town as Jason’s friend or on official duty. Ben thinks Jason’s been a good man since his arrival. Adam suggests they talk to Jason and Mariette to check if everything’s well.

Jason was looking through a bunch of paperwork when Eskith arrived, asking if he was going somewhere. Jason argues that he was young back then. Eskith searched for him in various places, only to discover that Jason had changed his name several times. He also mentioned going to the judge to present his credentials regarding the Clevenger brothers. Eskith also plans to see Jason’s friend, Gideon, before Gideon sees him first. Jason wants Eskith to kill him first since it’s his plan anyway, but Eskith has his plan and time for that, and he finds Jason’s wife lovely.

Adam visits Mariette, who gladly welcomes him because he hasn’t seen Adam for so long. Adam asks where Jason and Mariette explain that he went to his office to pick up some things. Seeing Mariette’s concerned expression, Adam assures her that she’s a family to them and that they’re always there to help. Adam asks her about Eskith. Mariette tried to lie at first but broke down after. She tells him that Jason has to go to California to testify in a trial against people who might kill him. Although she suggested going to the judge, Jason believed it wouldn’t do any good. Adam advised they’d go to the judge instead to help Jason. Mariette is pleased to hear his suggestion and prepares to accompany him.

Adam and Mariette are talking to judge Rand when Eskith cuts their conversation abruptly with his arrival. He introduces himself as a deputy marshal and presents some documents regarding his visit to the town. Judge Rand informs him about Mariette’s concern regarding the potential danger her husband will face when he testifies in Sacramento. Eskith acknowledges this since the trial involves the Murdoch gang terrorizing the state. He believes that Jason is the only person who can send these criminals to their proper sentences. Judge Rand thinks it’s only reasonable for Jason to testify upon hearing Eskith’s statement. Adam recalls his plan to visit Sacramento, then suggests changing his plans so he can travel with them to make Mariette feel better.

Judge Rand talks to Adam and Eskith about the Clevenger brothers. Eskith tells him that there’s a warrant for the brothers’ arrest. Rand tells them that Gideon Clevenger visited Ben, then warns Eskith that it might be dangerous if he stays in town if Gideon thinks of putting the law in his hands for his sons’ deaths.

Mariette finds Jason in their house and gladly explains their conversation with the judge. The news upsets Jason; he thinks Adam shouldn’t come with him since he might die along the way. Mariette begs to know the truth, so Jason tells her that the Murdoch gang won’t let him arrive in Sacramento alive and that they sent Eskith to kill him. Jason tells her Eskith is a hired killer and that there’s nothing they can do. Mariette suggests they run away and go into hiding, assuring him they’ll succeed now that there are two of them.

Meanwhile, Adam and Eskith talk about their Sacramento trip. Adam believes it’s time he knows the truth, so Eskith tells him that Jason is a missing criminal. Eskith also tells Adam that he protected Jason’s reputation, even to his wife, by listing him as a witness instead of an accused in the documents. Eskith stays in the hotel, then tells Adam they’ll go to Sacramento in the morning.

The Clevengers, led by Gideon, arrives in town to look for Eskith. He offers to live in Virginia City in exchange for Gerald Eskith, or he’ll get his men to ride in town. Adam informs Eskith about Gideon and that the Cartwrights will back him up.

Eskith faces Gideon with his planned strategy. Eskith acts as if the sun made his eyes watery, then reaches for his gun. He fires at Gideon, who fails to draw his weapon in time. Before he falls unconscious, Gideon asserts Eskith to finish his job. Ben calls for a doctor to see Gideon’s condition; fortunately, he’s alive.

Mariette exits her room and finds Eskith reading a book. Eskith compliments her, saying she gets lovelier each time he sees her. He also tells her that judge Rand wishes to have him return to Sacramento immediately. Mariette thinks it’s too soon and she hasn’t met anyone like him. Eskith asks him to visit the hotel to tell him once Jason is ready to leave. Just then, he checks the room and finds Jason nowhere in the house. Eskith slaps Mariette, who falls to the floor.

At the hotel, Gideon reveals to judges Rand, Adam, and Ben that Eskith is the Murdoch gang’s hatchet man called “Dude Butcher Boy.” He also believes Eskith came to lead Jason to the slaughter since he knew too much as the gang’s spotter. Gideon tells them about his sons: Eskith killed the oldest in California, while the other two only mistook Adam for Eskith. Ben thinks it’s foolish for Jason to hide his problem, but judge Rand believes he only did it because he wouldn’t want to ruin his reputation, especially for his wife, Mariette.

Adam finds Mariette on the floor of the house. She tells him that Jason escaped, and Eskith slapped and told him terrible things about her husband. Mariette realized Eskith had stolen her trail map to take her to Jason. Adam calms her down, then leaves to save Jason.

Eskith lies about Mariette’s death at the mines so Jason can reveal his location. Both men cautiously walk through the mines, guns aimed at each other. Eskith jumps and then successfully shoots Jason’s shoulder. Jason shouts to inform Adam of their location at the mines before Eskith knocks him down. Eskith wraps his smaller gun with his handkerchief.

Adam arrives and aims at Eskith, then grabs his weapon. Eskith voices how their circumstance makes him feel hot and sweaty, but Adam takes one of his guns from his coat. Eskith later reaches for his wrapped handgun, but before he can fire it, the quicker Adam shoots him first. Before he dies, Eskith thanks Ben and Adam for their hospitality, telling them that his emotions defeated him.

Mariette and Jason bid their goodbyes to the Cartwrights, who’ll willingly wait for their return.

Full Script and Dialogue of Badge Without Honor




we got the wrong man bob that's adam

cartwright come on let's get out of here


who are you a friend

a friend yes you're a feather-footed one

who are you gerald eskeff by name

here perhaps this will relieve your mind

us deputy marshall i can't say i'm sorry

to see you

who are they the clevenger brothers

friends of yours hardly that

but you may have made a terrible mistake

just be thankful that you're still alive

and i'll be thankful that i've reached

the end of a long trail

the clevengers were wanted in california

for bank robbery

i had the um unpleasant duty of killing

their older brother

he was caught robbing sluice boxes oh so

you were the one

i was only performing my official duty




we're greatly in your debt well i'm

happy that i was fortunate enough to be

in the right place at the right time

we'll try to make you stay here a very

comfortable one please

thank you we appreciate a great deal if

you did for that on this question

um anything else you want to tell me

i still can't believe it i mean i'm not

selling the cleveland just short

roughest bunch of renegades i've ever

known but i just can't imagine them

taking a shot at me

you never know with that bunch old good

clevenger and his boys have

made their own loss for so long you

never know when they might step over the

line and you did have the ranch payroll

with you

they must have thought it was somebody

else now believe me adam i know how you

feel but the marshall did have a warrant

for them

well there's one thing for certain he

isn't too upset about it but come on

we've got a guest to take care of

we'll decide later what to tell you

cleveland if he gives us a chance to


hmm the bucolic life

is not for gerald gets back in the

upstairs room

thanks son well one would scarcely

expect to encounter the ep out here in

the wilderness

well little joe's mother was louisiana

french he likes to play around with him

you mean you actually use this oh i fool

around that's just for fun

he's faster than griez lightning mrs

come on joey show him

on god brother you should never have

given those two a chance to show off



you know they really have no intention

of killing each other

he has an admirable skill

whack him over the head horse you'll

never get anywhere poking at him

you say nevertheless your technique is

not quite flawless

when you faint to the left you're a bit

off balance

on god

oh god



you know you could hurt somebody with

that lost the button off the point

so i did


this might have been fatal

violence as such is vulgar any man who

in anger

takes a human life becomes a brother of

the apes

he's an aesthetically impoverished man

don't you think so

oh yes sir i reckon

and yet the skills and rhythms of

disciplined violence

have beauty like a painting by reuben


botticelli unfettered by personal


yes there to that simple word can be

traced the downfall of most artists

and many human creatures

emotion you know that's a a very

interesting observation mr escape

i don't think i could cast you in the

mold of an average law man

i've been told that well

i think the elegance and hospitality of

your home have made me forget my

original mission i'm here to visit an

old friend

would you happen to know i'm mr jason

blaine oh do you say it yes oh yes no

him know him very well

and his wife wife jason married

oh yes about a year they were married

right in this very room

then you do know him well well jason has

always been a little hard to know but uh

marietta is practically a part of our

family mariette

what a charming name yes uh her father

was a

very dear friend of mine when he died he

left the raising of marriott

almost entirely to my supervision

jason blaine married how very

very interesting is she a pretty girl

well we always thought so but of course

we could be slightly prejudiced

oh no my dear adam i have a feeling i

can trust your judgment in such matters

time to eat please oh good could i uh

freshen up a bit before suffering

of course i'll show you to your room


adam what are you staring at oh i didn't

realize i was

look i know you feel bad about the

clevengers but it's like esket told

horse and me

bob and bill had a beat right on your

back he had to shoot fast in any way he


just be thankful he was there

yeah i'll try to remember that come on

let's have some supper


and so under the circumstances there was

little i could do

and that gentleman is the way i shot my

first tiger in india


oh for heaven's sakes number one because

get to do anything right here let me do


mister codlike take you long time to

know san francisco

take me a long time to know pontalosa i

help you in san francisco you helped me

in pandalosa

all right all right thank you

you know for years we had the most

wonderful cook cop sing so he went back

to hong kong and talked me into hiring

his number one cousin

i don't know number one cousin doesn't

he have a name

if he's got one he hasn't told us about

it i'm sorry about this joe

think nothing of it the same thing

happened when i was dining with the

prince of wales and paris got going mr

escapes you ain't been just about every


and there's one place i never cease to

enjoy going to where's that

beds i've had a long ride and i'm afraid

i'm not much of a night out

joe this has been an extremely pleasant

evening extremely pleasant i'm sorry

about what happened at the end of it

uh haas and joe see that mr esquitt has

everything he needs

yeah tomorrow morning adam and i will

ride into virginia city with you we'll

show you where jason and marianne live

fine have a good rest adam i regret the

circumstances under which we met but i'm

grateful that we

we did meet a stranger in a strange


it's heartening to have substantial


good night good night

miss jessica did you sure not have that

old tiger cat for the tail sure

that house makes the most wonderful

audience doesn't it

i hope you'll go along with my little

whimsy and wanting to surprise patreon

we were such close friends and it's been

such a long time since i've seen him

are you sure you can find the house my

dear adam your directions are most


don't forget we want you to spend at

least a few days with us at the ranch

house i know adam and the boys will want

to take him at cougar hunt

ben i can't tell you how much i

appreciate your hospitality

and as i told you before there's nothing

in life i find as exciting as a hunt

thank you again both of you


adam let me get through with the bank

meet me at the hotel we'll have a bite

to eat


pardon me dear lady if i straddled you

but i had wrongly assumed that no one

was home and it started to leave

i'm glad that i was in error you're mrs


yes i am the cartwright's told me all

about you

are you a friend of the cartwrights and

an old and dear friend of your good


gerald esketh is my name surely

jason has mentioned me no

i don't recall well that is i've never

met any of jason's friends

did you meet him in california i did


my dear child jason's mineralogy

has surely been worthwhile he's found a

true jewel

i don't know if you're making fun of me

or not but jason is not at

home then perhaps you wouldn't mind if i

waited a while for him

ben and adam have some business to

transact in town and i'm a total

stranger here

oh yes of course how rude of me won't

you come in mr esqued

thank you

won't you sit down mr rescue thank you

i'll make you some tea how very

thoughtful of you

what a fine likeness of jason yes it is

isn't it

okay jason good morning how are you adam

hi did your friend find you oh who's


your friend from california gerald


no is there anything wrong

uh no everything's on

uh ask it uh it's he here in town well

he stopped over to our ranch last night

and he rode into town this morning with


went to your house he wanted to surprise



thank you adam

you have some very interesting things


i couldn't help but notice this jewel

box oh jason took that for

saying some ore i'm afraid he isn't very


but he is sweet we've been so happy here

i'm sure you have we thought most highly

of jason in san francisco

oh how elegant these must look on you

oh they're not real pearls but your

beauty would make them appear

priceless please may i see them on you


oh jason darling there you are look

who's here

my dear jason after all of these years

asked they're reviving the old case in

sacramento jason

and they couldn't very well proceed

without the chief prosecution witness

you is this something you two gentlemen

would rather discuss privately

no no not at all my business is a law

enforcement officer's public business

and i'm sure that you and your husband

have no secrets from each other

i'll fix you some tea jason


have you told her of this matter no

how could i she's almost part of the

cartwright family

how much have you told her nothing i

detest emotional display

what's the matter jason

nothing marriott nothing you'd


you're not aware of all the facts mariah

he has a right to be a reluctant witness

his testimony will be against the most

sinister forces in northern california

they may seek retaliation retaliation

however he'll be in my protective


jason i trust you to be ready for the

journey shall we stay at noon tomorrow

does that allow you enough time

you trust me i amend that

i trust your wife to see that you're

ready thank you for the team area

it was indeed a pleasure meeting

i should never have tried to run away

from it

jason what do you mean i loved you so


i thought i had a right to a little

happiness but you did have

and you still have i won't let you go


we can leave and we can make another

star don't you see that that's what i

tried to do and this is the result of it

nothing will change i've got to go back

with him

but he said that it would be dangerous i

don't intend to lose you jason i love

you much too much

huh oh have you seen escape uh he's

probably still with jason did you get

that matter straightened out at the bank

oh yeah

but uh but i was leaving i ran into

jason and i told him that uh

esketh was looking for him and he uh he

seemed very upset about it

huh i think ask it this here's a friend

to see jason or uh

is he here in an official capacity

is the united states deputy marshall

because what do we really know about


came in here swept mariette off her feet

of course it's done very well here he's

been here he's been very good to her

i suppose that's all you could ask of

any man yeah well i'd feel better if i

had a talk with mariette and jason just

ask them if there was anything wrong

what do you think

i think it's a good idea and also remind

mariette that we still have family for

as long as she needs us

look while you're over there i'll see

you durant

going someplace my dear jason

i was young asketh it was over five

years ago

time gets away from a man doesn't it

i'm curious jason why don't you go back

to ohio

my arm isn't quite that long you know

i'm a mineralogist

yes i traced you through arizona idaho

and all over the comstock load you

changed your name a couple of times

but i found you well you can't take me

out of nevada territory

here are the extradition papers

i trust jason you're growing tired of

trying to run away

everything legal and aboveboard huh yes

always which reminds me i must present

my credentials to your local judge

i had a little official business on the

way in

billy and bob clevenger you saw the


briefly through my sights they're both


what about gideon the old man always a


friend to you wasn't he jason no i

haven't seen him yet but i'll plan to

see him

before he sees me you um

seem to have built up a nice little

business here why don't you get it over

with why don't you kill me and have done

with it

no jason i'll kill you because that's

what i came here for

but i'll pick my own time and my own


besides i intend to get much better

acquainted with your wife

she's lovely jason completely lovely


hello marianne oh adam i'm so glad to

see you

what's the matter is there something

wrong oh no

nothing it's just that i haven't seen

you for so long

where's jason oh he went

to the office to pick up some things

mariette you're just about as close to

being a sister as i'll ever have

now a big part of that pleasure is being

able to help you

tell me what happened when gerald escott

came here

oh nothing happened i think mr esquith


a very charming person we uh

we even had tea

oh adam i just can't lie to you

i've tried but i just can't

it's more like it now tell me about it

has to go to california to be witness in

a trial

well that doesn't sound so terrible i

know but the men

that he has to testify against they

threatened to kill him

you see that's why jason left california

i see did he talk to judge rand about


oh that was my first suggestion but

jason didn't think it would do any good

well jason's upset i think i'm in a

better position to decide than he is

so why don't you and i have a talk with

judge rand i think we'll find that

jason can make a legal deposition right

here in virginia city oh

adam could we do something like that i


know until we ask will we come on get

your hat all right

i'm sure when we know all the facts

adam my dear mariette

what a pleasant surprise this is

forgive me your honor i am united states

deputy marshal gerald esketh

you're in my federal district marshall

if you have business here you should

have presented your documents to me

i fully intended to do so sir as a

matter of fact i was on my way to your

chambers when your uh

messenger intercepted me

mrs blaine states that her husband's

life will be in danger if he

if he gives certain testimony in


to some extent she may be right i myself

will not feel too secure as his pledge


you will note there sir that this is the


versus hadley murdoch and a number of

john does

all of whom comprise a political machine

known as the murdoch gang now these are

infamous men sir

grown fat on terrorism and plunder

and so rich and powerful indeed that

they now have most of the state of

california under their rule of dread and


blaine is the key witness we on the side

of the law earnestly believe that jason


is the one man who can send these

culprits to the gallows

well your husband's duty is clear


and we can't very well call out the

militia to guard him

well i was planning a trip to sacramento

in a week or so

i could change my plans go along with

you would make mariette feel better

oh it would adam it would

anything to relieve this dear lady's


and rest assured we'll be joined by

other officers in sacramento

oh i'm very grateful to you to all of


uh mr esquith i'm terribly sorry to have

caused you all this trouble

there's no trouble my dear on the


i was delighted to see revealed that

jewel which money cannot buy

loyalty marshall you and adam both i

i'd like to talk to you if it's uh if

it's all right with you mariette

of course not adam jason will be so

pleased to know that you're going with


thank you gentlemen thank you

it's about the killing of the

clevelander brothers ah yes

uh distasteful duty i assure you but

there is a warrant out in california for

their arrest

i was talking to your father at him he

was telling me that

gideon clevenger came to see him yeah

but he didn't seem to want to make any


strange man get in clevenger he'll brood

about the death of his

sons then he'll decide to take the law

into his own hands

he can be very dangerous if he makes up

his mind to it

well the thought of any further

bloodshed is completely repelling to me

i'll rest a whole lot easier when you're

out of town on your way back to


then you think that this um gideon


will make the death of his two sons a

personal issue between himself and me

i think that precisely

i see

jason jason i have the most wonderful


i've just come from talking to judge ran

you what

oh it's all right darling he's going to

write a letter to a friend in sacramento

a judge

and then adam is going to go with you no

no he can't do that

but jason adam only wants to help well

he well he can't go with me

but why tell me why

because if adam cartwright goes with me

he'll never get there alive


jason what are you trying to tell me

can't we make one move in our life

without the cartwrights getting mixed up

in it

but the cartwrights are my best friends

and they're the best friends you ever


i don't want to talk about it jason

come on this isn't like us i'm your wife

and i have a right to know the truth

well i have told you the truth

tell me something why did you say that

if adam went with you he would be killed

because that is the truth too

jason i have never asked you anything

about your past life before because it

just wasn't important

but now it is now do they want you as a

witness for something you saw

or for something you did

what difference does it make eskis told

you about

the murdoch gang didn't he yes well that

gang isn't going to let me get the

sacramento alive

not even with mr esketh and adam to

protect you don't you realize that escus

was sent here to kill me

once i leave here i'll be dead before i

can get as far as the ponderosa

but why would anybody want to kill you

because that's why he came here he is a

hired paid killer

now try to understand that


jason there must be something we can do

there must be

what you want me to get a gun go up

against him

he would love that self-defense

everything above board legal then why

don't you go to judge rand tell him the

truth and he'll protect you

you saw his papers he is a marshal he

has every right in the world to take me


and you're gonna stand there and let him

do it oh what else can i do

we can go away we can go east jason

please please they can't reach that far

even if we have to spend the rest of our

lives hiding i don't care

i'd much rather have you that way than

not have you at all

please if we only could

we only could

it would be like starting from the

beginning no west

no past tense

jason jason we must do it we must we can

i know we can

you get some things packed there's still

lesketh don't forget i tried this once


oh but don't forget you didn't have me

before now i can handle him

i think i know a lady's man when i see

one yes i know how to deal with him no i

can't let you do that

he's too dangerous oh no darling really

he won't be with me

please trust me trust me

now hurry hurry and get something packed



adam i find this a land of unexpected


little did i dream that you'd be making

the trip to sacramento with me

well since i am don't you think it uh

might be a good idea to let me in on the


isn't that a rather strange way to put a

question at him well as pawn i both told

you we

think a great deal of mariette and so do

i think a lot of her

that's why i tried to spare her the

seriousness of jason's case

then he's not just a missing witness no

a missing criminal but on your honor


this is to go no further in virginia

city by turning state's evidence he'll

be able to return here with no damage to

his so-called reputation

i appreciate whatever protection you can

give mariette

you know i believe we think alike

i even had him listed in the documents

as a witness not as one of the accused

thank you for telling me i'd like to get

the best lawyer you can find

adam i want you to think it rude of me

but under the circumstances i think it's

best not to return to the ponderosa

i'll take a room here at the hotel and

if it's convenient for you we'll leave

shall we say first thing in the morning

fine with me i'll bring your luggage in

with me and bring along your best suit


i know some pretty girls in sacramento

and perhaps we can forget some of the

more unpleasant aspects of a martial's


very good if i um seemed a little cool

towards youts

it was only because of my concern for


well i better let paul know what's

happening see you in the morning


i hope this wouldn't happen

well maybe we can reason with it

let me try it


hello get in we haven't seen you for

some time

save your words judge i know gerald

esketh in this town

now where is he i really don't know

gideon look at me when i talk to you

i don't like fellers who can't look

straight you've lost three sons

trying to fight a private war why don't

you just find yourself a rocking chair

and live to a ripe old age huh i've got

a better idea that'll help a lot more


you deliver as gift to me i'll get out

of virginia city and stay out

you don't i got 20 more men anxious to

ride in here

you're not serious

i have offered you a fair deal get me

that back shooter

come in oh my dear adam

they tell me gideon clevenger's looking

for me he's threatening to tear the

whole town apart unless you're handed

over to him

he seems a truly dedicated scoundrel

faithful to his purpose honest to a


i want you to know that pawn and i'll be

backing you up

thank you kindly adam

shall we uh look into the matter

but he's certainly a cool one i'll have

to admit that


what are you gonna do make our friend a

sporting proposition

he's in the saloon


can you hear me i can hear you asketh

it's a voice i'm not likely to forget

you made this personal clevenger so

let's keep it that way

there's no sense that harming innocent

people you've made yourself a deal

but if the cartwrights or anyone else

tries to get into it

i'm cutting my boys loose

you're free to change your mind anytime

thank you friend but i find the

arrangement most satisfactory

i've already planned my strategy

i don't like this adam i'm beginning to

think esketh knows what he's doing


make your play you filthy little back

shooter you first

my dear clevenger



you better finish the job ask us




adam you better get the doctor see what

we can do with clevenger

how is cleveland you go through he wants

to see you

i took the liberty of dropping in

without knocking

well i was sure the door was locked

you grow lovelier each time i see you

i must look aside a sight indeed

the very kind and inspired wordsworth to


she was a phantom of delight when first

she gleamed upon my sight now you know

that you much prefer those

sophisticated san francisco women to a

country girl like myself

i hope someday to prove the error of

that statement by putting you beside


a ruby in a diadem of glass

oh you mean the ones from the barbary

coast what lies has jason been telling

you about me

why none none it's just that i know so

little about san francisco

it was only a chance remark

and please accept my apology i'm thin

skinned when it comes to matters of

honor oh i apologize too

i had planned to look much more


the next time we met then it was rude of

me to arrive so unexpectedly

but i thought i better tell you the

judge ran suggested that i start back to

sacramento immediately

oh so soon

you don't know how lonely it gets i mean

jason has to work such long hours

i've never met anyone like you gerald

a little more time won't matter

could you come to the hotel to let me

know when jason is ready

just as long as you aren't too impatient

now let us not misunderstand my

honorable intentions i understand

your intentions perfectly

you're gonna learn just who you've been

playing games with

who what are you

he's murdoch's hatchet man

around the embarcadero they call him the

dude butcher boy

it's my reckoning you came here to lead

jason blaine to the slaughter

because jason knows too much jason was

mixed up with murdoch

he was a spotter for the bunch that's

easy for an essayer

whenever he'd see gold bullion he'd


that slimy killer would lead his knight


claiming they were vigilantes that was a

good cover for him

but jason got second he quit and ran


jason was too soft for esca shooting

parties i saw him later in virginia city

but i figured let a father go straight

that's trying hard

and your oldest son asketh backshot my

boy our california stamp mail

while his outfit looted

the other two

you know about men they wasn't killers

they heard asketh was headed this way

they mistook adam for him

that fooled jason why couldn't he tell

us the trouble he was in

there's a thing called reputation ben

especially if you're married to a woman

like mariette

i'd swear she never knew that jason had

a record


where's jason was escaped here yes

he hit me and he slapped me

and he wanted me to tell did he tell you

who he really is

yes and he said terrible things about


where is jason where is he where is he

the uh silver corazon mine

i'm supposed to meet him there he gave

me a little trail

map he took it it's gone

he took it he took the map he'll kill

jason calm down

now listen i'll send somebody look after

you now don't go while you stay right






you can't get away jason

can you hear me

would you like to hear what happened to

your wife

she died in my arms jason i held her

i watched her

can you take that and run away with it


in here

come on come on









the unruly emotions jason but don't be

ashamed because they've destroyed you

they've conquered more men than

napoleon's armies

go ahead go ahead and shoot last time i

bring it right to you

i'm here we're in here

we're in here



don't turn around

jason marry

he's all right i'm taking you in escape

it's hot in here isn't it

or is it just the uncomfortable

circumstances i find myself in


might have worked on clevenger but it

won't work on me

my dear adam you don't think that i'd be


so childish as to pull the same chestnut


i wish you hadn't tried it ask it i

suppose i

i knew all along that this would happen



thank you for your hospitality man


i never dreamed that gerald eskel would

be defeated

by emotions i can't believe you ever had


oh yes i did

i was in love you know

i was in love with gerald



we'll miss you very much

thank you ben thank you for everything

judge rand said it shouldn't be more

than a year

and that will be the longest year of my


well i'm glad you made the decision on

your own jason

when you come back your house will be

here waiting thank you ben


we'll be waiting too things will be just

the same

thank you









Behind the Scenes of Badge Without Honor

The episode’s title in German is “Der ehrenwerte Marshall.” which means “The Honorable Marshall.”

This episode marks Dan Duryea’s (U.S. Dep. Marshal Gerald Eskith) first appearance in the series. His second appearance was as Sam Logan in the episode Logan’s Treasure, which aired in 1964.

Looking for More Bonanza Episodes?

Bonanza is the must-watch American Western television series you’d enjoy by yourself or with family. The show lasted 14 seasons on the NBC network from September 1959 to January 1973. Badge Without Honor is the 35th episode out of 430 and the third for the second season.

You can find more about any of the 430 Bonanza episodes here>>

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